Chapter 1: Prophetic Teachings
Chapter 2: The Immortal Legacy
Group A: Books on History
Group B: Books on Philosophy
Group C: Doctrinal Books
Group D: Books on Mystical Ascesis
Group E: Esoteric Books
Group F: Books on Communities
Chapter 3: Hymn to Maitreya
Chapter 4: Commentaries on Maitreya
1: Maitreya
2: Solar Initiates of Fourth Category
3: The Strong Liberator
4: Written References of the Teachings
Chapter 5: The Scenery for the Redeemer
1: The World in the Third Millennium
2: The Age
3: Conceptual Scenography
4: Money Power
5: Atomic Destruction
6: Environmental Devastation
7: Sex, Drugs and Epidemics
8: Survival

Chapter 1: Prophetic Teachings

This Internet Collection contains 625 Teachings textually referred to old typed notes taken from Retirements, Courses, Lectures, unpublished texts, visions, et cetera, partially modern and partially very old messages of the Holy Masters, revelation of the hereafter, bringing all of them the prophetic seal of Santiago Bovisio. And every time you read them again, the same disturbing and still-unanswered question: Which is the purpose of this Esoteric Library, immense and complete, immobile and silent up to our days, not so much for its material volume, but for the variety and extension and subjects and for its conceptual learning, from the creation of the worlds to the image of the Sixth-Round future man, travelling through the spaces -translucent and shining, with one great eye alone on the forehead of his new body of fire.
These teachings are not written to keep them in secret hidings, being inaccessible and forbidden; such an attitude contradicts their spirit and letter. The Master claimed for their public transmission by every means: ">From afar, many souls of America are eagerly expecting the Message of the Sons of Cafh" (XIX.8.10). "Carry your Message of Renunciation to a world in anguish and expectation" (XIX.11.12). "They will be everywhere at once as Messengers of Renunciation through all television sets" (XIX.14.19).
Santiago Bovisio -in his previous incarnation High Priest in the Temple of Ammon, Egypt, deadly rival of the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaton during the Two-Suns War- returned to this age after an absence of 3500 years, not to deal with domestic problems of a handful of followers, but to announce universally the presence of a new Redeemer of the Humanity on the Earth: Maitreya.
Numerous chapters of the Course "Great Initiates of the Aryan Race" clearly speak about the Solar Initiate, his appearance between the years 1972-77, his redeeming mission in this catastrophic and annihilating civilisation, and his indispensable contribution to answer the human problems. No other spiritual leader in the twentieth century worked so much to herald and prepare the Divine Presence among men.
The Master ever insisted that his mission and that of his followers is to prepare the advent of the Redeemer. If one considers the group which was aware of the Teachings, we can say that no preparation is made after his death in 1962, and that the "lamps of the foolish virgins" still are out. The Redeemer is right now on the Earth, and nobody has expected him, even the ones that had this mission. We should believe that one had to expect the new millennium so that those warnings posed by the prophets may be valid at every home of the Planet. The one that wishes to know in detail these wonderful events collected in more than 600 Teachings, can obtain them at once at home by Internet, and the gates will be open to the future.
A second hypothesis tries to explain and approach the mystery of the Teachings, and their origins, motivations, foundations and history.. Elsewhere we said that Bovisio took part in the Order of Fire in Venice, and that in1926 is sent to America to found a similar institution, shortly before the destruction of the Order by the Fascist Government of Italy, and since then we do not know anything about their members or documents. Perchance was Santiago Bovisio the last survivor of this venerable and millenary esoteric institution? Perchance did they send him to Argentina in order to safeguard spiritual treasures which were unique documents in the world before the imminent World War that would devastate Europe? Protected in its apparent insignificance, there you can find texts in Arypal, which can be read only in the Grotto of Ras by expert clairvoyants, and also immemorial Hymns, and Oms of hidden meaning. There you can find ancient information not preserved elsewhere: the seven secret chambers of the Ammon Temple, a detailed description of the astral physiology of the human body, secret ceremonies of initiation, and many other unknown treasures.
The first Teaching about the Esoteric Orders describes the foundation of the Order of Fire, in Kaor, central Asia, and its secret development for thousands of years until its final collapse, and later the journey of the survivors toward the centre of the Sahara, and their expansion from that place to the rest of the world. One can infer that the specific system of the Esoteric Orders begins in Kaor, and continues steadily up to now. Will disappear the Esoteric Order in the new incipient American Sub-race? We ask again: Was the Master Santiago the last survivor of the millenary tradition, and left his Teachings as immortal legacy?
In the above-mentioned course, another legend describes the Mother Abbumi, 2500 years before Christ, ruling over the Order in the Hoggar, centre of the Sahara, and the beginning of the two great currents of forces, that of knowledge and that of feeling, which characterised the religions of the world up to our days.
In the Two-Suns War, about one thousand years later, these currents -Ammon and Aton- are openly and violently expressed in an alternate succession throughout History. Today, in a switch of ages and life style, the Two-Suns Wars is waged again: materialism against spiritualism. And it is taken for granted that one of the main works of Maitraya will be to find a harmonious answer to this controversy: the spiritualisation of the materialism.
As promoters of the public dissemination of Master Santiago Bovisio's Teachings, we hold that the expected solution that will be a partial contribution of the happy mission of the Redeemer is preserved in these texts, in the Message of Renunciation, and in their expressed Laws of the Universe.
There is a third interpretation about the meaning of the Teachings: Santiago Bovisio himself and his personal, individual contribution to the new Sub-race, by means of his knowledge, his outstanding powers, his memory of historic times, and the greatness of his offering. In their first proposal, the Teachings anticipate, herald and promote Maitreya. In their second proposal, the Teachings preserve and promote the traditions and spiritual heritage of the Order of Fire. In their third proposal, the Master imparts his doctrine on Renunciation, assisted by Astral Instructors, and brings it into practice in the Order which he founds for this purpose, by means of the Regulation and his permanent spiritual guide. In multiple occasions he proclaimed the Message of Renunciation as the law for the future world, promoted by the Solar Initiate.
So the personal contribution of the Master is to prepare the spiritual tools which will be useful for the work of Maitreya, that he explains in the Teachings, and that personally he experienced with the Ordained Sons and Daughters of Community, while the legal original Regulation was in force. In the books strictly doctrinal ("The Way to Renunciation", "Spiritual Life of Cafh", "Messages", et cetera) you will find clearly expressed those concepts which will form the future life of a man close to Maitreya, looking for the spiritualisation of the materialism by means of an harmonious conjunction of the pairs of opposites.
Now all these spiritual tools, collected and arranged by the Master are accessible, updated and adapted to the modern mentality, and contain precise and correct indications for their use: several types of meditation, active and passive, exercises of mind concentration, explanations about contemplation and exercises to get it, gymnastics and physical postures, notions about providential economy, recommendations about silence, social behaviour and living in family, et cetera, and all those things that practically and theoretically he taught during his lifetime until the moment of his passing away. Certainly, you will not find a "personal" Spiritual Guide of the Master, but who knows? The Master continues to work on his Task and Guide from higher planes with those souls that remain faithful to him. Any person who did not meet him becomes a Faithful Disciple when and if he/she adheres to his precepts.

