Teaching 1: Death
Teaching 2: Elementals
Teaching 3: Inner Life of Earth
Teaching 4: Astral World
Teaching 5: Astral Divisions
Teaching 6: Mental World
Teaching 7: The Grotto of Ras
Teaching 8: Worlds of Devas
Teaching 9: The Whole Man
Teaching 10: From Man to Cosmos
Teaching 11: Fatalism and Orientation
Teaching 12: Destiny
Teaching 13: The Great Illusion
Teaching 14: Liberation
Teaching 15: The Reincarnation
Teaching 16: Descent to Earth

Teaching 1: Death

To a materialist, death is a black point, a burst of sensation, a void and nothing more.
To a religious person, death is the step toward a higher life, which is more perfect and happier.
But none knows exactly how to answer the fundamental questions: Where are we from? Why are we here? Where do we go after death?
If one takes the universe as a wonderful harmonious whole that develops certain evolutionary plan in order to Become, a vaster horizon opens to the eyes of the researcher that then can glimpse the reason of this continuous becoming.
Death occurs in three ways; violent death, natural death and ecstatic death.
A violent death separates suddenly the astral body from the physical body; unfortunate people dying by accident or suicide come back continuously from the ethereal plane to the physical plane, because they did not establish a harmonious gravitation in their new body in order to be in tune with the state of vibration which they have entered. Since they neither have a physical body to manifest their gross sensations nor sufficient disposition to go away from there, they remain suspended on the air; they believe to be still alive and do not realize they are being a part of a new state of consciousness.
Their suffering is horrible and they return continuously to the place where their death occurred, while his astral specters reflect and repeat constantly those events that preceded death. The Invisible Protectors are unable to help them because they refuse to be helped. As they are out of the general laws that rule over the subtle beings, these people suffer of a true hell; until a time when, being entirely worn out the material substance of their ethereal body, finally they can enter a quiet dream.
All religions have written as first dogma and injunction: “You shall not kill”; and suicides and bloody actions have been disapproved, taking as divine punishment a violent death, even by accident.
If a being that dies like that is not too much spiritually advanced, he extends terribly this torment because passion attracts him to the grossest plane that charges him with materializing particles, and thus prolongs this life that is not life. Meanwhile, as the most advanced beings usually lead their thoughts toward a spiritual ideal, they can get rid of this incubus earlier.
Such is the case of those who die for an ideal, such as Christian martyrs and brave soldiers in the battlefield.
The Holy Book says, that death of a righteous man is quiet before the eyes of God; then, a natural death has to be desirable to all.
Who would not wish to die as those unbeaten saints who felt the coming of the Great Time and were ready to it with serenity, resignation and peace?
A long illness prepares the spirit of a dying person; he easily gets used to new vibrations, in a docile way he listens to the voice of invisible guides, and meekly lets to be carried away by the new world.
A being habituated to spiritual things, when the time of death is near, suddenly reveals astral senses, and there are noticeable cases of dying persons telling that they are surrounded by dead relatives, saints and protectors, hear mysterious voices inviting the hereafter and, sometimes, appear simultaneously to different persons in different places.
When the heart stops beating, the individual being is not entirely dead yet; his death just occurs after the astral cord is broken; this cord is a silver thread that ties the ethereal body to the physical body. As this cord is broken, a little burst with sparks occurs, like a short circuit in electric equipment. Many times the body is already cold but the astral body still is not apart from the former. Sometimes, this supreme operation continues for days.
In Gospels we have an excellent example of this. When Jesus arrived at Bethania to the house of Martha and Mary, he wept bitterly upon hearing of Lazarus’s death, occurred three days ago. Why did Jesus weep, knowing he had to resuscitate him? Because if Lazarus had been really dead, even Jesus would be unable to attract again his spirit to the abandoned abode; but, when Jesus reached the sepulcher and saw with his eyes of seer that the astral body was united with the physical body, then he could make the miracle.
Usually, the definitive separation of the two bodies occurs seven minutes after the heart stopped beating. The astral body floats like a vague fog over the room about three meters from the corpse; later, it slowly raises and becomes subtle in tune with its corresponding state.
There are, however, certain strong and advanced beings that leave their physical bodies when they feel it is their time and their mission is over. This death occurs by ecstasy. It is a concentration of the mind that lifts a surge of vital energy in the physical system until the latter cannot stand this high tension and, separated from the astral body, dies.
Of course, these rare and unusual cases will be the way of dying in future races. When a dress is old, one has to leave it and acquire other new.
As soon as the separation shock occurs, the individual quickly travels through every event of his past life; it is a big backward survey established by the Law of Evolution before following ahead on the progress path. The result of this survey –called by religions “Judgment of God”– will be to achieve subtler or thicker vibrations in the new state.
Weeping, sigh and cries from those who are with dying persons at the death time are always harmful. Absolute silence and absence of opposite thoughts should be the only company of the man.
Prayers, holy chants, candles and flowers are always helpful and positive if and when go with noble feelings.
Burial should not be at once but three days later, and those who order their own cremation should establish by a testament to be cremated eight days after their decease.
Whatever way death occurs, it is always a solemn time, perhaps the solemnest of all times because is the gateway to a new becoming and another step to Become..

