Number 98.– Historic Continuum

For a better understanding of this Reflection it is necessary to consult the following Teachings of “History of Esoteric Orders”: Arabian Wisdom and the Veiled Woman; Ancient Egypt and The Temple of Initiation.

Between two historic dates mentioned in the previous Reflection, 1350 BC and 1925 AD, 3275 years have passed, 31 centuries of historic continuity with monotheism fighting against polytheism, a grand conflict of archetypes, which prevailed over Western Civilization History and, in our days –the end of Teutonic Race and beginning of American Race– gains planetary and catastrophic dimensions. Every product of modern civilization, nuclear weapons, globalization, genetic engineering, robots, human overpopulation, androids, natural disasters, Religion collapse, and so on, are at the edge of the abyss in the presence of the Great Solar Initiate, Maitreya.

Protagonists of the present combat are the same as those who, millennia ago, waged the War of the Two Suns. Such fight did not end, but starts right now. Ideas of polytheism, expressed by the Message of Renunciation, now within the reach of everybody, begin to become known. In due time, they will become strong, forming the conscience of the Aquarians. As we have told through Aquarian Stories, a conflict between the Message of Renunciation and society in dissolution is unavoidable.

A time with combats in the war of the Suns never was empty of History, but acquired special forms. Amon continued in Egypt until Cleopatra and then was hidden behind Esoteric Orders until our days. Monotheism, expanded through Religions, was able to conquer the planet. Let us see these events.

With priests of Aton in decline, the people took refuge in Osiris. A royal prince, Moses, a member of monotheism, led a group of peasants out of Egypt, giving them an iron law of exclusive fidelity to Jehovah, Personal God, only for them. Later, David creates the Jewish nation continued by Solomon, whose center is Jerusalem. For centuries they fought against their neighbors –Babylonians, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks and Romans– who destroyed Jerusalem and dispersed the Jewish throughout the Empire, where they established prosperous and quite cultivated colonies, as in Spain. They ever were disciplined and coherent monotheists.

Christendom took form from this people and their beliefs. Jesus was Jewish and developed his short preachings in Israel. As a Great Solar Initiate, he was able to express only certain ideas in three years, because he was murdered. The main part of his doctrine was not enounced. Traditions from the Old Testament were included as their own traditions, and along with the Gospels they formed the Bible, source of their habits and rules. As the time passed by, Christendom is divided into several currents: Catholics, Lutherans, Calvinists, and numberless minor sects. This monotheistic religion, residing in Europe, developed reason and sciences, and conquered the Planet.

A third great current is created by Mahomet, who took sources from Judaism and Christendom, with which he was living, Jerusalem, that means City of Peace, is holy for three great monotheistic religions.

Through these cultural currents, the Egyptian God Aton reaches our days with different names and robes. But we are at the end of the Teutonic Race, and new ideas given by science and by technological and mystical experiences are paving the say to the new American Age. Maitreya is working; he does not preach: he transforms.

History is continuous and richly creative. Those Religions above mentioned cover a half of Mankind. The other half practices Brahmanism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism and other currents that are far from our previous description. And the first nation in the world, China, in this area sees things in their own way. Also, millions of androids, televiewers, gays, fans and drug addicts are unbelievers, and become nothing. So, what is the dilemma in the 21st century? Neither a unique personal God, nor polytheism. It will be differently, and Maitreya has the answer. One should wait because Maitreya’s manifestation is through facts; he is the Great Solar Initiate founder of the American Race.

In one of his Teachings, Master Santiago transcribes a communication from Maitreya, received by him on a trip by train from Buenos Aires to Rosario along with his son, Leo, which is convenient to repeat: “The other time I wished to lift man to my own perfection, but I did not succeed. Now I wish to come back, but not to understand man with his evils, but to enter him in order to practice, feel and realize his evils and blessednesses. Being bad and cruel, and suffering pain, then I will carry in myself the saint and the sinner so that from there I may lift man to his perfection”.

