Teaching 1: Auric Radiation
Teaching 2: Auric Colors
Teaching 3: Aura of Plants and Animals
Teaching 4: Ethereal Wheels and Aura
Teaching 5: Aura of a Savage
Teaching 6: Aura of Savage Man
Teaching 7: Aura of Initiates
Teaching 8: Group Aura
Teaching 9: Auric Kaleisdoscope
Teaching 10: Auric Space of the Planetary System
Teaching 11: Chromotherapy
Teaching 12: How Auric Colors Influence History and Art
Teaching 13: Music and Color
Teaching 14: Vocalization and Colors
Teaching 15: Dream and its Colors
Teaching 16: Exercises to See the Aura

Teaching 1: Auric Radiation

The astral aura is reflection of the spiritual, mental and material being projected on the astral world.
The aura is reflected on the seventh plane of the astral world, in co-relationship with akasic annals, which are reflected on the seventh plane of the mental world.
The movement of the Universe brings about creative vibration, and every creative vibration has a real result in the world of forms.
In the astral world, this result is radiation and changing color.
When a men who looks for psychic values, starts seeing a bluish mist around objects, he is seeing the astral aura of things.
The aura of an object or that of a thing is very different from the aura of an irrational being; and the aura of an irrational being is very different from that of a human being.
Object, thing, mineral and plant have no mind; they have an instinctive mind belonging to the group spirit of them; so, their radiation will be reduced to a tint between whitish and bluish and its extension will be very short.
An animal already has determined aura, with multiple Colors, because of its particular instinctive mind.
The aura of a man, who has spirit, mind and matter, is perfect; and just it is different from that of angels and great beings because of its extension.
Christ’s aura would comprise the whole world.
From the antiquity, Virgin May’s images are surrounded by a bluish luminosity. Not only Christians encompassed their saints with light and adorned them with a halo, but also all other religions did.
Buddha’s image is always surrounded with luminous rays; and Kali, goddess of Humanity, is placed in the center of a red sky.
The extension of an aura is according to its magnetic power, mental and spiritual, its diameter is from seven centimeters to seven hundred seventy seven kilometers, and more; and its multiple and changing colors are according to energetic and vibrational power of being. Its radial placement is according to its material value, from a similar form to the image represented to a perfect oval.
It is understandable that the particular aura of any thing or being may tend to form groups; this is not an astral law, but a Universal law; then any family, group, city, nation and continent have a characteristic aura.
An astral cell is the identity card of beings and things.
An American physician was able to verify that every being has a different and characteristic mental radiation, and when this radiation is grasped, it registers the identity of the individual.
A correct vision of the aura is desirable because promotes spiritual development.

Teaching 2: Auric Colors





Pure love

Pure ideal



Selfish love




Spiritual love



Belief and






healthy joy




The aura has a general color, fundamentally similar to stained-glass windows of cathedrals, but colors change continuously on the horizon of the auric picture.
It is a noticeable view to see a human aura for the first time, because at the rate of changing emotions, thoughts and mind state, mixed colored rays traverse the aura, and burst.
Every thought, every emotion, every subconscious function, every organic impulse, is recorded in the aura. Continuous luminous radiations go out of the human being and are broken as colors in his auric spectrum.
Prevailing or fundamental colors: red, blue and yellow. Secondary colors: green, orange and violet; and additional colors: white and black.
Black is not a color, but absence of colors. This is related to this plane in which, when we seek with our physical eyes, we see certain black that lacks relatively color because this black is deeper.
The same can be said in regard to white, which is a synthesis of all colors.
Physical and astral colors are inter-fused in the aura, forming a characteristic color.
Color has been always closely related to religious and spiritual symbols; and even religious institutions adopted coloring to achieve a higher psychic and moral effect on their respective worships.
Christian Church, and especially Catholic Church clothes the priest with a red dalmatica, for the festivity of martyrs; green, for ordinary time of the year, that of quietness; violet, to commemorate Christ’s Passion and Mary’s sorrows; and shining golden color, for solemn and joyful occasions. This denotes how the ancient priests knew the influence of colors, for they had seen it on the astral spectrum.
Would it be possible that those clairvoyants-artists, who created wonderful glasses in Gothic cathedral, were unaware of the admirable color of the aura!
Now we shall describe diverse colors, according to emotions that determine them, to get this way a vague idea of how the aura of being is.
Red: Violent passion, unbridled wrath and irresistible desire color aura with purple red and, if these emotions come together with a criminal impulse, this purple red is covered by a thick smoke of some kind. But not always red is negative and bad, because a noble passion is dyed with purple, like a noble indignation and a strong wish to do well. Also, the color of blood, or rather, that of vital blood, is symbol of the highest emotion; but when love and emotion are really unselfish, then red and white combine and become a beautiful light pink, a characteristic color in many virgins.
Blue: In its elevations toward the spirit, usually a soul is adorned with this color; so devotion, love of study, philosophical reflection and the art of properly thinking in general, give the aura a sky-blue color. Stubbornness as to our own ideas, intolerance, and strong and constant separateness of creed, dye the aura with slate-color. Likewise, noble thinkers fossilized in their ideas and believers fanaticized by their religion vibrate with indigo-color.
Yellow: This is the color of great and eclectic thinkers, that of spiritual instructors, great mystics and all of them who glimpse the Eternal Wisdom.
Green: A good physical condition, love of Nature and life in the country-side, and a quiet and little speculative disposition, dye the aura with green, which becomes more shining as virtues increase. But the aura of a lazy man, who gives himself up and runs the risk of falling on inactivity and destitution, is olive-colored, and even its color may be grayish green, that of hysterical and envious people.
Orange: An intelligent man, but proud of his knowledge, has an orange aura. In an over-proud man, this color takes a reddish orange hue, while is old gold in a self-praising person in his own right.
Violet: This is mainly the color of artists and women in their best aspect. It denotes virtues as a whole, transplanted from the real world to the world of the ideal. It is very easy to see this color in inexpert young people in the struggle for life, and in old persons who have already appeased their passions.
White: The more advanced the individual being is, the more shining and whiter his aura is; but this color never is absent in any being in higher or lesser proportion.
Black: Black goes with every negative action and emphasizes bad Colors; but also a heavy sorrow or a moment of amnesia may dye entirely the aura with black. Depression, sadness, heavy despondency come along with grey.
You see not only these colors in an aura, but also many others that produce different combinations.

