Teaching 1: Formation of the Systems
Teaching 2: The Sun
Teaching 3: The Planets
Teaching 4: Planetary Wheels
Teaching 5: Determination of the Planets
Teaching 6: Geometric Figures of the Planetary System
Teaching 7: Solar Wheels
Teaching 8: Saturn
Teaching 9: Jupiter
Teaching 10: Mars
Teaching 11: The Moon
Teaching 12: Rounds
Teaching 13: The Earth
Teaching 14: The Earthly Round
Teaching 15: Venus
Teaching 16: Mercury

Teaching 1: Formation of the Systems

The Universe is the measure of God. Infinite as to its power, finite as to its expression.
As God is infinite, the word “finite” is strange to Him; so, the finite Universe is the thorough expression of a simple and perfect measure; but it is infinite by His continuous and inalterable permanence.
God can infinitely reproduce this very perfect and simple measure, which is finite by exactitude.
The coagulating formation of the Great Cosmic Element leads to the formation of galaxies and by condensation of these cosmic coagulations great sidereal islands take form, which give life to planetary systems by the law of reciprocal expansion and separation.
In the beginning, these heavenly bodies just were immense accumulations of material and spiritual energies forming a great nebula, from which the Planetary Wheels would emerge through their condensation, separation and definition,
Definition of Planetary Wheel: Planetary Wheel is the evolutionary way of a Planetary System from its birth to its death.
Through the explanation of a Planetary System, the way of formation of all Planetary Systems remains approximately explained.

Teaching 2: The Sun

The nebula-mother, or fiery mass, evolves in three downward stages and four upward stages toward its complete development and end.
The present evolutionary state of the Solar Planetary System is as follows:
Third Planetary Wheel.
Third Solar Wheel.
Fourth Round.
Fourth Earthly Period.
Fifth Root Race.
Fifth Sub-Race.
Seventh Specific Sub-Race.
We call Planetary Wheel to the integral development of all spheres or globes, spiritual and physical, in three downward stages and four upward stages.
We call Solar Wheel to the material development of the globes.
Definition of Round: We call Round to the physical development of only one globe; so their may be: Earthly Round, Lunar Round, et cetera.
We call Earthly Period to the process of condensation and development of the Earth.
Human races develop in only one Earthly Period.
“Anthropogenesis” calls Earthly Period to sub-periods of one Earthly Period.
Here is an eventual division: 1. Fiery Earthly Period; 2. Watery Earthly Period; 3. Condensation Earthly Period; and 4. Human Earthly Period.
Movements in the Planetary System are continuously similar as to gradual developments of the spheres in number, measure and form: the Ired will be ever-present in all movements.:
As the nebula became gradually condensed, portions of it formed great comets, which, separated from their centre, formed the spiritual sphere of the Sun and, later, the twelve planets over the characteristic ellipse.
In its form of natural activity, the Sun is an everlasting spring of super-magnetic forces, which continuously give formation, preservation and dissolution to all beings and elements; in short, it is life.
But this immense luminous focus that the physical sight can perceive is just the physical body of the Sun of the soul and spirit.
What we see is just the physical body of this Entity, for behind every form there are Divine Hosts sustaining, preserving and destroying it.
Besides the luminous sphere of the Sun, or of any other heavenly body, the Sun possesses other seven spheres or globes, which are subtler and form their spiritual, mental and physical bodies.
The present distribution and density of our Solar System is related to its third Solar Wheel.

