Number 90.– PANORAMA

From this place amid mountains –high, solitary, silent– I am gazing at the world. I don’t belong to the world. I am a foreigner: I neither think like men do, nor feel like they do; I am not interested in their ideas, possessions, wars, hatreds, loves; all these belong to a balloon pricked the last century, and now, flat, wrinkled and ugly, wanders to and fro, with no steady destination, left to its own devices.

From this privileged place, sitting down on my favorite easy-chair in front of the big window to the great, white and gray figure of the Cerro del Plata (Silver Hill) I am looking at the springtide of the garden with long rows of daisies, vetchlings, the first sunflowers and other flowers whose name I don’t know. Doves, teros and thrushes wander along together picking the grass. The people remain quiet and remote. My urban space is a tree-covered corner, beside the stream. The neighboring week-end houses are empty. I am the only permanent resident at this place thirty years from now. My present task is to look at the whole historic panorama, the mountains and landscape, TV news, the Teachings, and experiences of my own soul, and to draw relevant conclusions so far conveyed by me to my friends by way of Reflections.

I don’t belong to the world, but I am not from other planet either. I am a human many years old living in the virtual years started by Hinochosa, the New Age that, being born in prophetic announcements of the Holy Masters, becomes now, minute by minute, an obvious reality. I did not stayed beside the rest of Humanity slowly moving, paralyzed over its superficial conquests. No, suddenly, by the power of the Renunciation and an intimate analogical reversion, I went forward and entered Aquarius to the full, by leaving behind traces of my steps and attachments of my heart. With Master Santiago’s assistance I go on ahead steadily toward new fascinating territories that I want to know.

From my place in the mountains I look at the panorama of the world, in the diversity of historic times, religions, civilizations, and the ruthless inequality of the economic wealth and mediocrity of cultures: all. I look at the jungle from outside. I got myself free from the enticing traps of the civilization and observe how certain actors of the old time are falling one after the other in the abyss of despair. They don’t move me. As Krishna warning Arjuna, “They were dead earlier”. But I want to ponder and convey, because many of its actors are bound to be protagonists of the New Age and, being myself hopeful, I work so that the Master Santiago’s Teachings may awaken them.

At this time, with initial fires of the Third World War extended through the Near East, troops from remotest countries are fighting for reserves of oil. This conflict does not stop because its causes are unsolvable: shortage of fuel and many cars in use. In the old world of pairs of opposites violently confronted, nations overpowered by possessiveness, rush to the holocaust with every operational force. One knows that to throw only one nuclear bomb is to unleash a whole radioactive hell. Since the annihilation of two Japanese cities in 1945, Humanity is dragging a karma that will conclude with destruction. For that area of the world, the North, the evolutionary history stopped 60 years ago under the mechanic logic caused by two great World Wars and intermediate conflicts, from Vietnam to Palestine. Those who are politically responsible did not notice that the wheel of fate has changed its turn and they are blindly going ahead in straight line on ill-fated rails; but the wheel has made a reversible inflexion and revolves toward new spaces of a reality of multiple dimensions.

If we look farther, at immense territories in the Far East, we see the gigantic China, the first producer country in the world, which decades from now grows and grows at a rate of 10 % a year, like a fabulous dragon of fire covering with its products the whole planet. Before his death, Mao recommended his countrymen not to seek the hegemony, but upon turning to capitalistic world markets, the Chinese cannot help but growing. How long?: when the skin covering so much material fat bursts, and the world remains flooded by its products and technologies.

The Spaniards arrived in America, found vast neo-Atlantean empires, and conquered them. In those days of sixteenth century, the History grew on the Italian Renaissance, and the other civilizations were sentenced to disappear, as it happened. Those who survived were excluded from the European civilization. America, Africa and Asia were conquered by men who covered the planet with mechanical devices and totalitarian dogmas.

From the Teachings, I am able to gaze at this panorama: high mountains of millenarian wisdom; such panorama is not only cultural, ethical, artistic, religious and spiritual –every visible and invisible activity, even hidden in the most concealed corner of the subconscious. The sight of the world is not reduced to catastrophic events or global economy, but it extends widely over the human consciousness, its obsessions, violent passions and psychic diseases, mental secrets, and the hell bursting home with negative images emerging from screens and captivating TV-viewers in every corner.

