Teaching 1: Renunciation and Renunciations
Teaching 2: First Renunciation
Teaching 3: Presence
Teaching 4: Expansion
Teaching 5: Participation
Teaching 6: Redeeming Participation
Teaching 7: Renunciation through Vows
Teaching 8: Silence of Silences
Teaching 9: Fidelity of Fidelities
Teaching 10: Grades of Fidelity
Teaching 11: Intimate Obedience
Teaching 12: Reversibility
Teaching 13: Initiatory Renunciation
Teaching 14: Renunciation as Holocaust
Teaching 15: Real Priesthood
Teaching 16: Divine Reversibility

Teaching 1: Renunciation and Renunciations

Renunciation is one; Renunciation is Substantial Union. The soul aspires to find this grand end as the goal of its efforts –it is a summit to climb just symbolically, since the Union begins to be obvious in the soul as soon as the desired perfection leads him to tread on the Path.
When the Son makes his first offering, denies something of him and affirms himself as a contrary value, he contacts at once the divinity essentially dwelling in the soul and by this contact emerges by taking there an expansive position.
But the soul, that by its positive habits is ready to convert every soul value into a result, is ever shaping its own possibilities as a whole. That is why we are told the soul will achieve the Union only in the end of the Path.
This denies not the immediate Union but indicates those stages to traverse in order to get a permanent Union.
Renunciation is supernatural; Renunciation is Being. Being is a simple and dark state; it is disappearance in the soul center, is to be a soul in the Great Soul.
Renunciation is true impersonality; it is complete loss of to our own will; it is absence of every personal desire in order to remain in the Divine Will.
Renunciation is; when one is all, here is a power in se. So renouncing to everything outer instead of “doing nothing” means not include personal will in our doings.
What one does is not ours. The important thing is not what one does but that the act should be perfect through renunciation; so the act is divine.
On the other hand, renunciations are the way and preparation for Renunciation.
Every fight, every thought, every feeling of man ever unveils translates something else defined and concrete, and determines him more in what he is. Although the individual is given negative realization means, at once he transforms them into positive self-affirmation elements by tracing an insurmountable line between him and the value he wants to attain.
Our self and means should not be converted into an opposite value, and the sense of fight and conquest of good should be inverted so by not incorporating something else to oneself, the inner negative state disintegrates it as a compound.
Renunciation cannot be just a mystical way or an ascetic realization mean; it must be lived, experienced and known exhaustively to lead it to be a liberating integral state.
Not to become a mere ascetic way or an ascetic realization mean, Renunciation should become a science, and the renunciation science starts as asceticism becomes technique, that is, when its exercise attains mathematical perfection.
It is unnecessary to overcome a resistance in order to renounce, but one renounces systematically. This leads self-analysis to be real intuitive knowledge, and sets free renunciation from the personal frame in order to make of it a universal value.
Renunciation that is perfectly and technically applied results in renunciation science.
When renunciation technique is not a positive value becomes a habitual state whose consequence is highest inner simplicity.
Its mystical work is inner par excellence and you achieve a negative transcendence –totally inner, essentially divine– through that immobility, through that inner fixation.
That is why this entirely inner work has a cosmic range. So the renunciation message is message of life, divine life itself.

Teaching 2: First Renunciation

The man lives unconsciously centered on his personal ego. The rational power that characterizes the Aryan man creates in him the illusion of his own mental world, which he deems different from that of others. Since his early years, he is led according to certain mental moulds and certain behavior by mainly fostering his ancestral mental limitation.
These outlooks and forms of thinking and feeling are as usual in him as to deem they cannot be detached from his ego, and he fears to lose them since they grant an illusory independence and security.
Renunciation is the mean that allows overcoming this partial state of being.
Cafh provides the Son with initiatory means for Renunciation.
The name of every being is modulated expression of his personal ego.
As the new aspirant takes his vow and says his civilian name to enter Cafh, he fixes and dissolves his name in the Mystical Cafh’s Body, being purified in the fire of this high vibration. As soon as the Son enters, he is potentially liberated by fixation and dissolution.
Immanently and at certain moments, the Son can become different from his individuality by taking this transcendental and supernatural step of offering. The real essence of the soul differs from his personality with which he was intimately identified, and recognizes all his limitations and his incapacity to lead the soul to the perfection. It is then when the Son intimately renounces to deceive and deem he is able to be and to do, enters the path leading to his sincerest humility and starts the sense of Renunciation as state.
Soul imperfections and his own inferiority stand out and can be recognized in this state. Also actions, thoughts and feelings focused on the personal ego are disturbed and give way to more expansive states of consciousness.
This inner transformation of the Son, as a result of his first renunciations, is absolutely indispensable to aright knowledge of the Teaching and words of his Superior.
A Son renounces to the strong impulses of his personal will in this first stage of his spiritual life, and meekly allows being led. This attitude leads him to contact the Great Current that allows him more easily overcoming more easily the first obstacles on his Path.
So the new, ingenuous and pure Son gets his first experiences by means of renunciation. But not for this they are not mainly transcendent because these first contacts with renunciation can lead the soul to live intense states of inner fullness.