Teaching 3: Aura of Plants and Animals

All objects have a characteristic radiation that constitutes their aura. It is like a bluish color around the object at short distance.
While plants have no color, they already have a characteristic aura.
The aura of plants heavily influences auras of human beings and may have positive or negatives effects.
We call bad or negative plants those plants whose aura may influence unfavorably because they absorb too much oxygen or are poisonous; and we call good or positive plants those plants with aromatic or medicinal properties.
In bad plants their aura is blackish; and this color is more marked in a magnolia tree. So, from innumerable years, we know it is very dangerous to sleep under this tree. The ancients said a somber spirit would suffocate men who would sleep under it. Certainly, it not only takes off oxygen, but also radioactive and astral radiations of human beings.
Other plant of this kind (a bad plant) is the willow, good to heal insomnia and bad to those who sleep under its thick branches at digestion time.
Plants with useful-sedative influence have a whitish, sometimes scintillating color.
Pine’s and eucalyptus’ auras are very shining and, thence, these trees are very curative.
There is no cemetery without a cypress, because the aura of this tree removes lower and elemental entities. The ancient worship always was held at the foot of an ilex, a tree with a very sedative aura, like that of an oak. Ancient kings gave their laws and administered justice under these trees. Man adorns his house with plants and flowers, because their aura is always useful and helpful to auras of human health. But flowers like jasmine, magnolia, hyacinth and nard never should be in houses or rooms. On the other hand, the effects of certain trees, confirming these statements, are known.
The aura of animals, while it is not very wide, already has colors.
Also animals have a considerable influence on the aura of men, because they absorb vitality and strength of that aura, rather, animals get colors of human auras by vampirizing the human aura.
Wild isolated animals have a poor, uncolored aura; but wild beasts, in zoological gardens, get reddish colors and their ferocity decreases insensibly by contact with people.
Domestic animals have beautiful auras; a cat, red and grey; a dog, brown and deep blue; a horse, reddish and sometimes salmon color.
The aura of a horse is the widest, and in very intelligent horses even may be eight centimeters wide. But, among all animals, birds are those that have more varied Colors; some of them, like swan, have the rainbow color. These auras are always subordinated to the influence of man, since, by the right of evolution, man is the god of animals. There are animals that feel so much the influence of their master that, without any word from him, know if he is sad or happy, quiet or angry.
So, it is neither good nor healthy, to live in common with animals, and to sleep with them is the worst habit.

Teaching 4: Ethereal Wheels and Aura

Every center of power is reflected on the astral plane in form of glowing circles of several Colors, and therefore is settled in the astral aura as a whole.
It is inaccurate to say centers of power, which are innumerable, or the seven principal centers, which are the most visible, may be symmetrically placed in an aura as certain plates show it, but they are visible, with a higher or lower power, according to their vibrational potentiality. Here are the seven main centers:
1. Crown Wheel: synthetic color.
2. Visual Wheel: blue and whitish pink color.
3. Larynx Wheel: light blue color.
4. Heart Wheel: shining golden color.
5. Solar Wheel: pink green color.
6. Control Wheel: rainbow color.
7. Sacrum Wheel: red-orange color.
Every one of these Wheels corresponds to one of the Seven Rays, or vibrational modulation of the Cosmic Ether.
The Cosmic Ether is one, but as it pervades the universe with its creative movement, is broken into seven different forms and every one of them corresponds to a determined power. This power is lead in the superior world by the seven Solar Initiates and manifests in the astral world through Ethereal Wheels, which constitute the state of that plane.
Simultaneously, law of analogy repeats these wheels in every being on an infinitesimal proportion.
This sevenfold power manifests on the earth in the seven primordial plexuses of the planet, known to the Initiate who has power to trace the seven parts of the Universe.
In the human physical body, the Cosmic Ether is on the seven plexuses corresponding to the above-mentioned Ethereal Wheels.
We are told the aura is something like a receiver of all positive and negative powers of the individual being, who expresses them by means of form, movement and color on the first plane of the mental world.
There the Ethereal Wheels are reflected and mixed with prevailing colors of the aura. Sometimes, at a moment of extremely intense action, certain center of power controls the whole auric spectrum.
In the aura of a very intellectual person, you can see, on his higher part, a wheel with the form of a fan with a beautiful and shining blue color, crowing the front of the astral body with a royal diadem; while the other centers of power may be so weak that hues of color and power of movement fall away among other auric colors.
At a moment of intense wrath, a person emits from the central part of his aura, which would be on the level of the heat in a human body, a smoke that quickly covers the whole aura, and impedes to see other color. You only see some tongues of fire, which are a materialization of energy condensed by the respective mental form.
In certain harmonious and balanced temperaments, you see clearly two or three of these wheels fluttering on the aura like moving flowers; but you can never see separately every one of the seven wheels.
In men of our era, the Sacrum Wheel is very visible and plays a very important part in reproduction.
Of course, a very perfect being, a Solar Initiate, has united his forces and powers in a way that he vibrates and is in tune only with the Synthetic Ether, the first by-product of the Cosmic Ether; so, his aura is immense, uniform, with very quick vibration, so quick that just reveals only one color, which could be called very white.
Besides colors brought about by centers of power, in the aura there are colors of thought forms. Thought forms not always are those that can be generated by our thought and, thence, the result of the Mental Wheel of being, but mental forms of other beings are reflected there.
A continuous thought of love and protection of a mother for her little child will cover with a light pink hue the aura of this child with the thought form of his mother.
The religious belief of a whole community protects their devotees with a characteristic sign, reflected on the aura by certain color. So Catholics properly say a Christian bears in his spirit the sign of the baptism, which is ineffaceable; so, many beings belonging to Zivasvaita religion have in their auras the image of a red trident, a symbol of their religion.
Even our affection for certain beings many times imprints itself their image on the aura.

