Teaching 1: Journey of the Soul
Teaching 2: The Black Lady
Teaching 3: The Beginning of the Way
Teaching 4: The Abyss
Teaching 5: The Lower Worlds
Teaching 6: Vel and Aphel
Teaching 7: The Two Ways
Teaching 8: The Standard
Teaching 9: The Two Keys
Teaching 10: The Temple of Gold
Teaching 11: Divine Vision
Teaching 12: The Veil of AEIA
Teaching 13: The Wisdom of the Mother
Teaching 14: The Resurrection of EHS
Teaching 15: The Mystical Wedding
Teaching 16: History of Symbology


Teaching 1: Journey of the Soul

Here is a transcription of Symbolic Teachings of an ancient Esoteric School left to its adepts, and translated from an ancient language by some lovers of Wisdom
These Symbols describe the journey started by the human soul from the lower planes to reach the spiritual freedom.
This Way is divided into seven parts. Lower planes are indicated by the Abyss, the Shadowy Forest and the Turbulent Lake; and higher planes are expressed by the Way that leads to the Summit of the Mount, the Garden of Trials and the Temple of Gold, –images of the mental worlds of feeling, understanding and knowledge.
The Spirit, or rather, the Spiritual State, is symbolized by the Sacred Summit, located beyond the inextinguishable flames, that is, beyond any mental state; this is a Sacred Summit that keeps the Tomb of the Divine Mother.
Three types of men with different aspects describe the human soul, in its upward evolution, but they are only one; because a man changes continuously from one state to another, being fundamentally the same being.
Man dragged by passion is called Wayfarer; when he is self-reliant and knows how to control his instincts is called Pilgrim, and when he achieves spiritual freedom is IHS.
The Divine Mother –manifestation of the Eternal One– is imagined and described by different female aspects, according to the grade of manifestation that it expresses.
She is the Black Lady or Babel, when manifests heavy and gross matter.
When she expresses feeling, her name is Anhunit.
When she is led by reason, becomes Philo.
When the Superior Mind and intuition enlighten her, is Beatrix.
When she is the pure expression of the Spirit, is Aeia.
But, when Spirit and matter have reached perfect harmony, she is the Sleeping Divine Mother: EHS.
When the human soul hears the call to a more perfect life, at the supreme moment when it decided to follow the Path, the pressure of human matter retains it.
The Black Lady is there, always watchful and always fearful of losing her prey: she is the Great Enemy and Owner of the Threshold, and the Wayfarer must fight fiercely with her if he wants to pass through the centre of the Little Ring within which she is the Queen and he a subject.
When the Wayfarer wants to leave the Little Ring, the Black Lady brings about a frightening whirlpool that blinds and discourages him, burns his flesh with sulphur of scorching passions and, like a tempting serpent, memories of past pleasures and laments ascend terribly to his memory and do not abandon him.
Then, how can a man abandon the Abyss? How can he remove dregs which tie him to the Earth, since he has reached the crossroad where he intuits that beyond physical senses something immense and unknown really exists?
It is the Time of times, and for a decisive moment, creative powers –latent in the innermost depths of being– stand up straight like a lightening illuminating the soul and indicating the Way to the Spiritual conquest.
Since then, the Wayfarer comes back to his usual state, but unable to be such as he was.
The Divine Light –which he glimpsed for a second– has left an ineffaceable stigma on his eager soul for progress. He will not desire any more what he previously desired so much, and fleeing from worldly goods, he will find himself driven to go on forward following the new Path.
Who cares if the Journey is hard, if the Abyss is terrible, if the Way is steep, if the Forest is thick and if the travel to the Summit is long? Love will guide him, and thanks to Love he will cross the great kingdom of the beautiful Anhunit, and reason will help and guide him until he stops being a Wayfarer to become a Pilgrim.
The soul reaches this point, enters the Deep Grotto where the Book of All Times with the secret about the destiny of men, but this Book never has been read by any non-initiated mortal.
There the disciple can unravel his past, live it again more consciously and more really, and from there he can enter the pure waters of Knowledge. Beatrix herself will sink him in the waters of the Fountain where only aspirants to Wisdom can enter.
But the fight still did not end. Now it is not the night of senses and reason, but the very dark night of Trial of the Spirit.
Joyful those who, in the bitter time when they are suspended on the space between Heaven and Earth, know to surrender to the Mystical Sleep in the arms of Faith because they will awaken in the Temple of Gold!
The Pilgrim must immolate until the last personal remnant, with Supreme Renunciation, to be worthy of the Divine Mother.
Before identifying himself indestructibly with Her, he has to sacrifice even the very idea of his distinction as being, and after being everything dead, and by renouncing to the fruits of the very Wisdom, he will meet her Beloved Wife.
After this Supreme Wedding, the Pilgrim –transformed into God– lives in the Eternal One and is IHS.
The Divine Mother and IHS are One.