Teaching 2: Elementals

The terrestrial element, Prithivi, creates elementals as guardians and caretakers of terrestrial movements, growth of trees, vegetation, and reserve of lands that the man should not contaminate.
For an old legend, these beings are short, long-bearded and grotesque; according to tales and mysteries arisen from fantasy of the people, they have been called dwarfs, goblins, gnomes, et cetera.
In fact, these elementals are invisible to the eye, although sometimes may acquire material forms.
In the Nibelungs, dwarfs watch in a dark and deep grotto a holy treasure that nobody can touch, to relate the legend to their mission that is to reserve and watch over certain magnetic places.
In the province of La Rioja, Argentina, there is a hidden place that is invisible to man and watched by these entities that surely could acquire material form to the eye of any wayfarer not to let him pass.
Divided into small groups, over and above they lead the chemical evolution of metals. Blindly they obey magicians dedicated to the practice of having them under control; these magicians get anything they want from these elementals for the simple reason that the man has his own mind and these beings have a collective mind.
When the Count of Saint Germain and a friend to see boxes in which the former had kept gold, precious stones and invaluable metals, the visitor asked how so many wonderful things could be gathered there, and the Count sarcastically smiled and replied that servers of the earth had brought it.
The Archangel Gabriel holding a lily leads and rules over them. In Hindu mythology, he is called Indra.
The element of water, Acpias also creates elementals. If we could make these forms material, we would see them as those of suggestive undines, enchanting sirens and diaphanous nymphs.
These elementals rule over the rhythmic movement of water, rains, thunders and storms.
Their image can also be seen as varied forms and colors of clouds flying over our heads, and to which we do not pay too much attention.
They are quite contrary to socialize with men, and if they do, it is to lose them irremissibly.
The one who controls the elementals of water should have a full-proof control wheel. The strong Jesus would walk over waters.
The Archangel Raphael rules over them; he carried and gave Tobias a wonderful fish. In Hindu mythology is Varuna.
Tejas creates elementals of fire: luminous Salamanders, fiery Satyrs and terrible Erynies.
These elementals of fire love men and can be easily under control; but if they find timid men, then these elementals slaughter them immediately. They adore brave men and hate cowards. Any strong soul can have them under control; so, saints that did not fear death, being supported by these elementals, walked over embers and through flames, as nowadays Shinto worshippers of fire likewise still do in Japan and China.
They are faithful servers of the strong Archangel Michael and of the ever-shining Agni.
The element of air, Vayu creates forms of sylphs, ghosts and wandering larvae. They are neither friends nor enemies of man, but escape from him constantly.
Elementals of air are very useful for magicians who can have them under control, because they are blindly in the service of these magicians.
They fulfill their injunctions with fantastic speed, but their only desire is to wander and wander. In his “Ariel”, Shakespeare has described them in insuperable way.
They are under the guide of the Archangel Seraphiel, called The Runner, who draws the curtains of the times.
These elementals can also appear as human or animal spooks pullulating on the seventh plane of the astral world. They take body from ethereal dregs of those who have followed ahead in their evolutionary plan.
Azrael, god of death kindly tries their dissolution and reintegration to the Cosmic Ether. Or that those who have already acquired so much strength may stand the attack of the destructive wave, progress and form a worthy abode to be inhabited tomorrow by a human mind.
The Host of the Shadow ruling over elemental beings keeps them reduced to their magnetic area not to damage human beings that neither know them nor can perceive them.

Teaching 3: Inner Life of Earth

In the times of the Atlantean race, an immense heat, a nitric fire, was boiling in the earthly entrails.
The planet did not receive calories from sunrays because the atmosphere was covered by thick clouds and vapors.
Vegetation was mainly produced by effect of inner heat; so, exuberant and juicy roots were the most developed part of vegetation with pale colors and without perfume.
This inner heat also sustained life in the depths of seas and oceans.
Great seismic shakes, sinking and lifting continents, buried these vegetal layers under true vaults.
Gases and fermentation produced by inner heat created a mineral deposit, carbon caverns and deposits of coke, which temperatures and present weather conditions would be unable to produce.
There remains of antediluvian monsters and of Atlanteans skeletons remained buried, waiting for another similar movement that may throw them again to the sea level.
Under those mineral deposits still there are other vast deposits of gold, tin, platinum, copper, manganese, et cetera.
And far below, there are luminous caverns formed by basalt of lavae from Lemurian and Atlantean volcanoes, and also from more recent volcanoes belonging to the time of Silurian transition.
There, the colors of the Great Element, vivified by the terrestrial action along with a sun action that penetrates until these abysses, produces fantastic scenes of lights and colors; from yellow of Prithivi to blue of Vasyu, with harmony not easily imitated..
In the bosom of the Earth there are living beings: remains of Lemurian races that buried in those vast galleries and that for millennia gradually degenerated. They are semi-blind, semi-unconscious, deformed and merely instinctive.
In his book “The Future Race”, Bulwer Lytton described certain beings living in the depths of the Earth, but, such as they are described, they are not like those specified in this Teaching but like benefic and powerful elementals.
And beyond, even far below the Earth, there are great corridors; the tombs of the Pharaohs imitate these corridors, true chambers of the queen and king where the Queen of the Planet, the almighty Prithivi, Mother Bhumi dwells: potential vegetative essence giving life to the planet.
In its center, the fire –vital spirit of Earth– still is burning. >From this central fire –concentric prana– fiery spheres emanate and travel through mysterious corridors and inner chambers, gradually ascending through the spine of the planet to the surfacefor their union with the sunbeams and for stimulation of natural life.
When such flame is totally out, the planet dies, that is, explodes, and the vital essence of this flame must pass to another negative center of the universe, and form and give life over there to a new world.

