Teaching 1: Renunciation is the Way of Cafh
Teaching 2: Meditation on Death
Teaching 3: Presence of the Eternal Hour
Teaching 4: Mystical Death of De Rancé
Teaching 5: Possessive Effectiveness of Renunciation
Teaching 6: Overcoming Sleep
Teaching 7: Renunciation as Salvation
Teaching 8: Mystique of Ash in Saint Paul of the Cross
Teaching 9: Liberating Automatism of Renunciation
Teaching 10: Goods of Renunciation
Teaching 11: Unique Value of Renunciation
Teaching 12: Tibetan Disciples
Teaching 13: Renunciation as Holocaust
Teaching 14: Conquest of Souls through Renunciation
Teaching 15: Permanent Renunciation
Teaching 16: Saint Francesca Romana

Teaching 1: Renunciation is the Way of Cafh

Renunciation is the way of Cafh and there is no other way to save the world.
Renunciation is the only means of salvation not only for Sons of Cafh but even for all Humanity.
The way of Cafh would be imperfect if one deemed that renunciation had to do only with a part of Humanity.
Renunciation is the way of Cafh and the Sons must practice and live it since now, but not with the idea that the way is only for them, but being sure that it is the only way to save the entire Humanity.
Renunciation is the only way of salvation, and there is no other way.
This fundamental doctrine is not new, but belongs to all Great Initiates, to all great beings that gave their Message to Humanity, but none heard them. But because of the moment that he must live, an invaluable gift has been granted to the disciple: to know that Humanity has finished its evolutionary cycle of oscillating permanence, like shadows reflected on the wall of the world, by the world-wide vibration of a truly supernatural force, of an energy never known to man, and to get a clearer vision of the reality about human life.
The mission of the Son is really extraordinary because his message of renunciation arrives at the propitious hour, an hour in which Humanity, despite all its miseries, can understand and grasp the message. But his preparation must be complete and absolute for the fulfillment of this.
In the world, not only the Sons of Cafh, but also many souls practice renunciation, have understood it and live it; but it is necessary that Cafh, where it is, along with souls entrusted to Cafh, may begin to preach this Message about all things.
Cafh possesses the message that it has to preach to the souls: renunciation is the only way to be saved. The Son that does not understand this after attaining Cafh never can be a Son of Cafh.
The doctrine lies on renunciation, is based on the belief of the Son and is his message for Humanity. The Son cannot deviate from this fundamental concept in regard to souls.
Since the Son enters the Path, as Sponsored Son, understands that this is the only truth. He does not practice it, but learns and understands it. This cannot be refused to souls. The Instructor that does not teach that all is vain and perishable is not teaching a healthy doctrine. Superiors ought to make him to understand and know this. To lead him to this point, necessarily he must consider that all is vain in the world.
Many times Superiors and Instructors deceive the souls with false doctrines because in their view these souls still are incapable or can be harmed, but these Superiors and Instructors do not know that this is the basis of preaching: to be eye-openers since the beginning.
Everything perishes, everything dies: Renunciation is the only way to salvation. A soul living by illusion perhaps moves away, but many other predestined souls will come to the Path because the soul finally receives the Message. Perchance do not many souls move away from the Way, mainly in the beginning? Because none knew how to give them the true doctrine, and by means of false hopes, none preached to them the healthy doctrine of the truth, that is, all is Renunciation, and a person that does not renounce, neither has nor will ever have salvation; he not only will die as a human being, but also all his illusions will die with him; and all his supposed glory will become failure.
Of course, the Lonely Son cannot be such if he does not understand this Fundamental good. His Vows would be nothing more than an external defensive shell if he did not understand it. But he not only understands it but also practices it partially; he understood it and began its practice.
It is he who read the Regulation that sees that the life of the Lonely Son is nothing more than a great bridge of salvation between earth and heaven, and the soul must cross it and entirely surrender to Renunciation.
Life of the Lonely Son is nothing more than a school, a stimulus for the continuous practice that will lead him to Renunciation; it is a work of love, made by the Mother through the Superiors to lead him to the true good that is Renunciation understood, practiced and lived, and transformed into flesh, mind and life in a human being. And needless to say in this divine group of Cafh, the Ordained Son practices this life and lives it to the full.
But this renunciation is not selfish renunciation.
In this sense, the fundamental mission of Cafh is an individual mission, therefore a Human mission, for the entire Humanity. It is not renunciation of a man who achieves it for himself, even thinking that this renunciation shall become a good for Humanity. Renunciation of the Son neither is total nor ever shall be total while the human kind is unable to understand and live this unique and universal truth. Therefore, the first duty of an Ordained Son is to preach to the souls of the world that all is ruin and death, everything ends up and nothing can remain.
All is becoming. This is the first message, the first duty. But with this end in view, the Son must possess a deep consciousness in this sense; he must be so absolute reality that never an opposite idea must exist in his mind. For instance, a Son that, at a moment of temptation thinks of coming back to the world, did not understand the Vow of Renunciation, because otherwise this idea would not enter his mind, his nature or his being.
It is necessary to preach to the world that all is death and ruin, but first this must be a reality for the Son.
First, he must possess a very clear concept on the Vow of Renunciation, which is entirely auxiliary of the true Renunciation, because Renunciation is something living and personal.
Second, this Vow takes for granted Renunciation, and encourages it.
Then you should understand that a person that intimately does not understand what is Renunciation could not devote his life to this. So later it is out of question to hear things as follows: “I cannot die, and do not possess necessary strength to die”. This is fundamental in the Sons.
The idea has to be absolute; otherwise, self-deception is out of question and the Community cannot admit that Son.
This concept leads then to this conclusion: a person that follows the way to Renunciation never comes back. His Vow is his assistant: a Son may dispose of a Vow, but for this reason he is not free of Renunciation; otherwise, he is a failure. A vocation has been fostered in him. Failure becomes failure of the Superior, of Directors and of companions. All are affected and harmed by this wound.
The Son who wished to be Ordained must know that Renunciation is a gift of the soul and that once this gift is in the soul, none can ever take it out. So, the Ordained of Community must really tighten their ties and links; they must be “sealed” in their vocation: not by pride but by charity for those souls that are not called to Renunciation. So they must be strongly linked and form a mystical chain that shall impede that these souls may take Vows, may fall from up high and continuously may deny God; because the Angel of Light always becomes Satan and curses what he has lost and does not possess any more. His lips exude poison even although his face happily smiles. The Sons must avoid this.
Which is the surer method for the souls?
Which have to be these means to avoid mistakes?
First: A true examination before their Ordination.
Second: A more complete Seminary.
It is a duty of the Sons that an aspirant never may say: “I cannot die”. How did they not realize it before? How did ignore this?
Manly aspirants, especially men, most time possess a false concept about Ordination. They believe that Ordination is to acquire or possess something.
An aspirant wrote to his Spiritual Director: “I wish to be ordained for a more close union with the Divine Mother”. And his Director replied: “For a closer union with the Divine Mother you do not need to be ordained. Means are within the reach of all Sons to achieve this purpose, since this is an entirely internal good. Even the humblest Sponsored Son can attain the Divine Union if he surrenders entirely with unlimited love and arranges his life by means of proper asceticism”.
Internally, all souls can reach the Union with the Divinity; their chances are lesser than those of consecrated souls, but they can arrive. Their bliss shall not be perfect because their means are fewer.
The Ordained possess further means and therefore further responsibilities.
“Another thing altogether is to possess vocation of Ordained Son”, this Spiritual Director said. “It is to possess a constant internal certainty that only on this type of life in Community one will find happiness, good and means to attain the Divine Union. It is to feel that this is his place, to feel that in the Mother’s House he will be at ease, that nothing else can please him, and that before many troubles he finally will say, ‘Be patient’, and will go on forward. It is likely that he never attains a true union in this life, but this prepares him for the Union at the hour of death. Others may have many other goods, but for consecrated souls”, the Spiritual Director continued, “it is like a certainty that one is not born for worldly works or for a family, but for accepting the type of Life in Community”.
This must be really understood because it is an unavoidable sign of vocation. One has to mistrust much enthusiasm; but if the aspirant is not interested in anything, nothing calls his attention, fulfils the orders, hears the advice of his Superior and is not touchy, so all this is a sign of true call.
Superiors never should admit a Son who says that he cannot live “without it”: this is enthusiasm, elation, and search for something. The life of an Ordained Son is “the nothing”: renunciation, absolute detachment.
And the above-mentioned Spiritual Director added: “And very likely although they are Ordained Sons, and the fittest to live in Community, do not attain the expected Union in this lifetime. Of course, Ordination, that is a type of life, is a fitter preparation to this purpose. But it prepares and does not give. Also, life in Community, which is not of illusions, requires a humble work: tilling the earth, cooking, being at work, and few studies: all this takes form through great silence, absolute obedience and routine that ends with physical death of the Son.”
We tell this to dispel all uncertainty; if the Son looks for this, then he must be accepted with no objections.
We must speak clearly because dispensation of Vows is nothing more than a palliative; in the way to God, Truth and Renunciation there are only two things: triumph or failure. So, silence is the only good for souls that fail: not naming them and forgetting them.
Life of an Ordained Son is death, and the dead do not come back; and living people escape from the dead if the latter come back. They possess a curse, their own curse: they are not in contact with beings any more and do not find happiness. Over all, the main curse is that these poor souls may have a little of peace and loneliness by denying God and faith, which is grace of the soul and the only gift of man on earth, that is: to believe.

Teaching 2: Meditation on Death

When the Blessed Buddha began to assemble his sons to teach them the extraordinary truth that all is renunciation and nothing is lasting in the world, his first action was not to comment that everything perishes and finishes, but to send them to a cemetery.
In those day, Hinduism, Brahmanism and great ascetic exercises were flourishing and renunciation was practiced in such external way that men even were living naked; in that India, the asceticism of the Buddha became a total novelty: he sent his disciples to the cemetery to pick up rags of the corpses to recall continuously the former that everything dies on earth. For this reason, those who renounced wore a yellow robe, because this cloth represented human remains. Before any preaching about his doctrine, also these disciples of the Buddha had to feel in their own flesh, through these clothes, that they were human remains and living dead.
The Son must consider continuously death and the perishable aspect of human things, but not only as an idea but also as a reality. It is easy to say so, but one has to strive for converting this into a true reality.
A quite devoted Son that some day was meditating on the Black Lady, fell asleep and in dreams saw a horrible being before him; seemingly this being was the very image of all horrors. He had no body; this image of flesh wrap impressed as frightening scales of leper. He had no hands but stumps that were like claws or iron knives. He had no face, but huge and deep grooves of darkness.
The poor Son was trembling. Never he had seen so awful horror, but has strength to ask in his imagination, “Who are you? Which is your name? Of course, you are the Black Lady”. And this horrible being, opening its imaginary jaws, said, “I am death”.
“This is good”, the Spiritual Director said to this Son, “you have received an extraordinary grace, because when the enemy appears such as she is, it is because she is about to be overcome; because she ever knows how to disguise and be adorned with illusory beauties”. How many veils of illusion she wears! The poor beings are seeking pleasure, sensation, glory, joy and wealth behind those veils. But when she is cornered, when her veils of illusion are removed little by little, she shows her entire ugliness, she shows what she is not. But you can see clearly her most terrible words: mainly, She is death.
Even among Sons following the renunciation path ordinarily one cannot see them to be prone to this healthy meditation on the Black Lady, representing it like death. If the soul has to attain the Holy Ordination by considering that all is perishable, one of the most beautiful exercises to practice, especially in the Seminary, is on the only reality: death. Superiors must remember this, and Seminary Directors must insist many times on meditating about death.
The Blessed Buddha granted as first gift of grace to his disciples the shroud of the dead as their monastic dress, and instructed them, by means of basically established precepts, that once a month they had to spend one whole night in a cemetery meditating on death.
All great beings got used to practice this healthy meditation and achieved their holiness through this valuable exercise that the Sons need so much, because human nature tends to relaxation and external sensation, that is, sensations of deception, pleasure and permanence of worldly possessions.
Since the Sons still are in the flesh, they must be given a fit antidote: meditation on death.
When Hindu chelas begin their novitiate, their guru first sends them to cremation grounds to see where all worldly possessions and greatness are going to end up.
The dead rest at an unpleasant place to men, but the Sons, although not always can go to a cemetery, must do during their meditations by means of their thought, seeking in these healthy images the clear light of the only reality.
Men get used to revere their dead beings in different ways; every one believes that his way is the best, but in all cemeteries of the world one can know what the human life is.
On wings of his thought, the Son should travel through those places in which, although with different ceremonies and methods, he may see that all ends up the same way: like dust, like the nothing. He can fly to those countries where men erect huge pyres beside rivers to burn corpses of their dear persons, seeing how their remains are thrown to the waters as food for holy turtles.
The Son should go to high plateaus in Tibet to see how as soon as a person dies, his relatives, despite their sorrow, deliver his remains to butchers who in an isolated place, amid rocks, tear the body to pieces and give it as food to vultures. Even today the Parsis locate their dead persons in high towers to be eaten by birds of prey and leave their bones in the sun. These calcined bones speak quite clearly. These towers are like cemeteries of human vanity, with white bones that say, “Do you recognize me? Do you know if I was a man or woman, rich or poor, pretty or ugly?” There is only one thing there: bones and remains of death.
But today we can see a new cemetery in the world: the cemetery built by an ignorant civilization. Even savages have a place to deposit their dead persons, but our present civilization kills so many people in battlefields that there is no room to bury them. A missionary woman, in Korea, describes those fields as such terrible and frightful vision that is beyond words: you must see it. Pieces of mutilated corpses, deformed, unknown; coagulated blood and flesh, huge fields where wild beasts find their delight. And here one wonders whether those beings had an illusion, whether the lights of life also trapped them and whether some day traveled through roads of the world. Now you must look at the ground and see them there, destroyed, annihilated, like remains that now even are not corpses. Here is the cemetery of this civilization.
The seminarians should often walk through these places, and these have to be their meditations. The world offers an illusion by its false words, but its realities are only death and ruin. Sons: think of this and later be quiet and thank God for all those dead persons who are joyful because they have a companion at the time of death and a tomb in a place of peace.
Sons: go mentally to familiar cemeteries where the former generation rests; they were your relatives, friends and spiritual companions. The place of death is sweet and placid for those who reflect properly on it. A cemetery has an otherworldly attractive because there it only shows remains –especially to those souls who have left the world– because those beings finally have reached the transcendence, and are liberated and dressed with a glorious and eternal robe, which nothing has to do with their remains.
Superiors: keep on teaching these sound exercises of meditation to Seminarians. A consecrated soul should not seek the illusory joy of the world, but the reality that is sorrow, suffering and death
Also the Sons must meditate on the great moment when they were called to Renunciation, when they died to the world for the Truth revealed by the Mother; when they touched the Holy Gate; and when they took their Vows. Keep ever in mind the image of your cloaks and veils, symbols of the mystical death.
If in the world there is a lofty joy, this joy is your renunciation; and this joy is the fruit of understanding that all is impermanent in the world.
The Sons must ever ask of the Divine Mother to be kept in this admirable gift. Many times tell Her about your infinite gratitude because she called you to this lofty vocation; because even in your years of youth you did not permitted to be deceived by the worldly life, but you followed the path of the oldest, the past of understanding this life: because even with multiple chances in the world, you offered these chances to die to life and to be entirely of Her. May the Divine Mother keep all moments in this holy understanding of death, non-existence and state of internal surrender. The Sons must wear many times cloak and veil, like in the day of their imposition, so that this mystical death, holy and sweet, never can be forgotten by a glance, thought or human action. Many times say to the Divine Mother how by being accepted at Her feet, by her acceptance of the offering of your lives, she has granted to you the bliss of resurrection, that is the true good of the divine life.
Sweet Mother, holy and loving Mother, what did the Sons made to deserve so much good? Why did you remove the bandage from their eyes to see the Black Lady and her name of death and ruin? What did these Sons possess that the rest of men do not possess? What did they possess not to be blinded by the world, and why did they have only one desire, only one aim: To die to the world?
Their only possession was to reflect properly on the illusion of life and on the end of all things.