Teaching 2: The Black Lady

On the Moon’s 28th February, at the return of Pisces, and in the Temple of the Sun, the High Priest, sitting on the stone of EHS, looked at the immensity of waters, from which the barge, the barge-man and the jar of Aquarius would proceed, then he broke the silver cord with seven knots at the level of the sixth knot, and got up holding the Fire in his right hand to open by one blow of his strong shoulders the so called Liberating Strong One’s gate.
And he spoke.
Listen at midnight, oh Wayfarer, the song of celestial spheres.
“On the subterranean Tomb, where She who knows the number, measure and arcane of the existence is sleeping, it is written the history of the Universe on mystical signs.”
“Who can decipher them?”.
A desperate cry is heard.
“Dress the robe of linen and cover your face with the white veil, oh Son of the Flame, if you refuse to die.”
It is the soul of the Mother who calls her Children from the Mansion of Death.”
Twenty-eight priestesses slowly defile with the cry of the known voice.
“Observe upward the black stone fallen from he sky, which locks hermetically the Tomb of the Sleeping Divine Mother, and look at the golden letters that speak.”
On the Mountain of Fire, in the Temple of Inextinguishable Flames, She sleeps; she sacrificed herself for love, and love will liberate her. A circle and a cross crown the heights: the Divinity immolated for Humanity and man, at a time, made God.
A resplendent thunderbolt has descended from the heights: it is Foah. The sigh of EHS caused to shake the depths of the Abyss.
The two Guardians of the Summit are already prepared to point out the Way.
But at the edge of the Abyss of all miseries, the Black Lady has got up and blocks the step of the Wayfarer.

Teaching 3: The Beginning of the Way

The Earth still is under the Zodiacal sign of Pisces and Humanity continuously experiences its influence; men still live in an era of pairs of opposites, of ups and downs, of absolute collective and personality and, even if the new race of Aquarius is already glimpsed, which will start by the years 1972-1977, still it is not established upon the Earth.
Since the beginning of the sign, the Moon’s 28th February, this sign was the most magnetic on the planet because of its Zodiacal conjunction; therefore, this day is very proper to begin this psychical labor and to start metaphysical studies that require certain magnetism to collaborate with the human will.
This new race of Aquarius, however, already appeared, with its new sign, with its new personality and mentality; doubtless, the barge, bargeman and jar of Aquarius rapidly proceed.
But before this new Humanity is established, necessarily many beings of the old sign must disappear and the silver cord must be broken –the cord with seven knots at the level of the sixth knot– and the sixth sub-race will reign on the planet.
By strenuous efforts, man should get rid of the burden of his instincts to reach the freedom of the Spirit. A man alone, brick by brick, must build his inner temple and make there an altar to the soul liberated by the truth, a truth so far just known through symbols and images.
The High Priest, sitting on the stone, is the image of this definitive spiritual triumph, since the glorious and liberated soul, as it arrives at this so lofty state, does not transcend to the undifferentiated state but remains at the Threshold of the eternity waiting for all beings reaching his perfection in order to go back to the Eternal.
Through multiple evolutionary stages, by a Divine Law of Consequences, thanks to the infused grace acquired by the mind, after efforts and fights, the mind understand the value of Realization and even succeeds in glimpsing that this higher soul state is not the purpose of its destiny.
The Tomb of the Sleeping Divine Mother reveals to his alert consciousness a quite superior and undifferentiated state.
The soul knows that, after the passage of rounds, after the liberation of all beings, it will be merged in the Undifferentiated Eternal Spirit, that negative and absolute power that is beyond the field of mind. So, from the exile, it chants already the Hymn of Liberation as soon as it threads on the Path.

