Teaching 1: Message of Renunciation
Teaching 2: This is the Regulation
Teaching 3: Reunion of Souls
Teaching 4: The Mystical Body
Teaching 5: Love in Vows
Teaching 6: Law of Renunciation
Teaching 7: Universal Religion
Teaching 8: Faith
Teaching 9: The Superior before the Soul
Teaching 10: The Superior as a Guide of the Soul
Teaching 11: The Superior as Spiritual Director
Teaching 12: Labor of the Orator
Teaching 13: Exposition of the Teaching
Teaching 14: Inherent Goods of Cafh
Teaching 15: Dimensional Time and Expansive Time
Teaching 16: Transmission of the Renunciation Message

Teaching 1: Message of Renunciation

Renunciation is the only way to the world salvation and there is no other soul salvation way apart from Renunciation.
This is not only a doctrinal postulate, but even essential and contingent law of the universe and Humanity.
A Son of Cafh has to transmit in certain way the Renunciation Message to every soul because the simplest and clearest verities are always ignored by Humanity.
The Son of Cafh does not transmit in certain way the Renunciation Message to every soul but becomes himself a living channel through which that Message is transmitted: it is he who is a living expression of the Message, he becomes the Message.
When the Son enters Cafh as a Sponsored Son, he should know the Renunciation Message with no delay. The Son gets lost if is not brought at once into contact with the Renunciation Message. Many souls move away from the Way because they are not brought at once into contact with the truth that they are looking for vaguely and that is the reason by which they have been called. To frustrate the Sons is to stop them in the beginning with soft or transient doctrines.
The Sponsored Son should receive and know at once the Renunciation Message.
The Sponsored Son is given the Renunciation Message as an Idea: a fundamental, irrefutable and unique Idea.
A Lonely Son of Cafh practices the Renunciation Message.
When the Idea known to the Son’s mind is felt, it becomes a deep concentration feeling and settles definitively in the heart.
A Lonely Son gradually transforms the Renunciation Message into his point of concentration and feeling, continuously expands and widens it in himself, and makes of this unity of both idea and feeling a power to dispelling little by little all other ideas and feelings. We make use of the word “dispelling” because no necessary idea or feeling to sustain and develop life can be suppressed; their suppression would mean to give them further power and outstanding force over other ideas and feelings.
The Unique Idea of the Message Renunciation moves both common and usual ideas and feelings to a higher rational-emotional plane, as generally the soul did with impressions and vegetative feelings.
The Ordained Son lives the Renunciation Message: he is the Message.
The Ordained Son living the Renunciation Message among souls that follow a one-sided way, necessarily transforms his living into continuous suffering.
He lives a divine life by contacting a human life, and necessarily this is suffering. His suffering shall become immolation because he shall be unable to live his divine live to the full until the time when all souls are free by the Renunciation Message.
The Cafh’s Son knows and practices and lives contingently the Renunciation Message by fulfilling his oath and vows along with offering and holocaust.

Teaching 2: This is the Regulation

The soul transformation is immediate by contacting the Great Current: from human being to divine being, and as a man is bound to fulfill natural laws and rules, so a divine being, as soon as he becomes such, is subject to spiritual laws and rules.
So, the Cafh’s Regulation does not contain compulsory laws and rules as a whole but certain spontaneous and spiritual way of life addressed to the Sons. That is why the Regulation begins with these words, “This is the Regulation of Cafh”. This Regulation does not say this writing, these rules or these laws, but simply says, “This one”, since this Regulation is motive power engraved on the hearts of the Sons.
The way as a Son expresses this law in his life is the written rule following the first paragraph of the Regulation.
It is the voice of the Divine Mother whispering to the ears and hearts of the Sons, as if She had condensed in Her Teaching all values of sacred codes and mystical ways, as Her formula of the Mother Idea and expression of the eventual synthesis of rules and way of living addressed to the Sons of Cafh: Unique Law.
This living voice of the Divine Mother comes along with the spiritual vocation of every Son, and each Son engraves the Regulation on his heart. That is why Saint Paul says to his followers, “You are the letter of Christ”.
But natural human laws and human reason fight continuously against the spiritual being, so the latter runs the risk of forgetting the voice and Divine Teaching. So, this divine law had to remain engraved on the heart of the Son, and also transmitted by writing as a token of memory and confirmation.
Otherwise, the Regulation of Cafh might also be a hard human law to stand, and disconnected from the will of man.
All laws, even the heaviest ones, make sense when they are expressed and adapted to circumstances of the time. But these laws become a yoke and cruel chains as a result of changes and circumstances, and men have always striven and made efforts to breaking these chains and acquiring their pristine freedom.
The Sons shall get rid of this experience if they do not humanize those divine rules received; if they do not make of the Regulation something detached from them; if they ever live and express this Regulation in their lives, as a spontaneous habit, as a mode of their intimate being, as a radiation of the Divine Law abiding in their souls. Although apparently this law is hard to fulfill, it should never be taken as a compulsory effort, –it must be a spiritual technique, an ascetic and unique discipline in order to achieve certain purpose.
Necessarily any time a rational dream moves the Son back to the world of the shadows the voice of the Regulation should resound and guide him by the good path.
Necessarily, when human weakness tends to lull the divine law in the Son’s soul, the written Regulation should awaken his memory. Also all those things written on the soul may experience times of darkness and oblivion; then, it is this written law that will cause chosen souls to re-emerge, by awakening them again to hear the Divine Voice.
Then, the first words are fundamental, “This one is”. In essence that are an expression of the Cafh’s Regulation of Cafh and of the Idea Mother. They mark the source of the First Revelation. They are a stamp of the souls. They are incentive of life and premonition of sure spiritual success.
These words tell the Son: as to him this writing has to disappear since shall be permanently written on his soul.
The Regulation shall manifest itself and live in the Son by a gift of grace acquired by mystical effort of Divine Law made reality; Regulation and Son shall be one and the same thing.

Teaching 3: Reunion of Souls

Men need reciprocal participation in events and habits in order to live together.
These events and habits are at the same time source and result of blood bonds, community responsibilities and successive laws, adaptation to environment, efficient labor and stable residence.
Just as by circumstances and needs, these events and habits force a man to live and deal with obligations with other men, so also they give him the privilege to exchange and take advantage.
But this union of men, subject to successive events and related habits, is temporary and does not last; it depends upon changes, alternatives, separations and sorrow.
When the Sons of Cafh contact one other, they transform this union of men into union of souls.
It is said “Union of souls” because the Sons do not communicate each other through human bonds or common events or habits but through soul similarity of common aspirations, expanded to the eternity, to the infinite.
This expansive soul similarity does not bring about a human force but a supernatural, spiritual and divine power.
That is why the reunion of men is a human force with transient results, while the reunion of souls is divine power with permanent results.
So, a reunion of souls in Cafh instead of being human is a divine reunion and its highest good lies in its perdurability. It remains throughout all events, distances, changes and times.
Because of this divine reunion affirmed and consecrated by vows and oath the Sons of Cafh remain all together physically, mentally and spiritually and no power can separate them.
When the Sons are not assembled, the power of their union traces magnetic ways on the space and reunites them continuously, however far and detached they are, because the Path of the Cafh’s Son is only one. Although they do not know each other, the voice of all of them is only one in a supernatural conversation in order to proclaim the Teaching. The image of one Son is the image of all Sons, since all of them identify themselves in the Mystical Body of Cafh with their Bodies of Fire.
This reunion of souls is unique on this Earth because amalgamates strongly, divinely and supernaturally all those Sons who by participating in the Great Work with no outer and human support, cannot dispel their energies because the latter flow over the world only through the Power of the Great Current.
There is only one signal of outer recognition in the souls of Cafh: a soft friendship bond.
Friendship is a reflection of intimate union of the souls, since friendship causes beings to unite and love each other for the simple reason that they tend to it, and for no other motive.
Friendship among Sons is participation in common virtues, expression of similar moral gifts, reciprocal and loving knowledge of the Teaching’s knowledge as a whole. It is an incentive to reflect among their expansive soul-to-soul capacity.
Friendship makes of the Sons similar potential centers, shining Bodies of Fire, living channels that do not reduce and limit Humanity, –they emanate over it abundant realization power.
Those Sons of Cafh who have passed away still remain alive among Sons of this Earth. Their living experience is permanent on the Tables through memory and efficient knowledge and love.
These Sons of the Tables are living here, by their own spiritual power, through their works, labors, teachings and efforts.
So, this reunion of souls is excellent and extraordinary, and goes beyond any limits, permeates the farthest corners of the world, and enters the souls of all beings.
It is vibration in motion that has to alter the face of the world.

