Teaching 1: Worship of love – 1947
Teaching 2: Be You Foreigners – 1948
Teaching 3: Toward the Summit – 1949
Teaching 4: The House of Love – 1950
Teaching 5: Inner Intimacy – 1951
Teaching 6: The Light Blue Heart – 1952
Teaching 7: Treasures of the Divine Mother – 1953
Teaching 8: Illumination – 1954
Teaching 9: Cultivate Souls – 1955
Teaching 10: Works of Love – 1956
Teaching 11: Message of Renunciation 1957
Teaching 12: Spirit of Simplicity – 1958
Teaching 13: The Way of Renunciation 1959

Teaching 14: The Treasure of the Teaching – 1960
Teaching 15: The Spiritual Truth – 1961
Teaching 16: The Expansion – 1962

Teaching 1: Worship of Love – 1947

In the name of the Holy Masters. They take from our hands lilies of the offering to plant them in the closed orchard of the Great Current, taking for sure that they will multiply on fertile lands blessed by the Divine Mother.
This year we have to remain in worship of love at the sanctuary of our secret temple. No place is more beautiful and protected, as the Great Master has said: “I seek refuge in the Divine Mother, in the Teachings and in the Great Current”.
Detached from an outer killer activity, and erecting a mental barrier between the world and us, we shall only live in the Divine Presence.
Everything is vain, and there is only one thing: to build our abode here; just by means of this absolute and potential detachment we can do something to purify our souls and save the world.
During the last ten years a lot of work was made; too many new things were invented; and in peace and war, mankind has moved to much, but it did not find an atom of happiness. If we wish to say a word of health and life, let our lips be quiet! If we wish to do something, our pilgrimages should stop.
Let us remain at this our unique sanctuary. Here we will meet Our Divine Mother who Dispenses happiness; here we shall stay at the feet of the Holy Masters, to learn how to die to ourselves and how to live the eternal life.
At the feet of Horushahtum of America, a symbol that the beginning and end join together in the continuity of our teachings; at the feet of Santiago of Rosario, the brave Knight, who overcame all adversaries; at the feet of Adelphirake, the young Initiate of the Sun, radiated from Cordoba; at the feet of Abbhumi, the will-feeling woman, recalled in La Plata; at the feet of Jo-seph of Mendoza, the so pure Initiate like the snow of the everlasting mountains; at the feet of Nice-foro, the bearer of the light of the Divine Spirit, who illuminates the province of Buenos Aires; at the feet of P.T.R., the cornerstone of the Great Work, who is in Buenos Aires.
Here, in the sanctuary, far from any external noise, those who have the same love and ideal join together by so indestructible link that we will be only one soul and only one heart.
Just this way we will conquer the world for the Spirit.

Teaching 2: Be You Foreigners – 1948

Be Souls! Live in the world as if you were not of the world!
Be foreigners! Neither language, nor likes, nor aims, nor thought forms of men are yours.
Be quiet! Your word is not of this world. Wrap your aura with the Great Silence. Be like a meteor crossing the sky and leaving their luminosity, but none knows their origin and destination.
Be souls, modest and simple souls that live in a different world from the present world, which is just an abyss of frenetic movement and destruction.
None should know you; your social personality should disappear and the luminosity of your soul should shine. In company of the souls, avoid any veil between them and you, on which your human status, your name and your worldly possibilities may be reflected. Dispose of all this. Be souls aiming at souls!
Your personality never should hurt the precious treasure offered to you by beings that surrender to you; your status, titles and name have to remain unknown; this is unimportant; but give all your teachings deposited in your souls, which you may communicate to beings by means of a simple glance of understanding.
Remain mute before the world. Your words must be reserved to those souls entrusted to you. Be foreigners among men; so you can give the entire luminosity of your internal flame to those who are waiting on the way. Wrap yourselves up in the Great Silence to stay far from the whirlpool of the world and to be fit to extend your hand and take out of the abyss those Sons that belong to you. Cover yourselves by your robes, so that none may know you or your name; do not unveil your face before none to maintain the shine of your glance just for the eyes of those who are destined for the mission of the future.
Your name is a new name written on heaven; your fatherland is that of the spiritual temple, in the Assembly of the Great Initiates.
Quieten your voice for the Message: the Message of the Great Day that is about to come and that the sages of OM HES are already chanting through the mystique of Ired.
Remain silent! Be foreigners! Wrap yourselves up by the Great Silence! Remain with your face covered by the white veil, oh souls of souls!

Teaching 3: Toward the Summit – 1949

Souls of the Mother, Sons of Cafh’s Flame, look at the summit in your internal heaven.
Secretly, continuously go toward it.
The distant ringing of the Great Bell reached your and, awakened from your drowsiness, you realised that absolutely nothing you could do for your happiness or for happiness of anyone.
There below you left on the great screen of the world your silhouette and freely disappeared escaping notice.
Secretly, continuously, you went to the mount, to the inner life.
And you left to others, to your beloved ones, just a promise: the promise of coming back rich and powerful, with your arms covered by roses and your hands full of graces to heal the sick, to comfort the distressed and to give bread to the hungry.
Do not stop if you wish to come back for so great mission; always upward, toward the night of the spirit.
Souls of the Mother: come.
I know the path, I crossed the valleys and reached the end.
We are going there, toward your destination, toward the Temple in the Summit.
The weakest will seek refuge in grottoes to become stronger, while the pealing of the Great Bell reaches them like a message of calm; they are still there, up high.
The most resolute will find vast valleys and there will acquire the gift of a passionless experience, and from there will prepare white and protective clothes for the chosen, for those who are about to start the ascension, and they will look at them with ecstatic eyes of charity as they move away.
But the chosen will go up through the snowy slope, upper and upper, always beyond; and there the Great Bell repeats the Big Bang of the Creation.
The guides will go ahead, because they know the way.
Come with me, Sons of the Flame of Cafh.
May all be one, the weakest, the boldest and the chosen, ever ready to encourage one another, to assist the fallen fellow, ever ready to give way and make a sacrifice for those who want to go upward and upward.
Look at the Summit of your internal heaven.
Go secretly, continuously upward, souls of the Mother, Sons of Cafh.