Teaching 3: Presence

The Stability Radius is determined by the vibratory field emanated from the place where the souls are centered in order to achieve the Whole Great Work.
The Stability Radius is image and material figure of OM HES. It is the meeting of the divine and human presence that the Son’s vocation seals with his vow.
The Son’s presence at the Stability Radius fixes the material pole where divine energies are discharged and filtered according to the volitional Son’s offering and Holy Masters’ willingness. This filtering action will ever be necessary to impede the total materialization of the said energies.
The Son assumes the responsibility for being a gradual receiver of divine energies by renouncing to physical mobility and overcoming material obstacles that prevented him from forming the measure of his magnetic unity with the Divine Mother, with himself and with Humanity by defining and limiting himself in order to place himself where he shall be able to take part in the Whole Great Work.
After setting the mould where the homogeneous both divine and human action can be valued, the Son determines by offering of life the Idea Mother and this way establishes the spiritual pole that shall be receiver of the Divine Ideation that his mind can capture.
The power of the Great Current acquires rhythm when its supporting spiritual-material poles are established.
An intensified physical, mental and spiritual offering continuously transforms and guides a Son toward the true Egoentia.
Its living presence at the Stability Radius awakens the inner divinity dwelling in him by developing his Body of Fire in order to determine later his possibilities and achieve the Substantial Union with the Divine Mother.
The divine abode OM HES –where the Divine Mother, the Son and Humanity are expressed as one– shall be placed on the path that the vocational transformation of a Son shall make. In the beginning, OM HES shall start from the most objective material point and later gradually shall enter the most intimate depth of the Son’s heart. And from there OM HES shall reflect the said divine abode upon Humanity as an ideal and analogical place by becoming himself the truest and safest site for his own individual realization.
The presence of the Son determines the fixation and contact of the Whole Great Work by renouncing to his physical mobility.
The presence of the Son determines by renouncing to the mental mobility the fixation of the Idea Mother by establishing the spiritual pole from which the rhythmic Power of the Great Current shall emanate.
The presence of the Son determines by renouncing to the soul mobility the fixation of the measure of his possibilities in order to achieve the Substantial Union with the Divine Mother.
Later, his whole destiny upon Earth shall be growing capacity to offer himself by means of his living, magnetic, mental and spiritual presence for the realization of the promise received at the moment of taking his Vows.
The living presence of the Son in the Stability Radius becomes conquest of the homogeneous structure of divine and human values through his egoentia.

Teaching 4: Expansion

Inner values of the Son acquire sublimation and force when he renounces to his physical, mental and emotional movements that lead him to seclude mystically the soul and offer his life.
He surpasses the human limits and attains the sphere of transcendent divine action by means of this sublimation.
As an effective result of this expansion of his presence, he improves his participation in the Whole Great Work, in the Power of the Great Current and in the Substantial Union with the Divine Mother.
The Son loses his mobility and displacement by renunciation to his physical mobility and seclusion in one place. But on the other hand he increases his energetic power that gives him expansive capacity, and also achieves higher communication sensibility.
By means of this expansive capacity the Son goes beyond physical limitations and contacts the whole world, other countries and other weathers, and even takes part in geographic configurations of earth. He is able to know beings and notice problems because of his higher sensibility.
This physical expansion and higher sensibility break all barriers and separateness and cause the Son to comprise all souls and bring a true message of wellbeing and peace to all of them.
As the Son renounces to the mental-emotional mobility because he reduces himself to only one idea and only one feeling, eliminates the energetic dispersion resulting from the soul mobility and increases the power of his thoughts and feelings.
As a result of increasing these forces there is a wider mental-emotional expansion and he increases the power of his thoughts and feelings by increasing these powers, and at the same time it grants to him capacity to realize his desires. So the Son gives health to the sick and help to the needy.
Secluding mystically his soul and living in his own heart so that the living mission trusted to him by Caph comes to be true, the Son expands and penetrates into the soul of others. This soul expansion allows imparting a guide to the souls.
The renunciation of the Son to his own life leads him to expand himself in the Divine Mother’s life and he expresses Her upon earth. He has redeemed his own nature and takes part in the Divine Incarnation by means of this renunciation. The spiritual expansion has brought him into contact with the Divinity, and now he is united with the Divine Incarnation by taking part in the redemption along with the Divine Incarnation.
By his renunciation the Son is stabilized, limited, centered and immobilized, but this reduction of his outer values grants to him the whole power of his own center and acquires an expansive dynamics. He remains in him but expanded as a surge of love and renovation by contacting the world, the cosmos and the divinity.