Teaching 4: Astral World

Every hour, thousands of souls leave their bodies in order to be at the hereafter, and while open graves swallow cold human images, remaining souls think and knock at the tomb, and anxiously ask: Where are they gone?
How distressing is death to those who believe that life is the result of forces and sensations, and that everything falls away when the latter stop their activities!
Even to those who have faith, death brings affliction, since those religions that subject them, only assure them an existence of life after death on condition of absolute submission to that creed.
Just a seer can easily soar to higher planes and know them.
In recent years, Spiritualism has made a considerable contribution, with certain valuable experiments, to demonstrate that after death a subtle part of the being subsists and enters another state of life.
After first moments of unbalance, a being passes to a new state: the astral state. The first law he learns it the law of different gravitation, since he wishes to walk and cannot do; but as soon he thinks of walking, he walks so quickly as if he were flying. Here we do not follow the steps of quite evolved beings, but those of an ordinary being.
He finds his first troubles in the lower part of the astral world.
It is a world of strange colors, frightening images and moaning vibrations: a true Dante’s hell, with ethereal bodies of elementals, of spirits of Nature and of wild and insufficiently developed men. These beings or thought-forms collide continuously, produce bursts and change the aspect of the phantasmal picture as quickly as their gross sensations succeed to one other.
Certain people that believed in the existence of punishments after death believe they have reached that place of torment, and their distress is so great that they undergo a second death.
From there a being passes to the state of astral dream. This being has abandoned his ethereal body and the Invisible Protector leads him to forget and disappear all from his mind, so that he may ascend after a while to higher planes.
In spiritualistic seances, the habit of evoking the soul of a dead person that has entered this state becomes very harmful because when the thought evoking that being is very strong, he wakes up and attends to the place of this call and is seriously harmed and delayed in his spiritual progress.
This place of astral rest is so holy that neither high Entities can enter there; only those who are in charge of watching over the sleeping souls can enter there.
Surely it was a seer the Christian person that devised those images that are ornamenting cemeteries silent angels covering tombs with their wings, as if they wished to protect someone that is sleeping; and legends and prayers calling for retirement.
These beings, already purified, awaken to a new life, entirely forgetting their previous life. According to their level of evolution, they dwell on higher astral planes or on those of the mental world, along with beings that are in tune with them and have spiritually advanced more or less the same.
Their thoughts create around them landscapes and objects constantly desired while they were still alive: their paradise. An artist finds his masterwork; an explorer, his dreamt land; a saint, his heaven; and a rebel, his kingdom. Every desire is satisfied but the germ of boredom is with satisfaction of desires.
So a soul starts dreaming of new things and eventually these gradual persistent dreams drive him toward a new life. It is a new ideal whose awakening will occur on the Earth.

Teaching 5: Astral Divisions

The universe is based on a sevenfold plan.
Material, energetic and mental states respond to seven divisions and sub-divisions.
Men already know five material elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. Still they need to find other two; so they will be owners of the material world and knowers the Cosmic Element as a whole.
Soon afterwards there are seven energetic elements constituting not a familiar energy but certain super-energy.
Later there are seven astral elements.
Every one of these fundamental elements has seven sub-divisions, and likewise these sub-divisions have countless sub-divisions.
Every element differentiates from the r by its vibrational tonic. Therefore, even staying at the same site, they keep themselves perfectly separate one from the other. It happens like between the world of man and the world of ants, which even while they stay on the same place, develop entirely different lives
Then, the astral states has nothing to do with a determined place outside or inside the stratosphere of the Earth; but is so much or more real than the physical state, but this difference: as it is composed of far subtler vibrations than those that are familiar to us, its abode is certain space that cannot be limited and is beyond earthly dimensions.
Also, the astral time can rather be called duration than time, because as this world is ruled by emotions, the duration of the time depends upon the personal mood experienced.
Many times, human beings undergo tests and trials with this duration, because one hears: “To me, this moment of sorrow has lasted an eternity”, or “This while of joy has passed swiftly”.
Also the size of the astral world and that of its dwellers grows and diminishes quickly; this depends upon how long and how persistently their dwellers keep their thoughts because their high vibrations do not admit a determined dimension.
Then, nothing can be defined there as high or low or as big or small; measures can only be taken in relation to mental matter used to see.
Students find this difficulty when they start visiting astral planes.
For instance, they see and observe curiously an ugly animal, but as they observe it, such animal is bigger and bigger; it is then when the soul is afraid and, by concentrating this fear on the animal, as the result of such violent effort, increases the size of the beast.
Other example: they find a dear person and as they see him, they are moved and their emotion wears strength away and removes serenity, and in front of this psychical state, the individual being quickly reduces his size.
Beings of a lower plane cannot communicate with those of higher planes, while those of higher planes can communicate with others, although they do only to achieve certain work.
The astral world has seven main planes with numberless subdivisions. .
Needless to say these divisions are arbitrary and used to give an explanation, because we are told that the only astral separation is constituted by the vibrational tonic.
In the First Plane of the astral world: there are leading entities, higher beings that leave voluntarily the mental world and work in the astral world.
In the Second Plane of the astral world: there are extremely advanced beings that, following the lead of high entities, prepare inventions, works and social treaties that they will develop on Earth. The Initiates of Fire work here before their reincarnation.
In the Third Plane of the astral world: there are strong and brave men; fearless souls who sacrificed their lives and passions for the sake of an ideal, but that were too much attached to this ideal. But not in vain, because at a next incarnation, this ideal previously tried, will be widened by them on Earth.
In the Fourth Plane of the astral world: there are evolved souls but that did not have their passions under control. There they prepare themselves to work again in life, and to devote their efforts to arts.
In the Fifth Plane of the astral world: there are souls insufficiently developed; those souls that, after a short rest, have to return quickly to Earth; they are beings who do not realize sufficiently the place where they are, because they believe rather to be in the place assigned to them, while being still alive, by their religions or creeds. A grayish hue of perennial melancholy is around this plane.
In the Sixth Plane of the astral world: there are those who sleep; those who in peace and astral rest, dispose of their gross astral body and go up to their relative planes.
In the Seventh Plane of the astral world: there are savage beings, criminals, retarded people, elementals, spirits of Nature and those who have just passed away. These are those beings that are more in contact with the physical world; they are ectoplasms manifested in spiritualistic seances; they are images of apparitions of which old religious legends are full.