Teaching 4: The House of Love – 1950

Sons of the Flame, you have reached the Temple of the Divine Mother, the House of Love.
Remain static before the Holy Gate; worship, dream, love!
Happy those who reached this threshold; indistinctly, all of them are destined to enter therein, on their time and hour.
None will enter the House of Love in case of excess weight.
Anyone must be weighed before passing.
Any tie must be broken, and any enemy must be overcome.
Ties in spiritual man are blood links, family restrictions and desire to revive the flesh.
Be ready, Sons of Cafh!
Barefooted and truly poor of any human and earthly good, since these goods are tomb of man and cause of internal death.
Wearing white clothes, truly honest in accordance with the divine and human law, which is written on heaven and heart.
Crowned your heads; truly serene and owners of mind peace.
Those able to look so high, remain on the slopes, do not go up the Divine Mount.
It is harmful to extend the hand to a person who later will not be able to continue by his own means.
Give to these people those things that they love: material goods, protection for their families, joy and happiness in the round of their life.
Cafh’s triumph is to give bread to every one according to his need and measure.
Cafh’s triumph is that the little take part in the gifts of the Whole Great Work, the adults in the strong Power of the Great Current, and the perfect in the Substantial Union with the Divine Mother.
But those Sons who touched the impassable Gate of the Temple, and as this Gate opened by a touch of love, entered therein, remember: this is the Mystical Gate not opened twice.
The Altar of the Holy Wedding is therein, in the Temple; there the Soul and the Mother join together Eternally; there She kisses the mouth that uttered the Everlasting Vows; there she receives uninterruptedly the offering of life of the Chosen.
The Sons will offer during all days of their life a blood holocaust, their own blood.
This is the Internal Altar, where you offer the secret donation that none knows; it is the martyrdom of the soul; the Sons deposit there, lovingly, day by day, drops of their blood.
And this is the destiny of the Sons of Cafh who entered the Temple of the Divine Mother and took their Everlasting Vows.
And this is ALL!
Those who refuse to offer their lives, will become the black and cursed he-goat that, with is burden of human curses and iniquities, instead of being sacrificed on the Altar, will be thrown to the dry desert of a failed life to wander through the darkness of passions and loneliness of the misunderstood.
Sons of the Flame! You have reached the Temple of the Divine Mother, the House of Love.
Cross the Circle of Fire across the powerful lights of the Great Current, oh you, the perfect!
Enter the Temple of the Substantial Union, come near the Altar of the Eternal Wife. Go to the Mystical Wedding!
Here is the wedding gift of the faithful and saintly Sons, their bliss, their triumph and their victory.


Teaching 5: Inner Intimacy – 1951

Seek your realisation in the innermost depths of your heart.
Your thought must ever remain there in a continuous prayer! Your lips must whisper the name of the Divine Mother so that, like living food, may feed you, repeating mystically the Holy Name in the chamber of your heart.
The world does not belong to you, but your inner abode. You are rich in holy goods that, uninterruptedly, help and encourage you to the Mystical Intimacy.
You possess your Vows that are the Holy Gate; they impede the passion of desire to permeate your soul.
You possess your Radius of Stability, which is the purely spiritual magnetic field in which you move, free of the burden of the city.
You possess your Regulation, which protects you from mistake and from the entire world.
Over all, you posses your Superiors and Guides, men essentially virtuous, ever ready to give treasures of the Teaching and their experiences.
Make good use of any medium freely granted to you, and your continuous practice of Inner Life will be easier.
Many ways take to the feet of the Divine Mother, but Mystical Ascesis becomes the only safer medium in these awful days.
Seek your realisation in the innermost depths of your heart.
Your thought always must escape from external whirlpools, remaining there in continuous prayer.
If you move away from your Internal Intimacy, at once you run the risk of being chained by the corrupt materiality of the world.
If you go out of yourselves, then you lose your individual freedom and run the serious risk of becoming men-posts marking ways of collective bondage.
If today there are great men in the world, they are obliged to confess their impotence before the moral destruction of organised masses and, as misunderstood fellows, to escape in quest of the silence of their intimacy.
Because of your life of inner prayer, you are free souls to love and think; outside you run the risk of becoming slaves of multilateral ideas that rule the world and impede the life of mind and heart.
Intimately, you are ideal builders of the Great Work on the earth, and outside you run the risk of being destroyers of the living Temple of the Spirit.
Because you dwell on your heart, you are the potential and virginal power of the souls of the future; outside you run the risk of begetting malefic children of the Shadow.
You are Eternal Lovers of The Mother; outside you run the risk of losing Her forever.
Many ways lead to the feet of the Divine Mother, but Mystical Ascesis becomes the only safer medium in these awful days.
May your heart be your goal and abode.
Your lips must whisper the name of the Divine Mother so that, like living food, it may feed you, repeating mystically the Holy Name in the chamber of your heart.
So you will learn how to love Her more and more; you will worship Her; your mind will be unable to remove Her from it; your thought will refuse to leave Her; and you cannot go out of your intimacy.
The world will become nothing to you, because it does not belong to you.
Your realisation is in continuous prayer, Inner Life, and knowledge about the Abode of the Heart.

