Teaching 1: The Voice of the Masters
Teaching 2: Predestined Souls
Teaching 3: The Regulation
Teaching 4: Radius of Stability
Teaching 5: The Teaching
Teaching 6: Categories
Teaching 7: The Mother Idea
Teaching 8: Cafh and Religions
Teaching 9: Gifts of Cafh
Teaching 10: Providential Economy
Teaching 11: The Body of Fire
Teaching 12: Heavenly Stars
Teaching 13: The Strong Liberator
Teaching 14: Integrity of the Great Work
Teaching 15: Power of the Great Current
Teaching 16: Substantial Union with the Divine Mother

Teaching 1: The Voice of the Masters

Human beings do not find upon earth their wished peace and happiness. Only the detachment from transitory goods and achievement of the divine love can give peace and happiness to being.
The Sons shall attain the union with God through Cafh.
Symbolized as the Strong Woman grabbing and closing fauces of the lion, Cafh is the mean of the Sons to get self-control and achieve means for the Divine Union.
Cafh as mean of achievement is effort, psychical, mental and spiritual training of the Soul toward the Divinity, and at the same time infuse grace of the Divinity in the soul.
Any effort of the Son is useless if not assisted by divine help, and at a time, this help needs the effort of the Son to be fruitful in the soul and to become effective.
Divine help comes directly to the Son from God, as a pre-established result since the eternity in the Divine Plan of evolution.
Divine Union cannot be achieved without efforts of the Son and Divine Help, because the Mother Idea of the Aryan Race is based upon harmony of human and divine values.
The conquest of God is achieved by rational efforts and the divine illumination of the soul is attained by overcoming the very reason.
The name of God is expression of the fundamental principle of the Universe, of the Eternal Spirit fluttering behind any manifestation. God, Ruler of the Universe, enumerates by Himself different expressions of His power and will in the Plan of Universal Evolution.
Sometimes the Sons get used to worship and reverence in God His aspect as Creator of the Universe, in the female image of the Divine Mother.
The image of the Divine Mother is in Cafh the main point of attention and veneration as the living image of the work, power, love and omnipotence of God.
The Divine help has in the Son several different manifestations.
It comprises from a natural disposition of being to intervention of divine and human beings who directly or indirectly assist the Son trusted to them, in a providential way in due moment and by the most unexpected form.
Divine beings that take part in fulfilling the Cosmic Plan and intervene in the progress and assistance of mankind are incalculable numerous and with different hierarchies. All of them even intervene indirectly in the evolution of Mankind, because the Cosmos is just the result of the Unique Idea of God.
There are three categories that directly intervene in destinies of mankind. These divine, semi-divine and superior beings are called Great Initiates.
The first category is of Great Solar Initiates.
The second category is of Great Lunar Initiates.
The third category is of Great Initiates of Fire.
The Great Solar Initiates intervene in crucial destinies that change and transform different stages of the Race. They are bearers of the Mother Idea presented to Mankind divinely and plainly since the cradle of a race until its end, and they pervade this race with the power of this unique thought as the traced road of its own destiny.
The planet and men are pervaded by the grace and protection of the Divine Incarnation of the Great Solar Initiate. This Initiate, whom we call the Christ, has intervened directly on redemption and possibility of progress of present mankind.
Since a new race is about to begin, the Divine Incarnation again shall come to earth to renew and strengthen the work of the Christ. Eastern disciples call Maitreya to this Great Solar Initiate. Christ clearly announced on the Gospel his triumphal return to this world.
The Great Lunar Initiates lead partial and various movements of different sectors of mankind. They are like a bridge between heaven and earth, between humanity and Divinity, because they are guides of great religions, philosophies, races, states and organizations.
They are the Mother Idea made flesh and the thought-destiny of Great Solar Initiates made form. At the propitious hour, from superior worlds they throw their idea to the heart of predestined men or these Initiates incarnate in certain magnetic field of mankind impelling it irresistibly toward the renewed creed, new axiom, promised land and liberating idea, and this way they make emerge conceptions of love and life.
All men of certain national, moral or religious area take part in the influence of the Great Lunar Initiate in regard to the development of the characteristic Work of their time and of related needs.
Great Initiates of Fire intervene and assist beings individually, help them to progress internally and make them fit to fulfill the work that they have to externalize and perform in the world.
But these Initiates, apparently unknown and hidden, are those who are closer to men. They guide advantageously the souls toward their inner development, knowledge of their personal vocation and efforts to achieve their destiny. Their labor is more individual than collective, for they guide individually the souls, in the multitude they call the fittest, choose the best and among them select the perfect, guiding them to their determined end.
The Sons of Cafh are especially and directly helped by the three categories of Great Initiates, calling them by the name of Holy Masters.
In Cafh the Masters help and assist continuously the Sons to achieve in the world their mystical mission, which is the achievement of divine love in these Sons and, by reflection of similarity, in every man that is fit to it.
The voice of the Masters continuously comes to the heart and mind of the Sons to guide them on the Path.
The majority of the Masters that assist more directly in Cafh belong to the Great Initiates of Fire, intervene in any event on the life of the Son and sometimes in a visible and direct way.
Therefore the whole Work and the possibilities of Cafh steadily rely on the divine help of the Masters because without this help all efforts and works of the Son would be in vain. So Cafh is an exclusively divine Work, constituted by Divine Powers, with the only purpose of leading men to a Divine State.
The Masters of Cafh are the very expression of God; they are intermediaries between men and Divinity, the Primary point of Creation worshipped by the Sons in the image of the Divine Mother.

Teaching 2: Predestined Souls

The vocation of Cafh is supernatural. Therefore souls called to assemble and fulfill it are predestined.
Of course, all human beings by their potential participation in the Divinity are called to spiritual life. This means to get the highest possible grade of perfection. Here vocation spiritual is vocation given to chosen souls by their especial idiosyncrasy and by their inherent and updated disposition to achieve perfection.
In the world there are currents canalized to spiritual life, and beings called to this achievement can be predestined or not to this spiritual life.
Souls called to perform divine works come predestined to fulfill them by the Law of Consecutive Predestination. On the other hand, human works can be achieved or only partially achieved for they are only attempts made by man to come close to God and respond to the Arbitral Law of Possibilities.
Divine works are differentiated from human works because are integral; they do not absorb one part or certain part of being, but the whole being, and souls that participate in them are predestined. Also divine works are visibly and prophetically led by the Masters.
So the souls of Cafh are predestined, even those who fail in their attempt; those who overcome proclaim by their example the grandness of Cafh and those who fail painfully atone the material aspects of Cafh.
One cannot determine which souls are called to so high destinies, for it is a secret of the Law of Predestination.
So, humanly speaking, all men are possible aspirants to the spiritual life of Cafh. But those predestined to this supernatural ideal upon earth are already counted and just they shall pass through the last door.
Sometimes the Masters give names to the chosen and show them in vision to the Son in charge of their search, but most times the Son has to seek them in the night of the unknown to find them.
Of course there are general factors that lead to think that certain men are possible aspirants to Cafh: good disposition, natural trend, inclination to good and friendly disposition.
But even so the Sons should give to this search of souls a supernatural touch through fervent prayer and fulfillment of established trials.
The spiritual vocation of Cafh is divine and, as such, integral, so it is of difficult understanding for aspirants.
The Sons should not deem lack of vocation the fact that some aspirants find many difficulties in their attempts.
Many men of marked and manifested spiritual vocation collide as soon as they contact the Power of the Great Current. The power of Cafh –concentrated on an inner, unique, precise, egocentric, definitive point– is an entirely different movement from the usual peripheral power of men. As to aspirants, its immense potential looks like inertia, and its magnetic field, totally polarizing the supernatural aspect, looks like disconnected from any rational possibility. Even it is likely that the aspirant does not admit the value and purpose of Cafh and that in his view everything seems confuse and vague. Ancestrally, men get used to an illusory purpose of their efforts: to life, perpetuation in the species, understanding, self-specialization, religion and safety in a paradise.
All this is not a sign of lack of vocation in the aspirant, but adverse states to overcome. Spiritual vocation always brings bitter sorrows when you go against the current and break worldly rules. Also a fierce persecution starts against those who try to elude the rate of the ordinary life; as a principle, even heaven tests vocation through setbacks and disappointments. And the poor soul that refuses any participation of the old man is unable to become the new man. So, prematurely many collapse helpless and discouraged, but the predestined shall know how to overcome the storm and trial, and steadily tread the chosen road.
Many predestined souls, providentially led to the path of Cafh, do not achieve however those high destinies for which they were called, and do not attain the spiritual perfection that had to be the object of their lives.
Seemingly this would be a contradiction, so it needs an explanation.
The Law of predestination leads the chosen of Cafh, but they must strive by themselves to fulfill it by the use of their will and of the Arbitral Law of Possibilities at their disposal.
They are divinely led to the Path and must Humanly travel through it. God chooses those who have to belong to His chosen people. So He says, “Ego te tuli” – “I have taken you”. But the chosen have to exalt this people by their own efforts. Christ says, “Qui vult venire post me, abneget seipsum, et tollat crucem suam et sequetur me” – “He who wants to come with me, renounce to himself, take his cross and follow me”.
Those Sons who were predestined to Cafh must harshly fight if they want to achieve in themselves the divine promises, since predestination does not exempt from the burden of the flesh, from karma or from stigmas of life. Life is harder with discipline and continence, for human habits when repressed take mental forms. Imaginative desire becomes stronger incentive than physical desire; sometimes these temptations become a true hell and make the Sons succumb. Fortunately, by help of the Masters and spiritual forces of Cafh, for the majority of the Sons this crazy temptation is nothing more than a purifying purgatory.
Gradually the will becomes stronger, purifies habits and removes any mental desire.
The power of these temptations never would be defeated if the purpose of the Son is not righteous and totally aiming at the achievement of the divine life; thence the failure of all false spiritual people whose only desires are psychical and phenomenal achievements.
The Sons do not progress on the Path because do not strive and waste forces and help put at their disposal to fulfill their spiritual destiny.
When the Sons get the spiritual realization by their efforts any human law disappears and the Divine Law fulfilled remains in them.
The predestined being is confirmed in his predestination and the divine promises are fulfilled in him. The priest of Cafh has achieved his consecration; he does not need any more symbols or rites to transmit the Teaching to men, but the very priest is the revealed Teaching and Divine image.
Identified with the Great Work, he is owner of the Great Current, and his Substantial Union with the Divine Mother becomes permanent.
He is Director of souls and light for the Sons, and time and changes of life do not prevail against him.
Truly he ties and unties men; instructs bad spirits and calls protective entities. His word may give joy or sadness, and his blessing removes evil and brings peace upon earth and men.