Teaching 4: The Mystical Body

Cafh is essentially divine, and undetermined in itself. So, it manifests itself through the Mystical Body as a whole.
Cafh is a simple idea multiplied by reversibility, expanded by participation, and determined as presence manifested.
The Mystical Body of Cafh reveals its divine power.
The divine potential of Cafh is not certain potential because the Mystical Body of Cafh is undetermined. The Mystical Body of Cafh is certainly determined by reversibility. Cafh does not make –Cafh moulds and shapes.
As a human activity, in this sense Cafh is not materialization of an idea, which always means death of an idea –Cafh is ferment, shape of the Idea, which is life of Idea, because is reversibility.
An idea, made something, disappears as a power. An idea that takes shape remains, and its power is always divine in the sense of its projection and death in order to permit another idea-life.
Cafh is not against a human activity, as divine power. Cafh does not reduce the Divine Idea, as Mystical Body.
Cafh is Ired, Renunciation, life, as Mystical Body: Divine Life that is activity in itself, creative force and infinite power.
Cafh is not only an Idea, force, feeling or organization. Cafh is; so, Cafh has no body but a Mystical Body.
The spiritual body, the mental body and the magnetic Body of Cafh form the Mystical Body of Cafh.
The Mystical Body of Cafh is Simple Idea.
The Idea of Cafh is not a new, a doctrine or a peculiar thought form. The Idea of Cafh is Simple Idea.
This Simple Idea does not belong to a detemined mental field. In fact, it has no sites or attributes: simplicity lays aside any characteristic polarity. So, Cafh is not something that one can grasp or understand as Idea; you can realize Cafh only as integration into Cafh, as State of Consciousness in Itself.
Realization of the Cafh’s Idea is Spiritual Enlightenment, and not identification with an idea. Spiritual Enlightenment is not understanding, or even a transcendent understanding. Spiritual Enlightenment is integration of values into a simple element; reduction of compound to unity.
Divine Union is not union itself, it is disappearance of every duality. Divine cannot have attributes: it is disappearance of unity into simplicity.
Renunciation is Divine Union, because it is the simple, negative state.
That is why the Idea of Cafh is Renunciation.
Pure act is divine act, the act in itself; it is the element of every act, of every shape, of every realization. It is realization in itself.
The Son participates in the Divine through the Pure Act.
The Son becomes simple through Renunciation and eventually becomes a potential generative act. The Son is not a reflection of the Divine: he is the Divine itself.
Usually Sons do not understand the simple soul state. They feel that Renunciation is like contingent renunciations, and that simplicity is the final trajectory point. Trajectory exists in every act, except in Renunciation. The apparent trajectory of contingent renunciations is not Renunciation; it is predisposition to Renunciation, which is static permanence and not movement. But this permanence manifests itself throughout stages and successive achievements.
The Simple Idea contains power to take shape as a whole. It has it because is simple and reversible –it Is.
Union with the Simple Idea is not identification with the highest aspect of its own shape but identification with itself through its consummate state as a whole.
Identification with the Simple Idea in itself is only possible through a state of similarity that never can be simple in itself, since it is a part of a compound. But it can unite through reversibility, through identification with its consummate state as a whole.
A whole identification with the Eternal is not of this world, but certainly it is so the union with It through reversibility, through Renunciation.
Although the Divine Union is a static state because it is reversible, it takes shape through states of holocaust, suffering and offering; it is permanent Renunciation. It is not so in the ordinary sense of these terms: it is a spontaneous and simple state. You achieve the Divine Union by permanent Renunciation and surrender: the Divine Mother gives Herself to Her Son, and the Son gives himself to the Divine Mother.
An idea does not take shape; an idea takes shape from the Idea.
The Idea is Light; an idea is non-existent as something that takes shape; ultimately, it is a reflection.
The Idea takes shape by dint of realization, which determines an act.
The Idea is pure act; the Idea takes shape as an act that dies by creating the Idea.
As the Idea takes shape by establishing a line, order, trajectory and organization.
The power of Cafh is not a human force. It is not the result of movement or thought. Even it is not the result of capacity or human efforts.
However the purpose and forces aiming at an objective are high, the man cannot create a supernatural power. But he can cause the supernatural aspect to come to him. But this does not link compulsorily the supernatural aspect to a man, group or organization.
The power of Cafh is supernatural because it is the result of Renunciation.
The Sons cannot denaturalize or transform the power of Cafh; they can participate in it or not. A Son cannot ever denaturalize Cafh, but certainly he can denaturalize Cafh in himself.
The Son participates in the Idea through Renunciation; a Son is power and Idea, as a simple element. But if Sons have in Cafh other support apart of Renunciation, they participate in Cafh only humanly, are an idea, and have a force. And this idea and this force are not enough to keep Sons in the ideation of Cafh as a whole; they participate in a mystical body, but not as a whole. This is not so because this mystical body has no force or spiritual element, but because the latter will not be spiritual in themselves any longer; they shall be a human expression of spiritual yearning.
Cafh is, but a Son may not be Cafh.
Renunciation is the only condition so that the Idea takes shape in a force. It is so because Renunciation is the only effective means of the individual being to participate divinely.
The Idea is in itself; but it takes shape because the Idea responds to a movement. This movement is not a directional movement in itself; it is a movement in itself, the simple movement.
To participate in this simple movement you must be entirely like it, and you achieve this similarity through Renunciation.
The Son participates in this divine rhythm only through Renunciation, which is Substantial Union with the Divine Mother. He never can think that he has another basis for his own spiritual life. If Sons establish their spiritual life on a basis that is not entirely supernatural, they shall form only a natural body, with human characteristics, limited in the time, and subject to the cycle of human things.
Where something takes shape, you need light not to lose the whole participation in the Idea. The downward movement must be ever upward; otherwise it stops being Ired and becomes a movement with certain potential, with certain range, and nothing else. That is why you need light-darkness not to materialize the idea, but to shape it.
Cafh is not Cafh, but an expression of Cafh.
The power of Cafh does not consist in being something, but in taking shape. But there where something takes shape, there is an apparent separation.
The objective reality is not a set; it is the gross part of a set.
So, to keep the purity of the Idea you need permanence in the spiritual aspect of the idea, since the starting point is its material aspect.
The Work of Cafh is only spiritual, as pure act, as Ired. That is why this Work manifests itself in the world. It manifests itself as work in the souls and as work through the souls. And that particularized labor soars again to both the simple and divine through participation in the Spiritual Body, which is Spiritual Enlightenment.
This apparent movement, source of all movement and life, enables the souls of Cafh to achieve the Substantial union with the Divine Mother and, at the same time, causes works of the Sons to take shape in the Idea of Cafh, which is always divine and universal. So the Sons achieve a divine work in the world through their efforts and surrender.
Those Sons who do not understand the divine ideation of Cafh, waste their time and do not participate in the Mystical Body as a whole. They always believe that the Work is their work, idea and personal job, when in fact this way they stop participating in the Great Work by limiting their divine chances to a human field leading always to failure.
A Son has no other Work, except his total integration into Cafh, which is absolute surrender of his being, chances and efforts to Cafh. But at the same time this Renunciation makes the divine surrender of the Son divine by increasing divinely his possibilities and granting him the gift of a substantial participation in the Great Work as a Whole.
All souls participate in the Divine Ideation, and all of them shall achieve the final liberation. But each individual soul determines his present participation in the Great Work according to his own efforts.
Separate individual values do not participate in the Mystical Body of Cafh.
The Work is always made through participation, which means disappearance through Renunciation in the Work itself. An independent value lays aside any participation, and not only it does not participate, but also is against the Work as irreducible personality point. A personality is the precipitation point of separate human values, which always are against an expansive participation movement.
True surrender is not personal effort to achieve certain good; it is impersonal renunciation effort as a whole by virtue of love for a common work.
Souls participate in the Mystical Body of Cafh according to that unity in their surrender. If this surrender is integral, then it means liberation; because where there is holocaust, there is Divine Union.
Is this capacity of surrender determined by a natural mood of the individual being or is dependent upon the will effort?
An individual being reaches easily certain point, even with fights and efforts, but he needs extraordinary efforts and renunciation to go beyond that point. Very few persons achieve it; but all this does not deny the freewill –it proves it.
A very poor view about freewill is a possible variance in the intensity of one’s effort or choice. This quite small chance of freedom in a fixed trajectory cannot be understood as freedom, although it is so in its own circle.
The true freewill can break the limit of certain possibilities in order to possess possibilities of another kind.
Man fights to conquer a non-existent freewill, and collides with his own real possibilities. Only he who jumps over his contingent possibilities causes the real possibilities to come to be true. But most people understand for liberation the achievement of contingent possibilities.
Of course, a jump over contingent possibilities does not mean an absolute realization, because new possibilities become contingent later; but if you are able to remain in the Renunciation, the line is not broken until the end. Then it is infinite expansion beyond real and contingent aspects: participation is reversibility, and perfect reversibility is Renunciation; a straight line is a curve; a curve is a circle; and a circle is a cross.
Through your wishes of surrender you become powerful within. This power, increased by a persistent wish, and not transmuted into pure spiritual power by a negative state of Renunciation, brings about a need of action –to make something, to “do good”.
Action always exists, but this action that you are looking for, is only a useless expenditure of certain potential that could have reached an undetermined expansion if sustained by permanence.
Obviously, an inner act of surrender, if it is divine, cannot translate certain attitude. A negative inner state is entirely against positive action-expenditure states and has no support. That is why Renunciation can be understood by similarity alone, and if Sons participate in Cafh, their participation not always entirely comprises its Divine Ideation, which is Renunciation.

