Teaching 1: Hes’ Word
Teaching 2: Definitions of Hes’ Words
Teaching 3: First Nine Words Explained
Teaching 4: Ten Creational Words
Teaching 5: Eight Planetary Words
Teaching 6: Seven Virtual Words
Teaching 7: Graphic Symbols
Teaching 8: Non-Being .
Teaching 9: Being and Non-Being
Teaching 10: Hindu Chronology
Teaching 11: Genesis
Teaching 12: The Awakening
Teaching 13: First Manifestation
Teaching 14: Universal Creation
Teaching 15: Formation of Planetary Systems
Teaching 16: Humanity

Teaching 1: Hes’ Word

When the human mind, flying toward high regions of the universal formation, focuses the first Divine Thought –which created the Universe or from which the Universe emerges– this mind gets lost in a dreadful abyss beyond description, and goes astray in the vast waters of the Eternity.
So, Cosmogony is mere speculation as subject matter and as “rules”, in didactic terms.
Through his noblest and most intimate consciousness and perception, a student just can intuit the Universal Creation, and its numberless worlds and solar systems emerging, taking form and moving on the vast space as luminous points.
What is the unknown power vivifying, keeping and preserving them? And how does disintegration occur and moves everything back to the Whole.
For centuries, Science and Religion studied the depths of the sky and of the human soul. Painstakingly, they traced outlines and geneses of every form and within the reach of every understanding, in order to give an insignificant and vague idea about the Universal Formation.
Today there are to separate human viewpoints concerning Cosmogony; that of the animists, who stubbornly stick to the idea of a Creation made by a personal god; and that of the scientists, who state it is a consequence of forces and laws that produce everything and everybody by expanded force from inside outwards.
Who is right? Did a Creator make the Universe? Or is the Universe the result of an infinite power?
We should repeat: First of all, one should feel and grasp on his own the secret of the infinite existence (man is its mini-outline), to get in the luminous nights of the worlds and to understand the shining secret of numberless stars following an unknown order on the space.
The history of the Universe is written with mystical signs on the Divine Mother Hes’ sepulcher in Ahehia’s Temple, Kaor.
Thus it is written:
“He Is not.
“He is One.
“All are One in Him.
“He Is both our destiny and our purpose.
“He Is both our beginning and our end, for He Is All.
“He Was before; He Is now; He IS always, and before?...
“He was in absolute rest.
“Was He Omnipotent? Was He Omnipresent? Was He Omniscient?
“He is not. He is not. He is not.
“Now He Is at Universal Work; He comes back to manifestation.
“Life of all lives.
“Being of all Beings.
“Power of all Powers.
“Reflection of all things.
“He Is the Center.
“He Is the Right.
“He Is the Left.
“He Is above.
“He Is below.
“He made the worlds.
“All created things are in Him.
“He Is both Breath and Life, and He made the worlds.
“But, what are the worlds?
“They are Himself.
“He Is One –centre of all things.
“He is Two –both matter and spark.
“He is Three: primary power, reflection of bigness in smallness, linked by His perpetual manifested Divinity.
“His extremities are four: Theogony, Cosmogony, Theurgy and Physics.
“His Wisdoms are five, and within the reach of man.
“Six Sacred Chandeliers illuminate the Altar in His Temple; Faith, Hope and Charity; Obedience, Poverty and Chastity.
“All things are divided by number Seven.
“Disciple, calculate, and you will get the count of the Universe.
“Eight is number of its harmonies –four above and four below.
“Divine and human, day and night; pairs of opposites knowing each other, and never meeting.
“Nine is number of its Divine Builders, of its Distributors and of its Makers.
“Ten is number of Perfect Union... Peaceful Heaven.
“Silent Nirvana.
“Olympus of Realization.”

Teaching 2: Definitions of Hes’ Words

The Non-Manifested One does not admit definition; His definition would be His negation.
The manifestation is Unity, totality of the Universal Spirit.
In manifestation, Unity acquires illusory plurality.
Manifested Spirit and illusory plurality are one and the same.
5. HE IS OUR BEGINNING AND OUR END, FOR HE IS ALL. The Unity of the Spirit is entirely present in all forms of living.
6. HE WAS BEFORE; HE IS NOW; HE IS ALWAYS; AND BEFORE?... The Non-Manifested One and manifestation are not two spirits, for HE that IS never ceases to be He that Is Not.
The Eternal One does not admit any cogitation.
Attributes of the manifestation disappear at once when one considers the Eternal One as Non-Manifested One.
Neither matter, nor mind, nor manifested spirit is distinguishable in the Non-Manifested One.
10. NOW HE IS AT UNIVERSAL WORK; HE RETURNS TO MANIFESTATION. When one takes God as Manifestation, at once a differentiation takes place.
In manifestation, Spirit with no life ,or life with no Spirit, is non-existent.
Any man is a mini-God, considering his chances.
Cosmic energy is different as to its appearances, but equal as to its foundation.
14. REFLECTION OF ALL THINGS. The Spirit has a unique procedure to Create, and this procedure is reflected in any other similar procedure.
The center is the closer potential part to the Non-Manifested One.
God Manifested is primordial male essence.
God Manifested is primordial female essence.
The First Idea is Personal God-Creator.
Multiple ideas are Satan –or destructive factor.
God recognizes Himself spontaneously in His Creation.
In relation to the Divine, quantitative values of an atom are equivalent to quantitative values of the Sun.
God’s Breath is consciousness-idea, and God’s Life is phenomenon-will.
Consciousness-idea and phenomenon-will do not differ at all.
God is neither confined in His Creation nor outside it; but He Is.
The Unity is ever integral.
In manifestation, God is Him and His reflection.
27. HE IS THREE: PRIMARY POWER, REFLECTION OF BIGNESS IN SMALLNESS, LINKED BY HIS PERPETUAL MANIFESTED DIVINITY. Primary Power is Creational Mind; Reflection of bigness in smallness is Material Life; and His Perpetual Manifested Divinity is Foat’s Energy.
28. HIS EXTREMITIES ARE FOUR: THEOGONY, COSMOGONY, THEURGY AND PHYSICS. Four is symbol of the three basic qualities materialized.
When the lower aspect, namely number four, is brought into motion, it becomes number five by efforts.
Seven is symbolic number of the Divine in man.
This is symbol of Universal Harmony; as above, so below.
Creation of the Cosmos is made in this way: One mind, one energy and one matter launching the idea; one mind, one energy and one matter transmitting it; and one mind, one energy and one matter bringing it into effect.
The number ten is symbol of the Individual Spirit returning to the Universal Spirit.

