Teaching 1: Cosmic Ether
Teaching 2: Sacrum Wheel
Teaching 3: Control Wheel
Teaching 4: Sun Wheel
Teaching 5: Heart Wheel
Teaching 6: Sonoriferous Wheel
Teaching 7: Sight Wheel
Teaching 8: Crown Wheel
Teaching 9: Life Renovation
Teaching 10: Overcoming Fear
Teaching 11: Achieving the Power
Teaching 12: The Main Road
Teaching 13: The Voice of the Silence
Teaching 14: The Third Eye
Teaching 15: The Lotus of One-Thousand Petals
Teaching 16: Flowers of Ether



Teaching 1: Cosmic Ether

It is the energetic power of the Universe that brings into being seven cosmic ethers, so as God, being originally One, is divided into seven rays.
Here is the explanation of the energy of these seven rays and their power.
These seven ethers reach our planetary system, permeate stars and planets, and the latter at a time pour their influence on Earth.
The seven ethers are as follows:

Number 7: Odoriferous Ether
Number 6: Gustiferous Ether
Number 5: Luminiferous Ether
Number 4: Tactiferous Ether
Number 3: Sonoriferous Ether
Number 2: Dimensional Ether
Number 1: Synthetic Ether

Number 1: it is called synthesis ether because reunites all others in itself.
Every one of these ethers, or vibrations that, as you have seen, are basically one, breaks down as forms and colors through vibration.
Number 7: it is yellow physically, and orange, astrally.
Number 6: it is white physically, and violet, astrally.
Number 5: it is red physically, and red astrally.
Number 4: it is blue physically, and green, astrally.
Number 3: it is black physically, and deep blue, astrally.
Number 2: it is colorless physically, and yellow, astrally.
Number 1: it is colorless physically, and sums up astrally in itself the multicolor spectrum.
Number 7: of square form, earth is its respective element.
Number 6: of crescent Moon form, water is its respective element.
Number 5: of triangular form, fire is its respective element.
Number 4: of spiral form, air is its respective element.
Number 3: of circular form, ether is its respective element.
The form of numbers 2 and 1 will be given in due time.
This does not mean that every one of these ethers are completely detached from others; for example, one molecule of ether, composed by eight atoms, has four atoms of prevailing ether and one of every one of the rest.
It is he who knows how to handle rightly these forces that controls the power of the Universe.
Their seat is in Centers of astral forces or ethereal wheels; ganglia, plexuses and glands contain them in the physical body, and influence from there the Being beneficially or harmfully.
Those seven ethers have the same number of related centers in the astral body.
In the physical body, these seven centers of force are synthetically, as a whole, in the brain, and widely, in the spine.
The power of these centers is neuter.
These centers combined among them give life to forty nine other centers of force; their center is in the heart, and they act on the Being with negative force; this center has other hundred-one centers of force, which direct and assemble blood vessels among them.
The rest of centers of force are seventy two, and come from combined neuter and negative ethers, and are positive. Their center is in the navel, a little above genital organs, and rules the nervous system of the Being.
These seventy two centers have seventy two thousand secondary centers in the human body.
Those ethereal wheels are reflected on the astral body, instead of belonging to the energetic body, and are not divided but superposed: the prevailing wheel stands out.
In the physical body, the cosmic ether is in the coccygeal area. When these ethereal wheels acquire force and come into action, this sleeping princess wakes up and stands up, climbing through the spine, or rather, coiling; eventually, she reaches the brain and awakens her true and real nature in the Being.
She ascends by the right and descends by the left; right is positive, and left, negative. This cosmic ether upward and downward is called ascent of “IHS to the Mount”, and its descent, “Mother’s Tomb”.
The Sacrum plexus is the first physical center to wake up.
The splenic center is the second physical center to wake up.
The solar plexus is the third physical center to wake up.
The Heart plexus is the fourth physical center to wake up.
The Larynx plexus is the fifth physical center to wake up.
The carotid plexus is the sixth physical center to wake up.
The crown plexus is the seventh physical center to wake up.
They are like root in a plant; the flower sprouts in the astral plane.
The Sacrum plexus reflects its astral spectrum at genital organ level, and is in tune with nose, feet and smell of the individual.
The splenic plexus source is over genital organs, goes across liver and spleen, and reflects its astral spectrum on left side; it influences tongue, taste and knees.
The solar plexus source is in navel, goes across the physical solar plexus and reflects its astral spectrum on the same center; it influences eyes, colors and elbows.
The heart plexus source is on the xiphoid appendix area, goes across the heart, is reflected on the center of the chest, and influences skin, touch and hands.
The larynx plexus source is at the basis of the throat with bifurcated form, goes across the thyroid cartilage, is reflected on the astral spectrum at the whole area of the throat, till the mouth level, and influences ears, sound and hips.
The carotid plexus source is at the area of the frontal bone, goes across the hypophysis, and reflects its astral spectrum on the forehead; it will influence future winds, the a-dimensional sense, and shoulders.
The crown plexus is in the pineal gland or epiphysis, and in due time will influence certain organs and senses of the Being.