Teaching 3: The Planets

Around the Sun there are twelve planets, besides many asteroids accompanying them, which are visible and invisible.
Planets in relation to the Sun, beginning by the most distant planet, are located as follows:
1st. Pluto
2nd. Neptune
3rd. Uranus
4th. Saturn
5th. Jupiter
6th. Mars
7th. Earth
8th. Venus
9th. Mercury
Location of planets in relation to the Sun, in accordance with their evolution:
1st. Pluto
2nd. Neptune
3rd. Uranus
4th. Saturn
5th. Jupiter
6th Dasaluna
7th Mars
8th Moon
9th Earth
10th Venus
11th Sun Ra
12th Mercury
The planet called Dasaluna has disappeared from human sight about the middle of the Third Root Race.
The planet called Sun Ra is not the Sun but one planet entirely indivisible, located between Venus and Mercury. It will be discovered at the end of the Fourth Round.
The order of appearance of the planet was as follows:
After de Sun, launched to the centre of the round and located later on a focus on the ellipse, Pluto and Neptune followed, and successively Saturn, Jupiter, Dasaluna, Mars, Moon, Earth, Venus, Sun Ra, which is about to be born, and Mercury.
The “Song of Songs”, which is an astronomical key, in one of its verses says, “We have a little sister with no breast, what shall we do with our sister when people speaks of her? If our sister is a wall, we shall build in her a palace of silver; and if she is a door, we shall adorn her with boards of cedar”.
This refers to the new planet Sun Ra, who shall play a very important part in the new round.
Then, the Moon, dead mother of the Earth, shall entirely disappear from human sight. The Earth, deprived of the Moon, shall lose stability and forces, and its energies shall go to the new planet with a whole surge of life that eventually progressed in it, keeping for itself people lagged in its hell. Then the new planet shall appear before the human eyes.
That description of the wall, the house of silver and the door adorned with boards of cedar indicate a golden Era for that round, where masculine values shall fuse with feminine values, that is, wall and house of silver.
Vice versa, the spiritual fertilization will take place; it is described by the door –feminine aspect– sustaining in itself the cedar –boards of cedar, masculine and solar symbol–.

Teaching 4: Planetary Wheels

Mental globes of the planets were formed on the first Planetary Wheel. After they formed the radiant matter of their globes, then a pralaya, or rest, took place, in which the nature of the new system remained on a state of potential activity. You should understand by radiant matter the energetic mental substance formed by atoms X2, related to mental matter.
The light of mental matter, formed by atoms X2, did not illuminated because it was super-radiant.
Then there was no light, except flashes coming from zodiacal flashes of the Planetary System
We call zodiacal signs to planets and heavenly bodies of Planetary Wheels related to the influenced Planetary Wheel.
Energetic globes appeared in the third Planetary Wheel and a magnetic radiation formed their bodies; they did not emanate light, but also were illuminated by flashes of zodiacal centers.
Physical bodies of the planets were formed in the third Planetary Wheel. Strong super-radiations, condensed by oscillation of successive magnetic waves, from less to more and from more to less, reached a radioactive stability that enabled them to get their own flashes of light.
Every planet has seven spheres or globes related to the seven fundamental principles.
They are determined as follows:
1st. Globe of intuitive mind; it is the sphere of high consciousness of the planet; it leading force.
2nd. Globe of intelligent mind; animal forms are subtilized, beautified and deified in this sphere.
3rd. Physical Globe; animal bodies of the host are formed in this sphere.
4th Astral Globe; forms take their own characteristic in this sphere.
5th Energetic Globe; it is the sphere in which vibrations, colors and sounds as a whole assume determined form.
6th Globe of the instinctive mind; it is the sphere in which desires that have to give life to the planet take form.
7th Spiritual Globe; it is the sphere in which potential force of the seven globes as a whole are condensed.


A=upward D=downward

Teaching 5: Determination of the Planets

As the mental globes, established on their ecliptic, gradually compressed the magnetic field of the system, formed an ideal curvature on the straight of the early circumference.
This differentiation, or depression, on the space determined the duration and time of the similar system –but not equal– to that of other Planetary Systems.
It could not be equal, for in this case there would not be duration and time, since differentiation is non-existent in unity.
Time is the differentiation of space projected over itself and contained in an ideal limitation.
As the energetic globes are established in their ecliptic, at a time they compress even more the magnetic field of the system and produce a contrary polarity to that of the mental ecliptic, determining electromagnetic polarizing movements in the system.
The physical globes, established in the ecliptic, produce, by their pressure on the magnetic field of the system, the attraction of different vibrations of the remaining ecliptics, and the polarization of the latter on the mass already constituted, determined the reciprocal gravitation of the mass of the system.
A chaotic disorder reigned over the system when the mother mass began to launch the physical bodies of the planets on the ecliptic.
Those globes were not an entirely compact mass in the material sense, since they possessed a super-abundance of original forces not elaborated, and by virtue of an excessive subtlety, they did not permit a perfect harmony of revolution and rotation.
They collide. They collided with the strong Saturn and their separation produced awful and frightening detonations in the space by releasing energy.
But Saturn and he other planets were more and more stabilized and neutralized on the ecliptic.
The space-time pressure of the mental globes produces the potential super-radiant light, also called black rays.
The pressure of physical globes produces the natural double light of the system, long wave and short wave.

