Teaching 1: Great Initiates
Teaching 2: Solar Initiates
Teaching 3: Solar Initiates of First Category
Teaching 4: Solar Initiates of Second Category
Teaching 5: Solar Initiates of Third Category
Teaching 6: Solar Initiates of Fourth Category
Teaching 7: Lunar Initiates
Teaching 8: Twelve Categories of Lunar Initiates
Teaching 9: Initiates of Fire
Teaching 10: Diverse Types of Initiates of Fire
Teaching 11: Disciples of the Great Initiates
Teaching 12: Mutual Relationship of Different Categories of Initiates
Teaching 13: Mission of the Initiates of Fire as Guides of Souls
Teaching 14: Current of Initiates of Fire in Secret Orders
Teaching 15: Initiates of Fire at Present
Teaching 16: Maitreya

Teaching 1: Great Initiates

The first circle of Initiates is that of Solar or Divine Initiates.
Seven Entities rule the evolution of the surge of human life, circumscribed to our Solar System and especially to Earth.
These divine Entities are not tied any more to the law of Cause and Effect and pour their quite powerful forces on mankind by nurturing the latter with their vivifying energy. As emanations of the Fourth Ray of Eternal Life, they pervade all things, animate days and nights, guide good and evil, mark births and deaths, and go with men during the pilgrimage of men through the higher worlds.
These Beings spiritually pervaded show up in the world as Divine Incarnations.
When the evolution of Races becomes more necessary, periodically these Entities, with a quite subtle ethereal body, rule the evolution of different groups of human Monads from the astral world, and even come to Earth in physical raiment in order to lead directly the destinies of Humanity.
These Divine Incarnations are called Solar Initiates.
They are not driven by the law of life and are free of ties of the past and future; they come into being on Earth without seed of desire and this turns their conception immaculate.
They are as they are.
The second circle of Initiates is that of Lunar or Semi-divine Initiates.
These Entities reached a quite superior evolutionary grade to that of present man in a previous Round; but they left aside the Blessedness to help the surge of Monads who follow them immediately behind. They work for the latter to reach an equal state of Perfection to the state reached by Them.
Lunar Initiates are not tied to the Law of Cause and Effect, but are tied since they long for the Liberation of Humanity and the memory of the human round transcended by them.
These Beings vivify and protect certain sectors of the world by means of their magnetic power. When it is necessary, they take astral or ethereal body to drive further progress of groups of men under their care and even, now and then, they take physical body to lead personally their Work.
They carry the karma of their Work while they are living on Earth.
The third circle of Initiates is that of Initiates of Fire or Super-Men.
These great Beings, who did not entirely remove yet their karma but that are about to reach the goal, periodically return to Earth to remove quickly dregs of the past, and to help men.
Initiates of Fire are not driven by the subconscious force of their actions and past wishes as other beings subject to the law of births and deaths, but they willingly come and reincarnate on Earth.
Their Work made, their help given and their knowledge provided to souls respond to a need of intrinsic nature.

Teaching 2: Solar Initiates

There are seven categories of Solar Initiates.
In the course of a Race Root, certain number of Them comes and incarnates on Earth.
So far, periodically four of these Divine Dynasties have appeared.
Solar Initiates of First Category appear in the beginning of a Race Root, or when it is necessary to drive again completely the above mentioned Race. They stimulate and lead the definite annihilation and destruction of previous races and teach the Divine Wisdom that, conveyed throughout times, will maintain the spirit of life, in the whole Race, latent.
They are life, existence of the Race.
Solar Initiates of Second Category are those who shape the Idea-Mother incarnated by the Race.
They make their appearance in the world in order shape and establish definitely this Idea and periodically re-activate them during seven sub-races.
The collective Idea that has been fostered by Them lasts throughout times, even after Their disappearance.
They are the individualism of the will.
Solar Initiates of Third Category periodically incarnate on Earth during a Race Root, but their coming and presence are absolutely unknown to men, with the exception of some few.
Their mission is to project strong mental forms, which cover the whole planet and are projected on thoughts of human beings with higher or lesser potentiality, according to the state and progress of every one. They keep the Idea-Mother of the Race alive and foster it constantly.
They are stability of consciousness, which maintains the individualism of the will.
Solar Initiates of Fourth Category appear seven times during every sub-race.
They are Masters of Compassion and Mercy.
Their mission is to materialize the Idea-Mother of the Race, as Creative Will. So they are in direct contact with men and events of life, or with human surges. They come to the Earth and suffer, feel and share miseries of men, by contributing to their salvation.
Many times they immolate their lives so that the Idea, by sacrifice, takes a new aspect, more vigorous and fresh.
They are saviors of Humanity.
The other three categories of Solar Initiates did not appear yet on the planet.