Teaching 3: The Regulation

Man is composed harmoniously and mathematically; so he is ruled by laws and organic, ethic and cosmic rules that are indisputable and inalterable.
His development and evolution follow certain evolutionary plan by natural and contingent methods gradually unfolded every hour of his living.
Human and civilian laws, derived from needs of human development, are quite useful while being expression of the Universal Law; otherwise are signs of decadence and bondage.
The Universal Law is Divine and Unique, ever leading the individual being toward his final liberation and identification with Eternity.
Human laws are those making a man fit to attain this divine liberation in the frame of his type and destiny.
But any human law established as the very end and not aiming at the liberation of man is bad and harmful. Because of their ancestral habit of animal adjustment, men shall attach to that law but should carry it on their backs as a burden of tyranny and pain.
Human laws are nothing more than heaps of sand thrown by elementals of the illusion to the eyes of men.
The Regulation of Cafh is for to those Sons who have obeyed it as image of the Universal Law and mean to fulfill the Divine Law.
This Law manifests with different forms and ways to fulfill it, but ever maintaining its original, fundamental unity. By efforts and mystical training, the Son achieves the Divine Union and Spiritual Liberation by the image and measure imposed by the Regulation of Cafh.
This Regulation is the only one fit to the Son among all, leads him to adopt those observances and norms that immobilize him and externally paralyze him, so that forces and inner activities grow and be fruitful and, at the same time, arranges and canalizes the laws of the world that the Son must also fulfill to achieve this end.
The Regulation of Cafh is for the Sons who have obeyed it so that they may get their liberation in stages.
A human law that tends to be established as unique end and not harmoniously adapted to the specific mission of the Son whose destiny is divine and universal, becomes demonic and enslaving.
A foolish man says, “I want to be free”, and disposes of any duty and obligation and, jumping at the void, collides with the great chaos of disorder and disorientation.
But when a wise man says, “I want to be free”, adopts the fittest law to him, follows the method established and does not abandon it and, step by step, goes toward his liberation.
When the human law is more relative in regard to the divine law, it becomes fitter to hasten the way to liberation.
The Regulation of Cafh is for Sons that have observed it as expression of common sense.
Among mystics, even among those of strict inner life, there are two kinds of rules for the souls; the one is very severe, and the other, very soft.
Although there are souls that for their inner development need one of these rules, the severe rule does not survive the life of its founder, and the softer rule even does not survive the lifetime of its founder. The one and the other rule bring similar disagreements and misunderstandings that finally disturb the souls.
The Regulation of Cafh provides the most practical and mild method, adapted to times, places and characteristics of the Sons.
It is neither too much moderate nor too much severe; it is more sensible and gives the possibility of a noticeable percentage of observance and regularity. So it reveals knowledge of human beings and common sense.
The Regulation of Cafh is for those Sons that have observed it as divine and human injunction.
It is human because is adapted to the ascetic and moral characteristics of the Sons for its simplicity, efficiency and plainness.
It is human because on its external expression removes any external aspect, details and pomposity, and facilitates the fulfillment of Cafh’s duties by fundamental, clear and visible practices.
It is Divine because reflects the infinite light by its continuous efforts to make of the life of the Son a continuous training that facilitates his mystical union.
It is Divine because continuously exalts the Son, from plain and one-sided observance to freedom of the Divine Union.
Also, the Regulation, by the Law of Consequences is for the Sons as the unique fit method to them so that they may get habits favorable to their spiritual ascent.
It is Divine and human because removes any extra burden and leaves only the ideal force, a force that makes him humanly disappear as personality to be divinely revealed as egocentric force.
The only possibility of world salvation is the disappearance of man as external personality to achieve a greater inner individuality.
Individuals as such have to fail for the expression in the world of a uniform way of feeling and thinking.
The Regulation of Cafh is for those Sons that have observed it as a mould of life. Every man needs a mould to live. Even Masters, lofty beings sent to earth to teach to mankind how to break its bonds and ties that blind and enslave it, have to adapt to a method, however easy and simple it is: or man bursts or has to adapt to it.
It is important to know that the rule is a mean, not an end. It is important to know which is and how is the mould that one bears.
Most men are put in unsuitable moulds to them. The effort of reaction produces pain and suffering.
Fight to oblige men to live in certain mould makes invent remedies that are even worse moulds than the first ones.
Only the divine mould is useful for man and this mould is spontaneously given by the law of life and destiny, image of the Divine Life. So Christ says, “My yoke is soft and my burden light”.
The Regulation of Cafh is for those Sons that have observed it as a mean of happiness.
It is the method that they need for their progress, the only useful rule for their adaptation.
It is not a burden for the Sons but something inherent to them, something spontaneous that takes part in them
Its fulfillment is not a stumbling block for the Sons, it is not something strange to them, but faithful expression of what they desire to be and do.
They fulfill it willingly and it is expression of his doings and a loving burden.
As the time passes by, you shall see how a man enclosed against his will becomes a ruin, while a man that willingly enters the cloister finds mental clarity, sublimation and peace in this isolation.
Law is heavy when becomes strange to being, but when it joins to him and acts as a spontaneous expression of the soul, is Christ’s light yoke.
The Regulation of Cafh is for those Sons that observed it as a mean of liberating adaptation.
The word freedom is like a blinding light for the human being that is ever in chains, but there is only one freedom, freedom of the spirit, and most times this freedom becomes a daydream like the star that a child wants to touch with his hands. Also there is no human law or human freedom to give liberation. Even loftiest methods cannot achieve anything; they can only prepare the soul for its liberation.
When the soul adopts a proper law or method, and follows it purposefully and attentively, is prepared for the divine spiritual liberation, and this liberation arrives only by means of understanding and inner bliss.
The Regulation of Cafh shapes the soul because its only end, concern or effort is to prepare the soul to contact its inner and divine forces. It is like the Guardian in the Threshold that accompanies the soul until the Holy Gate and indicates the Way toward the Royal Chamber.
The soul sees itself within, and only then can be free by understanding laws and actions of the world and recognizing them as illusory. There the soul comes into contact with the only mental vibration, expression of the cosmic substance, and glimpses the Law of the eternal becoming and its atavistic modifications, and thus knows how to discriminate between illusory and real, and between Laws and laws.
There the soul sees itself like the result of this only vibration. The soul sees that this vibration is neither force of the brain, nor force of the heart, nor force of hands or feet, for all these forces are not the results of modification, but all that vibration is spiritual forces emanating from the only vibration.
The Regulation of Cafh is for those Sons that have observed it as synthesis of their Spiritual Ideal.
When the Regulation becomes in the Son a unique vibrational force determined by a habit of unique sanctity, transforms human into divine. It is the achievement of the Spiritual Ideal. So the structure of Cafh’s Regulation is ideal over all.
Cafh’s Laws, more than impositions, are norms helping in Ascetic Renunciation, based on practices that are more internal than external. Even external norms are rather spiritual stimuli than organic functions.
The Regulation is the effort of the Son alone to get external detachment and to attach strongly to internal, spiritual practices.
In such a way Cafh’s Regulation aims at achieving the Spiritual Ideal with a particular preparation that, by means of authorities, the Son can ever be adapted or get free of those external practices hindering him from being realized.

Teaching 4: Radius of Stability

Cafh is a work destined to form a Reunion of souls upon earth. As such it needs an earthly magnetic point whose support is not a sense of possession, but a sense of rooting.
When the Masters of Cafh form in the astral world the spiritual circle from which the Great Work upon earth becomes, consequently they are reflected on the magnetic irradiation point. This point is Om Hes.
As the energetic power of the Great Work becomes larger, also those magnetic points that shall act as support multiply.
Any potential spiritual pole needs an active material pole for its materialization.
As soon as two or three souls are reunited at certain place, there a magnetic point of Cafh’s Great Work is established, and this point starts its own expansion through souls contacting it.
This vibration creates around this place certain magnetic field called Radius of Stability.
Here when we speak of certain place where the Work establishes, one may ask, if Cafh’s goods are totally intrinsic, how can Cafh be established on a material point?
Cafh’s stability on certain place is nor really material but ideally material.
The place is a fulcrum of discharge; a flint by which you produce the spark.
It is established there to escape from there and takes terrestrial elements as models to create the ethereal city of the future.
Om Hes is non-existent; it is a symbol.
Om Hes, seat of Cafh upon earth, shall be nothing else than an ideal point.
As the Masters discharge the power of the Great Current find support on earth for its participation with its own magnetism in the Great Work.
The Sons are practically rooted on earth by remaining in its Radius of Stability not by desire of territorial possession but by adherence to its spirit.
The Masters materialize their divine forces for realization, but not totally.
The mythological god does not surrender his daughter to the dream of earthly life but after surrounding her with an inaccessible fire, that is, with a higher ethereal force than material force.
Also the expansion and multiplication of earthly magnetic centers of Cafh do not indicate certain places but places destined to Cafh.
The magnetic centre is achieved by the Sons reunited and its discovery is a reflection of their inner discovery.
The Radius of Stability strictly participates in the spiritual life of the Sons and reflects their mystique of egocentric mission, that is totally internal, a total reflection on themselves.
Other groups of spiritual beings have mobility for mission. Continuously they move from one place to another, and come into contact with main magnetic centers of earth.
But not so with Cafh’s Sons whose mission –we repeat– is to stay, to fix, “egobeing” and to become potential.
The Radius of Stability created by the Son on the place where he lives is true as a result, but of ethereal substance as possession, and therefore, more consistent and durable than if it were material; a true circle of fire. As soon as the Son treads the path, takes his corresponding place, self-restricted to certain current of ideas and mystically tracing around the inner cloister of his soul, self-restricted, self-contracted and self-synthesized to become fit to his own liberation.
The Son of Cafh is circumscribed to his Radius of Stability.
Stability roots him to his place to fulfill his providential mission and achieve his perfection.
As man detaches himself more and more from the magnetic tie that unites him with earth, is worn out by excessive mobility and misses the possibility of an integral survival. It is not material possession of earth that gives man what he needs to live or economic security for the future, but rooting, love of earth and knowledge of earth what yields him fruits in abundance.
As the Son is voluntarily rooted in a place, again he puts magnetic centers of his body into contact with magnetic centers of earth, which were broken by mobility. Again he establishes channels of magnetic-earthly force between him and his soil, like a well-provided irrigation ditch that provides him and those around him what he needs to live in abundance.
The magnetic-earthly force of the Son expands around him propagated to men surrounding him and to those who come near him by bringing them wellbeing.
Rooting grants to man true love for his birthplace or for the place where he is bound to stay; and grants him the easy solution of his economic troubles by the productive capacity of the habit, and invigorates his physical body by a continuous contact with the soul of the soil.
Rooting fosters and consolidates industry and gradually transforms it into specialty, art and unimpeachable capacity.
Rooting selects and presents physical types to serve like model and image of other peoples and future races.
The Son of Cafh is also circumscribed to Cafh’s Mother Idea and to the power of the Great Current. As soon as the Son takes part in the Power of the Great Current, he remains limited in it. Every science, art and philosophy, as generalities, is prohibited, and he must apply only to one effort, one aim and one idea.
Cafh’s Mother Idea has been entrusted to him and this Mother Idea is his only end.
Cafh’s Mother Idea, in the Divine Plan, to the achieve perfection through Ascetic Renunciation and Mystique of the Heart, which is equivalent to strict inner life; everything outside this end must be excluded.
The Son is a good student, good employee, good professional and good citizen, but not as an end but as a mean. Even he does not want something seemingly better because even the other thing would be only exactly an equal mean to that that he already has in order to achieve his end.
The Son applies to sciences, arts and philosophies not because he desires their end but because they can be means to enlighten further and increase the brilliance of his own purpose.
For the Son nothing is higher and nothing is worth outside his end.
Although all his mental knowledge is deleted, this would be unimportant because the fruit of its end would remain intact, and this fruit is the Eternal Wisdom.
As soon as the Sons enter the Great Current they cannot desire this or that. They do not feel called to study this or that, but only attempt that that can be useful to fulfill their end.
This circumscribed energetic-mental currents increase in such a way the thinking and feeling of the Son that grant him the achievement of his thoughts and desires.
By this force concentrated in the Son, he gives a beneficial bath to all his Radius of Stability. He gives health to the sick, providence to the needy and direction to the souls.
Cafh’s Son is also circumscribed to the mystical inner cloister of the soul. In the Son, his mission of inner life is not only a symbol but also an effective reality.
Future man has to achieve his aims of perfection and happiness not by external efforts but by internal efforts.
So the human heart must get higher capacity to potentially retain necessary forces to this purpose.
Measures of the Divine Mother’s heart have to be measures of the heart of man.
So the Son is really contracted in himself by the internal life, by establishing his dwelling place, his thought and his feeling in his own heart.
He makes there his potential abode, inaccessible citadel and observatory of unlimited horizons.
From there the Son spiritually and physically is again reconstructed through new experiences and habit, testing his courage and ductility and becoming fit to higher resistance: an atomic resistance.
Men say excessive pain or excessive love make heart burst; but the Son says to the heart, “little by little I shall give you so much feeling until you are able to contain the power of feeling that the Universe possesses”.
The Son reviews every fiber of his heart, analyzes and invigorates it, and shall not go out of there, out of the mystical internal cell, out of the inner recess of his soul, until being able to know himself by knowing his own heart.
To re-adjust the keys of his Radius of Stability, periodically the Son it is even further detached from the world and external things in a house of Retreat and in proper places. Continuously the Son enters the depths of the heart and soul, systematically admits a Unique Idea and only establishes his own end.
By continuous, constant and inalterable contraction, the Son will achieve the unique measure, his own expansion by contact with the Universe and Eternity.