Teaching 2: Sacrum Wheel

Many texts deal with the cosmic power contained in the human body, and never agree to determine where these forces actually are. So, one has to be as clear as possible.
The triangle where the great power of the cosmic ether rests is at the coccygeal area. This point is reflected on the astral body with the form of a shining triangle. An ancient philosopher says, “The shine of one hundred suns together exceeds Kundalini’s light”.
Hindus usually call this secret power Kundalini.
When the cosmic ether acquires strength, or rather, when it finds free way to go up through the spine, ascends to right, coiling in the sympathetic nerve, settles first on the navel, later on the heart, and finally on the brain; and always coiling, descends by left.
Upward movement is positive, or solar; stabilization movement is neuter, or of fire, and downward movement is negative, or lunar.
Divine Beings have their seat of cosmic ether constantly in the brain. Beings quite spiritual and evolved have their seat of cosmic ether in the heart, and never below.
In ordinary beings, although the power goes up to the brain, goes back after it descends slowly to the sacrum chamber or coccigeal area.
When the ether ascends, one breathes by the right nasal cavity, and when it descends, one does by the left nasal cavity. This is why, all actions need push and force, for instance, eating, walking and working, and have to be with breath by the right nasal cavity, while actions requiring calm, for instance, digesting, sleeping and recovering from nervous diseases, must be with breathe by the left nasal cavity.
Above the coccygeal area, in the sacrum plexus, is the root of the first ethereal wheel, or sacrum wheel. This wheel is the only one reflected on the astral body like a flower with languid petals. When it is inactive, its color is yellow with reddish ramifications, but if it is active, its color is orange red.
If the force moving the wheels is positive, they revolve like vortices, from left to right, and while the pushing force is negative, they revolve from right to left.
Its tonalities are ever changing, between orange yellow and red, and when it is fully active, you see it as an orange and red Maltese cross.
When the wheel is still, its color is pretty yellow, and its form, square; every manifestation of the odoriferous ether takes this form
Every person takes his characteristic smell from this center of forces. Particularly it brings into action genital organs and locomotion. It is reflected on the feet and tip of one’s nose, and communicates with the center of Earth. Mercury has a prevailing emanation power on this center. Hindus call it generation-regeneration power center; This is why they paint on it a white elephant carrying on its back the Boy Creator, or vital principle of Earth.


Teaching 3: Control Wheel

The Wheel that we will describe contains the power of absorption and repulsion of cosmic forces. This is why nobody dares exactly to speak publicly about it, because this power would be very dangerous in the event of being used by inexperienced hands; also, not all students of esoteric philosophy agree to define its effects or place where it is.
Hindus place it between anus and genital organs, and consider it as supplementing the Sacrum Wheel; on the other hand, Westerners place it in the spleen, and attribute it assimilation-distribution power of the sunrays in the human system.
Above genital organs, more exactly on the pubic area, it is the source of this filament, which ascends as a bifurcated branch to spleen and liver, and later unites with the splenic plexus and comes up as a wonderful wheel with changing colors on the astral plane. The faster is its progress, the more combined are its colors, and form a rainbow apparently veiled by a white gauze.
When this wheel is still, its color is whitish, but this white hast violet hues, and three bright red beautiful petals to right, and three to left.
Its white color with violet hues prevails when it revolves rapidly, because the violet color corresponds to higher vibration; the bright red color becomes more intense when the speed slows down, since red color denotes slowness.
The planet Venus influences intensely this center; this is why it rules over the knees that are a water tank in the human being; it is the center of taste and savor, settled supreme in one’s mouth. Its organ is the liver; its plexus, the splenic one; and its glands, the suprarenal ones.
Its power is double, represented as two quarters of the Moon; the Dragon, emblem of superior power, guards the lower quarter of the Moon, and does not permit man to suffer of any higher unbearable power.
The astral body goes out through this wheel while we sleep and remain detached. This is why it corresponds to the astral plane.
Its power is that of contraction; all cosmic forces, all constructive and destructive powers enter one’s being through it; it is the control of the whole system of man. It keeps harmony between physical and astral plane, and overabundant or negative elements are removed through it while we sleep.
One must check this center; otherwise we are unable to become detached from our physical body or to move to the astral plane.
This center is that of personal control; our being remains secluded or open in regard to life through it.
The Specter at the Threshold is ever there, sitting at the threshold, as an implacable enemy to those who want to go beyond human limits. He blocks the way to higher worlds.