Teaching 3: Solar Initiates of First Category

Solar Initiates of First Category started appearing in physical raiment on the Earth when the first Aryan types were being formed from Semitic-Atlanteans.
These Men-Gods appeared like luminous meteors in front of a continent that was sinking, and with their power they helped the latter and their memory being lost and forgot in the depth of the oceanic abyss, while they selected a small group of chosen men among these beings.
Later, they took these chosen men over waters and through swarms and ruins of the past, to the Promised Land, which gradually was emerging from the seas to serve as the seat of the future Humanity.
Before their disappearance, these Divine Initiates leave as memories of Them, fundamental Laws of Eternal Wisdom, like a pearl into a seashell and thrown to the depth of the sea. At the bottom of waters of the human soul, the Divine Wisdom will wait for long centuries until this spiritualized thought is taken out of the inner darkness by the redeemed soul; as a diver discovers a pearl and takes it out of the darkness to make it shine on the forehead of the man.
Manu Vaivasvata, a Solar Initiate of First Category, incarnated among men, selected Aryans and founded the first Aryan sub-race. He defeated the Atlanteans and leads chosen men to the Promised Land. He is the founder of ten great Tribes or Dynasties, which will give life to the whole sub-race.
In its holy writings, the Hindu legend preserves Manu Vaivasvata’s memory, and says the God Vishnu ordered Manu Vaivasvata to build an ark and save with it the chosen men during the days of the great deluge, which had to destroy the land of the black giants, taking this way the chosen men to the new land.
Menes, a Solar Initiate of First Category, founds in ancient Egypt, on the left bank of Nile River, the city of Memphis. To do so, He slanted the arm of the river, which went to the North. Herodotus, father of history, tells so. This symbolizes how Menes, overcoming troubles due to seismic movements founded a city on a sure place by replacing other city destroyed by waters.
Even if Menes is certainly a Solar Initiate, who helped form the early Aryan Race and his name appears on many ancient writings, He is not mentioned in the annals of the Mother.
As Manu Vaivasvata abandoned the lands of the Asiatic coast, he left a small group of men of Aryan type that would become founders of the Aryan-Semitics sub-race. These men were guided by a Solar Initiate of First Category, who later has entered history with the name of Noah or Nueh, and he surely is an image of the Bible Noah.
Also, Noah chooses among the Semitic people men and women indicated by God, and later he navigates during forty days of deluge, in the ark that has been built, toward the virgin and uncontaminated land
A coincident and similar point can be noticed in the story or legend of these great men: It is the Great Solar Initiate of First Category who defeats the last hosts, lost and saved from a decayed race, and it is he who founds a new dynasty of select beings.

Teaching 4: Solar Initiates of Second Category

Solar Initiates of Second Category print on Humanity the Idea-Mother to develop during the whole Race.
In the course of the Aryan Race, these Initiates have to develop the Idea-Mother about the unification of the Divine and Humanity. Being so identified with the Idea-Mother, they become a creative myth after their disappearance from Earth.
Even the name of any of Them is not specified in the Mother’s annals, but Rama, Teti, Abraham and others seemingly belonged to this Category, according to exegeses made by theologians of different religions.
Rama, King Initiate of the Hindus, incarnates the Idea-Mother of divine Unity in variable and different aspects of life. This idea expresses the drive given by his teaching and people to science, arts, evolutionary development of peoples and continuous research into powers of Nature.
This Idea-Mother is so strongly united with the mission of the Hindus that makes them call by her divine names all forces of Nature and all powers of man, by spreading the mighty light of the idea of God over things, as a stream rushing down from a mountain and watering the whole valley.
The life of Rama –Divine Incarnation so worshiped even today by people of India because of his feats– is allegorically described in the epic poem “Ramâyâna”.
Teti, founder of the sixth Egyptian (or Elephantina’s) dynasty, expresses the Idea-Mother of balance between unique Divine and variable Humanity. This concept develops extraordinarily the reason and makes it to build constantly a bridge between the Superior Mind of man and his instinctive mind. Through this idea, religion becomes magic or science, and divine concepts are placed within the reach of the human comprehension. The ancient religion of Egypt is religion of sciences; in the temple –symbol of the Divinity– all treasures of human and divine wisdom are stored.
Abraham, Patriarch of the Hebrews, incarnates the Idea-Mother of religious and civil unity, which will be shaped in the course of times and transformed into the concept of the only God unveiled by one social law. And Abraham was well aware of his mission and of the mission reserved to his people in the future, since God had said to him: “I will make you head of a nation, and I will give to your descendants this land (God does not say “lands” but land).
So, the mission of Solar Initiates of Second Category in the world is to channel the Idea-Mother of the Race; and the Idea-Mother of the Aryan Race is to humanize the man seemingly by leading him to forget his divine origin so that he succeeds in possessing the Divine by his natural –rational and instinctive– efforts.


