On 29 September, 2007, a friend of mine asked of me at the Children’s Village a Reflection explaining who Santiago Bovisio is, whose birthday we celebrated that day with a festivity. This friend had worked intensively for eight years at the Canon Edition of the complete Teachings of the Master and those days had installed them successfully at Internet in three languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese. They were already printed in Spanish in its First Edition. In spite of continuous readings and study of the Teachings, Santiago Bovisio still stayed in the dark. Who was he? He was a mystery even for me.

I have opened a file at the PC with the title “Santiago Bovisio”; day after day are passing by and the file still remains in blank. As for me, after writing so much about him and his works, still he is an enigma, in spite of my initial knowledge about him in 1951 and of being near him in the Communities. Many times I have dreamt of his figure and his works, even he has visited me twice astrally at the Village, and taught me how handle the Power of the Great Current. Years pass by, I grow older quickly and the enigma of the meaning persists.

How can you begin to look for the most effective system and come near the solution of the mystery starting from the dark? What is the grade of an attainable knowledge on this imponderable matter? To achieve it with a short Reflection like this is impossible. We will try it at least by imitating those great researchers who achieved extraordinary results. In my own case, I will be based on the conjecture of Poincaré, a mathematician that lived in beginning of twentieth century; he says: “If at certain space a loop can become deformed until a point and this loop and this space do not break or prick, this loop is equivalent to a sphere.” One century has passed by and nobody could offer a convincing proof but, at the end, Gregory, a Russian geometrician from Leningrad presented in 2004 through Internet some twenty pages solving the difficulties: “A dialectic sketch about Poincaré’s conjecture”. Academies of the world have studied for two years such proofs and concluded that they were right and have rewarded the work, but the author considered it unimportant and continued his strolls through the forests of Leningrad in search of mushrooms, and thinking. A conjecture is a probable opinion formed from things or events according to signs that are seen or observed. Poincaré saw the plurality of worlds with a mathematic language and posed a conjecture for their conciliation. He is taken by the posterity as the true discoverer of the laws of Relativity. In Santiago Bovisio’s figure we observe many visible and substantial signs and we offer them to establish a conjecture in order to come near his human meaning.

First sign: The Teachings at their Canon Edition. They constitute the strongest and more patent sign of his thought; therefore, the sign of his personality. The Master did not have outer stories like other wise men; his life and his experiences were inner –of the mind–, astral, mystical, on transmutation of energies. The Teachings of the Canon are faithfully those Teachings that he wrote personally and in some cases conducted, although they were written down by others. To enter the body of the Teachings means to explore the soul of the Master according to bounds marked by him when he gave them, if and when the student is able to grasp them. Now these Teachings are entirely printed –reserved– at the First Edition and everybody can approach them through Internet in the above-mentioned languages because the text is also the Canon. As every esoteric, ancient work, it has seven interpretations and he who tries to understand them as a whole must elucidate those seven streams. The first version is of a literal reading, as it is said, and the researcher should meditate enough, at least during a year about the Teaching that is attracting his attention in order to draw his own conclusions. This first approach may reveal the key to other six interpretations. The best method is the one practiced in Community: to learn it by heart. So, as the Teaching is in the researcher by remembering it at once, by repeating it as a prayer mentally or in loud voice, the Teaching will become a prayer, a power of the soul. At deep strata, by interaction with the subconscious, the Teaching gradually will reveal its sealed secrets, and by becoming illuminated, will emit a meaningful sign.

Second sign: Cafh, the Holy Order of the American Knights of Fire. At the magical Universe of Santiago Bovisio, the Holy Order was indispensable to mould on Earth the Message of Renunciation. Cafh was a projection of the Holy Order of Fire residing and acting at astral dimensions. His active instrument is the Power of the Great Current, which the Holy Masters transfer to the Knight Great Master of Cafh, and through this inflection point, to the whole Work, Teachings, Sons, schools, blessings, assistance to the needy, health for the sick, providential economy. There was a perfect symmetry between Heaven and Earth; the Angels went up and down through the Jacob’s Ladder. Cafh was thriving not only through its Sons but even through Renunciation. After the death of the Founder, his successors acted personally, accumulated material riches, and the inflection point disappeared. There was not the Ired blessing any more. The Cafh Order ended and thousands of souls stayed adrift, without a destination. The second sign came to an end and the subsequent darkness until today is an eclectic proof of the inner meaning of Santiago Bovisio.