Teaching 4: The Abyss

“Get up, oh Conqueror of the Flame, and start your way; the Divine Mother is waiting for you.”
“Get out of the grave of death and despair, and cut with steady hand the hard cord of your navel which ties you to the rotten placenta of your awkwardness and bestiality.”
“Follow the luminous track before it may disappear from your sight in the thick darkness.”
“Do not forget the sound you have perceived, before you may confuse it with riots of the Abyss, with your eyes fixed on distant tongues of fire, before that scorching fires of passion may blind you.”
“Do not fear monsters that may block your steps, because they do not see; but continue to go upon all fours by the slope, because you are near the edge that encompasses the Abyss, like those immutable and imperturbable rocks around the moving waves of the ocean.”
“Do not forget! You shall get just once this precious opportunity.”
“If you do not take advantage of it, illusion must come into being in you again, and it must mature with sorrow and yield fruits of living blood up to a time when, through death, again you may glimpse the light, hear the call and see the Guiding Fire re-kindled.”
“Why do you stop? What do you listen now? What frightens you?”
“It is the horrible roar of the forsaken beast from the entrails of the earth, the beast of 666 powers.”
“Do not turn to look at it! Do not rock at the edge of the precipice. Surely you would fall in it, wrapped in the terrible whirlpool that stirs rhythmically the painstaking breath of your Enemy.”
“Yes, tomorrow! Positively, again you will kill her because, awakened by your victorious kiss, She will trust you ºthe double-edged sword of the unbreakable will.”
“Also abandon your raiment made with memories of your exile; enter the healthy waters of the Eternal One, in the quiet and hospitable lake of oblivion; dress a new white robe, seamless, wide and simple, like simple Faith and sure Hope and tolerant Love.”
“Before starting the journey, rub your feet with perfumed and soft oil of patience and resignation to face the obstacles of the long journey.”
“Other better waters wait for you, and another suit not made by hand of man, and another balsam to anoint you as a King.”

Teaching 5: The Lower Worlds

The Abyss is the image of the soul descending to the lower, human and intermediate worlds and returning to the superior worlds, to achieve knowledge, since knowledge is the key to freedom.
After his death, Christ remains three days in the sepulcher, which also symbolizes these three worlds. Under the hells, he liberates those who dwell in the limbo and soars to heaven.
In his Divine Comedy, to achieve Supreme Wisdom, Dante has to walk across the hell, crossing the purgatory and soaring to heaven.
A spiritual adept also has to go around the Abyss of passions, to start the journey to the Summit of the Mount and to conquer the prize of the Divine Mother.
Mind, a wonderful treasure for the manifestation of the Divine Life, is obstacle for Divinity in Itself.
Then, the Conqueror of the Flame is he who completely controls the mental Substance, the only means to reach the Initiation.
At moments of high inspiration and ecstasy, the disciple glimpses those grand spaces of spiritual freedom; but since he is not self-possessed, he must sink again in life to know it better and to control it.
He must overcome bestiality and instincts, starting slowly his journey toward Liberation.

Teaching 6: Vel and Aphel

In the Grotto of Trials, the Book of All Times is kept; no mortal has ever read it.
This book cannot be damaged by water or burnt by fire, and the time cannot delete its characters.
Four Knights –with flaming swords, winged helmets, silver cuirasses and hard shields– watch over the entrance to the Grotto.
But IHS, the Son of the Flame, has entered there.
The Wayfarer will not come back for long to glimpse the fire of the Divine Mother.
At the intersection of the passage Abhayagiri, in the mountains of Sumeru, an iron gate stands up.
Three terrible wild beasts watch over its entrance.
A person reluctant to be devoured by them, must put is belt on with the Sacred Cord, to take off his shoes and to break the Cane of Hazel.
Then he shall play, for him, the bell of Vihara; and the gate shall open at the touch of the Pilgrim’s hand.
And the fourth day the Wayfarer was at the side of the forked way.
One is called Vel, and the other Aphel.
The former rapidly climbs the slope, watched by a Golden Eagle to the Summit of the Mount.
The latter, studded with sharp motley little stones, descends to the edge of the Abyss, and later also ascends slowly, in spiral, the slope to the summit.
It is indispensable to choose between one Path and another.