Teaching 5: Participation

The Son’s spiritual path aims at participating in the Great Work, whose task allows achieving the Substantial Union.
Participation means to take part in a thing or to share it.
This double concept –to take part and to share– clarifies the dual sense of participation and is vividly reflected in the aspect of renunciation as participation.
“Taking part” is its active aspect; and “sharing”, not to tell “taking” or “receiving”, is its passive aspect.
The Son takes part in a universal spiritual task through renunciation, and he receives, that is, shares spiritual goods, as fruit, that ultimately set free the soul.
So, renunciation as participation is a dynamic attitude positive and negative at a time. It involves efforts and relaxation; it is will and consciousness, giving and taking.
The ritual blessing clearly expresses this concept: through it, the Sons should take part in the Whole Great Work –positive participating aspect; in the Power of the Great Current –unitive, divine-human aspect; in order to achieve the Substantial Union with the Divine Mother –passive aspect, a fruit graciously granted.
So, participation derived from renunciation appears as a movement –the Ired– which raises the soul toward God in order to descend later to men carrying the Divine Mother’s Message.
Participation is proportional to renunciation, and inversely proportional to those efforts still applied by the Son to maintaining it. A soul that has gone through the threshold of desire and conquered a perfect renunciation, navigates on the bosom of the eternity as a star in the firmament, and fully participates, perfectly in tune with its divine and human values.
But Sons remember this: to this purpose, also you must conquer that fraction of the Great Current Power that is symbolized by human limitations.
So, you may understand that to take part completely in the Substantial Union and achieve it, we must take part in the Whole Great Work, that is, to give all and to renounce to all by taking part simultaneously in the Power of the Great Current, through which the Son turns himself into a channel of the Divine Will. Participation depends upon the intimate surrender of being.
Vows mark potentially the progress of this surrender and reflect the conscious responsibility the Son is ready to assume. He assumes this responsibility not only publicly but also intimately; therefore this responsibility is not only for God, but also for Humanity and life, which is the Great Work.
So, renunciation is a method and a transcendent divine asceticism with full participation. Renunciation comprises tangible-intangible human aspects.
Renunciation as participation in life is renunciation to senses, to personal knowledge, to personal mental likes and to certain achievement. You take part in feeling, knowledge and likes of the whole Humanity by throwing down barriers of desire, and also you take part in the achievement of the whole Humanity.
Just then the Son becomes really Man and takes part in an evolution with a cause and last purpose beyond his soul possibilities.

Teaching 6: Redeeming Participation

It is indispensable and indisputable that the Son must take part in the redeeming task of the Divine Incarnation for the salvation of beings and the individual being.
But this potential redemption of the Divine Incarnation can be effective by updating it on each being; to this purpose, the Divine Incarnation has to be transformed and made effective in him.
Redeeming participation is identification of the Son with the Divine Presence, that is, with the Divine Incarnation.
The Son must achieve this identification by his own efforts, and even so he achieves it because he came into contact, in a pre-determined way, with cosmic powers of liberation when he started treading on the Path through his vow.
The Son takes part in the Redeeming Participation with his surrender through his initial vow, since this intimate surrender demands holocaust.
The Redeeming Participation turns the Son into radiating source of Cafh’s Work; this is the result his perpetual vow, by which he is one with the Redeeming Work of the Divine Presence and feels the human troubles in depth.
An inner expansion is born of this participation with vow and offering, and causes the Son to feel himself responsible for Humanity. As a separate being, he could not bear the evils of Humanity. A true vocational responsibility cannot co-exist with separateness.
The Son gains his Unity with the Redeeming Work of the Divine Presence through his perpetual vow but he can make this Redeeming Participation effective only through the Ordained Priesthood.
When he applies his renouncing will, this will yields fruits only if it is not a separate, personal value; therefore, the Son identifies himself with the Divine Will by renouncing to his own will.
The Redeeming Participation is an offering of life, blood and soul, since participation does not mean only collaboration or help. Even it is not an emotional affection, but a state of consciousness where the Son feels his life does not belong to him, but belongs to mankind.
The Son’s Divine Participation is the perfect gradual imitation by presence, expansion and participation in the Divine Incarnation.