Teaching 5: Solar Initiates of Third Category

Solar Initiates of Third Category roughly point out the work that Humanity should fulfill in the course of a Race and channel this divine force as a Mother-Idea. At the end of their mission they come back to higher worlds, to their Father’s bosom, to the Eternity.
Even if men follow the course indicated, many times have to deviate from the fulfillment of their mission because their nature is more human than divine. Then, in order to keep the flame continuously alive and not to deviate themselves from the true path, many times it us necessary the descent of great beings on Earth and their stimulation to understand and achieve the Mother-Idea.
Solar Initiates of the First Category fulfill this mission.
From the astral world, where they put on ethereal forms, often they descend periodically on the physical world and more in contact with the work of Humanity.
When these sublime beings appear on Earth, they live isolated and lonely, and Their lives and works never will be written in a human language, since Their work is merely mental.
In order to lead more easily mental currents on vital centers of human life, they choose as their abode magnetic points in the planet. Mystical writers and holy seers pointed out as locations of these beings the most ignored chains of mountains in Tibet. They live in the most inaccessible places, blocked many times by snows, where an ordinary man cannot arrive. They live in islands totally lost in the ocean, whose names do not figure in any map. They live in the widest desert, in the oasis more unknown and more distant from centers of life and population.
Suddenly they appear as a meteor among masses at very urgent moments when terrible wars are bleeding the world and extreme evils overwhelm Humanity. They calm rages, relieve pain, utter a word of command or orientation, and quickly disappear.
Schmiachen, a painter who was able to see once the face of one of Them, painted then an admirable head of a Christ, which symbolized him.
Many people wonder why these Great Initiates come to Earth, since their mission is merely mental and they will not have any contact with the world. What need do they have to take a physical aspect, when they neither need nor use it during their work?
This is so because the mind of man indispensably needs a suitable message transmitted by a similar human brain. Otherwise, thought would arrive through a different wave, subtler, more vibrant and more difficult grasp by the human brain.
Solar Initiates of Third Category are beacons of mankind; periodically they illuminate the mind of Humanity from their mortal abode; they keep the Idea-Mother alive among men, illuminate the Path, which has been darkened by passions, and make human beings to toward the achievement of their destiny.

Teaching 6: Solar Initiates of Fourth Category

Solar Initiates of Fourth Category appear on Earth seven times during each race, and facilitate the labor of individual progress in Humanity.
Peoples of all times present as prototype of their race to one of Them; he lives in conditions of ideas of his people, and tries to renew and invigorate them in such a way that he leaves an undeletable track and divine memory of his work by initiating a new era.
The Solar Initiate of Fourth Category joins closely to men, shares their lives and transforms the troubles of people into his own troubles to such extent that He becomes an image of these troubles He is God, and tries to solve these troubles taking part in their human flesh and idiosyncrasy by becoming a Savior of Humanity.
So close is the union of God-Man with men that in many cases his form seemingly prevailed over the divine one. In Him, human and divine are so closely united that he feels sorrows of mankind in such a way that one can say a Solar Initiate of Fourth Category carries in him all sorrows of Humanity; since only a perfect man, because he is truly God and truly man, can entirely feel and suffer from them.
The work of Them is to remember the Mother-Idea, to vivify and renew it, by removing debris that the times and an imperfect work of man have piled over. Their mission is that of creating an individual will of Humanity.
Many times Solar Initiates of Fourth Category have come down to Earth. Their coming always was without a seed of personal or universal karma, and their conception has been truly virginal. Their coming has been prepared and prophesied by great Moon and Fire Initiates. Also, a selected cohort of the latter has accompanied them being still alive, as relatives, disciples, and closely related persons and Masters.
A Solar Initiate of Fourth Category affirms his divine incarnation during his life by unequivocal words, in front of witnesses and public, in such a way that his memory is imperishable among men.
So that his work discloses its high end, he testifies the memory and truth of his doctrine by means of his own blood.
His body disintegrates quickly after death. Through his death, every human being and those who are on astral planes get a noticeable and beneficial influence. Forty days later, his subtle body also disintegrates and comes back to the bosom of the Divine.
Their mission on Earth ends with their death, but They continue to protect spiritually Humanity during a whole family sub-race that consequently creates a religion based on their doctrines.
In the course of present sub-race several Great Initiates of this kind are remembered, for instance: Krishna, Hermes, Buddha and Christ.

