Number 82.- EGOENCIA

“Ideas and new works are being prepared for the world. In case that the race of theChristian sign of the fish has highly developed states of collectivity, great movements, and mass organizations, the sixth sub-race will particularly develop egoencia of being.”

Here is the historic beginning of Cafh, the same year of its foundation, 1937, and also the historic beginning of every Son, because Hidrochosa was the first teaching delivered to Page and Maiden of the Sponsored Ones when a Son entered the Path to study it and have a vision of the future from the first step.

It is “ egoencia ” a word that Master Santiago contrived, but dictionaries do not mention it. When a pioneer in the expansion of the Message, Doctor Ramón Muñoz Soler arranged the translation of one of his books into English by the best translator of esoteric subjects in Argentina, he found difficulties to explain the meaning of the word “ egoencia ”. Even today, in spite of the Teachings and time, conjecture persists without proof. In this Reflection we shall try to approach its meaning that is so difficult to unveil because this concept belongs to the time to come and it is venturesome to offer an acceptable proof. In spite of it, we'll run the risk.

The dictionary says: Conjecture (from Latin coniectura ): A tentative opinion formed about things or events by signs seen or observed.

This conjecture of Santiago Bovisio is composed of two parts: The first starts with a conditional “in case that” and points to characteristics of the fifth race, the sign of the Christian fish, which has highly developed states of collectivity that remained on sight for centuries; proofs are not required.

Mass phenomena had occurred and occur even now up to a paroxysmal level, along with deterioration, and decline in society, individual, religions, and ideas, including the sky. Some few days ago, the Vatican has announced that the doctrine on “limbo” had been removed from the soul survival. Now, those children dead without baptism are without a place where they might go; the Roman Church had reserved this place for them and now has closed it not explaining where those who existed therein stay now. Likewise, that image of an eternal Paradise and Hell is unsustainable in this changing world where people know how to read and write. Even humblest people are able to read the Bible, Koran, and even Santiago Bovisio's Teachings. Through the study of these Teachings one can understand the situation of every man, now and during future incarnations, in order to improve, amend mistakes, and open new horizons. One needs neither a promised Paradise to be happy, nor the threat of a Hell to amend faults. That pink place where followers that had been forgiven –some few in Humanity– savor delicacies and hear heavenly music never existed eternally. Moreover, surely it produces the traditional suffering of Kings: boredom.

Fortunately, men keep on incarnating and live in Hidrochosa in order to develop egoencia of being; it is a conjecture that requires of an eclectic proof.

These Teachings that promote knowledge of reality in every dimension by following traditions of ancient Egypt, inherited from Atlantean wisdom, Amon's worship, in opposition to the heretic, monotheistic Aton's worship (see Course “History of Esoteric Orders”) develop egoencia of being to the utmost. A man is not simple, but composed. It is an illusion fostered by 4,000 years of obscurantism –from the war of Two Suns in Egypt– to assert the unity of man. Monotheistic religions have promoted it and supported the dogma about a personal God with every consequence of group and man confrontation. They speak of many different egos, not only of one, but of many for every one, fighting one another: Simone Weil, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, and so many other modern and ancient thinkers, Saint John of the Cross, anchorites of the wilderness, and others. They want to lock reality in a mental schema and subdue spontaneous movements of life. Thus monotheistic religions tried to bring the world under their sway by means of a changeless God in a paradise that also remains eternally motionless. But as these dogmas are not sustainable any more in our time of space trips in a globalized world with instant communications, they start being abolished. Perhaps we'll be soon without paradises in Heaven, but with a Saint Peter's Piazza filled with tourists, a massive Mecca, and an empty Wailing Wall, with old lonely rabbis.

The man is a dynamic compound. We change. We are mineral, vegetal, and animal; air, water, combustion of elements to keep temperature; we take food by mouth and air by nose, and we throw out wastes. Man and woman become one to generate another human ego. Every day we leave the daily consciousness and move to other dimensions. We get sick. We suffer. We are happy. We dream. We forget. We die. And many further things. Where the higher self is? Whom of lower quality I should leave behind? What organ should I bring into motion to keep unity? Shall we repeat the experience of Pharaoh Akhnaton that overthrew temples and worships for a lonely material unity, Aton?

If we consult Courses about “Science of Life”, “Astral Aura”, “Commentaries on Zatachakra Nirupana” and “Ethereal Wheels”, we'll see that intelligent energetic centers are countless in man, a center more powerful than another, and efficiently distributed throughout the body. They are little brains perfectly synchronized sustaining and regulating organic, psychic and spiritual life. Health, intelligence and happiness are dependent on harmony of a center with others. Development of a center in detriment of others produces unbalances and diseases, as it occurs with those who practice certain unilateral abilities in detriment of the whole.

Egoencia is a concert with many music instruments sounding at the same time and properly related to one another, according to their character, timing, and composer's idea.

Egoencia is like a gothic cathedral –for instance, Chartres– with all its parts acting in different physical and aesthetic directions in order to create a feeling of spiritual elevation. Vaults would collapse without flying buttresses; and the magic of light in naves would be non-existent without stained glass windows. Towers raise the glance of a pilgrim toward the sky. And on the above mentioned arches of portals, covered by perfect images, people find stories of saints and structures of Middle Ages.

Egoencia is Maitreya's message to Master Santiago announcing he has come again to men –good and bad, little and great, weak and powerful– in order to teach them, within, the path to perfection in every one, not a unique, abstract, unattainable model, but of millions such as they are and stay.

Egoencia is the Way of Renunciation, now, with what every one holds in the hands. Without a fixed model as the one established by the Regulation, but with Teachings, a permanent Teaching without interruptions or postponements. Every one receives it according to his chances, understanding it or not, but he has been given it. It is a Way, without models, hierarchies, dogmas, and intermediaries. Even without experiences of others, because the old world has expired, and the walker finds ahead an unknown space to cultivate his egoencia .

Egoencia is a new self-constructed form of living.

Egoencia is a new form of being –dynamic and creative– a work of personal art.

Egoencia is to beautify simple things of every day, a conversation, the arrangement of one's home, productive work, goodwill to others.

Egoencia is progressive, sometimes contradictory, and sometimes as calm as a full moon night before a snowy mountain.

Egoencia is oneself –natural, free, spontaneous– when strange forms stuck on the soul vanish, when the mind got rid from old ideas.

Egoencia is profound joy. Egoencia is liberty.

These statements are not an eclectic proof in the style of the geometrician Gregory, because the conjecture of Santiago Bovisio is prophetic and spiritual, and spoke of a future time that now is present, Aquarius, the sixth sub-race. Sources can be found by the reader in the full content of the Teachings. But a definitive proof –not eclectic but personal, rigorous, irrefutable, and committed– is within every individual if and when those signals enounced by this Reflection are manifest in him. Every one “Shall start widening a selfish feeling, but it is a super-personal selfishness; he shall be acquainted with this concept: Humanity does not progress any more by any likely gift, and new human types shall get happiness by their own means. So, an aristocratic concept of being shall rise and attain the highest expression of individuality”.

José González Muñoz
November 2006.