Teaching 3: First Nine Words Explained

As universal foundation, God cannot be defined. To define it would mean to negate him; one would limit it by attributing qualities. If the human spirit could reach Him, this spirit would be unable to describe Him because it would be absorbed into the Eternal One at once.
A light –just one light– emerges from the shadows when the unknown vastness quivers. Two lights cannot exist because there is just one Spirit because of its potentially divine nature.
Just veils of illusion individualize a plurality of spirits moving through space, from Divine Consciousness to human will; but, as soon as the cause of an effect fades away, then veils drop, shadows run away, and the many are again the One.
Even veils of illusion are Him. He is both multiple forms of the whole existence, destinies of men. His Divinity, reflected in human destinations, causes these changing forms to become as Divine as Himself.
He is both Spirit-Creator and the littlest flower on the valley. The Divinity is present from the first manifestation of life, to the re-integration of the souls to the first state. Spirit and matter is one and the same thing. Soul and body are two different aspects of one and the same essence. Therefore, by being in all, He is the beginning and end.
“HE WAS BEFORE; HE IS NOW; HE IS ALWAYS; AND BEFORE?... Essentially, the Spirit never can vary. Forms, duration or changes do not affect Him. Any radiation created by Him passes by Him and does not affect Him at all. But, Is He different from the Non-Manifested One? Do words make any difference? “And before”, between manifestation and Non-Manifested One? No difference. He IS always. If He Is always, he never ceases to be “He that Is Not”.
When one reflects on the Eternal One that does not admit any cogitation, just one word is relevant: No. No. No.
If he possesses all these attributes, as soon a He is ready to recognize Himself as “It”, at once stops possessing them.
Here one negates thrice because neither matter, nor mind, nor spirit is distinguishable in “It”; they just take part in its latent Divinity, with no definition.

Teaching 4: Ten Creational Words

In Universal Manifestation, separations become visible and tangible. Seemingly Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience are separate and form independent states for the order of the Cosmic Work.
Any substantial particle contains a Divine particle. Where there is Spirit, there is soul and matter.
Any man is a mini-God. If Humanity disappeared and only one man would remain, this man would represent the whole Humanity. The Being is reflected in beings as the Sun is reflected in every drop of water.
When any individual strives to perfect his species, he uses one different energetic element as to its appearance, but equal as to its foundation. Energy used to raise an arm is the same Energy that brings planetary systems into motion.
As above, so below. As below, so above. By tracing the circle of its magnetic field, an atom copies the circle traced by the Spirit on virgin space, limiting it and causing it to reflect accordingly in another similar circle; and so on, until the infinitesimal point.
He is the center of the Spirit because He is the divine and potential closer part to the Non-Manifested One.
This sentence means the Spirit takes direct and Creational part in the cosmic formation, by acting in a male way, always palpitating.
The male activity of the Spirit, always palpitating, becomes the left, proportionately to its separation from its centric and creative point, by acting as Spirit that is potentially and essentially female.
He is Personal God, Kind and Luminous, of any mystical theology. He is Good, Light and Action.
He is demon, Satan and Black Lady at the same time. He is reaction, shadow and evil. These two aspects –divine and demonic– are as united and necessary to maintaining the Universal Creation, as destruction to re-constructing, and as death to living.

Teaching 5: Eight Planetary Words

God made the Universe and maintains it in order to recognise in Himself His potential and active Divinity; so, when a man sees how his ideas are achieved, he recognizes their worth.
>From the Divine viewpoint, quantitative values of an atom are exactly equivalent to quantitative values of the Sun. The Divine is both on bigness and smallness in the same measure. If God had manifested just in a grain of sand, this grain would contain the whole Creation. Things created by that that is changing and impermanent, increase and decrease continuously; but the Spirit that is behind them, is the number One, the whole Divinity.
God establishes His Creation and sustains it continuously in the material creation of things in order to recognize His Divinity. Consciousness, idea or Divine recognition, and phenomenon-will or effective creation form pairs of opposites, both breath and life of the Creation. Accordingly, planetary chains instead of being produced by an accidental cogitation of God, they are the result of a conscious reflection of God.
Is there diversity between the idea of God and its materialization? Absolutely no; Divinity one in Itself, in an indissoluble way, consciousness and will, idea and phenomenon, Creator and Creation.
Deism places God over His Creation; pantheism closes God in every form. But He is neither over nor in the Universe created by Him. He is always Him.
Unity is always integral. All parts, as starting-points, are the centre. God is everywhere and nowhere. If two similar comparable points were established, the Divine Unity would not exist.
The Unity becomes dual from the human viewpoint –indispensable duality to man in order to attain the Unity. Spark-mind and matter are the same substance, but are two entirely different things to Humanity.
This describes three basic qualities of the Universe. The Primary Power is Creational Mind; reflection of bigness in smallness is material life, inert weight compared with subtle lightness. The link of union, called Manifested Divinity, is Foat’s energy, continuous movement, Holy Spirit transmuting continuously every element by Its vibration and maintaining them united one another.