Chapter 2: The Immortal Legacy

These Teachings constitute the spiritual legacy of a Master of Wisdom, of the twentieth century, in the end of the Fifth Sub-race, for the future generations of the emerging American Sub-race, since the first day of the third millennium. These Legacy entirely belongs to him and contains the best knowledge that a great mind could keep and synthesise in his short life-span. It is an encyclopaedia of esoteric and philosophic wisdom, which begins in the remotest times of the human presence on the Earth until the most recent events of the last World War, from the astral physiology of man to the inner life of the Earth. Those material and institutional things left by him at death, now are totally destroyed; but the gist, the heart remains of those things which he loved -his Teachings that now, bequeathed without any restrictions, take part in the mystical body of the Mankind.
The Teachings are not classified. Somewhere the author tries a provisional and general classification; the Universal Teachings of any tradition and time, which you can find printed: Vedas, the Bible, et cetera, and the Teachings of Cafh, transmitted by an Astral Master, the Monitor (Savonarola), to the Founder, by means of the Doctrine of the Renunciation. There is a third Teaching of the Orators, which is an oral transmission.
At this point we can say that when Bovisio says Cafh, he refers to the Order of Fire, universal and permanent, whose astral original form became the modern terrestrial Order that is subject to birth and death, such as it occurred.
This Collection contains 37 books of different extension, and every one generally comprises 16 chapters or Teachings. Each Teaching deals with a specific subject and constitutes a unity which can be read regardless of the rest and will not lose clarity. All the Teachings are actually interrelated, not only in every book or course, but in the entire Collection. Many times, the Master Santiago said that the Teaching is only one -permanent, continuous, without fissure. Certain varied -and sometimes apparently contradictory- expressions that here you can observe become facets that promote a richer and easier understanding of the Teaching.
There are many titles, and our work by means of this commentary does not try a rational systematisation by matters, but simply a help to gather and look for subjects and inner relationships of every reader. In this first try, we offer six related groups of books.
Group A: Books on History; 6 titles.
Group B: Books on Philosophy; 3 titles.
Group C: Doctrinal Books; 11 titles.
Group D: Books on Mystical Ascesis; 7 titles.
Group E: Esoteric Books; 5 titles.
Group F: Books on Communities; 4 titles.

