Teaching 1: Black Magic
Teaching 2: Gray Magic
Teaching 3: Red Magic

Teaching 4: Pink Magic

Teaching 5: Light Blue Magic
Teaching 6: White Magic
Teaching 7: Exercises for Monitoring the Sacrum Wheel
Teaching 8: Exercises for Monitoring the Control Wheel
Teaching 9: Exercises for Monitoring the Sun Wheel
Teaching 10: Exercises for Monitoring the Heart Wheel
Teaching 11: Exercises for Monitoring the Larynx Wheel
Teaching 12: Exercises for Monitoring the Sight Wheel
Teaching 13: Tarot Explained According to Rosicrucian Fellowship I*
Teaching 14: Tarot Explained According to Rosicrucian Fellowship II*
Teaching 15: Tarot Explained According to Rosicrucian Fellowship III*
Teaching 16: Tarot Explained According to Rosicrucian Fellowship IV*

*Translator’s Notice: Here and in the following text, Rosicrucian Fellowship (or Brotherhood) has to be interpreted as Ancient Rosicrucian Tradition, without any specific connotations referred to other Institutions of the same or similar kind in the world. Such are Master Santiago Bovisio’s intentions.

Teaching 1: Black Magic

Black magic is a power exercised by men to destroy that which still is enabled to exist.
On certain stages of life and according to certain laws in force among men, they can destroy that which has already fulfilled its mission, such as animal slaughter and death in war –following and applying in this sense the divine law contained in the Ten Commandments.
A characteristic of black magic is the application of the Commandments contrariwise.
Commentaries in this Teaching mainly refer to five Commandments.
First Commandment: “You shall have no other gods before me”.
This Commandment expresses an idea of unity. A black magician tends to destroy unity. Dividing is equal to reigning. It is separate elements in order to possess and control them.
Second Commandment: “You shall not take the name of God in vain”.
The word is Word, and the Word is vibrational power given to men and refused to less evolved monads. This power should be used to fulfill divine injunctions.
A black magician uses this power for his own purposes, along with insinuation, lie and deceit.
Third Commandment: “Keep festivities holy”.
Man should use God’s gifts with equity. He has to take hours and days necessary to living. Any excess is black magic. Any excessive possession, any unilateral effort tending to possession is black magic.
Fourth Commandment: “Honor thy father and thy mother”.
Father and mother, teachers and guardians are continuously and personally giving and delivering. Man gets used to receive continuously.
His life around, which he is given through experience and sacrifices of his ancestors, is an inexhaustible fountain for the benefit of man. But the one who refuses to make up for these benefits and to give life back that which he received from life, particularly as for needs of those who are nearer to him and depend on him, breaks the retribution current: he makes black magic.
Fifth Commandment: “You shall not kill”.
In fact, man is always destroying something, that is, is killing; but this is in collective karma of Humanity.
A black magician is such because he kills for his own purposes, although he kills something whose cycle is over.
Hatred is black magic to the utmost because, in the event is not the direct weapon used by the black magician is a weapon that destroys Humanity.
A black magician is always motivated by excessive pride. Noble and pure souls, who are unable to humiliate themselves in due time, fell in this terrible practice. Practices of negative virtues are the best antidote against black magic.