Teaching 5: The Teaching

Cafh’s Teaching is Divine, Eternal.
It reveals means to crystallize the Divine Plan on earth, defines inherent verities to the Mother Idea of the present and coming race, of fundamental and contingent verities, and keep direct, continuous communication between Masters and Sons.
They transmit it in time and space, without interruptions, by shaping it to the need of the Work to achieve and to the spiritual capacity of the souls that must receive it at certain proper moment.
The Teaching may be fundamental or contingent.
The Teaching is fundamental when essentially and categorically reveals Eternal Verities.
These verities are obscure and in a veiled way contained in Holy Texts of Great Religions, in a supernatural form, and constitute the ontological and specific idiosyncrasy of the Aryan man, in a natural form.
But the Masters periodically reveal it to Cafh to keep the Eternal Verities by the pristine purity of the Word.
The Teaching is contingent when reveals Eternal Verities with their consequences and derivations, and explains it with clarity and detail.
The Masters uninterruptedly transmit the Teaching as an inexhaustible spring, manifested to the Son for his own knowledge of supernatural and natural truths that are inherent to him and to his Race.
The Masters transmit the Teaching in Stages, according to grade and progress of the Sons.
These stages can be theoretically divided into eight parts.
The Teaching of the first Stage is Natural Common.
The Masters infuse in the Sons a spontaneous love of study, and increase it in those who already love it.
Natural and human sciences are studied with very much concern, and even more the specialization that every one has chosen.
The Masters lead these studies under their protection and guide, and Superiors of Cafh assist them, by stimulating in the Son perseverance on their duties as students, and by watching over their normal course and over a good performance of the students on their examinations and conquest of knowledge.
Cafh’s Sons are good students. At schools and Universities they call the attention by their application, concentration and performance.
The Teaching in the second Stage is of Supernatural Initiation.
This Teaching is indirect because its communication to the Sons is through written notes. These notes are valuable because facilitate the repetition and memorization of the Teaching. Their study prepares mind and heart, forming in the soul the habit of receiving and assimilating the Teachings by that mean.
The Teaching in the third Stage is of Supernatural Influence.
Knowledge and feeling of Cafh is transmitted to the Son through reunions in the Radius of Stability, and he takes part in the power of the Great Current and personally and magnetically contributes to the integrity of the Great Work.
This vibration-knowledge quickly transforms the Soul into an entirely new man.
The supernatural influence visibly manifests in him by inner spontaneity revealing the secrets of spiritual life and by making live the bliss of participating in this knowledge of life.
The Teaching in the fourth Stage is of Oral Transmission.
The Orator transmits and comments the Teaching and makes it fit to be received by the Sons entrusted to him.
The Orator is the faithful expression of Cafh’s Teaching; therefore he increases it with supernatural force.
The Orator is a direct channel between Masters and Sons and transforms those supernatural truths, which he transmits, into Divine Verities.
The Teaching in the fifth Stage is Supernatural Speculative.
Mind can reflect quite easily, by habit, about Revealed Verities. So it vividly increases, by understanding, his love of spiritual life and desire of perfection.
The Son makes of transcendental understanding the end and centre of his efforts. He uses all his knowledge, art, science, philosophy and discrimination for speculating, clarifying and defining what is supernatural.
He does not dispose of reason, but makes use of it like a steady bridge to attain the eternal shore. His faith on the unknown increases through this spontaneous understanding: “fidens quarens intellectum”.
This Teaching, discriminated by the Son and stimulated by the Masters, provides means to get it, suitable Teachings, quick mind, oratory skillfulness to explain and ability to contradict.
The Teaching in the sixth Stage is Supernatural Contingent.
The Instructor transmits it by explaining courses and matters in an entirely new and original way.
The Teacher adapts and renews the Teaching according to need and time. He ever expounds unknown topics; but these courses are about contingent truths.
He explains fundamental truths only in an axiomatic way, by clarifying them, giving them a definite sense, deducing truths from truth, comparing them with other Teachings and solving possible and successive contradictions.
The Teacher is such because he receives directly from the Masters his Teaching and the direction of the Teaching to give.
The Teaching in the seventh Stage is Supernatural Revealed.
Cafh possesses the Eternal Verities and those truths concerning to the present and future Race, which were not written on texts but on the Temple of Hes.
These eternal and revealed verities are the same as those revealed obscurely and in a veiled way by Texts of Great Religions.
They expound the fundamental, basic principle of the cosmos and its laws, manifestations and changes.
They expound the Mother Idea of the Race and its crystallization throughout times and peoples.
They expound the way to get free of pain and evil by progressive spiritual ascent and Divine Union.
These fundamental Revealed Verities are explained by themselves but not in themselves.
Intuition and reason take them as a divine gift, do not reflect about them and only reflect about their results.
The Teachers continuously expound them to Cafh through the contingent Teaching.
The Teaching in the eight Stage is Supernatural Spiritual.
As the Son is trained and ready, the Masters directly instruct him. They instruct him during hours of dream and reverie.
Directly they instruct him by giving the intellect a quick and definitive ability to know about Eternal Verities.
Ecstatically they instruct him during hours of ecstasy, by raising him to the Temple of Hes and giving him there the Divine Teaching.
Although Cafh’s Teaching soars to the highest speculation, never tries to enter the Divine Secret or the Eternal Silence.
All theologians attaina point where they must stop and only worship. It is a sacrilege to try with the mind what is neither for the mind nor for the spirit of man.
The Revealed Eternal Cafh’s Teaching survives in itself by continuously flowing to the Masters, Teachers, Orators and Sons, but only in itself.
Once the Teaching crystallizes, is not the Teaching any more but only a human expression of it.
If the Son based his truths only on papers, notes and concepts of Teaching, he would be reduced to certain circle, and the Teaching would lose spontaneity and freshness.
The fire that annually consumes in Cafh the notes about the Teaching wants to remember the Sons that the Divine Teaching cannot be fixed or limited.
The main mission of Cafh is to keep this lofty and divine concept of the Teaching by impeding the latter to lose its spirituality descending from the summits to the valley.

Teaching 6: Categories

The soul achieves the supreme realization in stages.
These stages are not indicated by external factors but determined by intimate, deep transformations marking the progress of the Sons.
But Cafh divides his Sons into several Categories and Groups, trying to harmonize and adapt the external, visible transformation to internal progresses.
This not always rigorous since there are advanced Sons occupying lower categories and vice versa. These apparent contradictions ever respond to a particular need of the Son, which is accessory and never fundamental. The soul admitted in Cafh was predestined, even if remained on the Path just a moment. Potentially this soul takes part in all the spiritual life of Cafh, and actively and progressively in a part of that life.
Several categories and groups desire to indicate and demonstrate this active participation.
Symbols and Regulation expound the internal and external succession of these ascending stages of the Sons. Also, the Sons are in two groups of men and women.
This is beyond any discussion in the reunion of souls predestined to collaborate in the formation of the future race by their contribution of inner-mystical experiences. It is indispensable the division and selection of several types to find the ideal type.
These divisions shall be unnecessary as soon as every soul of Cafh responds to the Only Stimulus of the Spiritual Idea, but certainly shall be necessary in regard to situation and study.
Sex is determined by a number of contradictory vibrations that permit certain vibrations to prevail over others. These vibrations are of confused ideas and various feelings. The whole evil of the world comes later, and this is quite visible in the history of mankind, of successive confused ideas that continuously create and destroy, and of emotions of attraction and hatred. The distinction of sex makes this fight more acute.
The will of present man is not integrally determined despite the fact that usually we are told that a person has more mind than heart.
Just the Spiritual Idea can re-establish a peaceful kingdom in the world.
The Spiritual Idea is a perfect, integral idea that is the result of clear ideas and genuine feelings. There are no ideas and emotions, but a conjoint, simultaneous emotion-idea.
Cafh divides the souls into groups of men and women to educate different wills and to lead them toward the Spiritual Idea. A being of the future shall not be hermaphrodite but a being of harmonious and similar reactions, which shall not seek attraction and reaction in the diversity of sexes, but a complement eventually harmonious and only lightly differentiated.
Categories determine the number of possibilities of the Sons.
Every one of the Sons brings with him a Law of Consequences that he has to observe in his lifetime despite his spiritual vocation and destination to Cafh.
Here are infinite factors –physical, ethical and ancestral– in need of consideration to know if one can jump or nor over certain hurdles.
Also, in any category, one can attain the spiritual summit, for in all categories there are successive grades enhancing and preparing the soul for the supreme realization. Categories are only related to several methods of life of the human beings.
Cafh does not say only one state of life takes to perfection, since considers that the Son can become free in several stages more or less rapidly.
The base-category is devoted to education and usual development of the Sons. It is the school of Cafh. In it the Son becomes physically, mentally and spiritually fit.
The Radius of Stability and the practice of imposed disciplines remove in one, four and seven years the undesirable cells. So the Son has a new proper and fit body to start the march.
The power of the Great Current and the study of the Teachings remove several mental vibrations and prepare the thought to the Only Idea.
Practice of Meditation and study of the inner life are discovering to the soul the true love and the Image of the Divine Mother by forming an unbreakable will.
The Retrospective Survey and its knowledge lead the Son to choose his relative state of life and category.
The Category of those Sons living in the world has to form model families. Many Cafh’s Sons are living, working and struggling in the world. This Category is the support point in Cafh. They are destined to form families that shall be the image of families of the future, free of personal selfishness and racial ties.
Cafh considers family as a negative factor only when its attention flows exclusively into it, restricted to a selfish circle, since in Cafh’s view the true family has to be source of union and help for all beings.
In this sense, Cafh’s motto is, “I love my dear ones through the eyes of all human beings”.
This Cafh’s family has to be a center of solidarity for all human beings, where the law is hospitality, good advice, serving our neighbor and illuminating the mind of those who are in quest of the path.
Its spiritual mission shall be to live the inner mystique, not neglecting at all its external duties, even the most insignificant. Its ceaseless apostolate will be an efficient help to mankind. We understand by efficient help the inner prayer along with external action. Also the spiritual life of these Sons has to be transmitted to relatives and sons. It must have, as one of its main motives, to beget souls for Cafh and the future race.
The category of Sons living in Community aims at perfection more rapidly achieved by its members. The Son finds in Community all outer means and necessary willingness for spiritual exercises and practices, entirely, with no worry.
Also the Sons divide into several groups.
The soul must have at its disposal the necessary tools for the spiritual work. Children are fed by milk and men by bread. A great evil would be caused in case of giving to every Son the whole number of teachings and mystical experience of Cafh. It is obvious the evil caused by certain Teachings within the reach of everybody, and by the teaching of certain psychical practices for a person not prepared to take it.
In every group the Son receives his suitable spiritual bread and prudently is initiated in ascetic practices, being closely observed because the unknown ever is a double-edged weapon.
One must be prudent even with those souls that since the beginning show great aptitudes and aims, and their proper preparation has to last one, four and seven years.
Truly extraordinary vocations –since certain souls are already ancestrally prepared and able to receive higher teachings and orientations– never are marked by enthusiasm and excitation but by an intimate resistance to be subject to discipline, suffering and practices of internal virtues.
Many Sons, over all beginners, feel sorry because Cafh does not grant to them any obvious apostolate or certain direct work.
Cafh has no apostolate or direct work to do. Sons’ apostolate emerges from within, sprouts by itself outwards from their souls in due course; it is something of oneself, not something that one does, is like a light that one cannot avoid seeing.
Cure of the sick, providence for the needy and direction of souls become an entirely internal practice. As soon as the internal cup of the soul is full, naturally overflows, all in due moment and time.
Not surprisingly certain souls in Cafh are stagnated on a place and do not go further. They have missed their possibility because of their idiosyncrasy or lack of application. They reach a top point and do not progress. But these souls do not waste their time and prepare their total development for a future time.
So stages and groups are ever indispensable for the progress of the Sons.