Teaching 4: Sun Wheel

This center of force contains the whole power of the energetic plane. As a true sun of the human and personal system of every living being, it attracts and repels continuously and irresistibly.
Man grows and becomes strong, longs for, fights and conquers through this center; and the will and strength decrease through it; it implies power and destruction. This power shines and emanates from one’s eyes when it creates and builds; and is expelled by the anus when it decreases and destroys. It settles and gets new strength through the elbows.
Its characteristic form is triangular. The triangle oscillates according to the power expressed.
Light and heat, varying forms, multiple expressions of created things and fire, and the divine Agni that destroys everything, go along with this luminiferous wheel, so that nature and force recover their strength.
Mars is an influencing planet, and the animal emblem of this sign is a dark ram, or a strong lion.
But the most wonderful thing in this wheel is its varying colors; in rest, it is red, terribly red; it is entirely green in a person that removed every passion; when it is in motion, its ten petals fuse each other and alternately become red and green, illusively. But when it creates or builds, its red color acquires more intensity, as if it were living blood, and its green color becomes more shining, like a field flooded by sunrays.
Its wheel is terrible when destroys; its color becomes ashy, as when thick clouds cover the sky; and the more it revolves, the darker it becomes crossed by flashes of lightning.
This wheel acquires this color a little before death of a man.
The above-described wheels correspond relatively to thick parts of beings and cosmic planes, that is, Physical, Astral and Energetic.


Teaching 5: Heart Wheel

The human heart contains the secret of the Universe according to our teachings, and the power emanated from it and reflected on the astral plane, with the most beautiful of wheels, is primordial indeed.
We are properly told that the goddess ruling over this center of forces is yellow and has three eyes because the power of the heart creates, preserves and destroys, even when, according to Hindus, it is mental, astral and physical.
When this power creates, then it joins with the object created by assimilating and becoming this object, and rules over the world with a well-known force called love.
When this power preserves, then it embellishes everything and grants an attractive hue that converts familiar things into seemingly different things with something ever new so far unnoticed; it is source of art, aesthetics, rhythm, in short, of all beautiful things.
When this power destroys, then it hates, cuts up links, breaks barriers, moves away, gets weary, kills, inflicts suffering, and runs away; out of this power, a person is jealous, breaks oaths and promises, envies, betrays and finally dies.
The element air rules over this wheel, and influences the physical body, skin and hands, and stimulates the sense of touch.
The source of this center is the xiphoid appendix, goes across the heart and goes out through the spinal center in the heart area, and shines on the astral world as a glowing twelve-petal vortex.
When this power destroys, is smoky, and when preserves, bluish green; when it creates, shines like the sun. When it stays immobile, is hexagonal; the hexagon is smoky, the wheel on which this hexagon is reflected, bluish green, and petals, red.
Eastern texts include a black antelope in this center.
Jupiter is the planet companion in this center of air, with strong puffs moving away and bringing near; its gland is the thymus in the human body; its plexus, the heart plexus; and its organs, lungs and heart.
You may see a little wheel in motion, on the astral ether, beneath the big wheel of the heart; in the majority of men, this little wheel can be detected as a little petal of rose, but it takes the form of a rose in full bloom, with eight petals, in those beings who meditate habitually. In the event of not being fully developed, four petals of this rose are pink, and other four, dark. The wonderful emblem of the Rosicrucians is based on this image.
Here is the Divine Mother’s tomb and the seat of the ethereal force in evolved beings, –those who do not need to found it on the sacrum plexus.
This power rules over blood circulation and divides blood vessels into forty nine groups; a characteristic power presides at each blood vessel.


Teaching 6: Sonoriferous Wheel

The root of the extremely powerful wheel presiding at the earthly atmospheric ether is at the basis of the throat, goes across the thyroid cartilage, coils around thyroid glands, goes out through the chin area, and is reflected on the astral plane, on a level with the throat.
This wheel is with all sound, from the most tenuous to the most intense.
This wheel has created one’s ears and influences them, and copied the spiral shape of one’s ears and inner ears from its own undulating form. This wheel brings about from the littlest spires that produce weak sounds to the biggest spires that produce the strongest sounds; in the physical body, it is represented by the form of one’s hips and by its influence on them.
Its ethereal color, in rest, is greenish blue with little pink or black striations; when it starts moving, its blue is gradually deeper, and in the state of perfect vibrational harmony, is silvery, exactly like sea waves when the full moon light falls on them at a cloudless night.
At its extremely high and negative vibrational state, the blue color becomes indigo and black, but a shining black. This is a little rehearsal of the future wonderful universal vibration at the time of the Great Rest, that is, the Mahâpralaya.
This wheel is directly related to mental senses, and not to astral or physical senses, and the intellectual and rational state of Humanity develops under its control.
This wheel influences thyroid and parathyroid glands that regulate the energy of the individual being. Thyroxin influences and accelerates one’s general metabolism, and improves intellectual development and its rapid activities; like the parathyroid gland that fixes and regulates blood calcium along with vitamin D, thyroxin keeps the energy in blood circulation.
Many cell unbalance diseases are exclusive products of lack or excess of hormones in one’s system.
This is why, the supreme power of this wheel does not consist in reaching a high vibrational state that would simply mean destruction; it consists in keeping a harmonious and undulated vibrational state.