Teaching 7: Lunar Initiates

In the course of civilizations, Lunar Initiates come many times to incarnate on Earth. Neither the number of those who came can be determined nor can all of them be known.

These semi-divine beings are entities extraordinarily developed in the precedent Lunar chain; so they are free of karma. Knowledge and memory of suffering of a mankind that struggles make them put aside the peace of eternity and live again among men by helping them in their progress.
It is very great the sacrifice of these Initiates when they incarnate. Since they have to develop ideas and events related to certain sector –national, ethical, religious or artistic– and to found certain human dynasties, They close themselves mentally in the circle in which they act, forgetting sometimes, apparently, the beauty of the unique truth.
Occasionally Lunar Initiates are adversaries of circles that do not favor their action and, since they have to make their way at the price of cruel fights, usually they become unfair and dogmatic.
These great Beings are deified by their followers and admirers, and execrated by those who are very fond of contrary ideas or sects; and they bring with themselves an outstanding mental power. Their aura has such a size that it could comprise the whole Earth; however, they do not do so; they just comprise and give life to that part of Earth where beings entrusted to them are living. By reflection, their adepts propagate the light of the Lunar aura of the Initiate, and drive it throughout all terrestrial environments.
The labor of these Beings manifests in different fields, through multiple aspects, even in destructive movements.
>From higher worlds, when the Lunar Initiate is about to incarnate, he closes himself in the ethereal circle that has to charge him with necessary energies to achieve his work. He concentrates his strength in such a way that multiplies it in the field of his influence. His greatest sacrifice is when, wrapped by ethereal and heavy matter, he experiences the heaviness that separates him from the Great Work like a circle of fire. But, at once, after his death, he is divinely rewarded, this circle previously traced disappears and he gets rid of karmic bonds. The Lunar Initiate immediately pays the karma for his own works, since this privilege is the fruit of the sacrifice of his voluntary incarnation. Therefore, in dying free of any tie, he can return to the divine planes or remain, as some of them do, in higher spheres, by protecting or assisting Humanity.
These beings animate multitudes in moments of decadence and drive them toward new conquests; their words are like a hypnotic lightening that electrifies masses and stimulates their works. They take religions and transform them into dynasties and powers, crystallize old ideas in new necessary laws for a civilization for which they live, and sometimes destroy these laws and establish other new laws that may be more opportune and suitable.
Continuously they promote new ideological concepts, create new philosophies and stimulate new forces for the human evolution.