Teaching 3: Presence of the Eternal Hour

To renounce is to overcome a dimensional time to live a time that is expansive, immense and eternal. But these words sound very hollow and theatrical if you do not try to live and grasp them within, by transforming the sense of time into eternal reality.
Many great Masters preached this admirable doctrine by which a person stops being self-absorbed and narrow-minded in order to live in the eternity, free, on the space. These doctrines, which deserve great admiration and respect, and appear in wonderful Krishnamurti’s pages, are only words if man continues to live tied to time and need. Because the experience proves that those who speak of living the eternal hour without timetable and regulations and demands (because it comprises all this) unfortunately are tied to everything as the rest of men. Poor man if he wants to escape and ever falls into the trap!
A wise lady told that once a couple did not get on; the wife would work, scrub and sew the whole day, and was abused by her husband. Some friend said to her: “And why don’t you leave this man?” And wisely she replied: “For two very simple reasons: the one of God and the other of earth. The reason of God is that this man, whether bad or good, is the father of my children, which He gave me, and this never can be changed. The second reason is because I have observed that all those who want to escape from a routine or duty, are like the poor fish that falls in the fire to escape from the oil”.
Those souls that speak of so much freedom and expansion, and of living their spiritual life without any impediment, may get rid of certain things, but fall in other bigger ties, that is, in the tyranny of time. You cannot overcome by doing just as you wish, but by transmuting, conquering and living this time.
If you ask: “Why don’t you get up earlier”, he replies: “I like to remain in bed for a while, and for what should I take on a rule?” But some day he has a duty, finds impossible to get up, and says: “I am slave of the bed”. He is tied to this habit, to this custom.
These liberalities bring other habits, reduce the individual to other time and emphasize his bondage because this way he has two masters: duration of time and duration of his bad habits.
Since the Divine Mother regulates the life of the Ordained Son to give him true freedom, apparently she imposes on him more severe norms of life, as if she were tying him to time by such strict distribution of his days and living. Seemingly he is tied to an unavoidable daily rule. But in fact, this way the soul can get rid from dimensional time and enter the expansive time, and you can achieve this by living very strictly in time, through more precise habits that you should live quite intensely.
Man is slave of time because puts all his senses in time: he eats, goes out or walks when he wants; he plays music, goes to theatre or remains doing nothing when he wants. All this is nothing more than to remain into the personality, into the instinctive soul of being. To overcome time and get liberation, one must do all, but without any participation of predilections or anything, and by responding only to one's straightforward will.
If you do everything at certain time without sensible likes, you lead your soul to a higher joy. So we are told: “I walk because I feel like going for a walk”. The horse does not lead the master, but its master orders and says: “Stop right now, walk even now!”
A good use of time is not only this. Usually a free person might make a better good use of his hours and his day; but for instance, often you must write a letter and all your ideas come during the hour of meditation, and later, when you are ready to write it, you do not find any thought to express. You have spent the internal, spiritual time; you have burnt it for the sake of imagination.
The same occurs when you think of your tasks during an improper hour, and when you are ready to fulfill them, then those works are unproductive and wrong, and you waste your time.
One lives in dimensional time, and you control time only when you live in time of eternity, in expansive time. You should say: “Time does not control me; I hold it in my hand”.
The value of the timetable in Community is extraordinary.
First we shall deal with the mystic value of time in Community.
If you observe and study the time in the Seminary, you will see that this timetable of twenty four hours (including day and night) is divided into four perfect periods in which the Sons must give as a whole all powers of their physical, astral, mental and spiritual possibilities.
That is, Sons have: six hours of mental work, six hours of manual work, six hours of active relaxation and six hours of passive relaxation.
Of course, the timetable is entirely elastic by Regulation in accordance with chances of every one. It is like a music that contains several notes, where the soul can use its physical, astral, mental or spiritual forces, in accordance with its chances.
This triumph over dimensional time, through perfect distribution of hours in accordance with human nature, is confirmed by the two cosmic powers of both Boas and Jakim. It is routine transformed into eternal hour: patience transformed into human pillar supporting the divine force of the Eternity.
If you wish to live the eternal, expansive hour, you should overcome this time that is harassing men from life to death; you have to possess this time that is called routine and patience.
How many years the individual being is harassed by time, and how long time he needs to become man! His mother has to raise him and to start teaching him. He must go school, later to universities, and when his preparation is over, at the age of twenty-five years, a third part of his time is gone. From twenty-five years on, man begins to look for a position, to fight, but all his beautiful ideals are lost. Why?, because time is tyrant. When he can say, “I got my position”, he is forty-five years old and all begins to collapse: neither his energy, nor his strength, nor his mind is like before. Now he cannot achieve those wonderful ideals of his youth; time harasses him. Man must run to get his harvest. His life is about to go: and weakness and old age come. In short: he has been at the service of time as a true slave. His life is about to go and he possesses nothing. Being harassed by time, he had to earn a living, create a status and establish a family.
If there is no true liberation, time will go on to tie men. It is a wheel, the wheel of time inexorably rotating and its velocity is such that the weak human nature cannot follow it; you are ever behind.
Shores are full of castaways, failures and defeated people.
But Renunciation liberates from time ideally, theoretically, and a practical life of renunciation liberates really, substantially.
The Son does not run on straight line; he lives in expansive time, as if his life were a great circle that becomes vaster to the extent of comprising the entire Universe: the mind expands, becomes larger and encompasses the entire Universe.
It is like in the astral world when in a dream-like hour you start seeing images. If you are quiet, this image shall expand and become larger and larger, becoming clear. If you see a face, you see this face bigger and bigger, in such a way that we are told that in the astral world things become large; this is an illusion. It is you who expand. But if another image enters and you are afraid, then the figure falls away.
In the astral world there is no time, but intensity; this is expansion. But man does not know this properly, although he has it: he possesses it in the soul. He might intensify his thoughts, his energy but he cannot because he runs after time. Time is a train departing and the soul runs after it to see if it is possible to catch it. This train shall never conquer time while the soul is not such as it is.
Time is an illusion: you are time. You live eternally if you intensify your own force; you do not live if you limit this force: you run, jump, go and come; you are the happy monkey like all men.
That is why surprisingly certain Ordained Sons speak of time and of limited timetable, and did not realize how much benefit the Divine Mother has granted to them.
The first treasure is to know how to control time and live subject to a timetable allowing expansion and total use of energies, that is, of our own forces.
For Ordained Sons, the schedule is like everything: it may be bondage or freedom. Timetable is bondage for him who does not love a timetable. For him who lives it, this timetable becomes a considerable good: he has time for everything.
It is beyond imagination Ordained Sons saying they have no time. They do not live properly their time. That is, they do the one thing instead of the other, and act improperly. If they fulfilled perfectly what the timetable orders, they would have extra time; they would write a Summa Theologica, would erect a monument, would be able to have dreams of Eternity, and would possess strength as no other man on earth does.
But Renunciation is not to have Renunciation: it is to love it over all things and to conquer it step by step.
The Hindu theory of “You are it” is nonsense, that is, that if you believe that you are God, then you become God. Man cannot say this. He can achieve it only by conquering it step by step, as the Buddha once said: “If you wish Nirvana, you will have Nirvana, but you have to conquer it in eight stages”. One has to achieve it gradually, and here is the extraordinary good that you find in the timetable. Timetable is joyful bondage; a chain that gives true freedom.
The timetable marks six hours of mental work, but always in an elastic way, according to the adaptation of every person.
The Ordination is an open way to every soul: to souls who love to work, to those who love to study, and to those who soar more or less. This timetable that is like bondage shows its love to every temperament.
An Ordained Son that was not of Community said, “Seemingly you have few hours of study in Community”. He never had lived in a Community. Communities are mainly made for mental work, for education of the Sons and for education of the souls.
Mental work is perfectly divided into rational work, work of understanding and work of illumination. That is, there is time to study (rational time), to transform this reasoning into understanding (time to study intensely), and mainly time to think in an abstract way (time of prayer).
An Ordained Son begins his day with intellectual work: his first work is mental. Its purpose is to raise it to higher regions. He begins his day with one hour devoted to prayer; thence his mind must become fit to an accelerated rhythm: thirty minutes of exercises and thirty minutes of meditation.
Meditation is the most extraordinary of mental works because, where from does everything come to man (wisdom, knowledge) but through prayer? Someone asked Saint Bonaventura which was the book where he would learn his beautiful sermons, he led him to his cell –to a corner where usually he would pray– and replied: “This is my book, my master, my teacher”.
Meditation, the hour devoted to God, is source of every light and wisdom. But the timetable still grants much time to study: two hours of Strict Silence, one hour of Teaching, one hour of duties of the Ordained Son (Interpretation and Study), and even thirty minutes at night. Those who love study and wish to know in depth have hours of peace, and then none shall interrupt or distract them.
So, mental work, although separate, is elastically located and through it you can study anything you wish. If the Sons of the world believe that an Ordained Son has no intellectual work it is because they do not know life in Community.
These six hours of intellectual work are compensated by six hours of manual work to restore energies.
These hours of manual work are glorious for many Sons.
Basically, manual work removes every evil from mind and heart. But also it is hour of delight; it must be fulfilled in silence and leads to an activity that sometimes becomes entirely unconscious. Hence the teaching: when Sons are assembled, they have to sing hymns, recite prayers or read teachings.
So, by purifying the body not only of physical evils, but also of astral and mental evils, the Son has time to unite his thought with God.
But sometimes you observe that many Sons that have to be alone do not get used to pray and recite psalms and prayers. They do so internally, but everything would be all right if they would keep this custom.
Also, through manual work, as in Cafh, beings qualify for life, not materially, but to make life yield its fruits. Education of the world forms fit men to only one thing, but a person must be fit and have common sense to all to possess time: to stop in order to think, reason and know how to do things.
A Seminary teaches beings to be competent beings, and not only to make a thing but also to take profit of it. A woman is not woman if she does not know how to cook, wash and clean properly. She may have an important office, but is not a complete woman. A man may be a great personage, but if he does not know how to do everything and has no experience he is nothing.
Manual work has made the miracle that, for instance, if there is a Son of one profession, all Sons may have a sense of it and be somewhat professionals: this is a reflection, when a Son acquires a thing, all Sons acquire it. Fitness is contagious if you practice it with true perfection. The Sons are on the same level; they have the same defects and the same virtues: there is equilibrium.
Also, for instance you cannot imagine an electrical engineering as an exclusively electrical engineer. He must be somewhat smith, somewhat carpenter; he must know manual crafts of any kind, and anything that may be useful in a Community. This must be cared in the Seminary; the Director must be very clever, especially teaching the Sons what they do not know. When a Daughter leaves the Seminary she must be perfectly fit to cook. Men must be fit to heavy works. If their health is poor, then they are not fit to this life. The Sons must not be overwhelmed by work without testing their muscles, because healthy muscles denote a healthy brain and ready mind.
Also women must fulfill her little heavy tasks, and mainly must be tested in kitchen and laundry. So when those beings leave the Seminary they are men and women. What they know remains forever.
The other twelve hours in the timetable of the Community are extraordinarily important for the conquest of time: six hours of active relaxation and six hours of passive relaxation.
Most times men are not fit to life because live a hectic, unnatural life; and human nature demands certain needs to meet.
It is difficult to imagine the power of adaptation and resistance of human nature, but if you require too much from it, then it is broken before time. So Humanity is today prematurely sick; but not physically, because of certain defined evil, but because of a nervous disease continuously reflected on tiredness and stomach and intestine discomforts. People have no time for nature, and must pay for it: the operative, mental part suffers.
With no time to eat or for a short recreation, human amusement is non-existent; you may spend your Sunday or weekend relaxing in the country and by the river, but this is useless if during all the week your physical body is extremely demanded.
Six hours of active relaxation activate the subconscious of being.
Once a Son of the world said: “How long time the Ordained Sons devote to eat and relax! They waste too much time”. This good Son was not aware of the wise timetable and its rules. Nature is not a machine that works and never stops.
Meals are really important and need their time. In its assigned time, your stomach secretes necessary digestive juices to transform your meal into life.
That is why the Regulation marks six hours for relaxation: recreation, meals and tidiness. But usually Sons and Daughters of Community do not make good use of these hours. Nature ever tends to act improperly. It is a very natural inclination of being not to do things on time, and it is so easy not to do it! Superiors are not free of their holy obligation with the Divine Mother and must perfectly respect the timetable. A fault may appear there and transform everybody into slaves of time. Every hour do what you must do.
For instance: if in your break you are relaxed, this time passes unnoticed. But if you are restless or if you suffer, then you have to leave your recreation for a while. This means that something happens: perhaps you are annoyed or upset. But if you are entirely surrendered, they you do not need to leave your companions.
Also there is another terrible habit: you need to do another thing precisely during the break. This is a loss because you avoid your recreation for a work not fulfilled in due time. You will find time to do it; of course, you will never have time for anything if you study during the hour of manual work.
Superiors and Vice-Superiors must lead the Sons to love recreation during the time of rest. Although you sew or knit during your recreation, this time of work is different from that of manual work: that is, you do not realize what you are doing.
When in recreation time two Sons have to wash and dry dishes, the Son that washes must be quick and work without many assistants. One washes dishes; as soon as he ends up, if the Son that dries is present, the former runs and comes back to recreation. When in a Community there are two Sons, all is more difficult because there is more companionship and they help each other in everything, but observance decays.
The Son must live his recreation. If he wants to help too much, then there is no relaxation, there is much activity and recreation is non-existent.
Six hours to sleep are of passive relaxation.
The Sons have to sleep six hours. The body of young people needs to sleep; then it is better to study less and to sleep more. Later, as the time passes by, they have to sleep six hours. If you notice that they do not sleep properly at night, then you must not sleep a nap.
At present, the nervous structure of a human being can be compared with a panel with little lights blinking continuously. Nervous system is like the tick-tock of a clock. But this rhythm does not remains in human beings; it is like a lightening, an outburst and later, silence; or like a car starting at full power and stopping at once.
This disappears thanks to the timetable of Community.
Your body restores its nervous system when you sleep, but ordinary beings have to sleep much because they do not reach the very deep dimension of sleep; if they attained it, thirty minutes would be enough.
Six hours of sleep are enough when the Son is able to adapt to the timetable of Community. Life in Community is shaped in such a way that transforms the organism into a perfect clock.

Teaching 4: Mystical Death of De Rancé

De Rancé, a reformer of the Cistercian Order and founder of the Trappe, is one of the most beautiful examples of contemplating death and sorrow.
When does death call him to the true life by removing him from the illusory world and leading him to the summit of the most pure sanctity? Sometimes the Divine Providence creates evils that become goods.
In a century as the seventeenth, when devotion and retreat are relaxed, not surprisingly this young takes up priesthood more for status and material interest than for devotion, neglects his ecclesiastic responsibilities and lives well. But in the human heart there are fibers that respond through flesh and misery to a call that perhaps is divine.
We are told that De Rancé, from pleasure to pleasure in his youth, quite enchanted with a Marchioness, scandalized the Court and Paris. But God touched this man that was more filled with pleasure than with love, and gave him love through the way of pleasure. Always love, even bad love, at the end is something holy, because through it a person becomes detached and unselfish; love makes him suffer, and suffering is ever good.
This Marchioness, rich, young and the most beautiful in the Court of France, suffered from violent fevers and suddenly died. A friend of De Rancé writes that all believed that he would go mad; his despair and sorrow were unbearable. But he did not surrender to despair, and surely in the Other World the soul of that woman who loved him so much wished to save him from his karma and blame.
De Rancé, retreated in his castle, at the sunset goes for a walk through the fields; he neither wants to see anyone nor to write to anyone. Then far away he sees a farm bursting into flames. He feels that is a fire in harvest time, and runs to find out. But as he comes near, the fire escapes, and following it he finds a lonely forest, and over there a woman that is burning. He sees her body up to her waist, and although her hair covers her face, seemingly she is his girlfriend wishing to show all the suffering that her soul had to experience because of her fiery passion in the world.
From this day De Rancé changes his behavior. Now he is different, leaves prebends, Court and palace, and lives detached from the world; eventually he arrives at his convent of the Trappe, where instructs to write on the door of his cell: “Memory of death is my life and salvation”.
But it is not only this. That suffering that he glimpsed in the hereafter in the sense that that woman was suffering for his blame, led this admirable man to establish a primordial purpose among his monks: continuous sacrifice for souls who suffer in the hereafter, for those beings that passed away and are deprived of light.
Renunciation as a mission makes the Son become more and more sensible and subtle. His life in prayer and retreat moves him away from the screen of the world and leads him through prayer to be able to cross many times the bridge and to attain life in the hereafter. Also beings that passed away comprise this Humanity that he has to redeem.
Notice that these beings are not far away because you cannot see or touch them; also many of them are particularly close to the Sons, whether for a mission and to get help, or simply to ask help and be able to get rid of ties of the flesh.
Is there any other person that, having renounced to the world and offered himself in holocaust to the Divinity, may help the suffering souls deprived of light to see the glorious world in which they have to experience torments beyond human imagination?
If sufferings of this poor Marchioness are internal and moral, surely they are frightening and burn any fiber of her being, and the most sensible part of her soul grieves her. She is a being continuously suffocated, and as soon as she sees her friend, feels that the can save her through life. That is why she extends her hand again.
Here is one of the main missions of the Sons of Cafh: to devote a part of their prayers and sacrifices to help those souls around them, which suffer torments in the hereafter because whilst the soul does not untie the bonds of flesh, it remains motionless and fastened between heaven and earth, between the Gate to Eternity and the Gate to Earthly Life.
The Son cannot forget the dead, those numerous beings who are repeating there the process of their suffering. This is a sorrow produced by their ideas formed in their lifetime according to their beliefs. For instance, a Catholic feels to be a prisoner in purgatorial flames; an unbeliever feels to be tied to objects and beings that he loved on earth, and continuously wants to go there and touch them, and suffers awfully.
The mission of the Son is to give them light, offer his life and his Vows, and to make sacrifices and pray.
When the Blessed Buddha talked about redeeming Humanity, he did neither exclude animals nor the tiniest insect. So the Son must include all living and dead beings, those on earth, those who passed away and those who shall come.
It is a complete, absolute mission. But necessarily this purpose must be in your meditations. By considering death and vanity of the world you understand how valuable is not only death but also what exists after death. Here is one of the bases of Renunciation and a way to get rid of materiality.
Souls of those that passed away receive prayer because they need it, but in return they attest that the astral world and liberation exist. Nothing is for free. Also, when these souls that suffer in the hereafter contact the Son through prayers and offerings, they become their patrons and never forget them.
Beings in the hereafter suffer awfully, even for little things. According to a pious person that was in prayer, her closest friend, recently dead, came to her. She came sad and sorrowful, as if from a dark alley; her legs were full of sores and seemingly she was unable to walk. She asked help and cure for her legs. Then this pious person spent the whole night praying, made many sacrifices, and finally this soul was liberated: her suffering was an illusion, because she appeared again and said: “Do you remember that, like you, I was about to enter a religious order, but my mother dissuaded me and I formed a family? In my heart I had surrendered to God, and God took me out of this world and by that fault that I have committed I saw myself without legs and was unable to walk. I had no vocation to walk. Your vocation has saved me, but please, now help my mother”. In fact, her mother, who died some few days later; once appeared with a broken ankle and explained her condition because she had not encouraged the vocation of her daughter.
If this brings sorrows and torments in the hereafter, imagine those of persons that commit crimes and always do wrong! So, the Sons must devote their meditations and prayers to the souls of the dead to make them cross more easily the bridge between earth and heaven, thinking of these souls and remembering them during their meditations.
During the year there is ever a Son whose mission is to pray for the dead. This has to be the bread of all Sons. May someday there be Ordained Sons enough for this mission, now limited to one hour of worship for the souls of beings who passed away, eventually to become an everlasting offering, day and night, for those souls. Even the kindest beings have to suffer a little in their process of losing their material form. Then this prayer would be a continuous force, a flame of ceaseless light, guiding them on the way. Just as that pious woman illuminated travelers in the mountain from Chile and were lost in gorges by the zonda (hot northerly wind), so the Sons will kindle a little lamp to illuminate the souls and lead them to think that they left the world and now are free beings that are able to worship God to the full.
After the consideration of death, you must consider the great abyss where the poor souls that left this world are suffering.
The Sons of Cafh must be in everything and comprise everything. Their renunciation is not only for their perfection, but also for the perfection of all beings. It is beyond imagination how many souls suffer in the astral world. Perchance may you choose an unknown soul and make offerings of prayers and sacrifices for this soul during the day, as if you were a godfather, until this soul goes toward peace? Everybody has a poor soul that expects –perhaps many years from now– help from the Son.
Many people feel that some of those who passed away are great beings that do not need help; perhaps they carry a very heavy burden of faults in the other world. There they expect help; people feel that they are in peace, but those beings are really in need.
You should ask for all those who died in an unnatural way, for homicides, suicides, betrayers, renegades and flesh sinners; for all those who passed away and are suffering. These beings are in the dark, being illuminated only by veils and white cloaks of beings that left the world during his lifetime.
Which would be their destiny without the Son’s help? You should never forget this great mission of the Son of Cafh: To pray, to pray and to pray for those who are suffering in the hereafter.

