Number 89.– Great Aquarian Subjects

The constellations of the Zodiac are represented by graphic symbols which express meanings: Pisces, of the Age that has just passed, has two fish, one to the right and another to the left, meaning the Race’s pair of opposites: Aquarius that begins has a water-bearer pouring water on a jar, and means “The life-giver”. The Teachings have introduced syncretically great subjects that men of the future shall approach during 24,000 years, a period granted by the Providence for the development of latent faculties in the man and that we might title as the harmony with the matter and new forms resulting from this concert of creative energies in the fantastic game of Gods, men and elements. Next we are introducing a list of 20 titles about most suggestive titles referred by the Teachings, although it does not exhaust these subjects. The American Race is magical, vibrating, musical, and the Water-Bearer is ever pouring new waters.

1. Revelation of the Arian Race’s Mother Idea.
2. The redeeming work of Maitreya, the Great Solar Initiate.
3. The individual perfection through Renunciation as a holocaust.
4. Discovery of the energetic system of man.
5. Hereditary, progressive development of the astral vision.
6. Social harmony though conciliation of the opposites.
7. Study on the chakras. Energetic medicine.
8. Voluntary death through chakra control.
9. Astral journeys.
10. Whole renovation of Earth
11. Selective births scientifically planned.
12. Slightest stable world population.
13. The Universal Temple on the cybernetic space.
14. Development of human Fire Bodies.
15. Clean automatic subterranean factories.
16. Aerial, floating and submarine cities.
17. Access to the Akashic archives.
18. Development of the intuition as an organ of knowledge.
19. The new cybernetic art of astral faculties.
20. General recognition of the Universe’s Divine Mother.

These twenty subjects here introduced, although there are other ones, as much or more interesting, which we leave in the hands of the anxious reader for their discovery and study: providential economy, disappearance of intermediaries in social, economic and religious activities, the Ired, operations of intelligent computers, drugs in the service of clairvoyance, et cetera. The Teachings are not classified, but their ideas are clear and univocal. It is up to the students to establish certain systematization of the subjects as the Aquarian experiences are developing abilities and new instruments of knowledge. Here we shall explain further some few matters by taking literal texts from the Teachings, directly conveyed by Master Santiago by way of an example and guide for other researches.

The Sacred Revelation of the Aryans’ Mother Idea

1º. The natural, spontaneous need of the man to seek God by his own means, without God in front of him or with the chance to see Him, but only helped by Him.
2º. The fight of the man between his human nature and divine nature, only with his own rational means and by fighting to gain his liberation.
3º. The liberation of the man, which he has to achieve by himself, not suddenly, but by passing through hells, purgatories and heavens.
4º. But the salvation shall not reach the man by him alone. In spite of efforts. The rational mind will grow through constant suffering and effort at this Race, but the salvation shall come to him from God, given to the man on the image of the Great Initiates. The man at the gates of the salvation by his rational mind: it is only God who shall open the gates and put him in contact with his higher or divine mind.
5º. Through these times, the man shall be constantly exposed and shaken by the law of pairs of opposites ruling on his Race and tied to infinite relationships, a direct outcome of this continuous oscillation between good and evil.
6º. The man shall found his own existence on this concept of good and evil, by using his rational mind, which has no other element than those provided by his animal mind and by flashes of his intuitive mind.
7. So, the Aryan man shall inherently need moral development, yearning for improved perfection and dignity in his deeds,

Redeeming Work of Maitreya, the Great Solar Initiate

There are many references to the New Redeemer of Humanity, since the First Hidrochosa Teaching marking the period 1972-1977 for his appearance; now he might be 30 years old, the same age of Jesus in the beginning of his public life. Maitreya and Jesus are the same as persons, but different as for their work; this time he will overcome his enemies. The Teachings widely deal with the Savior: In the Course “Spiritual Life in Cafh”: The Strong Liberator; Course “Exercises and Examples of Meditation”: Stimulating Affective Meditations; Course “Great Initiates of the Aryan Race”: The Divine Incarnation: Course “Biographies of Great Initiates of Fire”: Maitreya; Course “Lectures at Embalse”: About the Mystery of the Divine Incarnation.

Astral Journeys

The Teaching “Inner Life of Earth”, from the Course “The Becoming”, is a description of an astral journey made by Master Santiago while he lived in Argentina. On a rigorous and sustained preparation he was assisted by two of his closest friends. He stated that the Holy Masters gave him permission for this experience, but not their blessing, that is, he counted only on his own strength. A journey to the center of Earth is more difficult and dangerous that to any of the Solar planets. The humans have arrived at the Moon, but did not enter further some few kilometers the earthly surface. It is to descend into hells, life Orpheus. Dante describes in a wonderful way those places. The Greek take Pluto as the king of the subterranean world, and the Teachings call Bhumi the entity ruling over the Planet. After his return, Master Santiago stated that he hardly was able to escape from the terrible, devouring magnetism of the burning nucleus. He took months to recover. His narration is wonderful and fascinating, and expresses the over-human dimensions of the Master.

The Body of Fire

To understand somewhat the meaning of the Body of Fire, one should meditate on the Teaching of the same name, from the Course “Spiritual Life in Cafh”. It is not the ethereal double, but a new radiation that is appearing in those who often practice the Renunciation, which will facilitate the development of the souls on the Age of Aquarius. According to the Teaching, it is already sprouting in the Sons of Cafh, specially the Ordained of Community.

A great worry among adult readers of these Reflections is the education of their sons and grandsons, and they wonder how to prepare them to survive at a civilization globally destructive, from the ubiquitous TV to dangerous streets of the city. Really, they do not know. Even those institutions that should advise them, State, Church, schools, and thinkers, do not know, and when they intervene, produce confusion and anguish. These times are of hallucination and disorder, because those who should be responsible for it have nothing to offer. They are continuously changing the educational plans, turning from right to left in politics, and with religious men hidden behind the altars and moaning: peace, peace. Interpreters of the ancient prophecies of Nostradamus fix 2050 as the key day for the catastrophe. Scientists forecast 2050 as the year for the ecological collapse: the Glacial Arctic Sea will be completely liquid, the temperature of the Oceans grows and grows, several insular nations will disappear, and a climatic chaos will extend everywhere, as it is happening now. Not to mention the social collapse of the peoples, from the organized crime in Rio and Mexico, to drug traffic, African famines, et cetera. How can the adults protect children that will be full protagonists of the reality in the year 2050?

By means of the truth, of course by knowing what the scenery will be where they must work. Not those material catastrophes known to everybody, but those spiritual emerging forces that are already appearing, and that the Teachings have widely spread all over the world. The reader should ponder on the great subjects of life, and on Master Santiago proposals about Renunciation, and he will find a guide for himself and his offspring. Today it is not outstanding to speak perfectly English or Chinese, or be skilled in sophisticated computer software, or to have a MBA in Harvard, or an inexhaustible credit card; the storm sweeps all, like the Katrina or the Tsunami in Sumatra. It is more valuable to teach children the detachment, work for the sake of work, harmony of the opposites through the principle of contradiction, liberation from possessiveness, wining and losing with joy, loving all Gods, and developing inner hidden faculties. The children are the protagonists of the New Age, and they must know the ideal, affective and wise scenery where they have to perform. If they start from their first years to be aware of the great Aquarian subjects, it will easy for them to live them to the full as they evolve throughout their lives.

José González Muñoz
February 2007.