Number 84.– Learning-Teaching-Living

The Master Jesus would teach the people in Palestine , particularly his disciples, always, from the age of thirty, and although his educational activities lasted a short time, his visible work –the Gospel– has transformed the world until today, twenty centuries of unceasing progress. Even when neither Moon journeys nor the grand awakening of China seemingly had anything to do with his Teaching, these and other conquests of the modern man remain on his orbit of liberating radiation.

The Master Gautama, at present Nepal , five centuries before Jesus, translated to the people every day, up to his death, verities discovered by him in his own soul through meditation: the four noble truths and eightfold liberation path. His Teachings, spread throughout Asia , at present are practiced in every nation, with different schools enriching his original ideas.

The Master Mahomet, for his faithful the Prophet par excellence, is revered from the Atlantic to the farthest island in the Pacific, by millions of followers. Even when he had not learnt how to read –in those days Arabian writing was a skilled profession– he instructed his disciples with words and they picked up his axioms in the beautiful Koran.

Masters Lao-tzu, Confucius, Socrates, Hypatia of Alexandria, Luther, Saint Therese of Avila , and so many Great Initiates, have ever educated in classrooms, by streets, at cloisters, or in the open where the pupils gathered.

Also Master Santiago would teach continuously at the Chapel of Community, during strolls, at the table and work, and traveling. It was his style, since to teach is to give what every one has. Now his Teaching, expanded through Internet, reaches every corner of Earth.

To teach is a natural gift in man and in animals as well, even the simplest ones. Who did not enjoy sometimes this gracious scene: a hen digging the ground, surrounded by its chickens, teaching them how to seek and peak at little seeds, or a bird calling from a near branch its pigeons and leading them to fly from a nest that they refuse to live? Or does not a mother act likewise at short distance from her baby grabbing the edge of a chair, by leading him to take his first steps, and calling him with endearing words?

Also to learn is a natural, spontaneous gift, a need for a tender soul, particularly children. You can observe, when there are several children together, playing or talking, how the littlest ones pay attention to actions and sayings of the elder, and continuously imitate gestures, postures, and ways of laughing in those whom they admire. Imitation is the best method to learn: easy, effective and quick, and can be practiced at every age. So, good companies are essential for a good apprenticeship and a healthy way of living. It is accurate this motto, “Tell me about your company, and I will tell who you are”. In communities, monasteries and convents, religious are similar by their way of walking, talking, and thinking. There is a spontaneous behavior transferred among them though imitation and natural laws. The same occurs in offices, workshops, and professions: we might define this social phenomenon as natural education. We all learn and teach. Thus, life is dynamic, gradual, changing, ever renewed through contribution of others. When Mao conquered power in the immense China , first he exhorted his countrymen to learn how to read and write. Illiteracy was something terrible. All those who were unable to read had to learn how to do, at any age and place, in a park, under a tree, or at home; one does not need official titles to teach as a volunteer. Some few years later, the Chinese Republic becomes the first productive power in the world according to statistics.

Literacy is fundamental to sustain an organized society granting welfare and security to men through a fair distribution of use-consumption goods. One can clearly differentiate those culturally evolved nations that became wealthy in a more or less balanced and developed way. If these results are achieved by a goodwill society, how grand might also be a spiritual goodwill education where all take part, ones by teaching and others by learning? Results are beyond measure, and no better resource might there be to reach these results than a natural education.

Teachings, which are a vehicle supporting and leading the expanded Renunciation Message, is in the hands of all, and no moral or legislative restriction prohibits its use for oneself and for others. To teach and learn is a soul gift and the natural right of all men. So, what are we waiting for taking part in the salvation work of the world according to our measure and chances? We take part by learning the new Law of Renunciation to rule the world, and we do by conveying it to those persons willing to know it. Professional intermediaries, group orators, gurus, priests, dogmas, and doctrinal experts are over. Many professors are teaching in Universities several philosophies, but we are primitive in the new race, beginners in Renunciation laws. So, we gather and communicate spontaneously to seek and learn, and socialize through E-mail with persons whose address, skin color and in many cases even names we do not know; and we ask them about moving matters for the soul: spiritual diversity, fugacious time, Maitreya's presence, and many other things.

We are primitive in the coming time made present, and deafening shouts of daily reality startle us, since we do not know the answers. Where are wise men to explain the laws of an energetic civilization, when the first experiences destroyed two Japanese cities? Who can explain the inner anatomy of fire roses that keep burning the harmony of life? How can one learn and handle mechanisms of analogical contradiction when right becomes left, good becomes bad, and later vice versa? What is ethics of good and evil exchanging their roles of human behavior?

All this should be known in a starting world: some few signs received by us from Master Santiago through readings in Akashic Annals, ideas taken by him from Savonarola, his experiences of astral journeys, and Maitreya's communication in 1951 announcing his mission and goals for the New Age. All the rest is the unknown about future, along with the agony of a changing civilization. We are children attending to the first day of class or, even better, early explorers looking at the daybreak when sunrays of the new world loom on the horizon. So, how are we going to live, and who is going to teach us? Where is the school? Where is the teacher and place?

Through signs left by Master Santiago in his Teachings, by making a conjecture about the new Aquarian space, and following Poincaré's proposal, “If we distort the link until a point not punctured or broken, we shall reach a sphere”, that is, the Aquarian universe. This proposal is extremely dynamic, from a dimensionless point to a limitless sphere too. We, our lives, our souls shall be transformed into a continuous movement of the Teaching: Ired descending from the Divine Mother until a point, and distributed on souls, to ascend later transformed through the same point until the Infinite. It is the Ired Blessing moving and giving life to souls of the Cafh Order by the Master. Now Cafh as an institution is over, but Ired, which never stops, spreads through souls that are bound to prepare the advent of the New Age.

Schools where one learns by acquiring knowledge –primary, secondary and tertiary, academies, laboratories, et cetera– were necessary in modern civilization because to know means to possess. But at this transition time, when knowledge is being transferred to electronic brains, and the operation of services, from accounting management to working of buildings, engines, and intelligent machines is made in a more and more automatic way, information accumulated in personal memory shall be unnecessary. There will be more and more leisure time not used by people. In Renunciation, there is nothing to learn, and certainly much to forget. The personal task is to be detached and deprived of material and spiritual things in order to reach a permanent state of harmony.

To learn, teach and live are equivalent and develop different forms of our individual perfection. Each human being, in the starting race is internally and externally changing, alternative, contradictory, and gradual, since he is born in a way and dies in another way. In this energetic world, who can be interested in fundamentalism, dogmas, and stereotypes? What is unity? Where the immobility of thoughts and love is? If we look at forms of nature, we see them changing at every moment: it is a link distorted. If we pay attention to soul states, we observe them moving like a water stream. If we look at us individually, we establish that we are born, we die, and we are born once and again, not knowing the beginning or end. Life belongs to Nature and gathers diverse things in a harmonious work of love, by learning, teaching, and living in permanent transmutation.

José González Muñoz
November 2006