Teaching 7: The Two Ways

The decisive moment at the Spiritual Path corresponds to the Two Ways.
Its first part refers to purgative life and corresponds to worldly and terrestrial life.
Its second part refers to illuminative life and corresponds to the contemplative world.
Its third part refers to unitive life and corresponds to spiritual life.
If you analyze the life of great beings –and not only their lives, but lives of all men– you shall see them crossing these three steps before starting the decisive work of their existences.
Then the first part describes the inner analysis made by the soul, when the soul considers to abandon an old thing and to adopt a new thing.
The Grotto of Trials symbolizes the lower part of the mental world, and the Book of All times symbolizes the course of past existences, unknown to being, but that he intuits and that only can be read by IHS, the Liberated Soul.
The Four Knights watching over the gateway refer to groups of Initiates who control terrestrial souls, because the number four is symbol of material life.
By an inner and disciplined life, a disciple starts the race by which he will know his real state making him fit to conquer the future.
The second part refers to religious life.
There are souls which to make these experiences need several lives; other souls make it very quickly..
Disciplined years of school and study prepare good physicians. To be a member of several Religious Orders, one or several years of harsh noviciate are necessary to be ready.
The Iron Gate symbolizes the harshness of a disciplined life.
The passage Abhayagiri, in mount Sumeru, is a place where there is an ancient Monastery.
The three wild beasts watching over the gateway are images of the three vices that have to be indispensably dominated in order to perfect life: lust, pride and greed.
To wear the Sacred Cord on the waist is symbol of chastity.
Hellenic harlots could not wear a belt and this way they were recognized.
To take one’s shoes off is symbol of a self-sacrificing soul that decided to live in everything and in everybody.
To break the Cane of Hazel indicates the breakage of a passionate and human will.
The Sanskrit word Vihara means monastery.
The third part symbolizes definitive choice and decision.
One reaches the Divine Union by two ways: by Abstraction or by Knowledge.
The first way if Vel, and it is the wonderful one; a Golden Eagle watches over it, which is symbol of the highest and loftiest thing.
The motto of the souls who travel through it is the Supreme Renunciation: to give everything, to know nothing, to go to the summit removing from illusion even its last veil.
The other path is that of Knowledge. Its name is Aphel; it is long, tortuous and difficult.
This path is studded with sharp motley little stones that denote the void of human sciences. It descends to the edge of the Abyss because those souls who travel through it must know evil but not to desire or want it. It is the Dante’s hell.
It ascends slowly in spiral because the soul has to know all philosophy, all science, all religion, all human aim, because the soul must know all the secrets of reason.
Also it reaches the summit because the multiple knowledge that is guided by right intention leads to learning and freedom.

Teaching 8: The Standard

The night rapidly comes near.
“Walk; walk, Pilgrim!”.
The sky is cloudy; thunders and lightening announce an imminent tempest. All trees in the forest, shaken by the wind, repeat the sardonic laugh of the Tyrant Babel.
Where are the lights of Bohas and Jakin?
The Lake Ixdoubar –dark, deep and rough– extends at the Wayfarer’s feet. A red light illuminates its waters: it is the luminous reflection of the crimson robe of Anhunit, that Mother’s Standard and goes slowly forward in Hanou’s ship, driven by Tamuz, the swam.
And Anhunit delivered to the man two Divine Keys: one of steel and another of platinum.
With them, IHS can open and lock the gates of heel and heaven, of sorrow and love.
“You have reached already the Great Atrium of Wisdom.”
“Dazzling is here the light, wonderful the bluish veil and marvelous the Golden Stars.”
“Beware, Pilgrim! See but do not touch.
“Here your soul can become blind, trapped by Philos’ lasso, the cold goddess of separateness.”
“The Great Realization waits for you at the Summit of Blessedness.”
“Pilgrim, you have entered the Garden of the Soul.”
“Every flower hides a coiled serpent; every plant has a poison for you.”
“In Philo’s kingdom, you can taste just the Silence, but you should not lose sight of the Mother’s Standard.”