To be a foreigner is not a question of passport, but to have certain inner style constructed with effort on the way of life. Step by step and by living Renunciation, the individual being goes entirely away from an outer world that tires him, and he starts traveling through new territories, spaces of the soul. Does the reader know that the astral universe contains seven different dimensions that he can experience freely if he acquires due skill? At this material world we inhabit there is only one dimension. The astral landscape traveled by the soul during sleep hours, for example, contains plants, animals, beautiful birds, people and houses; one can talk, eat delicacies, hear music, receive letters from friends, fly, swim under the water, create beauty, and love intensely. One doesn’t need money or credit cards. One has access to these treasures by ability and effort; sometimes they are more real and consistent than wakefulness. Many of his astral experiences have been related by Master Santiago, who sometimes lived them with his eyes open. Now, both worlds are separate; but in Aquarius these worlds will usually communicate. It will be one of the conquests of the New Age, as in the times of Atlantis. There are no gates closed; they are open to braves, to workers of the spirit, to liberated people. One has to leave on the ground burdens of a beggar, every burden, and cross the threshold. Then, as you have set your foot on the multicolor land of the wonderful world of the new man, you will be a foreigner on earth.

The Teachings of Santiago Bovisio are spiritual mountains like those around us: high, solitary and silent mountains, and from them you live the things in another way, being assisted by the look of a prophet. You don’t need journeys and pilgrimages to magical places for the refuge so much longed for. Even at cities with noise and turmoil, on a small corner at home, the pilgrim can rest in the valleys and meditate on peace, climb snowy peaks of mystical asceticism, and expand his soul thorough spaces, enjoy the company of great saints of every confession, and pray as if he were in a Himalayan monastery. Seated in front of the Teaching, he will open the magical book of the divine revelation for this time of transition by entering dimensions of the time to come. You can see the spiritual mountains –higher and purer than the Andes– in the expansion of the Renunciation Message. The Message speaks in every Nation, and its acceptance grows and grows in most diverse countries.

This expansion is irreversible, revolves in the wheel of History without a break, and will go ahead until it achieves the mission established by the Great Initiates: the creation of the new American Race. The Teachings describe changes and new ways of being. In fact, they have already announced to men how it will be with climate alterations, disappearance of vegetal and animal forms, geological convulsions, and decadence of all forms of life; also with the vocational awakening of those who are bound to respond to the call.

To live this time is a unique chance to change directions and get free of burdens. The invitation is for everybody, of whatever personal situation. It is a general amnesty that we have defined as a radiant barrier of power covering the planet, such as the Renunciation Message, its visible, necessary and unavoidable projection is also everywhere, and the key opening the barrier and letting pass to the future is contained in the Teachings. The reader should seek, enquire, study and meditate on truths offered by the Teachings, and will gradually make his own unique individual key to have access to the new world. As soon as he achieves it, after a slow, gradual and fascinating work, he will be a foreigner in the present society, but after having conquered a new fatherland.

We repeat that which the 1948’s Full Moon Message says: “Be Souls! Live in the world as if you were not of the world! Be foreigners! The language of men is not your language, and their likes and aspirations are not yours; even their thought forms are not yours. Your name is a name that never has been written on the sky; your fatherland is the fatherland of the spiritual temple, within the Assembly of the Great Initiates. Keep quiet so that the Message may reach you, the Message of the Great Day that is about to arrive and that the sages of OM HES are chanting through the mystique of Ired even now. Stay mute! Be foreigners! Be wrapped by the Great Silence! Remain with your faces covered by the white veil, oh souls of souls!”.

Reader: Close your eyes and meditate. Imagine yourself in 2077 when those children that are being born now will be old people who have lived experiences of the holocaust of nature and men, and who also meditate, think and remember horrors shaking Humanity today. Later, open your eyes and look at the panorama of the modern society, and you will feel a silent foreigner.

Cordial greetings,

José González Muñoz
March 2007