Teaching 6: The Light Blue Heart – 1952

Golden Suns and Light Blue Stars are shining in the Internal Heaven of the Mother’s Heart.
Establish your abode in this Sweet, Light Blue Heart; may be this Heaven your Fatherland.
Remain there in spirit of Faith. Not in the spirit of a faith acquired through habit and deduction, but in spirit of a loving faith.
Just whoever knows how to love the truth is able to transform the Inner Mystery in objective reality.
Because non-reality becomes reality, and impossible becomes possible through the power of the loving faith.
Golden Suns and Light Blue Stars are shining in the Internal Heaven of the Mother’s Heart.
Establish your abode in this Sweet, Light Blue Heart.
Remain therein, in spirit of Silence.
Good is that Silence by which the Souls become nice, and that in a discreet way removes faults and stains of human nature, softens the toughness of adverse destinies and, over all, creates close friendship and love.
Silence is the unique Voice of the Soul, granted to the Sons like gift of Love.
May all come here, to the Internal Heaven of the Mother, in which Golden Suns and Light Blue Stars are shining.
An unfaithful soul never will know what could find at the end of the Way, just as those men who do not crystallise their desires never will know whether they had a chance to realise them, and bitterness of their failure ever remains in their hearts.
May all the Sons reach this place, because the only desirable good, the only crown of Fidelity is to realise what one started.
Establish your Internal Abode in the spirit of Obedience.
Just whoever crosses the bridge of reason reaches the Heart of the Mother.
Just whoever offer his human will for the sake of love can shine between Golden Suns and Light Blue Stars; just whoever jumps in the void of the Eternal Consciousness deserves to remain there.
Just the Spirit of Obedience, perfectly observed, will grant to the soul the treasure of Divine Renunciation and of the Great Realisation.
This will grant to the soul that superhuman craziness of love, which tears apart any carnal tie, undoes any earthly union and breaks any human engagement, because renunciation is the fruit of an unstoppable enchantment of Love.
Golden Suns and Light Blue Stars are shining in the Internal Heaven of the Mother.
Establish your abode in this Sweet, Light Blue Heart; may this Heaven be your Heaven of Love.

Teaching 7: Treasures of the Divine Mother – 1953

My son, I give you these Treasures of my Heart; distribute them.
I give you all my Eternal Experience, made through construction and destruction of universes, to demonstrate the deeply immeasurable Eternity ever present, never created and never destroyed.
This Experience will make open your eyes on the world and look at changes and switches of time, like a child that looks at birds crossing the sky.
And while repeating one and forty nine times the ineffable Name, what was will be again, and what is will disappear.
Fix your eyes there; your lips will repeat the Holy Name, and your forces will flow through the forty-nine links; then you will be immortal.
That is why when I took you in my arms, I put The Mystical Chain on your neck.
Take my force and power; shut the jaws of the lion with your strong hands.
Overcome once and again. Your force is my force, and my only force is that I surrender to you.
You will be invincible, your word never will break and none will overcome it as soon as you learn how the vital currents emanate from you and travel through the universe and return to you, bringing the gift of the travelled Eternity.
Finally, take my Love, all my Love.
To be wise is to achieve liberation; to be good is to contribute to the salvation of the world; to be pure is to be equal to Angelic Hosts; but to know how to love is to identify with the very Eternity.
Do not despise even the most imperfect love, because the Divine Love is engraved in it.
Zealously keep your love like you keep a brilliant under your golden crown.
After eight stages you have matched life and death, because your love renounces to life and overcomes death.
My Son, take all my Treasures: Ineffable Name, Invincible Sword, Precious Stone, Tree of Life, and Water of the Fountain of my own Heart.
I give you all this, because I know that you have deviated outward your forces that now you emanate from within, in order to give and give. Because Calm, Force and Love save the World.
My Son, take these Treasures of my Heart and distribute them.

Teaching 8: Illumination – 1954

Sons of the Divine Mother, keep the spiritual Heritage that She has granted to you.
There is no higher good in the earth than to possess a supernatural Gift, a Divine Message addressed to the Heart.
And illuminate every though, every word and every act of your like with that supernatural light granted to you.
Lives of men are lost in the sands of time, but the humblest and littlest life is written on heaven and remains eternally if it is illuminated by a supernatural power.
Here is the main mission of Cafh in relation to souls, granting to them a sense of the supernatural, Divine and Everlasting aspect.
Oh Sons of Fire!, illuminate the night of the world. Your divine spark is enough: the spark that the Mother gave you the Day of your Offering.
Your Offering is so tenuous, tiny and unnoticed, but despite its smallness, it can burn the entire Universe.
Illuminate the souls constantly by your supernatural flame.
Many souls have revived under your protection, but this work just starts.
Many souls in America are expecting far way, anxiously and trustingly, the Message from the Sons of Cafh.
Your mission never must become something human and ordinary; on the contrary, the Sons must transform what is human and ordinary by a lofty and divine touch.
Never forget that you are keeping a divine treasure, a supernatural spark in the soul, and that you must give only this to the souls, because they expect the message from Cafh

Teaching 9: Cultivate Souls – 1955

Sons of Cafh, open the doors of your heart to all souls.
Love –a powerful magnet of souls– will attract them.
Cultivate young souls by means of your love; no soul should be lost or deviated; make an offering of all your blood for them, if necessary, and guide them on the path of faith, beauty and joy of life.
Cultivate by means of your love the souls of those who were entrusted to you.
Spiritual life should not be separate from human life; it must be the only expression of Divinity.
May every home be a Table, and every Table a home!
Cultivate by means of your love all works of the Sons, their hopes, desires, tasks and possibilities.
Any experience is worth living it if you finish what you start.
You can get the most perfect and Divine fruit from the littlest and insignificant things.
Cultivate chose souls by means of your love.
Remove dangers, difficulties and obstacles from them and they will be able to realise their Divine desires.
The supreme end of Cafh is to take souls to the summit of perfection, and chosen souls are token, image and certainty that a perfect end can be achieved even in this life.
Open the doors of your heart to every soul, oh Sons of Cafh, and even open the doors of your heart to those souls who shall become.
Numerous beings and Initiates are about to come to the Earth along with the Divine Redeemer.
They need –through prayer and chastity– help from spiritual fathers and mothers to descend on the earth.
Still they need fathers and mothers to get a fit body and to fulfil their great mission on the earth, their great Mission of Love.
Give your life and your blood for those souls, if necessary.
Because just an open, unselfish, sacrificed and voluntarily patient love can redeem the world and save all the souls!