Teaching 6: Mental World

All beings dwelling in the astral plane are directly influenced by the mental world by different thickness.
Even unconsciously, beings of the seventh, sixth, fifth and fourth astral plane pass through the mental world; otherwise, to them it would be impossible to bring energy in order to face the new life.
Beings of second and third astral plane truly dwell in the mental world. When they concentrate their will, they are in the astral world; when they widen their consciousness, they are in the mental world. To them, day, watchful state, is astral world; dream, night, is mental world.
If we wished to represent the difference between astral world and mental world, we should say one is a flower and the other, its perfume, and one is a note, and the other its sound.
This separation between astral world and mental world is entirely arbitrary and we make it only for mere didactic purposes.
The inhabitants of the first astral plane are almost continuously contacting the mental world. When they concentrate their thought, all beautiful colors, variable forms and persistent astral sounds fall away and they are in the world of the perennial light.
But many of these great beings suffer terribly when they pass from the mental world to the astral world, from the state of mind in itself to the state of defined mind. If many of these beings never take a physical form, to them it is already a big sacrifice to take the astral form.
In this plane, souls are scintillating lights. When they work, they expand, extend and reflect in themselves all other lights. When they re-concentrate, they become tiny, because acquire greatness of spirit. All their words are creations; all their actions shape a life in our world.
They recognize each other by its shining lights and they love each other by reflecting on one another.
In this world there is neither the time nor a fourth dimension widened, multiplied or reduced at will by the operator. It is only duration that exists there.
Immersed in a continuous, perfect ecstasy, these souls live an experience of eternal bliss.
We could say there are also seven different planes, and the elevation of the soul and the plane to which the latter belongs depend on the duration and persistency of such ecstasy.

Teaching 7: The Grotto of Ras

Whatever is concealed, some day will be exposed. Christ said, even the more insignificant words of creatures had to be exposed too.
Grotto of Ras is the name given by the esoteric symbology to this place where actions of all past-present beings are recorded. It belongs to the seventh mental plane.
It is called Grotto because this world denotes a low, hidden place, where even the highest entities hardly can enter. And this Grotto is of Ras, because Ras is symbol of the sun of the mind.
When the Initiate has reached a very high evolutive state, in his ascension to higher worlds he travels through a wonderful place that calls intensely his attention.
Here we use very inaccurate expressions to describe so wonderful place, not because this is so, but because this is indispensable to leave a vague concept.
We could say the soul is in a fantastic grotto, in a vast gallery like that of grottoes of subterranean water, where reflection of lights, instead of being produced by water reflected on the walls, is brought about by so high vibrations that even astral beings cannot stand.
There you notice a total absence of determined entities, for only the Lords of Destiny watch over this place.
When a being that has entered there gets used, he notices that every point of light contains in its center a ve0ry shining light, and reflected on it, in a microscopic form, there are visions of peoples, persons and places.
In that place there are four dimensions, not only one.
If a being concentrates, events are re-produced exactly from their beginning to their end; and if he relaxes his thought, events return backward.
If certain thing calls his attention, every detail of it carefully develops, and if he tries, he can see what he wishes, from the beginning when the worlds and life manifested.
Very few penetrate there, and even the high entities have to be guided by Higher Masters.
But a seer gets a glimpse of these wonderful scenes written down in the Akasic Annals.
While writing his “Secret Doctrine”, Helen P. Blavatsky said: “Landscapes, races and lost civilizations are vertiginously passing before my eyes”.

