Number 88.– Not with Saints!

Long ago, two of the closest Don Santiago’s friends –CMS Carlos Pluss and C. Pascual Agueci, –who have passed away– told me separately this solid and quite significant story about which I wish to prolong this Reflection, because it refers to the future of the Work and in my opinion to Maitreya’s task.

Don Santiago had gone to Rosario from Buenos Aires in a car driven by Pluss, and along with Pascual he paid visits to one or some of the Superiors of Cafh. He entered alone the meeting house and a little later got out angry, and then instructed: “Let’s go!”. On the way, after some blocks, he turned to the back seat and said: “See, Pascual: I do not wish to incarnate any more on this Earth, but if I have to make again a Work, ¡I won’t work with “saints”, but with gunmen!”

So, those Sons and friends aiming at meeting the Master during an eventual reincarnation should know this: “No prudery! No sanctimoniousness in their relationship with him! The Work will be Whole Renunciation, steady, solid, like a holocaust, as quite firmly he explained in the Course “The Renunciation in the World”. Otherwise, it is better to profess any religious creed collecting thousands of saints, of any color and size, and putting them on the altars, with a proper make-up, and costly dresses; to enter the temple is free, free of charge, and easy.

The same warning can be said to the present workers in the Message of Renunciation, because that which Master Santiago told his friends refers to real situations of the 50’s in the past century, and passes its purposes to the future, perhaps remote, two or three thousand years ahead, in Aquarius, or never, an unknown, unforeseeable, fantastic world.

We are experiencing a potential progress in this tempting future through the Teachings now magically expanded through the planet, from America to the remote China and Pacific islands. This is real, updated and dynamic, and complies with the Master’s wishes: “¡Not with saints!”; not with superficial things but with all men.

In the spiritual life, banality takes place when religions, creeds, orders, and the rest of cultural institutions are globalized and crowds invade every space, not only physical, but doctrinal, administrative, economic, and even advertising. What else can the Roman Church do with its millions of expecting followers but arrange grand ceremonies in Saint Peter, and trips of the Pope through stadiums in distant countries, speaking different languages? The pilgrimages to Mecca move Moslem masses and by going fantastically round the Kaaba they satisfy the magic soul of those pilgrims. With gigantic festivals beside sacred rivers of India, multitudes are seeking a watery purification in order to stand one more year of daily misery. And that Buenos Aires’s Pastor preaching Jesus and dancing certain “light rock”, and entertaining frivolous multitudes at theaters with his advices and readings… Et cetera!

The Catholic Orthodox, and also the Roman Church, which have created the Saints, keep the exclusiveness, like a registered trademark, and go on to produce them. Other worships, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, Spiritualists, Mormons, et cetera, have no saints. They have given rise to grand, lasting mystics, such as Rumi, Ramakrishna and Lao-tse, but the West fails to recognize them, since the Saints, those souls in Paradise become a monopoly of the Church: Saint Peter’s successor possesses the keys of the Gates opened and closed by him at will. Joan of Arc had to wait for her own sanctification for six centuries, and the martyr Savonarola never attained it.

Beyond these commentaries, the Teachings declare the whole perfection as the purpose of the human life. This concept has been masterfully presented by the Course “Renunciation in the world” about the need of certain Ethics of good and evil, by pointing the self-inflicted limitations of those who are in search of holiness. In a world signed by the antagonistic pair of opposites –the Era of Pisces that is ending– the fight of contraries tries to solve the contradictions, such as it happens at this moment between Jews, Christians and Moslems. But in the New Era –Aquarius with plurality of worlds and laws of analogical reversibility– values change harmoniously through the act of Renunciation. Violence becomes understanding. Hatreds get transmuted into knowledge. Jealous personal Gods become reconciled in the mystical body of the Divine Mother. The Mother calls her scattered Sons, not only Gods founders of different thought currents, but also mortals, even when now are furiously fighting among each other. This time of wars will end in immunity, because Maitreya, the Strong Liberator, is displaying the whole power of his Radiant Barrier on the physical, cybernetic and spiritual space, by fostering latent energies of the new time.

