Number 7.– Is Maitreya here?

Peoples have established chronologies since their religious or political founders; Romans by Romulus’ work, Christians since Jesus’ birth, and Moslems since Mahomet’s Hegira; these peoples have regulated their development according to the said foundational event. Now Humanity is in the center of a cosmic and historic situation: beginning of the New Aquarian Age and expectation about a Universal Redeemer to change everything, that is, Maitreya. Different peoples measure the time differently, according to their beliefs. If Maitreya can reconcile men with a doctrine fit for everybody, he shall accomplish the long-awaited dream of a Universal Religion expected by philosophers and saints of all times. This planet is globalized, the interconnection of merchandises, persons and ideas is easy, translation machines progress in different languages, religions and their personal gods are discredited, nationalities are degraded or in bankruptcy, and a purifying incredulity weeps all social strata. May these conditions be necessary to a universal message? It is impossible to guess this or to anticipate certain times to come. Also for Jesus was not easy to be heard, in spite of miracles and unusual personal facts. Several centuries had to pass for his words to be heard and revered by his followers, hardly a fourth part of Humanity. Shall Redeemer’s painful experience happen again, along with its frustrations and failures? No one knows. But Maitreya’s strictly symmetric figure –according to race dimension changed and chronological stages of human evolution– could not be Jesus, but Rama, destroyer of Atlanteans and winner in 1,500 Years War. The sociopolitical scene of the world in Jesus’ times was different from the present one; the Roman Empire was in peace, and the Redeemer’s preaching took place at a small region and in local language.
If we wanted to intuit our critical time –along with its visible and invisible forces in conflict, protagonists, terrestrial and biological changes produced now, destructive power of weapons, psychological mass degeneration, and presence of the Great Solar Initiate– we should go to the last confrontation between Atlanteans and Aryans, 20,000 years ago, related in the Ramayana and in Teachings “Anthropogenesis” and “History of Man”. History is teacher of Nations, and while every age has its own characteristics, new generations rest on previous experiences and repeat basic principles of the Root Race, which we mainly must know. This knowledge will not alter the sequence of forecasted phenomena –a task in Maitreya’s hands– but will help us understand events individually.

a. We and the Atlanteans

There is a remarkable likeness between certain experiences, techniques and cultural habits and some most negative aspects of the last Atlantean civilization, which brought about its final collapse. These aspects have been recorded by modern authors as H. P. Blavatsky, Edgard Cayce (a North-american), Santiago Bovisio, J. R. R. Tolkien, a mythologist, and other internationally known authors.
Information sources always derive from Akashic Records, accessible by clairvoyance. In Charles Berlitz’ version, Cayce says, “Big stone cities with all modern comforts, mass communication media, air-, sea- and surface transportation, and something still out of our reach, like gravity neutralization and solar energy control by means of electric crystals. A deteriorated Atlantean civilization confirmed their destruction. Some elements contributing to a disaster were as follows: dissatisfied people, workmen in bondage and hybrids (bred from men and animals), human sacrifices, general adultery and fornication, and Nature forces’ abuse, particularly use of “fire stones” for punishment and torture.”.
Master Santiago writes, “They built iron men and enlivened them with elementals; these iron men obeyed blindly their injunctions. For centuries they toiled and built missiles with electric charge, powerful aircrafts, and corrosive and destructive acids of any kind. Black magi fought white men, and Aryans were hurt to death. The latter defended themselves bravely, but millions of them died in face of iron monsters who, being guided by black magi, apparently were unbeatable...Atlanteans were going ahead, but finally Nature came and assisted men that had a new Earth. At the end of a sidereal year, the terrestrial Axis changes positions, and it is this what happened in those days. For forty years it rained water and fire from the sky, and it rained almost until a time when whole Earth was under waters. When peace came back, Atlanteans wanted to go on, but it was impossible because they would fall down: their brain center was altered and unbalanced. On the other hand, Aryans had brains fit for new terrestrial metamorphoses and took advantage of this change. Aryan Initiates removed elementals’ power from iron men, and Atlanteans had no salvation. A deluge swallowed Atala, land of sin, and at the end of this fight, which lasted 1,500 years, Aryans dominated on Earth”.
Modern age has the same perverse signs and destructive technology like that of Atlanteans. We are at the edge of another sidereal year, and some symptoms may be perceived on environmental and terrestrial disorders in all continents. A cycle of the ancient race ended up, and signs of a new race come up. When planetary changes altered their balance system and they were unable to manage these iron monsters, Atlanteans were smashed. Our modern technology, based on using electromagnetic field and automatic computers, is quite fragile; the least Fohat vibratory change (checked by Divine Powers) makes the system collapse: satellites, Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (I.C.B.M.), aircraft-carriers, air-sea transportation, communications, and so on –everything. Human progress shall return to zero because men do not know how to live without technique support. Certainly, these global changes are very slow and can last centuries, but they are irreversible. An image of what can happen in new men’s case –which could happen again in our descendants’ case– is Master Santiago’s description of early Teutons, who defeated Atlanteans. “The first offspring of Teutons had an awful aspect. As a result of Celts and Atlanteans mixed, a natural hypophysis gland failure took place. In fact, all of them were acromegalic, small skull, big jaws, deep-set eyes, protruding cheekbones, thick lips and quite big hands and feet. Their mind powers were little developed, and lived in semi-savage state, like true cavemen, of the Stone Age. Apparently, ancient grandeur and splendor of the Aryan Race had finished; the rational Aryans’ power was like a seed in the bosom of peoples, which would emerge with unusual force.”