Teaching 5: Aura of Savage Man

A man living in a primitive state, and ruled almost only by his instincts, has an aura little wide and with variable colors.
His most noticeable radiation is around him, produced by his physical state and organic development, and could be called aura of health.
In short, the astral body is as a whole vibrations limited to the astral area occupied by a being. They have repercussion, by the energetic movement, on the sound, mark the capacity of the physical state and outline thought forms of the individual being.
The aura of health traces around a man, on a seven-centimeter radial space, certain luminous lines lightening color. The more vigorous is his health, the more bristled are his lines; but when his health is poor and when the systems is deficiently working, these lines appear broker in several parts, forming zigzags. When his health is completely deteriorated and the time of death is near, those lines are relaxed and fallen.
This radiation is formed by a multitude of astral atoms contacting, through the Sacrum Wheel, the physical atoms of man and determines the peculiar smell of every person.
When a dog follows the track of a person, it does not precisely pursues the smell, but the undulating way produced by the peculiar smell of astral atoms materialized behind the person who brought it about.
When you enter a room, it is easy to perceive if someone has been therein, even not feeling any smell, because the aura of health leaves continuously pervaded those places through which the owner has passed.
In a savage man, mainly you detect his aura of health, though in certain people, more skilled in certain physical exercises with many movements, also you detect very clearly their magnetic aura.
A man that because of his good health spends a little of energy and because of his healthy and natural life gains strength from the energetic store, has many reserves of energies in his aura. You see this because, when there is much magnetism, the aura is sprinkled with numberless shining little points like those observed on the sky when you stare in it.
Many times you hear this question, why certain beings, with no mental evolution, have however a magnetic power that can convey health and wellbeing to other beings; this is clearly understandable considering that the means used are purely energetic and have nothing to do with spiritual progress.
A magnetic aura transmits then its reserves, if it wants, to another poor aura. Also a continuous vampirism is exercised on beings, since a weak being that is near a strong being can take energies from the latter.
It is a bad habit to trust old people the care of children, and particularly that of making them sleep in rooms where old and sick people rest. All know King David’s Biblical story, which lived by the magnetism taken from certain young virgin that would sleep with him.
There are not only beings who exercise vampirism on the magnetic aura, but also there are animals, especially domestic pets. Also there are places that, because they are circumscribed on a radius of very slow vibration, are very bad for health.
Any cure made by magnetic healers is related to a transmission of energy from operator to patient.
The primordial function of massage, now accepted by all medical circles, is to convey magnetic energies.
Besides luminous colors, produced by the aura of health and magnetic aura, in the aura of a savage you see the red color, emanating from of part of the Sacrum Wheel. An aura has always a fundamental and invariable color, besides other changing colors according to states of mind, time and place.
The fundamental color of primitive man is shining red, because his instinct is mixed with good health and abundant dose of energy granted by his natural life. Very rarely this red color gets muddy, as a primitive man is not much bad-tempered.
In certain savages that start practicing fetishism and idolatry, the edges of the aura have a very deep blue fringe.