Teaching 7: Renunciation through Vows

The Son’s efforts to attain the final verities and achieve the real vision of God allow him achieving new conceptions about the divinity but no to be this divinity.
The Son cannot achieve the conquest of the divinity through a positively affirmed will.
He can contact just the divine and the eternity through a negative expansion updated in the silent bosom of his soul.
But sometimes that are mystically valuable moments that permit intuit the divine. These are transition moments when one state is on the point to end in order to give room to other equal and opposite state, when this change did not occurred yet. It is the zero point, the inflection point, the node, the laya centre. It is the moment that is immediately previous to achieve knowledge. It is the short while when you are on the air and you jump from one shore to another. It is a moment of abeyance when, during your normal breathing, your inhalation softly stops and becomes exhalation and vice versa. Ired more Ired and minus Ired.
Through the Vows the Cafh’s Son permanently places himself in this state of void, transition, jump and abeyance.
Through the vow, you jump, but you never attain the other shore. You get a void that is previous to knowledge, but you do not attain your desired knowledge, you conquer other dimension, –a negative pole.
The Son does not come again to his initial ground through his jump. He goes elsewhere. He gets knowledge about other state, but is not disconnected from the former state through his displacement.
The true meaning of the vows can only be known through renunciation and renunciation can only be realized through vows.
An ordinary man that did not take any Vow, has no destiny; we could say: verily he does not exist.
But the Son that as such took his Vows has an infallible destiny and really “IS” and ideally exists by his permanence in his vows.
So as you can mark the point where certain star can be found at certain moment on the sky, the Son by his permanence in his vows shall attain the crowning point of his supernatural destiny.
By the vow of silence he shall open the doors to his inner life. By the vow of fidelity he will become integral. By the vow of obedience he will do the impossible and, finally, by the vow of renunciation –mystical crown that sums up in itself all vows– he shall expand in the Unity by becoming co-redeemer in blood and spirit.

Teaching 8: Silence of Silences

The Man that lives in the bustle and turmoil of the world can place in his soul only manifestations of incomplete and imperfect love.
The realization of the true love requires to be canalized through silence.
Silence is the first negative value on which the spiritual life of the Son is based, since it produces the necessary environment to discovering the intimate center where the Real Love is crystallized.
One can return to the Divine Mother just by starting a negative movement of void, which throws down the continuity of external systematic –affirmative and positive outer– values; so one creates the magnetic circle of silence that protects the intimate center, reservoir of the root of Love.
Therefore, oh Son, keep quiet for the Silence to acquire the first self-negation and give evidence of the first true love by this renunciation.
In order to achieve this, the Son must push his own soul to a living talk deprived of daily shouting, and this will be a dialogue in silence. The former cannot say all just because it always limits his expressions.
Words disintegrate the value of the unitive love and split it into self-destructive systematic values.
Only silence can say all because silence has renounced to say.
Silence opens the door of the inner abode to the soul. This is the fundamental attitude of a Son surrendered to the promised divine love.
The Silence is an attitude of surrender in God, and saving fortitude; it discovers where the Son can dwell and prevents him from being dragged and infected by anxiety and unrest of beings that live but really do not exist.
Silence is simply void where nothing is important or in a hurry and all stops. You can achieve the inner silence just with love and surrender; these fill the soul with perfect void; the latter will emerge from the vibration that the souls demand.
So, the Son acquires an active life that is worth of his offering. The Son integrates and connects heaven to earth by means of love.
Just then the human life acquires divine values through his participation, salvation and expansion.
First, one must take part in understanding and help and then to participate in them. First one has to be silence and later Voice; first fire and later flame; and first relieving the human togetherness instead of being a burden.
One has to save because we acquire the gift of being receivers of the Holy Masters’ Voice by sticking to the divine truth; so, the salvation work for men of our days is possible.
One should expand the divine conquered by silence and really achieve those values of vows and egoentia obtained. So, the soul awakens the first source of love, which as a vibratory power permits an active communication with other beings.
The Son that conquers his Silence acquires a new mode of living. He knows how to keep quiet and practice this with new and renewed virtues. He does not speak about himself and is humble. He does not mention defects of others and is charitable. He does not utter useless words and is a modern penitent. He keeps quiet on time and becomes wise and prudent. He does not refer to his own pain and is a hero.
The Perfect Silence –Silence of Silences– is perfect inner void and reflected in human love transformed by divine love.