Teaching 6: Geometric Figures of the Planetary System

Through mathematical symbols expressed in geometric figures, which conquered a lasting control in time, it is possible to trace a similarity with cosmogonic events of the universal creation, which determines an explanation where planetary systems are shaped.
This similarity just represents an approximation of the human mind, by its fittest language, to the divine mind. A new knowledge of God is thus reflected.
Compare the cosmogonic descent in the creation of any planetary system with an interpretation of simple curve figures of second grade: circumference, parabola, ellipse and hyperbola.
The entire interpretation will try to find particularities in the location of focus or focuses, and the straight directrix that moves from infinitude to finitude; so geometric figures are formed that are openly similar with the creation of planetary systems.
We are told that the harmony of Non-Manifestation–Manifestation as a whole is materialized for the awakening in only one focus sustained from the infinite by the directrix, which this way brings about the figure of the circumference. Finite field of the Manifestation, which in its immeasurable characteristic of number Pi () also indicates its higher power than Manifestation.
The eccentricity of a circumference is equal to zero, and this mathematical condition symbolizes the image of the Cosmogonic Awakening.
But the Manifestation just can be shaped in a Universal Creation, being fixed in a potential unity, which is its enclosure, for its subsequent cosmic becoming.
A parabola, mathematically measured by its eccentricity that is equal to the unity, is the active figure in the potential circumference, which could not manifest in itself.
But this perfect unity would not support a downward formation of the cosmic creation in planetary systems, if the divine power does not disarranges this perfect unity through the particle Ired and sows the development of the Manifestation through the oscillation produced by that power.
Then the oscillation round the unity is the materialization of the planetary system. This oscillation is reflected on the geometrical figure of the ellipse and the hyperbola whose characteristic is a smaller eccentricity and a bigger eccentricity than the unity respectively.
In the present evolutionary state of the planetary system, the oscillation of the curve mother, originally parabolic, is the ellipse that we see materialized in every individual establishment of planetary systems observed in the Manifestation. Also, all manifestations of the descent will be ellipse in the successive stages of the peculiar magnetic field of the planetary system under consideration, of the mental field produced by it –energetic and physical– which becomes visible for the sensory reality of man.
Life can be only shaped after continuous fights in the duality of the created system. Life is expressed by the interpretation of the curve, ellipse or hyperbola that is brought about by two focuses, in relation to circumference and parabola, which only need one focus for their real formation.
The directrix, which in the case of the circumference remains mathematically in the infinite, represents the power of the Non-Manifestation that is ever present in the Manifestation.
Subsequent descents that materialize the reality Non-Manifestation–Manifestation, move the directrix from infinitude to finitude. That is, the physical raiment of the directrix is related to geometrical figures identified as parabola, ellipse and hyperbola.
The real or visible ellipse ever has a non-real or invisible hyperbola, which encompass the external field to that limited by the former.
Seemingly this interpretation conditions the existence of the physical ellipse on which the planetary system rests to that of a hyperbola the representation of the existence of all other planetary systems.
It would indicate he divine presence sustaining the already human creation of the chosen planetary system.
The presence of focuses of the hyperbola and its bigger eccentricity than the unity would be the duality of the integral world of the Cosmos, with the exception of the chosen planetary system.
The parabola, a geometric figure of perfection demanded by a subsequent becoming, is only the representation of a field in which the creation of planetary systems entails destruction because they would be unable to have individual life because of their own perfection.
On the contrary, the reception of an ever-changing particle of constant becoming of the Ired, permits the life of the created planetary systems.
It is the impulse that, by oscillation of the perfect eccentricity –the unity– brings about a bigger or smaller eccentricity in the figure of the hyperbola or ellipse.
The entire development of present planetary systems is a continuous expansion of the Cosmos, proved by science.
But when the return toward the divine re-entering, one intuits that the part of the movement of the Ired, still unknown to science, will lead to the transformation of the present ellipse into the hyperbola.
The latter, in its higher oscillation than one, will permit its transformation into parabola, source of perfection from which it is likely to look at the potential manifestation symbolized by the primary circumference.
The directrix in the geometric figures, physically dressed in the creation of planetary system shall plunge again in its initial position on the Infinite.