Their placement does not mean any rank, but a simple arrangement. The unity of knowledge lies in every Teaching, not in the book. The Teaching contains concepts aimed at a unitary transmission, which the Orator loudly expressed during Meetings.. Usually, the hearer kept the written page for his consideration; later, all these pages were returned and burnt in the end of the year. Certain non-returned pages remained are kept, and constitute the basis of this Internet Collection, after a long search.

Group A: Books on History

History is the science that studies the human becoming by means of verifiable information sources, mainly written; it begins in Greece and greatly grows in the modern age by discoveries of lost civilisations and by the exhumation of their relics. But it cannot go across the barrier of four or five thousand years back in spite of its projection toward universal historic systems.
The History offered by the Master Santiago is different because appeals to other research tools, which academic historians do not possess. It is also science, but of different -esoteric- laws, an intimate and direct knowledge of events told by a higher mind. This History uses ancient traditions, graphic and conceptual symbology, decoding of cryptic texts, supraphysical revelations, shining images of the Akashic Annals, clairvoyance of the author, and other unknown sources.
When J.R.R. Tolkien describes in the Ainulindalë, of his Silmarillion, the creation of the worlds and the work of the Powers -which does not differ too much from the Cosmogony of "The Planetary System"- offers a wonderful story of mythological science-fiction; the Master Bovisio makes esoteric science, and his sources are the same: the Grotto of Ras. In his "The Aleph", J.L. Borges writes a tale of fantastic realism about a point of this Grotto, -a personal and intimate matter. In his Teaching entitled "The Grotto of Ras" (VII.7), Bovisio describes and explains this phenomenon. Borges was regularly present during the meetings at the house of the painter Xul Solar, where Bovisio spoke about these subjects. Perhaps there Borges found motivation for his famous tale.
In Bovisio's view, the History of man begins with the first individuation, with the formation of astral bodies trying to inhabit physical bodies in the first terrestrial Races, millions of years ago. Remnants of this knowledge can be found in holy books of religions, for instance, Vedas, Popol Vuh, the Bible, Assyrian tablets, the Stanzas of Dzian, and so on. The Master Santiago directly consulted the Akashic Annals, so as H.P. Blavatsky did.
Historical books are as follows:
Book IV: History of Man.
Book V: Great Initiates of the Aryan Race.
Book VI: Great Initiates of Fire.
Book XVI: History of the Esoteric Orders.
Book XXIII: Comparative Religion.
Book XXIV: Ten Great Religions.
Book XXVI: Anthropogenesis.

How to read these weird books? In them there are matters, personalities and places never mentioned anywhere, and even especial historic figures under new raiment, like Cleopatra, Catherine of Medici, Innocent III and other celebrities; the Atlantis, three-metre-tall Lemurians, the Hyperborean Race and many other amazing and fascinating things. These pages should be read such as they are written, with simplicity, kindness and sincerity. If your intentions are to learn, you should open not only your intellect, but also your heart.

Group B: Books on Philosophy

The author divides Philosophy into three great branches, according to the old classification. 1) Cosmodicea; 2) Andrology; and 3) Rasic Philosophy. Moreover, he enumerates different disciplines or thought schools, like Physics, Ethics, et cetera. The only modern exponent which he quotes in relation to Rasic Philosophy is H.P. Blavatsky and her universally known book The Secret Doctrine, And he adds: "To know the true History... you need to see it in the Registry of the Seventh Plane, on the Mental World".. The Master Santiago saw the History at will, and many Teachings of this Collection come from the above mentioned Annals.
Three books form the group of Philosophy:
Book XIII: Philosophy.
Book XXVI: Theology
Book XXVII: Cosmogony.
These three books are interconnected, and account for the evolution of the human knowledge throughout times and different civilisations.
The author is very wary about Cosmogony. He says: "In a didactical way, as a study and certain 'rules', we may say that Cosmogony is mere speculation". But he gives materials that you cannot find anywhere. He says: "In the Temple of Ahehia, in Kaor, on the black and conic stone of the Divine Mother Hes' sepulchre, mystical sings reveal the History of the Universe". And later he transcribes, develops and accounts for them in the following Teachings.
The Master Santiago places Theology on the summit of Philosophy, and even on that of any human knowledge. And in Chapter 13 he speaks about the unique Great Revelation, imparted by Manu in the beginning of the Aryan Race, which is the source of revelations in all religions. And he holds that this Revelation still can be discovered somewhere on the Earth. He says: "This Revelation will be discovered before the end of the present Race-Root so that all revelations may recover their unity".