Teaching 8: Worlds of Devas

Spiritual monads beyond the Human plane dwell on higher planes called “Worlds of Devas”.
In these Worlds there are three chains of Hosts-Builders: Host of the Shadow, Host of Humanity and Stellar Hosts.
The heavenly Host of the Shadow leads the development of elementals of the terrestrial wheel.
They are radiant angels influencing the material world only by concentration. Their thought concentrates on the labor they have to achieve, and when it has generated form that can act alone for certain period of time, these angels re-concentrate in themselves, lose all control over life that they manifested around them and remain fixed, introspectively, receiving the message of the Host of Humanity.
The Host of Humanity, or archangels, leads their labor by means of the precedent Host. Every surge of human life passes through the sevenfold prism of their consciousness and will, reflected in the world by the evolution of types, races and different beings.
These archangels have not times of active concentration and times of passive concentration; only they have consciousness in itself that, as it passes through their minds, takes will of action.
This excellent state of continuous meditation never can be interrupted; it exists always; and his expression is only by reflection through the Host of the Shadow in the world.
Its whole, full happiness is to express in itself, like a drop of water reflects the image of the sun, the spiritual image of the Stellar Hosts, the Principalities.
The Principalities are builders of planetary chains. Every orb, every star, every planet, is the material body of them. Such material body cannot affect them at all because their nature is substantially divine.
The first Host is periodically will and periodically consciousness. The second Host is consciousness and will, simultaneously. The third Host is only consciousness.
No being of present evolution is able to feel this divine state; he can only intuit it.
The great Solar Initiates are transmission of light of Stellar Hosts, inasmuch as Lunar Initiates reflect the light of the Host of Humanity, and the Initiates of Fire, great chemists and transmuters of elements, are influenced by the Host of the Shadow.
If no being goes up to the World of Devas prior to cross the cycle of earthly life, however, many great beings, as they reach the threshold, perceive a higher degree influence of this spiritual world.
Some of them go up to an intermediate state, to the state where these great words are written: “You shall not pass”.
Now here is the name of other existing Hosts, even when they do not belong to the above described Worlds of Devas: following the Stellar Hosts, you have: the Host of Forms or “Powers”; the Host of Language or “Virtues”; the Host of Thought or “Dominations”; the Host of the Line or “Thrones”; the Host of Sound of “Seraphim”; and the Host of Numbers or “Cherubs”.

Teaching 9: The Whole Man

A being is a microcosm, a universe in miniature. To know sufficiently the outer and inner complex of man is to know the universe.
Like the cosmos, a being is triple and sevenfold in his structure.
In a being, in fact there is no diversity, but different tones of vibrations, from the strongest and most sustained to the sweetest and most imperceptible.
A being goes out of an Eternal Spring, becomes thick through different forms and expressions and returns to Him, now subtilized, but the fundamental substance never changes.
But to understand these changes it is indispensable to divide them and to study them separately. As triple, the Being is:

1. Spirit
2. Soul
3. Body

The body is that part of man that one already knows. All beings correspond to the same biological law that distributes them into categories, according to kind of race, climate and time to which they belong.
The soul is the mind of man; it is real by manifestations that determine it, although invisible to those of is kind.
The Spirit is the substantial, divine essence in man. The Spirit expresses itself in the soul of the being just as unitive and immanent or individual creative activity. In itself, it is simply what it is. It remains eternal, invariable, indivisible and ignored. This is the Spirit.
Everything changes, the body and soul of man are in continuous transformation but the Spirit remains always in his original state.
The triple Being is simultaneously sevenfold if you divide it into the following parts:

7. Physical Body
6. Astral Body
5. Energetic Body
These three parts of a being constitute the body of a man.
4. Instinctive Mind
3. Intellective Mind
2. Intuitive Mind
These three parts of the individual being constitute the soul of the man.
1. Spirit
These principles, crowned by the Spirit, naturally form the Whole Man.
The physical body is the instrument; by him the soul acquires external experiences and enables itself to handle and to master the elements.
The astral body is a subtle and perfect mould of the physical body; its auric vibrations permit the transmission of desires to the body, and enable the soul to know the results of any experience.
The energetic body is the luminous and subtle part of the whole body; it unites he lower, material part to the part of the being belonging to the soul.
Among these different bodies there are moulds or connection ties like the fine skin adhered to the shell of an egg.
The instinctive mind is the deposit of the soul. Every experience is registered there: and every impulse manifested in a being has its origin there. The subconscious has his great register there.
The intellective mind is the part of the soul that analyses ideas and control feelings. It does not permit the instinct to get the upper hand; it observes the material exposed and considers results.
Present man is developing this part of the soul. And, even when he has many instincts he cannot master, is entirely different from a purely instinctive man.
The intuitive mind, that will develop the future man, is the power of the soul that knows things in themselves and expresses them without variations.

