Number 97: C.A.F.H.– February, 2010

Some persons have asked me to write a biography of Santiago Bovisio. But it is impossible because the Great Masters are unattainable to mortals. Those who have tried to give an explanation about Great Masters have left nonsensical writings.

Necessarily, at present, there is one way to understand Cafh in its whole     –physical and astral, administrative and doctrinal, and individual and corporative– aspect from the source of divergences, about which there are documents, monuments, pictures and traditions. In this conflict, its actors have reincarnated at the critical point of Race change –Aquarius–  advent of the New Solar Initiate Maitreya, decline of the Western Christian civilization, and beginning of a New Age of human evolution. Santiago Bovisio was the High Priest of Amon, in the company of Stengel, Plüs, Rodrigo, Rebora. Gurfinkel, Mr. Eduardo, Mr. Alberto, Mr. Luis and others that in ancient times have taken part in the Two Suns’ War.

Next a brief resume:

First Stage: 1350 AC
The Two Suns’ War.
Monarchy against Amon’s priests.
Monotheism against plural worlds.
Materialism against energetic universe.
Akenathon against Amon’s Hight Priest.
Aton’s priests defeating Amon’s priests, who took refuge in Greece. Destruction of the Initiation Temple.
Pharaoh’s death, dissolution of the entourage, and the end of fight.
Return and victory of Amon’s priests.

Second Stage:
1925: Santiago Bovisio’s arrival to America.
1937: Foundation of the Holy Order of Fire C.A.F.H. Regulation, Teachings and Messages are written.
1962: Santiago Bovisio’s death.
1963-2002. Waxemberg has been elected Knight Great Master in Cafh. Hostility against Founder’s memory. Teachings gradually distorted. Everlasting Regulation declared null and void. The New Regulation. Cafh’s Foundation against the Holy Order of Fire C.A.F.H. Administration against Cafh’s idea. Money/property accumulation. Conflicts with justice in several countries. Disorder, confusion and indiscipline. Waxemberg  steals tithe, flees and moves abroad. Cafh is over. Santiago Bovisio and his Teachings succeed. Renunciation Message disseminated universally.

It is likely that the conflict between Monotheism and Polytheism may have been definitely solved and that the development of a plural energetic world may construct the worship unity by means of Renunciation. May be this the last battle in the Two Suns’ War? New combats will come along with other protagonists, such combats as those that we are witnessing in the twentieth first century covered with blood and horror. And predestined Aquarians will take refuge in silence and anonymity until the time when the destructive rage is over.  But its reappearance is surrounded by the future mystery.

The Cafh’s history from the time when the Founder passed away until our days has been a fight of ideas and men revolving around the Teachings and the future promoted by them. New combats with lethal weapons did not take place, in ancient Egypt it did not occur either, but permanent confrontations did occur between authorities and congregation, between reformers and followers of the Regulation, and between despotic power and rebels chased and humiliated. Those persons who are writing and asking  information, study groups, possible reunions, new gatherings, discipline  under Community Regulation, and so on, are those who in due time have admitted distortions in the Law of Cafh, despite fidelity oaths in every category, and now they feel to be forsaken. This Reflection has been written down for such souls and we do tell them:  I wish I could tell all of them never had entered the Holy Order! Cafh is over! Now, the Way is the Renunciation Message, supported by the Canon, and expanded by Internet through nations at a rate of 23 millions Kbytes a month (copies of the Teachings during January 2020). The blessing from Ired is over, and now it is released among the students of the Teachings, according to the capacity of every one, directly, without intermediaries.