Teaching 8: Twelve Categories of Lunar Initiates

Lunar Initiates are divided into twelve categories.
Lunar Initiates of First Category are lawgivers. When new inexpert peoples in different human activities appear, these Beings come and give practical and suitable laws and rules. Their characteristic is that their laws remain written and are adopted by the people. Long ago, Moses, lawgiver of the Jewish people was of this group, and also Romulus, first king of Rome, and Solon (sixth century b. C.), a lawgiver of the Greek people. There are great legislators of relatively modern times, but they need the verdict of history to be consecrated as Lunar Initiates.
Prophets are Lunar Initiates of Second Category. They affirm their whole authority on the word, through which they convey to peoples divine messages that are necessary for that time. The authority of their word raises them over the whole existing temporal hierarchy, by dragging the masses and making them follow their guide. Examples of this group are: Isaiah, a prophet of the decadent Jewish kingdom; John the Baptist, a forerunner of Christ; and Peter the Eremite (1050-1115), a preacher and soul of the First Crusade, who dragged behind it a whole people of warriors to liberate the Holy Sepulcher.
Lunar Initiates of Third Category are pontiffs of different religions. Spiritually and materially they enrich their respective religions, by giving them a drive and power that remain for centuries. Of this group are: Aaron, brother of Moses, founder of the Jewish priestly caste; Gregory VII (Hildebrand, about the middle of eleventh century), a defender of ecclesiastical investitures, and Lobsag Gyatso, the fifth Great Lama of Gelukpa sect, a sovereign of Tibet since 1650, recognized as such by the kings of Mongolia and China; he was proclaimed for the first time “tul Kon” or divine incarnation of Chenrezig. Dalai Lamas of Lasa, Tibet, descend from him.
Philosophers are Lunar Initiates of Fifth Category. They propel and renew philosophical ideas. Examples: Plato (423-347 b. C.), creator of abstract philosophy or idealistic philosophy; Aristotle (384-322 b. C.), a philosopher of reasoning and practical philosophies; and Pythagoras, a philosopher of the harmony.
Apostles, propagators of a religious or moral idea are Lunar Initiates of Fifth Category. Such Initiates are: Saint Paul, who disseminates Christian religion among gentiles; Sankaracharya, a distinguished instructor who lived 800 years after Christ, and the greatest postulator and commentator of Vedanta, being the true founder of present Vedantine studies; and Luther (1483-1546), a reformer of the Christian dogma.
Philanthropists are Lunar Initiates of Sixth Category. Saint Camillus of Lellis (1550-1624), was of this group; he ordered his religious to wear a red cross on their habits and so he was the forerunner of the present institution named Red Cross; and also Saint Vincent of Paul (1561-1660), founder of the institution called Sisters of Charity; and Colonel Booth (1829-1912), founder of the Salvation Army.
Lunar Initiates of Seventh Category are great organizers in different activities, especially of intellectual kind. Examples: Padma Sambhava that introduced Buddhism in Tibet on the eight century and founded numerous monasteries of Lamas; Gerard Jung of Martigues, First Great Master of the Order of Hospitalarians of Jerusalem; he wrote the statutes of this institution, which later served as a basis for other Orders of Knights; he died in 1118. Saint Francis of Assisi (1161-1226) founded three Franciscan orders and strengthened the spirit of Christendom.
Lunar Initiates of Eight Category are great warriors like Alexander the Great (356-323 b. C.); Hannibal (247-183 b. C.) and Charles the Great (Charlemagne) (782-814).
Great monarchs are Lunar Initiates of Ninth Category. Examples of them are the Bible King Solomon, Amenophis IV (1381-1352 b. C.), last Pharaoh of dynasty XVIII, and Asoka, Buddhist emperor of India, dynasty Maurya, who reigned from 264 to 227 b. C.; of this emperor thirty five inscriptions carved on living rock remain.
Authoritarian rulers are Lunar Initiates of Tenth Category. Examples: Pericles (459-429 b. C.) and Napoleon (1769-1821).
Great sages, inventors and discoverers are Lunar Initiates of Eleventh Category. Among them we could quote Archimedes (287-212 b.C.), Christopher Columbus (1427-1514) and Pierre Curie (1859-1906).
Great writers and artists are Lunar Initiates of Twelfth Category. Examples: Phidias (497-431 b. C.), famous Greek sculptor of antiquity; Dante Alighieri (1236-1321), a genial Italian poet, author of the Divine Comedy; and Wagner (1813-1873), restorer of the music drama.

Teaching 9: Initiates of Fire

Initiates of Fires are highly developed beings, still are tied to the law of cause and effect. Periodically they come to Earth, not dragged by karma of reincarnation and in spite of them like other souls, but voluntarily; by their own decision they enter density of matter to achieve the last experiences. Desire is dead in them, but their souls still reflect shadows of past desires.
Before their reincarnation, these beings measure the great difference between state of vibration in which they are and state of physical density, as an act of sublime sacrifice. They feel an immense sorrow and an indescribable reluctance to abandon themselves to a life that calls them; but, since they understand their need of experiencing one more time the life of men, during which they will be able to remove the shadow of any desire, they enter a state of concentration and softly abandon themselves to a sleep that will last one more life.
Since on Earth they are not tied to any determined desire, the feel the impulse and imperious need of achieving entirely the evolution and development of the Idea-Mother. At the same time, their work is synthesis of their human aspiration.
In Initiates of Fire, it is difficult to differentiate what is the work they achieve to remove quickly their karma and what is the work they develop for the sake of Humanity. These two aspects go so closely united that are only one expression; since these Super-men devoted to good things or to a work do it with so much elevation that their work becomes an instrument of Their final purification.
The motto of Initiates of Fire is to make of matter the mind, and of mind the matter. When they make of matter the mind, they spiritualize their actions and works; and when they make of mind the matter, they spend his energies and aspirations for a practical and profitable good.
Generally, their existence as extraordinary beings passes unnoticed on Earth; but their work leaves undeletable tracks.
Their main mission is to prepare the souls so that they are able to transmute values kept in them. According to different types of activity, they are forgers of souls, masters of great Initiates.

