Number 81. - The Pauling Report

On October 9th 2006, Humanity woke up startled by the news: the first nuclear test had exploded in North Korea, a small country next to China and the Russian Federation in spite of preventive threats of the United States with which it waged the 1950-1953 war whose result was a draw and the divided Korea, a millenary nation.

Even other smaller country, Israel, in possession of atomic bombs since a long time ago, is in the position of a dissuasive self-defense. In fact, it survives surrounded by powerful enemies, and only the nuclear power keeps a precarious balance that at any moment can be broken. The last conflict with Lebanon has unveiled a dangerous situation in Near East.

Weak nations can become powerful and redoubtable by using technology. Enriched uranium can be used to produce electric power and bombs; no difference. According to reports, Japan has 100,000 kilograms of plutonium, wastes of power-plants that can become highly destructive nuclear bombs in the short term.

A confrontation policy rules over international relations and has led Humanity to a critical point. In 2003, the air attack to New York means that all is possible. In one of his anniversary speeches, President Bush asked his public, in relation to the Iran nuclear program, “Can you imagine if terrorists had had atomic bombs?”. He left this question unanswered, since the answer is obvious.

For an elucidation of this old problem already posed before the New Mexico test in 1945, we’ll transcribe again (it was inserted in a previous Reflection) a paper of the wise Linus Pauling, Chemistry Nobel Prize 1954 and Peace Nobel Prize 1962 (you can find it in “UNESCO mail, November 1964).

This Report reads:
“At present, an ordinary nuclear bomb is of 20 megatons (a megaton is equal to one million dynamite tons).The Soviet Union has exploded one of 50 megatons, which seemingly constituted two first stages of a 100 megaton bomb. Now, this 100 megaton bomb only contains about three tons and a half of explosive material and it is likely that only one big rocket can carry it from one continent to another. But seemingly bombs of 100 megatons do not respond to any logic; only one is enough to destroy any city on earth.

If a bomb of 20 megatons exploded in any city on earth, it would entirely destroy this city and kill most of its inhabitants. This bomb would produce in earth a crater of 20 kilometer diameter and create fires to a distance of 50 and 100 kilometers from the center of the explosion, by producing a tremendous “fire storm” and damaging people by immediate and quite intensive radiation quantity produced and by radioactive fallout. Even people living at a distance of 300 kilometers from there would be killed as the result of this explosion.

During the Second War World there were big raids of Allied bombers over German cities. In one of these raids, that is, in only one night, a thousand planes, every one carrying four frightful one tone bombs mostly destroyed the city of Hamburg and killed 75,000 people. Today, for example, a raid of this kind over Paris, and tomorrow other one with 1,000 planes, and other the one day after tomorrow, and so forth during fourteen years, after these raids, explosives used over those cities would have the power of a 20 megaton bomb.

As an average, depots of atomic bombs created in the present world comprise about 16,000 of these 20 megaton bombs, or their equivalent. But as there are no 16,000 great cities in the world, one can wonder why this irrational, big quantity of explosive materials has been created. I can answer thus this question: it occurred because the scientific education system has been defective; so, those people in charge of relative decisions could not have a clear idea of their doings, if and when somebody made these decisions, because it is doubtful that these huge nuclear depots have been the result of a decision and not of an accident, or of a related responsibility transfer, mainly in the United States and Soviet Union, and perhaps also in Great Britain, at least to certain extent.

Even so, in the Frank report, written by scientists that worked in the United States and tuned the atomic bomb in 1945, a prediction is made about the future nuclear situation in the world. The result of this prediction is so far correct: 320,000 megatons.

Thus I calculate the present existence volume of nuclear weapons in the world. If 10 percent of this depot (32,000 megatons) was used for a nuclear war, and bombs exploded more or less at a distance of 150 kilometers from the target (results wanted do not need precision for these results) 60 days after this only day of war –by taking for granted it comprises Europe, the Soviet Union and United States as a whole–, of 800 million people living in those areas, 720 million persons would die, 60 million would be seriously wounded, and other 60 millions would suffer from lesser injuries and damages, but should have to do with the problem of the entire destruction of all cities and metropolitan districts, and the destruction of transportation means, as well as with a complete social disorder, total death of livestock, and immense radioactive contamination of any vegetable and grain. All this would take for granted the end of this part of the world; none could trustworthily calculate what kind of damage it would cause in the rest of the planet.

More than half century has elapsed since the destruction of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This frightful experience known to everybody –politicians, scientists, educators and ordinary people– was in vain. On the contrary, by most diverse reasons, all nations strive for possessing the atomic power. Many States are member of the Atomic Club, and other are on the way. Efforts made by great powers to impede it are vain. Now, groups of power that are not a part of states (terrorists, drug-traffickers, mafias, blackmailers, et cetera) are in search for this power.

Much has been written and much has been filmed about the atomic terror, and the results are only rhetorical. Even those powers that have signed proliferation treaties keep on researching, producing and testing new weapons; they do not need outer tests: by means of proper simulators they are aware of the results that they keep in secret. They follow the same straight line walked through by the first researchers and politicians that have created the atomic power: the world control. But this power has demonstrated since its birth that does not obey to anyone, it follows its own patterns: destruction of Humanity.

In Teaching “Permanent Renunciation”, Course “The Renunciation Way”, written in 1955, Master Bovisio says: “But this man-child used this power for death and destruction; he held the power that God had given him to be born again to a new life, and has created with this power a lethal karma since the beginning. He threw a stone, which now he cannot stop: this stone must fall. Humanity is meant for perishing: for destruction and death. Instead of taking the divine gift and entering the energetic world with a sense of good individuality, Humanity has taken it as a collective group power, and put on it the seal of destruction and death.

During these years, 1945-¬1955, what the man did? Thought has stopped being individual, and a collective brain has taken it –we could say it is of the state that uses it for death. Sages, those great souls that believed in a new possible energetic world are prisoners of one big power or other. They cannot escape. The state brain grabs them and snatches from them any power of individual will. Big collective brains have made only one thing: the production of atomic energy, not for the sake of Humanity but in a defensive sense, that is, in the destructive one. The future of the world is destruction, and we are still waiting only one more moment and the beast that is there hidden and alert, after a greater, more definitive and unerring jump, will destroy its prey: Humanity.

New values emerge in the world to counteract this great destruction, where two great present powers would be knocked down by new spiritual powers that are being born.

The Sons should remember the vision about the lioness and the bear. On a plateau, at the edge of an abyss, a big lioness was before a huge bear, and with feminine arts (diplomacy) tried to attract the bear. The lioness was about to entice the bear and tried to hurt its neck, but could not and tried the belly. At this stage the bear realized it and destroyed the lioness with its powerful claws; but the blow was so violent that the two were precipitated into the deep abyss: the two great powers will be destroyed. But a part of the world will be saved.

More than a Reflection addressed to men about a subject that is so profoundly shaking, in our opinion it was more convincing to transcribe the thought of two wise men, one in sciences, and the other in spirituality, so that the readers may bear in mind the tremendous hour that weights on the conscience. We recommend the meditation on the above-cited Master Santiago’s Teaching and there you will find other jewels enriching his prediction.

José González Muñoz
October 2006