Teaching 6: Aura of Normal Man

There is a close relationship between the aura of a mother and the aura of a suckling. A child has his own fundamental aura, but absorbed or pervaded by that of his mother. When he starts growing, a separation of auras occurs; but just as in a room with mild temperature for certain period of time the same temperature is maintained by the effect of a heater, even after you took the heater out of there, so the aura of a child remains pervaded by the magnetism of his mother, even after this separation has taken place.
Even in cases of orphan children you observe they maintain their mother magnetism after a mother passed away.
Just as a serpent leaves on spring its old skin to show the new skin it would keep hidden behind its old cover, so a child, more or less at the age of seven, when he recognizes consciously his individual entity, as if it were an old shell, he disposes of the protective dress of his mother, and according to laws of charge and discharge of the aura, we may say he has his own aura.
Almost always the awakening of sexual instincts follows this period of time. A this age, an aura is not very extended and the energetic aspect and that of health prevail, excepting certain wonderfully talented children who have aura of man; but this is neither normal nor advantageous to the spiritual progress, because a being is spending this way, before time, reserves that he will need for his full consciousness.
During the adolescence, the aura has almost always bad aspects. Just as a volcano, after it remained for many centuries still, suddenly launches flames, lava and deadened sounds, so an adolescent’s aura reflects powers buried in the subconscious, gathered at the door of the soul to get out all of them, suddenly, pushing their way violently as desires, passions, ignored instincts, morbid and unknown reserves, which make colors of the aura become bad and disordered..
So the whole past is reflected on the young soul, and the result and life of a being will deend of how these powers are arranged and canalized. Therefore, the aura is then disordered, variable and deeply colored.
When this state of transition is over and the young, now grown up, is settled, the aura affirms its colors and fundamental aspect, according to the state of every one.
On this circumstance the so-called understanding of souls occurs. The being who has certain reserves of energies to apply, does not know how to place them; so this soul looks for twin souls to achieve its own aim. How beautiful are: friendship in years of youth, the first love, and the understanding and veneration of a teacher or professor!
An aura heavily pervaded by energetic matter discharges itself on the soul of a loved or venerated person and a mutual understanding is established between them; this understanding makes them look for each other continuously and attract each other like magnet to steel. When there are three similar souls, a link of forces is established, which attracts other souls, chains them, and brings about social, ideological and cultural movements, et cetera.
Christ meant this when he said: “Because where two or three are assembled in my name, I am there amid them”.
Not only there are auras that understand each other, but also there are souls that look for each other by similarity. Almost always this occurs once they met, as the time passes by, when they understand the same things, have the same artistic and spiritual tastes and are more and more alike.
This transformation increases in cases of spiritual similarity; when a disciple learns his instructor’s lessons his aura experiences a transformation and even is noticeably like the soul of his instructor.
Francis of Sales and Joanne of Chantal had so equal souls that Vincent of Paul saw their auras as two circles of fire united in only one circle.
In certain cases, even the physical body reflects this likeness of auras, and we are told two spouses who love much each other, are alike.
The aura decreases noticeably in old age; just as night watches with its shadows over all things, so a mission fulfilled attenuates energies, kills desires, deletes memory, and the aura takes a uniform and meek blue color, as an omen of future rest.

Teaching 7: Aura of Initiates

Beyond ethereal spheres around Earth, there is a magnetic auric circle protecting and defending it; if not, negative surges of life would enter the atmosphere, devastating any living form, because a sufficient number of cosmic rays go across this circle and destroy life.
Not only the earth has its protective aura but also every being. A normal man has a protective aura formed by his good desires and by entities that protect him, while a superior man has his own defensive aura. In the aura o great beings, you notice a big circle all around its edge, which is like an impregnable fortress to the soul. Neither bad thought forms, nor shocks of wicked emotions, nor destructive vibration of lower worlds can enter there.
A normal man is subject to influences of any kind, good and bad; but a superior man defends himself in an admirable way, by the barrier he interposed between his inner world and his outer world.
High entities can help men by using the powerful current circulating through that auric cord, but only for spiritual aims. Neither a jot of materialism nor that of personal desire has to be united with this good influence.
The aura of an initiate opens like a wonderful screen, pervaded by blue, pink and yellow colors. Just to get an image of it, you may think of a sea at twilight, when the smooth blue color of waters reflects the pink sky, still flooded with golden rays of the setting sun.
Those who are near initiates feel the influence of their beneficial auras; then children smile, sick people get better, sorrowful are comforted and the dying enter with serenity the land of shadows.
The aura of the Initiate of Fire is not extremely wide, but certainly is resplendent with a diameter of ten meters.
The aura of the Lunar Initiates is almost always of deep and beautiful colors; format and color of them depend on their mission and category. The extension of their aura comprises all their work and may reach a whole nation, a whole country, and a whole group of beings.
The aura of a Lunar Initiate, or a religious or a priest, has a golden color that is not uniform, but in form of lines, more or less equal to those of the display case that contains the Most Holy Sacrament.
The aura of a conqueror is red and white, shining like steel. The aura of a sage is like an immense shining orange.
The aura of the Solar Initiates, as we said above, is of a very subtle uniform color; in short, it comprises all colors and is quite extended. Mostly it encompasses the whole earth and shelters all men. So Krishna says to Arjuna: “See reflected in me all men of the Universe”, and in reference to the Buddha, we are told that he is savior of all men.
Day in day out, already you feel the beneficial influence of the protective aura of the Solar Initiate who has to appear on the next sign.

Teaching 8: Group Aura

If inanimate things, animals and human beings have an aura and these auras can understand, associate and communicate each other, the group aura emerges from them as a whole.
This is not the union of diverse auras, but the auric astral result of this union.
Different groups of animals are ruled by an elemental entity, subject to another entity endowed with mind; the magnetic net, by which the elemental entity unites the bodies of its group, forms the group aura. The following telepathic experience, already made by several American sages, confirms our sayings. For instance, a horse is mentally instructed to rise a leg; if thought is strong and properly emitted, you will observe how the animal obeys the order; but at the same time you will see how other horses around also obey the order given, while others remain impassive. This means: horses that fulfill the mental order belong to the group of the first entity to be influenced.
Any human collective forms its group aura, which is the aura of the city where it lives, that of the city where it acts or that of the nation to which it belongs. But it must be properly determined that the group aura of a city is formed not only by the present contribution of beings that give it its particular characteristic, but also by present and past emanations as a whole. For instance: certain devotees are praying before a pious image; gradually, entreaties form a group aura, and this aura becomes more and more powerful, to such extent that can beneficially comprise a very big number of pilgrims.
Also nations have their peculiar aura that is the soul of the type, orientation and civilization of all beings that inhabit its territory.
North America’s aura is shining green and means exuberance of forces, power and wellbeing.
Argentine Republic’s aura is deep blue and denotes spiritual trend, still undefined.
England’s aura is orange, which symbolizes culture and race pride. Germany’s aura is ochre, which means stubbornness and spirit of renunciation and sacrifice.
The aura of North Italy and France is blue and means faith on something; while southern Italy and Spain have red auras.
India has an ashy white aura, which denotes intellectual, passive values, and Tibet has a beautiful yellow aura.