Teaching 2: Gray Magic

Gray magic wants to control Nature, and particularly plants.
Plants contain great and still unknown qualities.
Etruscan Initiates progressed a lot by discovering vegetal qualities. As the time went by, these psycho-chemical secrets passed to their disciples, who established a whole science and schools of Roman medicine and medieval Alchemy, both derived from it.
These Initiates wore a gray habit, perhaps because gray clouds hide secrets of the sun and sky, and those Initiates would hide secrets of nature.
Patiently, men have discovered by themselves secrets of nature zealously hidden. A modern botanist or chemist is actually a skilful gray magician.
A plant is like a big store. It receives emanations from subtle planes, and also from gross planes. Its contact with sunbeams produces not only chlorophyll but also another colorless element, which could be called “etherophyll”: transformation of cosmic ether.
A quality of nature is the absorption of sunrays –chlorophyll– and cosmic rays –etherophyll– and the reception of a lot of vibrations different from those of man. As certain quite subtle and ultra-ethereal wave, corresponding to atoms “X2 a”, it contacts another thicker vibration –sub-infrared rays– and particularly vitalizes plants.
These waves, all together, essentially produce in Nature the survival or preservation of living. They are living molecules or varied preservation elements, which today are called vitamins.
On the other hand, if these waves are not in tune, then they produce over-irritability and toxic elements, which eventually destroy life.
All medicines and poisons derive from vegetal lymph, and gray magic consists in knowing how to extract it properly.
Gray magic responds to whole chemical elements transmuted but preserving as much as possible in his natural state the element obtained.
Four elements activate these transformations, and as always, are as follows:
1st, Air: corresponds to subtilization.
2nd, Water: corresponds to putrefaction.
3rd, Fire: corresponds to cooling.
4th, Earth: corresponds to hardening.
Nature’s vibration is completely different from man’s (man in his rational aspect); that is why Nature withdraws constantly when it contacts man.
There are four vibrations in plants:
1st: The subtlest, ethereal vibration as it were corresponding to air.
2nd: The humid vibration, corresponding to water.
3rd: The caloric vibration, or that of fire, corresponding to heat.
4th: The cold vibration, corresponding to earth.
As man does not have these spontaneous vibrations and his reactions respond to the brain, plants refuse any external contact as soon as man makes touch with them.
For example, vegetables lose magnetism by mere hand contact of man. If you cut them, they lose further magnetism, and the same occurs when we carry, wash, cook, prepare and serve them. Vegetables have practically lost their subtle substance when they get to mouth of man.
Gray magicians were aware of these secrets of nature; thence their identification with it through a completely natural and simple living, in order to control nature.

Teaching 3: Red Magic

Blood is the most powerful magnetic agent in our system.
Its subtle structure, greatly composed of the furthermost atoms, converts it into a bridge between organic forces and astral forces; thence its enormous significance in magic operations throughout ages.
From immemorial times, any operation in quest for supernatural things in human nature includes certain blood sacrifice.
The search of God by man is always exaltation of the human nature across the bridge of blood toward the subtlest plane.
Fine and soft offerings of flowers and fruits are just an introduction to the true offering, the blood immolation.
Thousands of animal victims are sacrificed on altars through the ages in all religions, and this offering becomes more and more demanding and powerful.
Human sacrifice is necessary to get a permanent and effective presence of God invoked through certain sculpted image.
Human blood, charged not only with magnetic and ethereal forces but also with thinking forces, operates in a permanent and lasting way.
Azteca sacrifices bear particular witness to it.
But man suffers of insatiable thirst for God and even sacrifices his adored God in order to feel united with Him, not only through an ideal tie, but also through a tie for life.
In the beginning, it is the sacrifice totem, later the chosen man, the pure man, the best of all, and finally, the man incarnating the divine on earth.
The ancient sages have observed this primordial importance of the blood for the achievement of supernatural forces. So, there were numberless schools and sects that have searched their whole science on astral elements taken by the blood and eventually reached the most obscene and lowest manifestations of this power.
Anyway, the blood us a holy store that the man should preserve with dignity and respect, and only the higher forces use.

Teaching 4: Pink Magic

The pink magic practices aim at getting sensations corresponding to certain evolutionary state that the individual being now has transcended.
In the beginning, the soul in the path experiences certain delight with his spiritual practices, but, according to experience, one cannot stop there, because the disciple has to launch his sensory forces upward and upward, toward the brain, toward the spiritual vision.
Certain disciples, willing to repeat sensations achieved in the beginning of the experience, will learn through their practices not only how to lift these inner forces, but also how to place them in the sensory center of their choice.
Kundalini ascends slowly from the coccyx plexus to the pineal plexus. In due course, the practitioner may casually discover that he got pleasures never dreamed.
He would become a sexual magician in the event he stopped repeating these exercises.
Certain troubles occur as the lt of being these forces along the inner path. Innumerable dangers are behind these practices that should be left constantly aside. A lot of evils and dangers are behind psychic pleasures that should be refused with courage and constancy.
In fact, the pink magic is disconnected from these abominable aspects: it refers to the use of these powers by practical experts that use it for the sake Humanity.
The Masters create a favorable environment for their work by means of pink magic. So they stir up attention in their disciples, affection in their disciples, and love in those willing conquests for God.
Certain pink magicians, who used this power, extracted it from other bodies, particularly from plants and animals. So, for example, they obtained poisons to heal diseases.
Modern allopathy is a perfect pink magic. Poisons and essences extracted from plants and put up in doses, later are used to heal a lot of diseases. And hormones extracted from animal fluids can restore the human strength.
Ancient magicians are always teachers of great modern sciences.

