Number 79.– Each Soul is a World

Each soul is a world, a universe. Each soul has its own characteristics. But there are certain aspects that all souls are sharing: an essential common source (we are brothers) and a final destination, our return to the Divine Source.
These common points are driving powers in every spiritual progress, or individually, or by groups of souls being a part of Humanity as persons.

Today, in these crucial times experienced by Humanity, each soul ought to take individually certain steps for a quick expansion of others.
This expansion may implicitly be the result of walking through the Renunciation Way as to its inner effect of loving more a more Humanity, or more directly, as a way of conveying what every one learns, by guiding other souls and showing them the Way (with respect and reverence as it should be) and promoting them and being with them during their progress.
It is here the big challenge at this moment. For millennia there were many souls dedicated to their own return to the Divine Source, although during their march through this way, there were (and there are) spiritual redemption results for Humanity. Also there were and there are those who tend to conquer souls for their way
But this is not enough today: we need a speedy change, an acceleration of processes that is only possible if and when each soul that wakes up and starts its way becomes a catalyst and multiplies its inner work on other souls.

TO BE in the world

If every soul that wakes up and starts its way became a spiritual catalyst, it would quickly multiply the effect of its inner work on other souls.
This requires a special form of Renunciation (that is not new, of course): by renouncing to any wish for leaving the word and on the other hand by trying to live Renunciation in-the-world.
This statement does not mean to ignore the spiritual effect on Humanity that the soul liberation produces. That is to say that a renunciation soul, a consecrated soul, or a soul on the way to its destination, can try to develop internally, or in depth, to last consequences, by living in the world. It is possible TO BE in the world.
TO BE in the world is not only possible, but even necessary. It is a valid, coherent answer to urgency of these times. How can souls understand that it is possible to walk through the way to the Divine Source by living in the world if they do not have living examples within their immediate reach? How can be possible to think the Renunciation way is for all souls and to feel that one needs a physical isolation from the rest of the world is in order to walk through it?
Only one liberated soul in the world, and dedicated to expand the message on other souls, could make something that, perhaps by abusing the language, we would call a miracle: the miracle of a chain transformation in a big part of Humanity.



Our responsibility

If only one liberated soul in the world, and dedicated to expand the message on others, could make something that, by abusing the language, we would call a miracle: the miracle of a chain transformation in a big portion of Humanity.
So let us thing what would be possible for handful of souls like us, which by the sake of loving the Divine Mother and Humanity takes the decision of Surrendering to the Great Work by living in the world along its demands and by expanding the message.
We know that the Divine with His Infinite Power can make the Great Miracle of an instantaneous conversion of Humanity if and when He wishes. Also He could instantaneously destroy it. But these are not the ways that the Divine Mother wishes for Humanity.
“The disciple should leave the heavy weight of the bread bag of the poor man and become a new being”, the Teaching reads. Nowadays this new being is responsible for showing this same way to as many souls as possible.
Certain souls shall respond in one way and others differently; other souls shall not respond, and even some of them shall escape from us. But this work never will be in vain: each soul starting consciously and voluntarily the Renunciation way shall be at a time an expansion center of the message.
There is nothing new in this: it has been told in thousand different ways. It is in Master Santiago’s Teachings and in religious traditions. But the urgent meaning and decision to use all means within our reach to attain with the message as many souls as possible, along with our wish to BE in the world, gives a special profile to this millenary truth. It adjusts it to these times and to present Humanity. Not to expect The Great Miracle, and to deal with the problem, simply means to become responsible (and even Humanity responsible) for our own development (and its own development). Here is the exact meaning of “leaving the bread bag of the poor man”.