Teaching 5: Love in Vows

The spiritual life of the Son is determined as soon as he enters Cafh.
It is then when the individual soul needs a backward survey to understand how, even being blind his fate destiny has led it to the spiritual way.
The greater is the divine intervention in the Son’s vocation, the more apparent is his inactivity during the first surrender.
Unknown feelings overwhelm the Son’s soul when he contacts the Path, so he notices only certain vague and dark feeling of great responsibility, and love gives responsibility.
Love is the only important thing. Love is the beginning and end of the path.
So the Son’s entrance into Cafh determines then his future destiny, but his vague and dark surrender is the link for further responsibilities and compromises that he shall be given.
As nobody knows those who are predestined to Cafh, all Sons should strive for calling all souls to the spiritual path. The only guide of a Son to conquer a soul is love, which has to be in him as a fire projected on all souls, and manifested with an immense wish for seeing all souls on the Divine Mother’s path.
This wish communicates the Son the gift of a living word for the conquest of souls by becoming a living example to the Divine Mother’s eyes and looking for them continuously.
The Vow of Silence is natural consequence of the Son’s love for the Divine Mother. The Son in touch with Cafh discovers love in the image of the Divine Mother, and he who loves wishes his beloved object alone and establishes an intimate and silent link between the soul and the Divine.
His love for the Divine Mother detaches Son from everything. He closes the eyes because his only wish is to see the beloved image. He acts with silence and reserve by cherishing an intimate prayer and inner life, which is a treasure of the Vow of Silence.
So, the Vow of Silence is not compulsory but ascetically-mystically necessary for the soul. Usually through silence a soul shall be chaste, modest and immaterial through love for the Divine Mother, and over all shall give the individual soul capacity to hear the divine voice and receive inner and direct teachings that human voices cannot utter.
Love for Vows is strong like death. That is why the Vow of Fidelity is need for the consecrated soul. The man changes continuously and can never remain in the same attitude. No human act is constant. Just love for the Divine Mother can give the soul fidelity, and cause the soul to deserve a Vow of Fidelity. Just a divine fidelity deserves this name and makes the soul to be faithful until death.
Human love becomes divine through fidelity. A faithful love is whole, total and with no reserve.
Through faithful love, the Son becomes observant, serious and attentive. He is a manifestation of his Vow of Fidelity. He is fidelity.
Through faithful love, the Son becomes careful of his feelings; he watches himself within, and well as his way of thinking.
Through faithful love, the Son participates in the fundamental doctrine of Cafh. How can a Son be faithful to the Divine Mother if he does not participate in Her way of thinking?
A faithful love is whole expression of the Cafh’s doctrine which he has promised fidelity through his spontaneous adhesion.
The Son has been led to the Vow of Obedience through fidelity.
The Vow of Obedience is essentially an act of mystical and spiritual love.
The Son can in part travel through the spiritual way with effort and will, but at certain point, where routes have not humanly been traced, then he needs to lay aside his will and surrender to the divine arms.
The soul shall not attain the goal without a Master lending him a hand and guiding him toward his high destinies.
The Divine Mother is the final route of the Son. He should surrender to Her arms in order to arrive. This loving submission to the Divine Mother is ideal for the Vow of Obedience and its fulfillment, and leads the Son to be entirely submissive to his Superiors.
A Son should see the Divine Mother alone in his Superior.
Obedience to a Superior as man is bondage. But obedience to a Superior as the Divine Mother’s image is loving subjection, source of understanding and happiness.
Human obedience is slow, heavy and hard. Divine obedience is rapid, sincere and with no reserve.
Perfect obedience leads the soul to the Vow of Renunciation. Vow of Renunciation is loving surrender. As a soul is discovering treasures of love, it should lay aside all opposites; a soul wants nothing and nobody which may move it away from the good.
Love totally surrendered is an expression beyond any mental possibility, and acts only on supernatural and divine spheres.
Renunciation follows these mystical stages: Renunciation to likes and dislikes, renunciation to possessions, affinities, consanguinity and acquaintances, and renunciation to life. Vow of Renunciation is supernatural love.
Vows are not only an action making fit Sons for Cafh, but also, over and above, a mode and result of love, and there is no other way to achieve supernatural love, except through Vows, which are a way to loving, feeling and expressing the divine life.
Vows are a living nurture that links permanently the Son and the Divine Mother.
Vows are the Path. Vows are the Divine Mother Herself.
Through his vows the Son achieves a state of permanent and unitive love with the Divine Mother.