Teaching 10: From Man to Cosmos

Nothing new under the sun and any law is a repetition of other similar law.
Bigness is reduced in littleness, and smallness is synthetic image of immensity. A unique, basic, invariable principle expands toward infinity, and contracts to become infinitesimal.
The Cosmic Principle, potentially with no principle in itself, manifests in the Universe as mind, energy and matter: movement, rhythm and form.
In all the process of Cosmic Manifestation, these three fundamental substances succeed each other without a break, coming near, inter-fusing and separating; in a continuous becoming, from the tiniest thing to the biggest, by creating, forming, preserving and destroying any form of life.
The Cosmic Principle, by identifying itself in itself, out of itself, created the Universe, the Manifestation; by this Spontaneous and Pure Act, it remained attached there as if within a Great Divine Karma, which will become exhausted as soon as Creation entirely returns “by Itself” to the bosom of its Creation.
Man is a reproduction of the Cosmos: a microcosm is image of the Macrocosm. Any form and possibility is reunited in it, and from the human viewpoint, it is the culminating point that the end of involution and the beginning of evolution, because it sums up in itself the tiniest things and, at the same time, is reproduction of the Cosmos. Its bones recall its passage through the mineral kingdom; organs and entrails belong to the ancient vegetal kingdom, and different emotional impulses have the whole range of the zoological scale. Strenuously, and at a high price, man has conquered his free will, and the Law of Possibilities extends before him the immensity of a mental field to experience.
The soul of a man travels through the Path of Liberation in time to movements, rhythms and cosmic formations, in stages, cycles and changes.
Fundamental stages of human life correspond to the great, dual vibrational movement that supports the Universe, through rhythmic expansion and absorption of the Cosmic Substance. The active state follows the potential state, and so on, from Eternity to Eternity.
In its expansion throughout the Universe, the Cosmic Substance disperses in seven different forms, like the sunray on a prism, forming this way Seven Cosmic Rays, seven fundamental colors, which are the composition of any expression of life.
Human events are ever subject to this sevenfold rhythm, just like zodiacal and solar systems.
A seven-month child cuts his first tooth, and at fourteen months he begins walking; at the age of seven he recognizes himself as an individual entity, and becomes an adolescent at the age of fourteen.
Changes in manifested life are innumerable, but always sevenfold. The continuous becoming constitutes the beauty of the worlds. Transformations become ceaseless in man; he does not know what waits for him between one moment and the other, but he knows he will be different. And a being goes on toward the Unity through these changes, rhythms and stages.

Teaching 11: Fatalism and Orientation

The Law of Consecutive Predestination causes a being to be born within the circle of a round and race to which he belongs endowed with certain qualities and deficiencies, which are characteristic of the same. But, within this circle, a being has his own magnetic field where he can act with freedom, and this magnetic field allows him a whole development of the Arbitrary Law of Possibilities.
Despite any pathological, psychical and spiritual charge, which a being may take with himself from the hereafter, in him there is a wonderful spark that at every steps cries: “You are free; you are a part of the Divine Being; fight and you will overcome”.
Tyranny, cowardice and passivity have been fostered in man by a depressive state caused by the belief in a destiny.
Other religions surrender to the arms of the Divine Will and no progress can they bring by their cowardice.
A fatalism that shouts, “It is written”, runs to a blind death and to a war that is taken as holy.
Indifferent people look with disdain, without any compassion for human miseries, and apologize by saying they are the result of a destiny that gave rise to so frightening passivity and big decline in Eastern peoples.
A man needed to discover the reach of his possibilities, but by deepening even more the matter. So the positivist of the nineteenth-century emerges, the serious researcher that with slight on the past and its mysteries, disposes of any creed and habit, penetrates into matter and analyses it in depth, and demonstrates to the world the potentials of will and freewill of man.
Civilization remained on the same level for centuries; but in these last seventy years, the affirmation of the human power has produced in the world such a breakthrough that frightens to see it.
But a man who only trust in his free will and in his will, get the curse of what is unachievable that of the problem of life after death, and that of why the manifestations of Nature occur.
A true orientation is harmony between two great Laws: Cause and Effect, Freewill and Possibility.
The first of these Laws explains the origin of Being, the secret of life and what waits for him after death. The second Law puts a man on an almost Divine height, and puts on his hands the scepter of domination and power.

Teaching 12: Destiny

A being has to undergo innumerable experiences and trials; he has to be born many times, to know many things, to be a man, a woman, great, little, to go on forward in the path to liberation.
Just by conceiving of life subject to a plan of evolution, we can explain the reason of a variety of human destinies.
Any event is a vibration materialized and later reintegrated again to its primary state; an event of today is a result of yesterday, and labor, present thought will yield fruit tomorrow. Misery, sorrow experienced today by a man, has been experienced or will be experience by others. There is no injustice, but variability.
All men undergo the same experiences; they descend from God to matter, and from matter they return to the spirit.
This evolutive plan is called Law of Consecutive Predestination. This Law is triple, and divided into:
* Personal Law
* Causal Law
* Collective Law
The Personal Law just relates to man and his evolution. In his thought, in his intimate consciousness, his desires are forged and drive him to act in certain way; so, his future life will depend on his action.
A man of today is a desire of yesterday, and a man of tomorrow is the effect of causes of today.
A being can change his destiny; his preparation to a life of happiness depends on him.
He achieves a happy future destiny by thinking properly, by acting righteously and not becoming a slave of his own desires. So, all religious instructors had urged so much on establishing pure and healthy habits in peoples.
The Causal Law ties a man and causes him to atone for actions not directly linked with his will but dictated by race, place and time in which he had to live. For instance: in a people where usually death penalty is in force, those who sentence to death participate in the Causal Law, not in the Personal Law.
Another instance: meat-eaters are responsible for the slaughter of animals; but, since this remains circumscribed to the plane of present evolution and development of the race to which they belong, their responsibility is only causal.
To live in a society, and in agreement with conventions of the time, demands the same sacrifice.
Collective Law ties by actions that influenced the masses. A bad ruler prepares his own destiny of sorrow, because the antipathy he arose will endure in other lives; instead, if he acts with justice and good judgment, a good karma waits for him.
The Collective Law is also a Law assumed by a whole people, a whole nation, a whole community, and a whole family. When a country wages war, peoples become collectively responsible for this war.
If it is proper to know that human suffering is fruit of past actions, we must not work looking for a happy destiny, because this selfishness would create us heavier ties. We liberate ourselves just by acting righteously, without ties to the fruit of the work, work for the sake of work.