Teaching 9: The Two Keys

The initiatic way is for the strong, the courageous, the domineering and the fearless.
Loneliness and silence is not the end of the Great Work but a preparation to go upward. So, once again, the disciple abandons the quiet retreat to learn how to walk alone and to conquer by himself the victory of higher grades.
Previously, at moments of trial, darkness and temptation, there was someone lending him a hand; but now he is alone: alone with his mind and his heart, alone with his thoughts and sensations, which he must conquer, subdue and overpower.
He is not any more the poor Wayfarer but the conscious Pilgrim.
Anhunit bears the Mother’s Standard because love is the beginning and the end of the Path. Even the most ordinary and gross love is always an image in miniature of the Great Universal Love, which moves stars and all things.
The Lake Ixdoubar represents the subconscious, a gross deposit of emotional experiences, which contains past experiences and acquired habits.
Hanou’s ship is an image of the physical body; and the guiding swan Tamuz is an image of the Spirit; and if the Spirit guides matter, then gross sensations are transmuted into noble and lofty emotions.
Anhunit, symbol of the best part of the heart, image of an exquisite sensibility oriented to higher worlds, is totally dressed in red, because red is the color corresponding to love, passion and desire.
The two keys that Anhunit delivers to the man symbolize pairs of opposites. According to the use of love, it can lead from renunciation and the loftiest sacrifice to the deepest hatred and selfishness. If a man knows how to manage his pairs of opposites, he is truly owner of heaven and hell, of love and sorrow.
But sensation should be watched, analyzed and minutely examined by the cold reason. A severe analysis, a cutting logic, takes affections and analyzes them as a surgeon opens and dismembers a corpse, to know and study them; but students should observe that here the mind is named atrium of wisdom; it means that reason is a gateway, not the end of wisdom.
Numberless are the victims who here fall dazzled by the wonderful law of the goddess Reason. Philo gives external knowledge of things; but to know you need to study the dark side, the reverse of the medal and the spiritual source hidden behind all mysteries and phenomena of life.
So, this initiation step is very dangerous; the disciple may fall into doubt, disbelief, materialism and sophism.
Verily, here you learn wonderful and true things indeed, but truths, not the Truth; these truths are flowers concealing the serpent.
He who wants to arrive must go onward. After he knows so many things, again he must know the Only Truth.
All is One; all emanates from the same source; and the disciple must lead his steps to this source; and he shall lead them if he is able to pass unscathed the Garden of Philo, tasting the silence, which is the higher and spiritual part of the soul, and to bear the Standard of the Mother, which is love reluctant to be overwhelmed by reason.


Teaching 10: The Temple of Gold

The Temple is One.
The Divine Mother also is One and is Two: EHS and Aeia.
She is also Three: Wayfarer, Pilgrim and IHS. But on the Great Alchemy’s day, they will be One.
Four are the Saint Guardians and Four the days the disciple needs to find them. But the supreme number is: 00.
Lost in the Forest that surrounds the Great Mountain, tired and sad, the Wayfarer fell asleep and dreamt.
“May your dreams be your guide!”, High Priest’s voice shouted.
Here is his dream: he had become old searching for the Path of the Sacred Mountain through infinite, dark and tiring ways.
Still he carried with himself the burden of many symbols of his experiences: 0crosses, amulets, old-looking habits, the bag with bread of a poor fellow, sacred books of many religions (old-looking too); all of them relics of a life of renunciation and suffering.
But suddenly, unknown hands have stolen all these treasures. He ran across the fields looking for what he had lost, and asked alms with trembling hand.
He left the dark habit of religions to dress another three-colored habit: red, blue and yellow.
Surely, the mind had united its luck with the Pilgrim of the earth.
Here is the Pilgrim again, young and strong, looking for his beloved woman.
After struggles and sorrows, he has crossed the Circle of Fire and entered the Temple of Aeia, abode of the Eternal Lady.
The realization is about to finish. But, ah, the Temple is empty and the Tabernacle abandoned! They have taken the Mystical Body of Our Lady!
IHS sobs and weeps; and sorrow gives him children. Tears cover his face, and sobs make crack the bones of his body lying on the ground.
Everything was useless! Everything is lost!
The priestesses –dressed in white and black, the two colors of the Spirit– come to him; the root of desire must be extirpated; the Supreme Realization must be achieved.
No sigh has to tarnish the whiteness of EHS.
The priestesses cover his head with a square white linen.
Oh! Nameless joy!
Glory to the lofty women!
Stand up! Knight!
The Most Pure Image, resplendent and glorious, appears on the altar of the Supreme Sacrifice and slowly descends toward IHS.
Everything keeps quiet. .
Everything has disappeared –the Temple, the Saint Guardians...– in a soft and white ethereal fog.
He asks: “Where were You, my Beloved, while I was looking for you for so many centuries?”.
She replies: “I was hidden in your own heart”.