Teaching 10: Diverse Types of Initiates of Fire

Initiates of Fire appear continuously on Earth. Their number cannot be calculated and it is impossible to define accurately their types.
They are at every aspect of life that has to be animated; so they are musicians, artists, saints, theologians, sages, explorers, warriors, et cetera. In every one of multiple manifestations of human evolution, there is one of Them stimulating the effort.
Whatever be the work they develop and whatever the place where they are, they have an unmistakable characteristic: they have disciples. They feel an imperative need of educating souls by conveying their feelings, wisdom and experience.
With sure hand, They kindle the sacred fire which burns inaction; and create new yearnings and eagerness in the souls.
When there are wars, these Initiates call to peace and moderation, and in the times of peace, they promote renewals.
When superstition and fanaticism reign, They stimulate knowledge and tolerance; while when men languish and decline, they comfort them by making them feel love for life and understand beauty.
In immortal paints they leave historic traits of the people that has passed or belonged to a time gone by. They sing sorrows and pains of men and, with heavenly melodies, disclose their divine origin to mankind.
Their action is achieved in schools, temples, convents and several esoteric associations, by influencing cultural movements and also by inspiring those persons that command and lead the human society.
Sometimes works of these men somewhat create confusion because they animate certain aspects of life seemingly distant from spirituality but that also really contribute to perfection and progress of man.
Since they have disciples that grasp their characteristic tendencies, through them schools and religious orders, scientific movements, et cetera are formed.
There is a group of Initiates of Fire whose special mission is to represent the astral circle that leads and protects all Initiates of Fire on Earth.
Not always the work of these Initiates is to educate disciples and form souls to reflect on the world their particular aspirations; many times their work is that of awakening souls of great Initiates and extraordinary beings that must develop a different work from theirs’ in the world. In this case, as divine intuition, they work continuously in the soul of a person that has been entrusted to them. They do not project anything of them in these souls, but awaken in them continuously the memory of the mission they must have developed by teaching them everything eventually useful for it.
Other times they exclusively come to be in the company of certain Solar or Lunar Initiates. In such cases, if they are unnoticed, they are as solicitous to fulfill their work of friendship or relationship with the Initiate whose company are sharing that they become truly admirable.
Often for the work of a Solar or Lunar Initiate to be complete, many Initiates of Fire must imitate his life and propagate his doctrine in smaller circles; they do so and try to reproduce the life of the Great Initiate assigned to them; in this case, his work can be called of a solar or lunar type.

Teaching 11: Disciples of the Great Initiates

Besides being helped by Initiates of other categories, Great Initiates are such thanks to numberless beings that, because of their spiritual progress, are in tune with them and with their work.
In the astral world, when vibrations, which should accompany the Great Initiate on Earth, begin being generated, these vibrations are communicated to those who will be his disciples and in favor of his incarnation.
Not all beings are able to incarnate on Earth when it is their time, even when they desire it fervently; they are retained in that plane because of causes that could be called astral Karma.
The descent of a Great Initiate, by an effect of his extraordinary vibration, always favors the birth of many beings and, over all, of those who have to be spiritually linked on Earth with him.
This vibration is gradually prepared and increases when the moment of incarnation is near, lasting the period of time on which the Great Initiate lives on Earth, and after his death becomes the Great Current of his work.
Many disciples precede the birth of the Great Initiate, or follow it. They have an undeletable sign: an intuitive spontaneity that permits them to meet their Master; simply, they find him and follow his word and his work in an intuitive way that could not be easily explained; they perceive the call of the Master and follow his tracks.
Disciples not always have a direct contact with the Great Initiate, sometimes meet him just once in their lives, and this meeting is enough to decide their vocation; other times, they do not know him and just have heard of him, but perceive in such a way his presence that follow his work.
Even those disciples, who do not live in contact with Great Initiates, form colonies of those who disseminate the works of the Initiates. They are a determined number of men that, called by the same vocation, enter the Great Current of the Great Initiate by keeping, strengthening and defending it.
When the Great Work of the Great Initiate must last for long, these disciples –even after his death– come many times to Earth and uninterruptedly maintain the vocational chain, while the Great Initiate watches over them and leads them from higher worlds.
Throughout different lives, some disciples are in search for their Master, but do not find him. These souls have apparently failed in life, but it is not so; their lives consist of a search and preparation for the fulfillment of the mission entrusted to them.