Teaching 5: Light Blue Magic

Man uses Light Blue Magic to contact the hereafter, relatively nearby, as through not quite evolved dead persons, or more far away, through ancestors, invisible teachers, ruling entities, God.
The purpose of this magic is to request, to ask for.
All creeds practice this magic somehow differently, although just externally. But usually they lose the inner control, and certain creeds survive even after they lost practically all this essential part.
Five indispensable parts of Light Blue Magic are as follows: 1st, Penitence; 2nd, Purification; 3rd, Confirmation; 4th, Vocalization; and 5th, Transformation.
Penitence consists in putting the physical body in the condition of contacting certain entity. It operates through fasting, and admits only certain foods.
Many times, fasting was not real in religious ceremonies. It was an external representation, and in fact, the officiant pretended that he was fasting. So, he would come up emaciated (after he covered his face with ashes).
In this first part, the corresponding element is earth, and can associate with black ornaments in the Roman ritual, which corresponds to the Mass for the faithful deceased.
Bear in mind this: spiritualists cannot contact high entities because they do not practice the indispensable penitence. Most times they do with beings of quite low evolution.
Purification. Inner cleaning is not sufficient. You must clean and wash yourself externally after penitence. Christian baptism is a remembrance of it. This baptism removes the stain of the original sin, that is, karmic needs that demand one’s reincarnation. Light blue magicians take a bath and wear white linen clothes. Perfumes used tend to attract entities, because perfume is an external form of cleaning. Self-perfuming is an emblem of purification.
In early Christian centuries, they celebrated the baptism in Easter, and for subsequent eight days, the newly-baptized wore a white robe as symbol of their purity. The Sunday after Easter, they took off their robes; thence this Sunday is called “in albis”.
Ornaments for the Easter time are white in the Roman Church.
In this second part, its corresponding element is: water.
Confirmation. One could say in so far the light blue magician just prepared himself and reached the foot of the altar. He climbs the stairs through Confirmation, which is his will re-affirmed. Those who are confirmed in Christ become soldiers through this Christian sacrament.
They climb stairs trodden by others –by those who sacrificed themselves before. There is certain relic of a martyr on every altar –symbol of the Sepulcher. That is why Martyrs are commemorated with red ornaments. In this part, the corresponding element is: fire.
Vocalization. They try to contact certain high entities through vibrations, which are mantrams, proper prayers. Here is valuable everything related to Prayer. Ornaments are green. Its corresponding element is: air.
Transformation. Here the officiant unites with the Entity. Externally, transformation is represented by a veil covering the priest while he consecrates the calyx. In Egypt, the priest would retire to a hidden chamber, in the presence of the High Entity, which was invisible to men. Apparently, after the priest receives the communication from the Master, he can address to men in the name of the Master and transmit the message. The priest is like a channel used by the Masters. Ornaments are purple. The element is: Ether.

Teaching 6: White Magic

White Magic differs from Light Blue Magic because one requests nothing.
White magicians belong to the White Brotherhood, whose mission is that of assisting Humanity, any man, of any race, sex or creed. Many times they have to fight other magicians. They try as much as possible to avoid worse evils, but sometimes their power is insufficient.
They are Initiates of Fire, who sacrifice themselves and come near to us in order to help in the physical plane. Sometimes they wear physical clothing. They work directly or through other beings.
They work when a being is in great distress: when his life runs deadly risk, in case of unfair attack, or when his honor is in jeopardy. If the individual being does not claim for this help, it is so because, instead of being intensely sorrowful and afflicted, he deviates his suffering, for example, toward feelings of revenge, satisfaction of appetites, and so on.
White Magic follows necessarily five stages:
1st, ARRIVING. The magician receives the call, and comes directly or indirectly.
2nd, CONQUERING. He controls this man in distress, catches, overpowers, overcomes and understands him.
3rd , LOVING. The magician cannot fulfill his mission in the event that he does not love. He must feel very pure love, and be able to love, because he must love any person in need.
4th, SACRIFICING. But he cannot be tied to a loved being. He must renounce to love and put it aside after he provided his assistance.
5th, DISAPPEARING. It is essential. No tie should remain. The one who got the benefit will not know who helped him; he will know just that somebody, a man, an angel, has assisted him. Lohengrin reveals his own name and has to go.