Teaching 9: Auric Kaleidoscope

A mental vibration becomes aura in continuous motion, the vital energy is condensed colors and the ethereal matter takes diverse and changing forms; these forms, acquiring sometimes certain similar hues to living pictures, are named Auric Kaleidoscope.
Prevailing forms in an aura are those produced by sensorial effects subconsciously and consciously registered. They are:
Those of smell; square.
Those of taste; inverted semi-lunar.
Those of sight; triangular.
Those of tact; spiral.
Those of ear; circular.
These auric drawings are continuously intermingled, forming beautiful images with a perfect geometric figure. As every one has an especial hue, they reflect true phantasmagoric images, which seer can perceive. These thought forms, produced by sensorial organs, sometimes take possession of the aura of a being, and control it completely; they are continuously obsessing and tyrannizing, and are demons of Humanity. But reason and knowledge gradually bans them, and these images are replaced for those of wishes, illusions and aims. According to their characteristic power, mental forces endure more or less time in the auric circle and sometimes take elemental forms.
Ancient legends describe them as beautiful statues, which attract so much their artist that acquire real life in his mind; not in vain we are told men are thoughts of gods and, by co-relative law, elemental worlds are sons of thoughts of men.

Auric Kaleidoscope

Not always thought forms take so much life; they are images that leave soon the auric circle of a being and remain as spooks in the auric circle of Earth in quest of similar images to take again strength and life. So it is impossible to ban an inveterate vice if we are not patient; this vice has taken form, has owned the aura of being, gets used to feed by living energies emanating from there and it is necessary to besiege and starve it, depriving it of new reserves, and expelling it from there. For instance: the first feeling of fear, because it is related to the Control Wheel and, therefore, with taste, has the thought form of inverted crescent moon; so it is presented like a hook. Many similar thoughts of fear are already established in the aura as an image with many hooks going across the aura. Likely it was a seer the first to make a chain in order to keep hold of a man.
When a being is afraid, infinite images of this kind groove his aura and look like a grille or iron cover.
If you want to set up feelings of fear against feelings of courage, as these feelings are related to the Heart Wheel and therefore have spiral form, corresponding to tact, they look like little luminous explosions trying to break the iron barrier; it is a true auric battle. A being can perish during this battle, because they are two equal forces, pairs of opposites, fighting for the auric field. To get rid from these dangers, mental serenity is the best because it removes forms of one kind and another.
In short, an aura is formed by mental vibration, thence its continuous movement; is colored by vital energy, thence its changing colors; and is adorned by thought forms, which use ethereal matter to leave printed his image in it.

Teaching 10: Auric Space of the Planetary System

An attentive and inquisitive eye might see, by looking at the space, how sunlight is not white, but periodically changes color.
The planetary system, like all systems, has its aura; so adorns its sky with changing Colors, according to the prevailing movement.
In the Universe there is a substance, produced by vibration, which could be called “Great Element”. This Element manifests in seven continuous movements, corresponding to the seven solar rays and called seven Great Elements. Every one of these movements has its particular color and these colors constitute the Aura of the Universe as a whole.
The auric colors of the Universe are simultaneously reflected on all planetary systems of the Universe, by forming the planetary aura of the same.
When the first Great Element prevails, it controls positively the Earth and brings about cohesive power.
When the second Great Element prevails, it controls negatively humidity and water, and its power is contraction.
When the third Great Element prevails, it controls the fire and produces expansion.
When the fourth Great Element prevails, controls the air, the atmosphere, and develops locomotion in the system.
When the fifth Great Element prevails, it influences the physical ether, by fostering expansion and ultrasound.
The sixth and the seventh Great Elements have functions of higher and synthetic kind.
Hindus call Tatwas these movements of the Great Element, with different colors, producers of different forces that mainly influence the development of the planetary system.
They call the first Prithivi.
The second, Apas.
The third, Tejas.
The fourth, Vayu.
And the fifth, Akasa.
Hindus do not mention the sixth and seventh.
The aura of the planetary system reflects on the horizon certain color according to the prevailing force. This color changes, in relation to the earth and capacity of our atmosphere, approximately every three hours, from sunrise on. During these hours, the planetary aura has a two-colored reflections according to its positive or negative action, because this Great Element, like any universal function, has an undulating movement and another movement of propagation, at the same time.
When it acts positively, the color of the astral force prevails in the aura, and when it acts negatively, the color of physical force prevails.
Physically, the Great Element has these Colors:
First: Yellow
Second: White
Third: Red.
Fourth: Blue.
Fifth: Black.
Sixth: Colorless.
Seventh: Colorless.
Astrally, they relate to the following colors:
First: Orange.
Second: Violet.
Third: Red.
Fourth: Green.
Fifth: Deep blue or indigo.
Sixth: Yellow.
Seventh: Synthetic color.