Teaching 7: Sight Wheel

The mental substance has its astral seat at the sight wheel that, out of its significance, sums up the above-described wheels. One can achieve, through it, the Supreme Vision of spiritual Knowledge.
The physical seat of this ether, which can be called “dimensional” because is beyond physical and energetic laws, and ruled by merely mental laws, is in the hypophysis, has repercussion in the brain, is reflected on the brow, and influences shoulders, that is, wings of the future man.
The astral size of this wheel is, even ordinarily, much bigger than that of other wheels.
In n rest, it looks like two big open wings; thence the emblem of Mercury’s winged helmet, and Walkyries’.
In motion, it looks like a wheel sunk in the middle. Its color is partially pink blue and partially pink yellow. But under high vibration, its color is indescribably white.
In motion, this wheel emits radiation increased or reduced in terms of its rapid movement. According to Leadbeater, there are seventy six vibrations, which however depend, as we said, on the potential movement.
This wheel is in direct touch with the intuitive state of the Universe, and one’s will has its seat on this wheel.
All things seen in the physical, astral or mental world are subject to its control; This is why astral or mental clairvoyance responds to the development of this center of force.
Its corresponding planet is the Moon.
Its animal emblem is the butterfly, out of its similarity with the hypophysis gland. According to some writings, its emblem is a beetle, swan or bird. This is why inhabitants of Easter Island, descendants of Lemurians and Atlanteans, and spontaneous clairvoyants, would revere, as Supreme Divinity, the image of a bird that, with its open wings, symbolizes and looks like this wheel.


Teaching 8: Crown Wheel

This center of forces is called Crown Wheel because comes up as an aura over the head, and its form is that of a skullcap.
Its color is very white, but its center, golden, with twelve petals around and later, exactly like petals of a flower, they are more and more numerous, and eventually come to thousand radiations approximately.
Scales in Gautama Buddha’s hairdo mean this Crown Wheel; the same symbol can be found in Pharaoh’s hairdos, Christian women usually covering their heads in the temple, and the Hebrew prohibition of officiating bareheaded.
Petals are downward in this wheel, specially when the individual being sits in meditation or in state of passive mystique, as in Gautama Buddha’s meditations, but when he works and pours spiritual forces, these petals rise and form a wonderful hallo, which looks like that of Byzantine Christs’ heads.
In this case the white color changes and shines like the Sun, and in accordance with the spiritual work in action, it becomes multicolor and forms one synthetic hue that we may call violet.
Characteristic planet of this wheel is the sun, and its essential quality is matter itself, as according to Hindus, Purusha and Prakriti together.
In the physical body, this substance, settled at the pineal gland, influences the crown plexus and vibrates along the spine, using the medulla itself.
The spiritual world communicates with the three worlds –mental, energetic and material– through this power. This is why its development implies high spiritual evolution, and bestows his possessors the gift of spontaneous wisdom or infuse science.
All other centers, described in precedent teachings, are summarized and synthesized in this center of forces.
The Vedic Books explain the union of seven centers in one, and describe them as very subtle fibers superposed.
According to these Books, the ether there located is thin like the hundredth part of fiber found in a lotus stem; the ether there placed is as subtle as the thousandth part of the tip of one hair, and shines like the light of all suns together; and that another ether, placed in the latter, is as subtle as the ten-millionth part of the tip of one hair.
According to Vedic texts, these three centers of force have women’s aspect, and the three others, locked in them, men’s aspect, since they say these very subtle ethers enter the place of liberation through the three lingams.
When the individual ether entered and united there with the cosmic ether, this charming substance, the luminous Kundalini, slowly starts her return to the early abode of the Sacrum Wheel.

Teaching 9: Life Renovation

An intense and terrible power emanates continuously from the Sacrum plexus in order to preserve life of man constantly; these forces remain partially stored in one’s genital organs.
These forces, concentrated in the coccygeal area like an electric charge, from there they push and form spermatic and germinal cells settled in the testicles and ovary.
Generation is made through these glands, but the act of begetting is not its only purpose.
In the last few years, science has proved that the genital glands, besides their external function, have an endocrine function that produces hormones that excite and stimulate our blood.
This inner secretion flows directly on the blood; the preservation, balance and youth of the system are dependent upon the abundance or scarcity of these hormones.
What secret power can inexorably wear away and age a man, even with no organic diseases?
Why do genetic forces decrease in old age, while they remain active in youth?
Because the sexual stimulus activates the said glands and enriches the blood with exciting hormones of youth.
The individual being, conscious of this secret power, has to stimulate his glands under the impulse of his sexual instinct, but also has to be able to do through the conscious action of his will.
He has to re-establish that which degenerated and to improve that which declined in the physical body by exercising a life renovation that is called transmutation.
The sacrum plexus receives directly its forces from the ethereal sacrum wheel, and when transmutation takes place through exercise, the astral center communicates directly with the center of the earth, where there is a center of renewing and vivifying forces of the whole planet; so, it withdraws from it a powerful energy that, poured on the system by the sacrum plexus, awakens and rejuvenates totally one’s being.
This ethereal fire, this power of the planet that renews human energies, has been masterly described by Rider Haggard in his novel “She”.
Also modern science, based on this principle, has started medulla grafts of young animal genital glands in decrepit persons in order to renew their energies; but these experiments will be soon forgotten because as long as they rejuvenate the individual being, delay his spiritual progress.
The future scientific rejuvenation will be made with cosmic energies and earthly radiation behind the form of ultra-short waves.
From immemorial times, religions and philosophies have closely linked the control of the genital function with spiritual development.
It is indispensable to stop these forces so that all of them do not go outward: they must be forced, out of an action of resistance, to seek new ways and go directly to one’s blood in order to enrich it with strength and vitality. The seminal liquid –true elixir of life– is as worth as life itself.
It is sexual continence the most advisable thing for transmutation; but, without continence, it would not be enough to transmute these outer forces into inner forces if one does not practice certain exercises. Also, this inner force has to transform matter into energy, and energy into mind by means of these exercises.
Progress and development in this Wheel can be detected in the subject by his odoriferous emanations.
Transmutation purifies blood and renews tissues, and as long as this process takes place, our skin emits a fetid sweating, which sometimes is unbearable and comes from our feet. As long as the exercise goes on, this smell changes gradually: first it is like that of fresh milk, which is characteristic in children; later, it smells well, as something clean; and finally, our regenerated body is fragrant like a flower, like a nard.
Particularly, feet and genital organs do not smell bad in pure and chaste persons.
Women express the sexual desire through the smell secreted by their Bartolino’s glands; but these glands emit lily smell in pure women. We are told that a chaste woman “smells like lilies”.
Of course, the exercise of life renovation preserves organic cells from decay; particular cases confirm this: in all religions, many bodies of saints remain incorrupt and spread a sweet fragrance.
The body becomes sensitive not only with the odoriferous ether, but also with outer smells.