Teaching 7: Exercises for Monitoring the Sacrum Wheel

The practice of certain exercises is advisable to achieve internal transmutation and to transmute external forces into internal ones. Without these exercises and in spite of sexual continence constantly practiced, it is difficult for the disciple to transform matter into energy, and energy into mind.
Here is an exercise for monitoring the Sacrum Wheel.
In the morning time, and at a solitary and tranquil place, the student should be seated, his body and head straight, and hands on the pubis level; slowly he vocalize Va, Sa, Sha and Sha, imagining orange color around. Being totally calmed down, he will concentrate his mind as strongly as possible on his glans; without sexual stimulation, after he gets an erection and remains so without semen effusion, he shall feel his sperm transferred to blood. Light pains, like pricks, in testicles shall help him perceiving it. Then, he lets his glans fall flaccidly, and concentrates as much as possible on transmuting this substance from sacrum plexus to subsequent plexuses.
Certain odoriferous emanations permit to check how the individual progresses in this exercise.
The transmutation purifies the blood and renews the tissues and, while this process takes place, one’s skin forms a foul-smelling sweating, which sometimes is unbearable, particularly in our feet. When this exercise goes on, this smell gradually changes: first, like fresh milk, a characteristic smell in children; later, it smells good; and finally, the regenerated body has the perfume of a flower, something like a nard.
Particularly, the feet and genital organs do not have bad smell in pure and chaste persons.
Women express their sexual desire through an odorous secretion from Bartolino’s glands. We are told a virtuous and chaste woman “smells good, like a lily”.
Of course, the exercise of vital renewal preserves organic cells from decomposition; in certain particular cases, corpses of many saints of all religions remain incorrupt and emit a sweet fragrance.
The body not only becomes sensitive through the odoriferous ether but also through external smells.
Not only continent men but also married men are able to transmute. Over and above, a married man has to restrain –as for works, words and thoughts– his sexual instincts with any woman that is not his legal mate: “What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder”, because sexual union transmits from one body to another, magnetic currents and their interruption is extremely harmful.
The man has to be chaste even with his wife, and to think rather in her mate satisfaction than in his own satisfaction.
At the coitus time, the man has to raise his thought to the creative source, to the cosmic matrix, and will wish to store all his forces there. During the embrace he will restrain, with will power, an easy ejaculation, and when he is ejaculating, his thought shall be fixed on the pineal gland. After a while, he will notice that, thanks to this exercise, certain material part is driven outward, while the energetic part climbs the brain like a cold current along the spine.
The first exercise should be practiced under the guide of an experienced teacher, because its improper use could be harmful.
On the realization time, just a touch of the aspirant can open the most hermetic gates.

Teaching 8: Exercises for Monitoring the Control Wheel

A disciple restraints his fear by monitoring the Control Wheel and one of those influences that constantly block his spiritual development.
Proper exercises for overcoming fear and rightly developing the Control Wheel are extremely difficult because are related to the wellbeing and discomfort of the body.
This exercise demands from the disciple to learn how to clean his belly at will, and to activate and calm down the blood circulation.
The disciple must stand up, his hands on the back of the neck, and his left foot on the right knee level; he shall concentrate his mind on the spleen and then he will feel a cold current flowing from the left side toward the navel.
After this, he shall lower the left hand and put it on the left knee, trying to produce salivation rapidly and continuously, because one should not forget that this center of force is related to the taste, mouth and knees.
The disciple begins to shake violently, and later a cold sweating permeates his body. Sometimes he is so frightened that feels his body on the brink of bursting.
A negative wave of fear has permeated the human body, he does not stop producing salivation –so as to avoid stomach contraction– and launches this negative force through the navel.
Later, he sits down, rests and removes the rest of negative parts through the anus.
Another very useful and harmless exercise for monitoring the Control Wheel: imagine the violet-white Wheel in motion in front of your eyes, while you breathe in deeply through the nose and breathe out through the nose, and vocalize these holy syllables: Ba and Bha, Ma and Ya, Ra and La. Later, recite these words: Svâdhishthâna, Bijâ, Bija-Vam, Rakini, May Hari, May Hari.