Teaching 7: Solar Wheels

The development of physical planetary bodies produces Solar Wheels.
On the first Solar Wheel, the form of the planets is spherical, and their location in regard to the ecliptic is vertical. This period is reflected in the human skeleton, and the Architects of the Shadow were the hosts that had influence on it.
On the Second Solar Wheel, the form of the planes is spherical but lightly compressed on the poles, and the position of their axes in relation to the ecliptic is lightly tilted. In this period, beings reach the highest grade of vegetal evolution. This period is reflected on the internal organs of man, and the Hosts that influenced it were those of the Architects of Mankind.
On the third Solar Wheel, the form of the planets is spherical, compressed on the poles, and their axes are lightly tilted in relation to the ecliptic. In this period, beings reach the highest grade of animal evolution, which is reflected on the formation of present man, and the Hosts that influenced it were the Sidereal Architects.
We may tell that at present the Solar Wheel is intensified by the Sidereal Architects, but mankind, in its state of evolution, is influenced by the Architects of the Shadow.
On the first Solar Wheel, the light of the system is intensified by the dryness and black luminosity of the system, and the fundamental elements to crystallize later on minerals are forged there.
On the second Solar Wheel, dense heat and humidity deaden the light of the system, and there the total power of vegetal life expands and develops.
On the third Solar Wheel, the light becomes stable and alternate by the effect of distance and approximation of the central focus that, because the axis is not vertical on the ecliptic, produces this constant oscillation. Human life develops through evolving animal species.

Teaching 8: Saturn

When the nebula mother reaches a sufficient grade of material condensation, and mental and energetic bodies of the system are prepared, the physical bodies of planets are projected.
Every solar system, in the sidereal cosmos to which it will belong, has a characteristic and peculiar magnetic field, similar by different from all other magnetic fields related to other sidereal systems.
In this magnetic cosmic field, the mental globes are located on their ecliptic, and this comprises a vaster space in the magnetic field, in contrast with the space occupied by spiritual globes, which is the least space.
Something like that may be found in atomic theories. The size of the nucleus of an atom is the lowest compared with the magnetic field in which electrons move.
The ecliptic of the energetic globes comprises a space in the magnetic field that is smaller than the space of mental bodies and its magnetism is positive in regard to the mental ecliptic, and negative and potential in regard to the ecliptic of the physical globes.
Every ecliptic, located in the cosmic-sidereal magnetic field of different globes of the system has by law of analogic opposition an expansion of amplitude, in contrast with the other one, forming this way, as a whole and symmetrically, the form Ired.
The Sun was the first to occupy the focus of the ecliptic, followed by Pluto and later by Neptune. But in the beginning, these planets were not exactly located on the ecliptic because their own mass was not properly balanced and produced oscillations. This is why there was no mineral life in them.
Later Uranus occupied its place on the ecliptic, also with oscillations but remaining in it. The first test of material life occurred in Uranus without success.
The Hosts failed as soon as they tried to put on minerals. The wise mythology tells how the god Uranus, zealous of his brothers, killed them as soon as they came into being. Then Uranus could not be a life-giving planet.
Shortly afterwards, Saturn was the planet that became different, steadily located on the ecliptic and rotating orderly round the sun. By the especial circumstance of being Saturn the only planet perfectly located on the ecliptic, it became a positive pole of attraction. So, the newly formed masses failed.
The mother mass rhythmically launched from herself certain masses, which were attracted by the positive power of Saturn; and because there was in them a lack of magnitude, the mass of Saturn energetically dematerialized or absorbed them.
Pluto, Neptune and Uranus were avoiding it by their oscillatory movements.
Mythology represents the effort of the mother mass to stabilize the planets on the ecliptic and tells how Saturn would devour his newly born children. But Rea, his wife, hid his more beloved son: Pluto, Neptune and Jupiter, who later would overcome their father. As planets begin occupy their place on the ecliptic, they start emanating their light and illuminating their own system.