b. Medical Science Abuses

You can compare inhuman experiments made by modern medical science with those made by black Atlantean magi, who led to the collapse of this civilization. Black magi would use their enormous psychical power and control of elementals to alter the human nature for their own advantage. Modern scientists lack parapsychological knowledge and expertise, but count on an impressive and quite advanced technological arsenal, and almost perfect rational methods. Their motivation is the same: will-to-power through money. Likely consequences may be the same: technical civilization destroyed. Some examples:
1.– Organs’ transplantation from some beings to others, including animals.
2.– Clone reproduction in plants and animals, and soon in human beings.
3.– In vitro fertilization and fertilized ova of dead parents.
4.– Creation of chimaeras and monsters.
Many investigations are on course for acquiring further power, particularly for serving armed forces. Esoteric science states that many species of apes are former humans degenerated by genetic hybridization made by black magi. Genetic methodology operates mechanically, as if genes were interchangeable pieces. Course VIII, “Science of Life”, teaches about birth, development and physiology as if it were a whole interconnected with other forces inaccessible or unknown to scientists. Genetic experiments get results, but are disastrous. After a “Dolly” sheep cloned, which survived, 99 horrible monsters have been secretly produced and killed. Master Santiago’s Teaching reads, “You cannot build something physical previous to build it astrally”. Do genetic engineers know the astral world? Life is a gift of Gods, which they alone can touch; genetics is a science of sin and pushes ahead toward destruction. Genesis 3:24 refers to this situation, “So he drove out Adam; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life”. No human power can get therein. Experiments with human cloning are mad and evil things. Genesis conveys ancient Egyptian information derived from temples before Moses. The 1,500 Years fight took place at Abelton, present Africa.

c. Maitreya is the Savior

Not for the first time Humanity is in face of very hard crossroads. Each change of race and sub-race entails structure alterations in human beings and in their basic geography. Men cannot solve problems by themselves because the majority of them are on different dimensions and our weak human mind is unaware and has no power to act. Great Solar, Lunar and Fiery Initiates are protagonists of changes anticipated on the Divine evolution Plan. Materialistic theories about a natural and spontaneous evolution are groundless. In order to evolve we need intelligence and force of Gods. The Solar Initiate is already here, along with an indeterminate number of Lunar and Fiery Initiates. It is the key to salvation, however men, friends and adversaries may do.
These Reflections aim at helping readers understand the world and its contradictory facets on the light of Master Santiago’s Teaching. One cannot live in the darkness; we have to see in what place we are and what our inner attitude should be for our soul advantage. If one thinks of making an important decision as if we were in the beginning of the twentieth century, we can be wrong because we face the beginning of a third millennium that is totally different. Particularly young persons, who must follow decisive courses for life, are most in need of knowing the situation of the present world. We expect that these Reflections in some way may contribute and encourage readers to study the Teachings permanently. These Teachings constitute a complete prophetic system linked to the Aquarian man and to certain mystique fit for achieving it. Basically, these Teachings enable us to remain alert and watchful until the time when Maitreya sends his signals announcing the beginning of the Work.