Teaching 7: The Mother Idea

Each race has a Mother Idea that is a thread stringing all its thoughts and actions and guiding the race during its entire existence.
The Mother Idea of the Aryan Race is the homogeneous structuralization of human and divine values.
Great Solar Initiates of the First Category throw the Mother Idea in the beginning of the Race. Properly we can say the Mother Idea is born with the Race. Development of reason is fundamental factor of possibility, so man can integrally develop, humanly and divinely. He must be able to have his own means of living experience in regard to the Cosmos and God.
The Atlantean man, with unimaginable intuitive possibilities, would live in two entirely different worlds: the physical world, where his destiny was determined by his natural instinctive will, and the spiritual world, where his ultra-terrestrial possibilities became gigantic by the participation of his consciousness in the Cosmic Consciousness.
But in Aryan man, this powerful natural force and this grand creative consciousness had to disappear to act in the Great Divine Plan, but as if he were isolated and alone.
This shall be the great conquest of the Aryan man, and at the same time his great tragedy. He remains alone and in the dark in front of great existential problems that he has to solve by his own efforts.
Reason shall establish a bridge between heaven and earth, but the person that crosses over it shall be unable to glimpse the points of union between earth and heaven.
The Mother Idea of the Aryan Race emerges over all by the struggle of man between destiny and freewill.
Man has the gift of discourse, discrimination, differentiation and memory. The same intellectual values constantly impel him to be an arbiter in his own destiny. This power can grow to the point of leading him to satanically believe that he is different as a whole but similar to the Cosmos.
But destiny in its eternal becoming wraps him time and again with its inescapable whirlpools and finally takes possession of him and returns him to his state of consciousness
Man never can attain a real solution in front of these problems but really his bridge of rational knowledge is just a mean of liberation.
Also, it is this struggle that continuously drives the destiny that the Mother Idea forges for him: that man may become God, not by his own means but by making use of those proper means.
So, man attains the realization when, being able to reason, does not reason, and being unable to understand anything except by analogy, solves the problem of destiny and freewill by making use of a higher feeling. Then, the determining will becomes one through mystical surrender to the Cosmic Consciousness.
Great Solar Initiates of Second Category guide the Mother Idea by canalizing it through different courses toward the achievement of the end.
God is hidden from human eyes, as if He did not exist, and man “in the sweat of his face must eat bread”. But God shall never abandon him and promises him a future alliance.
Man has to remain alone before himself and, but his own efforts, has to solve all his problems. But the divine power inhabits the depths of his being.
Detached from the divine source, he believes he is different. But the divinity remains in it. But because man has a divine essence and believes he is just human, he establishes his work of personal development and therefore determines continuous separateness.
The work of man, before being integral again, shall be source of death, pain and ruin. Beings are continuously divided, separated and differentiated, until they do not recognize each other at all and have different personal characteristics, whether mental or racial.
Knowledge of parts brings by itself this significant blindness. Man shall see his own works but shall not see God. Then, by his own means, face to face with the uselessness of his efforts, he will be able to come back to the Divinity.
The pairs of human opposites, of life and death and of selfishness and collectiveness constantly undermine beings but at the same time impel them to their redemption.
Divine promises continuously come to the surface in the soul of man with a ceaseless and indestructible eagerness for starting ever again and for trying his own re-establishment.
Great Solar Initiates of the Third Category keep the Mother Idea alive by renewing it continuously.
Separateness and struggle for prevalence of man upon man give him limitless means that make of him as a God upon earth and at the same time sink him in the deepest abysses of death and despair.
Michael and Satan shall go on to fight until the end of the Race.
Seemingly with atomic discoveries on the one hand, and world wars on the other hand, our present era is the highest model of these typical results of man.
Man is continuously led from one extreme to other by the Divine Voice trying to give him back the harmonious sense and to induce him to identify the extraordinary results of his power with the Eternal Laws of the Universe.
In the deepest darkness of the world, the Great Solar Initiates of the Fourth Category come to live with humans to return to mankind the sense of its divine and supernatural state, and to help it cross over the great bridge of reason, for its free circulation from earth to heaven. But this help is not enough. To transform the human power into divine power we need a substantial union of the two elements, human and divine. Then necessarily the same divinity must come into being and live in it, and be grafted in it and transformed into its own life, so that finally the Mother Idea of the Race is attained: the achievement of the God-Man.
This hour, “1945”, is the hour for this divine child-birth.
Cafh takes wonderfully part in this definitive fulfillment of the Mother Idea. In superior and human forces as a whole, which are working for the birth of the divinity in man, the Mother Idea plays a prevailing part.
Cafh must contribute to the “egoentia” of the future man, the part of Inner Mystique of the Heart.
“Egoentia” means perfect individuality identified with the Cosmic Consciousness through redeemed souls that are similarly egocentric.
In the innermost depths of his being, the Son develops his mystical work to achieve the divine inner transcendence.
By these constant efforts, he enters himself, is fixed in himself, renounces to any externality, rejects any appearance and becomes nothing to grant to his intellectual understanding the smoothness of a mirror, when the divine beauty can be reflected. It becomes apparently nothing, but in reality constitutes a kind of perfect egocentric being that is totally divine.
The divinity expands around itself by participation of the Divine Mother in him, by predestination that makes him fit to Her manifestation in him. Here is the great labor of the Son, his great apostolate: to live and feel in himself what he desires to achieve outside and all the rest is vain.
The external work must be achieved only through a genuine expression of the integral inner being. Nothing can be done that previously is not within.
Cafh’s Son takes part in the achievement of the Mother Idea in the world by this inner plenitude that, since it is infinitesimal, its consequences can comprise the whole world and expand to the infinite.
Until today the spiritual position of Cafh is entirely tuned with the new metaphysical values to develop on the New Race.
His mission, that is totally internal, based just on negative virtues that deny the importance of one’s problems and individual problems, to give just value to world problems and problems of others, raises it to an unimagined height of possibilities and brings it into direct contact with the executive need of the future universal religion.
Its concepts, being spiritual, religiously transcend some fundamental laws.
The good of the soul is the most important good, and he who possesses it solves any problem and expands his capacity of work and resistance a hundred per cent.
The will should ever be analogical means a will tending entirely to fulfill the Divine Plan upon earth.
Superiority of man and hierarchy are only of spiritual character, an aristocracy of the spirit, not by racial and collective concepts, but by physical similarity and spiritual analogy, and
The union of beings is only achieved, not by racial and collectivistic concepts, but by physical similarity and spiritual analogy.
New ideas shall give positive results by denial of systematic values. They shall give the man, only intermittently, a new dynamic force with potential and expansive characteristics. They shall develop in his brain new transmission-reception centers that shall put him into direct contact with mental cosmic waves.
With these principles, Cafh is made not only to achieve a spiritual inner development, but also for its expansion in the world as a new physical force granting to beings Bodies of Fire, as a new ethical force that shall give men dynamic capacity and power of understanding, as a new religion participating in the Universal Religion, which shall make possible their own spiritual realization.

Teaching 8: Cafh and Religions

Cafh has its own conception of the individual being and its relationship with the world and God.
This principle neither denies nor excludes different conceptions, and only represents the fulcrum that a soul needs to be steady and take necessary energy to fly.
The rest of conceptions invigorate Cafh’s conceptions. Inasmuch as the Son knows them more deeply, his idea is more accurate about how he must deal with it and with powers derived from it.
Religious conceptions in the world have created systems based on monotheism and polytheism. These systems are a result of great Revelations and Universal Traditions, but dispose of new renewing prophetic ideas. They are not in a position to give a definitive definition of problems of man in regard to life and God because they are not universal.
Great Revelations, traditions and the Word of Divine Incarnations ever have a universal character. The divine influence of these channels established between earth and heaven empty out their sap throughout the whole world.
But as soon as this divine force starts canalizing through usual dogma and priesthood, the channel becomes more important that the sap that is flowing and non-universal religions are established.
Polytheism as the result of a grand thought about the ceaseless and variable becoming logically puts every thing on its place and attains deductive precision and fundamental concepts; but, by including man in great cosmic horizons and cyclical times of return, it does not solve his present situation at all.
Polytheistic philosophical and theological thoughts are fascinating and irrefutable but as religious systems cannot cure evils of man.
Life and wish to live are the cause of suffering as a whole, illusions trapping the individual being and reducing him to successive, unending miseries. The individual being will be able to get rid of evil only by disposing of life and wish to live but, in front of these indisputable verities, man goes on to live, suffer and seek new solutions.
Polytheism, as religion, has nothing to give the man. It is as if one said to a sick person instead of helping him, “Die and you will stop suffering”.
When these religions want to attain certain practical effect, have to make use of opposite principles to their fundamental statements, and apply other systems to obtain them.
Monotheism on the other hand contains an absolute poverty of thought and its speculations are rationally inexplicable and confused and its results materialistic. Very often these religious systems, despite their efforts to deny this, rather adore a planetary, psychical, partial God than a Universal God, and their horizons are limited and of reduced significance.
But monotheistic religions have a grand feeling and express an untiring eagerness for solving evils of the world, and when do not achieve it, have to build continuously utopian kingdoms and heavens of hopes to gain time while the remedy comes.
After every war the believers of these religions wonder, “Are these results produced by the religion of love?” Since monotheism does not achieve a true solution in regard to life and God, it seeks speculative solutions going out of their faith that is totally supernatural. It copies and adapts to other philosophical systems and deductions of contrary speculative systems in order to adapt them to the feeling of their postulates.
Meanwhile, religions angrily fight each other to get real universal control but never obtain it.
Great religions contain seeds of Eternal Verities and are examples of the Mother Idea of the Race.
They are powerful psychic forces en route to carry beings toward the pure spiritual life.
But since they are not universal and need to fight one another to prevail, forcefully must subordinate spiritual life to their own arbitrary end, imposing upon the souls confessional injunctions for the divine realization.
Also, since there are several religions, for their establishment they became powers in the world by making use of prerogatives of race, economy and privileges. More than the spiritual value, they defend their psychic, ethic and liturgical privileges and defend themselves from attacks and enemies by making use of the historic continuity of their church and of their exclusive priestly organizations.
Only some few souls escape the bondage of religious systems and soar through mystique toward spiritual regions. But these souls, although very faithful to dogmatic and moral laws of their church, are bound to suffer numberless trials and misfortunes from the clergy and official adepts.
Many people would desire to get rid of these religions since they disagree with them, but a change of religion fundamentally does not solve this evil.
Religion is valuable inasmuch as it gives the soul means to soar toward the pure spiritual life, and is counteracting every time it wants to transform the spiritual life into a magical sacramental act.
Only a unique, universal religion can give mankind definitive solutions and carry the souls not toward salvation according to its creed, but toward a deifying enlightenment. Cafh waits and works for the emergence of this great universal religion in the world where spiritual values in themselves might be higher than dogmatic, traditional and eschatological values. But meanwhile Cafh certainly recognizes the value of several religions and duly respect them.
No evil is remedied by destroying and fighting it, as experience teaches us. Beings have to get rid from the psychic currents of their religions to enter the pure spiritual life of them and of the cosmos.
Cafh has a Teaching, protection and organization that by itself and by its own means lead the souls toward the desired goal but admits that any religion possesses these prerogatives to achieve it.
It just considers incompatible those ordering, contradictory aspects between Cafh and the religion practiced. Means to attain an end have to be synchronic among them in order to become effective.
Those means that Cafh possesses and offers to the Sons, and expounds before the solutions that other religions propose, were achieved by individuals who were able to find the purest spiritual results, but Cafh does not say it is in possession of the definitive solution.
Ultimately, in Cafh’s view, mystique can open horizons and give necessary spiritual definitions.
Here are its conclusions:
“If life is an evil and just by abandoning the desire of living this evil can be removed, I renounce to the world and life. I renounce as individual, as personality; but my renouncement would be in vain if consequently I did not solve the problems of men who do not renounce and must live in the world. A remedy should exist for the evil of the world when the very God transcends, attains the man and comes to him.
Evil and pain cannot exist when God really lives in man.The solution should not be to abandon the word but to divinize the world.
My renouncement does not deny the life but redeems it. To renounce to life because there are no solutions to its evils is a very poor remedy but to renounce to life after its transformation is to have attained the goal.”
With these simple postulates Cafh raises before Great Religions with understanding and respect but faithful to his place and view while expecting the Divine Incarnation to come and the establishment of the Universal Religion.