Teaching 9: Jupiter

In the poor light of the system, large infrared bands passed through the nitrogenized ether. There was a constant and terrible fight for the control between the subtlest virgin spheres emanated from the bosom of the mother mass and the physical globes already formed.
It was the cycle of descent to matter, and matter had to overcome as a whole.
To be successful, an immensely great planet had to be formed to overcome by means of its stability those globes that did not possess a perfect stability, and to establish the heavy rhythm on the ecliptic, which would give a chance and a place to physical existence on the ecliptic.
The Divine Mother had to give birth to a son who would rule over all peoples with tough policy. This was Jupiter’s destiny.
We can compare Jupiter with a human form just imitating the mythology that describes him with an enormous aspect and an immense nose in the middle of his face.
Jupiter’s mass, because of its great size, could absorb enormous quantities of energy and could transmute it into matter. Its great size demanded much food. So, Jupiter gradually established the order in the ecliptic through continuous absorption of remaining energies. As the remaining parts of energy of the system are consumed, then the physical globes orderly begin their natural and heavy rotation. The subtler planetary bodies that could not become condensed were destroyed, and their released energies were immediately re-absorbed.
Material life began on the planets after the absorption of reddish meteorites that passed through spaces of the system in all directions without any point of support, and after the defeat of the Red Apocalyptic Dragon.
Any physically inept sidereal body and “child prodigy” of the system, torn to pieces in thousands of particles, were chained to the rotation of planets and formed the cohort of asteroids and planetoids that continuously would be with them.
So, the physical globes developed and eventually matured after the quick and final condensation of the immense Jupiter, father of many gods. The slow and detached Saturn is overcome and overwhelmed by the strong Zeus, who establishes his material reign over the other planets, his brothers, being within heavier that on his surface.
Without exception, every ancient mythology and theogony describes this planetary war in which the auric globes were torn to pieces and tied to physical globes.
Puranas speak of a heavenly war between gods. The Egyptians speak of the fight between Osiris and Typhon. Hindu people speak of the war of Indra against the Asuras.
And the Revelation, Teaching 12, describes this war in an insuperable way: “And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven”.
In the sixth Stanza of Dzyan, also it is written: “There were harsh battles between creators and destroyers, and harsh battles for the space, and the seed continuously appeared and disappeared”.
Vegetal life started in Jupiter. Man was there just an immense plant, and the entities that inhabited the planet were a very high cohort of angels without physical or ethereal body.
Mythology ever shows the Great King of Gods trying time and again to seduce these great beings for the creation of man, but he cannot procreate but gods or monsters.
The great regent of the planet must descend on Earth if he wants to be father of man, because this privilege was exclusively reserved to Earth.

Teaching 10: Mars

When in a starry night we observe the reddish light of the planet Mars, at once we evoke the memory of the color of the light in times of the Great Planetary Fight. But man, who has spoken a lot about Mars and about the chance of knowing it more closely, never will be able to unravel its mystery, because now Mars undergoes a state of planetary dream or little pralaya. Therefore, we can say very little about this planet, his present state and his existence, for an impenetrable veil surrounds the eternal sleepers.
The obscure color had been substituted for the reddish light. Uranus and Saturn, now entirely separated from the early mass, were ending their round.
The Nebula Mother had given life to two new bodies: Jupiter and Mars.
Like two fiery flare-ups, they are shining on space; but a planet, that is more ethereal than physical, is between the two and threatens the incipient life of the two young spheres. This planet launches powerful auric emanations that collide with the two newly born like immense waterspouts.
In this Great Fight, Jupiter has to absorb the auric forces of the system, and Mars becomes his best assistant in the powerful planetary war that lasts billions of years; but at the end, by the continuous pressure of the two planets, the other planet has been entirely disintegrated.
Later, the physical body of the earth takes form from dispersed particles of this planet and from remainders that are not converted into planetoids or meteorites.