Teaching 11: Chromotherapy

Vibration is expression of the cosmic mind, and power is a link joining it to physical life.
None would be able ever to explain the secret of colors, and how and why they are formed.
Color is the energetic soul of being, and just as all sevenfold hues of being are reflected on an astral aura by means of colors, so color is the image of its local state in a physical body.
If a man is full of strength and his blood irrigation is active, his cheeks shall be reddish; if his organic function is slow, he becomes pale and his veins become bluish. If a person is constantly in the open, his skin becomes tanned and looks like bathed by orange sunrays.
Just as a color prevails in the aura, so its corresponding color prevails in the physical body; the abundance of the one over the other brings physical unbalance.
As we said above, the three fundamental colors in the aura are: blue, red and yellow. These subtilized colors become green, violet and orange; heath establishes a balance between them. Almost always, blue and red are absent in the physical body; thence so much lack of harmony in the human body.
An over-abundant or scarce color in the aura can be seen not only by a seer, but also by a researcher, by simple observation.
You know the color of the human body:
First: by the color of the eyeball.
Second: by the color of fingernails.
Third: by the color of urine.
Fourth: by the color of evacuation.
After a close observation, the therapist should establish which color is lacking in the physical body and especially in which part of it, to diagnose disease, and fight and heal it.
A man with super-abundant blue color, is calm, slow, melancholic, suffers of intestinal atony and dyspepsia. Blue color is sedative, refreshing, electric and astringent; alleviates and reduces high temperature, attenuates colics, control madness and mind disturbances, apoplexy and infectious diseases of any kind, and is excellent tonic for nervous unbalance.
Green, which astrally refers to blue, must be applied to certain diseases. A proper application of green might heal cancer, calm neuralgia, toothache and sight diseases, and is sleep-inducing.
Red color is warm and non-astringent; tones up, cheers up, excites and vivifies; fights excessive blue, amnesia, sadness and unwillingness. In cases of lung diseases, red color must be applied in little doses, along with violet, to vivify without any excitation.
Yellow color is penetrating; must be used, not misused; any application of this color never must be excessive. It heals kidneys, glands and liver. Applications of yellow color would be excellent for lepers and epileptics.
Orange is good for rheum, gout, chronic consumption and erysipelas.
But for psychic healing, one needs to know not only the physical body, but also the aura of being.
Chromotherapy treatments are made differently. Hindu physicians have applied them for generation to generation and, in recent years, German and American physicians have successfully experienced them.
Chromotherapy would be more successful if it were applied breaking the luminous rays. Now there are ultraviolet, infrared rays and, recently, devices detecting the yellow light.
Soon afterwards, all colors will be detected and applied by means of especial devices.
In chromotherapy, it is also useful to paint rooms with the color to apply and to do the same with clothes and surrounding area.
All know how the contemplation of seawater calms down the soul, and how the vision of blood and of deep colors has exciting effects.
Hindus would heal this way: they fill bottles of different colors with water, expose these bottles several days to sunrays, and give this water to patients to drink; for external use, they fill bottles with oil instead of water.

Teaching 12: How Auric Colors Influence History and Art

The prevailing color in the aura of certain peoples or groups sometimes is so heavily printed in the subconscious of the environment in which it acted that has determined in the aura of this environment entirely characteristic and traditional colors or colored forms.
Sometimes the color of the aura is so powerful that prevails in tastes, habits and way of dressing of a whole people. The Chinese were extremely influenced by their prevailing auric color (of course, this color here referred nothing has to do with the present auric color of China, which is very different from that of millennia ago). Deep wisdom, love of study, disdain for life and passion, and intellectual culture continuously encompassed this environment with a yellow aura also reflected on his clothes and on the art of this people.
In Kamapura there is one statue of the Buddha, in which the yellow color of Siddhartha’s skin looks as if pervaded by sunrays.
Among the Greek, great followers of plastic arts and according to which rhythm and movement had an almost mathematical harmony, auric colors had to be white and luminous; thence, nobles, sages and rulers did not use other color than white in their dresses.
Romans, imitators of the Greek, also adopted attires of this kind. Widowers who were in mourning used white clothes; but the Christendom, a religion centered on sorrows of Humanity, earthly miseries and pain of a God made man, darkened its aura and changed white color for black.
Julian the Apostate, a Hellenic Initiate from the death of paganism, unsuccessfully tried to re-establish the white peplos. Rows of innumerable black monks, with their dark cross, would go ahead, inexorably, destroying the whiteness of pagan gods.
The new color of the prevailing aura had overcome over-imposed on the ancient aura. Thence it was impossible to maintain internally what already was non-existent in the inner auric side of the world.
But where an aura manifests entirely its colors –even the most tenuous and softest color– is in the instinctive experience of an artist and, over and above, in that of a painter. Painting, among all arts, is quite near clairvoyance. Colors never seen or invented are printed on canvass by the magical brush-stroke of an inspired artist. The loftiest ecstasy of pictorial art grants an artist the virtue of knowing and printing, partially, colors of the aura.
Giovanni de Fiesole (Fra Angelico), who lived in a constant atmosphere of devotion, painted lofty virgins, in which colors white and blue mainly prevail. We are told of this friar he had painted the Annunciation: the picture was finished but he was unable to translate into the canvass the eyes of the Mother of God, those blue eyes that he had in his soul; he was tired and half asleep on his easy chair he saw how the angels of heaven descended to his cell and painted Mary’s eyes; but the eyes of that virgin have a blue color that no other brush could never equal.
Astral colors are also masterly reproduced on Tintoretto’s paintings; on his chiaroscuros, where ideas and concepts expressed are so well emphasized, the same color changes in such way that only a seer or an intuitive person can recognize it.
A noble tourist was watching one Tintoretto’s painting in the ducal palace of Venice and said: the blue of this sky is unreal, I never saw it; but has the power to awaken the soul, the most perfect ecstasy of amplitude.
In Benares there is one statue of Kali and on a wall at the far end of the temple, there is so significant red that seemingly contains all hatreds, desires, passions and sorrows of the goddess of destruction.
Also Botticelli, in his painting of the Lady of the Mercy in attires, color of the sky, paleness of Christ’s corpse, puts certain shade of red, orange and deep green, which gives the soul a sense of total desolation and that of any conceivably pain.
In the art of stained-glass windows, also astral colors play a very important part. Since the times of those famous stained-glass windows of Tyro and Sidon, never had been seen glasses so artistically painted, until times of Bizantium and, later, in Venice. In the Middle Ages this art was surpassed. By a skilful combination of Colors, on a sunny day at noon, Cologne’s Cathedral reflects colors of the aura of an Initiate of Fire on the center of the Temple.
Stained-glass windows in Lyon’s Cathedral, of fourteenth century, cover certain figures with particular color, which reflect exactly the spiritual progress of those beings.
Modern times, which are in quest of a balance of mind and matter, had uniformed the colors of the aura; thence their main trend to remove heavy colors and use undefined, little significant colors.