Teaching 6: Seven Virtual Words

“HIS EXTREMITIES ARE FOUR: THEOGONY, COSMOGONY, THEURGY AND PHYSICS.” When the Sacred Triad is completely materialized, It becomes a square symbolizing weightiness of the human life. Ideas take form and aspects of gods, or Theogony; powers of Nature, ideas-mothers of the Cosmos, remain veiled behind symbols and obscure sentences in religious Genesis, or Cosmogony. Simple Foat’s movements, tracing harmonious steps on magnetic fields of the sky, touched by human hands, lose their vibratory power and transform the pure white magic of the Divine Builders into black magic of human races, or Theurgy. The immaculate purity of the cosmic matter, perpetually regenerating itself in the Eternal Fountain, becomes blind experiments, death, pain, old age and ruin, or Physics, because of the human short sight.
A man can reach the spiritual, mental, energetic and material recognition by efforts, starting his journey, with his cross upon his shoulders and transforming this cross into swastika. In short, you should add individual efforts to the number “four” (material number) in order to get the “five” (number of sacrifice).
“SIX SACRED CHANDELIERS ILLUMINATE THE ALTAR IN HIS TEMPLE: FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY; OBEDIENCE, POVERTY AND CHASTITY.” This describes six steps that a soul should take to perfecting itself; the six aspects of the Divine Mother are symbols of these steps.
If you had a pair number, you never would reach the Divine; you can attain God just by a pair number and one. As soon as the three basic qualities, owners of their respective pairs of opposites, recognize themselves, they possess the perfect number because they are: three and three, and one by recognition.
This number becomes indispensable to maintaining harmony between the Divine and Humanity. Was it not for the recognition of the Created Universe as to its worth, every soul would merge at once in the Eternal One by recognizing his Divine Essence. This harmony retains one more time the ascending souls and causes them to avoid knowing too much and to keep a balance between what is Not and what Is.
Three perfect triangles are the true masons of the Universe. Therefore, all Creational hierarchies are nine: One mind, one energy and one matter launching the idea; one mind, one energy and one matter transmitting the idea; and one mind, one energy and one matter bringing it into effect.
“TEN IS NUMBER OF PERFECT UNION... PEACEFUL HEAVEN, SILENT NIRVANA, OLYMPUS OF REALIZATION.” All that was, will be again; all that departed, has to return; but it never will be what it was. If God Is and always Is, He never ceases to be Nihilomnia (Nothing-All), He that Is Not.

Teaching 7: Graphic Symbols

These wonderful symbols are emblems of NON-BEING, BEING AND NON-BEING; they are emblems of AWAKENING and PRIMARY MANIFESTATION; they are emblems of UNIVERSAL CREATION AND FORMATION OF PLANETARY SYSTEMS; and finally, are emblems of HUMANITY with the foot aiming at the last stair, in order to return to all above mentioned and to be re-absorbed in the NON-BEING.
The first of these drawings, that no human black square can equal, is: NON-BEING.

The second of these signs, as the first one, is a black square, but a circle of luminous whiteness is formed over it: BEING AND NON-BEING.

The third representation is as the second one, but in the centre of the luminous disc a point has appeared and is: THE AWAKENING.

In the fourth sign, the central point of the white disc is wider: PRIMARY MANIFESTATION.

In the fifth sign, a horizontal line crosses the white disc, representing: UNIVERSAL CREATION.


In the sixth image, a vertical line put on top of the horizontal line is FORMATION OF PLANETARY SYSTEMS.

Finally, the circle has disappeared from the black square, and just the cross remains: HUMANITY.

Teaching 8: Non-Being

If this was a right teaching, it could not have anything besides the above designed drawing.
But by explaining this teaching here, the student can understand why a human mind cannot account for the Non-Being.
Where did the activity and potentiality of God-Creator remain when those vast streams that, from eternity to eternity expand the potential and active power of the Universe, plunged again into the bosom of God-Creator? Where were those radiant factors of energy? Where were those luminous figures of Gods-Architects?
Nothing existed.
All returned to its early state and all is absorbed in the bosom of what is immeasurable and without duration.
Neither time existed because how may time exist without duration?
Even the Universal Mind is non-existent in what is unconditioned, because how could the Universal Mind go into that vastness with no supports to sustain it?
Just shadows filled that boundless vastness.
Everything was in the dreamless sleep of the Infinity.
But all these sentences become no more than childish concepts of what needs words to express itself.
When you wish to account for the Absolute One, no matter how pure and select your explanation may be, in an inexorable way you fall in dogma, sophism and speculation.
You can intuit these ideas just in the abstract, because how can human-minded beings enter where mind does not exist?
Great Initiates –who in their ecstasy reached the shores of the Eternal Sea to glimpse the unconditioned state of God, from where very few return to the state of consciousness– never could express it by words.
If all disappears in the Non-Manifested One, then this state of Non-Being is supreme annihilation, absolute nil and complete void.
Thus a student thinks in front of this definition.
But what a marvelous Eternal Substance! Since nothing can become from the nothing, nothing can disappear from what was, just as the Non-Manifested One remains always, simultaneously the Manifested One never ceases to be.
These stages of Non-manifestation and manifestation are lines traced by the human mind to explain both the Essence in Se and the expressed God’s essence. But, really, manifestation and the Non-Manifested One never change aspects, but are always. If they changed, two gods would exist together.
This is like an individual that in his view has traveled through a way during a period of time established by his own life span. This was mere self-deception and daydream
Illusion of yesterday is span of time today, and a man understands that yesterday and today are no more than fickle reflections of his own imagination, but he overcomes time and duration, and lives this magnificent present time, the Eternal moment.
A contemporary philosopher properly says: “If you wish to be happy, forget your past and do not worry about your time to come, but live the present moment to the full”.
A being lives illusion and abstract time simultaneously.
Illusion did not take anything from abstract time, but these two aspects –illusion and reality, manifestation and Non-Manifestation– are so closely united always that you will never separate them.