Teaching 11: The Moon

The Moon is the planet that during its Round develops the ethereal and astral form of the human monads and, when its cycle of evolution ends, leaves its heritage of acquired experience to the Earth, her daughter. The Earth is not a planet emerged from the mother mass but formed by a part of the physical body of the Moon, and of other asteroids and planetary detritus.
The Moon, once its Round ends, is a potential state of decay and absorbs its physical life from earthly magnetism periodically in accordance with lunar phases and that is why the Moon marks its influence on Earth, especially in regard to tides and wind power.
As a consequence of cause and effect, the Moon determines the physical gestation of plants, animals and men, and its psychic influence is especially reflected on the astral bodies, because the connection between the mental body and the physical body is established during the Lunar Round.
During the Rounds of other planets, Hosts and great beings that animated them never were able to become entirely materialized and to give physical body to the Divine Incarnation, but the lunar globes, in their fourth globe, shaped a new body, an astral body, a great shadow that eventually would be perfect vehicle between mind and matter.
At the end of the seventh Round of the lunar chain, all its values were left to the terrestrial globes like a mother leaves a legacy to her daughter.
Before the sixth Round of the Earth, the lunar corpse will be entirely devitalized until its gradual dissolution and disintegration at the end of the seventh Earthly Round.

Teaching 12: Rounds

When a planetary system reaches its complete spiritual development and ends its Round, it becomes a Potential Planetary Wheel, which gives life to other seven Planetary Wheels, which are stars of zodiacal system that influence their Planetary Wheels.
Periodically, Heavenly Hosts animate, rule over and inhabit these planetary systems, or wheels, and the Divine Incarnation vivifies them.
These Hosts successively leave their power and action from the one to the other Wheel, in accordance with its progress and development, like the Divine Incarnation successively illuminates all Rounds by means of Her presence.
What is vastly and immensely repeated in the Planetary Wheel, also is repeated on a lower scale in Solar Wheels and in Rounds of Planets.
The Mother Mass of the system launches a part of itself into the magnetic field of the system. As soon as this force rightly or wrongly finds its place, becomes disintegrated, and its disintegration forms a potential centre that, by self-activation, gives life to the planet animated by its related Hosts. This occurs with the fundamental planets because other take form from planets that already are disintegrated, along with other planetary detritus that again take form.
Once the planets end their Round, enter a potential state whose duration is equal to that of its development, and later become disintegrated.
Other planets, by lack of a right development, become disintegrated at once, but always to form with their remainders new planetary bodies or asteroids.
Every planet has seven bodies or globes, and just one of them –the physical body, or globe– is exposed to men. So, for instance, eventual auric dwellers of the astral globe just are able to perceive their similar astral dwellers.
Once the planet ends its Round, the Hosts deliver their spiritual forces to the planet that begins its Round, and so on.
Since the Rounds of the planets sometimes interfere, the Hosts slowly leave their spiritual forces to these planets.
Also, every globe, after its period of development, pass the power of the Hosts from the one sphere to the other, of their own planet, and during every change there is a period of potential rest, while transmitting the remaining force to the next subsequent planet.
Every sphere has seven periods of potential rest during its evolution.
So, for instance, the spiritual globe delivers 90 % of its forces to the globe of the intuitive mind, and 10 % to the spiritual globe of the subsequent planet. Of course, if the spiritual globe delivered all its force to the globe of the intuitive mind, the latter would become at once a spiritual sphere.