Teaching 9: Gifts of Cafh

The Son that takes part in the reunion of souls in Cafh deserves the Supernatural Gifts emerged from it.
It is understood that these Supernatural Gifts are granted to the Son because he adopted a receptive attitude by ancestral predestination, by his participation in the Great Work and by his inner disposition.
The Supernatural Gifts of Cafh are incalculable and their results are visible and natural. Principal gifts are enumerated in benefits by participating in Cafh.
As the Son takes part in the Mystical Body of Cafh, acquires the Supernatural Gift of Love.
The pure love of surrender and renunciation purifies the Son in regard to any sensible love, and grants to him the possibility of a stainless union with the Great Work.
However the Son strives alone, he shall never be able to achieve that love that shall pervade his being at the moment established and ordered by the Divine Mother. Later this pure love of the Son’s soul is naturally transmitted to all beings around him and expands across the world as a promise of salvation and happiness.
Man ever jumps from reason to emotionality, and wanders between opposite susceptibility-tenderness impulses because he does not know the true love.
The Son that possesses this love manifested through spontaneous surrender possesses the secret of the Real Love.
As the Son receives proportionally and according to his category the Power of the Great, acquires the Supernatural Gift of the Force.
The Son has in himself infinite seeds of good and bad possibilities. Most times, in ordinary men, those seeds never can grow by lack of self-knowledge and will. Some ordinary common qualities, acquired in childhood, are those that continuously rule over psychological soul activities and suffocate any other trend that tries to sprout.
But as the Son is in touch with the Great Current, he recognizes himself and acquires the necessary supernatural force to develop his possibilities.
The inner renunciation vivifies the true egocentric individuality of the Son so that he may turn it on the Divine Mother.
Then the Son sees how all his bad trends come to the surface so that he may easily uproot and destroy them. On the other hand, good trends increase and vitalized appear on sight to be used. This gift grants to activities volume and capacity, and if properly assisted, they give the Son extraordinary faculties to achieve them.
The Son acquires the Gift of Wisdom when he receives a part of the Teaching.
Every mental-emotional soul power is divinely vivified in Cafh and rapidly and briefly enables the Son to grasp the knowledge.
It must be noted how easily the Sons grasp the teaching when they enter Cafh.
Men painstakingly get their knowledge and need years of study, experience and reading of numerous and very voluminous Teachings. With the exception of few genial and skilled people in the world, knowledge arrives when years of youth and activity have been left behind. Many times this knowledge is not attractive because is outdated.
By this gift, the Son has the wisdom that the Sons accumulated in other times, which is expressed by clear, synthetic and simple teachings that rapidly engraved in memory.
So wisdom enters the innermost depths of the soul for it would not be such if its object were not understood and felt. Any teaching is vain if at the same time cannot enter the mind and heart.
As the Son has the faculty to ask advice of the Superior, he acquires the Supernatural Gift of Advice.
Also the Son takes part in the experience of all Sons living e on earth and heaven by mutual similarity of the Bodies of Fire. This safeguard of supernatural experience is a direct participation in the ineffable advice of the Divine Voice of Hes.
The Son even has the good of seeing this indispensable advice orally confirmed by the Superiors.
The safe affirmative value of the advice has a power of realization that is truly divine and effective, and grants to the Son an almost ineffable possibility of updating his purpose. The value of the oral advice goes even beyond, and from the Son expands and comprises other beings because a righteous and true advice becomes a useful opinion for all. Spontaneously, and sometimes against his will, the Son gives good and opportune advices.
As the Son has the faculty of communicating without intermediaries with the Knight Great Master, he acquires the Supernatural Gift of Wealth.
Through his offering of surrender, the Son gets rid from any concern about his future and by this pure act he transfers all his burdens to Cafh. He has given all for the Divine Mother, and She takes upon Herself the weight of Her Son and takes charge of his needs.
By this good the Sons receive at any moment a supernatural help to develop in life; a true Gift of Wealth.
As the Sons inadvertently surrender, they put a treasure in a bank that never goes bankrupt.
This is something unknown to aspirants and even to Sons who recently have contacted the Great Current because they could run the risk of stimulating selfishness with disastrous results for them. Poor the Son that expects material rewards on the path! He already has received his payment at the first hour.
This Supernatural Gift is daily updated through blessings given by the Knight Great Master to the Tables and by Superiors to the Sons; the latter can make effective his blessings only by participating in the Integral Power of the Great Current. Through these blessings, the Sons receive both spiritual and material bread, and even can ask more protection and help in case of need, for all of them have free access to the treasure of communication between Cafh and the Substantial union with the Divine Mother by direct contact with the K. G. M.
As the Son has the faculty of being helped in case of serious need, he acquires the Supernatural Gift of Assistance.
The Sons receive constant help, day and night, from Masters and protectors of Cafh whose especial charge is to accompany them; through them, the Sons can travel through the spiritual path and have supernatural assistance to attain the summit.
While sleeping, this divine help becomes even more effective for the Son is instructed and guided across the astral world and takes part in the work made by Cafh for the sake of mankind.
On day time, the assistance becomes more visible and tangible, particularly in times of trouble. Help comes to the Son in an entirely unexpected and providential way. This gift is even more direct and effective at moments of serious need, for seemingly the Sons, at the opportune moment, receive a superior injunction to rapidly help the neediest person.
As the Son has the faculty of being assisted when is ill, he acquires the Supernatural Gift of Health.
Diseases are punishment and blot of mankind, which undermine and destroy before time the psyche and body of man.
But disease transformed into expiatory, purifying actions becomes an incalculable benefit.
The Son has no diseases; his ailments are acts of bloody sacrifice strengthening his soul, deleting his karma and healing Mankind.
Although the Sons are not exempt of diseases, by this gift they have a higher stimulus to undergo and transform diseases into an effective value.
Also the Son drives away extreme diseases that are more easily healed, for years keeps his vigor and vitality and does not collapse prematurely.
Also the Son is attended during his diseases not only with remedies and attention but also with magnetism and power of other Sons that attend him.
As the Son has the faculty to be attended at the death hour, he acquires the Supernatural Gift of Life.
Thanks to this gift, the Son can live longer, beyond his time karmically granted to him if he has to fulfill certain particular mission. This is by Divine assistance of the Masters and by spontaneous offering of a time in his life on the part of some other Son.
This gift does not permit the Son to die of natural death, but in ecstatic form; which is not death, but life.
Also, by their presence alone, the Sons that attend the dying person do not permit that the astral body goes out through the splenic center but they get his liberation by breaking the cerebral walls.
As the Son has the faculty of being accompanied by the Knights Protectors of Cafh after death, he acquires the Supernatural Gift of Eternity.
As the souls leave the physical body, they have to go across the Vale of Death, that is, have to undergo all objective experiences by which have enriched their memory in their lifetime. These experiences appear like frightening or seducing images.
Thanks to this Gift of Eternity, the Sons of Cafh are divinely accompanied on this journey, and shall have beside them those who drive away shadows and figures projected by the illusion of the mind.
The Holy Company is safe token that the Son shall not undergo deviations across the lower world but shall quickly arrive at his divine recognition.
This gift has been already granted to the Son during his life because he understood the void of all human appearances by means of renunciation and of the concept of being predestined and chosen for the high destinies of Cafh.
This gift grants peace at the time of death. Also it enables the Son to experience the intimate sense of Inner Liberation before leaving the physical body.

Teaching 10: Providential Economy

The Sons of Cafh practice the Providential Economy.
The Son feels that his material goods and earnings granted by these goods do not entirely belong to him but have to be proportionally divided.
It is necessary to ban the concept of possession if one wants to remove from the world its afflictive miseries and calamities. But there is a fundamental difference between Gospel poverty and Providential Cafh’s Economy.
Christ is sufficiently categorical in this sense, “Give us this day our daily bread”. “Do not hoard treasures upon earth.” And he says to his apostles: “No scrip, no bread, nor money in your purse”.
Early Christians, guided by Peter, had all things in common. In “The Acts” we read, “And all that believed were together, and had all things common; and sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need.”
But the ideal of the Gospel poverty wished by Christ as foundation of happiness to all remains among beautiful aspirations. Only in rare cases someone of the most fervent beings could achieve it. Saint Francis of Assisi is one of the worthiest exemplars.
The ideal of Franciscan poverty is sublime. Thanks to the Gospel injunction really practiced, a man achieves, by systematic renunciation to all, the union with the true poverty; it is nature redeemed by the blood of Christ and divinized by his imitation of supreme renunciation.
But not all can follow this path. Francis was able to keep this state of life only with some few disciples. Although he claimed for his friars not to leave their vocation of poverty, he had helplessly to see that they needed clothes to wear, a house to dwell and Teachings to study.
Ideally Franciscans were faithful to poverty but never could effectively practice it as Francis and his first companions did. All those who later fought for their pristine condition were systematically repressed by the need and good of the community. Only some few chosen people can realize God by means of total poverty.
The Gospel ideal of poverty, over all as that practiced now in the Christian world, is rather a way to mystical realization before a collective evil than a remedy to the uncontrolled desire of human possessions.
The Providential Economy of Cafh wants to change over all the possessive viewpoint of the Son. This Providential Economy is not only a part of the path of realization, but a solution to the possessive and selfish evil of mankind; the happiness of the Son is incomplete without the happiness of all.
The possessiveness of man makes him poor and miserable. To hoard earthly goods is to deprive others of what naturally belongs to them. The mother earth provides necessary food for all his children, and nothing else. A continuous and disproportionate storage for speculation and not for a just distribution is depriving someone else of what is necessary and charging the possessor with the discomfort of many people.
So possessor and possession are two different, antagonistic things that are bound to collide and destroy one other. As a ship is quite loaded, it founders.
Providential Economy teaches that in man there is a permanent source of possibilities of every kind of goods and, among these, of material goods.
This soul source is continuously plugged by the extra load of ideas about non-real needs. To get rid from a selfish concern about oneself is to leave the water of possibilities to spring up in abundance.
To give most of our possessions is the only way to destroy the complicated economic system of retaining and aiming at percentages. Retention, as such, reproduces for its own benefit.
Providential Economy is not to give all, to become a professional beggar, to despise any inherent comfort and good to human living, but to know how to occupy one’s place in the world and not two places.
One cannot give a man spiritual teaching if we do not think about his economic situation.
Man needs two breads for his progress: spiritual bread and material bread.
Cafh’s Providential Economy is intrinsically the human concept of non-possession and, certainly, the concept of just participation in world goods.
The Providential Economy has to be socially practiced.
Man lives, works, thinks and has the right to all that he especially needs to live. As any being needs certain quantity of air to live, so he needs a human magnetic field to develop, always according to his special need.
All men are similar, but none the same as other.
According to his performance and capacity, man needs his own house, tools to work, domestic animals, Teachings to study and food to live. A technician needs his laboratory, an organizer his factory; a priest his church, a tailor his sewing machine and a sailor his ship. So it is necessary the compulsory contribution of men to a common social fund, the great “Inca Store”.
Possession of vital elements truly indispensable to man is not the object in itself but the soul possession of them. It is to possess experience as a whole, technical and applicable capacity of experienced means, inner and communicative bliss of one’s value, and over all, inner conviction that one has the right to participate in goods of life.
Providential Economy has to be practiced with the family.
Duties with those who depend on one have to be spontaneous as flowing water. To give, to give the best must be the motto for parents, sons, brothers and relatives.
Most men give as little as possible to their relatives so that later they may inherit more. Inheritance is the worst evil of mankind; of course, disproportionate and inappropriate inheritances. Everything that relatives receive because they need to develop their lives shall be constructive and happy, but a disproportionate inheritance should be considered an evil for the Sons.
Providential Economy has to be practiced as a discipline by means of saving.
Saving is not a selfish factor when is practiced as prevision; so it is basis of civilian happiness.
There are movable needs as to time and place, and should be taken into account; but saving exclusively as a mean and speculative idea is bad.
Providential Economy has to be practiced by the Son as a possibility of offering.
What man produces is ever greater than his real needs, and this remainder, the fruit of discretion and economy, is a duty that the Son has to offer providentially to other beings. Of course any offering made to other men entails an imperfection in itself; in a kind world, man never should need anything from anyone, but this is an effort made to attain this state of economic perfection.
The Son does not give alms voluntarily if in a sacred and solemn way he does not force himself to give proportionately a part of what he has and produces to those who are deprived of all their needs. He deems that he does not give away but that is a duty of man and people, which is a divine injunction assumed by him with total responsibility.
A part of his possessions shall go systematically and orderly to children, sick, disabled and weak people, and the old and the rest of needy persons.
Providential Economy has to be practiced by the Son as a part of his spiritual development.
The Son takes part in the Divine Plan through the concept of non-possession, through his conviction that he has his own wealth and through the systematic offering made to carry out this theory.
The spiritual aspect of man shall not be solved if his economic difficulties are not solved.
The economic problem can be solved only if you transfer it to the Divine Plan, that is, it is not two problems, material bread and spiritual bread, but only one problem. It is as much important to eat as to know.
By this understanding and contribution, the Son transfers the material aspect to his divine inner world and solves it by his participative non-possession and by acquisition of a possessive power that is internal, not external.