Teaching 5: Possessive Effectiveness of Renunciation

Renunciation is the only truth that a man can know because is the opposite attachment –which is falsehood and ignorance–, on which men establish their knowledge.
To desire a permanent life and to believe that the world is a lasting good brings every misery, pain and evil to the world. The Universe is nothing else than a great becoming, continuous change, beginning and end, and birth and death. Man founds all his knowledge on illusion, as if the world were not the becoming but permanence, as if goods were not variable but steady, and as if he possessed life.
This illusory and ignorant sense of permanence and steadiness on earth is cause of attachment of men to material things, and of making the difference between him and others. This difference makes him believe that he possesses something. As he wants to possess something, this brings so much ignorance and more and more attachment to momentary things, which do not belong to him, although he may believe otherwise.
Renunciation is the truth because separates the soul from illusory inner and outer objects. But this admirable detachment from all things, this divine gift of leaving during life all those things that sooner or later one has to leave behind, this precious Renunciation that is detachment has to establish in the soul something immutable that never changes and remains: the absolute certainty of possessing the Truth, of possessing the only good, that is, the good of Renunciation.
It is beyond imagination that an Ordained Son, eventually attached to worldly things, may dream about the illusory possession of something on earth. Men suffer from their many attachments, and we understand it because their knowledge is based on falsehood and ignorance. They do not see the sun but its shadow on the wall. Their attachments are cause of their pains, and their misery is cause of their ties. But this misery may be justified, and one can even admire their courage and integrity. But attachments of this kind reveal real unfaithfulness in consecrated souls that know the truth. Although certain sentimental attachments –that sometimes the very Son cannot discriminate– are tolerable and forgivable, in no way attachments of knowledge or mind can be tolerated.
Once a Son asked his Spiritual Director if he did not wished to learn certain language. He stared at this being that had taken Vow of Renunciation and even asked if he liked a subject, and replied: “Perchance when I was ordained did I admit that I would like something? Of course, I would do, but an Ordained Son cannot attach to knowledge. In my youth I liked travels, study, knowledge, et cetera, but I studied what was necessary to fulfill my mission and nothing else”.
The concept of detachment must be clear and strong in the Sons to avoid any attachment to something, even to an intellectual attachment, over all in matters of knowledge. You may be without material attachments but you can have attachments to higher things, that is, spiritual things.
Detachment in the Son must be spontaneous, natural and continuous, impeding any infiltration in his heart and any deviation from an absolute surrender to the Divine Simplicity, to the divine freedom, because he knew the Truth through the Vow of Renunciation and hence he got the grace of detachment –without compounds of ignorance and knowledge, like or dislike, and making and not making– which enables him to contact the perfect simplicity without compounds or mixtures.
In Community, the heart not only is detached from affections and the mind from the egocentric will because Daughters and Sons are not attached to worldly things but also they remain far from the world on a Radius of Stability, make a loving offering for Humanity and stay voluntarily cloistered. They not only are not of the world, but also have left the world behind. Here is one of the greatest and most wonderful gifts of the Divine Mother.
Sometimes, seemingly they do not deserve this gift, which brings an internal comfort and leads them to state separate from beings and entirely outside to pains of the world, although many times the Son’s mission leads him to help and save the world; but this image of isolation is only apparent.
But, even living separated in the Radius of Stability, the mind, particularly fantasy and imagination, sometimes comes back continuously to the world, to things of the past, of which they were detached. And then we can ask: “Son, if your detachment is real, perhaps did not remain a little of attachment, unknown to you, with such a continuous return of your mind to the world and with the appearance of images of the past? Beware, oh consecrated soul, because ignorance and illusion build many bridges to attain the soul and enter the Radius of internal Stability and the untouchable chamber of the sanctuary”. Illusion has many means and these means, almost ever internal, appear there, in the background of the soul.
The soul continuously needs a bath in the waters of this divine and perfect simplicity and an entire surrender to this sense of renunciation and detachment, and must drive away whatever may disturb him or interfere like a little drop of colored liquid trying to fall in the purest water of a consecrated soul.
It is not totally true that a soul that has taken Vow of Renunciation may be entirely detached; what this soul possesses is an absolute conviction and knowledge that detachment is the only truth and the only good, already possessed internally and spiritually to the full. Later this knowledge gradually should be acquired by the psychic parts of being. But... without delay! because illusion and ignorance could captivate and darken the knowledge again.
“Consecrated souls, be very careful because the enemy of Humanity continuously prowls round his souls to devour them; but the soul that resists will be steady in Faith”. These words have an extraordinary sense. Faith is the gift of the truth, because faith is only perfect Renunciation.
Renunciation is the Truth, gives the Truth, and makes participate and live in God and save souls. But man lives in the world of illusion and ignorance, and this gift of Renunciation must be acquired by continuous efforts. Life does not emerge from experience, but from continuous efforts, from a continuous habit of the Truth, and from an affirmation and demonstration of our own belief through our own life. This is the way to possess the gift of faith.
Many spiritual persons say if you are in contact with the world, you take part of its life and miseries. But an Ordained Son does not want to live in the world, but to save it: to save the human kind and souls, without any participation in their miseries. Because ignorance and attachment in this world bring separation: everything becomes “yours” and “mine”, “this one” and “that one”; two different things finally collide and destroy one another.
But where is separateness based? On sensations; without sense of differentiation, there is no separateness. And how do sensations move but through senses?
Man says, “Cogito, ergo sum”. I think, so I am. But what is this affirmation but to think by means of sensations, by means of senses: by sight, ear, smell and touch? Human knowledge is false because is based on separateness, and man only knows through sensations manifested by senses.
Everything is illusion; the spirit is entirely hidden and separate. One cannot take part in the misery of the world because senses are the rulers.
Never say God makes wars, kills people and does evil. Ignorance is the cause of all this. God gave to man a heavenly gift and means to practice the good in life, and man took and transformed them into a fundamental entity; so man betrayed God at once.
When man returns to God, he wants to do through senses, but he sees only an illusion of God and does not see the pure, simple and true God.
If the Son acts through his senses, he will fall in separation and will be entirely distant from its true life of renunciation. A person can affirm himself and find the Truth only through habit and strength. The Sons of Cafh cannot take their Vow of Renunciation if do not control and subdue their senses.
So, as soon as these people enter the Seminary, their senses must be controlled not only by their minds, but also by their habit. Very often a glance, a word or a sensation is enough to throw down the work of one month, or perhaps, of a whole life. It is likely that the Sons that despise virtues, which allow them watching over their senses, are quite strong, but beware, they may stumble.
All movements of the world, and also all falsehood, ignorance and worldly evil enter through senses. He who does not control his senses is a man or a woman of good will and nothing else, and deprived of realizations; his life will remain static and will not be a fully spiritual life. In short: it will be an adhesion, an effort, but never a realization.
Mainly in Seminaries one can see the importance of controlling one’s senses: it is indispensable for mystical death and for achieving the plenitude in the Vow of Renunciation.
It is well known how difficult is to keep one’s sight on one place; seemingly this is insignificant, but our sight continuously wanders. You know that if the Son does not achieve this habit in the Seminary, he will be unable to get it later through intensive work. You know how difficult is to practice this virtue and how much good it offers to the soul. The world abandoned by man will not set easily free its prey.
How many times certain Seminarians have said to their Spiritual Director: “I do not know why... I have seen a door; this door brought me the image of another door, later that of a person... In short, it has taken me to the world.” Or he has seen a person in the street, and his thought has returned to the world. But when one asks: “How did you spend your day today?” and whether has looked at someone, he replies: “Today I have been tranquil and content”.
Senses bring infinite sensations. Attachments are manifested in many ways: One receives a letter from home and after its reading one forgets it entirely. Some days later one casually one sees that letter and suddenly remembers his family, troubles and difficulties. Then you seek that letter, you read it, you look at it and remember... so sensations come back
A Son remains detached from all things and burns all his memories, even the most insignificant, because they provide the sensation of what one made, left and lived.
But a Son is not insensible to everything because is detached from his senses.
A man of the city, even wearing spectacles, in the country does not see a league away and at most sees a blur. But a countryman sees an animal, a car or a walking person in that blur. A man that controls his senses does not lose them, but learns how to see greater and loftier things. He will not see illusory fantasies of the world, but the true needs of those poor beings, that he left there, who believe that their situations can be arranged by means of sentiments; that man will see it if his sight is true, that is, a sight acquired by controlling his senses.
Now the Sons do not have certain sensibility to take part of worldly tastes and pleasures, but will possess hands to alleviate evil and to bring peace and quiet to a sorrowful mind. They are not able to listen to noises from far away, but will listen to the Masters’ voice, the Message, the word that they have to give to Humanity.
Really you should understand that he was given senses to be aware of life, and not to be tyrannized by them, or to disappear as a spiritual being and live like a sensible being, or to transform outer and inner senses into absolute owners of being. What Vow of Renunciation would a Son have taken if he lived like men? One must control his senses and fight to interrupt anything coming from an outer sensation. A brave Son, a consecrated soul cannot attach to childish things that again provide material sensibilities, but must burn anything and cut any tie to remain pure and steady in the Island of the Lord.
Renunciation breaks separateness: only God remains in front of the eternal becoming of the Universe.
You must observe certain examples of great beings in order to see how high spiritual state and moral concept implies to control senses and have a true sense of Renunciation. To find these examples you should seek in the inexhaustible sources of Buddhism whose principles of morality, control of senses and separateness, and charity cannot be found in any other religion or philosophy.
A young man, wishing to follow the path and teaching of the Blessed Buddha about Renunciation, but being subject to family duties, he expected to arrange his things someday. But the Buddha said: “Even before you enter the Community, you can live the divine life if you are detached from all worldly things and your life is pure, caste and self-denying”. Many women went to the store of this young man to buy perfumes. A famous courtesan of the city fell madly in love with this young man who refused any illusory and external enchantment, remained ever decent, and just had eyes for God. Then she sent one of her servants with this message: “My lady wants to offer you her love”. And the young man replied: “Say to your lady I have no time for these things”. The unhappy woman urged again thinking that the young perhaps could not afford to contact her, and sent the word that he should pay nothing. But the young man replied: “Say to your lady I have neither time nor interest in these things”. That woman got furious and wanted to take revenge slandering him everywhere, but he kept his mouth shut. This woman, because she hated a man and had a powerful friend, instructed his friend to kill the young man. But the judge of the city, who was a very righteous, discovered her and his sentence was terrible: to lead her to the cemetery and to cut there her feet, hands, nose and ears. This sentence was carried out. The good young man heard about it, and said: “When this poor woman offered me the illusory beauties of her body my duty was not to pay attention to her, but now I must run to offer her my love”.
He went there and when the unhappy woman cried in despair: “Why do you come, perhaps to scoff? Why did you refuse when I was totally able to give pleasure and happiness?”, he replied: “I do not come to laugh at your evil. I come to ask your pleasure. Now you can give me true pleasure, that of understanding of the soul. The beauty of your body had to finish, but that of your heart and soul will never perish. Here is my offering. Let me give you a kiss”. In her agony she quivered and through that kiss, she found again peace and understood the vanity of the world.
According to the Buddhist book, as soon as she died, this salvation kiss expanded her soul in the Eternity.
Renunciation does not annihilate senses but vivifies and liberates them from worldly ignorance, and this way they are useful to fulfill the work in the world by means of the Truth.
In times of the Venerable Buddha, a very wise king practiced the law of the Master, educated his son in His doctrine, and always said: My son, someday you will be a King, but remember this: all is impermanent and perishable in this world. What is a kingdom on this earth for a Prince that is bound to die and can be betrayed and even defeated in war? True kingdom is that of the spirit, where you know that all is impermanent and perishes. Never be self-conceited. Everybody flatter and offer you pleasures, but remember that all this brings grief. The truth is the law of the Buddha; man should be attached to nothing on earth, but except to the Eternity”.
This young, educated in this doctrine, was able to know how to be a Prince.
But the wife of this quite wise king, who got married a second time, had a morbid passion for the Prince and at the same time a terrible hatred for his unrequited love. So the Prince asked to go to distant lands. As soon as he left, this wicked woman got a royal order so tear off his eyes for betrayal. The frightened advisers of the young Prince were amazed and did not dare to mention it, but finally he saw it, quivered while reading it, but later said: “It is a law, and must be fulfilled”. None wanted to do, but at the end they found a poor leper who was ready for this terrible task. But his man quivered before executing this order, but the Prince said: “These eyes are perishable, and some day must rot in earth. Also, my eyes are immortal, as my father –that now sentences me– has taught me; everything is perishable, nothing lasts or remains”. When his first eye was torn off, he said: Oh perishable eye, what are you now but a useless and disgusting thing?” And when his second eye was pulled off, he said: “Now I know not only the truth, but feel the truth, the truth that everything dies: it is, it is, and I believe it”.
After a pilgrimage walking hand-in-hand with his young wife, he arrived at his father’s lands. As soon as the King saw him was appalled and wanted to punish this wicked woman, but his son refused and said: “Father, you did not teach me this. This woman is just an instrument of the ignorance and illusion of men. She made me a great good. Before I just knew that all is perishable, but now certainly I know it: I see it, I have it, I possess it; I am happy”.
This young Prince was an Ordained Son! He had achieved detachment and Renunciation to the full!
Renunciation is a good without attachment, selfishness, differentiation, parts, and compounds.
Renunciation is Truth, unique and absolute good, separated from any material and mortal thing. Even from the greatest and loftiest: it is a Gift of Perfect Simplicity.

Teaching 6: Overcoming Sleep

A beautiful Tibetan legend tells the story about how one can overcome sleep.
Once upon a time there was an ascetic of great virtue and holiness, who controlled all his minds, senses and faculties but desired to remain ever mentally united with God. So he begins to sleep very little, almost nothing; but he cannot overcome totally his sleep. Ever there is a moment, an hour when, while sitting on his wooden bed, he falls asleep –beds of Tibetan ascetics are square wooden boxes where they remain seated cross-legged. When they want to sleep, lean their heads backwards; never lie down to sleep–. But this ascetic struggles and struggles until one day when apparently he overcomes his sleep. He passes many days sleepless, and once, in the deepest contemplation, he loses the divine light and fortunately falls sound asleep. Then, according to the legend, very angry with himself –a holy and spiritual wrath– he holds a knife and cuts his eyelids to overcome his sleep. Then some few drops of blood fall on the ground and a plant sprouts from them: a stimulating plant that would impede to sleep: the tea plant.
This beautiful legend contains great wisdom: man cannot overcome sleep and has to sleep, and what is sleep but a brother of death, Eternity and eternal rest? However many efforts you make and however loft you keep your thinking, when sleep comes, gradually he overcomes and makes lose sense, memory and taste, that is, everything, and drags you toward shadows and rest.
But if you cannot overcome sleep, then you must educate it and meditate on it. You must educate those hours that you have to devote to rest of your physical body.
Ordinary beings need to sleep a half of their lives. Where do they go, what do they learn and which worlds do they visit?
Sleep is like death, like a little death. Saint Paul said: “I die with Christ every night”.
It is good to surrender to sleep as a real death. We are told that certain holy souls every time they go to bed think that this is as if they left this world and surrendered to death. This act is highest renunciation because you surrender not only your life with mind and heart, but also every night you repeat this offering.
But you cannot meditate on sleep if you do not know its steps. A right sleep must pass through three states, as if the soul really died.
We have vegetative, associative and deepest mystical sleep. Very few beings attain the third deepest sleep; but it is there where the Son must go and restore his strength. But before it, one must pass through other two types of sleep: to go to the summit, first you must walk through the hillside.
These three sleeps have a determined time; it is like a clock to travel through all night. A person needs more time for vegetative sleep, lesser time for associative sleep, and sometimes only some few minutes of glimpse for the mystical sleep.
Man not only feeds during the day, but also imitates an ant that during the summer carries to his cave everything it needs and during the winter lives by this. Our body is like this: at night it assimilates elements acquired during the day. Although digestion is made standing, at night the rhythm of assimilation is different. There are necessary elements for the body, which are quite subtle and still unknown but that can be acquired only when we are sleeping.
Most people go to bed and fall asleep. There is not any passage between reverie and sleep. So this vegetative sleep is not so much necessary to a human being that has to receive the energetic power of life. He is acquiring it in a very small quantity and very slowly. One notices this through certain facts; for instance, through nightmares, which are not the result of bad postures, as people commonly believe, because these are external factors. Nightmares occur because a person surrenders to sleep and worries load his mind. Then the astral factor reflected on a human being by his nervous system, claims for his part of the vegetative system instead of leaving it with its task. The vegetative system must defend itself against the invasion of his territory. That is why to dream of cats, animals over our back or stomach, a drove or horses that come running, a big fish over there before us, or squirrels, denotes that our vegetative system is not working properly.
Sometimes one dreams for a while before sleep, but then one does not dream at all. Then there is an absolute relaxation of all faculties of being. It is true death. One really dies little deaths every day: so, as we are about to fall asleep, our glimpses are a little backward survey quickly made to fall sound asleep later. Some people get up more tired than when they lie down, and this is so because there is a fight between the associative force and the vegetative one. It is as if they carried the world on top of them. The reason of this is that the body did not fulfill its work.
The backward survey is not much important in itself. Most daily events of the Son are ever the same: meditation, work, meal and recreation. It is a quick survey. The backward survey has other value: it cuts the daily impulse.
During the day, mind traces something like a more a more extended line, and as being holds even more this line of force, mind becomes feeble. Then at sunset you have not the same strength as in the morning, and the line tends to be broken. One has to begin to repair it when one begins to sleep because if you abandon the note and it gets lost alone, then there is not repair.
This means that the Son says enough! He brings his force back, comes back, and gradually slows down his march. The backward survey slows down the march of the day, and then this person that was rotating in one direction, reverses his direction and stays motionless. So, the teaching says blood must be sent from head to feet, that is, force must move contrariwise.
A man really can recover in four hours after a good vegetative sleep. You can see this in great men that, like Napoleon, needed to sleep only some few hours.
One must deal with the day after a vegetative sleep. Now the body assimilated all its elements, and the ethereal body is full of strength. Now, X2 atoms have filled this ethereal part, this second body of man, and the astral body can fulfill its task. Man cannot have life of the spirit without an astral body.
You acquire great forces in the mystical area of sound sleep, but the astral body cannot do it without previously filtrating channels through which so many precedent images passed: emotions and fights consumed this force during the day and clogged conducts, and other energy cannot come in through them. Needles are dirty. The associative sleep fulfills this task: to examine those things that impressed you during the day and what you have lost spiritually.
Sometimes apparently one dreams of a nonsense. For instance: one dreams of a person in an unknown house. Here your subconscious denotes that you are wrong, that you gave a contrary direction to something or that you deformed something at the moment of fulfilling a task. Or for instance, one dreams of a destroyed house or that it came down, or that the car is out of order –the meaning of this is that one did not make good use of the ride–. They are associations appearing as images, but that are great lessons if one makes good use of them. They associate the reality of the day with fantasy: fantasy distorted the reality during the day and the experience was little helpful.
Images are simple but clear when your day was healthy and serene: you clean the Chapel, and at night you see a huge Chapel. That labor became great and vast. You prepare a dress with love, and at night this dress is adorned: you are given grace and force. When you see flowers and ornaments, here is the fruit of your daily works; and this is extraordinarily important.
Unbalanced and nervous people have tremendous associative dreams; their sleep is restless, while a tranquil person is sound asleep, and over all on the Holy House of the Mother where sleep is death transformed into life.
The Vow of Renunciation and abandonment of life have to lead to real life, to that sound sleep where ideas become clear, and where divine ideas and holy communications come to the soul. All those Sons that fulfill their Vow attain a sound sleep, but all souls tend to this mystical sleep. It is there that you receive the Teaching. All know this mystery: some day, when you get up, your problem is solved, and your understanding of this matter is new and clear. How many times you go to bed with restlessness and sorrow and the following day you are really other person; your problems of yesterday disappeared like clouds; your soul is like a clear blue sky.
The Sons have surrendered to sleep as if it were death; they have crossed the vale of human movements and silenced its bottom in the waters of Beatrix, the divine fountain. They got light and understanding in regard to vocation and many unexplainable things that they cannot explain even by understanding them.
During their sound sleep, many times the Sons communicate with the Masters, and this should occur always. Holy Masters are continuously with the Sons, but it is light that attain the latter, as great beings had done many times, in case of particularly certain true material apparitions. Sometimes they see the figure of their Directors or Instructors, but the Holy Masters are those who bless them, give them force, and reprimand and counsel them. So the Masters can grant the secret of life to the Son.
Man lives stuck to earth because in fact he neither lives nor knows. But life has an entirely different meaning for a person that was able to have his own experience. So, a Son must receive concrete facts, by building a bridge between the astral world and the material world, within the reach of all. They should be the first. So, by night, the good Sons travel through this bridge, tending an arch between heaven and earth, which later will be crossed by all beings, to move them away from fear and pain of the world.
In deepest sleep you still have vision of the future and this consolation: you talk to souls that already have passed to the hereafter.
In deepest sleep, the Son becomes a priest. A being who studied during a number of years is not really a priest but a person that really contacts God; otherwise, he is a blind guiding other blind. That is why Hindu chelas ask their Master if he has realized God. Priesthood of soul is of men and women indistinctly, because all have to forge their own way.
If Sons know how to consider death, then by their Vow of Renunciation, they die every day while sleeping. If they are able to surrender to the Divine Will, they experience the Truth; Gods grants to them the vision of the hereafter, and they can say: “It is so because I have seen and experienced it; I have seen the image of the Divine Mother; I have seen the souls of those who preceded me in the hereafter”.
Sometime a Son dreamt two extraordinary dreams. In his first dream he saw the Temple of Cafh, which was a large rainbow that gradually was taking form. The Sons walked through it to enter the true temple of the hereafter. The Temple of the Divine Mother is not a place but a living force of the soul, which is being gradually built.
In his second dream he saw an immense river and some Sons of Cafh leading a white horse to the shore. The other shore was invisible, beyond, but these Sons, while walking on the waters were forming a bridge of nacre. This means the mystical river of the soul; the bridge of nacre is silence, routine and patience. As they were entering the river, it was larger and larger; and the same occurred in the bridge and as more souls crossed it, the bridge extended more and more. It was the bridge constituted by the very souls –a bridge that one day should be tended between the beyond and this earth, between known and unknown.
The Son still can daily live this Divine Mystery: He has the Book of the Great Teaching, the Master that is ready, if he is able to make good use of his hours of sleep.