Teaching 13: The Great Illusion

If God is the Undifferentiated One and the Unknowable One, to define him is to negate him, and everything that is existing, defined and variable cannot be but a fancy; great philosophers of pantheistic religions hold this. But, to dualists and theists, to those who feel all existing things are integral part of the Self, it would be a blasphemy to say all things created, all things seen and around us, are an illusion
Then, what is Maya? Is it reality or illusion?
The Universal Manifestation, as purpose, cannot be an only reality. To say so would be to reduce to something the concept of God who is out of any concept; but even this wonderful succession of divine events constitutive of life in the created Universe cannot be an illusion.
The manifested Universe, life, is a reality, inasmuch as the Undifferentiated and Unknowable One is real, but that settles its existing reality in the continuous becoming. Is reality what exists? Yes, it is reality; but not because it may be the Eternal One in himself, but because it is Eternal One in his manifestation. God is Non-Manifested, Indefinable and Indescribable; Immobile in Himself. But his inversion, the Divine Breath-out, is the visible Universe. What comes from the Eternal One is then also eternal and real; it is not reality in itself, but becoming of the Only Reality.
This Reality is illusion just as idea of continuous change, not because one wants to attribute to it a negative value or considers it a dream, a phantasmagoria and nothing more: but as a result of its continuous movement of variability.
In this continuous becoming, in this continuous variability, in this perennial transformation of all things, we find the concept of illusion, or Maya, of Vedantins.
God is What cannot be named, What never changes its nature; but his manifestation is Ired, because it is what continuously changes, becoming accessible to knowledge; a Unity expressed by antithesis.
The Whole Divine Manifestation is the Great Illusion, which in continuous vortices goes down from the Root-Principle and again goes up to the Eternal Principle, but so eternal as the very God.
Also, to concentrate in the concept of manifestation is to stop in the road, because the path to liberation is a continuous journey to eternity.
If the Universe has emerged from the unfathomable depths of Eternity, we should not forsake it, because the Universe becomes a basis of knowledge that a man is given, so that incidentally he learns how to reintegrate himself to Eternity.
The Great Illusion is changing reality, which in its name contains the secret value of what is unknowable, when becomes knowable.

Teaching 14: Liberation

Humanity is weighted down with the bondage of desire, and instead of getting rid of ties that bring it to a standstill it becomes more and more involved in the chain of sorrow.
Mankind is enslaved by the flesh, enslaved by diseases, enslaved by old age, enslaved by death, and though all claim for freedom, to men, freedom is a sphinx, a veiled Isis.
But, the Spirit is destined to be liberated and to reach happiness and the highest bliss of Divine Union.
To liberate themselves from these ties, human beings attach extreme importance to future life and happiness in higher worlds, when this represents to lock oneself in a mental cage if desire has not been removed.
We do not get liberation by stating, in order to get rid of the desire, that all is illusion, that nothing is worthwhile, and that to love and to suffer are ties; since when we refuse to observe the laws of life, we can become slaves of indifference and apathy.
Liberation can be achieved only by absence of desire, not by absence of resulting desire.
Liberation is not to dispose of everything, but to live life not desiring it, to accept sorrows as we accept a power that has to lift it over human miseries, and over all, to work for the sake of working, without expecting any reward.
You surpass illusion by knowing it, not by disposing of it; and to know it is not to be tied to it.
A true absence of desire, which permits the inner liberation, impedes always the identification of the soul with the object of its experience.
To live and love is a part of the Eternity, if you live and love with your thought centered on the real end. When life ties us, when a being crosses the paths to the Manifestation knowing, but not being tied to anything, he identifies with the Divine Will, which is the gateway to the Eternity. Schopenhauer properly said the principle of manifestation was the will, and the Universe was made by will.
We attain absence of desire, which leads to Divine Union, or Liberation, through four paths:
* Through Real Love
* Through Assistance and Work
* Through Mystical Asceticism
* Through Teaching
These four paths are really one; the four lead a soul to the Golden Temple; the four can grant the highest Achievement; they are different ways to only one center.
Some day, a sage and a saint met, and during their conversation realized the two knew in the same way. The sage asked the saint: “How do you know what has cost me so many years of study?”, and the latter replied: “I know it because I feel it, like you feel what you know”.
Love is the beginning of the path.
All is love in the Universe, and as there are not two loves, because human love is a miniature of Divine Love, he who loves can reach the Supreme Realization.
Love creates heroes, forgives criminals, fosters virtues, beautifies ugliness and joins with an indissoluble tie soul and spirit, good and evil, finitude and infinitude.
Jesus said to the Magdalene: “Your sins, which are many, are forgiven, for you loved much”, and Ramakrishna said: “One starts with love and ends with love”.
Thousands of souls apparently ignorant, without any knowledge, without any extraordinary action, reached the Divine Union through love. Little Therese of Lisieux said properly: “My vocation is to love”.
Assistance and love is the path of the brave; it is hard to travel, full of trials and obstacles, the difficult action hardens the hands, but transforms the object of the labor into Divine Ideal.
All great men of the civilization and progress were strenuous laborers, despised and vexed. They knew never would get an immediate satisfaction for their work; but they continued it fearlessly. They knew the true fruit of work is eternal and inaccessible to human short-sightedness.
The path of Mystical Asceticism is harder, but surer. It is difficult to internalize us to know us better and to make of life a spontaneous act of self-control; but it brings surprising results of inner liberation. A man that observes this method examines himself minutely, physiologically, psychically and astrally, and eventually reaches the Eternal Spring.
Here are the methods to observe: Meditation, Contemplation and Ecstasy and, finally, Divine Union.
Some people believe, however, that the path of Assistance is more useful than the latter, for it helps directly to mankind; but they forget that the true and primordial help emanates from mind, from thought. Solar Initiates of the Fourth Category appear on the Earth, and disappear as soon as they achieve their public labor of Teaching and Sacrifice; but Solar Initiates of Third Category cannot stop one moment their Labor and keep the Idea-Mother on Earth.
Teaching is the path of study, knowledge and learning.
A serious researcher, a tenacious scientist, a philosopher and a theologian, cleave infinite ramifications through their thoughts and the thought of Humanity.
A continuous study forces Nature and Cosmos to reveal their Mysteries; knowledge is illumination of the mind. Christ said: “Knowledge will set you free”; and learning got throughout long years of illuminating speculations, discover to the student the fundamental truths of the Universe, which are a sure token of liberation.