Teaching 12: Mutual Relationship of Different Categories of Initiates

Great Solar Initiates ever come along with Initiates of other categories.
Here we do not refer to those Initiates whose mission is to prophesy and prepare the way for Their coming or to those who work before their arrival to prepare the environment and magnetic currents to receive and give refuge to them.
In Solar Initiates’ case, a mother is always a Lunar Initiate and a father an Initiate of Fire. Those who are in charge of their education the first years are generally Initiates of Fire or disciples of Initiates.
When it is time for the Solar Initiate to be in tune with his redeeming work, a Lunar Initiate becomes indispensable to proclaim him before the world and to confirm the magnificence of his mission. It is the case of the Solar Initiate John the Baptist that confirms Christ in this Messianic mission through the baptism.
Disciples of Great Solar Initiate are Lunar Initiates, and their propagators are Initiates of Fire and disciples of Initiates of Fire.
Around the Buddha there are thirty two Lunar Initiates cooperating with his great work; their mission is to synthesize his ideas; he has Initiates of Fire, propagators to preach and spread them throughout the world.
Christ has twelve Lunar Initiates that are the twelve Apostles, and seventy-two Initiates of Fire that are disciples, besides women and men following him with great devotion.
Very different are relationships between Lunar Initiates when they come to achieve a work directly entrusted to them, and other categories of Initiates. They never have a living contact with some Solar Initiate. If some time they make it with some other Lunar Initiate, it is through a distant friendship or little contacts that do no permit a true exchange of magnetic forces between the auras of the Great Initiates. But many Initiates of Fire accompany them.
The mother of the Lunar Initiate is always an Initiate of Fire; also sometimes his father does: likewise the instructor that educates him for the mission to achieve.
His direct disciples are always Initiates of Fire that participate together in the work as collaborators.
Initiates of Fire, when they have to achieve a particular work, keep themselves distant in life from Initiates of other categories. Sometimes, their work is so personal that is totally like the mission of the Lunar Initiate, although lacks the extraordinary interest and desire for engraving it on certain characteristic sector of that work. The mission of an Initiate of Fire is always eclectic.
It is necessary to observe that these great currents of power, sometimes synthesized by extraordinary men, aim at merging each other and introducing themselves as forces radiated together for the progress and advance of Humanity.

Teaching 13: Mission of Initiates of Fire as Guides of Souls

Souls with great missions to achieve on Earth, almost always have a reserve of energies that they bring from astral planes for the work to fulfill. They go directly until the end of the work, and so they do not care for the total waste of energy; because their dynamic work is an avalanche that stops only at the valley. But sometimes they burst before their arrival.
So these souls need to find in their race some person that makes them stop, restore energies and remember that the living fountain is within them
Initiates of Fire achieve this characteristic mission.
They occupy in the world an isolated, inconspicuous place; most times they are religious or pious persons; but they have such a fire within that they know how to kindle it in souls and make them achieve great works.
Of course, their public activity is almost non-existent and is entirely unnoticed, because they live to become a mirror of serenity and prayer, where souls can be reflected.
They neither teach science nor philosophy, for this work is reserved to others; they are only devoted to carry the mystical fire to the soul and lead them to love prayer and contemplation. They know he who has a worldly mission to fulfill has around him dangers where he can fall, being carried by vanity and pride; and they also know that the only security is the cultivation of inner life and love for prayer.
These Initiates of Fire, guides of souls, awaken in their disciples, first, an interest in increasing the force to develop their mission and later, only to love God. A man entrusted to them will arrive sooner to the goal when he is more detached from the final result and works more for the sake of work. So, by making him forget, through love of God, his personal participation in the work, they make his success easier in the fulfillment of his duty.
All these Great Initiates of Fire have more or less an individual characteristic: externally they are mild, meek, humble and cheerful; but from these passive virtues they take out an irreducible strength of true forgers of saints and heroes.
Their motto is ever one: God is the highest good and one has to look for him over everything; to find him it is necessary to love him, and one cannot love him if there is attachment to other things.
Men that fulfill a work in the world, consciously or unconsciously are lovers of God that often waste their time by serving this or that; this is just an illusion of God. The Initiate of Fire separates him from all these things and raises these souls predestined to achieve their works only for God.
These Initiates of Fire not only lead extraordinary souls, but also numerous disciples whom, not being predestined, They guide toward contemplation by stimulation and continuous application of the will.