Teaching 7: Renunciation as Salvation

Renunciation –understood as unique salvation of the world, taken with Holy Vows, and daily lived through acts and rhythm of Community– inevitably leads to a mystique and to certain way of expansive inner life.
A true Renunciation, total and absolutely simple, does not concern to only one man or to one group of men, but to the entire Humanity and to all beings that were, are and will come.
This inner state, developed in the soul through a life of Ordination, is something spontaneous and natural, and can be analyzed and controlled, and even accelerated, if the soul is properly aware of the method in general and particular terms: that is, a method to possess totally this good of Renunciation. This is called Mystique of Renunciation.
We do not name it “Mystique of the Heart”, which is a total synthesis of life of Renunciation, because we would need much time to explain it; so we say “Mystique of Renunciation” to express Mystique of the Heart in a synthetic way.
You cannot consider this admirable field if you do not know your place in the world and life.
Humanity thinks in different ways and its viewpoints are multiple; so you need to be a good observer and possess your quite clear and defined philosophy.
What does determine human events? We shall make use of known terms for a clearer explanation: history, psychology and ethics or moral.
History is a phenomenon whose repercussion is from the external side to the internal side of the individual.
Psychology is action and reaction of inner faculties of man.
Ethics is the result of this outer historical, individual and psychological– collision, first transformed into an individual, inner fact; and later, into a collective, outer fact. Then, the Son can develop his mystique from this basis, because he has a clear idea about his place in the world and Universe.
Here is the mission of the Ordained Son: development of his internal faculties, but not enclosed in knowledge, analysis and possession of these faculties, saying: “This is my world, happiness and heaven”, because inevitably, despite his isolation, there will be external factors that will have repercussion on him: what he learnt, what he brought to the world and his ancestral idiosyncrasy. External historical factors will come ever to knock at his door, and there will ever be a result determining these faculties.
So the Ordained Son has to build his inner abode; but this inner abode has to be perfectly in tune with all relative external values. As the result of this union of orders, there must be certain way of living and certain mystique. This cannot be mystique of absolute isolation or absolute social work, but the result of harmony of offering and supreme sacrifice; a mystique of expansive realization.
Over all, Cafh’s mystique is that of offering: self-offering, offering of inner values and offering of outer values.
Humanity suffers because the historic factor did not give it due experience. All enjoy all goods, comforts and knowledge that are a legacy of other men. You walk on a sidewalk, you live in a house, you have electric power, and you travel by train or plane; you enjoy all these comforts and say: “This is of Humanity and we have paid for it, and nothing else.” This concept does not recognize that man is responsible for Humanity, and forgets the price of all this work and effort of so many lives, which are not economic values, but a living value of endeavor and sacrifice.
Man says he knows his historical factors, but only enjoys, and nothing more. He just acquires obligations, debts and karma. In short: he receives and receives. “Give me, everything should be for me”.
You have to see if your effort to give is compatible with what you receive. Otherwise, other historical process of pain is in preparation for Humanity.
The first mystical sense has to be that of offering; here is a simple lesson ever imparted to the individual being: man earns what he gives, not what he receives. He must pay for what he receives, and its price is blood.
There are many generous beings that understand this, and give; but the offering of the Ordained Son is greater: they have given everything, even their own life. They are beside the Great Initiates, beside those who offer their lives to show to Humanity by their divine example the Path of Salvation.
But this offering becomes more intense through a mystical method, and this must be learnt from great beings and practiced within. This means mystique. We must practice it with our heart, with our thought and with all our forces of will and love.
Mystique of Renunciation transformed into offering is mystique of bread and wine. The Great Initiates that came to earth have taught this.
Here is the first teaching to the Sons: “Leave the bread of the poor; become yourself bread of life. As Christ said: “Take this bread and wine; it is my flesh and blood”.
You cannot make an offering of your services alone or of what you can do; you must make an offering of yourself. Your own karma produced by those goods that you enjoyed on earth –an ease apprenticeship, knowledge and distinction between good and evil– cannot be paid by means of services but by means of your own life, with all your being.
The great beings have made this. Christ made an offering of himself for the sake of Humanity, but before he said to his disciples: “Take my bread and wine, here is my flesh and blood”. “This is my testament, the good that I leave to you: to give your own flesh, your own blood”.
An offering must be absolute. Mystique of offering is this continuous internal sense: not to make an offering of what you give but of your own life, every day a little. The Son has to say during his meditations: “I have received so much from Humanity, I was given everything, but, what did I give? I begin by making an offering of my human intentions, my prayers and my sacrificed life; of all works that I make. I offer everything that the Divine Providence eventually sends: annoyance, dryness, comfort, discomfort, disease and changes in life come from time and age. But still I want to make an offering of something more: of myself, of my own life.
This usual offering of heart, mind and all our being is mystically transmuted into prayer; it is not only imaginative prayer, but constant and continuous one. Really it leads the world to absorb the magnetism, the force of the Son, and to receive the good of his offering. Something emanates from him: like an essence, a light gradually worldwide expanded over all beings.
Sons must internally claim: “I offer my life, my flesh and my blood. I surrender totally. Take me. Now it is time to take this miserable life, if necessary, to pay for it, since the entire Humanity is not ready to pay for it; and this way I shall redeem men of their blindness because they take everything, even by taking forcefully. I surrender as bread and wine. I recognize my poverty, but I give my own insignificance and remain at the divine disposal. I was able to discover the mystery of being bread, Eucharistic bread, Divine bread. Now I am a Host, an immolated victim.
This inner feeling gains strength and life, establishes a true communication and becomes help for human beings. Many Sons already feel like that. Sometimes if someone wishes their healing when they are sick, they say: “Do not ask of me to be healed because my ills are my only good to be able to give something”.
Ordained Sons: you must ever keep in mind that mystique is not that of peace and happiness in the divine realization, but of offering. But as the Blessed Buddha said: “I cannot have peace and happiness if Humanity has not my good and goes on to walk on the path of pain, misery and suffering.
Humanity is blind. If it made an offering of itself, if it recognized the good that it has received, and if it understood being ready to give, its pain would be removed at once. But this demands the existence of souls that are ready to self-offering.
How sad is to hear consecrated souls speaking like men of the world, like the blind, and revealing that they do not surrender through an inner mystical offering! They express outwardly this and, without noticing it, go on to join hands, to be in disagreement with all, and to neglect their observances and obligations, which is the only thing that they are able to give. They get bored with everything, and instead of doing their offering, go on to be mean before the Divine Mother through what they already have given her with their Vows.
The inner offering of the Sons must begin with mystique, that is, with prayer; this is the only way to make it effective externally. In a legend, a Hindu saint was very ignorant about meditation. Once a wild oar attacked him and to defend against it, he gave the animal a blow with his head. The wild oar cried out in a way so terribly painful but at the same time so sublime, that the saint was moved. Then we are told that the repented ascetic, repeating continuously and perfectly with his cry the pain of that poor animal, was able to realize God.
When your prayer is with a true spirit of offering, this offering becomes effective; God takes what you give and your offering becomes holocaust and reality.
A being that is responsible for his actions in the world, in tune with the outer aspect, and pay for the karma of the world –not a being that says: I pay for my karma, and I am free from others–, this being has the right to realize God in himself, and can become a perfect harmony of internal values, emotional, mental and spiritual, because now he becomes a holocaust, an offering that now is true.
Christ offers not only his life as a seed through bread and wine, but also goes up to the Cross. He suffered from any pain and torment until the cross, the highest holocaust.
These beautiful prayers, this inner mystique of the Son became a reality, became something alive; it would be an illusion if his offering did not attain the holocaust, the reality. A little drop of blood has to adorn veils and cloaks of the Sons that will have a sign of confirmation and reality; the holocaust comes soon to a person that knows the meaning of true mystique.
How different is the reality from dreams! Many consecrated souls want sincerely to offer themselves but in their own way, according to their predilections, although they do not recognize the latter as such.
Mystique of holocaust is mystique of mystery, of something unknown; it is the result of inner factors that he never imagined to discover or possess. So, when a being offers himself in his own way, he just impedes the Divine Work of redemption in himself and raises objections.
Prayer imposed by life of Ordination, even oral prayers, may be little for a being that offers himself; by his fervor, he would like to say more prayers and to have more time to pray, but however beautiful these prayers be, they will be holocaust because of their personal bliss and like: it is a personal offering. If he wants to observe a discipline, he does at will, but although this discipline is good, is not the perfection of a holocaust. Saint Rose of Lima said in the end of her life: “I asked pains, but I did not believe that they were so great”. She imagined her usual pains, but God reserved another pain for her. What you want to do personally, however good it be, is worthless because God gives what He wants to give, and He will touch the soul in a fiber that this soul does not want, that is, in a secret place, well guarded and hidden: it its there that pain will blow. Then the imperfect being complains and feels that this is much pain, and neglects prayer and perceives the dark; he thinks that is misunderstood, that Superiors are too much severe, the Regulation heavy, and his obligations excessive. This happens because he refuses to surrender: then his personal offering is theatrical, external.
God wants something else. A self-offered being is a mind in blank, not thinking about today or tomorrow, but ready for Him to take what he wants.
If you complain, you do not give, and offering is not holocaust; and you need to transform it into a holocaust and to tinge it with blood. It is there that a being can realize: in the work that he is given, in a disease ordered by the Divine Providence and in unexpected troubles. God looks for him there and says: “I want this, and I dislike something else. I give you all, but I desire your soul”.
Generally, when you are sick, you offer all, but not this evil because disturbs and takes out your inclination to prayer. But God wants it, and this is the drop of blood to save Humanity. Then you can attain mystical death and be worthy of being called a living dead, a soul that is not of this world.
After his torment, Christ breathed his last and there was great peace and silence. The Divine wants this: to give later to the souls this great silence of death, that is the result of Mystique of Renunciation.
Here is ethics, moral of the Son: Surrender to the Divine Will. After many years living in Community, it is likely that a person finds the same defect that he had in the beginning, and this defect is like a thorn in the heart; then he wonders: Why do I have this defect?” You accept it when you realize that still you remain there: Total, absolute surrender to the Divine Will; this is mystical death of sensation.
When you attain this state of pain, that is, enduring pain and accepting everything from the divine hands, then you are so perfect holocaust that later you do not feel that pain and everything seems little, even the heaviest blows ordered by the Divine Providence. But it is then when you harvest: when you are dead; not because of insensibility, but because of an absolute surrender.
It is likely that the Divine Mother produces heavy torments even in mystique developed by the Son after his offering, during his prayer: nervousness, intense disturbing pains and suffering during meditation. Even so, he must strive at most for accepting willingly what he is given.
Through elation, he enjoyed and received; now, through dryness, suffering, sickness, weakness and nervousness, he feels that he does not pray; well, now he is giving something.
If the Son makes his continuous effort, and tries to renounce, to accompany internally and to tell in his thought these words of prayer, this is a mystique that always brings silence of death and quiet to the soul; it is as if everything slept and had finished. If the Sons make this, they will know that the Divinity has taken the offering of their lives.
They are there, and have nothing more to give. They realized their great debt with Humanity. They did all that they could do –good or bad– and will go on to give. They take everything from God; the Divine Will is fulfilled: God gives, Gods takes out. Then they can harvest the fruit of Silence; the true ecstasy is not to enjoy God and to remain there as if you were not there; ecstasy of Renunciation is perfect peace and acceptance, is total surrender.
In short, we repeat those words of meditation used as steps to reflect on renunciation, which is Synthesis of Renunciation in Mystique of the Heart. We should explain Mystique of the Heart more in detail: it begins in childhood; it continues in youth, with surrender, mendicity, divine call, union with the Masters, mystical death of senses, and so on.
For meditation you think: “I have taken infinite gifts; I have taken everything since my birth until today: benefits, comfort, assistance, spiritual guide, teaching, food, breakthroughs of civilization, books, magazines, written lessons... et cetera. When I was sick I had: medical assistance, necessary medicine, newest drugs provided by science. Winters with a roof; summers, with comfort and fresh air; family assistance, social and educational assistance. Assistance of Cafh: Community and Superiors continuously beside me. My hands are full of gifts; I have taken all this in a nonchalant way”.
“I have to think of all those who voluntarily gave themselves for all this good that I have taken, and to examine what I have given to Humanity through my knowledge, my possibilities and my being. What did I do to receive this good that I have been given.
After you see that you did so little, you say: “How ignorant I was, ever living as I did. I want to make an offering of my love, of all my affection; I want to give all; continuously there are souls asking my affection and I only give it to some few favorite people that are friends of mine. My love must be for all those who ask it of me: children and sick and disabled persons that the Providence puts on my way. I must give my feelings, but without any expectation of love or reward because I understand them”.
“I want to give all that I learnt, much or little: what I learnt in my professional career. In the spiritual teaching, in personal experience, in world and in Cafh, I want to teach, and I do not want to be selfish, but to give lavishly: may all have the little knowledge that I possess. I will give all continuously. In my walks or breaks I will teach all my knowledge produced by readings; I will surrender continuously.
“But this is so little for soul like mine that I have to offer my life continuously. I will not fear infections, cataclysms, flood or war; I will fear nothing because I want to offer my life. If other beings suffered from this sad circumstances with serenity, I will give all, not like poor people of the world that just want to protect their dear ones and go wherever nothing may reach them.”
“May everything be surrendered for the sake of Humanity, and may everything be disseminated over beings. I am holocaust, martyrdom of love; I am perfect offering, the unknown martyr. Over all I have to want what God wants to give me by means of reprimands and punishments of Superiors because I can give so little! But, my God, I give with all my love this that you want, although it may be a little disturbance. I want for you to take away my inclination to prayer, also I give it to you: may nothing remain with the exception of this little harmful ash that I am.”
“Here, at the foot of the altar, there is not a Son, but a little handful of ash that anyone can blow and none realizes. May none notice my presence; may I be little, vain and useless within sight of all men. May I be dead, transformed into dust and ash because I know that this ash someday will be raised by the wind of the Divine Love that does not allow nothing being lost, and this dust will be united with the dust of the eternal happiness.”
This is Mystique of Renunciation: Regulation, work and observance of the Son will transform him into this; and he does this through his inner living.

Teaching 8: Mystique of Ash in Saint Paul of the Cross

The most wonderful and surprising aspect in the life of Saint Paul of the Cross is his extraordinary spirit of renunciation and absolute detachment of anything in the world; and this is so great that he establishes in the Christian world a congregation totally devoted to achieve this as similar mystical death as mystical death of souls offered in holocaust to redeem Humanity.
One day, the young Paul would pray in a humble room of his house, when on the lights of the sunset a lady totally in black appears before him, wearing a mourning veil on her head. Her aspect was sweet and pleasant, and was shedding abundant tears. Admired before this wonderful vision, Paul ran to be beside this lady that was the Divine Mother, the Mother of all pains and sorrows. Paul heard these words: “Paul, I want for you to be ever in mourning for the death of my Son Jesus. I want for you to be ever in mourning for pains of the Son of Man, which are entirely forgotten by men. I want for you to be not only internally but also externally in mourning in regard to your clothes, your behavior, your way of living, and all your things”.
The young Paul, entirely moved by this vision, since then surrendered his life, his soul and his possibilities to this purpose: to be in mourning for Christ’s pains and death; that is, for the Lord who had been forgotten by the very men that he had come to redeem.
As soon as he can leave his home and family, isolated in a very small room beside an abandoned little church, and after forty days of fast and penitence, writes a Regulation that later would be guide of the Congregation of Passionists. But even there the Divine Lady appears again. This time on her mourning gown she wears a beautiful image, a sign; on the level of her heart, she has a white heart stamped on black, with a white cross on top, and inside initials of pain as a symbol of Christ’s pain. There, below this name, there are three nails of the cross of Christ.
Again she says: “I want for you not only to be in mourning but also to take part of the pain and death of my Son and to live as if you were dead and crucified; even in your physical body you must be dead and crucified. Wear always this sign on your heart”.
This young man had been able to renounce ideally to all things of life and to abandon worldly possessions because of his inclination to devotion, since God, over all things, had given him from his childhood an admirable enjoyment of eternal beauties and graces. His prayer was a glory, a continuous devotion. He lived an extraordinary bliss; none could enjoy as much as he enjoyed at the feet of the Lord. He said: “Neither for a minute I would change my happiness for any pleasure of men of the world”. But he was not aware of his long journey to achieve his Mystique of Renunciation that should be an ideal exemplar of Renunciation if he wished to legate it to his Sons. If he had known it, perhaps he would be unable to face all those pains that he had to experience later.
Consolation, visions and devotion disappeared since that moment, and Paul remained deeply sad in the dark. But his worst sadness was to notice that, although in the innermost depths of his soul he was sure of his mission, according to his reasoning and intellect and some counsels of others, he was self-deluded and followed a wrong way.
This immense torment would last twenty years. It was a youth totally tortured, a painful virility, and always fighting between a higher mind that says “Forward”, and a rational and human man that says: “You are wrong, you are a failure”.
He had asked much of the Divine Lady, but this is Renunciation, true Renunciation; great knowledge of heroes, saints and Initiates.
The young Paul, holding his regulations, walks to-and-fro, and expects to find a place to stay and a soul for company. Paul of the Cross is venerated by all as a saint, all ask his counsel and take him as spiritual director, but none wants to take part of his life. Mercy God, the Divine Mother, that Mother that shed tears before him, concealed this long torment, all his future pains; she refused to inform him about all his future years because she is merciful and to prove that his renunciation was not in vain, but true mystique of souls eager for the spiritual life.
He leaves his place and his people because none wants to go with him, but divine mercy, taking pity on him, sends a brother, Giovanni Battista, who joins to him in Rome. Saint Paul of the Cross will stay there, amid good works and suffering. Also there, in Rome, all love him, and meets great personages, but none helps him in his work.
He is located at a hospital; apparently they shall send him through the way of pure charity. There he waits years and years along with his brother. He feels that he is wrong; everything continues, but this idea brings him to the most terrible of despairs. But sometimes a light emerges and he hears within: “Paul, you are dead, crucified”.
Twenty years of expectation, journeys and pilgrimages. Even in that hospital, following a wise counsel, he starts his studies to become a priest. His brother was with him. Under the Cardinal Protector of the hospital he is there as a chaplain. As a priest he experiences many trials, and following an impulse asks of the Cardinal Protector his permission to go and live in solitude.
He leaves with his brother, and goes up to Mount Argentaro, where one day he will erect his first house.
Still ten years have to pass –years of fight, suffering and persecution– before he may start his first Passionist retreat. There all venerate him; and villagers take him for a saint. Many very virtuous beings take him as their spiritual director, but all flee from that life and from that mystique of eternal mourning and death in life. All are frightened.
But he succeeds. Now he has seven companions. Another brother came with Giovanni Battista; his name is Michele, but when apparently all flourishes gradually, these sons finally leave; they are tired of this life of renunciation and mortification, of these rooms that look rather like huts than rooms, and of waiting for the building of the convent.
Again they are alone. He starts the construction of the convent, but a fire destroys it. Later the Bishop of the city cancels his permission. When apparently there is a glimpse of triumph, he suffers from a terrible rheumatic disease and is about to die. He says: “My death exceeds death of the dead; I have neither light, nor help, nor relief. Annihilate me, my God; surely I am very evil and wicked when you permit that so many pains may fall on me and on those who trust in me”.
Now he is a man (43 years old), has fought since the age of twenty, and is in the same place. But one morning, a young priest appears in the forest: he looks shy and weak, and his walk is staggering. He asks about the Padre Paolo. Giovanni Battista says: “This man cannot follow our life; he cannot be a pillar of this institution”. But here is the cornerstone of the Congregation. He will be the noblest and most faithful and loyal man among the first Sons. It is as if God had fallen from heaven: the expected permission arrives and the work starts.
God relieves him for a while: again there is peace in his heart, but for a short while. It is like when the sky is cloudy and the sun appears and at once disappears. He is ready to suffer, to be a dead person. He has to learn the doctrine of Renunciation, which later he will teach to many souls. That disease never will leave him, and he must fight during forty more years.
His suffering is awful. He writes to his favorite daughter: “...suffering pains and torments of hell”. This man that suffers so much goes on to preach the word of God, Christ and His death everywhere.
Christ’s suffering and His death; this will be the vow of his sons: to preach the Passion and death of Christ.
And this man, at the age of eighty years, will be strong enough to establish a Congregation about which the Pope Benedict XIV said: “Here is an institution that will venerate forever the Passion and death of Christ, an institution that had to be the first in the Church but arrives in the end”.
His work will be disseminated and expanded to the female branch. Today his institution is an exemplar of spirit of renunciation and detachment from the world. They do not live in cities, but preach in them. They are men that are truly dead to the world, and his Order has made much good to the souls.
But over all, the most important thing is the mystique of Paul of the Cross, an iron man. He says: “I suffer pains of hell”, but he remains there, standing, leading his institution, along with his Sons and counseling the world. For him there is no other way to save the world than Renunciation that is spirit of sacrifice and pain.
His mystique is based entirely and over all on Renunciation. You should read his letters to those souls under their guide to see how great is this mystique that very few men were on his level.
His words are fundamental: “There is neither salvation nor spiritual perfection without and isolated and sacrificed life”. Many people are against him for this reason: he does not admit that a soul may live the life of God and that of the world. “Even for those who live in the world there is no salvation if they do not leave thing apparently good and useful”. Here is his mystique: yes or not.
“If you want to attain perfection, you need sacrifice.” You should expect nothing. You must have before you a bare cross and go up to it to be crucified and killed with Christ.” To follow the path to perfection and Renunciation, a soul must leave all ties, even spiritual ties, devotions, pleasant spiritual practices, inner consolations and ways of meditation, living a life of absolute renunciation to everything. When a being makes this internal work and leaves all, then he is enabled to remain at the feet of Christ to offer himself, to wash himself in the blood of Christ and to wash Humanity with this blood.
Enlightenment comes after absolute renunciation: enlightenment is not that of glory but of pain; it gives force to resurrect and sublimates more and more to make an offering of one’s pain for the salvation of Humanity. Union is Mystical Death.
He says to his daughters: “You should desire nothing, you should want nothing; you are dead and crucified”.
Great beings agree despite great religions and concepts. Like the Tibetans, they say: “ a little heap of ash at the feet of the cross. The blood of Christ washed you, and sufferings of the Savior purified you; neither your body, nor your being, nor your affections remain; nothing remains of your being. Nothing must remain there, except a heap of ash. To suffer, being despised and abandoned by all. Also to be trodden down by all. Here is the great good, the unique good”.
Here is the mystique of Paul of the Cross, which is like that of an Ordained Son, with that spirit of detachment that the Sons are bound to practice.
“Even externally you must sacrifice”, he says to his daughters. They are not only in mourning, but also cannot wear anything white; even a little collar is prohibited. “You must be in mourning not only externally, but also internally: you do not see or hear anything, you do not listen at anything; you do not wish anyone nearby”.
To be always in mourning; here is the mission of the Sons of the Passion.
In a passage of a letter to a daughter, the first Mother Superior of the Passionist nuns, he says: “What a joyful thing is to suffer with no consolation from heaven or earth! You must love suffering, and gratefully acknowledge this to God. Often offer yourself as a victim of holocaust to the Lord on the cross, and there experience with Christ that mystical death that entails a new life. Life of love, deified life: to be united by charity with the highest good, where the most precious pearl of love lies hidden. Your life must become pure suffering. I pray and ever I will pray to the Lord for your intentions” –he writes to this sorrowful daughter– “but please, do not praise so much your little works and sacrifices. A true and pure love of God leads to feel that is not much what we offer to the Most High. Still you are not entirely dead, but the Good God, through those sufferings that he permits, tries that you truly may die: also He makes you suffer so that you experience a mystical death in regard to everything that is not God, and He makes you behave as if you were dead: without tongue, ears and eyes; and just as a dead person is trodden by all after his burial, so you should allow to be trodden down and transformed into abjection and shame of others as if you were dead”.
“I am happy because your new director treats you with asperity. Oh, what a good friend of God: he wants to chisel and beautify the statue for the gallery of heaven!, and that is why he does not allow any consolation and uses the sharper chisel to polish the statue.”
“Oh how excellent! So, make good use of this precious occasion, accept any mortification, reprimand, severity and harshness, and try to behave as a true servant of the Lord: always quiet and humble, and praying to God not to be deprived of that instrument of pain until the work of the Lord is finished in you.”
You can observe in this letter the mystical spirit of a master of mystique of the heart and renunciation.