Teaching 10: Overcoming Fear

The astral body forms protective vortices around the physical body, particularly concentrated on the splenic plexus. These vortices mean certain restriction: they do not permit the man to leave the circle traced to sustain his personality, and his system just becomes accessible to those indispensable forces to sustain his being, his mental expansion and his spiritual development.
The man that can manage his Control Wheel at will is totally self-possessed because he shall only admit forces that can keep a perfect balance among all their parts, physically, mentally and spiritually.
Fear influences the man and blocks the access of cosmic forces strange to his intimacy. A man with no fear cannot be cautious; a man with no fear cannot strive for his wellbeing and protection against danger and disease. In short, in the early times of human development, fear was a teacher who forced a self-search in all beings; for fear to death, man found the existence of a future life; for fear of death, man learnt to guard against danger and to foster this civilization that we enjoy today. For this fear, the one-time controller, today became the Threshold specter, like an enemy blocking one’s way and saying, “You won’t pass”.
A disciple who wants to acquire astral and spiritual powers must be owner of his fear and of the Control Wheel.
Fear is like a light and beneficial toxic: it permits the access of a negative cosmic wave to the Control Wheel, which shakes and keeps him alert. But like a toxic that in small quantity is harmless, fear permits the access to the Control Wheel of big quantities of negative waves that destroy the individual being.
Not only fear enters the Control Wheel, but also every wave contributing to sustain the individual being.
A disciple governs these forces with right will and constant exercise, and just permits the access of all those forces that are more necessary to sustain his balance. A man can attract that which he wishes and reject that which is troublesome when this power is quite developed: an emblem of this is the sword on the left femur of knights, and according to Hindus, one removes the enemies through the spleen.
This power not only removes external forces, but also permits the man to lead outside his astral body and soar over other areas.
This center forms clear and shining vortices around the astral body, but when this center is in deficit, slow waves permeate it and form stains, folds and blurs.
There is the source of physical, nervous and mental diseases that particularly are a negative current concentrated and expecting the due moment to infiltrate into the physical body and to destroy it partially or totally.

Teaching 11: Achieving the Power

One can properly say about a man with shining chest, who developed the solar plexus, related to the Sun Wheel, that he possesses strength and power.
This terrible center gives a disciple who could develop it, courage to preserve or destroy what he has.
Christ said, “I can destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days”.
An extraordinary force emanates from this active plexus and gives irresistible strength, immense attraction, and very radiance and magnetism, revealed in all his deeds.
But when this fiery center is improperly focused, then it devastates everything around, destroys and creates destruction, death and ruin.
In both cases, the individual being works as a powerful magnet, which attracts things and beings, and they remain subject to his will.
The magnetic power and healing virtues of certain beings come from this center. When Christ made his wonders and marvelous healing, he would use the Sun Wheel. Mesmer discovered the healing power of the magnet, but did not realize that the true magnet, which gave health to the sick, was in his own solar plexus.
States of hypnosis and suggestion as a whole can be achieved with our own eyes that constitute the outer part of this force. So, wicked men who harm their neighbors with his psychic powers act in a similar way; this negative operation of the Sun Wheel is called in the antiquity: “evil eye”, “harm” [“spell”, “curse”], “black magic”, and so on.
Prophets attract disciples and leaders of peoples win over multitudes by means of this center. It is like a blaze coming from a man and burning everything around.
This power creates and destroys.
This power sustains well-meaning beings to achieve their good purposes and triumphs, but also wicked persons are given certain instruments of revenge, curse, and eventually self-destruction in a fit of rage. This rage is the lowest part of this center.
Several exercises are required to develop the solar plexus; some of them should be made in the sun and bareheaded.
Sun is also benefic or harmful.
It is beneficial if one’s superior mind is awake and alert; and it is harmful if the individual being gets drowsy and lets the little brain, or solar plexus, to come into action by itself.