Teaching 14: Current of Initiates of Fire in Secret Orders

Among missions entrusted to Initiates of Fire, one of great importance has been that of reserving the traditional spirit of the early Initiates in the most absolute silence and throughout civilizations.
As yeast of wisdom, this Initiates have kept their teachings far from the worldly eyes, to offer them, now and then, to Humanity when an imperative need demands it and a decline of faith is noticeable.
In the eighteenth century, Secret Orders increased considerably and developed a great social work, especially in Europe. Up to then, Initiates of Fire that ruled them had as their motto the words of the Great Initiated Master; “Orare et laborare”, to pray and work, which synthesized a whole work of retirement, prayer and inner life.
The first word, to pray, was over all; so, study and prayer came first; work was a consequence.
What they contributed to mankind was sporadic and given with the most absolute secret.
But in the eighteenth century, the Initiates of Fire leading the Secret Order divided themselves, and some of them stated as important motto for these Sects: “Laborare et orare”, to work and pray.
Humanity, its development, progress and wellbeing were all; Initiates were forced to give their wisdom and go out of their retirements in order to give themselves freely; consequently, the inner life came later.
By this new orientation, revolutions were brought about and all states of the nineteenth century experienced a transformation. Doctrine that brought modern progress, based on freedom and positivism, are fruit of this orientation: “Laborare et orare”.
But these currents never were established definitely. The importance given by the Initiates of Fire of the past century to natural sciences made love for studying divine sciences to decrease; so Secret and Initiation Orders have to feel again, in due time, the need of raising the ancient motto: “Orare et laborare”.

Teaching 15: Initiates of Fire at Present

We could trace a divide between Initiates of Fire previous to the First World War (1914-1918) and the present. Since then mankind has entered a way of synthesis of all its precedent work, which has to culminate with the destruction of ancient sub-races and the definitive settlement of the new sub-race.
In these transition periods of time, when preaching constructive doctrines for the world is considered useless, the Initiates of Fire are seemingly more retired within themselves or work in reduced centers to select souls that should keep the inner fire of faith and love alive.
Present Initiates of Fire live almost entirely ignored, though we know of a great number of them on Earth. Many of them have incarnated to prepare the coming of the Divine Incarnation, and others, to cooperate and form the sixth sub-race.
So, they are souls that are studying, praying and working, most of them in silence and darkness, for the time to come.
Some of them are hidden from glances of men on purpose; they bury themselves in monasteries and lonely places. About twenty of them, not to witness many mistakes of Humanity, between 1930 and 1939, had gone to Tibet to put themselves under the guide of wise Lamas.
Others, especially destined to lands of America, over all to the Northern area, also have retired to great cities in order to prepare their future work.
Many of them still are children that will be able to witness the final annihilation of the fifth sub-race and to achieve a clear social work, in the new era.
Initiates of Fire, before the present time, have disappeared in considerable number during the last Great War (1939-1945).
If students wish to meet Initiates of Fire of the present time, they must listen to their teachings and the voice of order they have given to find them: “Live in yourself, more and more hidden within you; enter the innermost depths of your heart and there we will tell you in what place we are, where we live and what is our name”.

Teaching 16: Maitreya

About years 1972-1977, the new Divine Incarnation of fourth category is expected on Earth.
Spiritual students, by their desire for knowing something about his life, mission and future, got carried away by enthusiasm and have written about Him, sung to his power, beautify his work and gave brilliance to every outline of his divine existence.
But his future remains hidden in the mystery of the time to come.
It is likely that the reality is very different and beyond imagination, and that He is a humble man unnoticed by his apparent insignificance among the multitude; since surely he has to be the heir of him who said: “My delight is to live among the sons and daughters of men”.
It is important to know beforehand, in a rough view, how he will reach Humanity, the mission he should develop among men and what new sense of life he will give to these men.
Obviously, Humanity has already gone out of obscurantism, men know how to read, have social aims and determine their lives, in certain way. When they are alone, they think otherwise and feel in their own personal way, though Humanity still follows a collective mass instinct.
Here is the agony of the present time: to glimpse and not to see, to want and to be unable to reach, to go out of veils of ignorance and to feel over himself the weight of misunderstanding; and this is a martyrdom which is more inner than outer. Great external ruins are really a result of this inner fight.
A man of before could live relatively tranquil because he did know nothing and was managed: on the contrary, for a present man that knows just a little this knowledge becomes his greater enemy and torment.
Maitreya comes to Humanity to provide the solution to this vital problem for the race. How difficult is his mission.
To be happy, should a man live identified with the collective or be closed within, as if nobody existed outside him?
Shall be the mission of the great Being to knead his flesh and spirit and made this way new bread to satisfy man?
Shall he gather so much of flesh, so much of mind, so much of spirit to give by means of this harmony a solution to great present problems?
Shall he teach the need of annihilating completely the will or of revealing himself to everybody and everything by following only his personal impulse in order to be happy?
Men of good will, faithful disciples, Initiates of Fire: in silence, humbly on your knees and with clean hearts and calm minds, expect his teaching, his answer and his admirable word.


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