Teaching 9: Liberating Automatism of Renunciation

Renunciation kills man for man to live.
When men of the world observe the souls, their expressions are harsh. How many times we hear about generous people who passed away: “So it is easy to go to God, by leaving everything behind. It is more useful to stay in the world facing life than leaving everything behind. Life is made to achieve it, not to suppress it.
All these are words of the world, but beings that have renounced ask them at their deathbed: “And what are you doing? Perchance are you alive?” So it is good that the Sons that passed away may return to the world to see if those people are alive.
The man of the world, this man that is alive, this incarnate spirit that believes that the earth belongs to him and that can manage everything, is really dead. The Son can properly raise their sight to heaven, and cry: “Happy death because you gave me life, you removed everything that for men is life, and granted to me life of spirit, soul and clarity!”
Men are dead and sound asleep; they are walking automatons. Perchance is this a comparison or a metaphor? No, it is a great reality. You may stay amid a multitude or among several men together to realize that this is true. If you observe people by the street, you see them absentminded and far from everything; if someone came, he could strike their head and they would not realize it. Worries, passions and any internal movement are expressed in them. They are true automatons. If someone raises a finger, it is as if he had touched a spring in all of them; then all start assembling round him. They are like tiny ants following the track of the first ant.
Men are automatons because they do not live the life of the spirit like devotion but like reality: they have no self-control and are unable to see themselves from the summit of their higher personality. They think according to the mind that is operating in them at that moment: instinctive mind, rational mind, emotional mind, and so on. They do not live in their totality; always there are certain vibrations of compounds of the soul, which operate in man. One can say that man is stillborn and lives dead; and very few times he truly possesses life and what he is. In short: what does life grants to man?: his instincts, passions, shocks, reactions and actions. It is as if he was a half-blind person and we should dazzle him to produce a reaction.
When a person says a sentence or a word, he acquires knowledge, and everybody repeats it. The expression of an individual thought is absent; there are general and collective thoughts. Even before, though man was ever a slave of his several minds, there was a moment when the intellectual mind had a glimpse. But now, why should he think of if there is someone thinking of him? It is easy to memorize, repeat, analyze, acquire knowledge and express it in accordance with what another person left. In short, certainly one lives in the world of name and form, and only this impresses man. Assessments determine things: name; and these things are differentiated by size and aspect: form. Here is the life of man.
Man makes the difference by name and form, and says: this is a table, et cetera. But this separation, that is so illusory and at the same time necessary and ideal to classify things, does not make him to think: if I remove the glass from a watch, and later its hands, I take apart the machine, and then, where is the watch? Just I have pieces. If I take and melt them down, just one element remains, and if this element is melted down again, then there is just only one substance. But for man, a watch is a bell, and he does not possess the basic idea that all these elements represent an absolute element.
This separation, by which you believe that you are such or such thing, makes emerge the great human selfishness; men live there grabbing a rope, but do not realize that there is a power pulling on the right and left of that rope, and when this rope is broken, man falls in his abyss of misery. He believes that there is something that can support his personality, but this something belongs to him and is his selfishness. This is so false and illusory that is the cause of evil in the world. They do not live; they live an illusion, possess selfishness and believe that they are separate beings from Humanity, and because this is not so, they come back to wars and destruction.
Why do wars continuously repeat? Why tomorrow there will be another war, more a more devastating? Because man only thinks about defending his possessions; he believes that he is safe and sound if his salvation depends upon escaping toward a place where there is no war. But this so illusory thought is like a gap opened in himself because in reality man is a whole, and any suffering of other has repercussion on him; and if there is a war, he must take part in it. If he believes that he does not take part, then he is the silliest person in the world; his selfishness makes him believe that he is safe and sound. Even at the bottom of earth there is a power and a current that unite him with every being in the world and with every created thing. Here is the only truth that men refuse to recognize; they live and act according to expressions of their minds. They think through their medulla, they live in a medullar way, according to impulses of an instinctive part of the body, but in fact they do not live.
It is necessary to die in order to live, and to realize that one is not an ego as personality but an expanding individuality united with the universe.
How joyful death is that of Renunciation that gives life, true and unique life, life of the Universe and expansion.
Men brand as cowards those people who renounced. They say: “They are useless persons for society, they fear to live and fall in temptation, and to lack strength to endure miseries of the world. Also, what do these people make? Nothing; they are parasites, entirely useless persons”. At a time, we may ask this society that calls useless people to consecrated souls, what are they doing and what is the work that they are making. Perchance, do great works of the world, those of science –because it is science that brings breakthroughs and transformations– are made by men of the world? If you observe a little, you can see that none eludes this law living in the world; great beings that make something escape from the world, and are enemies of society, misanthropes. For instance, as an exemplar of them, Einstein was a true Ordained Son, a man without the least sense of society, a well-known man that, obliged to go to a party, forgot to wear evening dress and appeared in pajamas. In his childhood, all believed that he was silly because the escaped of other children. When is a wise man silly to the world? Life of this man is wonderful: his marriage is that of an Ordained Son. The first time he marries a work-mate because she helps and assists him. The second time because she assists him in his disease. In this man there is nothing worldly.
But those who live in the vale are parasites that say, “I do this or that”, but just live by what other gave them with their own sacrifice. All people who to a certain extent excel in the world do not socialize: they escape from the world and world horrifies them. Which are great men today? Film actors or actresses, football players and boxing champions: here are great men produced by society.
They do not produce because a being not truly alive and unable to rise over their minds and to control the latter can do nothing for Humanity. Also, history proves that all great breakthroughs came from convents, cloisters, retreats, ashrams of India and monasteries of Tibet. Even the greatest man in last times, Gandhi, was an Ordained Son: as soon as he finished a public lecture, he ran and hid in his family monastery, in his community. It is proper to compare what the world is doing and what an Ordained Soul substantially does.
The quite important thing is to know that a being that escaped from the world, renounced or died, did not lose anything at all of what he believed that he would lose. He left everything: status, family, society and all those things that man calls happiness of expanded life and of home, and even goods that the world can provide, but, perchance did he lose anything, perhaps his personality? Apparently, life of the Son is bondage. How many people say: “It is a life of obedience, they do not marry and cannot go anywhere; they only atrophy their will, and are guided souls”. But these men that say this are those who are unable to live if they do not smoke, drink and indulge his secret vice freely: they are victims of horse races, gambling, anything. They are free: “their feet are free”.
It is important to know that as soon as you leave all, mind, heart and will, and in fact you believe that you left all behind, you find all, because you transmuted your personality, and selfishness became “egoentia”.
Man is a whole, a compound, not perfectly simple and pure. If he were perfect simplicity, purity and perfection, he would be unable to possess karma, and would be united with God.
Man is a compound. The human being acquired experience by developing ideas since God created all things, but this experience and these pains occurred every time because those ideas brought more complications.
Man changes in many ways because he changes continuously: when he is hungry, his stomach thinks; when is full of pride and vanity, his throat thinks; and when is moved by love and feelings, his cerebral mind thinks. But these are compounds. Man does not think by making use of the only and divine mind, which manages everything. No physician could say what the pineal gland is. But the pure mind is located therein. The purest emotional mind is located in the most secret part of the heart. This cerebral mind and this emotional mind respond to the true –directrix– mind, formed by so subtle atoms still unknown to man; but this is the mind that leads all, is on the arena of the cosmic power and gives a little of light.
A man, to be such, must make use of his mind to think, and also must go up and out, and reflect: “But, why do not I try to go out of myself and look at myself for a while, to see what I am thinking now and what I answer to this? For instance, why do I experience now this sudden change of mind or these variable emotions? For instance, why hunger or tiredness is affecting me in such a way that I forget all? This is “egoentia”. A person who dies in relation to the world possesses true life: by his renunciation to his silly, personal and vicious will, man acquires power to think little by little and to see himself by means of his directrix mind.
Also the Son aims at this life of the spirit because one still acts as an automaton, but his continuous effort –here is a gift of Renunciation– feels obliged to wake up, to go out of himself, to reason and to think by means of that beautiful mind. It is good to try this during the day and to observe oneself. Say: “What am I thinking now? What mind acts at this moment: that of my stomach or that of my feet? Why must I do what this mind tells, if I do not know it: if it calls me, and I dance and follow its rhythm, but I do not know it?” This is “egoentia”: you know yourself, you look at yourself, and you control yourself continuously. Then, the being acquires another self.
If you read Sister Isabel of the Trinity, perhaps you think: “This blessed nun is a great saint, but she speaks continuously of her spiritual life and refers to her actions before God. She never names Humanity; and if she speaks of someone else, it is in relation to her affection for that person. Everything disappears; it is as if her life were reduced to her person” But it is not so. She ascends to the higher self through this consideration of herself.
A person kills the ego, but does not acquire control but through his true self. For instance, man is surrounded by air, and breathes in with his lungs, but is not aware of his transmutation. If he knew the point where air becomes “his” air –the critical point– then he would know the secret of breathing. At this moment, the soul recognizes the Eternity.
You cannot jump into the Eternity as if you jumped to the void because then this would be annihilation, as many that practice Buddhism believe. Being goes up to his higher self, but his divine personality is recognized in his truth. Man needs to kill his ego and to be settled on his higher consciousness.
He should not concentrate his will on an infinite space: this is to get lost. He must concentrate on this divine point, on the spirit, on “egoentia”, and from there he can be established to look at its own nature and at the Universe. Over there is the divine gift of self-control.
Timetable, obedience, Vows and observance help to control his mind and to go out of the lower minds, living in that egocentric point. He can acquire a habit to remain there and not to get lost in different minds, he should take a self-photograph, but man never does this. For instance: if he makes a work, he imagines it in certain way, but this is not his real image. I he looks at himself reflected on the water, he sees that he is not as he had imagined. Even though he takes a photograph, he believed that he was different. It is good to say to oneself, when it is easy to lose our self-consciousness, when we are out of work and when we are eating: “Now I will take a mental photograph to see what part I am playing”. This is a very useful and interesting exercise. You feel a temptation, you take your self-photograph, and then you file it in your subconscious. Your photography should not be real, and you should not look at yourself like a pretty person: you must take a photograph of your ugly points, and this is the photograph that you have to file; and this is the photography that worldly men see. Your can tell about yourself what you say about the photograph of others. It is good to see ourselves on the mirror of the clothes shop to see how we are actually. And when your mind wants to imagine what is not, you should say: “I know you well”, and return to your royal throne. That is why you are dead for the world, you stay there, and you control all from there.
“Sit down, oh Queen, at the right of the King, on the throne, and see all these multicolored gowns presented to you as wedding gifts.” Minds are multicolored gowns, and the spirit is the point where the King is located.
The soul is destined to become liberated and out of the tremendous tangle of minds. We are told that the future race shall acquire “egoentia”, this unique concept related to the existence of being.
Men believe that they are doing something and are doing nothing; they exist, but rather respond to the impulse of collective karma. The Aryan race is that of pairs of opposites, and they launch it from one point to the other, but expecting that this incipient new race may bring the light of truth to beings.
Mystical death leads to true life, which does not start or end up, and has no death or birth. Our hope for this new race to be so, but while beings do not renounce, how can they awaken to a true life?
Today there is a treatment for mental diseases that responds to our teachings: the electric shock. For those people who have lost the light of reason, an electric shock, that is, a terrific astral blow, brings them back to a normal sense of existing things. It would be like a shock that must be applied to awaken all beings and to return them to life. Shocks or blows awaken those who did not renounce. All beings in the world need some few shocks.
These are not punishments of God and do not mean that God is cruel; they are nothing more than the fruit of karma, the fruit of misery; and cosmic forces must act on Humanity by means of blows to open its eyes.
The new race already began, but Humanity lives in mental darkness. And now how will Humanity wake up?: by divine knowledge, by Maitreya’s grace or by war devastating the earth? The Son wonders about this every day, and this is the torment of spiritual masters that live on the earth; here is the question that blows the heart of those souls that have to educate Humanity: What will be the blow destined to these sleepy and blind men? What can we do to attenuate this tremendous and awful blow? A future war will be terrific; in some few months, everything will be destroyed, whether by war or by collective despair and psychosis. May we do something to attenuate it? Even though Divine Providence does not allow to go beyond Maitreya’s veil, we know that the more souls Renounce and live the life of the spirit, the more help can be given to save the world.
What do the souls expect to transform their Vows into a convincing and awakening truth, why not through self-offering? Perchance still do not they possess sufficient spiritual power to lead many souls into monasteries, to take them away from the world and follow whatever religion, for their offering and Ordination, and to awaken many Sons to the light in order to follow perseveringly the path of Renunciation? Because today nothing can stop the destruction; and if people knew how much lethal materials are accumulated, they would die from dread. Demons have prepared everything; they are antichrists, and only a group of souls can stop the destruction.
So, what can do the Son but to live a pure life in his spiritual mind, and from there to pray and expect that other souls may come and offer themselves to save the world? A consecrated soul possesses a life of the spirit that neither comes to being nor passes away; if God wants to take their lives, no matter if Humanity is saved and beings do not suffer so much because of their miseries? And even in the sense of men, who do not have a son, a father or a friend? You cannot be indifferent. Beings must recognize this truth even by a selfish sense.