At the proper time, Master Santiago wrote: “Cafh is not Cafh –it is the idea of Cafh”. He means Cafh is neither terrestrial nor a reunion of souls in search of physical liberation, but a projection of the Holy Order of Fire dwelling on higher planes, astral Om Hes under the leadership of Mother Abbumi and Initiates of Fire guiding the progress of the souls. Master Santiago wrote the Teachings and was helped by Savonarola for Mankind. They were never published but remained kept in secret, waiting for the disappearance of the human Cafh, after all –Sons and Superiors– had lost their attributes becoming men without the privileged Ired blessing. The power placed on Cafh, the Power of the Great Current, is disseminated to the four directions on wings of the Canon’s Teachings. Is there Cafh? Are there souls? Do we believe in reincarnation and everlasting life, beyond death, for benefit of the spiritual development? What has ended up was the body of Cafh, so as men may die physically and continue their experiences on higher planes. Today Cafh lives spiritually, not only in disincarnated Sons of Om Hes, but in Mankind through the Canon’s Teachings. Privileges for being Cafh’s Sons, and pride for feeling superior to men when still they were not men, are over. Now, former survivors that are asking gatherings, retirements, exclusive spiritual blessing, full moon banquets, and undeserved hierarchies are human like everybody but with the heavy burden of a spoiled work on their shoulders. The Master had already explained the role: they pay their karma of failures with their own suffering.

The Great Work is purged after so many years of experiences of life since the time of its creation, with good things and evil things, joy and suffering, breakthroughs and recoils. At present, experiences undergone are not institutional but intimate, secret, individual, through a direct relation of the soul with God. There are no superiors with authority.  There are no punishments or rewards. Religions, Churches, Lodges, Spiritual Cults, Orders and intermediaries have concluded; henceforward, souls should communicate directly with their guides according to their possibilities. It is the rule of Aquarius, the Law of Renunciation. We have considered widely this matter in Aquarian Stories that can be consulted at the same Web site.

Here, I would like to conclude with a personal urgent appeal to readers and students of the Teachings, especially to those who are writing, some of them known to me in lifetime –friends, companions, Sons of Cafh and others:

To come back to the past, to repeat experiences that had no good results, to be sentimentally tied to what one has lived, to dead things, whether in Cafh, in religions or in ordinary life of every day, in family, in youth… all this is wasted time that should be paid dearly. In the Teaching “The Gift of Forgetfulness”, the Master recommends to forget with the heart, though he advises to remember with the mind not to repeat mistakes. The dead should be forgotten, they should stay in peace, wherever they are, and every one should seek his salvation path individually. It is the new law, written down on the Idea Mother of the Aryan Race. No dogma can save you, no Savior can free you; every one, by his own efforts, should gain the happiness he deserves.

Those who complain about the collapse of Cafh, the lack of gatherings and the mediocrity of their guides, are expressing that they did not understand Cafh. They were predestined beings rightly admitted by Master Santiago, but they neither have studied the Teachings nor have made Renunciation efforts. As in religions, they hoped to be automatically saved by Cafh, from above, when and if they performed rituals. They let themselves go, were conformists, admitted distortions against the rules, and did not fight for their Vows. They have lost the predestination. Cafh never was salvationists; Cafh was an open field where the souls were fighting for the destiny of Mankind, which is explained with clarity in the Teachings, as now in the Canon within the reach of everybody.

An old friend of mine, Pascual Agueci told me years ago about the Master’s exhortation to a group in the city of Rosario: “You, Christians, should hasten, since Jews are winning! If some soul wants to enter Cafh, and I feel such soul is qualified, I cannot refuse the admittance”. The Master gathered in Cafh the protagonists of the modern fight of the Two Suns, but he did not take part personally. Men had to decide their own destiny. First, Aton’s monotheists succeeded but destructing themselves. Now the winners are the plural worlds on wings of the Teachings disseminated throughout the planet, forming the doctrinal basis of the New Mankind.

I tell those who are missing a happy or unhappy past that the destruction of Cafh was to get rid not only of the Teachings but also of their own lives. To understand it is to start anew. The Way to Renunciation and the Power of the Great Current are in the Canon’s Teachings; all of them are complete, every one with specific qualities and effects. It is the great individual opportunity to start an initiation in the plural worlds of the Race that is growing up in the third millennium.

Start anew, you old fellow disciple of the Master, without complain or resentment. In your remaining lifetime you’ll be able to gain predestination so that at your next return to Earth you may travel through the Spiritual Way by your own means; it will be you own unique, untransferable Way, yourself with your own name.

José González Muñoz