Teaching 9: Fidelity of Fidelities

Renunciation, offering and love are the Path of the Cafh’s Sons.
It is a path of renunciation because takes part in the fundamental law with which Cafh develops the spiritual vocation.
It is a path of offering as a mean to achieve negative values of the soul.
It is a path of love as a link of communion between the divine and humane.
But this offering and this love are a path of renunciation to achieve the divine promise granted to the Son since his entry to Cafh; this renunciation must be active and continuous, expecting and potential with regard to the divine will. This character of continuity and expectation can exist only if the surrender of the Son is sustained by fidelity and sticks closely the Soul to the Divinity.
Fidelity comes to be true and affirmed through the vow by following strictly the Regulation of Cafh.
Through his continuous fidelity to the Regulation of Cafh, gradually the Son becomes submissive to the divine voice and depends upon love to the Divine Mother, which is similar to her Divinity. Really fidelity becomes power.
Through his real and continuous fidelity, the Son is increasing his surrender, and this surrender at a time intensifies his fidelity. They influence one another, increase successively, and their culmination is a whole, essential fidelity. It is fidelity of fidelities,
The fidelity of fidelities creates a total adhesion of the soul to the Divine Mother, causes the Mystique of the Heart to be true and achieves the supernatural and divine gift of the Initiation, the gift of the Divine Union.
The Son is loyal and identified with the Law, so he lives in his own heart in tune with the divinity and deserves the divine helpfulness that opens him to an initiatory revelation.
The Son is loyal by means of an ascetic renunciation that leads him toward more real dimensions in any aspect of his living.
So, this desire of purification, which initially was self-centered, now expands and purifies others.
Gradually this divine helpfulness illuminates and baths and transforms him into a mean to illuminate. He is a source of radiating light.
Really he is able “to be” through his identification with the Divine Mother, which is the result of his self-offering. He is dead to live. He became a source of life.
Fidelity of fidelities is perfect, real, powerful and essential fidelity; it is culmination of love, gives full renunciation and allows attaining the Substantial Union with the Divine Mother.

Teaching 10: Grades of Fidelity

A usual definition of fidelity is loyalty, observance of our mutual faith; also it is explained as punctuality and accurateness to achieve a thing.
At the same time, loyalty also means fulfillment of legal demands of fidelity and honor.
From the sense of the words fidelity and loyalty, their general and special meaning and implications in spiritual life emerge with clarity.
At least, one needs an object (let us call it so) to be faithful in order to practice fidelity.
This object, which can be even merely ideal, should have a tangible and concrete manifestation that could be named law, which restricts the reach of the object.
The observance of this law and its accurate fulfillment are in the end a concrete form of fidelity humanly practiced.
In short, we can say fidelity is an attitude within the reach of the present man that is tied by reason and subject to it in order to surrender, stick and even assimilate entirely transcendent concepts and experiences.
Fidelity is a feeling and an intimate attitude of the soul, and you do not obtain it through a simple volitional act; it develops and flourishes on successive chain stages, which one must go across in order to achieve personal fullness.
The first stage deals with an intimate and total acceptance of the demanding object or principle. So, first of all, you need a perfect submission. If you do not achieve it, then always focuses of resistance, rebelliousness and opposition will remain, which would tarnish the surrender of the soul by impeding its liberation.
So, spiritual submission is to break the personal will, for it is surrender to the divine object, submission to a superior, that is to say, the tangible and human object, and obedience and submission to the Regulation, that is, the divine law given to the Son.
It will be impossible to be free of human laws and of their implications if this requirement is broken.
But what occurs to him who achieves it? For him human laws will lose any value and meaning and his life will be ruled just by one law and divine will.
The soul enters a new stage where depends upon experiences and deeds as a whole and upon something else that is different from what commonly restrains men.
His practical spiritual fidelity leads him to a new dependence that is different and divine.
Now he does hear the words of men. His senses aim totally at the injunction of the divine voice that he follows with fidelity.
This loyal and constant practice is adjusting the soul to the divine law, and finally this soul vibrates only in unison with it.
So, the soul experiences the full divine manifestation and attains limits within the reach of men.
When the soul attains these states, and through the act of perfect love, the Son can be like that divinity whom initially he promised fidelity, picking the fruit of virtue practiced and offering perfected.
There is no dissolution in the absolute and eternal principle but certainly it is possible to achieve humanly the experience of eternity and cosmic similarity.
Finally, one should understand this: these grades of fidelity lead the soul to its most glorious realization even in the most human acts of living; it is there where the Son must start practicing them by being strictly subject to the letter, a human expression and mould of the Regulation, without which it will be impossible to perceive its transcendent spiritual sense.