Teaching 11: Divine Vision

Before the aspirant begins the Great Work, the Divine Mother of the Universe entertains his spirit with a total glimpse of the path he has to travel through.
The Temple is One because the Spirit, basic principle of the Absolute, has neither variation, nor definition, nor qualities, nor separations; but the Divine Mother, who is the manifest part of the Universe, is two: EHS and Aeia.
The human being is expressed by three different forms: you call it Wayfarer when the instinct guides him; Pilgrim when he fights for the conquest of the mind; and IHS when he achieved the spiritual life.
We are told these three will be One because truly in a beginning there is not a fundamental variation but an apparent variation in different principles of man.
The Great Alchemy’s day is the moment of Supreme Realization, the moment when a being recognizes that he and the Universe are One.
The four Guardians are images of lower principles of man: physical, astral, energetic and instinctive body. And the four days necessary to find them are images of the first four trials necessary to go onward in the Spiritual Development, symbolized by the four elements: earth, water, air and fire.
Of course, these four lower principles are images of the four superior and spiritual principles: comprehensive Mind, intuitive Mind, Spirit in itself and Universal Spirit; so the supreme number is: 00.
Walking across the path of many lives and many deaths, the human soul acquires experiences and experiences; but even though learning liberates the soul from sorrow on the one hand, it ties the soul to the unknown on the other hand.
Here is the highest aim: To possess the essence of experience, without attachment to this experience. To stop all at once carrying the burden of many symbols, old-looking habits, sacred books, the bag with bread of a poor fellow, which are always things coming from outside inwards.
Renunciation is so hard –without it you cannot achieve liberation– that necessarily sorrow must snatch time and again objects that we love in such a way that the individual remains detached from the object by violence.
Of what avail is a cane for him whose legs are healthy and can walk without any help? Of what avail are religious rites for him who achieved the Mystical Divine Love? Of what avail are the laws of morality for him who learnt to be good?
Colors red, blue and yellow are images of the instinctive, rational and intuitive mind.
He who arrives at the Temple of the Mother is a person who completely subdued his mind; but even there he waits for the supreme trial: Perfect Union of individual spirit and Cosmic Spirit. “IHS and EHS”; this cannot be achieved without supreme renunciation, without renunciation to separateness, without renunciation to you and me.
Even Great Masters, those who reached this supreme point, do not run after the Unconditioned Eternity, but again undergo and experience life, and weep, and sorrow gives them children, spiritual children that followed the Great Masters.
But when these chosen souls are ready to total renunciation and entire extirpation of desire, just then the Temple, individuality, Saint Guardians and lower principles disappear, and they can achieve the perfect Divine Union.
The Divine Mother properly says: “I was hidden in your own heart”, because the basic and wonderful principle –which one day must unify him with the Eternal One– is latent in the heart of man.

Teaching 12: The Veil of AEIA

A woman, dressed in gold, riding on a Dragon and crowned with stars, appeared to the Pilgrim.
She showed him a fountain and submerged him in it.
And the Pilgrim, after going out of the water, knew that She was Beatrix and had revealed him the secret of all things, which is the Veil of Aeia.
And the Dragon was killed, and the Pilgrim was bathed with its blood, so that it could descend to the place of Death.
And the earth trembled. And the Mountain opened.
Where is IHS?
He is dead; wrapped in the Veil of Aeia, by three wheels he shall descend into the tomb to reunite himself with his Eternal Beloved Lady.