Teaching 9: Exercises for Monitoring the Sun Wheel

Solar plexus is a center of power. The one who controls this wheel gives life or death. An explanation can be found on the relationship between the Sun Wheel and the cosmic-energetic plane.
You need diverse exercises for developing the solar plexus. Next you will find a description of the only exercise made bareheaded in the sun.
The sun is beneficial or harmful. It is beneficial if the superior mind is awake and alert; it is harmful if one gets drowsy and permits the little brain, or solar plexus, to be active by itself.
It is a morning practice, at dawn, after respiratory exercise.
The student should be with the chest bare, looking at the rising sun.
He should try to stare at the sun, and not to blink. At once he shall see the horizon full of diverse shining colors. He should not be carried away by curiosity or any beautiful things, and has to fix his eyes on the sun.
He should try to avoid drowsiness after the first quarter of an hour, and continue this exercise with attention.
At the following quarter of an hour, he will concentrate totally his mind on the stomach and, particularly, on the pancreatic gland, wishing vividly to transmute internally the force of the sunbeams.
This exercise acts on the pancreas –which contains vagotonin that stimulates the sympathetic vagus– and increases the nervous power.
At the third quarter of an hour, he shall dry his body with a towel and cast his eyes down, and shall look up again at the last quarter of an hour.
During this stage, the disciple must restraint his desires, because otherwise they would find easy satisfaction. He should avoid any idea of hatred, death or ruin, not do harm persons around.
When this exercise is over, he will expel any malevolence through the navel and anus, such as the teaching describes it in regard to the Control Wheel.
This power increases quickly as this exercise goes on, and you know the progress by a physical characteristic: your belly becomes intense yellow, golden color, and your chest, reddish during the hour of exercise.

Teaching 10: Exercises for Monitoring the Heart Wheel

The power of the Heart Wheel becomes manifest with intense passions of altruistic or revengeful kind.
Here love and hatred are opposite poles for manifested forces of this center.
Here is an exercise tending to guide forces of this wheel:
Keep your mind on the Little Wheel with eight petals.
Adorn this place by thinking up all possible and imaginable beauties, in order to put in it the Master’s image materialized.
This exercise of the humanized Divine, devotion, Sharva –which is so frequent in Christianity and their custom of imagining God with the image of Jesus– is indispensable for the right development of this power.
The one who meditates should not strive for feeling anything about the Master; he just must look at it, with attention. Here expectation, patience and serenity give excellent results.
It is better to stop affective impulses than to release them, and eventually the current of love opens in such an irresistible way that the disciple is unable to know himself and, carried away, becomes the Master’s image.
You should make this exercise being comfortably sitting down, at a solitary and quiet place, or in a temple, or being sitting in the shade of a tree like a pine, oak or birch.
The hands have to be placidly placed one upon another, softly, upon your knees, and your eyes half-open; chest has to be straight, and head lightly inclined forward.
This exercise should be stopped in the event of intense heartbeats, but you can go on if the epidermis of your chest turns red as the result of these intense heartbeats.

Teaching 11: Exercises for Monitoring the Larynx Wheel

When the disciple controls the Larinx Wheel, he goes beyond frontiers of the human senses and enters a region where the “silent music” makes sense.
Chants, for instance plain chant, sustained on one and the same music note, are examples of exercises tending to develop this center.
Hindus ever loved this practice and preached the significance of repeating words, reciting names and coming near to the Eternal One through knowledge and recitation of the Ineffable Name.
All exercises of Vishudda are based on sixteen vocals of its petals combined.
The practitioner should stand up and look at the sunrise, extending over and over again his arms and reciting the first two vocals:
a â
Later, he will make seventy-seven genuflexions, reciting:
a â
i î
In a comfortable position, crossed-legged, elbows on the hips level, hands like a cup, thumbs and forefinger together, after he breathes in deeply, he will retain his breath and recite the holy vocals:
a â
i î
u û
Successively, he will breathe out adding gradually the syllables, and eventually he will repeat the sixteen syllables retaining his breath:
a â
i î
u û
ri rî
bu bû
e ai
o au
a ah
Later, the practitioner will put thumbs on his ears, forefingers on his eyes, middle fingers on both nasal cavities, ring fingers on his mouth and little fingers on his chin, repeating in a modulated way the vowels, according to Master’s instructions, till he falls exhausted or in ecstasy.

[Note: Vowels with circumflex accent replace vowels with flat accent in Sanskrit.]

Teaching 12: Exercises for Monitoring the Sight Wheel

The Sight Wheel is the center of the mental power. Just as a positive development of this center illuminates the individual being, so its negative action becomes a true calamity and torture.
Here are those exercises leading to control one’s mind, although not to its liberation:
1st: Laying on the ground, his head lightly upward, hands beneath the testicles or upon the pubis, and breathing rhytmically, the student will stare at the navel, and will not blink.
2nd: Comfortably seated, his hands on the knees, thumbs and forefingers together, the disciple will stare at a black board, with a circle of diverse colors forming spires.
3rd: In the same position of the 2nd exercise, his eyes shut, the student will think up images of different Ethereal Wheels: his mind will remain fixed for one hour time on the image formed, on the flower chosen. Later, he will pass to another image.
4th: It is exactly like 3rd exercise, but his eyes will be open, observing the image of one of the ethereal flowers drafted on a white cardboard.
5th: In a comfortable position chosen by the student, his eyes totally shut, he will try to see certain luminosity with his mind to such an extent suggested that he will feel absorbed and immersed in this luminosity.
6th: The same as 5th exercise, but instead of luminosity, you should imagine the deepest and complete darkness, reciting syllables Ha and Sha over and over again.