Teaching 12: The Main Road

We are told that love is the beginning and end of the Path; so, the Main Road is that of love.
Pages and pages should be needed to explain the great power of the heart. Many mystics did not develop other precedent centers, but were able to be spiritually liberated just by causing the wonderful flower of their hearts to bloom.
Also, this center contains all other centers, and the whole realization nectar flows from its forty nine sources.
This inner flame and its pure golden shine flares up even in those who do not get used to meditation and spiritual speculation, but this force becomes a glowing star in those persons who strive for their inner self-development.
The Wheel of the Heart not only attracts, as the Sacrum Wheel does, or shapes as the Control Wheel does, or vivifies as the Solar Wheel does, but also assimilates into love the object or being attracted, and becomes love in this object or being.
There are innumerable stories of this kind about great beings perfected through the exercise of devotion and love. Rama Krishna’s biography is sufficient to check this fact. Certain devotee would lovingly meditate about images of those who founded great religions, and these beings would come up; then, he would see their images and, eventually, those visions would permeate him or, rather, he would become those visions.
The tremendous energy emanated from this center has repercussions in the physical body in strange and wonderful ways. Out of love for Christ, many Christian saints felt so vividly his passion and became Him in such a way that eventually exposed this union: Saint Francis of Assisi’s stigmata, Saint Therese of Jesus’ heart reverberation, the crown of thorns in Saint Rita of Cascia’s forehead.
Helen Petrovna Blavatsky would love her Masters so dearly that, being bursting with love physically a mysterious wound appeared beneath her heart.
As the force of this center increases, it will comprise all suffering of beings around, and even entire cities and nations. A Heart Wheel perfectly developed will encompass the suffering of all men in the planet with its immense protective wings; this is why Christ carried over his shoulders the suffering of mankind as a whole, and Krishna had images of all men engraved on him.
This splendid power fosters immense charity works, and the man who has it, is given strength to overcome every obstacle and achieve great beneficial works for those who are suffering.
Just as this wheel has a wonderful golden color and looks like an immense star behind its beneficial and higher aspect, so it is terrible behind its opposite aspect.
In a wicked person who has developed this Center, his image is like a sky covered by thick and dark clouds.
Just as through altruism and disdain to any offences inflicted one starts developing this center in a positive way, so rancor and jealousy develop this center negatively.
In the beginning, it looks like red flame that destroys at a short distance; later, it is suffocating smoke that destroys everything around. These strong passions gradually spread, eventually cover and ruin entire collectivities. An individual being of this kind can do anything and, finally, is self-destructive, permeating the whole planet with its malefic influence.

Teaching 13: The Voice of the Silence

Vishudda, center of the throat, just has influence on mental bodies.
Vibration is its only derivation. This is why it contains the softest, subtlest and most terrible power.
This center is called “God’s Voice”, “the Word”, “and the Ineffable Name”.
All those –quite few indeed– who can acquire it, become the owners of the atmospheric forces and their derivations, but certain merciful law has provided that very few can control it, because just one word of these beings can kill many persons.
It is an energetic bond that, after it goes out of Kundalini, coils in one’s hips, and rises and launches, before it, a current that is like a deadly sting.
It is this power –truly, a death beam– that has been in possession of certain Lunar Initiates.
The negative energy of the Cosmos –laya centers in the sidereal emptiness, and energy that astronomers watch as an immense dark stain– comes into direct contact with the Larynx Center through experienced voice modulation.
The terrible power launched from the Larynx Center to the Sacrum Center, and there vivified in the above-mentioned way, is like a god calling and awakening a sleeping goddess.
By means of a device like a slipknot with a sting on its tip, a man discovered how to attract, activate and launch certain potential force, but the deadly Karma’s beam destroyed him before he could divulge the deadly ray among men.
The Master says, after one develops this center, we control the three worlds, knowing the secret of vibration and handling the deadly ray.
Researchers and practitioners not always are able to get the complete power of this Center, and even those who possess it, always avoid higher exercises and resign to the lower and beneficial ones.
Bear in mind that the whole vibration tends to come back to its starting point –to its potential state– while a limited vibration constitutes just a similar vibration.
By means of this exercise, a person in possession of clairaudience can hear distant voices and the speech of beings that inhabit other planets and states. By means of this exercise, some of them have even understood voices of animals and unanimated beings.
Sigfrid, after he bathed in dragon blood (symbol of wisdom and limit between a living mind and mind itself), has this privilege: he can understand the language of birds.
Holy monks in the wild chant day after day liturgical songs, and charge them with such a magnetic and vocal power, emanated from the Larynx Wheel, that they can make birds to keep silent, control roars of wild beasts, calm down the fiercest animals, bewitch snakes and, like Saint Francis of Assisi, gather innumerable birds around, which hear them silently.
When this Center is more developed by exercise a mystic remains immersed in –so to speak, swallowed by– the unfathomable eternal silence.
Saint John of the Cross was aware of it to certain extent when he called this ecstasy “silent music”, “sonorous loneliness”.
According to historic and religious reports, when certain beings –for instance, Apostles and others– come back from this extraordinary state, they are in possession of this power and can speak and understand all languages.
Hindus were the most fervent lovers of Prayer; they have preached how valuable is to repeat the word, to utter names, and to be near to the Eternal One by knowing and reciting the Ineffable Name.