Teaching 9: Being and Non-Being

The limited human mind just can imagine Non-Being as the Absolute One, “Being and Non-Being”; while Being is everything existent, the entire wonderful variability and continuous transformation of the Great Work.
But human minds cannot get a clear concept about what is Conditioned and Unconditioned. You go from one end to another of the abyss, remaining enmeshed in pessimistic negation or in materialistic affirmation.
Some say all is illusion and life is purposeless; while others are always around two parallel principles that never meet, and fall in dualism and in materialism.
Just a harmonious union of these two great philosophical ideals can bring the harmony of a clear understanding and spiritual vision of the Absolute One, and of the Universal Creation.
The Absolute One, which cannot have attributes or definitions a se, settles in everything that exists and is intuited behind any transformation of live.
The worship of the Eternal One and the worship of the Divine Mother, surrounded by thousands of gods, are one: Being and Non-Being.
But when and where is the great change produced and effected?
When does Non-Being turn into Being?
Perchance is the Spirit, or spiritual world, the state of Non-Being? No.
When the Spirit reaches Him, It cannot be Spirit.
Then, Non-Being is void and the nothing? No.
If there is breath in the Eternity, all things remain in Him, in darkness, “astringent and comprehensive power” in Fabre d’Olivet’s words.
Plotinus says: “Let us take everything from Him, let us not state anything about Him, let us not lie by saying there is something in Him, and let us Him simply Be”.
Afterwards, in his writings, also he names the unconditioned state “Non-Being, darkness and silence”.
But, who can describe how and when this deep and astringent darkness open its essence to manifestation with numbers, measures and details?
Ancient philosophical systems provided calculations about the Universe. Are they accurate, or do not? These questions should be solved yet, for human mind mixes reality and unreality, and mistakes symbolism for reality.
The Hindu say: “So as after the day, the veil of the night darkens and covers all things, and the cycle of times slowly ends up and manifests itself as seven Eternities, so vastness rests for seven Eternities. Now from Manifestation you have passed to Non-Manifestation”.
After every immense cycle, what existed in the dark bosom of the Eternal One, wakes up again and manifests itself visibly to life on other seven immense cycles.
The new Manifestation looms on the new cosmic day after a dawn, which awakens and re-establishes life as a soft veil produced by the Eternal Breath.
Then does the Unconditioned One stop being? No.
He Is always. He Was always. He Will Be always.
These periodical changes of cosmic activities and rest are no more than figures produced by human mind to know something about the Eternal Secret.
The Unconditioned One does not exist without condition because then it would be just the nothing.
The trutis (twinklings) of universal rest is a moment when the unknown one recognizes itself.
The cosmic sleep is not the nothing, but the Eternal One absorbing all His Powers in Himself in order to expand them later through space in a new Creational era.
This is a vast and grand concept that is incomprehensible to man, and even the purest man just can intuit it, because it is beyond all that Is.
God is Being and Non-Being, Manifestation and Non-Manifestation, personality and impersonality, essence in the dream of Eternity and substance in the day of life.
Some day, all that Is, all planetary systems, after some quite long night preceded by a weird sunset, will return to the Divine Mother’s womb that saw them to emerge from Herself, like vapor under Solar rays, to come back to the bosom of the Eternity.
But, oh Eternal Miracle that is so difficult to understand!, never something stopped existing or being.

Teaching 10: Hindu Chronology

When Helen Petrovna Blavatsky says, “once more, the Absolute One, covered by His invisible clothes, slept during Seven Eternities”, “clothes” mean God as Manifestation. The Divine Manifestation –which really is not separate from the Unconditioned One– expresses Itself on the Universe divided into three great stages.
The first stage is the universal root, Spirit in Se, cause and root of the Universe; there the night still continues to the human mind. The Hindu call this Mulaprakriti.
The second stage is both Spirit and matter; life and existence; Spirit of the Universe and whole matter; Purusha and Prakriti; a blind man, of strong legs, carrying a crippled person that points him the way. Hes and Ahehia. sleeping Mother and wakeful Mother..
The third stage is the Universal Soul, Mind of the Cosmos, Mahat; creative ideation, energetic movement and intelligent essence of matter.
Vedas name the Non-Manifestation’s period of time Great Pralaya, and Manifestation’s period of time, Manvantara. A cyclic period of time is one Kalpa, and a whole universal period of time is one Maha Kalpa.
The Hindu divide time as follows:
150 trutis (twinklings) = 1 second.
1 ghari = 24 minutes.
2 gharis= 1 mahurta = 48 minutes.
30 mahurtas = one day,.
1 pitrya: 1 month.
1 daiva = 365 days, 5 hours, 30 minutes, and 31 seconds (one year).
1 “year” daiva = 360 daivas.
1 chatur yuga = 12,000 “years” daiva = 4,320,000 daivas.
One chatur yuga comprises:
1 satya yuga = 4,800 “years” daiva = 1,728,000 daivas.
1 treta yuga = 3,600 “years” daiva = 1,296,000 daivas.
1 dvapara yuga = 2,400 “years” daiva = 864,000 daivas.
1 kali yuga + 1,200 “years” daiva = 432,000 daivas.
12,000 “years” daiva = 4,320,000 daivas.
One Brahma-dina (Brahma’s day) = 1,000 chatur yugas = 4,320,000,000 daivas.
One Brahma ratri (Brahma’s night) = 4,320,000,000 daivas.
Brahma’s day, or time of manifestation, also is called Manvantara; it is opposite to Brahma’s night, or rest time, or Pralaya.
One kalpa (Brahma’s one day and one night) = 2,000 chatur yugas = 8,640,000,000 daivas.
One Brahma’s year = 360 kalpas = 3,110,400,000,000 daivas.
One hundred Brahma’s years = 36,000 kalpas = 311,040,000,000,000.