Group C: Doctrinal Books

This section is enormous: 170 Teachings of very varied nature, mainly related to the named "Teachings of Cafh", astrally inspired by the Monitor, and collected by the Master Santiago. Like an immense river, like the grand Amazon, this section takes tributaries from the high peaks of America, and unites with the river mother to pour its waters on the Ocean of the Humanity.
They are eleven books in all:
Book I: Spiritual Development.
Book II: Sacrifice.
Book XI: Inner Life.
Book XII: Spiritual Life in Cafh.
Book XVIII: The Way to Renunciation.
Book XIX: Messages.
Book XXVIII: Renunciation.
Book XXXI: The Good Path.
Book XXXIV: Commentaries on the Regulation of Cafh.
Book XXXV: Renunciation in the World.
Book XXXVII: Ceremonials, Prayers and Hymns.
The reduced space of these commentaries impedes approaching these vast Courses, not only by the volume of their pages, but also by their inherent difficult concepts. This is the gist of the Doctrine of Renunciation, developed in all forms and with implications and contacts with other aspects of the human knowledge. So these words are a suggestive presentation to encourage its reading and study. Later particularly we will consider every Teaching as their related motivations appear. Even there are paragraphs of two lines, or certain concrete term which requires of a didactic extension connected with other texts.

Group D: Books on Mystical Ascesis

They are seven books in all, and deal with any forms of prayer, in addition to the two last books about gymnastics and postures, which are a help to pray.
Book IX: Ascesis of Prayer.
Book XIV: Mystical Ascesis.
Book XV: Affective Meditation.
Book XXIX: Meditation in Dialogue.
Book XXX: Contemplative Vocation.
Book XXXII: Gymnastics of Cafh.
Book XXXIII: Postures.
Santiago Bovisio taught meditation to thousands of peoples who had no idea about prayer. On a cultural environment like Argentina, of habits that still are colonial, from the first half of century, prayer consisted only of Christian prayer, without independent institutions teaching meditation. At present, this is a little different thanks to practices of Indian Yoga, very distorted and not too much lofty.
On this Teachings you will know the deepest techniques to practise meditation, concentration, contemplation, of discursive, sensitive, intellectual and affective kind, simple quietness and that of postures and related gymnastics, about the most diverse subjects derived from the Ancient Symbology. Bovisio teaches how to differentiate real effects in exercises from self-suggestion effects, and warns about mystical deviations and their dangers, et cetera. This constitutes a complete treatise about Prayer on the highest mystical level, which can be consulted any time. He discards strongly any ascetic practise of psychism, mind power and increase of harmful, magnetic soul energies. Finally, the exalt those mystical ascesis exercises not achieved from the beginning of the path, which deprive the soul of material attachments.

