Number 99.– The First Model

The Teachings of Renunciation are a theoretical premonitory model of future life in the American Race, extended for 24,000 years since the fall of the western civilization, astrologically fixed in the year 2000 AD.
Cafh has been, and still is, the first operative model in Renunciation life, in its blessed and negative aspects of the new epoch. Good aspects are manifested by personal detachment from possessions. Evil aspects of experiences have brought about disorganized minds –paranoid, selfish. These evidences have been seen in practical life of Cafh in some few years of its earthly life and still continue with certain survivors. Cafh ended fifteen years after the Founder’s death, and those who have taken solemn Vows remain subject to such Vows until the moment of their death. The effective validity of Vows does not hang on the subjective intention of those who take them, but depends upon its express formula.
It is important to study the phenomenon Cafh in its whole expression, even in simulacra continued behind that name, as a trade mark registered at the National Office of Patents and Marks, for it will help us to a better understanding of the Teachings, the inner movement of spiritual institutions and vicissitudes of other models that shall emerge as the time passes by.

Cafh, such as has been theoretically designed by the Founder, is the first social model of the Renunciation doctrine, especially adapted by the American man that now starts and emerges. The Sons of Cafh were and are the First Americans of Aquarius. The Perpetual Regulation (cfr. this same Web site), expresses a social organization model of future, which is totally different from the society of masses. Such Regulation proposed a hierarchical society according to qualities and whole development of every one, from the last Patronized Page to the most advanced Knight of the Mother Table in America. Gifts and duties of every one are fixed according to his respective hierarchical place.
Master Santiago was reluctant to answer questions about the Teachings; this was the Orators’ duty; he rather demanded to study the Teachings. But when he was asked about aspects of the Regulation, untiringly he ever would reply, telling in the Regulation one can find the essence of Renunciation, carried to the daily life of the Sons, especially the Ordained of Community. Personally, I believe that he saw in fulfilling the Regulation –we called it Observance of the Interpretation– forms of future life at an immediate time and their real possibilities. These appreciations have been enlarged in the sixth volume of the Canon –“Courses about Communities”– particularly in the Course “Intimacy of the Perfect”.
Here is the model introduced by Master Santiago to Mankind, while he was expounding through short and clear Teachings the Renunciation laws for all, not only for the present time because Aquarius is just starting and all values are mixed, but even for the future. Models of Renunciation shall be realized and constructed little by little, gradually, as old-styled men are disappearing and the Planet remains purified. The creation of Cafh, such as has been designed by the Regulation, was a heroic and sublime act beyond success or failure of its members and of the same organization. An intensive experience with groups and Communities shared by the American continent has created indispensable energy so that the Renunciation Message might by disseminated through the Planet, without limits, by educating men for a new form of living.
The Perpetual Regulation, such as has been instituted, was a model designed by the Founder at an exact time and appointed place. The model has ended and cannot be repeated. Other models, other attempts and other searches will come –in fact, already there are several searches aspiring to express the Renunciation Law. Likewise it has ever happened with fundamental creations of Creators. So as a quite vital tree bears varied branches and fruits, even when they sprout from the same trunk. Likewise it happened in every organization at the start of civilizations.
Master Santiago has created and ruled for many years a social model that is born and has thriven in Argentine society in the framework of its specific features and its deficiencies. Later, such model has been slowly disseminated toward other nations under a similar idiosyncrasy: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela and others. Efforts that his successor Waxemberg made for the introduction of Cafh in the United State of America produced negative results, despite his time and resources. Some few Tables that had been established in the United States consisted of South Americans, and the only Community existent up to day consists of Argentine women. In my opinion, such failure in the United Stated has taken place because Waxemberg has introduced a distorted doctrine           –expanded consciousness, Buddhism and personal adulterations that the Original Teachings do not contain. Rather than Renunciation mystique, it was psychologism. Nowadays, the Canon of Teachings is widely disseminated throughout the world with 23 millions Kbytes copied from the Web site, 48 per cent of which correspond to the United States, demonstrating that even North Americans are prepared to and in need of the Renunciation Message –the authentic Renunciation Message, not falsifications.

Renunciation is the law of the future world, expressed by the Canon of Santiago Bovisio’s Teachings in his own handwriting, such as they were dictated by the Holy Masters –Savonarola among others. Notebooks with the first rafts are preserved –handwritings by pen and ink. They are kept and guarded by faithful disciples in Brazil.

After Cafh’s extinction along with its mystical-ascetical activities, its existence is not possible any more without Ired, and with the desertion and dispersion of its best Sons –many of which are in the Order since its start– and the ever present need of fulfilling the Vows. Small free study groups have been formed; they join together to study the Teachings and help each other. Not long ago, a North American Sister, who has been dismissed from the California Community against her will, has wrote and asked: “How can I do to fulfill my Vows of Obedience if I am living home, alone and without Superiors to obey?”. Such need of the soul had not a human answer, and only a continuous meditation about mystique of Holocaust could meet this situation, at least partially.

Study groups are being formed not only by old dispensed Sons but also by new persons that start walking through the experience of Renunciation. Such groups are more and more varied, for they are resident in different social communities: Buenos Aires, Salta, Santa Fe, Brazópolis, Sao Paulo, Sao José dos Campos, et cetera. Here is a spontaneous phenomenon in the good-willed souls meditating on the Teaching “The Unique Value of Renunciation”, from the Course “The Path of Renunciation”, so that they may understand what they want to do. A paragraph reads: “Now the Teaching of the very Masters of Cafh is lacking –the Teaching of the Founders that had started the Work of Cafh in America. These Teachings have not been registered, but even so they remain in those souls that have known and heard about them. So we have: 1) A Universal Teaching; 2) A Teaching given to the Sons by the Holy Masters; and 3) An individual Teaching of the Sons working in the Work of Cafh in America. Every one is responsible for the Truth, for Cafh and for the Teaching that they must convey. The Teaching of Cafh is from soul to soul, from Master to disciple”.

For the formation of a Mystical Body, seed of every spiritual work, you need the congruous presence of three or more individuals. Unitary groups of Cafh were formed by seven persons at most and three persons at least. The Work of Santiago Bovisio was formed and disseminated through hierarchical and classified Groups according to the Regulation. The starting point, the Foundation of Cafh, was constituted by three persons –one of them, Santiago Bovisio. It was the seed of the whole Work in America. Cafh disappeared but left its seed in thousands of souls that have received the Renunciation Teachings now disseminated throughout the Planet. Wherever they are studied –in China, Russia or the United States of America– a virtual point is established, which by the will of three individuals, forms a Mystical Body for the dissemination of the Message.

So far, the expansion of the Renunciation Message, confirmed by noticeable statistics, is just the beginning, by diffusing the Teachings and supporting the Message. So that such expansion may be carried out, Mystical Bodies should sprout from the souls, which start by three persons harmoniously joined together. Gradually, as Maitreya deploys his magnetic radiation over the Planet, the new Race will bloom on Earth like a garden.

José González Muñoz
March, 2010