Nothing belongs to us

Not to expect the great miracle, and to deal personally with the problem, simply means to become responsible (and even Humanity responsible) for our development (and is own development). Here is the exact meaning of “leaving the bread bag of the poor man”.
And how can we make it?
A possible start is the experience right now acquired by many souls through their inner work, in the world and for the world.
Steps, troubles, doubts and answers experienced by the soul, if and when they are lived as personal experience (actor), as an observer (spectator) and at a time as a tentative inner work in the world (director of the work) give rise to an analysis of processes and more and more possibilities of understanding other souls when the latter are walking through similar ways.
Each soul achieving this –in the sense of finding how to live and carry out a whole inner-outer work in the world– shall open a gate for the realization of other souls, even with a previous apprenticeship; that is, knowledge shall reach them through mysterious ways.
A ready soul to this task must bear clearly in mind that nothing belongs to it: even innermost experiences. Otherwise, a separateness barrier shall go on to be, and it will be harder and harder to reach and guide other souls.


A blaze as a contact point

How can we reach and guide and help other souls, so that they may walk through the Way?
There are several possibilities for contacting other souls. Main possibilities can be found among those coming from the above-mentioned principle: as souls, we all share a common essential source (we are brothers) and our final destination is our return to the Divine Source.
From the two common points to everybody, two important impulses come: compassion that at a time gives rise to solidarity, to brotherhood feelings, and spiritual yearning, that is, the call of Vocation.
As we meet a soul, this soul may have a moment of awakening, which at a time shall have different characteristics according to soul vibration or to an awakening not experienced yet.
The best foundation can be if the soul that approaches us (or if we approach the soul) has already had his moment of Call. If this experience is intense, this soul shall easily recall even the tiniest details of that moment; thus it shall be led to recognize what it was and its responsibility since that very moment for its own spiritual development.
But if this soul did not experience it, it shall be convenient to give it information –knowledge about the fact that this chance if for all– and that the message shall attain this soul sometime; thus one can give rise to restlessness and search, and this already is to start walking.
But if the soul, after the moment of illumination, overlooks it as if it were something pretty that happened, and nothing else, then it shall be proper to awaken the memory again by showing how important that event was for the soul.

Contact points among souls

Several human characteristics can be helpful contact points among souls for the fact that, by being brothers, we are sharing many things.
Paragraph 19, in the Teaching “Twelve Rays of Love” –Course “Spiritual Development”– reads, “Human love becomes compassionate through the eight ray: the individual being suffers from pains of others and wishes that his own wellbeing may the wellbeing of all his people”.
Compassion is a quite common feeling in human beings. Many souls start from this point, and becoming as brothers with the rest of the world, for example they start from solidarity actions, and from there can be able to feel spiritual yearning.
Not always it is so; a soul may entirely surrender and serve others with no self-justification before others or before itself, with an explicit or implicit yearning. Each soul is a complex, mysterious and, ultimately, secret universe.
Other possible points are Teachings of Course “Sacrifice”, where those aspects of living that are in common with all are dealt and become more difficult to understand and admit: Uncertainty related to Continuous Changes and Uncertainty about Tomorrow.
Should one talk to souls about Renunciation? But if we tell it without previous preparation can be openly refused for the simple fact that the Idea of Renunciation entirely disagrees with values cultivated in Humanity.
On other occasion we have been told, “Biggest ignorance is to ignore that the way is Renunciation”. It may be so. But how can the soul succeed in knowing it? Because did somebody say, “I inform you about this: the way is Renunciation”? No; seemingly that it is of no use at all.
A soul can be led to discovery, which is foundation of understanding and certain initial practice. There will be ever some living experience to see that a renunciation attitude liberates, and if a soul is basically sensitive to it, to show it the relation between renunciation and liberation to discover renunciation as the soul way. So this soul will know and be in the position of admitting teachings directly referred to the Renunciation way. It can be a short –but always almost necessary– step.