Teaching 10: Works of Love– 1956

Divine Mother’s love will has to move all actions of the Sons of Cafh.
This only feeling must totally renew their lives.
And this divine task must begin in their thoughts.
Their actions must be known and oriented in their root. Any ordinary thought must be substituted for emanating and expansive thoughts.
If the soul is determined by love, all is subject to love; then, love that beings receive is not an effort granted like something disconnected from the soul itself, but is love in itself. A love transferred, distributed and limited, that goes to-and-fro, and separate from love itself, is not love.
Love is a self-expanded and self-contracted act; it is the very love: Love of the Divine Mother.
I think of Love, I work in love, and I live in Love of the Divine Mother.
Love, like an expression of living thought, removes differences, annihilates prejudices, and undoes knots of differentiation.
Love, like a source of thought, sees all those souls that must be loved as if they were the very love.
There are no problems of mutual love, but there is a problem of love in itself, in Love of the Divine Mother. Then the act of love becomes act of love in itself, act of pure love.
Differentiation in beings, which brings so many pain and suffering, is just an abuse of love; and then any eventual help, alleviation of evil, solution of conflicts or recovery of lost things is totally in vain.
A transferred love is vain because makes a difference between loved person and lover and becomes source of pain and infinite sorrows.
Divine Mother’s love is the only love that removes any pain, sorrow and bitterness because is love in itself.
It is expansion of the pain of the soul, of the problem of the soul, and of the separateness of the soul.
Divine Mother’s love is not two; it is not to finish; it is not to love and be loved; it is not to suffer and enjoy pains and pleasures of others; it is not to go to-and-fro; it is not to begin and finish; Divine Mother’s love is always love, Love in itself.
If I love other person, I love myself; if I suffer for other fellow, I suffer for myself; his love and his pain are mine, for there are not two loves.
My love must not solve through love the evil of anyone, but my own evil.
Divine Mother’s love is the solution point of any problem and any evil.
I love and I am loved, and this love gives life to another force of love, which wants to live and excel those two loves that created that force.
Divine Mother’s love simply loves and gives to others in itself: the intense love expands but does not go to other but simply is revealed.
I am an expanded little love that recognises itself in its own expansion; I am the other soul, I am other souls, I am heaven of souls, I am all souls.
Neither love comes to me, nor I go to love.
The entire love of souls is my love, and they all are in me.
The littlest pain in any living being is my love, and any pain and separateness in the universe is my bitterness and loneliness.
I am love, and love is me.
Just this is the love of the Divine Mother.
This love must emerge from my thought like a recognised expansion of all souls in the soul of the Son, and their expansion must be like a unique feeling, complete, absolute and simple, without duality, compounds, beginning and end.
Divine Mother’s love is the Son, and the Son is Love of the Divine Mother.

Teaching 11: Message of Renunciation – 1957

Sons of Cafh!, look at the valley of the world where the souls claim for their salvation and receive as an answer darkened beams of light, roars from profaned abysses, prophetic voices of destruction, or voices of hope from intermediaries!
Mother’s Sons: why do not you descend among men to teach them your experience of Renunciation?
Sons of the Flame, carry your living Message to the souls, your Message of Renunciation. They will be able to resuscitate and live only if you remove the Creed of Possession from their hearts.
Carry your Message of Renunciation to the souls, as mystique, creed, science, technique, morality and supreme wisdom.
Sponsored Sons, carry your Message of Renunciation to likes.
Lonely Sons, carry your Message of Renunciation to possessions.
Ordained Sons, carry your Message of Renunciation to life.
Renunciation is the Law for the future world, and you, Sons of the Mother, are among those forerunners who are living this Law, which will be the way of living for the coming men.
Shall the Sons of Renunciation be so faithful to their mission, and shall impede the destruction before the era of Sakib?
Mother’s Sons, carry your Message of Renunciation to the souls, emanating from your entire being this Renunciation like light, understanding and life in yourselves.
See with eyes of eagle this future world, be heralds and experiment of this new coming era.
Cafh’s Sons: by means of your Renunciation, elucidate with clarity these present values that are about to expire; may you glimpse and prepare, through clairvoyance and experience, that world where sages and saints will be priests, legislators and guides of mankind; where those who moderate and distribute the economic currents of peoples will be taken as they rulers; where producers will be benefactors of mankind; and where intermediaries between God and man, between teacher and pupil, and between producers and the needy will disappear.
Carry your Message of Renunciation to every human area, to all souls, indistinctly; do not be intermediaries; be one with all those people, including all their problems, desires and anguishes.
Be students among students, workers among workers, destitute beings among the destitute, and skilled people among the skilled. Through Renunciation, all of them will see how the desire of Possession, as mental image and emotional state, separates men into sectors and castes.
Teach that Renunciation is life.
Why should they be subject to pain and death when consequently Renunciation removes any possession in life and grants a permanent participation in it?
Cafh’s Sons: Carry your Message of Renunciation to the souls and share with them new ideas and different social philosophies so that those souls may grasp what is new and good in every one of them; and do the same in regard to the new Religion of the future, which today is a ferment in every spiritual movement of the world; teach them that they all are Sons of the same Light.
Sons of the Flame: carry your Message of Renunciation to all men indistinctly, teach them that the good for peoples is not the result of wars and revolutions, but that of expansive capacity, that is the fruit of sacrifice, work, migrations and renunciation to superfluous things.
Carry your Message by living the life of all and sharing with them ideas of all. The first step to teach Renunciation is to get rid of us, of our predilections and possessions, and even of our own life.
Guide the souls toward that new world without impediments; this is urgently necessary; it is time for you to start!
Sons of the Mother, Sons of Cafh: carry your Message of Renunciation to the anguished and expectant world!