Holy names emigrate to Nirvana, and are forgotten. Now “new ideas and new works” emerge, and germs of future sprout on the fertile soul of those who are predestined. The actors are living men, without past; they are wholly developing qualities brought by them in their souls since their birth, and not joining any dogma, creed or conditioning, they express a free way of being, an egoencia.

A regular study of the Teachings that describe and explain the present and future qualities of the human being, particularly those of the American man, the protagonist in the Aquarian Era, will prove that the Renunciation Doctrine is not bound to mediocre persons of lukewarm vocation, and satisfied with appearances and titles. After the death of the Founder, who took his work as finished, certain wrong concept of success at any cost gave rise to a globalization of the Work. This does not mean the incorporation of many persons, but the relativization of the ideas; they went on to be a significant number of individuals, but the quality of the Teaching and the indispensable discipline descended to vulgar levels. José Ortega y Gasset, a Spanish philosopher, in his book “Rebellion of the Masses” explains that the concept of masses do not refer to quantity but to mediocrity, to the average, vulgar man. In “The Mediocre Man”, José Ingenieros, an Argentine sociologist (1875-1945) sagaciously deals with the same matter. Not surprisingly these days, the majestic “Holy Order of American Knights of Fire” is reduced to an unimportant Cafh Foundation, administratively checked by the National Directorate of Juridical Persons. As Napoleon said in his last years at Saint Helen, “From sublime to ridiculous, just one step”.

Today there is a fierce fight among men reared under robes of monotheistic religions –Jews, Christians and Moslems– in the name of their personal gods and of ideas sustained by them. The source of these bloody confrontations is previous to these peoples and goes back to the Ancient Egypt described by the Teachings under the title “The War of the Two Suns”, which has been considered in these Reflections: polytheistic Amon, Wisdom and Monotheistic Aton, and the Feeling. As centuries passed by, the monotheism spread over the Near East through the followers of Jehovah and later through Christendom, Islam and their powerful expansive forces. With the discovery of America, they spread over the planet by overpowering peoples. Now they are fighting among them until the annihilation.
The High Priest of Amon, at his last incarnation, 3500 years ago, was Santiago Bovisio, the author of the Teachings. And even when he declared his reluctance to return to Earth, such as we have transcribed it on the first paragraphs, Don Santiago has left this probability open, but in another way, according to coming times feared and prophesized.

I am fortunate for being present when he declared to be an ancient High Priest of Amon, and I wish to relate this event because it explains the paradox. I was in the Community of the Ordained, in La Plata, and as Superior, Mr. A. B.; I was going to take the Perpetual Vows; Don Santiago invited a number of Sons to the Association of Argentine Spiritual Culture, of Buenos Aires. Before the ceremony, the Master gave a fervent discourse, and related when and how he knew Mr. A. B. It was thus: Fleeing from soldiers of the Pharaoh Ikhnaton, who was behind him, the High Priest went into desert of Sinai along with a group of followers. They were received by a group of Bedouins pasturing their herds, and there he got on well with a nice lad whom he invited to this pilgrimage. This lad, A. B., replied he could not do because he had to take care of his father. The High Priest proceeded to Greece where he was friendly welcome by a gang of bandits that were robbing villages of that area. He stayed among them for several years, and eventually was able to return to Egypt after Ikhnaton had passed away. Don Santiago could recognize and assemble many of his ancient companions, among them the bandit, M., who had reincarnated in twentieth century to be with him and help him in the Work. In the last part of his discourse, vehemently he dealt with the harmful effects of the triumphant monotheism: Four thousand years of obscurantism!, he exclaimed. Later he kept quite and started the ceremony of the Vows. (Later, privately, he related to his close followers that a Masters appeared to him in the astral and putting his forefinger on his lips, instructed him to keep silent.)

Years, personalities, events and memories have passed during this wonderful adventure of living beside the Master, on Heaven and on Earth. The Work and the fascination continue, and we enter the dark of these tormented years being guided by his light, because his extraordinary teaching liberates us with joy at any time or place we are.

José González Muñoz
January 2007