Teaching 13: Music and Color

Every musical note is accompanied by its corresponding color. A seer perceived a wave of color behind a sound.
Blind people, whose ear sense is highly developed, say and describe color by the sound of the seven musical notes.
Many musicians confess they see these colors with their imagination.
If every musical note has its own form of corresponding color, a musical work as a whole, entire pieces, have their form with multiple colors representing their thought form.
But if every thought form is reflected on the aura, whose is the aura in which music colors are shaped? They are attached to the aura of the earth, on that super-atmospheric fringe around the planet; so, a clairvoyant sees musical forms reflected on the air or atmosphere.
Sometimes these forms as a whole are very vast, wonderful and vivid and leave an extended and pleasant impression in the soul of the person who sees them. Not always these forms of color are equal, even when one plays the same musical piece; for they change according to the talent of the performer and the musical ensemble.
When there is any inaccuracy in music, image appears rent from one end to the other. Thence the saying of lovers of this art, a bad note hurts the ear.
In Balad number 1, B Minor, Opus 23, by Chopin, grey and red colors are mixed in such way at the beat of very sad notes that describe the night, forest and love of the wandering knight, that leave in the soul an exact impression about the view and colors of the third astral plane.
Wagner could give form true astral pictures by means of his music, which were reflected on the aura of the world. At the first chords of the prelude to “Gold of the Rhine”, music forms a tenuous, undefined color, like that of the sky at dawn; there the artist wants to describe the beginning of the Universe. Lightnings and movements of light colors go continuously across the sky. As the execution of the work goes on, the image becomes wider and wider. No music has reflected so vast picture as that of Wagner.
But when Walhalla appears before the gods, he is reflected on the image of a shining dome.
In the work “The Walkirias”, colors are so varied and the view so vast that they look like an enchanted city where sky, sea, mountains and colors are mixed with so gracious disorder that they form an unforgettable picture.
Emerico Stefanini, the great pianist, states, when he plays, closes his eyes and sees colors that symbolize the piece of music he is playing. And about the color of the aura in Beethoven’s music, he replied to a question: yellow. He was right, for Beethoven’s music is, among all, the richest music as to wisdom and insights.
Every musical note has its corresponding color:
1rst.: Do... Red
2nd.: Re... Orange
3rd.: Mi... Yellow
4th.: Fa... Green
5th.: Sol... Blue
6th.: La... Indigo
7th.: Si... Violet
One of the indispensable works of a student, to achieve his supreme realization, is to sharpen his artistic senses.

Teaching 14: Vocalization and Colors

The mystic relation of John the Evangelist’s initiatic Gospel begins with these words: “And the word was made flesh...”. No better image for man than the voice of a man, which may express the quick movement of creative energy, emanated from the matrix mind to join matter and vivify it.
The Atlanteans learnt how to speak just after the half of their race cycle had passed; the Aryans, who learnt the holy language of the Divine Initiates, would speak by articulating so wonderfully, that their word was a true power of God, a true Incarnate Word. By means of their voice charged with energy, they controlled elements, calmed storms and drove away wild beasts of the desert; but their power diminished when they misused their power. Now man does not speak as before, to create, but simply, to speak.
The word is a mere Foat’s movement, directly charged on the deposit of cosmic energies and reflected on the aura of the Universe.
Then the auric color of the word is closely related to the seven Colors of the Great Element, for it takes its image and coloring directly from them.
Ordinary conversations, useless and trivial talks, have little color; wise is this motto: “a barking dog does not bite”; for at the end, any person who spends his vocal energies neither does good nor does evil. But there are words of power, words expressed with the whole of heart and mind, which rise like a living being, to do good or evil.
When an old man of the ancient temples would bless, his words were a current of orange color pervading the whole aura of the person blessed. Why even today the parents’ words are so valuable? Because they are charged with the whole force of love, and because they have power to charge them with their corresponding color, which helps, alleviates and comforts the son.
Once they asked a nun why she had changed her name when she made her votes and she replied, to have a luminous name, a name that every time it were uttered, lead to think with the clarity of light.
It is very important the choice of names because there are names that by articulating them always bring sad and unpleasant colors to the aura of their owner. Many words have been said about mantras and certain powerful formulae; but where is the power of these words but in the color they emit, which is beneficial or harmful?
When several persons together chant national anthems, many times it was observed little flames going out of their mouths, and these little flames, joined to the atmosphere, would give form to a protective dome of some kind.
Why did apostles, gathered in a cenacle, according to the New Testament, speak all languages? Because the power of their vocal prayers, emitted during forty consecutive days, had given to a vibration of so deep color that would enable them to understand the word by the simple vibrational movement. Certain prayers, repeated numerous times, like the rosary, by the same reiteration of the word, establish certain wave of color, which forcefully must be beneficial.
To increase the power of the word, it is indispensable to know the value and color of every word; to achieve it, you need the respiratory exercise. Vocal organs receive directly their energy from the energetic deposit placed in the lungs; so, by means of the respiratory exercise, one can see the color of words uttered and therefore know which are useful and which are useless; when a conversation was advantageous and when it was ineffective. During the respiratory exercise, you should think of a word by uttering it during the intervals; so you will see soon how its related sound goes out, like a vapor, from your mouth.