Teaching 12: Spirit of Simplicity – 1958

Sons of Cafh, stand fast in spirit of simplicity!
Leave on the way any burden of experience and just be saturated in depth by the essence of your doings.
Leave teachings for the Teaching; leave works for the Work; feelings for the Feeling; and ideas for the Idea.
The Unique Idea is in simplicity! Renunciations and conquer of the Kingdom of Blessedness are in simplicity. Sons of Cafh, stand fast in spirit of simplicity!
Son, mind is not your liberation but instrument of your liberation. Mind is at your disposal and fulfils its task in an admirable way, but to make good your of your being and to subdue it later: more ideas and thought forms you create, more factors you create, which will want to control you, and your fight to overcome them will be tougher.
Cultivate just one idea, a Unique Idea; may all your thoughts be oriented to this Idea and by this Idea.
Possess only one force to achieve your destiny, and only one force to return it to the ocean of creational aspects.
Renounce to mind; make use of it and leave it later to enter the Kingdom of Blessedness.
Sons, stand fast in spirit of simplicity!
Just through Renunciation to all those things that he deems real but that are impermanent, the Son will become an instrument that, by participation, will work in the next arrangement of mankind.
But this Renunciation must be to any eventual vital action, in order to start the unique action supported by any necessary activity to fulfil this unique task.
Just one act, just one continuous effort is enough to possess the creational power in all, and just whoever possesses it can renounce to it and enter the Kingdom of Blessedness.
Sons, stand fast in spirit of simplicity!
The Son has to renounce to teachings for the Teaching.
Much reading, study and reasoning lead to researches, structural results and surprising discoveries about compounds of things, but you run the risk of dehumanisation.
Renunciation to knowledge for the sake of knowledge, and renunciation to teachings for the Teaching, does not lead to any conquest or discovery, but to identify being with the very Teaching.
The end of the Son is permanence in Renunciation, supported by the Unique Idea. by action as pure act, by the Message of Renunciation that he must transmit to mankind; Message of Renunciation, as Ired, as Being and non-Being, as permanence in the Eternity, in the Kingdom of Blessedness.
Sons of Cafh, over all, stand fast in spirit of simplicity!

Teaching 13: The Way of Renunciation – 1959

Sons of Cafh, the Way to Renunciation is your way.
Your presence in the Radius of Stability must be the Living Presence of the supernatural aspect on the earth.
You are the human magnetic point that will be expansion point to give to the souls a new contact with the redeemed life.
May your Renunciation expands on the entire earth and on all souls, like a surge of love and renewal.
Sons of Cafh: the Way to Renunciation is your way, is the Way of your Presence, of your Participation and of your permanent Responsibility!
Be your soul quiet in the realisation of the inner ministry of love to transform your Silence into perfect void.
The new salvation work, which will be transmitted to the souls, will emerge in absolute Silence and permanent and perfect void.
In absolute Silence you will achieve every way, arriving at any goal, and your soul will learn the unique true of participation, salvation and expansion.
Just whoever takes part in silence transforms his human life into divine life, and is a tie of love between heaven and earth.
Sons of Cafh, remain in expectant attitude of submission and love before Me because I am your image.
Submission to My Voice, dependence on My Love, and being like My Divinity; here is the fidelity of fidelities, and this is to be liberated in order to liberate.
Sons, this is so because the secret of perfect love and growing fidelity is your purification to purify, your illumination to illuminate, and your offering to Be.
Sons of Cafh: the Way to Renunciation is your way, your mystique and your truth.
Through your own donation you will receive, through your own loss you will find, and through your offering you will live.
Renunciation is source of life and happiness, and its realisation is the only source of salvation in the world.
Sons of Cafh: renounce to your will and transform your soul into a lake of blessedness.
Whoever forces his will to obey, gets rid of any mental burden and possesses just one point, one idea and one purpose. His human life became divine life; reversibility of values granted to him power of eternity.
Sons of Cafh: the Way to Renunciation is your way, the Way that you must show to the souls.
Through Renunciation, you will collaborate to found a Universal Society on the earth, and to form new types of Consecrated Families, integrated by Sons.
Through Renunciation, you will be consecrated Priest of my Divine Love on the earth.
Sons of Cafh: your renunciations are the Integrity of the Great Work; the Way to Renunciation is the Way described by the Great Current in the Universe; Renunciation is Substantial Union.
Sons of Cafh: be Renunciation!
Renounce to books for the sake of the Teaching of the Regulation; renounce to sensations for the sake of the Mystique of Love; renounce to exertions for the sake of the work of your hands; and renounce to knowledge for the sake of Initiation. Only one word give the key to the secret of the Universe.
Sons of Cafh: the Way to Renunciation is your Way.
Leave your yesterday and your tomorrow, and live giving; just to give is to live. All the rest is past and death.
Form only one body in Cafh; a mystical body that may be image of all souls; to that all souls may be contained it, reflect in it and be it.
Renunciation is Presence in the Radius of Stability, in families founding Consecrated Families, in the universal society founding Communities of Ordained Sons.
Renunciation is divine participation in sufferings of mankind for the fulfilment of Vows.
Renunciation is reversibility of values, of every value, in the unique value of offering, surrender and holocaust.
Sons of Cafh: Renunciation is your Way.
By Renunciation your human live becomes supernatural, and the Masters of heaven and earth who lead you become one with your soul, because Renunciation is the goal of the immeasurable Blessedness.
There, where I remain eternally and I am the Simple Witness of your soul.