Teaching 13: The Earth

A separate part of the Lunar mass and asteroids and planetary remainders wandering through space formed the planet Earth.
The Hosts transmitted to the Earth spiritual force by means of half-ethereal planets that were rotating through the space during the period in which Jupiter and Mars began to prevail. Those planets are not condensed, an after a harsh fight and bombing, the physical globes overcome.
The earthly globes –true fallen angels in the planetary system– are on the lower step of the evolutionary plane; from there they will go through the most material and thickest point of planetary change, for their holy mission is to transform animal man into perfect man.
The Earth has seven characteristic movements. The main three movements are: first, that of rotation upon itself, because it revolves round its axis; second, that of translation round the Sun; and third, that of drift of the equatorial plane in relation to the ecliptic. The last movement accelerates its quick cooling and the reduction of its volume. An already existent layer of solid basalt reduces the volume of the Earth.
The Earth, like beings that inhabit it, gets wrinkled and old, and decreases.
The poles denote certain flattening that is the unshakeable place where the first –never destroyed– continent appeared, and also there the last man of the seventh Root Race, or Divine Man, will dwell.
The immense oceanic basin of the Earth and especially the basin in the Pacific Ocean indicate the separation of the Earth from the mother Moon.
Big masses of water deposited in the earthly basin form great oceans, and symbolically are related to the four –already developed– bodies of the globe.

Teaching 14: The Earthly Round

The globe of the intuitive mind was a sphere formed by very high super-radiant and potential vibrations.
Entities that dwelt in it, of pure spiritual character, reflected their potentials on the grossest environment and projected a future body. Something like that occurred during the formation of Uranus and Saturn, since the Rounds produce on a lower scale what is made on the Wheels, just as the events if the seven Rounds is reproduced on a very little scale on the seven root races of our present Earth.
One can imagine Man of the first Round just like an immense radioactive mineral whose passive state is the concept of very high spirituality, reflected on very slow movements of that half-passive matter.
In the second Round, related to the instinctive mental globe following to the intuitive mental globe, after an immense rest, the Entities tried to get a higher condensation of the mental matter within their reach, forming ethereal giants or monsters who tried to reunite round them the thickest vibrations in all, of that wonderful mental sphere.
They were like huge half-luminous plants, like those described by Dante in the Chant XIII referred to Hell, in the Divine Comedy. In this Round was vastly repeated the development of the second Round.
The sphere acquires a more compact and clear-cut aspect in the third Round, related to the Astral Globe.
The astral matter is surrounded by immense humid vapors, which were matter that would shape the physical body. Now the Entities were fighting, since they had within their reach a thicker and fitter matter to form the astral body to achieve the great vehicle between mind and matter.
Entities that inhabit it were like giant apes, more shrewd than intelligent, almost without bones, but already with a skeleton. The high spirituality of those lives slowly became darker and darker to give way to the emerging mentality. Necessarily the wonderful night filled with millions of stars, must disappear from the sight of mortals and then the little Sun of our system will become manifested in its total splendor.
Those huge half-ethereal apes made good use of the watery vapor of their sphere and became thicker in the third Round. They bodies acquired a more solid constitution, they became more rational, and lunar man, ancestor of terrestrial man, appeared.
In the fourth Round of the heavenly ring, on our present earth, called Bhuni in Sanskrit, the present physical body appears, and the intelligence of men acquires enormous development.
Big physical spooks are inhabited by Great Hierarchies, and this breakthrough brings language and freewill.
In the middle of its evolutionary stage, the Earth undergoes the great point of involution, and later tries to conquer the spirituality by its own efforts.
In the fifth Round, after the death of the Physical Globe of the Earth, the sphere will become auric, and man that will inhabit it will be a being without a permanent physical body. He will have a periodical or occasional body, which shall decay or become stronger at will. His curved body shall have a protruding abdomen and his feet backward. And his arms shall possess such a vibrational power that can be compared with that of a helix, which shall enable him to go from to-and-fro through the space.
The body will be transparent, without internal organs, except heart and circulatory system, and one eye in the centre of the forehead.
On the sixth Round, beings entirely leave their physical and astral body, and only possess a mental body that is beyond description.
The seventh Round will contain a very high spiritual state.