Teaching 14: The Third Eye

One can control the mind by possessing and realizing this sixth Center, which gives the sixfold vision of the Universe.
Ajnâ, the True Eye of God, opens all treasures emerged from Mother Divine’s mind, to show them to the Seer in full detail.
When the power of the Sight Wheel opens the hidden eye in the solar plexus, the disciple sees the Hell swarming with mental larvae, spirits of Nature and spooks of those beings that went back to the higher worlds.
When the disciple makes his left eye more acute, he can see the Purgatory and its supra-physical world, where legions of men are sleeping, living and expecting the time to return.
But with his invisible eye, which will become visible soon and is on the brow, the disciple sees the world of Angels and Devas, where the energy moves continuously and the Cosmic Soul shapes its generating thoughts.
The spiritual eye remains locked in the hypophysis gland, and guarded by quite subtlest thousand fibers of ethereal ducts, wrapped up in seven shells, guarded by four seals, burnt by seven fires, and tinier than the quintessence of one electron. One can see the white circle, the Paradise, the Supreme Vision by means of the spiritual eye.

Teaching 15: The Lotus of One-Thousand Petals

If the description of the Crown Center is a very hard work, the enumeration of its powers and valuable development becomes a harder task indeed.
It is sufficient to say the Crown Center is the only one that pours spiritual forces on man.
It does not contain divisible mental matter: it only has potential essence of mental matter, which is a part of the Manifest Spirit.
By developing this Center, the individual obtains perfection that not only grants science and infuse wisdom, but even knowledge about things that the one who possesses it believes to be completely detached from his lower principles.
The long-wished liberation cannot be achieved without this Center. Liberation is a passive state of the superior mind, reflected on an extraordinary activity in all acts of life, without disturbance of any kind in the ecstatic state of this Initiate.
All other Centers are summed up in it, not as an active force, but as their potential reflection. Just as those secondary forty-two feminine Centers and each one of the seventy-two men’s Centers and its apparent valves in the physical body of the individual being.
The Crown Wheel keeps a direct and continuous communication with the Sight Wheel in all men, even in those less developed; a man transmits through it the consciousness of being, but in a being spiritually developed, his communication becomes so continuous, strong and persistent that, if one can call this spiritual force light, a torrent of light floods the Sight Wheel.
The Crown Center, properly enlarged, reveals the only knowledge to the Adept: a unique knowledge that makes forget all things; in short, as it were, all powers make the adept ignore the Only and Primordial Power, so that he handles separatist shadows that constitute the Created Universe. But this Power makes the Adept to ignore shadows of the Created Universe, and to stare only at the Only Power that promotes them.
If the Crown Wheel sums up all others and is the “seat” of the Spirit in the complete man, and if all Mystical Schools have understood it like that, by orienting their searches in this sense, the Great Element neither stays in it nor gives rise to its activity.
Mystics have failed because they did not look for that which drives and moves it, that is, Kundalini. Remember the story about the one who looked for God for years and years studying the firmament and, as soon as he was able to know as much as possible, an animal-trap broke him to pieces.
Centers are not stores of the Great Element. The Great Element is thoughout Sushumna. Wheels are only stopcocks to distributing specific activities.
The Nature of the Great Element is fourfold: Spirit (Consciousness and Will, simultaneously), Mind, Energy and Matter.
The Crown Wheel is mainly consciousness, and cannot move by itself; when it moves, it is because the Sacrum Wheel, mainly the Will, drives it. Even the Will cannot act by itself: it does by order of the Crown Wheel. Thence consciousness and will act in a reciprocal way.
The Great Element ascends through Sushumna. You may imagine Sushumna as a pillar built with the Great Element. In this pillar there is a narrow channel, Virga; and in it, another very narrow duct, Brâhmânâdi. The above-described thing finds its physical expression: Sushumna corresponds to the spine in a wide sense; Virga, to the spinal medulla; and Brâhmânâdi, to the so-called central channel of the spinal medulla.
Mystical Schools differ as for through what duct Kundalini can ascend; some Schools state that through Sushumna; others, through Virga; and others, through Brâhmânâdi. On the other hand, we state that She can ascend through those three: when it concerns to Energy related to “animal” life, through Sushumna, and when it concerns to mental energy, through Virga. Brâhmânâdi –the “channel of God”– is the way of the Spirit.
It ascends more slowly through the first way; faster through the second; and the Spirit ascends almost instantaneously.
You can observe very numerous grooves and circumvolutions on the brain, which is physical expression of the Spirit, even in hardly developed beings. We can assume they are countless on the brain of a great mystic.
The Great Element is reflected, but rather weakly, on the Crown Wheel when it ascends through nerves; petals remain languid. Expansion increases when it ascends through medulla (Virga). And like in Gautama Buddha’s case, expansion is wonderful when it ascends through the narrow central channel.
If the being ascends very quickly, bursts. But the being permits to go out through the higher part, if it resists; so, the Great Element unites with the Great Cosmic Store.
For example, in the event of accidents, ascension in beings ordinarily evolved is so violent that they die for this motive, and not directly by the accident.
Kundalini must ascend through Brâhmânâdi to achieve the Perfect Ecstasy. So, the seven stopcocks must work without any fault, perfectly.
Here Kundalini sparkles to the utmost; rather, when the Cosmic Ether stored on the Sacrum plexus comes here, it cannot be any longer the Cosmic Ether of manifest life: it becomes the Cosmic Ether itself.
The development of the Crown Wheel has two aspects: one active aspect, with manifestation seed; and another passive aspect, without manifestation seed.
One is the holy syllable “OM”, and the other the holy syllable “A”.
When the Initiate is actively in this mystical state, the aura of this wheel rises, gets bigger and extends in a wonderful way. But when the Initiate is in a passive state, the aura of this wheel covers and hides his whole being with its shell, as a nutshell preserving its fruit.
When a soul of this kind remains in ecstasy, it is impossible to see its individual attributes because only a feeling of eternity fits into it.
Here no exercise is useful, except mental emptiness and continuous yearning for higher spiritual perfection; but those who succeed in developing such a power, unveil external aspects of most absolute immobility, insensibility and incorruptibility.
So, may all disciples aiming at perfection succeed in uttering eternally the holy syllables: “OM”.