Teaching 14: The Treasure of the Teaching – 1960

Sons of the Divine Mother: treasure your Teaching!
Leave any useless study and easy reading, and listen and learn just the Teaching that flows eternally and reaches the Sons of Cafh.
Renunciation to studies for the sake of the study, and to readings for the sake of the reading, will give Knowledge to the Sons.
Sons: leave those studies that try to grasp divine mysteries by means of the mind.
The soul can be in contact with the cosmic consciousness just through Silence; they can identify with the Divine Mother just through Mystical Ascesis; and the individual soul can feel part of the Soul of the Universe just through Renunciation.
Sons: renounce to the intellectual pleasure of theological and philosophical studies and just listen at the Teaching. In the hands of the Son, the Teaching becomes Theology, Spiritual Philosophy, Integral, living, free of empirical speculations and closely linked with any problem of the human becoming.
Sons: leave programmed, deficient and superfluous studies. Your minds are new minds; your capacity is a new capacity; and your intellectual possibilities have increased. Old methods have expired and are not efficient any more. Those studies devoted to learn certain thing, to be skilled and to possess a professional title are programs that begin and end, good for yesterday and useless for today. Leave those studies for the sake of the Teaching, for the sake of that study that is part of the very mind of the Son, that study whose uninterrupted rhythm is part of the human mind, which never stops, and quickly disposes of any useless study, of any unnecessary repetition and of any obsolete theory.
Those who did not abandon those useless studies for the sake of effective studies will take part in the group of the defeated, and will be unable to follow the rhythm of the wise young men.
Sons of the Divine Mother: Treasure your Teaching!
The Teaching will grant to the Son the permanent capacity of Knowledge. The Son should not accept sayings and notions subject to fixed rules, which he must acquire through old-fashioned methods, enormous waste of time, and accumulation of additional, repeated and very detailed information. The study has to be a permanent gift of the mind of the Son, a mental capacity to grasp, which easily will make a difference between useful study and useless study, and will be applied clearly, quickly and definitely to certain research. So, theories will be experienced at once, the universal laws will be demonstrated by pure sciences, and knowledge will be applied through technical chain structures.
Seemingly, in the future, man will witness the elimination of his expectations, years of study, development of correlative states of mind, and quick palingenesis in reaction to secondary actions.
Being has to achieve, through the Teaching, a new state of life, superior, spiritual, and of “egoentia”. His development in this wider magnetic field demands an automation of his ordinary emotional states and his most common rational knowledge, and in his mind, a wider field devoted to study and unravel superior problems more related to the Cosmos.
The Son of Cafh must be on the vanguard of these unsuspected events.
Sons of the Divine Mother: treasure your Teaching!
Leave easy readings, which are imitation jewellery, for the sake of reading necessary books. Prophetic or scientific books are useful; all the rest, in the guise of one of these two values, aim at certain ideological or commercial end. Here is a benefit that just the Teaching can grant: to distinguish and find the book among other books certainly and quickly.
Sons of Cafh: listen at the Teaching flowing eternally!
The Son cannot help perceiving the Teaching; to stop would be to perish.
The Son perceives the Teaching in the innermost depth of his heart, in the closed chamber of his consecrated soul. Here is the supreme knowledge through which he does not lose elasticity, youth, and ability to learn more and ever better.
May the Teaching grant to the Sons the power to teach, write, and multiply; from their Radius they will teach through writings on the world press, will reflect their concepts on film screens, and moreover will multiply as Messengers of the Teachings on all TV sets.
From there, the Teaching will acquire an unlimited and non-dimensional depth, and its projection will be systematic and giant.
Sons of the Divine Mother; treasure your Teaching!
Leave useless studies and easy readings, and just listen at the Teaching and learn it.