Teaching 15: The Reincarnation

A being has to evolve through numerous incarnations to reach liberation.
If it is true that a man does not recall his past existences, he preserves however the experience of his journeys.
It is impossible to enumerate lives of a being, but we know they had a beginning when the soul was entirely ignorant; and they will have an end when the soul gets rid of all desires, which are chains that periodically return it to the Earth.
Insufficiently evolved souls quickly return to Earth, impelled by low passions that impede them to go up to higher planes. Many times, after a very short rest on the sixth astral plane, the look anxiously for a physical above, and they reincarnate.
But, also quite evolved beings can return quickly to Earth, when they have to perform certain especial mission. Then they do not come attracted by the physical matter but because they leave the subtle body to acquire a physical body.
Usually, men reincarnate periodically every seven hundred years; but the most evolved take a long time to reappear in the frame of human life, because they wait for the collective to which they belong in order to go down. Sometimes, entire races appear as a whole.
In some exceptional cases, certain persons would recall exactly their previous life, developed many years ago. It is an astral anomaly. They are beings who die, but do not move to the sixth astral plane or get rid of the ethereal body, and return quickly to the Earth and recall their previous life.
In most cases, beings reincarnate seven times with feminine aspect, and seven times with male aspect, with the exception of Great Initiates, who take the most suitable aspect to achieve their mission.
A being never reincarnates in the same race or in the same people, but in those cases were the being has left unfilled the word assigned to it in his previous life. Many times, certain works started in one existence are finished in another, and certain labors need several lives for their achievement.
Beings do not return alone to life, but along with certain group of souls, and have links of family, friendship and affections with the latter. Many souls develop together the same labor for several incarnations.
Those who are here reunited do not know each other today or from yesterday, and death will not impede them to be reunited. Certain beings still not liberated, do not return to the Earth any more because now they are fit to continue their work from astral planes.
The belief in reincarnation, settled in so logical bases, is extremely comforting, for it explains the reason of human inequalities.

Teaching 16: Descent to Earth

In higher planes, souls enjoy a limpid and free spiritual atmosphere. Nothing penetrates into those very high regions where beings shire and scintillating stars.
But when those beings spiritually more advanced had exhausted their spiritual wealth that caused them to dwell in the first plane of the Astral world, a vague desire of action starts stopping the wonderful rotation of its lights. Memories of love and life mixed with peace of the environment drive them to return to the material plane. A very deep sleep of some kind wraps these souls, which weakens gradually their shine.
Like new sleeping Walkiries by the voice of love, they descend from the mental planes and concentrate the whole strength of their consciousness on the first plane of the Astral world.
Also the eagerness of the soul, of less evolves beings, gets there before their reincarnation, to concentrate the powers of the new life, which has to act on Earth (Third plane).
From there, they descend to the second and the third Astral plane, where all possibilities of the souls join with mental factors left behind during their ascension. Now they are fit to human life.
In successive astral planes, these souls cover themselves with the energetic and astral body, and are fit for the mission he has to develop in the world.
In the seventh Astral plane, low instincts, evil deeds unpaid, which form their ethereal body that is the definite mould of the physical body, are waiting for them. They must fight, begin and see how life drips from their hands, just leaving behind drops of memories.
It is the hour of hours, the solemn time of sacrifice and crucifixion; a divine spirit nailed on the cross of flesh.
In vain these souls tried to be free forever. Destiny calls, forces and pushes, and from the heights of divinity, a being has to descend into the shadow of matter.
All those who are on Earth have enjoyed a perfect peace for a longer or shorter time according to their spiritual progress; but a true liberation, by breaking any desire, puts the soul in contact with the universal serenity that is eternal.


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