Teaching 11: The Body of Fire

The Message of the Divine Mother, transmitted by Cafh, has no material body on earth but only two points of discharge to earth.
Ired is the idea, opposite and equal in value, and the Divine Voice that transmits it is purely spiritual. As such it does not stop its course but attains its final end that is the terrestrial material point.
Transformed from there, opposite but equal, different as to density but similar as to measure, again it soars toward the Eternal.
Foa’s discharge to earth is made in three ways: on a terrestrial point, on a physical body and on a detritus.
It is unavoidable the dissolution of the terrestrial point and physical body of the Son, once he served as discharge.
This occurs when certain place is not suitable any amore for the fulfillment of a mission. Christ says to his disciples, “And whosoever will not receive you, when you go out of that city, shake off the very dust from your feet. But I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment than for that city”,
The lot of land that contained the discharge of the Great Current has to become a discomposed mass and return to the great cosmic deposit.
So it is flooded by waters or covered by sand or destroyed by fire or cracked by a quake.
Also this happens when a Son dies and leaves his physical body. This body rapidly disintegrates not to feed astral phantoms and give rise to ethereal forms.
The body is a match: when you light a match, the flame consumes it; when the flame is out and the match is not entirely consumed, you throw it away because is useless.
So the Son that contacts Cafh and offers his body to be a point of discharge to the Divine Voice has to be fuel until the end, if he does not become a detritus before time.
These detritus not quickly consumed are an independent manifestation that is opposite and harmful to Cafh. It is an independent manifestation because they were expelled from the Great Current but not consumed. It is an opposite manifestation because that which is not united becomes a distorted imitation of the reality. A harmful manifestation because a separate power from its renewing spring becomes intensely poisonous.
As the Son lends his body for Foa’s discharge to earth, by his continuous and voluntary offering gradually consumes the densest and grossest part of himself and transmute the subtlest parts forming like a new body: the Body of Fire.
Paul’s words “to take off the old man to dress the new man” have not any figured sense but a real sense.
Then the Body of Fire is neither the physical body nor the ethereal body, but a subtler body that at present covers the Sons with a veil, like a light overlaying the physical body but that is the beginning of how the luminous, transparent and alternate bodies of future men shall be.
As Cafh’s force is not only a real fact but also an effective force, so the Fiery Body of the Sons is real and visible.
This transmutation of bodily elements begins as soon as the aspirant contacts the Great Work.
When the Son mystically mixes with the words of offering his human blood with the spiritual blood of Cafh, he starts his transmutation: his veins are emptied out and later filled with the fiery and ethereal blood of Cafh.
“Igne Natura Renovatur Integra.”
At this moment the soul surrenders, dies to live again, becomes slave to be free and leaves his body to take a new body.
All successive offerings, vows, promises, obligations and duties shall be only confirmations of a new established conquest. This is the moment of the new birth. The Son shall soar but ever retaining his natal structure of this first initiation moment on the Path.
In Cafh, the soul has to achieve the Divine Union by total annihilation of external values.
As the aspirant enters the Great Current he becomes nothing; just like that way he can sprout again and entirely with new flesh, new energies and new thought.
The transmutation of the physical body into a Body of Fire is done in stages, and confirmed through temporary, solemn, perpetual and eternal promises, but the birth of fire is made at the crucial moment of entering.
The intense understanding by the Son of the transcendental act that he has just performed, and the transformation that has taken place in him, is what determines the place and progress of the Son on the Path.
This manifests at once in him by a sense of trust and dependence.
None can travel through the Path without a Master as his guide. None can come into being in the spiritual life without mother and father to be brought up, and none can freely fly without wings.
Trust in divinity, dependence on humanity is force that develops the Body of Fire.
This dependence of the Son, continuously exercised by assumed duties, removes his gross, material part.
Dependence overcomes his ancestral attachment to the instinctive nature, his fearful concern for self-preservation and his blood links.
An imposed human dependence brutalizes the soul, while a voluntary spiritual dependence rises and transforms it.
Those Sons who are patently free of the spirit of dependence never can transform themselves or be fit to command and lead others. To raise you have to descend, and to command you have to know obedience.
Trust acquired on the chosen Path and expressed since the first moment is sure token of perseverance and realization. To start properly is to have already made a half of the work.
The Son that trustfully surrenders to the Divine Mother’s arms and since the beginning feels although obscurely that the Path is the Path, and that for him there will not be other Path, is already confirmed by the Masters and certainly he shall attain the end. This inner, intimate feeling of trust in Cafh has nothing to do with temptations, doubts and rebelliousness shaking the Sons. External, emotional roughness is softly or strongly smoothed by the hand of an expert Superior but the fire already shines within and the new body is born.
Vocation of any kind that means enthusiasm cannot last. The concern of the soul is not always the same. But the spiritual vocation “is” and, by being that which it is, its internal confirmation is made by trust and its external confirmation by dependence.
The essential difference between physical bodies and Bodies of Fire is that they are mutually more similar, and this similarity is superior to that of men by blood parentage.
The mutual similarity of the Bodies of Fire is the result of common, internal efforts to achieve only one end.
This vision of a Son shall give an idea about this similarity:
“I was seeing a group of men and women perfectly trans-materialized on a plane of clear light. Doors, arcades and furniture were formed by lines that shadows traced on the intense light.
“Men were in simple etiquette, with black cloaks of white satin linen, and women elegantly in black. There is a notable feature in them: luminous faces, shining, reddish-golden hair and uniform and similar faces. Any roughness and characteristic wrinkle had disappeared, substituting them for peace and self-assurance, although all of them looked like middle-aged. Their work in the world was keeping them tied to the duration of their appearances.
“This group disappeared and a group of young people appeared. They were exactly like the others. The aspect of youth was perceived only by the smooth skin of their faces.
“Later the group of the oldest appeared. Their reddish-golden hair was of great light and force.”
The Sons are more and more alike according to their spiritual progress, and infinitely more noticeable than any blood similarity.
By this link of fraternity and similarity, the Bodies of Fire form a mystical chain that is indissolubly uniting them and that is light and life of the Mystical Body of Cafh’s Great Work.
The spiritual link is good, real and true, and exempt of that animal and blood preoccupation darkening the purest affections.
It is based on a healthy unconcern by which one seeks first the kingdom of God knowing that all the rest “will be added unto you” and, as one’s brother is loved through the divinity, the fruits are peace and quiet.
Where there are not vested interests, expectation for rewards or preoccupations for inheritance there is understanding, encouragement, advice and imperturbable affection. He who knows it is the only one aware of how much sweetness and effectiveness the spiritual affection contains, and how much it increases at the moment of sorrow, disease and trial.
Also the mutual spiritual link of the Bodies of Fire is supernatural force for the Son to undergo certain trials and to cross over certain passages on the Path. Unfailingly they shall be the fathers of men belonging to the future race.
The Mother Idea, transmitted through the Divine Voice of teachings and achieved by the Son in his inner life, needs a suitable channel to be transmitted. This channel is the mind, energy and Fiery Body of the Son. Then this channel intensifies its transmission force and the Body of Fire acquires new, extraordinary force.
The Master’s vibration contacts more and more the Body of Fire that becomes a living receptacle not only of the teaching but also of the energy and expression of the Master.
The Masters take the Fiery Body of the Son to manifest through it, temporarily or permanently, and even can transmit themselves from one Son to another at the hour of death until they fulfill certain mission.
Sometimes this transmission from Masters to Sons is so intense that the Son changes his aspect, manners and voice for a while and adopts attitudes that are entirely strange to him.
The Body of Fire is an outer, living confirmation both of Cafh’s power and soul realization: a permanent testimony upon earth about the impermanent spiritual conquest.