Teaching 13: Tarot Explained According to Rosicrucian Fellowhip I

“KETHER”, First Sephirah

TITLE: Kether, Crown (Hebrew letters: Kaph, Tau, Resh).
MAGICAL IMAGE: An old King of the antiquity, in profile.
SITE ON THE TREE: Top of the Balance Pillar, on the Supreme Triangle.
YETZIRAH TEXT: The first Path is called Admirable or of Hidden Intelligence because it is light giving power of understanding, the First Inception, without beginning; and Primordial Glory because no creature can reach its essence.
TITLES GIVEN TO KETER: Existence of existences. Secret of secrets. Ancient among the ancient ones. The Ancient of the days. Primordial Point. Point in the Circle. The Highest One. Immense Face. White Head. Head that is not. Macroposopos. Amen. Lux Interna, HE.
ANGELIC ORDER: Saint Living Beings. Kjaioth ja Kadesh.
WORLDLY CHAKRA: Rashith ja Gilgalim. Primum Mobile. First Tremblings.
VIRTUE: Realization.
CORRESPONDENCE IN MICROCOSM: Skull. Sah. Yechicah. Divine Spark. Lotus of a Thousand Petals.
SYMBOLS: Crown. Swastika.
ACE OF CLUBS: Root of Fire Powers.
ACE OF HEARTS: Root of Water Powers.
ACE OF SPADES: Root of Air Powers.
ACE OF DIAMONDS: Root of Earth Powers.
BRIAH: Purest white shine.
YETZIRAH: Purest white shine.
ASSIAH: White, golden mottled.

“CHOKMAH”, Second Sephirah

TITLE: Chokmah, Wisdom (Hebrew letters: Chet, Kaph, Mem, He).
MAGICAL IMAGE: Bearded man.
SITE ON THE TREE: Too of Mercy Pillar, on the Supreme Triangle.
YETZIRAH TEXT: The Second Path is called that of Illuminating Intelligence: it the Crown of the Creation, Splendor of Unity matching it. At the top of all heads; Cabalists call it Second Glory.
TITLES GIVEN TO CHOKMAH: Power of Yetzirah, Ab, Abba, Supreme Father, Tetragrammaton – Yod of Tetragrammaton.
ANGELIC ORDER: Auphanim, Wheels.
WORDLY CHAKRA: Mazloth, Zodiac.
SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE: Vision of God face to face.
VIRTUE: Devotion.
VICE: ---
SYMBOLS:Lingam. Phallus. Yod of Tetragrammaton. Clothing of Inner Glory. Pedestal or stone. Tower. Scepter of Power, high up. Straight Line.
TWO OF CLUBS: Control.
TWO OF SPADES: Peace Reestablished.
TWO OF DIAMONDS: Harmonious change.
COLOR IN ATZILUTH: Pure light blue.
COLOR IN YETZIRAH: Iridiscent gray pearl.
COLOR IN ASSIAH: White with mottled red, blue and yellow.

“BINAH”, Third Sephirah

TITLE: Binah, Understanding (Hebrew letters: Beth, Yod, Nun, He).
MAGICAL IMAGE: Mature woman. Matron.
SITE ON THE TREE: Top of the Severity Pillar, in the Supreme Triangle.
YETZIRAH TEXT: The third Intelligence is called Sanctifying Intelligence, Foundation of Primordial Wisdom; also, Creator of Faith; is roots are in Amen. It is Mother of Faith; faith emanates from it.
TITLES GIVEN TO BINAH: Ama, Dark and Sterile Woman. Aima, Radiant and Fertile Mother. Kjorsia, Throne. Mara, Great Sea.
DIVINE NAME: Yehovah Elohim.
ARCHANGEL: Tzaphkiel.
ANGELIC ORDER: Aralim, Thrones.
WORDLY CHAKRA: Shabbathai, Saturn.
SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE: Vision of suffering.
VIRTUE: Silence.
VICE: Greed.
SYMBOLS: Yoni. Kteis. Vesica Piscis. Cup or Calyx. External attire that hides.
TAROT CARDS: Four Threes.
THREE OF CLUBS: Affirmation of Force.
THREE OF SPADES: Grief, sorrow, affliction, misfortune.
THREE OF DIAMONDS: Material tasks.
COLOR IN ASSIAH: Gray with mottled pink.