Teaching 10: Goods of Renunciation

The Gospel says: “And everyone that has forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life”.
Jesus says to his disciples: “Whoever loves his life shall lose it; and whoever hates his life in this world, shall gain it for everlasting life”.
In some few words, the whole Mystique of the Heart, of Renunciation, here is summed up.
To Renounce, to leave everything, to abandon the world, affections, personality and selfishness, and to die in order to follow the path of God is in fact to lose everything, but under a divine law of succession, all those things will give to the soul not only the divine state of inner liberation, but also this soul will be fit to his mission in the world. His hands will be full of treasures to give, “centumplum accipietis et vitam aeternam possideveris”.
When the Son abandons the world and leaves everything in hands of God, here us a divine bank that grants an unsuspected interest, not for him but for Humanity.
One day, when his subjects asked of the Emperor Otto, “the Great”, his grace to save the life of one of his knights who had committed a tremendous crime, he said: “This is a very serious fault, and the Emperor cannot forgive him; it would be weakness”. By chance this occurred near Saint Romuald’s hermitage and some knights went to see him and asked for the life of this unfortunate knight and friend. Romuald did so, and the Emperor set the knight free, but when someone asked why he had heard the voice of that holy man, he replied: “He can do so, but I do not; he possesses the word of God and the Laws of God in his hands. He is greater than me; and if he asks so it is because necessarily this man has to be forgiven, saved and kept alive”.
Always is like that. Men of God can do everything if they are true men of God. They are dead to the world, and their wealth is not of this world.
Naidu, a Hindu poetess and Gandhi’s disciple wrote these noteworthy words: “Our little father has left everything and is entirely poor; but, how much material wealth he possesses and distributes! It is beyond imagination how much money passes through his hands to sustain his works. To maintain our little father is very costly”
In fact, works of God are truly established in a royal throne, and treasures of heaven and also of the earth are managed from there. Not only “centuplum accipietis”, but also “vitam aeternam possideveris.”.
This is a grace ever given only to those people devoted to Renunciation: they can do extraordinary things, which are impossible for other men in the world. And the Sons were about to start their work, like little ants in a just-founded work; they were just-arrived beings to serve God and Humanity; and then they heard: “This is crazy; where to get so much money to achieve those projects?” But Divine Providence always provides necessary incomes for works of Renunciation.
Usually men act according to their calculations: food and clothes for everybody without exception; but this is not like that with the Sons of God, because they live in His Hands; when they are in need, they go and knock at the Bank of Eternity: the Mother always has something under Her robe for Her children; something that they neither saw nor realized. She provides not only for their spiritual needs but also for their material needs.
It was so throughout history. Works of God have ever made impossible and unachievable things.
In the world there is a noteworthy and respectable fact: the Israelite mystique. All peoples are destined to come into being, shine and finish. However great a people may be, it disappears after the end of its cycle. But this nation, which transmuted its material power into power of love and worship of God, does not die. Perhaps it may die that possesses land again, but until now it did not finish.
What is the mystique of this people, not of the people in general, but of its highest exemplars? They transmute their land into a Promised Land. The Bible teaches that they do not posses land; they are settled in an ideal land, not of man, but of God. During forty years, Moses led them wandering through deserts and forests for a place to settle. They create a law and do not possess land. Forty years just on the basis of a heavenly promise. Since then, its mystique of detachment developed. We see them persecuted until their captivity in Babylon. It is the mystique of the landless people that will settle in faith, in God’s promise and in what God may wish to give tomorrow. It is mystique of renunciation and pain, mystique of Eternity.
“Over there, near Babylon, we are sitting and weep, remembering our lost land, and if I do not weep or am in mourning, may my tongue stick to my palate, my brain be torn to pieces, and I be cursed ever after.” It is mystique of pain and despair: without temple and fatherland, but throughout centuries this lost land will bring a greater mystique: that of renunciation and pain.
Which was the only desire and aim of these eternal wayfarers in the world, but to come back and die in their land? Their mystique is that of mourning and pain, of being persecuted everywhere, of not possessing land, and of wandering to-and-fro.
This mystique of detachment, even in a material sense, brings a strength that is not of this world. These persons acquire through times a magnetic, economic state. Economy falls in their hands. However incredible it seems, this is like that; money moved in their hands because only they knew how to manage it, because they knew how it was to be in the world without a land to settle and to say: this is my house, my fatherland, the place destined by God to be my own land.
There is like an astral reward for those who posses nothing. Of course, this is only a comparison, but in fact, mystique transmutes detachment into a possession that in this case, now, is one of the most serious dangers in the world, and perhaps a factor of destruction or salvation.
Always whoever possesses and trusts in God, whoever has lost everything, but resigns and transmutes this pain and this loss into a higher offering and into a heavenly mission, acquires a power and strength that other beings in the world do not possess.
Today, in the world, there is another economic factor that becomes a serious danger and is related to churches. The wealthiest institutions are those of men who have followed the path of renunciation.
Is it likely that all this wealth is in hands of men that have left everything? “Centuplum accipietis”. Whoever is self-sufficient can sleep anywhere; the same clothes are always enough to him and he acquires a power that is not only material but also spiritual.
All their possessions and dwelling places may be destroyed, but none can have the strength of those who renounced and left everything; they do not worry over food, are self-sufficient in all their needs, fit to heaviest and finest tasks, and workers if necessary: consecrated souls always will have enough to live; united are invincible, and never will lack bread. Even in the wild, they will count on their guide, and if someone cannot walk, other being will take them, and certain sister, on her throne, will see round and will lead and teach them; and if someone is cold, he/she will be covered by those who do not. For what do these souls want worldly goods? They do not, but likewise they flow like water to those souls.
What happens in organizations, Jewish trusts and Catholic ecclesiastic institutes, which accumulate wealth and so much power? This very power overwhelms them.
The only power of the Son is to possess that “hundredfold”, but not to become rich, but to give it. He might become rich very easily; none in the world can possess this power of renunciation to gather material goods, but later this would lead to overwhelm him. Once he possesses house, why to accumulate more? It is necessary to distribute. Today you cannot make the same charity of yesterday, when you had a half of material resources; you must duplicate your gift. Your must give continuously because, poor Sons those who accumulate a wealth that their arms and shoulders cannot sustain later! Here is the only way to become wealthy in a holy and good way: by leaving all. So you can give to others, and you will never be in need for your work.
How much work these great institutions would be able to do! They should not accumulate what they have to distribute among poor beings of the world!
Renunciation gives freedom, true freedom of the spirit; but not only this, because this would be spiritual selfishness, that is, the greatest selfishness. This good, which you took spiritually, mentally and materially, only is valuable when you distribute it among all men.
This occurs not only materially: the Son knows better than men do because of his way of living. His chances are infinite, and very great his reserves of knowledge.
The power of the Sons is very great, but... how great is their Renunciation for Humanity!

Teaching 11: Unique Value of Renunciation

Renunciation disposes of established values and at a time creates new values.
If a being abandons entirely the world and dies to the world it is because he did not find in the world a solution of his inner problem before Humanity and the Universe, and because moral of men did not satisfy his soul and his inner life. Then, through his renunciation, this being declares his faith and protests against any established value and, through this heroic act of abandonment of the world and renunciation, he is worthy of new values.
First of all, Renunciation is Truth; but this Truth –which you can glimpse in the heroic act of leaving everything behind– does not remove ignorance from a person, because ignorance is absolute evil of everybody, and the cause of every death and pain. Only the right way of living, thinking and acting will make man glimpse little by little that Truth and live in this intuited Truth through his act of renunciation, detachment and selflessness. Ignorance of man is so intimately united with him in such a way that apparently becomes his very life, because man brings with himself, as the result of his past lives, not only all chances, but also all deficiencies.
It is very likely that a person may know the Truth, but he does not know how to use and manage these internal powers. Because of his limited constitution and psyche, he gets used to see things in certain way; still he is an imperfect device. Here is the first cause of ignorance in the world. Also, man knows all things in a limited and partial way, and this limitation and partiality makes him act continuously as if that were the Truth, with continuous incorrect acts produced by ignorance; and the greatest ignorance is to persist in his errors, in his relative truth; because he believes that he knows the Truth, but does not possess it totally and is not in the Truth. This reflects only illusory acts that are not perfect and integral. Only the Truth can give knowledge to man, even though his knowledge about his place in the world, and his dependence on the Universe and on his works and actions was momentarily ideal. In short: the Truth will make him know that he is an integral and universal being. Every limited, specialized and dependent thing contains only partially the Truth, and a partial truth is always ignorance.
But Renunciation grants not only this good, that is, the Truth, but also an inclination of the soul to receive the Truth. Man continuously gets the Truth –Teaching is like an ever-flowing becoming–; but the Truth attains him entirely darkened and distorted because he lives in the limitation of the Teaching. Man should go out of himself and look at the immense Universe –the becoming is the only source of all created things–, and then, at once, his viewpoint will be different; he should break ties of his selfishness and of believing that he is the only object in the existence, and at once his prospect of knowledge will change. This is basic, and can be achieved only by Renunciation, and stopping for a while on the slope toward the abyss, he should say: “No, my way is different”. This moment, this deadlock is enough to know what one is and which are our chances for the future; we must open the window of the soul. This primordial act makes you fit to receive the Teaching. This way, just through detachment, indifference and abandonment of your own personal creatures, you contact the Teaching and the Truth.
So The Teaching enters your mind and instructs your heart. Suddenly, your way of living and being changes entirely.
But this everlasting and divine teaching, flowing to all men of goodwill ready to get it, is given to the Sons of Cafh to be exclusively understood and possessed by them. That is, the Teaching is not only for the Son, but also he has a characteristic inclination to get it: not to receive a false teaching filtered through attachment and ignorance but to receive the Teaching that attains those souls of goodwill.
One of the great gifts of Renunciation is the possibility of receiving the whole Truth. Sometimes we are not clear when we state that Sponsored and Lonely Beings receive a portion, and that Ordained Sons receive the whole Teaching. This is an allegory of the truth, because whoever did not renounce and is not widely and freely prepared and detached from everything, cannot receive the Teaching. He receives it, but filtered. Also this can happen to the Sons: it is likely that they receive it, but this depends upon them, on how inclined is their heart and psyche, and upon their entire readiness.
You cannot receive the Teaching if a part of yourself is continuously closed; you must renounce entirely to everything; only then the Teaching is integral. Here is the meaning of the Teaching.
By this inclination, which is entirely opposite to inclinations of worldly men, the Divine Teaching of all times and of all great masters and instructors can attain the Son. It is the voice of the Masters, the voice of the hereafter. This lofty Divine Teaching –which should open the mind of the Son for any accessible knowledge– becomes his inheritance, his good and his possession. It will attain him with no veils, and none will hid it, as soon as he removes any internal veil and adherence, and becomes, like a bare table, an entirely simple soul, with no compounds.
This divine teaching also has been imparted to Cafh as a legacy. When someone speaks of teachings of the Holy Masters, the Sons seem that they are written papers. The Teaching of the Masters is imparted and arrives from very distant times. The Masters always imparted the Teaching to those who wanted to receive it. Certain fragments can be found in holy texts, which men transformed into idols; the true teachings of the Masters are written on these books: Vedas, Upanishads, and the Bible; and of course, also the Sons of Cafh have taken their legacy.
Then the main basis of teachings is the universal teaching as a whole, which men of goodwill have received. This does not mean that these teachings have to be received in an absolute way; they are only truths transformed into words, and man should take them and meditate, to be again in the presence of God and to find the true meaning that they represent. Teachings contained in Cafh’s texts are not dogma like in any religion and philosophy, but teaching of great beings; the Son must consider and internalize them. In short: it is the universal teaching, first and true. Also these teachings are Cafh’s capital and heritage, because it has been observed that in the Sons there is a tendency to be unable to distinguish the teachings.
Here is the mistake: there are many comparative teachings that you may find in great religions, and some people believe that those teachings are only of Cafh. But this is not so: those teachings are of all men; a philosophy says it in a way and a religion in other way, depending on the viewpoint of men. Cafh explains it in its characteristic way in accordance with writings of Cafh’s Masters.
But besides this universal teaching, Cafh possesses its individual teaching, which Masters exclusively give to the Sons; that is, something apart from the Universal Teaching. Many Sons mix written teachings and mistake them for books that they have read, and then, when they explain the Teaching, say: “The Teaching says so and so, but I have read in such a book...”, and mix up their ideas. The Sons of Cafh must know the great teachings, but later it is proper to define them. So, the Son should say: “In general, I must define the universal teachings and keep them in mind with no changes”.
Like religions and philosophies, in every teaching there are sediments of truth, but later, man mixes all up, and everything becomes particular. All religions are particular because every one says: “I possess the truth”, when Teaching and Truth are only one. Then, none of them is universal. There is no universal religion known to all men; if those religions were universal, they would contain the entire Teaching, would know it as a whole, and would give it to the races in accordance with their progress and chances.
So, besides the universal teaching, Teaching of Cafh is imparted to the Son in detail, because he needs this Truth. Always it occurs like this: certain men take their Truth, and later want to impose it on all. No. This truth may be useless in contact with other beings in the world.
Teachings are unclassified, and none says to the Son: “This is a universal teaching, and this is a direct teaching addressed to the Sons of Cafh”, and then ideas are mixed up. They do not distinguish when it is for all and when it is for them. They must be fundamentally established in the latter to know the universal truths, which the Son will not learn from Blavatsky, Schopenhauer and materialists, but just through Cafh’s Teaching because the Masters believe that this is within the reach and chance of the Sons. And there is no other chance or possibility. It is continually given to the Sons.
The Divine Monitor is a Master of Cafh, whose mission, thirty years from now, is to give the Teaching to the Sons of America. This Teaching is condensed on certain Teachings of Cafh: necessary mystical truths for developing the Sons of Cafh since the moment they enter the Path until their realization. They are not only determined in prompt copies on the teaching, but on all Sons of Cafh. These Sons have received them through Superiors, Orators, and Instructors. These Teachings are particularly in the Sons because even though the Teaching is imparted to the group, it is essentially destined to the soul. So, every Son must adapt it to his conditions.
The Universal Truths must be adapted to every soul; otherwise they are not the Truth, but that of a third person; hence you may understand the extraordinary meaning of Cafh, which does not address to a group of people, but individually to every soul.
If Sons made a collective work, their direction would be wrong because Cafh recognizes that the only truth and dogma is to go directly to the soul to meet their needs in accordance with its ability. How unhappy is that being that depends upon others to act and behave, when everything is prepared for him. On earth there is no other Son of Cafh than the Son, and he is responsible for Cafh as a whole. Every one is as follows: his responsibility as Superior is unique, all Sons depend on him: he is the last that has been Ordained and the new graft; everything rests on him, everything is in his soul; he has to be the responsible being, the victim. He is halfway there; the Teaching is for him; and he is entirely responsible.
Cafh is work of souls. Although the entire world disappears and only one remains, all would be present, none would be dead, and all would be in that Son; the whole responsibility of Cafh and of the Work in the world would be condensed in him and on his shoulders. You should not forget this.
The Son must instruct individually, one by one. That is why Superiors say: “Where there is instruction, you save souls, not when you teach, but when you guide spiritually. There you make the true work of communication between the Teaching of the Masters and the soul”. But this Teaching exists even in prompt copies, in the harmonious body of certain universal teachings and in the teaching imparted to the Sons of Cafh.
The teachings destined to the Sons of Cafh already have been imparted. The cycle of teaching is already complete. But still there is a subtler and more intimate teaching: the teaching received from the Masters that every one imparts. There is the Universal Teaching imparted to the Sons of Cafh and the teaching of the Son, his own teaching, which is the fruit of his soul and his contact with the Teaching revealed to him by the Masters: and even this Teaching must be transmitted. Every Son of Cafh is source of truth and teaching.
So, we can say that there are: 1) A Universal Teaching; 2) A teaching imparted to the Sons by the holy Masters, which they preserve; and 3) The teaching imparted by Superiors and Instructors. The latter is orally imparted –its respective lessons depend upon every Son–; but this is the Teaching, the Only Truth not based on a dogma but on the Truth of all times, and the Sons possessed it here by means of their Brother and Protector: the Monitor.
Later there is the teaching imparted by souls that already realized the Divine Mother and traveled through the spiritual way to Renunciation.
The Spiritual teaching received by the Instructor is universal, and the only one defined by certain school. We may call eclectic to a teaching that is not theistic, but admits a fundamental principle of the universe. It is not absolutistic because absolutism leads to the nothing or to materialism: for instance, if you say, the universe is the only existence, so all the rest is illusory. Then, if everything is non-existent and an absolute Absoluteness, and what man knows is only illusion, this illusion leads to know only by means of our senses, that is, through the material part. Then it lacks an ideal support, a divine support. Here is a materialistic doctrine. The fundamental theory of Cafh is that men cannot define the Universal Absoluteness; its definition would entail to admit the most brutal materialism: man knows it, but is not enabled to define it; man cannot be materialistic or idealistic, because he recognizes the universe as a divine, absolute and cosmic principle, which condenses all the energy of the universe: spirit, mind and matter.
You can never be materialistic when you are a creational and fundamental point of energy. Then you may be in tune with all teachings of the world: spiritual, idealistic and materialistic because Cafh stays in the mean point of observation.
These teachings were imparted to the Son. Now, relative teachings as a Son were fundamental in Cafh: those of Ired, of the cosmic movement, and of relationship and dependence of man on the Universe in a sense historical, psychological and ethical: man is a being and becomes from a centre that is his own soul: the spirit. Here is his being and his knowledge depends on it. This is not the only Universe; his freewill corresponds to a magnetic field connected with the entire Universe. Relationship of life in the Cosmos determines it externally. He gets the keys to the future by means of that historical knowledge united with psychological possibilities of man.
But Cafh in America needed an especial teaching adapted to the temperament of those who would receive it. A Divine Master imparted and engraved these teachings in the mind and heart of those who must give them; the Monitor was this Divine Master who imparted them to a group of souls; it does not matter if this souls did not understand them later: He imparted them and said which truths adapted to the Sons enable them to come in contact with the universe; he explained to them in detail his viewpoint about sciences.
Now we need the Teaching of the Cafh’s Masters, of those Founders that started the Cafh’s Work in America. These teachings are not registered; but even in this case, they remain in those souls who knew and heard them.
How many times the Sons received a teaching and understood it in certain way by means of a glance or reading, and later, these Masters explained by means of a glance how the meaning of that teaching is entirely different and that was dead letter. Through the Masters, they learnt to receive the true Teaching.
Here is the Mission of the Master: to impede the letter to die and to maintain it ever living and with an individual sense for every one of those beings that receives this teaching and must impart it tomorrow.
The Son must renounce totally because every day he may miss his occasion to receive the direct teaching, and later, someday, the cycle concludes; this occurred not only with the universal teaching, but also with the imparted teaching of Cafh whose cycle ended. The cycle of the individual teaching will finish, and those Sons destined to this teaching cannot receive it if their renunciation is not total and their personality still occupies much room in their souls.
The quicker the river flows, the faster the waterfall rushes. The Teaching is imparted every instant, but many times people do not know how to take it because there is too much personality and darkness in the soul, and the mind is clogged. Oh Sons, hurry up, live this Teaching! How many treasures God scatters, how many teachings come to the souls! One may say these Sons came in the cycle of the Masters of Cafh, at the moment of triumph of Cafh, when they receive the direct teaching from the Masters; but beware because tomorrow you may repent because you did not receive the total Teaching, because your mind was full of worldly things and because your Vow of Renunciation had not be taken totally to the full.
Consecrated souls really need this teaching. They are the Sons of the second hour: the solemn hour when ideas come true; but as soon as this hour passes, they have to transmit a true idea or a wrong idea, like all men do, because they will not have Teaching if they are not totally detached.
Every one of them is responsible for the Truth, for Cafh and for the Teaching that he has to transmit. Cafh’s Teaching is from soul to soul, from Master to disciple. A Son never must say: “If I forget something, my companion surely knows”. The Teaching is great and solemn, and its contact takes place in your treat with your Superiors, during the break, every instant, but there is only one way to receive it: by emptying your soul, and through a true and open Renunciation.
Souls: cut once and for all your callosities, and be great and infinite souls to fulfill the Divine Mission.
No matter if men think you cowardly and ignorant people as long as your grace is to transmit them the only truth, fundamental and positive! Here is the mission of Renunciation: you must be concrete and pure, get everything from the innermost depths of your being, and transmit this Teaching to all such as it was received.