Teaching 11: Intimate Obedience

The Vow of obedience is essentially an act of mystic and spiritual love.
The Son can travel through certain stretch of the spiritual path with will effort, but he must set aside his will at certain point where routes acquire a transcendent character.
Spiritual life mainly consists in knowing how to surrender to obedience in order to live the Great Work as a whole.
The Divine Mother is the route of the Son and he must surrender to her in order to arrive.
This loving surrender to the Divine Mother becomes ideal by the vow of obedience, and effective by its daily fulfillment, whose expression is through submission to the Superior.
This intimate obedience, affirmed by renunciation, is the only source of life, happiness and salvation of the world. This obedience produces a sense of inner void, of approach to the Divine Mother and of divine prelude.
But an ideology cannot achieve this renunciation on this plane of human evolution; it can be achieved by a dynamic soul movement that is obedience.
The man gets used to a freedom with sentimental and rational values but if he wants to conquer the true freedom –the spiritual freedom– is bound to renounce to those values achieved.
Human nature tries to unite rational and supernatural aspects and to explain as much as possible the spiritual ideal, when in fact supernatural life is something that you must accept a priori, with no explanations, but certainly expecting your identification with it some day.
He who willingly obeys disposes of any mental burden and has only one point, only one idea and only one purpose.
His human living becomes divine and grants power of eternity.
Personality is annihilated as it feels the total surrender of the soul to the Divinity through intimate obedience; so, the spiritual individuality acquires a wide divine aspect.
So, the intimate obedience that is vocational is not annihilation of the individuality but conquest of the egoentia; it is to live in the Mystical Body of Cafh.
The Son’s task is relative but if you offer it to the Divine Mother through detachment and obedience, you add it to the power of the Great Current and as a result it is strength, power and creative act.
Obedience before the Superior as a man is captivity but obedience to the Superior as the Divine Mother’s image is loving submission, spiritual liberty.
Human obedience is source of bitterness, sadness and inferiority complex, which is opposite to voluntary, intimate and divine obedience that is source of joy, carefree spirit and happiness.
An intimate obedience need not think; it is sufficient to be conscious of the action.
The Son penetrates into himself through intimate, strenuous and constant obedience; so, he rejects any appearance, becomes the nothing, apparently annihilates himself and becomes a perfect ego-centered being that is totally divine.

Teaching 12: Reversibility

The Idea Mother reflects the Divine thought but as this thought takes form on the human plane it acquires diverse forms and animates different trends.
Launched as a unique light ray, a diffracted Idea Mother touches the contingent plane of life.
While consciousness is not invariably projected, you live in the diversity, in the world of compounds. Unity can come back only through strenuous renunciation since renunciation brings about a reversibility to the state of consciousness.
The Ired’s movement is not only the becoming of the Unity but also its return to the Unity. This return occurs by renouncing to manifestation and known values in order to achieve only one value, that of the Unity.
A positive effort can never give reversibility but affirmation in the very state where it takes place.
Renunciation as to total reversibility of values and states gives an integral solution to human problems. It does not add problems to problems with partial solutions, but by changing the intimate state of consciousness, it causes the problems to disappear as such, and on the other hand leaves a new order of values –essential values.
You collide with something else that is impossible when you try to renounce without a detachment from an order of ideas and from a type of previous efforts. So, renunciation may be named “Death” or “Void”.
Every ordinary concept of human renunciation, virtue and efforts is worthless before a true intimate renunciation that in order to be such demands a fundamental change of consciousness. To ignore this would be equal to believe you can take the earthly possessions to the kingdom of death, which possesses its own different possessions.
Renunciation is a simultaneous static and dynamic state from the viewpoint of the field of consciousness, and reversibility is a sudden and transforming adaptation to precise changes of these states that are unique in themselves. A gross explanation of reversibility would be: When a dynamic value becomes static and vice versa, this sudden change occurs not by fixation or dissolution but by transcendence, essential secret of renunciation, perception of multiplicity in unity, and of unity in multiplicity.
Renunciation is to live intimately on an essential and contingent plane alternatively; it is as if you possessed something and you were aware of this something as something else.
This intimate feeling gives a perfect balance of values because is never definitely placed on one viewpoint, on one pole or on an apparent truth that that is necessarily illusory.
This reversibility allows reconciling different appearances and contradictions on an essential plane. So, ultimately its fruit is that of serenity and peace.