Teaching 6: Law of Renunciation

Sons of Cafh must observe current laws in their own countries, or countries where they stay.
Some persons think that one has to observe only fair laws, and to be against other laws considered evil to peoples.
Cafh’s mission on this Earth is not to judge or determine which laws are good or evil, since the Divine Plan establishes which organizations have to decide about this matter. But as no human being can dispose of his own responsibility in society, and he must not lay aside problems of the peoples, it is necessary to tell which the foundation is of this injunction related to the observance of laws.
Cafh proclaims: no law can be always good and have efficient results if not based on Renunciation, therefore all laws could be good if and when started from this fundamental postulate.
Laws are always human, good today and not good tomorrow, subject to infinite changes and circumstances, applied according to the viewpoint of those who proclaim and control them, while renunciation is a unique, universal and unchangeable law. And as Renunciation is a unique law and divine expression of the Idea Mother of the Aryan Race on this Earth, Great Initiates of all times have proclaimed it.
Wish for possessions, fear of losing possessions and life and human accumulative avarice have moved men away from this unique law, source of all happiness; thence necessarily more and more compulsory laws to stop these evils.
But if the individual being obeys the Divine Law of Renunciation, then human laws become easy and bearable, and by dint of his conduct and moral endurance he abolishes these laws when are not useful and good any more..
The Son of Cafh must obey laws because these laws instead of counteracting contribute to the unique Renunciation law. Even by being subject to unfair laws, law itself expires by renouncing to one’s own will.
All Great Initiates have proclaimed and practiced this Eternal Law, and manifested it on this world with submission and renunciation.
Gandhi’s “Non-Violence” policy is an Everlasting Message.
Saint Francis of Assisi finds perfect happiness by marrying Madonna Povertá.
Jesus preaches Renunciation as the Highest Law. “Whosoever will come after me, let him forsake all things and come”, and not only all things, but also his self, his soul itself. “For whosoever will save his soul shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his soul for my sake, the same shall live forever”.
Buddha preaches Renunciation as the only mean for fraternity among all social classes, and he achieves peace and happiness.
Law of Renunciation is based on detachment from one’s values: it is an Inner Law and not an outer law. As it is a negative act of sensory and intellectual will, this Law causes the individual being to die to present outer life: to his way of acting, feeling and thinking. He fulfils all these functions objectively, with no identification with his own thoughts, experiences and deeds. He stops making; so, he becomes Being, Simple Witness to himself.
His negative values through the act of constant Renunciation –which instead of doing nothing implies to do with no attachment to one’s deeds– move a man to certain infinitely higher state: state of super-feeling, super-acting and super-thinking with unsuspected results. Even Christ says, “You who have forsaken everything for me shall receive hundred for one, and even eternal life”.
Power of those who practice the inner Law of Renunciation is immense, but this Renunciation might be imperfect if it were only good to some few.
This good has to be within the reach of all men; perfect happiness cannot exist if only one man does not share it.
The Son of Renunciation must fulfill all human laws along with all men, so that his submissive participation links him with all men and brings him into contact with their inner vibration and feeling. This participation has to teach men that happiness of peoples can be obtained only by participating in the Unique and Divine Law of Renunciation, and not by means of revolutions and wars or by changing laws.

Teaching 7: Universal Religion

Cafh tells his Sons to respect the religion in their country, but this does not mean that these Sons have to lay aside their own original religion and cherish the current religion of the country, or that sometimes they cannot discuss religious matters, when this discussion is based on knowledge of texts and causes.
Also Cafh recognizes, mystically and transcendentally, the fundamental value and unity of all religions. That is why, if a Son can originally belong to other religion, he feels spontaneously a higher deference and respect for a religion or religions professed by the people with which he lives.
It cannot be admitted a Son changing from one religion to another.
When an individual being passes from one religion to another, this is so because his soul needs other spiritual experience and believes that he shall find his realization in this other creed. So, this change has to be taken just as one step taken in his spiritual evolution.
The Son of Cafh cannot change religions if he believes in the fundamental unity of all religions, in Revelations of Great Religions emanated all together from the Unique Revelation and from the Idea Mother of the Aryan Race, and that Great Traditions of diverse creeds are a continuous transmission of the Revelation according to needs and idiosyncrasies of diverse peoples that have observed them.
If a Son wants to change religions in the wake of inner aspirations and for his higher spiritual progress, then this means that he did not find in Cafh his own spiritual yearning, and he should leave the path of Cafh previous to any real change.
So, this change might mean other ordinary religion to him, and not a transcendent idea and realization of the Universal Religion.
Sons of Cafh, be careful and not confuse this concept of Universal Religion.
Usually people feel that when you speak of this Universal Religion, this Religion is a new creed to abolish all other religions. Then this Religion might be other ordinary religion and not the Universal Religion.
Of course, a new religion is on the move in the world. A religion that is a result of mental dynamism and re-structured dimensional values appears now in the world.
It will be a great, valuable religion, but not the Universal Religion.
The Universal Religion has no establishment or beginning; it emanates and flows constantly from the Idea Mother of the Aryan Race, and its eventual settlement on this Earth shall not mean a beginning but that all men shall understand and recognize that which ever was within their reach.
All Great extant Religions tell they are unique and universal, and that they have to reign supreme over all men; but it is not so, –they are proportionally distributed among men.
The point is that all of them emanate from the Universal Religion, but adapted to peoples, times and circumstances.
He who fulfils faithfully and rightly precepts of his own Religion, invariably contacts the Unique, transcendent and universal Truth.
Cafh is not a new religion or ferment to produce it, because in this case Cafh can be now just other ordinary religion among others. Cafh is in itself a pure and free yearning of the soul for recognizing the transcendent truth, the Universal Religion.
That is why a Son of Cafh should not change Religions, but at the same time he deeply respects and sympathizes with the religion or religions of the country where he lives.