Third Sign: Spiritual powers. The Master Santiago was an extremely gifted person as for parapsychological powers: a born clairvoyant, with astral journeys and invisibility, and a magnetic healer, with prophecies, memory and reading of akashic annals, magic, mystical death, et cetera. In the Teaching “The inner life of Earth”, Course “The Becoming”, he relates an astral journey to the center of the planet, alone; later he declared he hardly could escape from the tremendous power of Bhumi. The Masters gave him permission, but not their blessing; he had to use his own powers. In the Course “Science of Life”, he describes the inner, energetic constitution of man, with its centers and functions, as you cannot find it at any other esoteric text but that he, as an experimented and quite powerful clairvoyant was able to explain in detail. In the Course “Renunciation in the World and in the Souls”, he describes his personal experiences about the practice of ascetic exercises: on 17 September, 1934, he made the exercise of sending Kundalini to the coronary center. In 1936, he made exercises by passing to lower planes. In 1944, in the way to Tucuman, he reproduced the sorrows of a great being, lived the crown of thorns, the pain of the wounds, et cetera. On 3 July, 1962, he passes away of a mystical death in the way to Buenos Aires. His memory was prodigious, even of past lives, according to the report of the Course “History of the Esoteric Orders”, where he describes details of the Pharaoh Iknaton’s life, the court, and the names of his daughters. In the Teaching “The Temple of Initiation”, of Amon, where he was the High Priest, Bovisio describes key aspects that can be related only by a person that has seen them. The temple disappeared and remained buried in the sands; this temple never has been discovered or excavated. We are aware of it through the Teachings.

Fourth sign: Social works. The Master has written: “Renunciation is the social doctrine par excellence and the law of the future world”. He founded and ran the Savonarolian Order as soon as he arrived in Argentina. Years later, in Rosario, he founded the Argentine Spiritualistic University. In Buenos Aires, he founded and ran until his death the Holy Order of Argentine Spiritual Culture, ADCEA. In Cordoba, Sierras De Calamuchita, he founded the Santa Rosa College, later called Leo Bovisio in memory of his son, who died being a youngster. Later, in San Ignacio, he founded the male section. In Mendoza, he founded the Mercedes de San Martín School. In La Plata, the Niños Argentinos School. In Santiago de Chile, the Florence Nightingale College. Personally he took part in assisting the Cottolengo of Buenos Aires, and during the first years in assisting orphan children in the Leo Bovisio College.

Fifth sign: The person. Only those who knew him personally and had a permanent contact with him, as the first friends and the Ordained of Community that still survive, among which I am one of them, can testify this. He was affable, kind, and moderate when he talked and laughed. As he was quite neat as for his clothes, he demanded cleanness of his subordinates. Communities and Colleges were impeccable. He did not tolerate the least rudeness in his presence, and recreations of Community were short but a festivity of the spirit in his company.

Conjecture: If at certain dimension a being can be transformed until an inflection point, neither by destroying himself nor by destroying others, such being is a liberated one in every dimension.

The polytheistic doctrines know every dimension of reality. The monotheistic doctrines recognize only one: matter. Their followers develop a static personality at a motionless structure; they follow in straight line and eventually explode. Santiago Bovisio, High Priest in the Temple of Amon, as a polytheistic, existed in every dimension of reality; he had not a static personality, and took part in the philosophy of being and non-being. His high grade of Renunciation permitted him a perfect transmutation to any dimension and state in order to work at the Great Work. To define him is impossible. Signals of his actions are recognized, but not his inner being, which only Bovisio can define. He goes on to be an enigma, as an indefatigable traveler through time and space in other dimensions. Here his own definition is at the last of the Higher Oms:


I kill he goddesses of evil and of bad passions.
I navigate over waters dominated by Anhunit.
I know much, very much the son of the erect man.
(I know) the war of evil that Philo is waging.
(I know) the three qualities of Beatrix,
(I know) Ahehia that is equal to Hes,
And (I know) Horyshartum (the liberated one) by the three highest words,
Ihes is the song of Hes.

Santiago Bovisio! He was, he is, and he will be my guide always!

José González Muñoz
October 17, 2007.