Teaching 13: Initiatory Renunciation

The Son’s practical renunciation leads him to discover the secret of the Universe. So, eventually the Son becomes renunciation.
The whole secret of the Universe lies on one word, on one simple vibratory movement that is essence and existence of harmonious divine and human values.
The Son renounces to books in order to bring the mystical awakening of the word desired; so he keeps his mind virgin, flexible and disciplined by achieving only one book: the Regulation that is an effective and real bridge for the Son to attain knowledge of both divine and human aspects.
The Teaching coming from the Regulation promotes spirit of renunciation and causes the Idea Mother to take form in the mind of the Son. Books are disordered cultures that disseminate ideas on a process of continuous expansion; but these books do not admit a return to the unity of the teaching because they lack the reversible value of the divine aspect.
The Son awakens the mystique of his heart as he renounces to its vibrating peripheral sensations that produce human loves of any kind but darken the Real Love.
The Son’s active apostolate is to realize personally the mystery of the Divine Love and to mould a simple idea by transforming it into a human act. But the Son is obliged to remove any desire of crystallizing the divinity in this act since such an attitude would mean to attain a personal fruit that determines a connection of the individual being with the work. If he does so is obliged to keep, preserve and perpetuate this connection against the divine action ever demanding reversibility of the value attained by returning to the very source of its conception.
Renunciation to knowledge, acquired by human efforts to overcome disordered composed ideas, grants the great of Initiation to the Son, and gives him the magical cosmic power to join to the great family of the universe, to beings that by their egoentia are aware of the creative, preservative and destructive power of the Race’s Divine Mother in a wise identification with the divine expression and human realization.
The conquest of this renunciation, the practice of this renunciation, or rather, the Son’s consubstantiation with renunciation, opens to him the door of a realization achieved through obedience, which is the most active value of the soul in order to set itself free from old moulds of a relaxing freedom tied to its personality, to obtain the reversibility of its own values, according and in tune with the Ired’s movement, which the universal consciousness puts in the potential and active consciousness of the Son.
The Initiatory Renunciation connects intimately human values –offered by the Son– to those divine values –that have been granted– and ties him in tune with the universal family and makes him fit –makes him fit alone– to his priesthood, so that this act be beneficial and sanctifying, and his priesthood be established in his soul and in the souls. He has contacted the divinity by crystallizing his value as an ordained Son –this is the work that every Son intimately wishes.

Teaching 14: Renunciation as Holocaust

Renunciation is just a new form of selfishness if its purpose is a personal happiness through liberation detached from Humanity to which we belong.
To contribute to solving problems and evils of others is more important than to solve our own problems.
So, the Son’s experience of renunciation should be reflected on the human plan, and he can do so just in an effective way by descending to stay amid the souls.
To descend to stay “amid” is to break separateness through renunciation.
This descent would not be a transformation into a vehicle with a saving solution since this would be no more than a new mean outside men, a new intermediary; it should be total participation through perfect holocaust, which is to be entirely identified with Humanity.
Of course, it is impossible to live with a fixed volitional attitude as to human problems; on the contrary, consciousness of these problems should be translated into a state of real and effective participation as to its results.
Holocaust is to “stop being” in order to “be” in everybody. It is to be the man, not a man.
A resulting participation of the Son’s holocaust is not only subjective participation but also unification with human problems, desires and despairs. It is an integral participation –physical, mental and spiritual.
The Son participates physically and mentally through his work by removing what is superfluous, restraining his needs and using efficiently what he possesses. His Providential Economy leads him toward this. The Son shares all human miseries. The Son shares spiritually and psychically the redemption of Humanity. Any problem of the souls is condensed in his own soul.
Finally, mystique of renunciation causes the Son to feel the human suffering, but his ascetic renunciation grants to him power to share suffering. The Son remains in the human environment voluntarily, after going beyond this environment.
So, a Son that has offered his own life in holocaust becomes a co-redeemer of Humanity through his own integral participation.