Group E: Esoteric Books

As we said above, Santiago Bovisio was a being of unusual parapsychological powers since his birth. Fortunately educated by a comprehensive and tender family in a Christian pious environment, the Passion Order Institute imparted him support and understanding on his difficult adolescence stage at school. All this culminated when he entered the Order of Fire, in Venice, with the best teachers of the world and archives of wisdom as no other in Europe. At the age of 21 he was already formed, and after his Perpetual Vows, he left for America where he would achieve his giant work. He stayed, moved and spoke at ease in two different worlds (in our view) at the same time, but these two worlds were only one whole to him: astral and physical one. So the Atlantean world was before losing the pineal eye, and so the future men will be after recovering it.
On these esoteric books you can approach supraphysical experiences of a being who experienced them day by day, even amid the turmoil of Buenos Aires. You may accept or refuse them at will, but you cannot help admiring the wonderful invisible universe, which continuously works on us.
In this section you will find books about ancient symbols helping over meditation, others about adventures of the being in the intermediate world which dies and later is born again, generally about 600 years after death, one book about astral colours and their meanings, and in addition one about Planets, and their formation and death.
This part consists of five books:
Book III: Archaic Symbology.
Book VII: The Becoming.
Book VIII: Science of Life.
Book X: Astral Life.
Book XVII: The Planetary System.
Today there are bookstores filled with esoteric books written by authors who never saw anything, but copied a lot. Also there are many esoteric groups practising exercises and organising tours to magical places. On times of unrest and fear, masses of the great cities seek refuge in dark powers that they do not understand, from the violence in stadiums, and the escape through drugs and sex, to the psychical aberration of unknown magical practices which drive them crazy.
The esoteric science is luminous, enlightening and curative, and the astral radiation is shining radiation in which our invisible protectors stay and work so that also we may be good. To approach this science and knowledge, our heart should be deprived of any stains because light repels them. As you read these pages, you will come into contact with a Master of Wisdom who wrote these things with his heart.

Group F: Books of Communities

Book XX: Superiors of Community.
Book XXI: Intimacy of the Perfect.
Book XXII: Interpretation for the Ordained of Community.
Book XXXVI: Lectures at Embalse.
As we are in Argentina and in modern times, nothing better to approach these experiences of the youth than to read the Lectures at Embalse. At Embalse of Río III, Cordoba province, close to Calamuchita lake, you find the first Women Community founded by the Master Santiago after enormous sacrifice. Particularly they were devoted to educate poor children sent by the Patronato de Menores (Juvenile Board). Many of these Lectures refer to the education of children. But the main purpose is perfection in a life of Renunciation, as you may read it on these Courses. They were young women who had chosen this life style. On the Regulation Observance you will notice that on Saturday evenings and before the supper, there was a Lecture during about half an hour, in the Chapel. When the Master Santiago was present in the Community, he conducted it not only personally, but also gave these Lectures.
Their subjects were very varied and about any important matters occurred in the Life of Community. It is like certain approach to consecrated souls. The intimacy of a life like that is inaccessible to an outsider, even being present, but in the Teachings of the Founder you can find like an echo of a wonderful music, like the perfume of a flower that is not here any more, or like the hope of a better world. Now, by means of these Masterly Teachings, this Hope takes part in the Mystical Body of the Humanity.

Chapter 3: Hymn to Maitreya

Beloved Maitreya: dwell in us.
Reveal us the mystery of love.
Immeasurable loneliness of the one that lives among men, but is not human.
And makes himself man in the purest unfathomable act and sacrifice of love.
Purity, eternal life of stainless love.
Alone, and at a time one with the souls.
We call you at the gates of the Divine Sanctuary.
We glorify you so that we may be lifted to Love.
We adore you in the innermost depths of our hearts.
Sink us more and more in the centre of the heart, until ceasing to be a man isolated and lost.
Until ceasing to be an illusion.
I surrender my little heart to your divine hands.
To let fall inside this very secret chamber, where all is quietness, rest and calm.
When one's heart becomes the heart of the Divine Mother.
May this chest harbour the Divine Heart, infinite and eternal.
Teach us how we should not want any more.
And how we should not feel any more.
And how we should not be any more.
No glance should look at oneself.
No gesture should be of oneself.
To be nothing.
Divine Mystery.
Deprive us of this consciousness which keeps us separate.
Carry us to the Kingdom of the One, Eternal and Infinite Being.
To see just the immutable light.
I would be the Eternity is our gaze remained there motionless.
May remain in one's soul what is only a tool for your Work.
May every instant of one's life be to call you, to know you, to adore you.
Making of our daily offering a perfect holocaust.
May my looking at the light be more light for the ones that are alone and helpless.
May my motionless heart be lodge and temple for the one that tries to love by living in the Love.
To call souls, to harbour souls.
And to travel through the way toward the light all together.
Reveal you, and you will Reveal the love of the souls, which will Grow and Expand.
Where are you?
In the innermost, secret centre of every Heart.
Hidden, when one continues to be a little heart.
Luminous, when one renounces to be, and gives room to the Divine Heart.
Moreover, come to our souls right now.
Make of us little grains of this bridge, which you build between Heaven and Earth.
Being immersed in the infinity of your Divine Consciousness.
Take all that I am so that I may not be.
Just the Divine and Eternal Spark should be Yourself.
Teach us how to lead all toward the Eternal Unity.
To the Kingdom of the Ineffability.
Teach us how to discover you in the deepest centre of our heart.
Which contains all.
To break the heart of man, and to melt him in the divine fire so that the eternal heart of the Divine Mother may be revealed.
To be Yourself.
So a life will be Life.
Expansion penetrating the being of all things.
Kindle our vocation with the fire of your Love for the souls.
Make our soul to love until our death.
And to want for oneself the total holocaust which Your soul teaches.
Take me all.
Because if an infinitesimal drop remains, it wounds and is death.
To be Yourself.
Receive us in the invariable centre.
To see us all in one.
There every soul leads the souls. The Unique Heart contains every heart.
Ahehia ote Hes.
Eret Hes ote Ahehia.