Teaching 16: Flowers of Ether

Amazed, a clairvoyant sees on the aura, or seventh sub-plane of the astral world, the Ethereal Wheels like very beautiful flowers opening their corollas to the stimulating light of spiritual development.
During millennia, Yogis call them “Lotus Flowers”. Christian Mystics and Rosicrucians call them “Roses”, and Dante Alighieri calls the Vision of God –image of the Crown Center– “Candid Rose”.
But these Ethereal Flowers not always have wonderful and multiple colors, because they go out and become dark and repulsive under instinctive impulses of inferiority.
Good and evil, or pairs of opposites determining these changes, have influence on the beauty or ugliness of the Ethereal Flowers just by changing the vibrational movement. A movement fostering good produces a vortex from left to right and a contrary impulse, and vice versa.
The Soul of the World, which is the Divine Mother manifesting her activity, besides her creative manifestation has her destructive reflection; the two work on the human being through the biorhythm of the Wheels.
When the light of the Mother illuminates, good reigns supreme, and perfection and spiritual life are a fact, and the Ethereal Wheels flutter and eventually become synthetic and fuse with light itself; but when the reflection of the Mother produces shadow, then evil, suffering and death prevail, and the Wheels become condensed and eventually are victimized by the deadly shadow that devastates the individual being.
The knowledge of Ethereal Wheels and their use is a double-edged weapon because the Mother and the Black Lady become together good and evil, and light and shadow of the soul.
When the Ethereal Wheels sparkle to the utmost, their diameter is 678 inches (17,22 meters); when their rest, their diameter is 225 inches (5,74 meters); and when they are atrophied, their diameter is 25 inches (0,62 centimeters).
In precedent cases, the Crown Wheel’s measure is seven times bigger respectively.
The Sacrum Wheel is particularly composed of earthly matter and, as we said, in direct communication with the matrix of Earth or concentric globe of terrestrial fire.
The Splenic Wheel is composed of watery matters and spreads through the whole body earthly vitality coming from the Sacrum Wheel, and solar vitality coming from the Sun Wheel.
The Solar Wheel contains fiery matter absorbed from the Center of Sun Life.
The Heart Wheel is composed of material Ether, which could be called Electric Prana.
The Larynx Wheel is only composed of mental matter; this is why it distributes all energy, and becomes a bridge between mind and matter, –third Person of the Most Holy Trinity.
The Sight Wheel is only composed of mental substance transmitted to the Larynx Wheel and reflected on the Crown Wheel.
The Crown Wheel receives the Spiritual Energy.
The Crown Wheel pours its forces on the Sight Wheel; the Sight Wheel on the Larynx Wheel; the Larynx Wheel on the Sun Wheel; the Sun Wheel on the Sacrum Wheel; the Sacrum Wheel on the Splenic Wheel; and the Splenic Wheel on the Heart Wheel.
Besides the above-mentioned communications, the Larynx Wheel remains in touch with four lower Wheels through special ducts.
But the emanation center of forces that will illuminate all of them is in the Sacrum Wheel, in the Holy Triangle, where the Cosmic Ether, the shining Kundalini, is hidden as a precious treasure.


Teaching 1: Cosmic Ether
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Teaching 15: The Lotus of One-Thousand Petals
Teaching 16: Flowers of Ether


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