Teaching 12: Heavenly Stars

Heavenly Stars of liberated souls mark stages of realization on the firmament of Cafh.
The soul is ruled by unavoidable eternal laws. The secret of deification is unveiled by the identification of the individual soul with the cosmic consciousness.
The solution of the divine theorem is of unsuspected simplicity: “You” and “He”; “He” and “You”. It is easy to understand, but difficult to be.
Realization has to be reached just in stages, and the reason of if is a mystery that the mind was never able to unravel.
Stages are ever fundamentally the same for the soul, even if are characterized and determined according to the type of being, race to which he belongs and climate of the latitude where he stays.
Also these diverse stages are both general and individual at the same time.
The Reunion of Cafh’s souls passes through specific useful stages for the progress of the Son belonging to Cafh and for the fulfillment and achievement of the Great Work.
The mystical names of these ascending stages are:
HES: Mother Idea;
IRED: Divine Voice;
FOA: Power of Love;
IHES: Hypostatic Redemption;
CAFH: Mystical Body;
AHEIA: Spiritual Illumination; and
THE SOUL: by its own name: Deifying Union.
The soul that raises the eyes to its inner heaven shall see that the first star guiding the course of the path is the Divine Mother Hes.
Since the eternity She knows the name and number of beings predestined to Cafh. From higher worlds the souls that have to achieve their liberation on Cafh’s path are marked.
Unavoidably, wherever the soul is, it shall be led to its glorious destiny. Seemingly this predestination is a blind destiny that chooses the ones and disposes of the others but it is not like that if from the consideration of time reason raises to the vision of the permanent duration.
This predestination only counts for the moment, since meanwhile new souls become fit to the same end, and other souls start their way to become fit.
If Cafh’s souls are divinely predestined, by remaining humanly as a mystery this sugn grants to every soul the possibility of coming close to the Great Current. Those souls that come close to it shall ever have possibilities of predestination.
The other Heavenly Star shining on the firmament of the souls is the guiding necessary star for the ascending way of the soul.
Cafh’s Masters guide the souls by means of Superiors, Orators and Spiritual Directors. The number of Masters is unknown on earth; one can say only one thing, it is divided into mystical groups that transmit the Ired to the souls from higher worlds.
On the astral world there are groups of Masters in more direct contact with the Sons, and their number is divided into one and forty two. The number one is composed of an Initiate of Fire or a Lunar Initiate.
They assimilate the Mother Idea by intense concentration and great love, and Ired becomes Divine Voice by acquiring its own life.
The Mother Idea synthesized in Cafh is: Evil is external, personal, and multiplicity by itself; it is a composite wanting to dissociate from what is simple and to have its own life, but this is impossible, moves away from what is real and creates infinite phantasmagorias.
To come back to his pristine state of simplicity and unity the soul has to become egocentric, to live in itself and by itself, by continuously exalting the inner life.
“Egoentia” is not super-personality but to become pure nothing for the identification with the Universal Consciousness of the Divine Mother.
The entirely internal realization of the soul is the daily effort to become similar to Her like a drop of water and the spring.
The stage in which the Ired of Cafh descends to the soul is the stage that permits the descent of the Divine Mother into the heart of the Son.
The Divine Voice of Ired incarnates in the Sons by the Force of Love of the Divine Mother for Foa.
From Higher Worlds, the Masters take the Mother Idea and give it spiritual life. They make of it the Ired, that is the Word, the Message of the Mother, the Divine Voice, and the Ired incarnates in the Son by the Force of Love of Foa, which is the Force of Love of the Divine Mother.
The heart of the Son is Her abode in spiritual and material sense. This divine incarnation makes possible that the soul lives its inner life not going out of it, and that it may keep its “egoentia” being a pure nothing by itself and a whole with Her. So the Son can control and fix the stability, and this fixation is not immobility or inertia but a source of every activity, not by itself but through Her.
The Mother Idea fixed in the soul indissolubly joins to it by divine rhythm. This is the fundamental element of the simplicity that continuously oscillates in itself, by converting into mind and mind into matter, and rejecting the human rhythm of imitation, dissolution and multiplicity.
The Divine Mother is the measure of man. Man is simply nothing, but She is all. He is not a human nothing dissolved in an eternal nothing, but a human nothing living in the divine, eternal measure.
Fixation, rhythm and measure develop the inner process of the soul of Cafh.
The power of Foa’s love, the grace of the Incarnated Mother Idea in the Son, is the solution to the eternal problem, the bridge built between heaven and earth, and between the soul and God.
The Divine Voice incarnated in the Son, established in him takes his flesh and his blood. The Son is a living receptacle that wraps and breaths the Divine Word by transforming it and transforming himself in it. Only this mystery of love makes Redemption possible and gives place to the birth of the Divinity, Ihes, in the soul of the Son.
Too many burdens overwhelm the soul and its aspirations never could go beyond a good wish if the soul were not redeemed by the humanized divinity.
The divinity limits itself so that the soul may be free. By the divine contact, the Son gradually surrenders without reserves and finally nothing remains of this humanity. He shall not live but the Divine Mother shall live in him.
The Son shall be redeemed, and by this redemption he shall become co-redeemer of mankind. His whole being, his whole blood shall be immolated by renunciation to save all, but at the same time the divine life and eternal blood shall live again in him. From human man he will become divine man through redemption.
The Son lives in the work only through Cafh.
Labor, work, everything is nothing for him. All this has a value only when he sees it through the eyes of Cafh, which is the visible expression of the Divine Mother in the World. External, multiple and changing things are dust and dregs by themselves; but all this seen through Cafh as the result of the divine manifestation acquires an extraordinary, vital importance.
The Sons are nothing but not abandoned to the nothing. Their nothing is a simple egocentric power that does not admit any composite for itself, but is continuously and productively active. The inner potential rhythm making of mind matter and of matter mind annihilates the activity in itself. God is in Himself deep and inscrutable silence, but manifests in the world as an uninterrupted action. The Son remains in his silence and peace but works outside without silence and peace.
As the Son goes out and expands around for the benefit of other beings, the inner redemption leads him to the Spiritual Enlightenment.
He finds continuously in the redeemed souls that which is in him. He shall find in every soul the Divine Mother that is in him. Hes and Aheia are one.
This stage leads the Son to the summit and grants to him the spiritual enlightenment; he can watch as an eagle over mankind and reflect his light on all souls.
He has attained the final stage.
He can become a Heavenly Star, a liberated soul.
The Egyptian Book of the Dead reads, “He cannot die again. A star on the sky shall be granted to him and he shall be stable like the hours of Eternity”.
Now he can know who is he and can be identified by his spiritual name. The soul shall not be again composed or subject to combinations of life and death, but shall be simply deified by the Union of the Divine Consciousness.

Teaching 13: The Strong Liberator

Cafh expects the next descent of the Divine Incarnation on earth.
The Strong Liberator, the Maitreya, the Glorious Christ, is the image of the expected Divine Being.
Many say the Divine Incarnation really does not incarnate in a man but animates only a form, or gives impulse to a chosen being. The nature of the God-Man is only divine; his humanity is only a reflection, an illusion. Others say the Divine Incarnation is a symbol, an image of the spirit descending to matter and the spirit ascending to its pristine state; it is a divine analogy indicating the birth of a spiritual force in the soul, which is the transcendent manifestation of God in a being, since the soul must get its own salvation alone.
Even others say that the Divine Incarnation is really and essentially incarnated in the Man-God and that his nature is human and divine.
Orientalists say the Divine Incarnation, who really is both human and divine, periodically comes to earth to save Mankind.
Christians say the Divine Incarnation, really human and divine, incarnates in the God-Man on earth to redeem Mankind, and that this divine act, being integral and satisfactory, cannot be repeated; it is unique.
As to it, Cafh has its own view that shall be expounded here but that ultimately must be individually clarified by the Son as his inner purity and mental clarity grow in him.
A being has to achieve his inner liberation by his own efforts. But this human will loses any determining value dissociated from the common and unique end. The inherent destiny of soul perfection is his participation in the cosmic consciousness.
Then a being achieves by himself his own liberation because decidedly he contacts the cosmic liberation forces.
The liberation of a being is pre-established by a pure act of divine consciousness and achieved by the very being in him through a voluntary act of participation and effort. Then the participation of the Divine Incarnation becomes indispensable for the salvation of all beings and of the being.
Then this salvation is made not only individually or partially but also is collective for the human kind as whole, for all living predestined forces of earth and at the same time for every individual being alone.
This divine-human process for the sake of the total redemption of beings can be observed during the development of the Aryan race.
In the beginning of the race, Revelation and Tradition express only a contact of man with God through reverence and obeisance. God constantly rules over the world and man, and at a time man raises constantly his eyes toward the sky seeking protection from this God, but he only knows Him through great manifestations of nature.
As the cycles of life pass by, this idea becomes deeper in man but simultaneously establishes an insurmountable fence between God and Man.
Two entirely different things, an immanent God and a man created. Two parallels more and more distant from their starting point which no philosophical system, or speculative mental image is able to unite; it is an insurmountable separation.
The soul loses its unitive potential with God, and so remains inhibited for great flights in front of the void.
Only God can fill up this void. Only He can come close to man and attract man to Himself. This is a fact not only human but also racial and cosmic.
The Divine Incarnation is God Himself taking human form to fill this great void.
But for this divine descent to earth to be such it cannot be only an ideal fact, an irradiation, image or directive power but should be real, effective fact in flesh. Otherwise it could not fulfill its purpose.
The idea of the divine descent on earth is simultaneously perceived on the whole earth at the same time.
The Messianic Idea takes form and pervades everything at the same time.
On a historic distance, this can be proved almost by history.
The fact of a God made man is nowhere mentioned in the most ancient traditions, especially in Vedic or Hindu traditions.
The Revelation only establishes the relationships of man with the cosmic God.
The Messianic idea, manifested on the world before Christ, goes back some few centuries before his advent and appears simultaneously in all religions and peoples.
The idea of a necessary Messiah Redeemer takes form the mind of the world. Osiris, God protector of the dead, in Egypt becomes the Redeemer, killed, torn to pieces and again resurrected for the sake of men.
In India, Krishna, the Divine Redeemer, incarnates on earth, becomes like men, and takes part in their lives and evils to save them. In no Indian text Krishna is historically mentioned before the Messianic period of time.
Christ –even the roots of the names are alike– is the God Man that lives and dies to redeem Mankind. The Divine Incarnation of the Solar Initiate of the Fourth Category is a divine and human fact, ideal and material, cosmic and individual.
Then if the redeeming act is a real fact and a full divine act, then cannot be repeated: is unique. The Divine Incarnation periodically incarnates on earth, but the crucial act of redeeming a race can be consummated only once.
The Divine Incarnation incarnates among men and directly contacts them.
The Divine Incarnation returns in another stage and illuminates the minds of men. He returns again and his presence pervades all.
Men are ideally prepared to be redeemed by the influence of Divine Incarnations incarnated among them, but the effective carnal redemption is consummated only once.
By his human participation in sorrows of Mankind, Christ redeems men by his Passion entirely. Even in flesh.
But the potential redemption by the Divine Incarnation of Christ has to be updated on every being. Every man has to transform himself into another Christ to make in himself the Divine Redemption effective.
What has been made and what comprised the whole consciousness of Mankind, must be repeated in itself by every soul by means of will and efforts.
The descent of the Divine Incarnation on earth during the next appearance has to achieve entirely this purpose.
The Strong Liberator has to break the door that separates the soul from the divinity so that it may get a divine transcendence.
And this Divine, real, initiatic coming is the coming expected by Cafh.

