Number 94 – Origin of the Infant Asthma

Recently the Village Foundation has opened officially the College Santiago Bovisio for Asthmatic Children at the facilities of the Children’s Village, at the foot of Cerro Del Plata, 6300 meters over sea level, at the center of the Potrerillos Valley, four kilometers under the ever snowy summit. Its impressively beauty is due not only to its mountains, but even to an old gold yellow, really looked for by landscapists, photographers, and painters. The valley, extended from North to South contains several courses: Mendoza River, Blanco River, La Ollada streams, Mulas, Salto, and other brooks. A recent dam formed by Potrerillos Lake retains waters from the Mendoza River toward North, and permits sport sail practices. The whole valley is suitable to forget the asthma and those patients in search of relief for their lungs become its visitors. But the little ones properly assisted and with approximately one year of stay, are definitively healed by natural therapy, even if they come back to the most polluted cities on the plain. Here is the news communicated to us many years ago by the Master Santiago during a break at Calamuchita sierras, but now is in force quite strongly at this privileged place to heal asthmatic children, Aquarian children sentenced many centuries ago by the cruelty of the wicked to one of the worst torments: to be unable to breath.

This Reflection has to go back and forth in the time for being eventually explained and, even still better, understood. And we will start with the communication from the Master to the Ordained of Community, during a summer of 1960, and at the break after lunch, in the yard of the house for men, by the curb of a water well and a portrait of Savonarola on a tile upon the outer wall of the common room; chapel, dining room, lecture-room, laundry of saucers with a floor of Creole tiles, everything humble and clean. During an informal meeting, the Master Santiago, with his typical charm, talked to us about the asthmatic people. He was listened by Julio, Luis, Jorge, Adolfo, Juan Carlos, and me.

Julio was asthmatic from his childhood, and underwent quite heavy trials. The Master began to speak of Julio’s asthma, and later explained the origin of such ailment. People that are asthmatic at birth have suffered from big physical and moral tortures in a previous life until death. As it occurs today at so many places of this world on transition and wars, 700 years ago the Inquisition would reign, torture and burn, and now there are millions of asthmatic children that cannot breath. The asthma is a karmic ailment of innocent victims. And what can one do? Outer therapies are without result. There are other forms of healing. If a child –the younger the better– is placed at a suitable location, over more that one thousand meters of height, such child gets well definitively. What is the mechanics of this illness? When a poor being is tortured with an extreme perversion, again and again, until death, certain traces of tortures remain engraved in his astral body as fire tattoos, and even after 700 years between one incarnation and another, passing through several spiritual dimensions, such person cannot become detached or forget such traces of the torment. When he is born, goes on to die at the rack, he lacks air, repeats the experience, no matter how innocent he may be. To be over one thousand meters at some privileged places, a more suitable education, and a sublime love for Renunciation, will eradicate the asthma definitively. Afterwards he explained his project: the creation of a school for asthmatic children at the retreat house that in those days was in Mendoza, some kilometers West of the city, going up the Andean foothills, where the little school Mercedes de San Martin was already working. At the end, he appointed to Julio to run that institution.

The sound of the bell marked the end of the break and we went to our rooms in the silence of the afternoon, and the asthmatic children or the projected school was not mentioned any more. The Master died a couple of years later, other souls came, the work shivered with many convulsions that undermined its structure, the millennium of the ancient Age has passed by, and now, at the recent Hidrochosa, here, we are analyzing, projecting, and constructing the College for Asthmatic Children at a height of two thousand meters, at a privileged site of Nature, with school-misses and pediatricians ready to work. It is the justice amended. They are Aquarian children. The first ones will be orphans from the orphanage, without parents, who will begin to breathe pure air at an environment without classrooms, desks, blackboards, and books. With freedom, intuition, fantasy, creativity, and a great love!