Teaching 8: Faith

The Son founds his future mystical states on faith; so, faith is support of spiritual life.
The soul confronts by destiny certain spiritual ideal, and this ideal is real but unknown, and the soul cherishes it blindly and adheres to it strenuously, always with a pure act of faith.
The Son supported by faith enters his inner world, and there erects his secret tabernacle, by devoting his whole love to it; intimate experiences and contingent results prop up more and more his ideal, and all those things, which he found through faith, strengthen his own faith.
Many holy souls fill their whole lives with this admirable work; but they did not achieve their purpose because all this became a part of the inner spiritual work.
They have worked just around an ideal of faith, not around faith in itself.
This divine providence did not produce a definite crisis leading them to an ideal of faith, to faith itself. Of course, because they have no strength to stand it, or simply, because this is the fate of them, and the truth might be revealed to them only on other stages or planes.
The Son’s soul that has progressed on the spiritual path cannot resign to inner ideals of faith and has to experience frightful inner crises of faith because he needs great and powerful faith as a whole. This is the price to pay.
Apparently it is a contradiction that a soul living by faith may have problems, contradictions and doubts about faith, but the spiritual soul is bound to pass from a state of ideal knowledge of the eternity to a real state of knowledge of faith. One passes from an ideal to the reality only through the most absolute darkness.
The Son’s soul experiencing these great inner crises is bound to success and possession of faith, but necessarily he should be steadily founded on virtue and rightly guided spiritually, since the soul experiences here such a trial to win or lose.
Many virtuous souls judge harshly the ones who fell or became renegades, but they should not forget that a trial of faith is so significant that only those who are strong and brave can stand it.
Being still and safe in the Secret Tabernacle of his Golden inner Temple, the Son works the whole life to settle here divinely his ideal, but when the enemy enters there and destroys everything, is something left to the soul?
Those souls that have erected temples to God and His envoys, that have cherished the dogma of a Church, that believe blindly in a philosophy, how can they go on to believe when their living and bare beliefs seem insubstantial?
That is why many souls fall before the inner trial of faith, and the world is filled with poor beings that have lost their chance to attain spiritual realization, because they were unable to pass from a figure and idea to the state of eternity.
Actually, nobody has faith. All revealed verities and their derivations are bulwarks and elements derived from faith, but not faith itself, which is an exclusive good of the soul and that a soul achieves in its innermost intimacy, with no veils or witnesses, when the individual being even renounced to ideals of faith.
The immortal beloved appears to a soul only after this soul has found the temple empty and the tabernacle abandoned, even the Mystical Body of our Lady.
More often than not, inner crises apparently take place by an outer fact. If is as if the world and flesh started from outside their definite attack to enter the inner sanctuary of the Son, and to destroy everything. But a Son has to be sure that this attack can attain only ideals of faith, never faith itself.
How many times you hear voices like these, “I have lost my faith”. Their adored God became an old worn-out idol; dogma, that was a support, now has lost its gracious power before science proofs; and philosophical system has exposed its dialectic worn out and based on uncertain axioms.
Being unable to be profound, many souls cannot counteract these apparent disappointments; that is why they refuse to fight. Their attachment to old habits of faith possibly deprives them of obtaining faith.
The soul of the strong Son confronts a crisis, wields a powerful weapon acquired after years of trial and spiritual experience. This weapon is his capacity of renunciation. A Son achieves the victory through Renunciation.
The ideal of faith persists in the soul and eventually his soul remains still and serene, but this ideal is at stake as soon as an insignificant stimulus brings it into contact with the outside. A soul experiences highs and downs, and falls, which immerse it in doubt and melancholy. But a soul with faith becomes strong, unyielding and sure, and knows itself: it is faith. This soul is faith.
Faith is an inherent good to the soul, which is ever present although everything passes by and gets lost, because faith is the living power of the divine in man. When this power is unlimited, then it is faith itself, dark faith, and unknown intuition and affirmation of irrational and negative aspects.
Who or what can deprive a soul of its faith, if this faith is deep? All creeds can disappear, all schools can decay, and all teachers can die, but faith shall remain in our souls like skin adhered to flesh.
The Son possesses faith itself through Renunciation. Faith itself is essence and power of the soul –of the consecrated soul.

Teaching 9: The Superior before the Soul

The Superior cannot develop a true spiritual work in the soul of the Son if this Superior does not know intimate aspirations of this Son.
From the beginning, the Superior has to know those intimate thoughts and secret feelings of the Son.
The Superior begins knowing intimately the soul by knowing the Son’s life in the world. Necessarily, he should let the Son’s conversation to be spontaneous and free for a gradual opening of the soul.
The Superior has to know the family situation of the Son in order to know the soul of this Son. He has to be acquainted with his parents and relatives, and his social condition and family environment, and over and above, he shall try to get the soul result derived from the Son’s family life.
The Superior will ever confront different cases: or the son becomes the center of attraction or is rejected; or the son is welcome or unwelcome. These parental inharmonious states bring complexes to the souls of the children, which grow and grow throughout years and eventually attain alarming dimensions.
So much comfort brings to children a psychic state of excessive security, which shall lead them to vanity, pride and inactivity for fear of failure, while misunderstood children will develop a psychic state of inner incapacity which turns them shy, elusive and distrustful.
Psychically, the ones who in their childhood did not get much care and were not too much chastised by fate eventually shall be more successful.
The Superior has to know the school formation of the Son. He has to consider rightly those complexes derived from age, where the Son has molded his education and primary studies. Extreme cases are, for instance, or an outstanding pupil, or an unfit pupil. Such extremes lead to form in an outstanding pupil his sense of responsibility with good marks, and this invites to confine him in the equivocal situation of being reluctant to dispose of continuous success.
So, when many children of this kind start higher studies and experience the most insignificant setback, fall defeated and inhibited, because they lack necessary strength to face the reality.
So, an unfit child for study acquires sometimes a complex of inferiority in the wake of some tactless words of his teacher. Then he acquires a mental state of incapacity inhibiting him constantly, which impedes a spontaneous development of his normal faculties.
Also the Superior has to know the social formation of the Son. He has to know in detail those circumstances confronted by the Son throughout his life. An adolescent has to confront life in a false or premature or violent way, and this leads his soul to have a wrong view about life, especially in its sexual aspect.
Sometimes these souls whose minds are filled with fantasies, illusions and fairy worlds receive a violent shock once they confront natural ugly things that can spoil their emotional development as a whole.
That is why the Superior has to know these early soul reactions if he wants to free the latter of impediments and troubles, and to lead the soul to find again happiness and peace through the spiritual path.
When you begin dealing with souls, they respond more or less to questions asked by their Superior: Their name, identity, job, et cetera. But all these questions reveal just the personal and outer ego covering the soul, which is like a self-protected shell against the world.
This outer ego is nothing more than the product of all those things that one wants to hide and refuses to tell.
The first extraordinary mission of the Superior is to teach the souls the Backward Survey whose purpose is not only an exercise, but also a spiritual habit achieved through practical exercise, introspection with no perils, recognition of his troubles, and knowledge of his inner ego.
Once the Superior has succeeded in causing the Son to realize that he has arrived home –the House of Love– it is the Son that will divest himself of his outer personality and will be able to recognize the deepest part of his heart. He shall not be afraid of seeing himself such as he is and, by looking at himself properly, he can break the limited circle that restrains him and reduces his possibilities.
Naturally, in the beginning, the soul will be reluctant to show intimacies to a Superior; that is why the soul should experience by itself the inner bliss of its own recognition.
Some months may pass in this labor, but this first bliss individually achieved, shall bring a sincere confession, and an imperative need of communication, confession and trust in the Superior.