Teaching 12: Tibetan Disciples

In Tibet there is an extraordinary mystique related to death and mystical death, and the Sons need to know it.
In old days, the mystique of death was an ordinary thing. Even in the Christian Middle Ages, death and acts tending to remember it were of extraordinary value. Little by little, this custom disappeared, but is preserved in Tibet.
In Tibet, those who follow the mystique of cheut try to achieve the true state of surrender for the salvation of Humanity. First, the aspirants seek a guru for their instruction; he is a master who realized the state of peace beyond death. This master guides them after two or three years of personal service.
During his stay in the Seminary, a Seminarian must learn everything useful for the Community, even the most disgusting and disagreeable. First of all, Gandhi instructed Slade, his English disciple, to clean bathrooms. He said: “There you will learn more than anything that I may teach you”. In Tibet, the do the same: They prepare fire and wash clothes; their instructions begin after this trial.
Those who follow the path of cheut are pilgrims. They visit one hundred eight cemeteries before their admission, and cannot receive the teaching of the master until their meditation on all those places. This means that they must travel huge distances through mountains and plateaus at a height of four to five thousand meters. By night, they meditate in cemeteries, and announce their presence with a little bell not to be disturbed.
After this pilgrimage, the master imparts them the first teaching: on their responsibility before men for all that they acquired. It is time to do something, and they need surrender.
The first step is self-offering.
Tibetans do all in accordance with rhythm, movements and external acts. So, it is impressive to see them during their meditations. It is likely that a low psychism of some kind exists in those who are unable to understand the value of these exercises and to follow this path. What is important –and some few follow this path– is the internal sense of offering. Their prayers are like those of mystics, but in their prayers they utter holy cries, calling all that is evil in the world. This is low mystique. They do not know that the power is to acquire power and not to be afraid. People of the world speak about “evil vibrations” or “damage”, but these only touch you when you are totally afraid and misguided; no bad current can touch you if you are in peace.
Their mystique is to take fear away. The offering says: “Through numberless lives, my selfishness makes me live by everybody; I committed any crime and sin; I drank the blood of thousands and thousands being; inconsiderately, I trod down and harmed, and had defects and vices of every kind. It is time to pay for my debts” Their invocation is very dramatic while playing a little drum. It is a very primitive mystique; you can find great things just if your search is in depth.
“Come, oh evil and harmful entities! Do not touch beings of the world! Do not make men suffer! Come to me and I will pay my debt; eat my flesh, open my entrails and veins; cut my head and I will be food for every wild beast; I offer myself to death and sacrifice. I am the victim of Humanity”.
They repeat it and at the end they truly sense death. Commonly, a suggestion may make fell pain. However divine is the stigmatization of saints, always there is a psychosis of some kind: They see the image of the crucified Christ, experience a psychosomatic shock and have wounds of the Passion.
Chelas even feel deadly pains: their entrails are cut, and they are torn to pieces. Most of them fall ill; just the strongest can reach a higher state.
Then they receive the second teaching: Now they are dead. This is like certain mystical parts of Cafh, but just externally, because this not suitable both to Sons or Humanity. Mystical death comes after the first stage, and this is important. Now, personality is dead; self-offering is renunciation. They offered their lives; nothing remains: they are dead.
Then their guide teaches them that all was an illusion produced by their fantasy; all their doings are pure illusion, and all worldly things are illusion. “Your meditation was death, but now you know death; you experienced all and all was illusion. Now you know what death is: death is neither decapitation nor an amputated arm; death is to desire nothing, renouncing to all and entirely surrendering to the Divine Will”.
They call “Red Feast” to this process to reach the nothing.
Souls do not possess anything else. They form an image like that of Saint Paul of the Cross: they are a little heap of ash, and nothing remains. Then the disciple has to meditate and say: “I am simply ash; nothing remains; I have no past or future karma. I am ash dispersed by the wind everywhere. Amid dunes, I am nothing. Now I am united with God because nothing remains of my personality”.
Then they experience the void of the nothing. Now it is not a psychic state. It is likely that their Red Feast is to dispose of those who are not strong enough. A Tibetan believes that whoever is not called to the spiritual life lacks importance; those who triumph are important. This idea is entirely wrong and different from the true idea of universal charity.
The third teaching is the “White Feast”, the true realization. The Master calls the disciple and imparts again the true teaching. He says: “You said: I am nothing. You are nothing to you and all to God (they say Eternity). Also, how can you believe that you may die, make an offering and become the nothing. Still you carry a seed of huge pride because you believe that you can undo, and here is a second game of your illusion, of your mind. In fact, you are thinking of something if you believe that you are the nothing. The true teaching is: You are like Eternity, even you are beyond death and the nothing. You are an expression of God”. And this way they raise the disciple toward the Divinity, from human values to spiritual values. Very few attain this.
Then, a mystic, a master makes fun of the first disciple that begins or of one that visits cemeteries or even says that he is nothing: the disciple becomes a guru.
In every mystique there are similarities: offering, mystical death, transfiguration of God. Tibetans do not call Him God, but Great Vehicle. Buddhists are of the little vehicle: a man liberated from the idea of pain can reach liberation.
These mystiques are disappearing because man has attained certain spiritual height, and then he can dispose of these external ceremonies and psychic dangers to attain God.
The mystique of Cafh is valuable because the Son reaches God by love, not by fear, or action or effort of the mind made on energies of man. The mystique of love is higher than all mystiques. The Son surrenders directly, like a child, and many steps become unnecessary. His offering is death, but not as the result of long practice, but because he is fit to this mystique through an act of pure love that transforms him and makes him worthy of this offering, of this mystical death and of his realization of the Divine Mother.
The more you study mystiques, the more you will love mystique of Cafh. Ascetic Renunciation is ascetic exercise of surrender, observance and love, and at once the Divine Mother imparts a sense that is not psychic but entirely spiritual, internal and divine.
This will make the Sons appreciate much what they have been given; Humanity had to make his journey with many dogmas, ceremonies and rites, while in Cafh all is spontaneously imparted to the Sons because you do not run any risk when you possess the weapon of love from the beginning.
A Son does not come to mystique to ask anything; therefore, he does not run risks: he comes by love. All mystical systems are condensed in the system of Cafh. In it there is no personality or possession; you should not attain it through a possession whose uselessness you understand later. You come by love.
Consecrated souls: constantly remember that the Divine Mother granted to you the greatest treasure: Mystique of the Heart. From the first day, She has given you the Veil behind which is the truth. Only raise this Veil and see Her Face and the Truth. The Divine Mother lives eternally in Her Sons. She helps them in all their troubles and protects them permanently because She has accepted their lives. She watches over the sleep of their mystical death and in a divine way She revives them through a simple understanding of the life of grace and expansion of the eternity.

Teaching 13: Renunciation as Holocaust

Renunciation, as a permanent, living holocaust, is not only a unique good and mean of salvation for a soul that has assumed it, but also the unique mean to help the world and redeem Humanity.
It is not absolutely true that a consecrated Son avoids his responsibility for the society. Let us leave slanderers of the truth and blind men of the world speaking and acting wickedly against those souls that have renounced to the world. The Son must acquire such steadiness and determination so that none can distort his belief because Truth is the Truth.
The history of the world and the history of the souls proclaim it throughout times. Only those who leave everything behind to fulfill their mission achieve something; and the rest are only parasites. The latter are poor people shaken by the storm of destiny and events; they live by the product of some few souls that surrender their lives as a holocaust to God for the salvation of Humanity. In the whirlpool of the world –where men state that to make, work and be helpful is vice, ruin, disorder and hatred– always there are heroic souls surrendering their lives as a holocaust for saving Humanity; always there are heroic souls that are able to give their lives in a holocaust to Humanity. Always a hero, a saint or a martyr appears. How many times you should admire and say about those beings that have surrendered their lives to save someone else: “Someone still knows what is nobleness and sacrifice”.
Recently, a modest Italian schoolmistress was taking care of her pupils at a summer camp. Suddenly a gas pipe breaks up and children begin to faint away. From her window she observes this serious situation and understands that she can die if gets down and tries to open the doors. But she does not hesitate and takes those children out, one by one. On route to the hospital she asks: “Are the children well?” and someone else replies: “Do not think of the children, think of you”. Then she says: “My life does not matter: lives of those children are important!” And she dies in peace.
But this death is not the most valuable but mystical death of Renunciation. You may surrender your life at a moment of elation, enthusiasm and dignity, and this is something great and extraordinary; but to die a little every day, every instant, and to stay on a cross shedding a daily drop of blood, here is a lofty death.
When a man surrendered his will and renounced to life, his sacrifice is total because he possesses nothing and all his actions are for love and for a higher will, not for self-satisfaction. When you can say; “I possess nothing”, this is the greatest death.
Once a Son said he would wish to give his head to a hospital, but his Spiritual Director replied: “You are not free for this. After your death, your Divine Mother will instruct about your head”.
Renunciation is a permanent holocaust of life; and to die little by little, daily, every hour, and every instant. And here is the only good for the world, because those who renounce do not offer their lives through an act of heroic love, at a moment of sublimation and extraordinary enthusiasm: they offer themselves every day of their lives and forever. Not to die, but die, is something very great and extraordinary. Those souls that have offered themselves as a holocaust to God are the only ones who can understand this. That is why Saint Therese says to God: “I die because I do not die”: death is more tremendous when you renounced to everything. Then you would wish to be free of earthly ties and miseries of the world, but you cannot do it; you can do this only like a dove that, raising a song to heaven, asks God, like Saint Therese, “please, break my ties and bonds”.
Whoever makes something does not magnify it; so, consecrated souls only live their lives and are not aware of the value of detachment and renunciation to the world. The world is blind, and slanders those beings that renounce to passion and to what the former call life. There is a permanent contradiction between the world and chosen souls, but also you can see that at a moment of need and pain, those persons have to come to those who were slandered and to ask protection of those who possess nothing but that possess everything in God.
Nothing is more false that to state that those who renounced have eluded their responsibilities. Their responsibilities are infinite because of their Renunciation; before they had responsibility for the world, society and human family; but this responsibility changes and becomes impermanent; it lasts for a while and later disappears. By this act of Renunciation, these Sons who are responsible for Humanity become divinely responsible directors and leaders of Humanity. They are not exempt of any responsibility by virtue of their detachment: they are totally obliged to save the world.
Renunciation to oneself is something very great; but renunciation to save the world is something loftier and diviner. The Buddha has said this with total clarity: “I go to Nirvana, but my Nirvana will not be total until all souls may possess it”. For a Son, Renunciation, true liberation is only a little drop of water of the everlasting ocean because it will not be total until all souls achieve it; even one soul cannot remain without liberation; only then the Son will say: “I did it and attained the end”.
Although the Son is disconnected from the world, how great is his responsibility! But this ideal responsibility for the time being, must be continuously increased by a life of detachment, by more and more personal perfection, and by more and more total surrender.
The Sons must begin knowing their duties before Humanity, and exercise their souls for their appointed work to save the world.
They became co-redeemers of Humanity through their life, offering and Vow. Christ states continuously to his disciples: “mine”. Before his return to the Father, in his great prayer he says: “I recommend you these disciples of mine”, “to them –to the people– I speak through parables, but to you –disciples– I speak directly”. Why does the Divine Master make this difference? Perchance are not all souls equal? He does not make this difference because they may be different, but because he knows that they have more responsibilities: they are their companions in redemption of Humanity.
“Much will be asked of those who got much.” The Son is associated to the work of the Divine Incarnation on earth. If the Son leaves all and abandons the world is not by virtue of a whim or human enthusiasm, but to become partner of the Divinity. He leaves his ordinary responsibilities of family, society and world, but to assume greater, higher and diviner responsibilities. Because of this renunciation, he is obliged not only to be good, but also perfect. The rich young man said: “Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?” The Master said: “Keep the commandments”, and when the young man replied that he had “kept them from his youth up”, Christ said: “You lack one thing yet: go and sell that you hast, and give to the poor, and you shall have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me”. “But when the young man heard that saying, he went away very sorrowful: for he had great possessions” and had no courage to leave them behind. Then Christ said: “See how few men in the world can follow the truth; but those who follow it, are disciples of mine: co-redeemers of Humanity”.
The Sons are his disciples; they have left everything behind to become co-redeemers with the Divine Incarnation, with Maitreya that will come.
But for this reason the Sons did not leave their family, race and society. They have left the material aspect, not the spiritual one. Under a divine law, they are obliged to their progenitors and relatives, because God says in his commandments: “Honor thy father and thy mother”. But because of their lives of renunciation, they lack a father and a mother, because God is their father and their mother. But this does not cancel higher spiritual responsibilities. They have sublimated their family affections and left all those persons, but from the Holy House they are obliged to them and responsible for them, because these Sons became responsible for the spiritual bread of those beings.
Those Sons who live in the world must be responsible for their parents under natural law, and have to help them in their needs in the old age; but the Ordained Son must watch over their eternal salvation, so that they may open their eyes to the Truth; he has to give them the bread of the spirit and honor them in spirit. What does it matter if a father, a mother or a brother possesses everything? The Providence gives in abundance when those beings offer their children; then they do not lack bread: it is the eternal law. A son that abandons his parents for the world commits a crime, but if he abandons the world for God, then God protects him, but he is not exempt of responsibility for it. So, he says: “They are healthy, but, what about their soul, their spirit?” Is it likely that parents of a consecrated being may get lost, and that, after his mission on earth, the Son goes to heaven, to work in the hereafter and unfortunately does not find there his dear ones at the right of God? In fact, this is more painful than the lack of material bread. Sometimes, the Sons are worried about trivialities of their relatives, suffer grieve about unimportant things and do not pay attention to the true things. Their work is this: “I am sorry because at home there are these defects and evils that they are unable to remove. I am mainly responsible for this. How was I unable to do anything? Why did not I worry about their salvation and redemption?”
The Sons must offer their blood, pain and sacrifice for the salvation of their parents; they cannot die, but it is thousand times worse if the soul dies and remains in the dark. The Son must go in spirit and thought by means of his letters; his preaching should not be entirely based on love: he must plainly speak to them and say: “You are on the wrong way; you are living for the world, not for God”. A consecrated soul does not fear, like those of the world, to see his parents at his final hour, but says to them: “Your life is over; beware, dead may come and encounter you unprepared”. A Son must not be afraid that they may leave after they finished their mission. His words have to be of everlasting life; his duty is to give salvation to his fathers, if still they are young. Of course, he shall not say they have to become Ordained Sons, but they should be free from prejudices, material interests and sympathies; they should demonstrate the selfishness of old age regarding youth, which just tries to tie young people there, their lack of charity when they feel happy leaving their own faults and ties on the shoulders of their children.
Here are those things that the Sons must teach through letters, conversations and prayers. They must offer sacrifices, if necessary, for their salvation. It is tremendous to think that their parents will not be among the chosen. If the Sons have to be Directors of souls, first of all they must try with their parents, and if they do not get any result, then they must come back to the beginning, that is, to the offering; and must pray for their salvation and for their knowledge of the Truth, not to fall in the hereafter in the great void of despair. Dom Bosco’s mother properly said: “I am sure of my salvation because I gave a son to God”. Saint Therese of Lisieux’s father said: “It is very painful not to see a daughter any more and to have her therein in a convent, but it is a great joy to give her to God and to have her in heaven”. Parents must achieve this to become worthy of the consecrated souls, and sometimes, if necessary, they should be reprimanded to come near the truth.
Saint Romuald’s vocation began when he saw how his father killed his cousin. Frightened, he left the world, and was a privileged soul because of his mystical death while living and his life as a hermit after his Ordination. One must be a hermit after his work in the world.
In the old age, his repented father followed Romuald’s counsel and entered the congregation of the latter to save his own soul. In this sense, Romuald was unyielding: in his view, the only life of salvation was renunciation; and demonstrated it to the king Otto. Romuald took his father to the cloister, but when the former had to leave, the latter began his escapades; finally, he said he was tired and wished to come back home. Then Romuald arrived and tried to change his mind; his father stood firm, but had to be whipped, and finally said: “You are right” and stayed at the cloister.
Of course, this is not a recommendable method, but sometimes coercion becomes necessary: to remove vanities and think of our eternal salvation. Between fifty and sixty years of age, it is proper to begin a backward survey of our life, because God can take us at any instant.
To be ordained is not to let things go and laisser faire. Often false vocations fail because of the idea that to be ordained is not to worry and be lazy. A being that renounced can duplicate the work of a worldly person because of his great uncommon endurance and strength. In Community you cannot make use of worldly calculations. Ordination has a spontaneous and natural product emanated from God and the Providence. The souls must necessarily know this: “I am dead to the world, but my responsibilities are greater because I must take part in the works; I have to demonstrate that, if I follow the way to Renunciation, I can acquire greater goods, to make greater works, and to get much higher endurance; I will be able to be a power in every area but without taking part directly in this power and renouncing to harvest the fruit of this work”.
From their beginning in the Seminary, the Sons must learn that they are not exempt of being responsible for their performance by virtue of their mystical death. Every one has a holy obligation to the world, and must say: “My mystical death does not exempt me of my obligation of being useful to my Community, to my work and action and, naturally, to society”.
We must keep in mind several important questions. Everybody says: “Whoever renounces cannot be helpful because is not interested in life and satisfied for his works”. Needless to say this is untrue. Detached life and union with God give higher strength; the same work takes half time by virtue of divine action, and gives such ability that you make things that apparently are impossible. Therefore, you should say to the world: “My interest is not centered on passing and impermanent things because life is fantasy. My interest is divine because I do not wish reward for now and for my old age; my reward is to see happy souls. My joy is to see that my work is somewhat helpful for others; my interest is double”. Perchance may one say a mother is not interested in her children? She expects nothing from them, but her interest is her spontaneous love that is true and real.
The interest of an Ordained Son increases and becomes stronger. Far from the world, he can realize much because he teaches men how by living for God they can humanly produce even more. He renounced to earnings and retirement pensions, but earns more for all: for Community, to live modestly and to help others. He prepares a fertile land for life of tomorrow. Spiritual Life does reduce but bears interest!
“Spiritual life of Community atrophies your will, and your productivity is absent because you have spiritual bliss.” Not only worldly people say this, but also many good Sons living on the vale. “They are thinking just of the observance, and forget everything and do not do things properly.” We may reply: When you are observant, the value of work and other things does not diminish. A Son may forget because neglects the observance; otherwise the latter grants more spirit of attention; whoever is unobservant does not fulfill his duty. When you fulfill faithfully your duties and your observant thoughts are on God and not on trivialities, because you can be looking down but you see everything that you have to see! You fulfill the timetable of Community and at the same time you fulfill properly your personal duties. Here is the true miracle in Community: routine, observance and patience. How great is the work that you leave because the bell rings!; otherwise, your work is without perfection and spirit of renunciation. A Son does not live a dimensional time, but an expansive time: time does not count for the Sons.
By means of a methodical and routine work, doing a little every day, the Sons can make works that require teams of men in the world, because their productive power is higher and God strengthened their muscles and increased their ability to perform His orders.
It is like in Father Pio’s case, who from a distant convent, by praying constantly –he cannot do otherwise because Christ’s wounds are on his hands– was able to erect a wonderful hospital. Here is the miracle of absolute detachment and generosity.
Observance never can impede a proper realization of things. That is why the Sons of the Seminary pay extreme attention. You should actually demonstrate that observance is power.
Through His Divine Incarnation, God has instructed to consecrated souls not to assume responsibilities with the world, but to preach and lead souls. Here is their main duty!