Teaching 13: The Wisdom of the Mother

The veil of Aeia is image of life as a result, it is the effect manifested of a hidden cause. The whole Universe is image of the Divine Mother; from sidereal bodies to the tiniest grain of sand.
But the primary cause, source of life and existence, is what remains hidden, veiled.
To discover the unique, basic, fundamental secret of life is to have discovered the Eternal Secret, is to have raised the Veil of Aeia.
All ancient religions symbolize the Divine Mother in female form and veiled. The female woman is the spiritual manifestation of God, and the veil covering her is the material manifestation of God, who shows herself with the total beauty and materiality of life, maintaining ever veiled the power that brought him into being.
The sage knows perfectly and in detail the process of development, growth, flourishing and fructification of the ear of wheat. But what sage in the world could imitate and form an ear of wheat?
The veil was always symbol of wisdom; not human wisdom but Divine Wisdom.
The early Popes of the Christian Church, when spiritual life was exclusively in force in this Church, wore a hood as symbol of wisdom and dignity. But when Roman Pontiffs lose the pristine fervor and rather desired material goods than spiritual goods, they left the white hood to crown themselves with a tiara of gold and silver.
In old days, the great sages of India covered their heads to indicate they were dedicated to the study of Divine Wisdom.
Just as the Veil of Aeia is image of Spiritual and fundamental Wisdom, Beatrix is image of substantial wisdom. Beatrix is dressed in gold because the yellow color corresponds to the superior Mind; and she is crowned with stars because she knows all the creation, all expressions of life and changes of it.
She is seated on a Dragon to symbolize she holds sway over the world and knows material secrets, since the Dragon is symbol of human wisdom. This is to such extent true that, in ancient texts, sages were called “sons of the Dragon”.
All are able to possess Beatrix’s wisdom; but so that the secret of thing is revealed and Aeia’s Veil –or Spiritual and Divine Wisdom– is known, necessarily She must submerge the aspirant in the Eternal Fountain.
This fountain, eternal spring of wisdom, teaches a man that, by his own means, he can reach the wisdom of Aeia; he has to suspend all his senses and be able to know her by ecstasy and renunciation.
What happens to a man when, submerged under the water, has no air to breathe? All his senses are suspended and his only desire is air.
The Divine Wisdom is also suspension of everything that one knows, to know the “Only Truth”, the only expression, the only secret of life.
The Dragon dies, is killed, because he who reached realization does not need any more means or ways to arrived at Her. He is the Path. Without consciousness, not remembering it, he maintains all the power of what he knew before; so the Pilgrim bathes himself in the blood of the Dragon.
To descend into the place of death expresses the three trials that the candidate has to undergo before the Divine Union: physical trial, mental trial and spiritual trial.
One can take part in these trials only being as if one was dead, because the Divine Union is death for men.
The three descending wheels are the three stages of these trials that will enable IHS to unite himself with his Eternal Beloved Lady.

Teaching 14: The Resurrection of EHS

IHS rose from death and was covered with a white seamless robe, called Albas
And he was taken to the three promised wives.
But He broke the ring and said:
“No. No. No.”
Then from his chest, from the twelve-fold center, the White Elephant emanated carrying the Veiled Bride.
And He said: “Here is my closed orchard, sister and wife of mine”.
And EHS, now has risen, and appears with all her splendor.
And the Wedding was consummated.
These two keys, the scepter and the ring belong to you, oh IHS!
You were given the three attires: red, blue and yellow.
Wear, now, the Seamless Robe.
EHS and IHS are One.
IHS! You live eternally!