“CHESED”, Fourth Sephirah

TITLE: Chesed, Mercy (Hebrew letters: Hjed, Sameoj, Daleth).
MAGICAL IMAGE: Powerful King, crowned and sitting on his throne.
SITE ON THE TREE: In the center of the Mercy Pillar.
YETZIRAH TEXT: The Fourth Path is called Cohesive and Receptive Intelligence: containing every Holy Power and all spiritual virtues emanate from it with the most exalted essences. They emanate one from another by virtue of the Primordial Emanation, the Highest Crown: Kether.
TITLES GIVEN TO CHESED: Gedulah. Love. Majesty.
ARCHANGEL: Tzadkiel.
ANGELIC ORDER: Chasmalim. Luminous Beings.
WORDLY CHAKRA: Tzedek, Jupiter.
VIRTUE: Obedience.
VICE: Fanaticism; Hypocrisy; Gluttony; Tyranny.
SYMBOLS: Solid figure. Tetrahedron. Pyramid. Cross with equal arms. Staff. Sphere. Scepter. Wand.
FOUR OF CLUBS: Work or perfected task.
FOUR OF SPADES: Rest after fight.
FOUR OF DIAMONDS: Earthly Power.
COLOR IN ASSIAH: Deep blue with mottled yellow.

Teaching 14: Tarot Explained According to Rosicrucian Fellowship II

“GEBURAH”, Fifth Sephirah

TITLE: Geburah, Force, Severity (Hebrew letters: Gimel, Beth, Vau, Resh, He).
MAGICAL IMAGE: Powerful warrior in His carriage.
SITE ON THE THREE: In the center of Severity Pillar.
YETZIRAH TEXT: The Fifth Path is called Radical Intelligence: it looks like Unity united with Binah, Understanding, which emanates from primordial depths of Chohmajh, Wisdom.
TITLES GIVEN TO GEBURAH: Din, Justice; Pashad, Fear.
DIVINE NAME: Elohim Gebor.
ANGELIC ORDER: Seraphim, Serpents of Fire.
VIRTUE: Vigor, Courage.
VICE: Cruelty, Destruction.
SYMBOLS: Pentagon. Five-petal Tudor Rose. Sword. Spear. Rod. Chain.
TAROT CARDS: Four Fives.
FIVE OF HEARTS: Blurred pleasure.
FIVE OF DIAMONDS: Earthly conflict.
COLOR IN YETZIRAH: Shining scarlet.
COLOR IN ASSIAH: Red with mottled black.

“TIPHERET”, Sixth Sephirah

TITLE: Tipheret, Beauty (Hebrew letters: Tau, Pe, Aleph, Resh, Tan).
MAGICAL IMAGE: A majestic King. A child. A sacrificed god.
SITE ON THE TREE: In the center of Balance Pillar.
YETZIRAH TEXT: The Sixth Path is called Mediating Intelligence because here influences from emanations increase enormously, and this Intelligence causes these influences to expand through channels of all blessings. These influences are essentially united with the said blessings.
TITLES GIVEN TO TIPHERET: Zoar Anpin. Minor Face. Melech, King Adam, Son. Man.
DIVINE NAME: Tetragramma. Alota Va Daath.
ANGELIC ORDER: Malachim, Kings.
WORLDLY ORDER: Shemesh, Sun.
SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE: Vision of harmonious things. Mysteries of Crucifixion.
VIRTUE: Consecration of the Work.
VICE: Pride.
SYMBOLS: Lamen. Rosy Cross. Cross of Calvary. Truncated Pyramid. Cube.
SIX OF CLUBS: Victory.
SIX OF SPADES: Meritorious success.
SIX OF DIAMONDS: Material success.
COLOR IN ASSIAH: Amber golden.