From uncertainty

Normally we live as though the world has been predetermined, as though it has been predictable. A bit of effort can lead a soul to take and understand clearly this fact: everything is uncertain around us.
If and when one is sure that any attachment to the illusory certainty is a big self-deception, our soul can take the first step on the way (previous to grades referred by the Teaching “Renunciation”) by renouncing to the idea of certainty.
Then one shall find a favorable occasion to show Renunciation as Way to the soul.
But there is something very important for a timely use of trying to lead the soul to become conscious if this fact: no certainty can be found in ordinary living. This concept is related to compassion, understanding and respect: beware! These things should be told quite softly because not all souls are as strong as to face the fact that they are living a big illusion; so these souls can remain with no support or strength to change their attitude.
If this soul has overcome the trial of uncertainty, then it can be put in contact with the Teachings, in which the Master explains grades of Renunciation and all the rest of his Teaching.
Of course, this is not a rule at all. We are only speaking of those souls who did not take steps in that direction and that are facing these problems for the first time. There are other strong souls, or certain souls that have already walked by themselves through a part of the Way: this situation is entirely different with them.
We have only tried to outline some of those possible ways. Of course, should there be many ways unknown to us. At any rate –not ultimately, but first– the most important thing when the practitioner approaches a soul is to trust entirely in intuition; intuition shall tell you who is before you and which can be the better way to guide this soul to the Renunciation Way.

What can we do for an effective Soul Net?

Other questions arise: Where does the global process aims at? Where should we lead our efforts?
We should aim at a chain reaction, like with nuclear reactions. Here the nucleus is each Renunciation Soul, each Consecrated Soul.
A chain reaction starts with some few nuclei in activity that at a time are activating others. But for an expansion effect we need at least certain nuclei in activity (critical mass); as long as this value (unknown to us) has not been attained, the process shall have a linear speed, and only starting from a critical mass it can become exponential.
By means of something like that (and also with a bit of time), the Holocaust of the bigger part of Humanity could be faced and even stopped. But, let us be realistic: This means nothing less that the inner transformation of many souls! Can be this a utopia? Possibly yes, but we lose nothing by trying it!
As to souls-nuclei in activity, there shall be different activation levels: the point is not to assume that all souls may quickly reach a total Renunciation. The point is to help them so that they may put their foot on the Renunciation way; thenceforward one can promoted and be with, but progress is a responsibility for each soul, or it may depend upon the Divine Grace, but not upon that Friendly Soul helping to begin

From techniques to Unity

If we read again some parts of texts previously delivered, we shall see certain similarity in a series of recipes –techniques to use. If the work with soul had been it, an instruction manual within the reach of anybody would be enough.
It is not so! We try to use some basic, helpful ideas to the work. Techniques are of no use to work with souls if he who uses them does not endorse with his renunciation life what he thinks, says and makes; then, instead of giving true fruits, he would be other fraud.
On the other hand, we are aware of thus fact: truly great souls do not need techniques, since their presence alone can conquer souls by means of similarity and inner unity.
So, which would be the primordial task of a soul willing to devote and work for The Souls. By identifying itself with the other soul? Did I read properly? Does it read other soul? What is this? It is separateness, with no excuses.
We know that we are originally, As long as we remain separate and see that soul beside us as if it were other we shall have few chances to reach and be really in it. So, what can we do?
We must go up to that Unity, we must work from there. Yes, we are speaking of it: by melting with that soul that is before use and losing ourselves in it.

Isn’t better so?

So far, many things written by us may seem only beautiful words or pretty metaphors. But they show a reality about what one must learn: It must be made so. Being One with souls.
Many Teachings of Master Santiago speaks about this, and also references can be found in Web-page Reflections. Nothing new is said; we only state it by asserting that it is a real way of working.
But we cannot go up the mountain with a heavy weight on our shoulders; so, first, we should out all at the Feet of the Divine Mother. There is no room to dedicate ourselves to our own perfection. It is Fernando C. Restlaff who said,

To Be Better

By searching for being myself better
I became selfish.
By searching for serving
I do nor care for being better any more.
Isn’t better that way?

All has been said.

Fanny Luz
September 2006.