Number 93 – The World Day of Santiago Bovisio

Records from the Extraordinary Assembly held by the Administration Council of the Village Foundation on 29 September, 2007.

First Record.

1st. On 29 September is the birthday of Santiago Bovisio.
2nd. The educational Master’s work, since his arrival in Argentine Republic in 1926 is all over the continent, through foundations of spiritual groups, educational societies, colleges, day nurseries, kindergartens, publications on Teachings, radio programs, productions of compact records, DVD, and diskettes in main nations of the continent.
3rd. Courses of the Teachings have been printed at a non-modifiable Canon Edition, First Edition in 6 volumes, and published by Internet in three languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese.
4th. The Spiritual Teachings are being studied at 60 nations of the world through the above-mentioned languages.
5th. The Doctrine on Renunciation, fully developed by the Teachings, constitutes the doctrinal foundation in the present Age of Aquarius.
6th. A large number of disciples are accepting him as a guide and Master in life, and have expressed their wish for remembering him always.
7th. Virtual groups of faithful disciples are being formed for the study of the Teachings, communicated at diverse nations by electronic mail.

The Administration Council of the Village Foundations resolves:

First: To declare the 29th of September “World Day of Santiago Bovisio”.

Second. To carry out every cultural act, either collective or individual, contributing to make the Master’s work known to everybody.

Third. To create every year an Honor Prize “Fidelity to Master Santiago Bovisio”, to be delivered every 29 September to the one who outstandingly has showed the lovely virtue of fidelity to an uppermost ideal for many years, in a clear way and with whole personal detachment.

Fourth. The chosen person will be rewarded with a copy of the Complete Collection of 6 volumes of the Canon Teachings, First Edition.

Fifth. The said day, a festivity act will be held at the seat of the Foundation, with the free and gratuitous attendance of the guests.

Second Record

1st. Mister Santiago Bovisio has developed a wide educational work in the Argentine Republic, by founding Colleges for children from humble families and children from orphanages, at beautiful hillside landscapes, with teachers that he prepared alone for many years.
2nd. His dedication to the modern spirituality covered the whole national territory, through institutions and societies with great cultural and literary level.
3rd. His prestige and erudition spread internationally through more than 60 nations, where his Teachings are studied in three languages, Spanish, English, and Portuguese, with printed editions of his complete works, in addition to Internet and electronic mail.
4th. His knowledge about psychosomatic diseases, as the infant asthma, has been widely recognized by professionals with a vast experience at this field.
5th. The Children’s Village, in Mendoza, has many years of educational activities dedicated to the preservation of Nature, supported by the Resolution 1962 of 15 October, 1997, from the Argentine Education Ministry, which declared its educational programs of “National Interest”.

The Administration Council of the Village Foundation resolves:

First: To create a School for Asthmatic Children at facilities of the Village for Children in Las Vegas, Potrerillos, Mendoza.

Second. To name the said institution “School for Asthmatic Children Santiago Bovisio” in appreciation of the educational work developed by the Master in America.

Third. To make use at the said institution the ecologic programs recognized by the Ministry of Education through Resolution 1962 of 15 October, 1997.

Fourth. To appoint Mrs. Lucía Lucero, as a manager of the present resolution.

Fifth. To request from Mrs. Lucero to put into consideration of this Council a program of teaching activities, of health prevention, administrative, and what she feels necessary for its proper operation before 1 January, 2008.

Third Record.

1st. The Village Foundation has declared as the “World Day of Santiago Bovisio” the 29th September of every year.
2nd. It has created the yearly Honor Prize “Fidelity to Master Santiago Bovisio”, which will be delivered every 29 September to a person that has outstandingly proved the lovely virtue of fidelity of an uppermost ideal for many years in a clear way and with whole personal detachment.

3rd. Mister Agustín Quiroga possesses in an excellent way the conditions required, by doing good for more than fifty years, guiding the souls by the Way of Renunciation, spreading faithfully the Canon Teaching, running educational works at Mendoza and Salta, offering a clear example of father of a consecrated family, and practicing in abnegation a lovely and unshakable fidelity to his Master.

The Administration Council of the Village Foundation resolves:

First: To grant the Prize “Fidelity of the Master Santiago Bovisio” year 2007 to Mr. Agustín Quiroga.

Second. To reward the winner with a copy of the Complete Collection of the Canon Teachings, First Edition

Third. To declare Mr. Agustin Quiroga as an honor guest at the festivity to be held at the gardens of the Foundation at the end of the related academic act.

Las Vegas, Potrerillos, Mendoza, 29 September, 2007.
Signed by: José González Muñoz, President – Luisa de Neri, Secretary.

A graphic document of this meeting, including photographs, is available; please apply to the President of the Foundation, through mail: Casilla de Correo Argentino 183 – Luján de Cuyo – (5507) Mendoza – Argentina.

José González Muñoz
October 8, 2007.