Here two objectives are mentioned: Jesus wanted to lift man to his divine perfection, but he did not succeed in two thousand years of monotheistic civilization. By the program of the Renunciation Message disseminated throughout the world, the same Great Initiate, with other name and other methods, wants to lift man to the whole perfection of the individual. Master Santiago’s Teachings constitute the anticipated, genuine Gospel in this grand work. Jesus created a dualistic civilization; Maitreya wants to form a civilization of plural worlds. Shall he succeed? Even better, shall he be able to fulfill a conciliation of the two currents in unity of life, like that conceived by Egyptians before the heresy of Akhenaton? In mystique of the heart, the two poles reverse one into the other and vice versa, continually.

Impassibly, Maitreya witnesses the destruction of the present civilization. New ideas cannot be sown on old matrices. It has been seen in Cafh, first model of the New Race. Ideas of Renunciation –expressed with clarity through the Teachings, by means of ascetic-mystic methods, simple and within the reach of any person fairly educated– could not become established; soon after death of the Founder, the Teachings were changed for materialistic possessive actions, of holding dominion one over other, as the whole Christian world is living today. Cafh failed because the protagonists continued to live in the old world. But those ideas of Cafh succeeded in Mankind.

Maitreya waits and deploys his vibratory strength, the Radiant Barrier in Aquarian Stories (cfr. this same Web site) in every social stratus and most remote corners of the world. Day by day it is harder for men to breathe in the atmosphere of Maitreya and they sink more and more into misery. We repeat: Cafh is the first model, as in triumph and as in failure. And as we see a growing spiritual misery in those who failed because were unable to resist the Power of the Great Current –the Ired of the Divine Mother, individually deposited in every one of them through daily Blessing– so men from the old sign collide with the Radiant Barrier deployed by the Great Initiate, and are thrown to the abyss.

But men are not forsaken to their sad destiny. The Teachings from the Message of Renunciation are the same as those studied by the Sons of Cafh, and while the majority surrendered to miseries of the world, some of them remained faithful and deployed the Teaching throughout the Planet: the predestined will find in them the path leading to the American Age, where Maitreya is deploying his strength and organizing the New World.

We have described the continuity in History through long time with different civilizations: Ancient Egypt, Roman Empire and Western Civilization, where diverse ways of seeing the reality have acted under the concept of Monotheism and Plural Worlds, or in other words, dualism of spirit and matter –separated, incompatible. This philosophical attitude ranges throughout the Teutonic Race about 24 millennia. With Mankind entering Aquarius or American Race, for a similar period of time, a rift is marked on the historic continuity, and the assistance of the Great Solar Initiate Maitreya at a propitious change time indicates us a new civilization and a new man, in the same way as an Aryan is different from an Atlantean.

Which are those differences? In Master Santiago’s Teachings, especially those of Doctrinal Courses –Canon’s First Volume– they are named with no arrangement. One needs a careful reading of these Teachings for their identification.  Even there are complete Teachings describing these titles of future, for instance: Reversibility, Ired, Ethics of Good and Evil, Analogical Contradiction, Egoencia, Mother Idea of the Race, and so on.  These enunciations are incompatible with theologies of the personal God and, to a great extent, with western philosophies. Just last years, along with breakthroughs in sciences and pure mathematics there is an approach of dualism to a unitary conception. Poincaré, Plank, Capra and certain advanced wise men made efforts to save materialism from its futureless isolation, which does not contribute with real solutions to the existential drama of men forsaken by God. Religions, Philosophies, Politics and Arts are saying nothing; they repeat over and over again the same dogmas that had sunk Mankind into a dark abyss, the end of the Race.

Master Santiago’ Teachings become a premonitory progress in American life so that those men who are ready to change –especially young protagonists of the crisis– may be prepared and become strong and resistant to dissolving manifestations of the end. These Teachings are offering many ideas force to resist the social tempest that destroys everything in its path, and giving believable alternatives to travel through the Renunciation Path. The rift in the historic continuum that separates the two Races becomes frightening in relation to mind, habits, convulsed geography and human relations. The Teachings are offering inner resources so that those daring persons may be able to jump over the abyss, entering the future.

José González Muñoz
March, 2010