Teaching 15: Tarot Explained According to Rosicrucian Fellowship III

“NETZAH”, Seventh Sephirah

TITLE: Netzah, Victory (Hebrew letters: Nun, Tzadd, Cheth).
MAGICAL IMAGE: Beautiful nude woman.
YETZIRAH TEXT: The Seventh Path is called Hidden Intelligence because is Refulgent Splendor of intellectual virtues perceived by spiritual vision and contemplative faith.
SITE ON THE TREE: At the foot of Mercy Pillar.
DIVINE NAME: Hehovah Tzabaoth, God of the Armies.
ANGELIC ORDER: Elohim, Gods.
SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE: Vision of triumphant beauty.
VIRTUE: Absence of selfishness.
VICE: Indecency, lust.
CORRESPONCE IN MICROCOSM: Kidneys, hips and legs.
SYMBOLS: Lamp. Belt. Rose.
TAROT CARDS: Four Sevens.
SEVEN OF HEARTS: Illusory success.
SEVEN OF SPADES: Vain effort.
COLOR IN YETZIRAH: Shining, hardly-greenish yellow.
COLOR IN ASSIAH: Golden mottled olive.

“HOD”, Eight Sephirah

TITLE: Hod, Glory (Hebrew letters: He, Vau, Daleth).
MAGICAL IMAGE: A hermaphrodite.
SITE ON THE TREE: At the foot of Rigor Pillar.
YETZIRAH TEXT: The eight Path is called Absolute or Perfect Intelligence because it is instrument of the Primordial Intelligence, whose root can be planted just in hidden places of Gedulah. Its essence emanates from Gedulah.
DIVINE NAME: Elohim Tazboath, God of Legions.
ANGELIC ORDER: Beni Elohim, Sons of God.
WORLDLY CHAKRA: Kokab, Mercury.
VIRTUE: Truthfulness.
VICE: Lie, improbity.
SYMBOLS: Names, Mandil verses.
TAROT CARDS: Four Eights.
EIGHT OF HEARTS: Success left aside.
EIGHT OF SPADES: Mitigated strength.
COLOR OF AZILUTH: Purple violet.
COLOR IN ASSIAH: Yellowish black with mottled white.


Teaching 16: Tarot Explained According to Rosicrucian Fellowship IV

“YESOD”, Nineth Sephirah

TITLE: Yesod, Foundation (Hebrew letters: Yod, Samech, Vau, Daleth).
MAGICAL IMAGE: Naked man, magnificent and very powerful.
SITE ON THE TREE; At the foot of Balance Pillar.
YETZIRAH TEXT: The Ninth Path is called Pure Intelligence because purifies Emanations. It tests and corrects the drawing and unity of these Emanations represented and arranged, but does not reduce or divide the said unity.
DIVINE NAME: Shaddai el Chai, All-powerful Living God.
ANGELIC ORDER: Cherubs, Powerful Ones.
WORLDLY ORDER: Levanah, Moon.
SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE: Vision of the World Mechanism.
VIRTUE: Independence.
VICE: Sloth.
SYMBOLS: Perfumes, sandals.
TAROT CARDS: Four Nines.
NINE OF CLUBS: Fortitude.
NINE OF HEARTS: Material bliss.
NINE OF SPADES: Cruelty, despair.
NINE OF DIAMONDS: Material earning.
COLOR IN ASSIAH: Yellow with mottled blue.

“MALKUTH”, Tenth Sephirah

TITLE: Malkuth, Kingdom (Hebrew letters: Mem, Lamed, Vau, Tau).
MAGICAL IMAGE: Crowned young woman, on a trunk.
SITE ON THE TREE: At the foot of Balance Pillar.
YETZIRAH TEXT: The Tenth Path is called Radiant Intelligence because is exalted over all heads, and is sitting down on Binah’s throne. It illuminates the radiance of all Lights and makes emanate an influence from the Prince of Faces, the Angel Kether.
TITLES GIVEN TO MALKUTH: Threshold. Threshold of Death. Threshold of the Shadow of Death. Threshold of tears. Threshold of Justice. Threshold of Prayer. Threshold of the Daughter of Powers. Threshold of the Garden of Eden. Inferior mother. Malkah, the Queen. Kallah, the Bride, the Virgin.
DIVINE NAME: Adonay Malkech, or Adonay Aretz.
ARCHANGEL: Sandalphon.
ANGELIC CHOIR: Ashim, Souls of Fire.
WORLDLY CHAKRA: Sholem ha Yesodoth. Sphere of Elements.
SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE: Vision of the Saint Guardian Angel.
VIRTUE: Discernment.
VICE: Greed. Inertia.
SYMBOLS: Altar of double cube. Cross with equal arms. Magical circle. Triangle of art.
TEN OF CLUBS: Oppression.
TEN OF HEARTS: Perfect success.
COLOR IN BRIAH: Lemon, olive, carmine and black.
COLOR IN ASSIAH: Black with yellow strips.


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