Teaching 15: The Spiritual Truth – 1961

Sons of Cafh: the spiritual life is the truth; transform the spiritual life into a truth!
Signs are signs; tradition is tradition; empiricism is empiricism; chances are chances; but just a knowledge, that is essential, determined, formal and evident, becomes a truth.
Sons of Cafh: transform your Spiritual Life into a truth, and convert the spiritual postulates into something true, living and evident.
Sons: over all, make a difference between divine knowledge and metaphysical knowledge.
Divine knowledge is the result of intuitive enlightenment, mystical exaltation and ecstatic sublimation; and also of intellectual speculation and study of texts and traditions; but never is an evident truth since ever derives from study or sublimation of a possible or contingent knowledge about a supposed truth. There is no evident truth if you do not know the subject in essence. The only evident truth about divinity is unfathomable silence, enigma and mystery.
Metaphysical knowledge is whether possible or evident. Sons of Cafh: over all, proclaim evident –or eventually evident– metaphysical knowledge. A concrete and evident knowledge, determined through experimental test, takes steadily root in new souls. This should ever be the characteristic trait in Cafh’s Teaching; a knowledge has to be formed and demonstrated, and very numerous metaphysical notions are in a position of becoming evident.
Sons of Cafh: transform the Spiritual Life into a truth!
Many animistic systems, of course with goodwill and good intention, mix up supernatural truths with divine truths, confuse the eager souls and impede them to distinguish between what is possible and what is true, or offer intellectual speculations or theological truths as if they were evident truths, and for a while blind those souls and later leave them doubtful or disappointed. Other systems present physical or psychical phenomena as if they were supernatural, and soon are contradicted by deep psychology or brain biochemistry, which changes psycho-mental disturbances through certain drugs.
All this moves the souls away from the truth and delays them on the Path to their Inner Liberation.
Sons of Cafh: the Spiritual Truth is the Truth!
Over all, give the Doctrine to the Souls by means of a clear, accurate and demonstrable Teaching.
The Teaching should be clear, and a lot of paper, too many metaphors, and disperse culture must be removed. Plan a brief, concise and automatic system of information, because human knowledge –metaphysical and spiritual– is enormous and beyond the reach of any individual; Cafh’s instructors must elaborate that system until its eventual substitution for electronic scientific brains.
The Teaching should be accurate, in proper language and time-honoured and applied terms. Language is the soul of facts, and you cannot express them through confuse and improper words. You should recognise the difference between physical states and supernatural states, and between the latter and spiritual states. Every state or concept should have its definitive world, and if you do not know it, you must create it; a new doctrinal language, a true philosophy of the word becomes necessary.
The Teaching is demonstrable; all those things that you teach to the souls must be demonstrated or expounded as an information or a possibility. Just the truth –or the possible truth when it is expounded as such– reaches the souls.
Teach this: the spiritual culture does not neglect a man of general culture, since is part of it. Of course, we mean a properly established culture, which forms men and does not cultivate professionalism.
Sons of Cafh: give the truth!
By means of the truth, the psychosomatic, psycho-mental and spiritual currents of the Son will experience a transformation, different states of consciousness will be surpassed and sublimated, and the soul will come close to the divine mystery.
Sons of Cafh: give the Truth!
Do not neglect to give social sciences to the souls, since the Message of Renunciation is social science par excellence, and the only spiritual current that can give Mystical Body to the new currents of mankind; and over all, Renunciation is the mysterious law that introduces the soul to divine mysteries.
Sons of Cafh: the Spiritual Life is the truth!