Let us go further back in time to find the deeper roots of his project at another mountain site, at the Andean foothills, West of Mendoza city. There, at an ancient and abandoned goat place, the Chambon, the Master Santiago after checking himself the convenience and height, arranged the construction of a retreat house from 1954 onwards. It had no water; the well was completely dry; water was carried from the city with demijohns. In those days, its name was “La Colonia”, and later, “La Escuelita”. In 1956 the Full Moon Assembly of May was held, whose message “Works of Love” can be read at the Web site of the Canon of Teachings. Once this event ended, before returning to Buenos Aires, the Master, with the Sons around the dry water well, told us: “Go on to dig because there is water below”. So, after digging a lot in the rock with a mace and chisel, the water began to sprout from cracks, even overflowed the limits of the property and ran downward near the Cerro de la Gloria. Later with the arrival of the first neighbors, La Favorita quarters became an important center with trade, transportation, police station, and another school. The little school created by the Master was given to the Government, and later, in ruins, without a roof and walls, it came to an end by arson. But water still sprouts from the well. Asthmatic children were not referred any more in Cafh until 29 September past, proclaimed World Day of Santiago Bovisio, when the eponymous College was opened officially with the presence of the appointed Julio Pérez Sarraceno, who journeyed specially from Brazil to such event, and at an allusive lecture he related many of his experiences as a direct contributor to the Master, and that was with him to the last as his driver.

We have spoken of the present time and of the facilities of the Children’s Village in the Andean Range, he have gone back to the past century when we were sharing the life of Community at the Sierras of Cordoba, again we went backwards and to the West of Mendoza and the Full Moon Assembly, we have moved away to the obscurantist Middle Ages, when innocent beings were tortured and after centuries would reincarnate as asthmatic ones, and we have presented the natural therapy of Santiago Bovisio for these children: a consecrated site, a suitable height, nature full of vigor and joy, and at every moment, affection and understanding, the educational method of the New Age.

Let us step forward to the future, a time of hopes and achievements, and let us think of these children recovered in body and mind. What will be their future when they are healed? The Master Santiago would feel that one year was enough for them to learn what was necessary in life, if and when they stayed at a proper place with whole school-teachers, like at the Embalse College, in Cordoba, many years ago. We feel that, at our consecrated space, at the foot of the Plata, these children will be healed quickly, will be able to return and be with the rest of the world, again with their projects of life to study, to work, to be independent and to create a destiny.

The Village can hold 24 children, with little houses separated and expressly designed to this purpose, with two beds each. They have been occupied by other visitors from other provinces, who came to study ecology in the previous decade. There are facilities for the rest of activities, toilets, kitchen, dining-room, large rooms, workshops, library, computer kits, telephone, running water, private transportation, and even a three hectare field for forestation, and the whole mountain available. We will start with a selection of orphan children from six to ten years old, without parents or tutors, in the charge of public authorities that take care of them at orphanages and will supervise the activities at the college in the mountain. That year the educators will fill –according to related requirements– a personal notebook with complete reports about each pupil and his whole progress. If possible, also a social work will be made with suitable families ready to receive each child as he leaves in perfect conditions. The monitoring by the College will extend until the time when the law permits to check and cooperate in order to protect the child that returns to the society. All these aspects are considered by the project that is being developed actively.

And beyond the adolescence, when one is far away from the close and responsible gaze of the whole school-misses? The young man will have the basic tools: he will know how to read, write, discern between right and impure, between law and disorder, between good and evil. Beyond, the Canon Teachings of the Master of Renunciation are ever present, anywhere in the world, wherever the youngster stays. Surely he has known the Teachings as for their simplest expressions, through readings made at the College. He won’t have his school-teacher available to help him solving his doubts while they made a stroll by the stream gathering little stones for a scale model. Now it is the Universal Master who will teach him with clear, understandable, and silent words, the ideas of the new world that is being born now, and that this young man, free of an awful karma that was previously incurable, by love and help that he received, will be called to construct his life with his hands and with his mind that now is liberated.

Hidrochosa says: “Ideas and works are in preparation for the world. If the race of the Christian sign of fish has developed in the highest grade states of collectivity, great movements and mass organizations, the sixth sub-race will develop the egoentia of being in a special way”.

At the College Santiago Bovisio for Asthmatic Children, we are starting the New Age with children of the new time and with a natural method so that they are fit for constructing individually his own path, being clean and shining, and fulfilling what the Master has requested 40 years ago.

José González Muñoz
October 15, 2007