Teaching 15: Real Priesthood

An invariable and unavoidable question arises about the motive of renunciation when, even with unusual ecstatic fullness, certain people experience pleasures of the material world, which are as much sensual as intellectual.
It is almost humanly impossible to answer this question because one should place himself on such a transcendent position beyond any ordinary human possibility.
But its answer is absolutely, fundamentally valuable, and a yearning that Humanity can never discard.
A man should not deceive himself intimately because over and above his own efforts and view, he depends upon something else that is inaccessible to him, beyond his normal possibilities –he depends upon “It” that neither his senses nor his mind can grasp.
But there are heroic, nonconformist natures that neither lose heart nor abandon their intimate yearning.
When their senses and mind fail, they try a new different way, unlike the way of the human mass, and as they do, they go away from this ordinary road and dispose of it as useless.
This step is named step of renunciation –even one could call it falsely a way of renunciation– because a person who takes this step becomes a conqueror of the Universe. Through ascetic Renunciation and mystique of the heart it leads to the Eternity and gradually connects the individual being with transcendental cosmic aspects and forces.
Although this exceptional way is wonderful, the individual being that lacks egoentia generally runs the risk of being detached and separate from the world and from Humanity and must survive inexorably on this environment.
The transmission power of the Great Current grants the Real Priesthood to the Son when the latter is fit to take his vows as a perpetual holocaust.
The individual liberation is sterile if it does not yield fruit, which can be achieved only through participation in the Great Work.
Through this participation, the liberated soul or on the point of being liberated remains united with the rest of Humanity.
And this mystical connection is made through vows.
The individual being assumes a responsibility through vows and acquires an intimate hierarchy that is essence of the Priesthood.
He assumes a responsibility since the fulfillment of vows depends entirely upon the Son that has taken them.
He acquires priestly hierarchy because as soon as he takes his vows remains tied to the divine will in a permanent and indestructible way, and he cannot undo spiritually this tie.
Any sincere yearning of spiritual liberation must include and really includes inexorably a desire of priesthood, –crown and privilege of those who become channel of God.
Men can hear the Eternal Voice through the above mentioned beings.
Their acts are magical because they translate the transcendence and are sacramental because reflect the divine light.
A blessing connects beings to Divinity, and their performance is a true cosmic act.
They are connected to the powers of the Universe by fulfilling strictly his vows and acquire power to heal the sick and to relieve the needy.
So, finally, as the highest possibility of the real priesthood, the Son answers individually the fundamental question of the soul by bringing consolation and joy of the divine word to beings.
So, a liberated soul ends its cycle of human living upon the earth through a real priesthood.

Teaching 16: Divine Reversibility

Cafh takes active part in forming the future man by molding this man in its bosom even now. The image of the future man is realized on the Initiated Son, Priest of Cafh.
Cafh’s priesthood is the true way since perfect Sons are prototypes of the future man, who will give evidence of the divinity upon the earth after being sure by an inner state that their souls have been in Substantial Union with the Divine Mother and aim at remaining on this state.
This perfect state of the future man cannot admit any human pre-concept. Just there is one way to approach it: the Ordained Priest achieves it in a state of simplicity through renunciation, where the soul remains in the perfect mould reserved by the Divine Mother, by breaking at the same time any pre-conceived perfection mould.
Moulds of perfection devised by the man are and ever shall be composite, while the Divine Mould is and shall ever be simple.
The perfect divine reversibility turns simplicity into composite and vice versa.
The Son can give perfect evidence of the divine existence in the soul by being deprived of any compound. This extreme simplicity that just renunciation can grant is not obtained by improving our thinking, our feeling, or our function time to understand.
The Son –Ordained Priest, Real Priest– attains the conscious state of this immutable permanence that reveals to the soul its full meeting with the Divinity; so the Son remains eternally as a witness and gives evidence of the divine existence through an individual, simple and unique priestly experience.
The Priest that simplifies his living and finally attains this inner state becomes witness of the divine reality, witness of the divine freedom upon the earth, and knows the Secret of the Divine Reversibility: multiplicity in the One and the One in multiplicity.


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