Teaching 10: The Superior as a Guide of the Soul

Those Sons who start the Path, and above all, if they are young men that still have to define their lives, do not know their vocation.
A Superior is greatly responsible for the vocational issue. He has to observe rightly those Sons starting the spiritual path in order to know if they have true vocation and which their vocation is.
This can be possible when the Superior leads his Sons to recognize that necessarily they have to remain quietly and attentively expectant, in their place and position assigned by the Providence, since the true vocation can manifest itself by this only mean.
Young men feel called to fulfill a mission, and these inner states, instead of being true vocations, become a natural predisposition of age, environment and individual aspirations. Vocation manifests itself gradually. Its manifestation is abrupt only in some extraordinary cases.
Most times, a gradual vocational call manifests itself on three grades:
The first is the vocational call in the adolescent; is the first manifestation or feeling of individuality in the individual being.
A young man has name and surname, and knows which terrestrial point he belongs to, but this is an entirely outer experience since once his intelligence starts its activities, also starts asking the first fundamental questions: why did I come to this world?, who am I?, which is my true name?
These questions become the imperative need of the soul to have his spiritual identity card.
When this need of identification becomes acute or is in crisis, then an inevitable confrontation of the adolescent with his family takes place, against compulsory methods and against his social community.
It is a power emanated in this young man, forcing him to identify with something that makes him to feel independent.
This revolt ever misunderstood by adults, this fight of young powers of the soul against hardened mental waves of the ones who already formed, acquires a vocational aspect through idealization. It emerges through the adhesion of this unruly Son to a new idea or current despised by old conservative people.
Sometimes this vocation of the youth is not an ideal: it is a simple whim that becomes a mania and a way for the youth to wear out energies: dance, entertainment, walks, sports, even games.
The smart Superior will notice how this process comprises all young people, this vocational revolt by which they adhere to something that they feel to be their ideal or purpose, and it will not change radically this state of the soul –the soul shall get used to stay there, still, attentive, expectant.
Later the Superior will try to put in this soul a new attraction center so that here, in this new center, the soul discharges its expansion, but as a center of his own conquest and not as something granted by others.
It is then when the second vocational call, the true call, takes place.
Free of impediments coming from his repressed personality and in a field of action where the adolescent expands and lives by himself, he is born, or it is as if he was born to a new life
It is here where he feels his call. The fullness of life is in his hands, his mind is tranquil and his heart in calm; he feels what he is and knows what he wants to become and if he is able to achieve it.
It is an intimate call of his being, a wish to create: creating something as intimate expression of his being to attain happiness.
It is here that a Superior has to lead his Son with iron hand for the emergence from fantasies the image that has to determine the entire life of this young man. Later he can succeed or fail, but this true and real call will ever be like his North, and if apparently he fails, he shall make use of his failure to stand up again and follow his path in life.
When the Son knows what he wants and his true worth, then the true call, the spiritual call, the liberation call shall attain his heart.
The Superior has to expect closely this hour of God and lead the Son with iron hand through the only spiritual path.
It is equally wrong to accelerate or delay this mood in the Son.
It is this vocational call that leads to a true spiritual life manifested in the soul once the latter recognizes itself and measures its own possibilities and the Son sees how transient and vain the things of the world are.
This is an intimate need of attaining the true expansion, of making of the spiritual aspect the center of his soul, from which all other things derive.
Sometimes this intimate expansion state cannot be under control, and the soul can wander in a dream of unreality if it has been misguided
The Superior is the one who watches this mood, this crucial moment.

Teaching 11: The Superior as Spiritual Director

Sons that start the Spiritual Way and have no certain Spiritual Director, implicitly take their Superior as Spiritual Director.
The Superior should observe the physical state of the Son trusted to him. He has to form perfect beings by seeking a harmonious physical, intellectual and spiritual life in the Son.
The soul wants identify with the Divine, but the body, since it is temple of the spirit, also needs transformation. One’s body, instead of being hostile and fighting and disagreeing constantly with our spirit, has to be a factor of stimulation and help for the spiritual transmutation.
Imperfection of certain souls and their incapacity to approach certain ascetic experiences many times are the result of lack of physical health.
The Superior, as Spiritual Director, has to know imperfections of his Sons in the flesh, and also has to know stains of the soul. He has to study is these stains are congenital, hereditary, organic diseases and their eventual cure, so that they are not an impediment to the spiritual progress. He should not attend only physical diseases; also he has to consider nervous and psychic diseases, which are so ordinary.
Also the Superior should study them closely, since sometimes these physical or psychic diseases are the product of the mystical development of the individual being, and he should lead the Sons to stand them patiently. He shall know both kinds of diseases for their fruits in the soul, since a karmic disease that has not been removed, impedes the spiritual progress, and a mystical disease, given by God, fosters and helps virtue to sanctify the soul.
Also, Superiors should have nothing to do with diseases of their Sons, if and when these diseases are not very serious or an impediment for them to follow the spiritual way.
Here is the special mission of the Superiors: to lead their Sons to perfection despite all.
They have to consider and analyze very serious physical defects.
In plain words, most young people have congenital anomalies at present and generally those who come to this world pay the price of an uncultivated Humanity, with no real concept about holiness of marriage and conception.
After marriage, sexual passion increases by lack of a right guide instead of growing calm. Marriage is a constant passion fight instead of an altar of peace and respect; low passions cannot provide beautiful and balanced bodies to those beings coming to inhabit them.
Sexual passions pass unconsciously from parents to children, and their influences remain deposited and transformed there into troubles and complexes during the adolescence.
Over all, the Superior has to watch with attention. He has to enable the Son to talk and confess. He shall find in the Son’s words a solution to his troubles. When one leads the Son to talk, his sorrows and worries become more bearable. The Superior should lead the Son to talk about his family, and he will know eventual diseases of this Son according to family diseases.
Many times, previous to be responsible for a vocation, the Superior should also make use of medical diagnosis, particularly in those Sons who are very nervous and sensitive.
Of course, the Superior does not finish this observation in one day, because this process is the result of constant analysis.
Mistrust all those who are always melancholic, since this denotes that rather than a spiritual vocation they need an emotional relief.
Sons with fixed or persistent ideas should not be admitted: for instance, when they say, “I cannot work”, “I cannot study”, or “I feel inhibited for certain activities”. These defects must be corrected immediately, otherwise they lead to ruin.
But the Superior can transform and lead souls to be fit for perfection by analyzing them constantly.
The spiritual life lies on psychic life, and psychic life on physical life, and the Superior that neglects the harmony of body and soul in his Sons never will achieve their perfection.
When the Sons have certain Spiritual Director, the Superior must contact him to know the Son’s mood, even generally, with no confidences in detail, in order to direct and guide him toward his true path of Spiritual Realization.