Teaching 11: Genesis

The Genesis explained on the light of the Divine Wisdom, is quite useful to see the unique concept of the Great Initiates about the Universal Creation.
Here the first ten verses of the Genesis, first chapter, are explained.
In the beginning God created heaven and earth.
And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.
And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.
And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.
And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.
And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.
And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters he called Seas: and God saw that it was good.
When the Bible establishes a beginning, a starting point in space and time, of course it establishes a pre-genetic existence of God. Human mind cannot know this previous existence because God is the Unknowable One, the Unconditioned One in his undifferentiated root: He Is Not..
Just after the cosmic differentiation established by the words, “In the beginning”, God is named Creator, because the Divine Manifestation appears when a difference is made (as if were) between what is knowable and what is seemingly knowable.
God made the whole Universe, which emanated from the bosom of God. Skies are the whole cosmic manifestation, the whole Wheel of Time, from the beginning to the end, with its planetary systems as a whole.
When the Genesis says “Earth”, it means especially the formation of our planetary system, because when one knows the historic formation of a planetary system, one will know the historic formation of all other systems.
The Mass-mother, primordial substance, spirit-matter and soul of the cosmos, is potential life.
When the Genesis says “without form”, establishes the potential aspect of the primordial substance; and the expression “and void” establishes that there is no void in the universe, because this void is matrix of potential life.
Darkness is the Spirit in Se, and the Root of the Spirit is deep darkness to a human mind. Saint Dionysius the Areopagite names the darkness Rays. The entire Universe is traced, but unknown.
“The face of the deep” means: this plane is already traced upon the Primordial Substance. As it were, the Universe is in God during its manifestation.
God’s Spirit is the Universal Spirit. God is already separate from His Universe; there is a difference between “they were” and “it moved”; while God is as darkness upon the face of the deep, His movement is that of retraction; but His movement is that of expansion when he moves upon the face of the waters.
Now the Genesis names the deep Waters, because the primordial substance became Life by the energetic breath of God.
The Creator’s image is from the beginning to the end. God is different from His Universe, but lives in His Universe. God is darkness when human mind cannot penetrate; God is the purest Spirit in His magnificent manifestation; and God is Giver of life, of Life Itself, in preserving His Universe.
God Is; to the extent to which He Is, He pervades the Universe of His thought, and His Thought is the light of the Universe.
The Divine Thought is the energy of the Universe. And when the Genesis says, “There was light”, it means: even the tiniest atom is illuminated by the Divine Light, and is known to God.
Here God is steadily confirmed as Self-Creator. God reflected on Himself; darkness emanated light, and God saw that the light was good; God (darkness) sees that the light (manifestation, His Work) was good. As soon as the Divine Mind devised the Universe, darkness fades away and God remains closed in His Divine Plan, in his radius of light reflected by Himself.
God is unity; both light and darkness is one and the same thing, but seemingly from the plane of Creation, light and darkness are Divine Duality.
God’s duality is the potential and active power of the Universe. The expansion of the Universe is one manvantara, one cosmic day; every time God emits His light from Himself, He is a true day of universal light.
After the Divine Manifestation or Divine Activity there is a period of potential rest. After emitting all His Light and sustaining the Universe during an entire cosmic day, God re-absorbs all His powers in Himself. Darkness is image of cosmic rest, and night marks this period of rest; it is pralaya after manvantara.
Continuous and repeated switches, and a continuous becoming, sustain the cosmic manifestation. The evening is destruction, death and dissolution; the morning is beginning, creation and expansion; a day is the light of God, the Divine Idea preserving eternally the Universe.
God (Universal Spirit) stirs the waters (the primordial substance) and the expansion (or life) is made this way in the midst of these waters.
The waters (life of the Universe) continuously reflect the divine desire and form millions of minds working on the Universe. Their movement gives rise to energy; and energy gives form to matter. “And let it divide the waters”, is energy; and “from the waters”, is matter.
Expansion is a hypothetical circle traced by God on the Universe to developing the Creation upon it.
This hypothetical circle of the Universal Creation is reflected in Himself, and what is potential becomes continuously active: the expansion from above is the potential aspect in Creation, and the expansion from below is its active part. The closest point to God, or more simply, the subtlest, darkest and hardest vibration to perceive is the most potential part of the primordial substance –waters expanded from above; and the part that emanates this potential power is the active part, expanded waters from below. At a time, the active vibration is potential to another denser vibration and so on until the infinitesimal point.
The expression “and it was so” is extraordinarily affirmative, as if it marked an unavoidable mathematical law.
The Genesis does not differentiate the expansion, simply names the void space as a whole, “firmament” (the primordial substance as a whole, scattered in the Universe) and this firmament as a whole, “God”, “heaven”.
“Second day” is image of the primordial substance in its manifestation of life; planetary lives will coagulate in void space, in primordial substance, in heaven.
“The evening and the morning” are scales in Creation; Creation and destruction, preserving factors of the Universe.
The primordial substance grows thicker and thicker, and then planetary bodies appear. Rhythm, measure is the first law –Creational rhythm somewhere in the Universe.
When planetary bodies become different from the primordial substance, they appear in this substance as a different substance, but actually do not.
The Earth, dwelling place of human life, is the thicker satellite in the Planetary Wheel, established on the zenith of the wheel.
Just one element never can form a planetary satellite; waters gathered together, which God names Seas, are elements that sustain the terrestrial element, that is, water, air and fire.
The Genesis names the work done, “it was good”, after the fulfillment of the first Planetary Chain.