Teaching 15: Venus

Venus is closely related to the Earth. Its physical body, formed by detritus of already existent planets, possesses the entire heaviness of matter and the entire purity of the spirit from the high Hosts inhabiting it.
The Sun illuminates one side, and the others remain in the dark. So, in the morning, it is the Mourning Star, the most pure Mother, the gate of Heaven; and at night it is Satan Vesper sinking its mystical rays in the flames of condensed passions.
Venus is the younger brother of the Earth, and the development of the latter is closely united with that of the former. Certainly, this is so because symbols of the Earth and of Venus are similar; the only difference is that the symbol of Earth shows the cross toward the sky, and that of Venus toward Earth.
The planetary chain of Venus is related to time, less fast than on the Earth; we may say the physical planet of Venus is in the first root race of the fourth Round. So, its evolution is downward in accordance with its symbol. Notice that in accordance with “Secret Doctrine”, Venus is on the last stages of its seventh Round.
But this planet possesses magnetism and emanations of youth that are absent on the Earth: Venus continuously sends to Earth a beneficent atomic rain and drives it to become younger and procreate.
Also, as we said earlier, very high Hosts that dwell on Venus periodically re-incarnate on the Earth. Symbolically, we can say they are gods who became men to increase the human evolution.
The influence of Venus on the Earth is all-powerful, and recognized by astrologers and astronomers of all times.
Once beings on the earthly Round reach a higher, Olympic state, they will dwell on the Venus’ Round, expecting there the final evolution of other earthly Host, to join to them and animated a new Round.
Of course, not only Venus influences the Earth directly, but also all sidereal bodies of the cosmos do indirectly.
Once men can exactly know where the difference is between planetary, defective planetary and over-abundant planetary influence, then physical and moral diseases will be non-existent; but science now is making use of metals of certain planets.
Their respective influences appear in the following table:

Planets Minerals Vegetals
Sun Gold Ash tree
Saturn Lead Cyprus
Jupiter Zinc Tin Plantain
Moon Silver Cherry tree
Mars Iron Oak
Venus Silica Copper Birch
Mercury Quicksilver (Mercury) Elm tree

Teaching 16: Mercury

The planets Mercury and Venus are on the parallel plane, but on the opposite plane to their evolutionary course. While Mercury is in state of upward evolution, Venus is in state of downward evolution.
Seemingly mythological symbols conceal the very high spirituality of Mercury, for they show him like a winged-footed man, with his body curved backwards. His left hand holds a stick with a coiled serpent and his right hand is raised, like emblem of the complete development of potential powers both masculine and feminine. Also, his winged helmet is symbol of permanent clairvoyance. Also the Walkirias, born from Wotan’s mind, symbolizing higher vision, wear winged helmet like Mercury, which also in accordance with to the legend is born from Jupiter’s mind.
The planet Mercury is the last separated from Mother Mass. Since the Solar System had partially achieved its material development, it took experiences made a priori and its development was very quick. This was not arbitrary because the mission of Mercury’s chain is that of being the seat of those Hosts that, on the Earthly Round, rule over the destinies of the system as a whole. They are the same Hosts that in the second Earthly Round dwelt on the First Round.
The Hosts of Numbers, Sound and Line act in the first Round. The thoughts of the Architects are reflected on the wonderful line of Hosts, traced by sound and numeration of Sounds. These Hosts already think, speak and take certain form; this occurs in the second Round.
In the beginning of the first Round, these Hosts remain in state of ecstasy or constant concentration that enables them to create other numberless Hosts. We should interpret the creation of new Hosts in this sense: cosmic or primordial matter, on which the ecstatic Architects shape their ideal, puts then in a position to attract to themselves those very high entities that are ready to form a new system. But even though these entities are ready to collaborate on the plane of formation of planets and in their development, neither these entities nor the Hosts created by the planets are ready to take a body of connection that may precipitate them into matter. These entities just will descend to matter, forces by the force power of the mighty love of a lower Host, previously awakened by them for a life of loving action.
On the third Round, these Hosts gather and organize the Heavenly Hosts, and drive and force the Hosts of Mankind to become men, as long as the Hosts of the Shadow lead the evolution of elementary groups.


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