Teaching 15: The Mystical Wedding

IHS is the man liberated, the man who does not need activity, who can reincorporate himself to the potential state of the Universe.
The white seamless robe symbolizes him.
The name “Albas” indicates the being reincorporated to the point from where he started or emerged: the Dawn of Eternal Manifestation.
The three promised wives are the three states of EHS above described: control of matter, mind and spirit.
To break the ring is to liberate oneself; and the three “no” correspond to the affirmative negation of Absolute God.
And if we say is Universal Mind, Universal Energy or Universal Substance, we limit him; only negation can affirm a God.
Gods is what Is.
He is known by expansion of being to Him and in Him, not by association.
The twelve-fold centre refers to the ethereal plexus, which in the physical body corresponds to the heart plexus and to the heart.
As we said above, this centre is the perfect image of the Universe, the sacred place where the Divine Potential is ever present.
It is convenient to remember the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who shows His heart as if he wished to say: here is the whole secret of love that moves the Universe and returns the Universe to this primary state.
When a man recognizes himself and understands there is no difference between him and the Absolute, all veils of universal forms disappear and he identifies himself with It.
The white elephant is image of generating potentiality, which has collaborated in liberating the being. It is symbol of an immaculate conception of being, which comes into being from differentiation to the Absolute.
When we want represent the limitation of the Divinity and its descent into matter, also we symbolize it with a white elephant.
A white elephant converted Devaki (Buddha’s mother) into the mother of the lofty Being.
The veiled bride symbolizes the farthest eternal limit, the last illusion, and the last veil to draw: EHS.
The Becoming begins through Divine Manifestation, through the Divine Mother. She turns to the Eternal One through Her.
Christian exegetes never knew how to interpret this Biblical passage: “Here is my closed orchard, sister and wife of mine”. Some of them believed this image were taken from Pharaohs, who got used to marry their children between them to perpetuate the dynasty.
But this has another meaning, very spiritual and simple at a time: it represents the Divine and Humanity intertwined; and Divine Union just can be called with the name of a chaste wife, of an orchard never opened by profane hands.
And EHS manifested with his whole splendor.
The splendor of EHS is lightening, is brilliance of the last illusion, which sums up in it all the history, since the being going out of the womb of God until the moment when he is about to reincorporate to Him.
Before throwing himself to the Eternal Abyss, IHS looks at his whole past, sums up all experiences made, to live there, on the bank, his own seed, which he will collect again with he emerges from the Eternal One to begin another Round of manifestation.
Worthy wedding of Spirit to Spirit.
The dual rhythm of the Cosmos is symbolized by two keys, the two pairs of opposites, which accompany the development of the universal labor.
The scepter is image of continuous movement, of constant power of creation of life and relaxation of it; while the ring is image of limited forms, from the greatest to the tiniest.
The three costumes are a symbol of cosmic energy, which sustains the Universe with its mental, energetic and physical differentiation.
And the Seamless Robe represents the Divine Spirit that vivifies all things.

Teaching 16: History of Symbology

Since the first altar erected in the world to a divinity, image and symbol came into being.
The Great Initiates of the Aryan Race presented a form or an image to those men whom they wished to teach eternal verities; from religion to religion, from philosophy to philosophy, from sect to sect, symbolical images reached the fourth dynasty in Egypt, which immortalized these Divine Symbols with figures of the Tarot.
Man, the living Christ, the Redeemer, in short, Humanity that tries to come back to the Divinity, is represented by the Priest in white raiment, standing on a ship in the middle of the sea. While the Absolute Divinity is represented by a Chaos: a sun sinking into the ocean.
The Divine Mother, the chaste Isis, the Fertile Virgin, is represented by a woman placed between two pillars of the Temple and with closed book in her hands, motionless behind the veil that covers her face, and so on.
In the figure of the High Priest it is easy to recognize the Priest in white raiment of the Tarot; in short, Humanity standing at the gate of Eternity.
And the image of Aeia, the Veiled Mother, who watches over the tomb of EHS, the Sacred Stone, image of Wisdom, straight between the two pillars of Bohas and Jakin, is the same image of Isis, the second arcane of the Tarot.
These same images were moved from Egypt to Greece and from Greece to Rome. With other names, in Greek and Roman figures, the same human symbols and the same Divine meanings are disclosed.
In spite of proclaiming an absolutely monotheistic religion, even Christendom was not an exception in worshipping images as symbols of the Divinity; the hieratic image of Christ, who holds in his hands the world and wears a white robe, has the same meaning as the High Priest and the Egyptian Priest.
In the Immaculate Conception, also it is easy to recognize the woman in white that treads the head of the serpent and rides on the moon, and is crowned with twelve stars; the Divine Venus, who comes into being from the froth of the sea; to the Egyptian woman that defeats four animals and raised her head to the starry sky as symbol of the Spirit over matter; and the image of Beatrix defeating the Dragon.
In their obscurantism, people always worshipped subconsciously these images; and thanks to it, they could pass like an innocent game throughout Middle Ages until today.


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