Teaching 12: Labor of the Orator

Teaching characterizes the mission of Cafh in the souls.
Cafh benefits them with their inner recognition and sanctification, especially among souls of young persons.
This achievement consists of an intimate recognition of the soul that is led to participate in life to the full by discovering the vocation.
Orators have to be true Teaching-bearers.
They have to hold in high esteem their own grace of being bearers of these supreme good.
So, Cafh causes his Sons to participate in its intimate spiritual life; but what is the spiritual life for the world, and even for these Sons?
Many religions, philosophies and spiritualistic organizations are mere ideological concepts, which more often than not become unrealizable, since they are just a projection of their wishes and aspirations.
Spiritual life is not ideology, mental fantasy or projection of something intimate outwards; spiritual life is still certain little but intimate and essential soul participation with the existence as a whole.
Spiritual life is life of man, expression of an ideal transforming any way of thinking in the world.
When a soul contacts the spiritual life, this demands everything from his guide, wants to have his experiences and realization of his ideal. But, through this demand, the soul enters the soul of the Orator and establishes a channel that enables him to transmit the Teaching.
The Orator has to maintain this channel between him and the Son constantly open and alive.
The orator must act rightly and communicate his teaching regardless the destiny of the soul, and with no speculation about the persistence or not of the soul on the path.
Since the beginning, he must be able to communicate the Teaching upon a solid, proper and sure basis. This method will be the foundation of the future spiritual life of the Son as a whole.
The Orator will increase these fundamental concepts by studying the souls through his contact with them.
He will try to know psychological complexes of the Son trusted to him.
A soul cannot be led to Heaven if this soul does not lay previously aside his poor background and does not recover its stillness and inner peace, if it is charged with complexes of all kinds –psychological, physiological, moral or ancestral. The Orator will become a careful researcher through all those questions that a soul asks him, and will know the level of the inner state of this soul through those questions.
The Orator will assume the Teaching with fit cultural formation for matters to deal with. The Teachings acquire universal brilliance through his cultural formation and get life through his description of certain places and through examples and images narrated.
The Orator will ever have at hand graphic and symbolic examples to illustrate the Teaching, and fit concepts for answering any questions of the souls.
The Orator’s personality, over and above, has to be faithful expression of the Cafh’s Teaching, which places him on the divine state that transforms him into a receiver and transmitter of the Teaching. But apart of this divine state, the Orator can naturally increase his personality by expressing his Renunciation.
He expresses it this way: by influencing the souls inadvertently; by being ever present, but unnoticed, and by self-assertion, but not making use of his authority.
When the Orator escapes notice, his racial formation disappears. Then it is as if he forgot actually his ego in order to become only the Orator. Being detached from his social function in the world, and from his religious beliefs, the Orator only lives through the expression of Cafh.
When the Orator escapes notice, he puts fundamental concepts of the Teaching in minds and hearts of the Sons and permits that the time and a gradual inner recognition of those concepts may yield their fruits. That is why he does not make use of systematic pressure, or of an ever equal teaching, or of certain modes applied: the Orator is ever present there, by being self-forgetful and surrendering himself to the souls impersonally.
When the Orator does not manifest his authority, he enhances the divine authority granted to the Sons, and weakens and ultimately cancels the terrestrial authority. In his own surrender, the Orator finds the real authority.
The Orator has to be patient and dynamic, staunch and tolerant, kind and fair.
The Orator can gradually enter the soul with patience. Of course, a Son does not open his heart immediately. Necessarily, the Orator must be patient and wait day by day, but dynamically and tirelessly, until entering and possessing the soul.
The Orator should have steady concepts and expressions, with not changes or hesitations. He has to maintain and sustain his concepts against any criticism. If he must analyze something related to issues beyond his control, he must make use of all means to keep his position. The soul has to be ever sure that his Orator has its necessary spiritual nutrient in due time.
Also, the Orator has to be tolerant with slow and unfit sons, and with those who are not adapted to the Teaching.
The Orator has to be absolutely kind, but this kindness must be serene and just, with no weakness. He has to surrender himself to the soul with a sense of understanding. He has to carry light to this soul and to the heart, and this light will be not only that of his knowledge, but also of his warm feeling.
The most insignificant word said with love is infinitely valuable to the eyes and feelings of a Son hearing it.
It is then that the Teaching becomes source of life and Spiritual Realization.

Teaching 13: Exposition of the Teaching

The constant Orator’s concern has to be an efficient and positive result of the Teaching presented.
He has to assume the Teaching with knowledge of it and with an exact idea of his exposition and of how he will present it.
Necessarily he should have certain personal method so that the Teaching gathers living and real strength. Over and above, the Orator has to know properly the text of the Teaching. He has to know the text not only through readings and studies, but also conscientiously. He has to differentiate definitely if the text refers to fundamental and invariable concepts of Cafh’s doctrine, or to general concepts.
Cafh does not impose certain beliefs on his Sons, apart from the indispensable need of linking the soul and God through inner realization and Renunciation, but Cafh has fundamental and steady concepts that are invariably accepted by his Sons through both understanding and adhesion.
Indispensably, the Sons must hold fast in their own citadel as a point of starting and support, even by respecting and being aware of theories and dogmas of other philosophies.
The Orator has to know quite well fundamental concepts of Cafh to differentiate them and other general concepts.
He is a bad orator if inserts in the Teaching concepts acquired by book reading, with similar ideas to those of Cafh’s, and does not know how to differentiate diverse hues of them.
So, he must know what makes the difference between the doctrine of Cafh and other doctrines; and his concepts should be quite clear and definite concepts, particularly such as eternity, divinity, action and reaction, becoming and asceticism.
The Orator has to define fundamental Cafh’s concepts continuously and repeatedly, so that they remain engraved on the Son’s memory. He has to teach how to obtain from the Teaching definitions offered by the text.
The Orator’s discourse about substantial concepts of the Teaching has to contain a faithful and rigorous exposition method, never detached of it in the least. But he must have his own original method related to circumstantial and derived concepts of the descriptive teaching. He sustains the Teaching with the fundamental doctrine, but everything around it with an ever new mode, adapted to the circumstance, to the capacity of the Sons hearing, heir mood and inner feelings, and even by influencing it with current evolutionary events.
The Orator should cause the soul to feel that it is acquiring richness through the Teaching received, and also a new value and moral and conceptual power.
The more the Orator strives for fostering this concept of constant richness in the soul, the more he will obtain its steady spiritual education.
The Orator’s exposition should have ever new resources, not repeated in the same way.

Teaching 14: Inherent Goods of Cafh

Cafh does not have outer possessions; everything that is necessary for sustaining and developing the Works of Cafh belongs to these Works alone: even attributes and writings of the Teachings and private possessions of the Sons, and do not belong to Cafh.
Cafh only possesses inherent goods, and this has no sense as legislation because where there is nothing, you have nothing to check; this makes effective and direct sense as doctrine.
Cafh wants to take the results of things to an unlimited field, and to transform all needs and human restriction into an incalculable divine result.
Cafh’s possessions are only inherent, so the Son founds his efforts on real goods that are only magnetic, mental, psychic, spiritual and immanent. Even as a human result, Cafh lays aside outergoods for inherent goods, so Cafh leaves in the hands of the Sons an incalculable wealth in material goods that should be offered to men.
So, Cafh teaches continuously the Sons how to move acquired values –immediate, known and composed¬– to a higher magnetic field where they become transmuted values, –spatial, unknown, enormously increased and simple.
Even the Works of Cafh needing extrinsic goods to evolve and possessing them in the ordinary term of the property law, should not have those goods doctrinally; they have to make use of them. All this always until a time when these goods represent, in certain established society, a figure of the local magnetic point in which the Work of Cafh operates. When this factor has done its work in certain place, the Work of Cafh may totally leave the use of this good in the position they leaders feel necessary.
So, all those possessions that the Works of Cafh use for their development have a sense of usufruct only until the time when they serve as a reference point for their outer development, and as a contacting point among souls and Cafh, and for possibilities of outer development of the said Works.
In the event that a Son is quite aware of this good and makes use of goods of the Cafh’s Works in too much personal sense and with possessiveness, all this cannot have any repercussions on the labor of Cafh’s Works. These Works acquire life through Cafh, and Cafh is a Mystical Body in which Sons and Works remain. But Cafh does not give realization to a Son or to the Works, since they achieve realization by their own means, and not through a magic sacramental act –they achieve realization through a human divine act.
You shall know if the Works of Cafh fulfill their mission in this sense by their results, since those Works maintaining a strict sense about the only use of the goods shall be enormously increased in the aesthetic, dynamic and expansive aspect. This would be otherwise if their results are just accumulative, restrictive and bureaucratic.
Cafh possesses inherent goods alone; so, Cafh proposes to the world the only possible solution of economic evils, based on the Message of Renunciation.
Those goods kept for a right distribution in due time, are source of wealth for men; but those goods accumulated for speculation are cause of misery in the world.
To have sense of Renunciation as a social being is equal to give nothing; sense of Renunciation it is to transform the surplus into inherent and real goods, and to transform this surplus into future wealth for one and all, with a subsequent elimination of poverty, infamy and mendicity.
Renunciation to outer goods for inherent goods is to move immediate values in time and space to an available and dynamic magnetic field. Even a businessman knows that the true revenue of any activities consists in creating a client, not in earning money.
In the world the cause of misery is not the sense of possession –the only evil is the sense of one-sided possession. Also, this doctrine should not be explained –it must be lived.
But the acquisition of inherent goods is not a good of Renunciation –it is one step taken to the State of Renunciation.
Self-renunciation to material goods grants the possession of immanent magnetic, psychic and spiritual goods, and an uninterrupted use of material goods.
Even inherent goods, on a stage of future perfection beyond limits of the Cafh’s Regulation, must be transmuted into other goods, into supernatural goods whose name still remains unknown.