Teaching 16: The Expansion – 1962

Sons of the Mother: promote a worldwide expansion of Cafh!
All souls are fit and ready, and anxiously expect the hour and do not admit any delay.
Sons of the Mother: expand Cafh and internally fix the Message of Renunciation!
Uninterruptedly practise your assigned ascetic exercises from your adhesion to Cafh, but just in a mechanical and technical way. Every ascetic practice –even meditation, which was rightly taught to you– has to be, over all, a muscular exercise, phonetic, suggestive and cerebrospinal. You should discard ascetic exercises that from their beginning emphasise your senses, clarify your mind, strengthen your will, stress your sensibility, and lead to control your physical body or your thought. Even though in a beginner, his apprenticeship is impossible if he does not aim at certain achievement, however this exercises should be like class marks, which shall be surpassed by the result of his own experience.
Certain mystics postpone their ascetic exercises, but later cannot dispose of what a soul has established like a permanent achievement.
Ascetic exercises deprived of an achievement lead internally the soul to a plain and free mystique, empty it totally, reflect unconditionally the Message of Renunciation, and communicate with any proper soul by means of the power of inner similitude.
And here Cafh begins its expansion.
Sons of the Mother: expand Cafh by becoming conscious of the Message of Renunciation!
Be in deep possession of yourselves. Whoever does not know himself, whoever is not conscious of himself cannot come in inner contact with the souls. You must find a solution to the simplest questions: “In fact, who am I?”, “What do I truly feel, not what do I believe that I feel?”. Our feeling escapes and hides, and in fact we are unaware of our feelings because we are not self-conscious: we possess just consciousness-reaction. A Son that explores and constantly controls himself, is aware of his deep consciousness and of the feeling contained in the Message of Renunciation.
To be self-conscious, to grasp the feeling contained in the Message of Renunciation is to create in the souls a chain reaction of the clear-feeling, and also to expand Cafh.
Sons of the Mother: expand Cafh and give to the souls clear and evident definitions about the supernatural expression of the Message of Renunciation.
Religious faith, metaphysical experiences and individual achievements ever were elements that placed men before unknown possibilities; but now, many want to substitute religious faith and individual experiences for simple faith and scientific experience. Urgently the souls should revise, without any scruple, their beliefs and dogmas so that faith and experience may reach unforeseeable amplitude.
Sons: expound the Message of Renunciation and its total supernatural projection, but not beyond any concrete evidence, and this way the souls shall go out of the closed circle of mental schemes, and shall know about their potentials, what were able to elucidate and what remains mysterious. The souls must know their true inner possibilities and how to manage the power of their psyches, and to distinguish which possibilities can survive before certain analysis and metaphysical breakthroughs, which individual experiences become possible, and which hypothesis are about to become evident. Sons: teach the souls neither to be ashamed at what they do not know nor to cover it up in an ignominious way, but that what is unknown is ever God Himself.
Clarity and honesty in definitions is the Message of Renunciation converted into word in the souls.
Sons of the Mother: expand Cafh by being in contact and presence with the souls!
Remain with the souls permanently, intimately and dispassionately.
The souls are thirsty for the Message of Renunciation and for the company of a soul that proclaims it with its own life. Now you do not conquer souls by means of words, promises, doctrines and new controversies, but by means of the truth made flesh and ever present in the Instructor through a similar feeling, participation in life and mutual understanding.
The Sons attest the Message of Renunciation, and all together sometimes become responsible, before the Sons, for the received word. And when Master and disciple are together and share the same living, any problem is solved in a spontaneous way.
The Message of Renunciation, with the presence of those Sons who live it, says the human problem is not to have or not to have, to believe or not to believe, to be right or wrong, or to belong to one class or another, or to one group or to another; the problem is just to get certain necessary possibilities to develop purely and simply as human beings, spontaneous ability to distinguish between the achievement of a qualitative conquest and a quantitative conquest, and discrimination to know the spiritual freedom and not to confuse it with instinctive freedom. Instinctive freedom is fictitious because a person imagines to act at will, while spiritual freedom places precisely the individual in mankind as a whole and, therefore, in the Mystical Body of Cafh.
The expansion of Cafh is quick when the Message of Renunciation is present in the souls.
Sons of the Mother: expand Cafh proclaiming the Message of Renunciation!
Act internally in the souls if your souls are internally projected in them.
Proclaim to the souls the Message of Renunciation exactly as they need it.
To go to the souls is to love and understand them, to take part in their needs and aspirations, and to share their environment and habits. To proclaim unattainable ideas to those who need immediate solutions is as if you offered to a child, in a sordid room, a splendid gift: then your charity would be illusory; if you gave a luxurious gown to a girl in a slum, you would cover a wound without previous disinfection; and if you provided a young man with a modern sport field in unhealthy quarters, this would be to scoff at misery. The Message of Renunciation has to go to the souls exactly as they need it and in accordance with their environment and place.
Sons: you must proclaim the Message of Renunciation beyond any religious announcement and political manifesto, and just like a spiritual voice, kind and compassionate, that knows that men of any class and race, need more and more to improve their living conditions. This is a spiritual voice exhorting all to accept sacrifices of our time, and to understand that what they lose on a plane is ever compensated on another; that a budget cut is compensated by a rise in moral values, and a loss of convenient security is compensated by higher spiritual development.
Sons of the Mother: expand Cafh by imparting a precise Teaching!
Transmit the Teaching to the souls through ever-renewed methods. Teachings used to educate the Sons and souls are ever fit to a proper time, circumstance, and assimilative capacity. Several methods and principles have been used in relation to various doctrines and schools, and have been shaped, adapted or surpassed in a gradual way.
Instructors must transmit to the Sons the Message of Renunciation by means of clear, synthetic and precise prompt copies, distinguishing between possibility and evidence, and always on the basis of mystical traditions, philosophy of history, and exact sciences.
If you want to maintain in a uniform way the same method of Teaching, you place instructors in the past: the Teaching about the Message of Renunciation is infinite present.
Teaching itself is an indispensable factor of expansion, the most plausible medium to get new contacts and prosperous and powerful foundations, and an element at the disposal of the Sons to come in direct contact with the souls.
By means of the Teaching, those Sons who, like pilots, survey the environment, prepare in different places the propitious field to establish Cafh, encourage the enthusiasm there, and become leaders among aspirants in their locality or circle.
Sons of the Mother: expand Cafh by working to Integrate the Great Work!
All Sons expand Cafh through their work of every day. The work, on the light of the Message of Renunciation, becomes living mystique and sanctifies matter.
The Sons constitute the Integrity of the Great Work by fulfilling their mission in the work, which contributes to form the civilian and spiritual society. Just through work, mankind can surpass unfit structures and establish the kingdom of peace on the earth. Rebelliousness just fosters dissatisfaction and does not give any concrete solution; just the work grants spontaneous and successive solutions and is the basis to establish the Providential Economy.
Sons of the Mother: expand Cafh by making precise use of the Power of the Great Current!
A continuous beam of light breaks any resistance. The emission of Foa’s continuous beam converts the expansion of Cafh into a mathematical fact, but the force of Foa that is not used by inertia or that is used personally, becomes an irrecoverable dynamic surplus.
The continuous Foa’s beam increases the personal impersonal magnetism of the Son and, therefore, increases continuously the number of Sons like a drop of water on a beam of light.
Moreover, it multiplies Radiuses of Stability and increases a hundredfold the Works of Cafh.
Sustained Foa’s beam disintegrates any obstacle and illuminates the Message of Renunciation in every soul, propitiating any possible development of the Sons.
The Sons in accordance with their Category proportionately sustain the Power of the Great Current, and all Sons are indispensable to a proper expansion of Cafh. Therefore, the number of consecrated souls through their Ordination has to be higher and higher, and Spiritual Directors have to lead the souls to this Ordination through proper instructions.
Ordained Superiors have to Lead Tables and Sons, even though their number should ever be reduced to the needs of the Tables. But the number of Sons and Daughters devoted to live in Community must constantly increase. A total expansion of Cafh is impossible without them, because they are the offering of the holocaust and living exemplar of the possibilities of the Message of Renunciation. A Community of Ordained Sons and Daughters should be established wherever a Table of the Lonely exists.
Sons of the Mother; expand Cafh by strengthening day by day the sense of your Vows in your souls!
A Vow in, in the soul, the Seal of Unknown Divinity, of Being before the Mystery of Eternity; it is God in the soul of the Son.
The Sons take part in the Divinity through their Vows.
A Vow is an ineffaceable seal, confirms the Universal Law of Renunciation on the earth and forges men who known their feelings and possess their knowledge.
Son: A Vow transforms the Sons into essential unity.
Son: This occurs because the Sons join substantially together with the Divine Mother through their Vows, and the Message of Renunciation, in its expansion throughout the entire Universe, is simply Renunciation.
In Substantial Union, there are no Sons, but the Son as Divine Prototype, the Son in the Mystical Body of Cafh. Just there is one mystical body; that of the Integrity of the Great Work. Just there is one expression of the Son in the world: The Power of the Great Current. And just there is one Divine Prototype: the Son in Substantial Union with the Divine Mother. Neither here nor there, neither with this nor with that, neither they nor I, but Blessedness. And this Blessedness is achieved in the fraction of fractions of an instant. So, can there be neither two, nor death, nor decadence, nor old ages, nor ways, but just Blessedness.
Sons of the Mother: try to expand Cafh throughout the earth, throughout the Universe.


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