Teaching 12: The Awakening

A new day of cosmic existence begins.
Just as the night darkness disappears at dawn with the quiet luminosity of the day on boundless space, so “Non-Being” becomes “Being”.
A dawn is a microscopic image of the great dawn in the manvantara day.
One ray alone has been emanated and emitted in the everlasting depths of the Unconditioned One, in that deep shadow.
The Immaculate Mother, the Self-created, the ever-Alone, emerges from this primary point, or Spirit-Root.
The Spirit in Se has molded the Primordial Substance; the two are Spirit-Substance:

1. Spirit in Se
2. Primordial Substance
3. Spirit-Substance

This triangle represents the Ternary of the Potential Spirit.
The Spirit in se reflects itself as Soul of the Cosmos in the Universe, and gives rise to life:

1. Universal Spirit
2. Soul of the Cosmos
3. Life

This triangle represents the Ternary of the Active Spirit.
Life is Spirit-Mind, Matter and Energy:

1. Mind
2. Matter
3. Energy

This triangle represents the Ternary of Spirit-Matter.
An immeasurable vibration has shaken the Eternal Bosom.
Darkness emerges from darkness, and when this darkness from Non-Manifested Darkness is revealed, it emanates the Light: “There was Light”.
Self-reflected Darkness and Light produce the manifesting appearance.
Solemn time to Wake Up: The Spirit of God, Potential Mother of the Universe, darkness born of Darkness, was upon the face of the waters –Universal Spirit and Mother of the activity.
The pure mass of Light, Mystical Gold, shines upon the silent, unpolluted waters of the Eternal River.
The thought of the Cosmic Soul has produced the differentiation.
As a wonderful sprout, the Spirit of the Universe, the Divine Mother’s womb widened from inside outwards and reverted, scatters drops of unpolluted blood throughout a boundless space, and creates wonderful chains of Beings-Builders of the Universe.
Darkness and light, spirit and substance, and darkness piercing the light remain manifested when the solitary ray is emitted and when the Eternal Vibration is produced; God puts the germ of Universal Life into the purest Mother’s womb, into Her immaculate matrix. And the Cosmic Egg, source of life as a whole, takes form in the matrix of the boundless space.
The Primordial Substance, or matter –which had remained in the Mother’s womb in an undifferentiated and potential form– is centered.
The Primordial Substance is not the ether of present science, because this ether is just a modality of that Substance; on the contrary, the cosmic ether is matter in its original and homogeneous state.
This universal substance, Soul of the Cosmos, is the akasha of Hindu sages, the abyss in ancient theogonies (where the void is non-existent) and the waters in the Bible’s Creation.
This cosmic substance remains uniform and unconditioned, while the Spirit of the Manifestation is absorbed in itself as Spirit in Se, but when it is time to the full or active Manifestation, the Divine Light entirely floods the Substance and then Life emerges.
How wonderful is to think of the worlds made by the Divine Breath because verily the Universal Substance as a whole is vivified and lives when the Divine Spirit manifests Itself.
This Substance is as divine and eternal as the Spirit. Just its form is variable and perishable.
The awakening of life is no more than the conscious action of the Universal Thought, which constrains primordial substances to an ordered and rhythmic movement.
The Universal Thought fixed upon the Cosmic Substance results in the astringent movement.
As the Divine Thought looks at the Substance, or Cosmic Soul, removes its uniformity and divides it into compact forms that are similar one another and start moving rhythmically by the attraction of this Thought.
Universal atoms, awakened by this Universal Thought, come apart and rush to gather, spread and number off, and finally they become forms.
Now the Primordial Substance divides Itself into three mystical parts: Mind, Energy and Matter.
Rhythm begins when the cosmic substance scatters; rhythm becomes law; law becomes duration; duration becomes time; and time becomes limitation.
And rhythm, or movement, gives rise to form because of its rapidity.

Teaching 13: First Manifestation

The expansion drove away the darkness on the heavenly vault, and the wonderful race of the Creation, that of the First Manifestation started.
Three points traced on the virgin space make this Manifestation:

1. Spirit in Se
2. Primordial Substance
3. Spirit-Substance

When the first circle (a point) is traced, the Unique Egg takes form.
Here you can intuit the potential existence of the Creation behind the shell of the Egg –pure Spirit absorbed in Se; you feel the rapid palpitation of the Substance, and that the Manifested Universe will emerge from this union of Spirit and Cosmic Substance.
When the second circle is traced, you can watch (as the white) the difference between Spirit in Se and Primordial Substance.
Potentially, Spirit and Substance are undifferentiated, but you may feel it; and you will know it in active state with clarity.
The third circle is traced –the yolk of the Egg.
The Spirit in Se is Potential Spirit, and the Primordial Substance is Primordial Substance. The name of its Self-knowledge is Spirit-Substance.
The first circle is traced in the Universe.
Spirit and Substance have kissed one another on reflections of darkness and light. And the mist is driven away.
But if the light drives the mist away, darkness never stops being what it is.
The first circle of the Manifestation is the wonderful Egg in which the Son of the Ever-Virgin is gestated.
The Fist-born One is about to be born.
The Cosmic Egg is symbol of the circle that the Essence One traces on the space, and in which the whole Universal Creation will appear.
Which is the name of the First-born Child?
How is His form and which is His species?
It is a profound mystery that just the soul may reveal, the Great Day when the soul can cross the boundless limit.
On the vast wilderness where an imperceptible fluttering announces life, He is about to be born of Himself; as soon as He is born, He sees Himself; as soon as He sees Himself, He knows Himself; and as soon as He knows Himself, He will become the Personal God.
The second circle is traced on the Universe.
As above, so below. Even though you may differentiate Spirit from Substance, Spirit and Substance never will be separate.
The approximation of Substance to Spirit is like the approximation of the Creational vibration to its Laya (or Potential) Point.
The third circle is traced.
The Spirit in Se and the Primordial Substance know one another in the Egg; and the Universe is gestated by reflection of this Self-knowledge.
If on the day of descent, the circle had this legend: “Not to pass”, on the day of the Great Return it will read: “Come with us”.
Again it is the return to the Pure Essence, to the Divine Mother.
And it is the return to the Father –to the Unconditioned Being.
These three points or potential circles reflect and project, at a time in the Universe, limits of the Active and Creative Manifestation.