Teaching 14: Integrity of the Great Work

The divine plan on earth develops through the works of men.
Material, intellectual and spiritual works of men become the Mystical Body of the Great Work through which the Divine Plan is fulfilled on earth.
Both the Law of Consecutive Predestination and the Arbitral Law of Possibilities constantly collide one other and satanically fight, but when they start a harmonious plan of analogy, are converted into the becoming of realization.
These divine ideas, made humanly concrete in the world, give as a result the Integrity of the Great Work.
But the Great Work is made for numberless different pieces gradually shaped in time and space. Every group of men works on a certain piece that is an integral part of the Great Work.
Cafh takes part in the Integrity of the Great Work destined to the formation of the future Race on a spiritual labor.
Cafh’s Great Work is to reunite destined souls, in time and space, to prepare the Spiritual Mother Idea of the Future Race.
Not only Cafh prepares the spiritual movement of the future, for in the world there are non-numerous groups that work and are destined to this special purpose.
The Spiritual Mother Idea of the future is composed of Organization, Knowledge and Mystique.
Cafh’s Great Work is to prepare a part of the Mystique of the future by sublimating the Inner Life of the souls.
Cafh performs its Work reuniting souls destined to it so that they develop continuously in them the inner life, by practicing in three stages according to their categories ascetic Renunciation and Mystique of the Heart.
Not all souls forming the soul reunion of Cafh are men inhabiting earth but there are souls taking part in its work and inhabiting the astral world.
The soul reunion of Cafh forms the Mystique Body of it.
The Great Work of Cafh as such must manifest in the world but since it has no extrinsic goods it has no temples, cities or possessions. It manifests exclusively in the world as a magnetic work through its Mystical Body formed by the human and magnetic volume of its Sons.
So the Great Work manifests through its own Sons in their bodies, souls, possibilities, capacity, properties, blood and holiness.
The results of this inner power in motion are a magnetic radiation continuously materialized in living and lasting facts.
These facts are: providence for the needy, health for the sick and direction for the souls.
By the inner practice of Mystique of the Heart and by continuous exercise of Ascetic Renunciation, the Sons save infinite forces that they distribute in the world like immediate realization.
The practice of Providential Economy enables the Sons to help materially those needy persons destined to the Sons.
Material help forces the good will of men and, by removing their external concerns, drives them toward the spiritual life. Man needs two daily breads: material bread and spiritual bread.
The reserve of energies increases in the Sons the volume of magnetic forces that they transmit to the sick as health and wellbeing. A healthy and strong man is a promise for the future and a cornerstone for the great temple of the universal religion.
The close union practiced by the Sons with the Divinity grants to them the gift of advice and guide of the souls. To reveal to the chose the possibilities of the supernatural aspect is to open their eyes of the soul to see their inner heaven.
So the material external work, the Great Temple of Cafh is composed of this direct Work that the Sons fulfill with men.
Since Cafh has no possessions on earth, it refuses to stay hidden to the world and wishes to show to the world the spiritual truth about the consistence of human goods in se by disposing of material goods.
Inner life, divine search in the soul, is not only source of spiritual good, but also of intellectual and material good.
Everything is methodically within the reach of man that tries to solve by himself the problems of being and life.
The Great Work of Cafh’s Sons is to make this miracle for the world.
So the Sons along with the Divine Incarnation take part and come to save Mankind through Ascetic Renunciation and Mystique of the Heart.
They take part physically because give their bodies and blood to form the Great Work of Cafh on earth.
They take part intellectually because by totally striving to keep the Idea integral, do not permit its materialization through a material work or its volatilization through an ideal work, according to their motto, “To make of matter mind, and of mind matter”.
They take part spiritually because without any speculation about the Essence or non-Essence of God, unconditionally offer Him all their love.
He who is against these fundamental principles does not take part in the spiritual life of Cafh, tarnishes and delays its realization, and finally discards it

Teaching 15: Power of the Great Current

Cafh is a Divine Work emerged from Masters’ thought as the effective result of a partial fulfillment of the Divine Plan.
Masters that necessarily devised Cafh reflected it on earth on those Sons who had to give it life and organize it; these currents of divine thought and human correspondence brought about certain force that gradually pervaded the magnetic field of Cafh’s ideation by forming its energetic body. Power of the Great Current is the name of the continuous movement keeping, increasing and distributing energies of the energetic body of Cafh.
So this is the concentrated force of Cafh –past, present and future; divine, mental and material.
It is the force of the past because every thought, feeling, understanding and efforts of the Sons emitted in regard to Cafh, by the fact that Cafh is in contact with the Divinity, takes a divine vastness, that is, a thought or desire that becomes divine increases a hundredfold its power in all directions and latitudes, and is not fleeting but permanent. It subsists on the magnetic field not as a possibility but as a reality.
It is the force of the present because is feeding by the life of those Sons that belong to it by the union of the Sons with Cafh by a great or little vow of union, since they surrender something of themselves, something of their lives, which daily joins to the energetic body of Cafh as an offering. Even the most insignificant action of the Son by his decision acquires before the Divinity an extraordinary value and makes him co-participate in the Great Work of Cafh.
It is the force of the future because as the Son does not consume for his own benefit all his efforts and renounces beforehand to the fruit of the works, he liberates these works; so he projects from perishable factors this human force that became divine, that of the Son in the eternity, and converts it into a perennial spring of living forces that certainly shall come into action in a future era.
It is a divine force because is the Mother Idea of God like participation in the Cosmic Plan expressed by the Masters of Cafh, which not only gives protection to Cafh with knowledge and love emanated from the divine presence in Them, but also makes Cafh participate continuously in it by increasing its force.
It is a mental force because the Divine Mother Idea is continuously transmitted not through a continuous Revelation that became tradition and dogma, but through a Revelation continued by an oral teaching, by a divine word humanized.
It flows continuously from the consciousness of the Masters to the expecting attention of the Sons, and from the understanding will of the Sons to the benevolence of the Masters.
This is an open channel between Masters and Sons, which produces uninterrupted mental forces that like a waterfall attain the energetic body of Cafh.
It is a material force because the Sons contribute to it with their blood, work and possibilities.
They give their blood through their devoted reserve of energies, give their work through physical and astral assistance, and give their possibilities through dedication of their time and renunciation to a part of their intrinsic and extrinsic goods.
By the Power of the Great Current that flows continuously, the energetic body of Cafh contacts at a time the energetic body of the universe, giving and taking forces.
Also it contacts all centers of similar forces that expand their radiation for the formation of the Spiritual Mother Idea of the future by exchanging continuously forces with them.
In this receptive, accumulative and expansive activity its powers increase and are renewed.
The Power of the Great Current flows over Cafh as a circulatory stream filling veins of the Mystical Body.
The Power of the Great Current is divinely regulated by divine and human hierarchies and categories of Cafh and by the offering of their Sons.
Not all the Sons take part likewise in the Power of the Great Current, since this Current is progressive and subject to the category. The voluntary and continuous offering of the Son and the free and kind correspondence of the Masters are indispensable to take part in this Current.
The participation in the Power of the Great Current is permanent by alternation or by reflection.
Those Sons that offer their attention and good will to the Great Work take part in the Great Current by reflection, as if they were bathed by the divine light.
Those Sons that offer a substantial part of themselves enter the Great Current illuminated by it at certain moments of elevation.
Those Sons that offer all their lives without reserves to the Great Current illuminate all their beings until their identification with it.
This participation in the Power of the Great Current is ever gradual.
No individual being could entirely stand it and not to die; an individual being is bit by bit identifying himself with it.
The Great Current is daily updated in the Sons by means of blessings. This Current transmitted by the Masters, who act as divine channels to the Superior and to the Superiors who act as human channels, is also transmitted to Cafh and its Sons as a whole.
This Current is wisely distributed by the Superiors in every one of the Sons according to the possibilities and merits of the latter.
A painful process takes ever place when the Power of the Great Current is repressed by impeding freely to attain the Son. This is not a punishment but a call for the soul to become worthy of the divine vocation.
Those Sons that do not made continuous efforts to sustain both the Great Work and the Power of the Great Current become parasites and vampires.
A parasite does not duly contribute to the Divine Grace and is lazy in the fulfillment of the duties. Selfishly and stubbornly, he does not contribute to the Divine Work, and becomes a vampire.
The sad consequence of these evils is of course that sooner or later those unfaithful Sons are expelled from the Great Current.
The Great Current acts continuously and beneficially in the whole being of the Sons, but is wasted through selfish activities, negative desires and psychic acts. But this fact not only wastes the Great Current, but also impedes the free circulation of this Current in the soul of the Son.
Blessed is the Son that strives for deserving the benefit of the Great Current.
Blessed is the Son that usually strives for living in the Great Current.
Blessed is the Son identified by his efforts with the Power of the Great Current.

Teaching 16: Substantial Union with the Divine Mother

Constantly the soul wishes the spiritual liberation and Divine Union as its supreme and unique good.
Cafh is the mean to achieve it.
Cafh attracts predestined souls and leads them to achieve the Substantial Union with the Divine Mother.
It is Substantial Union because is union of blood, soul and spirit.
This grand end that the soul wants to find like goal of its efforts is the summit to climb just symbolically. The union starts being patent in the soul from the moment when its desire of perfection leads it to tread the path. If from his admission to Cafh and by divine correspondence established between him and the Masters, the Son takes part immediately and progressively in the Integrity of the Great Work and in the Power of the Great Current, then he establishes in the innermost depths of his being the tangible feeling of the presence and Union of the Divine Mother in Him and with Him.
The Divinity that essentially dwells on the soul emerges by this contact and there takes an expansive and visible position.
When the Master says the soul shall attain the Union just at the end of the Path, he does not deny the immediate union but indicates stages to travel for this Union to be permanent.
The contact with the Divine Mother gives a Sensible Union that purifies and transmutes the flesh, blood and magnetism of the Son.
The participation of the soul in the life of the Divine Mother by means of Gifts of Cafh and by means of Ascetic Renunciation, gives a Union of the Soul that disintegrates compounds of the soul power.
The mystique of the Heart, that is, the idea of permanence with the Divine Mother, intimately felt and expressed by obscure results through a simple and loving state of consciousness of the soul, gives a permanent Union.
This Union in which body, soul and spirit are substantially united with the Divine Mother is integral.
The contact of the soul with the Divine Mother, by means of his participation with Cafh, is a sudden feeling of liberation.
All men eagerly seek freedom and do not find it as if they were running after a shadow that is behind them. Freedom is of divine nature, and the unique intrinsic good of the spirit, while human freedom is just an external, fleeting and unreachable reflection.
But as the Son presents his first offering, renounces to something of himself and stays as a contrary value, he immediately and directly contacts the divinity and, as an unavoidable consequence, receives the inner expansion of his freedom.
This inner pre-state leads his feelings and magnetic forces to vibrate differently and in contrast to his previous vibrations.
The blood and magnetism of the Son are totally transmuted and the Sensible Union with the Divine Mother takes place.
At most in seven years, the Son has left his body and changed his blood to take a Body of Fire. The Sensible Union is not a possibility but a fact.
The participation of the soul in the life of the Divine Mother, by means of Gifts of Cafh and of the practice Ascetic Renunciation, is the beginning of disintegration of compounds in the soul.
Many Sons do not go beyond the Sensible Union in spite of the great possibilities.
The offering was presented, the contact of union consummated and the Gifts of Cafh trusted to the hands of the Son.
But the soul, that by positive previous acts is ready to convert any psychic value into a result, is ever creating all its possibilities.
The power granted to the soul becomes a positive fact and gets lost.
The updated divine force builds new methods and results, and new ties and setbacks.
The Son struggles and works for separate ends, and his results are poor and defective.
The self-denial of the Son and his offering of renunciation become goods within the reach of his hands and at once it expends them outside.
It is indispensable for the Son to make of his renunciation a continuous usual state, and he achieves it by practicing Ascetic Renunciation.
This renunciation, without expenditure of resulting energies, starts becoming favorable to the soul to achieve the disintegration of compounds that have to give it back its pristine simplicity.
Desire of living, recreation of the imagination and expansion of the intellect as personal delight of the soul are systematically denied.
But this negation does not deny the value of goods of the soul but only wants to impede the identification of these goods with the pure essence of the soul, as constantly they do.
It is necessary an end positive as to its effects but not in itself, and the Son should deny the values of the soul but at the same time must encourage the function of the will to keep these values at the same time active, agile and separate from the center of the soul as non-identifiable means.
The Son achieves this state through a total surrender of his efforts to Cafh.
The Son does not create forms or works out concepts because his only image is Cafh through the whole Great Work.
His only knowledge is the Teaching transmitted to him by the Masters and pervaded by the Power of the Great Current.
His only desire is the continuous and substantial permanence with the Divine Mother. This negative state disintegrates compounds of the soul that tarnish it and grants to it the soul Union with the Divine Mother.
Only the soul that being free of compounds remains simple in its essence can reflect and be compared with the Simple Essence of the Divine Mother.
Of course, an explanation about the Substantial Union cannot there be and cannot be given since every negative good is obscure to the mind of Man, and every spiritual state loses its simplicity when you wish to express it.
But in the Son that remains in the Substantial Union with the Divine Mother there is an aspect and state that lead to suppose his close and very secret Inner Union.
These apparent aspects and states lead to foresee in the Son a simple, loving consciousness, and they are like messengers indicating that his soul possesses the Substantial Union with the Divine Mother.


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