Teaching 15: Dream and Its Colors

Energetic vibrations fill the aura with colors not only during the day, but also the same process continues while we sleep. Since when a person sleeps acquires higher psychic sensibility, he can see more easily these colors, which appear as dreams.
Density of vibration is closely related to force of image and color in our dreams.
There are three types of dreams, namely: vegetative, associative and premonitory or prophetic.
Organic vibrations during the deepest unconsciousness produce vegetative dream, when the individual restores energies of the physical body. It belongs to the first hours of the night and lasts all the time when the chemical distribution of foods takes place. Forms of these dreams and vague and disproportionate; their color is always dark.
The second type, called associative, is the mirror of the subconscious. It manifests unsatisfied desires, yearnings and daily disappointments by means of forms and colors; it puts on the light of the astral aura, through vague forms and inconsistent events, the inferiority complex of the soul and mind dissatisfaction. Even here there are many colors; but some of them come into play: chiaroscuro, grey and red.
For a practical interpretation of colors in dreams of this type, you should consider them by their meaning related to astral color.
But all colors come into play, forming beautiful vision and vast landscapes, in premonitory dreams; beautiful dreams, free gift of intuition. Unlike the others, these dreams are strong, clear and easy to recall; and belong to hours of the early morning. They discover hidden states of the soul, artistic trends and intimate mystical vocation, and foretell the future.
A combination of colors is spontaneous in them and, sometimes, you have a double vision: first, with physical colors, and then, with related astral colors.
Then, the activity of the soul is constant: if the soul stops his activity of movement, coloring and form, the individual would remain overwhelmed; here is the different: it is much more difficult to see the participation of the soul on vigil state than on dream state.
The student must try to sleep well and quietly if he wants to have beautiful dreams and see colors related to his aura when is sleeping.

Teaching 16: Exercises to See the Aura

You can see a physical aura at a glance by observing closely a person on a dark background and, especially, at nightfall; then you see a little luminosity around that person. But usually you do not see an energetic aura, still charged with many material particles, although you can perceive it sharpening your sight a little.
Intermittently and disorderly, colors also can be seen by physical eyes; but our eyes cannot get a total vision of the aura without the hypophisial gland, or rather, they get it by means of clairvoyance.
All people may aim at seeing partially the aura, although clairvoyants are exclusively obliged to its study. Certain exercises sharpen considerably the aura and enable to see it. He we describe several exercises for the student.
Years ago there were certain pictures in black and white of Saint Therese of Lisieux that, after you observed it closely, you could see her image reflected on a wall or clear place. This exercise is very useful to habituate your sight to fix what it sees. For instance, look at a window, and then close your eyes and try to see the window as if it were a photographic plate. After you make this exercise for a while, you will see your sight in two successive functions with your eyes closed; first it will show the negative and then the real image. Later, as you open your eyes, you will see white, bluish and green big spots, as if the sun blinded your eyes. If at once you observe a person standing before a dark cloth in the light, or a white cloth in the dark, you will notice around him several white little lights, like those of a cloudless sky closely observed.
But the most important thing is to see colors.
Then, after you habituated your sight to fix images, you much give it necessary rapidity to distinguish colors. It is a little inconvenient to practice the solar exercise for those who do not get used to do, that is, to distinguish colors, being concentrated with the eyes open in the sun, because there is another method to achieve it.
Take a light blue, square cardboard, determine exactly its center and mark on it a white point. Begin to stare at this point, counting very slowly from one to seventy seven; then close your eyes, count to ten, and open your eyes again. After a repetition of this practice, you will not see the cardboard light blue, but green. So, successively, you will see that a white cardboard is yellow; a yellow cardboard, orange; a black cardboard, grey, et cetera.
As soon as you are skilled in this exercise, you will distinguish very easily colors more or less thick around a person.
Other easier exercise: Put your left hand on little cardboards with the same Colors and make the above-mentioned exercise. Then put your hand on a black cloth in the light or on a white cloth in the dark; and you will see the aura of the hand.
The astral aura with its colors, radiation’s and movements, is the foundation of human life and only when science may enter there will be able to discover the root of evils that are overwhelming Humanity.


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