1. Universal Spirit
2.Soul of the Cosmos
3. Life

The first circle is traced, and the Unique Egg is broken in order to show the whole Universal Creation.
The power has given life to cosmic action, to unique action.
The second circle is traced.
A veil covers the Universal Spirit, as the white covers the yolk of an egg; and its only raiment is this –the Soul of the Cosmos.
Without the Soul of the Cosmos, the Universal Spirit would be unable to trace the third circle and to generate the unique life.
The Spirit in Se reflected Its obscurity and limited Its darkness in the unfathomable abyss of the eternity. Its reflection was Light and Universal Spirit; and the third triangle emerged from the difference between darkness and light.

1. Mind
2. Matter
3. Energy

The first circle is traced and the First-born One comes into being, the first life, He that contains all, –the Mind of God.
His is the Divine Androgynous One, He is Ihes, He is the Personal God.
If you negate the idea of the Personal God, then you have to negate the idea of the extra-cosmic God, because a Being without number and measure can be explained just by a unique number and by a perfect measure. Moreover, in fact an extra-cosmic God and a Personal God become non-existent because they would be two gods; just there is one God that our mind divides because is unable to grasp Him to the full as the Manifested One and to intuit Him as the Non-Manifested One.
This First-born Child, God’s Mind, is unique number and perfect measure.
But, since this First-born Child reflects in His Mind the light of His Father (Universal Spirit), and the darkness of His Mother (Spirit in Se), He preserves in His mind the three Creational principles, which emanate from His Mind as the Three Universal Creational Principles.
The second circle is traced.
The Divine Mind reflects Its existence, and Its reflection is Energy and Matter. The Divine Androgynous One became both man and woman, and both Mind and Matter.
God was made Satan; Life was made death; and the Word was made flesh.
The third circle is traced, which is knowledge of Mind and Matter, or movement. Movement is Cosmic Energy.
The Divine Mind, which knows the three Creators, is aware of these as are those potential principles above described, reflecting themselves as three active agents animated by the Unique Spirit.
This knowledge of the Divine Mind creates the seven Builders –seven fiery whirlpools of Cosmic Energy.
They are about to start working.
The Mind –the noblest mode of the Primordial Substance– moulds and moulds.
The energy carries from one point to another, to the angles of Life, its lighted torches, and is knitting the sublime cobweb where the nine Architects of the Universe will remain trapped.
And like a vast ocean of burning lava, the Matter is already prepared and the Hosts will work on it in order to form all of the Wheels.

Teaching 14: Universal Creation

Three Creators, three Builders and nine Architects make the Universe.
The Divine Mother covers Her First-born Child with Her mystical veil, and cosmic powers form invisible spheres by marking steps on the immeasurable circle; and numberless stars of planetary systems will be fixed upon their hypothetical surfaces (zero points, cosmic laya centres).
“Marking steps” means the gradual descent of great cosmic principles to material elements. The sentence, “The Divine Mother covers Her First-born Child with Her mystical veils”, means the same, because in this case the Child is the Manifested Spirit, and His Mother’s veils are cosmic principles covering and trapping Him for His manifestation on state of lower life (or planetary systems) devised by Himself.
Once the Highest Creator has devised the Universe, He cannot get back because the Law is established immediately, and this Law can be destroyed by following it.
These three Creators are: Spirit in Se, Universal Spirit and Mind.

1. Spirit in Se
2. Universal Spirit
3. Mind

This higher trinity is reflected in a lower trinity.
This instantaneous reflection of one triangle in another becomes the connection; the seven Universal Builders are formed by these six vertices and the point of union. These are the seven cosmic tatwas.
The First Creator is Spirit in Se, the Highest Bliss, Vedantic Ananda. He is the Laya Centre, Potential Spirit in the first ternary of the Builders. It is the Triad of Cosmic Consciousness.
The First Cohort of Builders, or First Ray, circumscribes the consciousness of the Being.
The Second Cohort expands the consciousness of the Being in the circumscribed field.
The Third Cohort establishes this consciousness.
The second Creator is Universal Spirit, Soul of the World, source of all pain and all love; He is active spirit in the second ternary of the Builders. He is the Divine Incarnation upon the Earth.
The fourth Cohort of Builders is the Creational Will.
The fifth Cohort is the relativity of this Will, applied to different evolutionary states.
The sixth Cohort is individuality, personified Will.
The third Creator is Mind of the Cosmos, and Spirit of the seven Cohorts of Builders –Builders of the objective existence.