Teaching 15: Dimensional Time and Expansive Time

To renounce is to live.
To renounce is to transcend the dimensional time in order to remain expansively in the time itself.
Of course, this statement makes no sense, except through experiencing and living it. The sense of the time is, to a Son, the present moment that comprises past and future, according to the expansive-dynamic intensity of the Son.
The dimensional time traces a positive real trajectory that begins and finishes; a soul identified with the dimensional time begins and finishes; but if the soul remains in itself through a voluntary Renunciation act, then there is no to-and-fro, beginning or ending in this soul; this soul is in itself; it is not identified with the dimensional time; it is the time in itself.
Renunciation frees intellectually the soul from the dimensional time. As soon the soul understands that all things are illusory, its mental attitude changes unilateral courses of its mental waves: simply its way of thinking is changed, and stops remaining continuously identified with its thoughts, which to a soul are like rails through which the dimensional time runs.
Renunciation frees substantially the soul in the dimensional time.
More often than not, souls make use of their time by attending their vegetative, instinctive and rational needs; they call all these things to be free, to know themselves, and to act according to their likes or dislikes.
All this implies just to become slaves of the dimensional time, determined by the tyranny of so many personalities that the soul possesses. A soul frees itself of its wishes leading to be continuously devoted to travel through multiple secondary ways traced by those wills.
But a vegetative, sensitive and rational mind fulfils automatically its mission through Renunciation and now it cannot interfere with a higher mind.
The mind remains concentrated egoentically in itself through Renunciation, out of the dimensional time, in possession of the time in itself. It does not change its feeling but its unique feeling expands more and more, continuously.
Through Renunciation, eventually a soul gets rid of the dimensional time, through permanence of the soul in an ecstasy of the time itself, through Substantial Union with the Divine Mother.
The Sons achieve Renunciation in itself through mystical asceticism of Renunciation by means of Vows, Teaching and fulfillment of the Regulation and established rules.
The first ascetic act of Renunciation that a Son fulfils is his oath and vow of Renunciation; the two restrict him in the Stability Radius of his Table and soul. The first Teaching he receives is that of keeping himself quiet and listening to the Masters’s voice stopping and keeping him steady with expectancy. He is given the first rule: a method of daily life tying him to the time. In this sense, in this first ascetic act, the secret of success in the Ascetic-Mystic Renunciation Way consists in being tied to the time in order to get free of the time.
You overcome the dimensional time by identification with it, not dependently, but by transformation. Through absorption of the time, certain very tense or very loose lines of the dimension are deleted, and through intensity of living experience a fleeting moment is transmuted into the eternal hour; the dimensional time is transfigured into expansive and incommensurable time.

Teaching 16: Transmission of the Renunciation Message

The Renunciation Message is transmitted in silence.
Silence contains the Son in the Stability Radius, fits it like a clock to the routine of the life and adapts, through outer rigidity and inner immobility, to the automatic rhythm of the existence. The permanence introduces the Son in his own heart, and eventually he discovers there the Heavenly Heart of the Divine Mother, and her presence becomes a presence.
From her egoentic heart, the presence of the Son acquires immense and incommensurable dimensions; it is responsibility of the presence, it is expansion of the presence, it is presence of every presence.
Through presence, the Son knows and teaches the Renunciation Message to all souls, by contacting all of them, and knowing the problems of each one of them.
The transmission of the Renunciation Message is through Fidelity.
This Fidelity causes the Son to be flexible and elastic, and enables him to expand to the infinite. Through Fidelity, which is a constant and uninterrupted practice in Cafh’s asceticism, a Son remains subject to the Regulation, goes across different categories of Tables and Vows, experiences dauntlessly and patiently different facets and ups and downs of spiritual experience, practices and perseveres in his negative virtues and bodies and personalities, and eventually builds his Body of Fire.
The Son becomes participant through superhuman Fidelity endurance. A Son shares all deficiencies, all needs, all joys and evils of the souls in the world; even he shares a state of higher or lesser fullness of souls that were or will be.
The Son practices and causes to practice the Renunciation Message through participation, expanded on all fields, times and things.
The transmission of the Renunciation Message is through obedience.
Through obedience, the Son contacts his center of void and gets free of the bondage of his multiple personalities.
Through obedience, the Son is dependent on his duties and Superiors; through his response to only one instruction, he acquires a continued act of checking and knowing his multiple personalities, and of remaining in the knowledge of his own essence, of his own center of void.
Obedience establishes a plane of harmony between the being of the Son and his multiple personalities. The being is father, and personalities are a son acting in agreement.
Obedience causes the Son to act continuously and consciously in agreement with his own being; multiple personalities remain absorbed in him; they act according to his initiative, being almost unnoticed. The lover and the beloved become one and the same thing. Through obedience, the Son deletes theories impeding to know the secret of absoluteness and relativity, and grants the knowledge of the double face of to be and not to be, by uniting reversibly two tips of the thread in only one truth.
Through obedience, the Son lives the Renunciation Message and gives Renunciation life to all souls.
The transmission of the Renunciation Message is through self-offering, self-immolation, and self-consummation.
The Son living in Substantial Union with the Divine Mother cannot reach full transcendence of all souls who do not transcend along with him.
The Son lives divinely but by offering himself to redeem all souls. Consumed by his love for unredeemed souls, his life is holocaust to achieve the liberation of all souls.
But perfection is to give perfection.
The Son is the Renunciation Message in all souls.
The transmission of the Renunciation Message is perpetual, until the end of the times.
The Son is not of this world, his Renunciation life is entirely Union life, and Divine as a whole; he is united divinely, in the Heavenly Heart of the Divine Mother, with all souls.
The Son will not attain transcendence until the liberation of the souls –of all those souls which he has devoted to.
The Son is Simple Witness of the Renunciation Message in himself and in souls.


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Teaching 9: The Superior before the Soul
Teaching 10: The Superior as a Guide of the Soul
Teaching 11: The Superior as Spiritual Director
Teaching 12: Labor of the Orator
Teaching 13: Exposition of the Teaching
Teaching 14: Inherent Goods of Cafh
Teaching 15: Dimensional Time and Expansive Time
Teaching 16: Transmission of the Renunciation Message


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