Teaching 14: Conquest of Souls through Renunciation

A soul that renounces and devotes to God, through this renunciation becomes responsible for the spiritual progress of all souls in the world.
All beings have a mission and become responsible for its fulfillment, but the most extraordinary and highest responsibility is that of consecrated souls. Their mission is neither to work, nor to educate, nor to heal, nor this nor that; over all, their duty is the holy obligation of being devoted to Humanity and to the salvation of all souls.
Many souls say: “My strongest vocation is to help and do well”. This is wonderful: to help and do well with others. But whoever truly wants to do well, should be an extraordinary person, whose ability, experience and way of life enable for this high priesthood of leading and saving souls.
Many try this, but while doing well with others, also they do much harm, not by malevolence, but by ignorance, lack of preparedness and experience, and because suddenly are on an unknown sea. The most difficult sea is that of the souls. First you should renounce to this direct contact with world, dying to the world to resuscitate to a new life, and learning and experiencing a new science in God, and only then the Masters will appoint you to lead beings.
A total renunciation is the first necessary condition in a wholesome direction of souls: when you abandon all, you cannot think of leading a school, working at a hospital, or going to distant lands as a missionary. You neither can know it nor should wish it. Over all, you must become pure and fit to save and lead others; otherwise you would run the risk of making harmful mistakes and losing many souls.
Your first good for the sake of souls should be to renounce to their direction and to surrender totally to mystical death, with no personal will at all, because otherwise you keep your all personality that apparently you left in the world, but the former always comes back and tends to do this or that.
First, your self-esteem should be low and your humbleness absolute: “Who am I for a priesthood or to do something for someone else when still I am unable to be entirely detached from myself and when the great realization of the Holy Vows are far away?” Basically, you should surrender to God, and say: “Perhaps I will need a whole life to learn how to be detached and fit to lead souls; perhaps in the hereafter, at the end of my life.”
But at the same time, a soul that spiritually surrenders, does not know the design of the Providence. Therefore, after his Vows, a Son should be strenuously devoted to his appointed studies, with no delay. A son should not desire study or knowledge. Whoever is dead cannot desire certain knowledge; he must desire the knowledge that his Superiors wish to impart because this is the Divine Mother’s wish and not otherwise. You should reject any love to studies, which is the hardest thing because nothing becomes more attractive than this, especially among young people. But this rejection of human knowledge opens your mind to new knowledge and to a totally new teaching. Tomorrow, when your Superiors assign you a study, you will become stronger, and as you will wish to obey their will –for instance, to study only one subject– your learning shall be better and better and wider and wider.
But, perchance Sons have to abandon the study if this is not properly determined?: No. They all must learn, and their duty is to learn the best they can and to open as much as possible their minds to knowledge. A good Son has left his studies, but is ever applied to them, and this refers not only to a Son that studies, but to all of them: reading and asking good books, and paying special attention to those books that are read in Community, to lectures, spiritual retreats and teachings, and over all, to a steady consideration of teachings during the year.
It is impossible to waste time, because the study is fundamental in the Sons. According to the Divine Mother, their interests must be centered on the study in depth of extraordinary and supernatural things, because perhaps this knowledge may be indispensable: a Son should not remain distracted, and this is his holy duty before God. All Sons share values and responsibilities, and should love their studies, not with rage, but with simplicity, that is, following their routine and being patient, even those who learn with ease.
Let us remember Saint Therese’s words: “A good director must be man of science and discreet”. He must be good and saintly.
The responsibility of the Sons for their souls is tremendous; they have to experience in themselves what they must teach others, like that courageous woman who injected herself a vaccine against an infectious disease before its application to any sick person, to see the result and reaction in her own body. You cannot counsel the souls if your counsel has not been previously experienced in yourself. The Sons must be centered on inner life and must mainly practice mystique and meditation, and if possible, concentration, to experience personally what occurs in souls in general: darkness, light, and good and evil; so tomorrow, when they are instructed to lead and counsel souls, they shall be able to be sure of their good work.
Many Sons were in leading posts that apparently were strange to the spiritual life; but they were near it because spiritual life attains all those who come near the Sons. You must do everything with spiritual sense to raise the soul to a higher level and to take it out of darkness. Even to contact visitors is a spiritual task that demands knowledge and experience; otherwise, you may do much harm and make many mistakes, spoiling many souls that must seek elsewhere what they did not find in the source of the Sons.
But the Sons of Cafh must achieve a universal salvation work. Many souls in the world are claiming to God: “My God, I am thirsty!” And these souls expect light from consecrated souls because there is only one bridge, that of priestly souls that are destined to it.
The Sons are obliged to respond to those souls. But, how can you do this work if you cannot attain every area of the world? By taking perfect care of those souls that are destined to you. If you counted only on one soul and gave it all your love, experience and knowledge, and you teach little by little, not paying attention to how many souls may come later, and you achieve perfectly your spiritual work, the realization of that soul is so great that its expansion attains all souls in the world and all of them can find their own Master.
Your group may consist of seven persons, but if you care of them lovingly, if you give the best you can, and if you are patient and do not work in accordance with your personal values but with divine values, then your work becomes divine and attains all souls; it becomes an impersonal work, attains all areas in the world, and travels through all paths and roads on earth.
The Son ceaselessly must ask that the souls may find their Master at once. He should not think of whom they are or what their color is. Your thought must travel everywhere as if it were a light shining day and night, to seek all those who longer for a path.
Remember, Sons, that the souls are hungry and deprived of spiritual directors. Christ said: “Much is the wheat, but workers are few”. Every office has its own specialty, but very few people are ready for the spiritual life and for one good worker, you have ten mediocre beings in every area.
Sons, always ask of the Divine Mother, as your only good, grace to save souls: to save even only one soul.

Teaching 15: Permanent Renunciation

The Spiritual Retreat is a gift granted every year to the Sons to recover their strength and to consider and feel again their spiritual vocation in all their inner resources. In short, days of spiritual retreat are days of true graces. Today the Divine Mother gives sometimes special lights and graces invigorating, renewing and vivifying a spiritual vocation; other times she gives tremendous dryness, insensibility and sadness, also to revive the spirit. Whether from devotion or from dryness, the Divine Mother always takes great good because She baths the souls in the holy lake of Renunciation, through one abyss or another, which can be divine or of that of human sadness, and always for the sake of the soul and its spiritual progress. It is the glorious or painful festivity, but in the last analysis is festivity.
That is why the last day it is convenient to make a resume and to pose a purpose, and to take something more than mere notes: certain axiomatic and basic sentences to keep them in mind as a bouquet during the rest of the year. A Spiritual Retreat is an oasis in the desert of the human life, and when you reach it, you need to be thirsty of devotion and to drink the abundant water granted there to the Sons.
These Teachings aim at an intensification of the concept and love of the Fundamental Vow. You have considered how by seeing the illusion of all things and of the void of human things, your soul attains renunciation; and that renunciation is the only way of Cafh and of every soul.
Renunciation is the way to salvation and life for the future race; a nobler and freer soul, bearing peace and joy to Humanity.
But these teachings have disclosed the innermost depths of the soul in a more intense way, because external words do not build the work, but what you feel within: a Son lives the everlasting hour, not a dimensional time but a unique time: the eternal hour, of grace.
A mystical death has placed the Ordained Son outside time, to live always in God and in His Divine Presence. The higher is the intensity of his life before God, the wider is that time in which he lives, because past, future and present are condensed in this hour for his offering to God. Now, time is non-existent; you live the Everlasting Hour.
Sometimes, even for those Sons in the spiritual path, one hour or another Truth comes, but when this knowledge comes, you understand it in a complete and very intense way. This is not so because the concept on Renunciation was revealed today or yesterday, but because today souls are fit to understand it. How many times have they read teachings about spiritual development and other lessons, but the latter did not attain their hearts until a time when these people were fit to receive them? And when their hearts get them, it is as if they never had known them, because at this instant, they have lived the Everlasting Hour, outside time, and could attain the Divine and Universal Teaching in an extensive way. This Teaching is ever near, in all times, but attains the heart when the latter escapes from time and lives the Unique and Everlasting Hour.
This knowledge about greatness of spiritual vocation has placed the Son in the presence of God and has revealed the secret of life, which is perfect simplicity of feelings, ideas and actions. But men complicate things, try to find solutions and strive after man, and do nothing. Everything becomes death and destruction in their hands. Only going out of time, being in the presence of God through self-renunciation, and dying in a complete and mystical way, they can reach that great inner simplicity that is participation of the soul in the Divine Life.
Understood as unique salvation of the world, embraced by Holy Vows, and inevitably lived through acts and rhythm of Community, it leads in an inevitable way to a mystique, that is, to certain style of living that is expansive and inner. Then this soul, which is dead, still neither desires the way to be united with God, nor ecstasy, nor visions, nor revelations, nor bliss, nor enlightenment. So, a soul acquires an entirely characteristic mystique: that of ashes, which only an Ascetic Renunciation and Mystique of the Heart can grant: Even one memory of his personality does not remain, and he is only a little heap of ashes, over there, before the altar of the Divine Mother.
But a soul that followed this mystique of apparent annihilation lives a new life in the Eternity; this soul does not live in the world, in which all beings come into being, grow and die, but in the Eternity, in which beings neither die, nor change nor are subject to inner transformations caused by their physiological, psychological or spiritual state; always they live in the same state of understanding, enlightenment and expansive ecstasy.
There a soul understands and realizes the divine mystery of “egoentia”, which does not remove any real value, but only illusory values. A psychical personality is just a shadow projected on the wall of the reality.
Many Sons do not understand this state of union between the soul and God, and believe that this means to be absorbed in the Divinity. This cannot be so because otherwise the entire process of evolution would be useless: even the tiniest grain of sand cannot get lost if God is the absolute state that comprises everything. The soul is assimilated to such an extent with the Eternity that lives in God and makes no difference between God and soul, but keeps its entire existence ever present in God's all-consciousness, an existence developed since the instant when God appears like duality in the created Universe.
Renunciation creates new values, for it disposes of established values. The nothing is ever nothing, and the nothing can live. A man that experiences his own annihilation, and renounces and mystically dies, loses human values and acquires divine values; then he remains as experience, and teaches the world.
The true and universal Teaching is granted to all beings; dogmatic teachings are kept by great religions of the world, and the Masters grant prophetically great teachings to their disciples.
Finally, since Renunciation is a permanent holocaust of life, is not only unique good and unique mean of salvation for a soul that embraced it, but also unique mean to help the world and redeem Humanity.
We have explained in detail how a soul does good even renouncing to it for the sake of the world; this soul recognizes its own nothing as if it were misery, sees that can do nothing at all, and that all his doings, even with the best intention, sometimes gets a bad result. A soul, as an assistant of Humanity, has the Gift of being co-redeemer for the salvation of Humanity, not like a philanthropist. None can do anything for anyone else because what you do externally is destined to perish. A soul must die mystically, giving its blood and life. Nothing external is valuable, with the exception of those things that you give in a way intimate, profound and absolute. Only a soul, who renounces to everything, dies and offers mystically its life, can help Humanity, not through a violent death, but through a mystical death, every hour in the lifetime like a little drop of blood given for love.
This unique and divine vision of your vocation will bring to your heart a new fervor, entirely renewed. Sons must remain hidden in their hearts, before the abyss of their nothing, to become an abyss of divine greatness in which they are called to take part in order to learn how the great secret of Renunciation is and how limited they are that in essence are nothing, and that their possibilities are very rare, because the human condition is smallness and nothing, and also is something fleeting and impermanent that ceaselessly dies. When beings recognize this nothing through their mystical death, in is secret place of the heart, they understand, feel and realize the eternal, infinite and universal space. Space disappears as dimension, measure and geometrical and unique figure, and remains as intensity and divine state. Into their mystical death, their Community and their Radius of Stability, they realize the Universe, the entire space created by God from the beginning of the Eternity until its end. There they see how time, races and Humanity pass, and how cycles and new civilizations begin, grow and decay, because this is the divine and cosmic deposit, and just there they can share with God His expansion in the Eternity.
Those souls must remain locked therein, in their mystical sepulcher, like nothing before a divine totality, and look the abyss of the human nothing and the everlasting abyss of the divine greatness in which everything exists and lives, and nothing dies. From that place they must be true co-redeemers of Humanity beside the Great Savior, and from there they may dare to see a time to come, so unknown to man, but that acquires intense clarity before the eyes of whoever has no eyes to see this world now.
In fact, the Sons of Renunciation, called to this earth just to fulfill their mission of mystical death, have been sent to prepare the ways of the Great Savior in a terrible and hard time for Humanity. From June 16th, 1945, all men that survived were destined to see the beginning of a new race. On that day, they prepared, in the American desert, the first atomic bomb whose energy was like an unknown and overwhelming monster that paralyzed all senses. From that time on, we entered the new era of the race.
During the nineteenth century, Humanity made a perfect individual research; matter is observed, analyzed and investigated, and man unravels the deepest secrets that he can acquire and know. All that today we gather is a work that was made the past century. Men belonging to individualism, materialism, existentialism and phenomena made the greatest sacrifice that a being can do: they forgot God and the spirit; and as materialists, they remained closed to know only their own things, and to possess it to the full. So, they gave to successive generations a chance to investigate the field of energies.
Seemingly, this new race possesses the entire energy of God because He granted to man an immense power to control the physical energy. Man, into his materialism, is in a position to find a window in order to get out and find God.
But, instead of creating new life, this man-child made use of this divine power for death and destruction, and deadly karma took form from the beginning. He flung an unstoppable stone, and forcefully it will fall. The destiny of Humanity is to perish: destruction and death.
Instead of taking the gift to enter the world with a sense of individual good, man has taken it as a collective power, of groups, and has put on it a seal of destruction and death.
But what did man achieve from 1945 to 1955? Mind stopped being individual to become collective and controlled by a state that makes use of it for death. Sages, those great souls who believed in a new chance for an energetic world, became prisoners of a great power or of someone else. They cannot escape. The state brain controls them and totally destroys their individual will. And these great collective brains have only produced atomic energy, but not for the sake of Humanity but in a defensive sense, that is, for destructive purposes. The future of the world is destruction, and we are still waiting, but this is just a moment in which the wild beast remains hidden and mindful: it will take its longest, surer and more lethal jump to destroy its prey: Humanity.
During these last ten years –years of destruction in the world– also we have seen spiritual forces that have emerged. As soon as a danger appears, man forms inner defenses, and creates new cerebral centers like a defense against evil.
All great elements that prepared in the world the coming of the new race were all of a national kind: for instance, Gandhi. They loves Humanity, but worked for their people, for their race. Today there is a new awakening: great men become universal and benefactors of the entire Humanity.
New values emerge in the world to counteract this great destruction, and two great powers of our time will be thrown down by new spiritual powers that come into being. Sons, remember the vision of the lion and the bear. On a plateau, by an abyss, a lioness faces a huge bear, and tries to attract him by her female (diplomatic) arts. The bear is hardly seduced; then she tries to hurt his neck, aims badly, and later tries with his belly, but the bear, almost grazed, destroys the neck of the lioness by his powerful claws, but his blow was so violent that the two fall in the deep abyss: those two great powers will be destroyed. But a part of the world will be saved.
The Sons are in the current of spiritual beings and their mission is not only that of co-redeemers of Humanity, but also of assistance to save the rest of the race. Poor that Son who says no, and comes back to the world!
The Sons are building bridges of salvation by their renunciation; they are possible saviors of this race that is about to be destroyed, and at the same time, prepare the coming of the Savior. How much work for a little group of men and women! But they will have strength to stand this tremendous burden only by thinking that they take part in this divine work. And they are supported not only by this, but also by the Divine Love of Maitreya. May that love enter their spiritual matrix and form an atom of that power that will create the body of the Divine Initiate. Ideally form this divine figure that has to save Humanity. However you may do much, it will be useless if He does not come to the earth.
Sons, pray Him to come and put His Hand so that the unavoidable destruction is not so awful. Pray for the salvation of many beings. May your spirit of renunciation be such that you may attract many beings toward Renunciation as the only salvation way.

Teaching 16: Saint Francesca Romana

After a Holy Retreat, it is indispensable to consider the blissful Eternity, source of Message, assistance and consolation; we must cross this bridge to achieve our ideal –which leads from this miserable life to Eternal Life– remembering those Patrons, Holy Masters, spiritual guides and companions that have preceded us and constantly extend their hands to the Sons to cross quickly the bridge. We must remember our Patron, Saint Francesca Romana, so that the Sons, by the image of her virtues on earth, may ever deserve to be Her companions on the invisible heavenly Tables.
Of the souls that lived a life of renunciation and purity, and were not only worthy of imitation, but also irradiated a magnetic power, one of them was Saint Francesca Romana.
In biographies of saints, heroes and great men, sometimes their authors neglect a basic question in these beings, digress and explain their lives and doings, and do not come to the point, that is, to their souls to observe therein their wonderful substance.
So, in Saint Francesca Romana we must observe her virtue: her basic treasure. A virtue acquired on the earth is a fundamental good, something inborn that grows along with virtues. This central virtue, this essential quality of the soul, gives power and is like a center of projection irradiating and vivifying every soul. Francesca’s virtue is her absolute chastity: mental, moral and physical. It is a gift that she brings from the Eternity and keeps with her. Her living and doings become transcendent round this virtue.
She is really Daughter of Cafh! She possesses all elements for a perfect renunciation projected on future centuries. This power emanates from her chastity, from her absolutely desired purity.
May you imagine the torment of a soul born for purity, forced to be married by the law?
At the age of nine, she looks at the sky and says to her mother: “I am the wife of God”. But what do parents know about these things? Everybody says these are things of children. And some awful day, her parents personally arrange her marriage with an old man who not only ignores what is spiritual life in depth, but also entirely knows the science of the worldly evil.
Here is a current of chastity and purity covered in mud, not in that of vice but in human mud. Perchance is not this the first Francesca’s martyrdom? It is as if they had thrown her to the street.
Her parents do not understand. In her infancy, she cried when someone touched her, an old maid says after the saint passed away. But her parents laugh at it and do not realize that her soul has been called to purity.
But the divine design is behind all this: “You will attain full renunciation through this path”.
Not surprisingly, this horror-stricken innocent youngster, at the age of twelve or thirteen, falls seriously ill. She is about to die; it is impossible that she may survive. Her most pure soul rejects carnal miseries. Death will be a blessing for this soul for the mere presence of her husband is as if she were dying. But God always grants to a soul another soul to understand her: her sister-in-law, a companion in her spiritual life. Her sister-in-law says to that man not to come to Francesca’s room if he wants her recovery. Then, far from this conjugal dilemma, she feels better. But she cannot get totally better, and a fever consumes her: it is a divine fever, of desired sanctity. And one night, Saint Alexis appears and talks to her about self-sacrifice: “Gods wants for you to become mother. Come and thank God. You will begin being a family mother, carrying a heavy cross”. Next morning she says to her sister-in-law: “Come, I want to get up and thank Alexis, because he says I am healed”. She gets up and the two run to thank God. Then God grants the first child to her.
Motherhood purifies her feeling. She sees her own purification through motherhood. Despite her sanctified marriage and despite her Spiritual Director’s words in the sense that this is always her duty and her sacrifice, she will continue to spit blood every time his husband comes near, but she will go forward and will fulfill her mission.
This pain grants children to her.
She is a flower of sanctity, even in conjugal life, because however conjugal it may be, it is always sin. And from this continuous martyrdom, during his entire life, she gets strength to become mother of all beings. She protects all those women that will become mothers, and feels this love for all distressed Christ’s members and for those who are sick and bear deadly pains.
Here are her words: “Since I could not devote to God in an isolated place, I want heal Humanity. God grants me strength to do some good in the world”.
For years, Romana will be an angel for all helpless and sick people; oil of her lamp will heal the latter with no exception.
But she has to be an exemplar of living martyrdom for chastity. Anxiously she will hanker during her entire life for returning to the purity of her childhood. The Lord has given her the mission of being a mother and by the burden of conjugal sin she will pay for sins of all beings. Christ says to her: “You should pay for those who do wrong. I wished for you to be my wife, so you must be mother of all beings of mine”.
Two of her three children die, and the other is taken hostage by political enemies of his husband, who belonged to one of the main families in the city. Everything comes down round her. She bears every possible sorrow in a family mother, but her inner strength remains entirely live.
Instead of her children, God provides her with an angel that will be ever with her. Finally God gives her back Battista, her only son alive, and also her husband, battered, distressed and ruined, and she continues her sanctifying work for the souls.
According to an author of her time, the poor kissed her footsteps and even went down in their knees and kiss her. They called her Angel of God.
During her ecstasy, Christ says: “You are mother of your children and wife, but here above you will be my wife, for you fulfilled the will that I imposed on you”.
During her long ecstasies, her body is like that of a virgin. “Seemingly she is a virgin of the Lord”, her companions say.
Years and years of martyrdom pass by. His husband is old and sick, and she cares of him lovingly. He asks to stay in her room: she has fulfilled her human mission, but this stubborn man says: “I want the wife that God gave to me”, and the confessor says this is her duty.
Whenever his husband touches her, she vomits blood. They feel that he will die, but God keeps her on earth. Francesca has to be an exemplar of great renunciation, chastity and fulfillment of the duty. Finally, one day her husband looks at her and says: “How could God give me such a useless mate! You would better go with God!” At the end, he understands her sanctity. From that day on, in ecstasy, none can interfere between her living flesh and her flesh that resists.
Oh splendid chaste daughter, oh Patron of the Daughters! Over all, she is a really chaste soul, who could have said: “I suffered much. All my life I dreamt of reuniting virgins round me, and I achieved it. I do not want for you my past suffering. I want for you to be protected here by the splendid flower given by the Lord. Beautify it through inner and detached life, observance and, over all, renunciation, which is chastity, divinity and crown of virtues: a supernatural chastity.
Sons, look many times at your Protector, not when there are temptations, since temptations are non-existent in Mother’s House, but when there is carnal temptation like wrath, gluttony, sloth and indolence. Look at Francesca and her angel: she is a really chaste expression of pure and holy living, and at once her power will come to them, will communicate with your beings and grant new strength to you.
Sons, believe that God granted many gifts to her but there is one that is greater than all: that of being able to remain pure and say: “Ego sum sponsa tua”.
No good is so great or lofty, because even those beings that stay in the mud recognize that good. May this gift become a sure offering of your total renunciation and triumph. May this divine gift be the holy hand of Francesca extended to them and inviting them to cross the bridge from life to Eternity.
Wives of Christ, take care of your crown –your chastity– and keep this treasure granted by God to you because you will travel through the Way carrying this gift.


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