1. Consciousness of Being
2. Expanded Consciousness
3. Stability of Consciousness
4. Creational Will
5. Relative Will
6. Individual Will
7. Existence (central point)

During the entire cycle of Manifestation, the Builders contribute to developing the Planetary Wheels and remain active (though invisible) on the Universal scene.
Powers emanated from the Builders, namely, the nine Architects act in a visible way by systemizing the Planetary Chains.
These Divine Beings are already extraordinarily evolved on a cycle of former manifestation, and again emerge to life, or awake from the eternal sleep, when the Builders have prepared and traced the Universal Work.
In this case, awakening does not mean oblivion of their state of consciousness during their sleep, because these great Hosts do not lose their clear consciousness during the cosmic night.
To Them, awakening is the purpose achieved.
The Hosts of the Architects are nine, named and distributed as follows:
The first Creator and the First Building Ray are Potential Spirit in the first Host, or Architects of Number.
The first Creator and the second Building Ray are Potential Spirit in the second Host, or Architects of Sound.
The first Creator and the third Building Ray are Potential Spirit in the third Host, or Architects of Line.
The second Creator and the fourth Building Ray are Active Spirit in the fourth Host, or Architects of Thought.
The second Creator and the fifth Building Ray are Active Spirit in the fifth Host, or Architects of Language.
The second Creator and the sixth Building Ray are Active Spirit in the sixth Host, or Architects of Form.
The third Creator and the seventh Building Ray are extant Life in the seventh Host, or Stellar Architects, in the eight Host, or Architects of Humanity, and in the ninth Host, or Architects of Shadow.
In Christian Theology, the nine Hierarchies of the Heavenly Choir correspond to:
First: Cherubim.
Second: Seraphim.
Third: Thrones.
Fourth: Dominations.
Fifth: Virtues.
Sixth: Powers.
Seventh: Principalities.
Eighth: Archangels.
Ninth: Angels.

Teaching 15: Formation of Planetary Systems

The great Creational Work is made; one after another, vast cosmic flames gradually form numberless planetary chains.
Do these wheels of worlds possess a definite number, or are incalculable?
Is the Created Universe a circle indefinitely widened, or a limited and defined curve?
If the Universe is boundless and planetary systems are innumerable to the so limited human mind, then the Universe has limits and measure to the Spirit.
Just the Eternal One, in His unconditioned aspect, is Boundless; just the Non-Being is With No Number, and numeration starts just by the First Manifestation.
Space is a vast ocean of fused primordial matter, in which the substratum of all elements stays.
In this immeasurable sea of sodium, radium, ethereal fire, magnetic vibrations and mental particles, basic elements are condensed around the eternal principles of life.
Immeasurable atomic clouds fluctuate throughout inter-stellar spaces as if they were large islands.
The Milk Way, spermatic substance of God, takes form, while fiery dust and ultra-powerful cosmic rays undulate and revolve quite rapidly throughout the whole Universe. And behind these first forces, behind these basic powers, always you find the enlivening Spirit in action, –incalculable Hosts of minds building Planetary Chains.
Mental Cosmic particles are like vibrating waves in sidereal depths, gathering together cosmic dust and Primordial Matter in order to carry them to their intended end.
Fiery whirlpools, or Cosmic Energy, enlivened by the guiding idea, charge and distribute the Primordial Matter; and by moving It, they form cosmic clouds –basic material to forming Planetary Chains.
These vast stellar clouds are burning, luminous masses revolving, as it were, quite rapidly upon themselves, on the zenith pole of the hypothetical sphere, traced beforehand by the Builders as an immense magnetic wheel.
The stellar cloud expels its first-born one toward the centre of the wheel and, even though it shines like its Mother, does not burn like Her. It is the symbolic number 00, the rebellious star, but leader of its brothers and of the birth wheel. It is the Son.
It is Ahahihaka.
Here you can notice the difference between Laplace’ theory (of present astronomers by which they suppose Solar masses emanated from planets) and the esoteric theory (by which it is not the Son the first orb emanated from an early mass).
Moreover, contrary to ordinary theories, the Esoteric Science states, the Suns shine but do not burn; they are dark and cold stars, which absorb heat from the universal ether, as if they lived by the Mother’s milk and used it for their particular systems.
Later, other sons or planets emanate from the Mass Mother, place themselves upon the wheel and revolve around their elder brother, by attracting and by repulsing one another some times, and by harmonizing one another other times.

Teaching 16: Humanity

There is consciousness behind every atom, behind every form and behind every being.
There is a living being behind every Planetary Wheel, behind every star, behind every sun, and behind every world.
Great Cosmic Entities slowly descend to thick material forms; while living consciousnesses, which rule over thicker elements, gradually ascend until they meet and fuse with Humanity.
They are those angels who ascend and descend by the large ladder from Heaven to Earth and from Earth to Heaven, according to Jacob’s prophetic vision.
Humanity above mentioned is not referred to forms of the present man or to our planetary system in particular, but to any human chain that, anywhere in the Universe, has reached, or is about to reach, a balance between both spirit and matter.
Certain Esoteric Schools teach that, in our planetary scale, man did not reach yet the state of perfect humanity, but that he is about to reach it at the end of the Fifth Race Root.
Humanity will be perfect if scales remain motionless, but this will not occur while contrary values move him to and fro between pairs of opposites.
This universal movement as a whole is named Ired.
The Divine Creators descend with three big strides until matter; consciousnesses raise by these three big strides toward the full manifestation of life; and also Humanity is arranged by three big strides, linking itself with the Divinity.
These ternary descent, evolution and arrangement do not take place on a straight line, but by describing a circumference, with a dual movement of adhesion and resistance. Simultaneously, this dual movement has other seven movements of progression and regression, of attraction and repulsion, where Builders and Architects mould, divide and associate the Cosmic Substance.


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Teaching 15: Formation of Planetary Systems
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