Chapter 4: Commentaries on Maitreya

1. Maitreya

The new Divine Incarnation of fourth category is expected on Earth for the years 1972-77.
Carried away by enthusiasm, spiritual students wishing to know something about his life, mission and future work have written about Him by singing to his power, beautifying his work, and giving real splendour to every aspect of his existence.
But his future remains hidden in the mystery of time to come.
Probably the reality may be very different from their dreams; He may be a humble man, unnoticed and apparently insignificant among the multitude, because in fact he has to be heir of the One that said: "My delight is to live among the sons of men".
Generally, first one should know how he will arrive in the Humanity, what mission he will develop among men, and what new sense he will impart to them.
Obviously, the Humanity left the obscurantism, men know how to read, have social aims and determine their lives to some extent. When they are alone, think and feel in their own personal way, but the humans still follow the collective mass instinct.
This is the torment of the present time: to glimpse but not to see, to want but to be unable, and to let the veils of ignorance stand the weight of misunderstanding, and this is a martyrdom that is more inner than outer.. In fact, the great external ruins are the result of this internal struggle.
A man of yesterday could live relatively quiet because he did not know anything and was led; but for the present man, being just a little aware of things, his greatest enemy and torment is this knowledge.
Maitreya comes to the Humanity to give his answer to this vital problem of the race. How difficult is his mission!
In order to be happy, should a man live identified with the collectivity, or otherwise secluded, as if nobody existed outside him?
Perchance is the mission of the great Being to knead his flesh with his spirit and to make a new bread and give satisfaction to man?
Perchance will he mix a portion of flesh, a portion of mind and a portion of spirit in order to give his harmonious answer to great current problems?
Perchance will he teach how necessary is an entire annihilation of one's will and of one's rebellion against everybody and everything, by following just our personal impulse and being happy?
Men of good will, faithful disciples, Initiates of Fire, keeping silent, kneeling, humbly, with clean heart and quiet mind, expect his Teaching, his answer, his admirable word. (From Book V: "Great Initiates of the Aryan Race" (Chapter 16).

2. Solar Initiates of Fourth Category

The Solar Initiates of the Fourth Category appear seven times on Earth throughout every sub-race and make the spiritual progress of the Humanity easier.
Peoples of all times display one of Them as prototype of their race, who by living conditioned by ideas of their people, tries to renew and strengthen them in such a way that he leaves an undeletable track and a divine memory of his work, by starting a new age by himself.
The Solar Initiate of Fourth Category closely unites with men and takes part in their lives and, by making Himself flesh with their problems, He becomes an image of their problems. He is God and becomes a Saviour of the Humanity by trying to answer those problems like a part of their flesh and human idiosyncrasy.
The union of the God-Man with men is so close that in many cases apparently his human form has prevailed over the divine one. Divinity and humanity are so closely united in Him that he feels in such a way the human pains that we can say that the Solar Initiate of Fourth Category carries upon his shoulders all pains of the Humanity because, being truly God and truly man, only a perfect man can feel and suffer these pains as a whole.
The work of these Initiates is to remember the Idea-Mother, and to vivify and renew it, by removing the pile of debris accumulated over It by time and by the imperfect work of men. Their mission is to create an individual will of the Humanity.
Many times the Solar Initiates of Fourth Category have descended to Earth. Their advent was ever seed of personal or universal karma, and their conception has been truly virginal. Their advent is prepared and prophesised by great Lunar Initiates and Fire Initiates. Moreover, a chosen host of the latter accompanies them during his lifetime as relatives, disciples, acquaintances and Masters.
The Solar Initiate of Fourth Category affirms his divine incarnation during his lifetime by means of clear words and outstanding works, miraculous acts and prophecies fulfilled before witnesses and publicly, in such a way that his memory will be imperishable among men.
So that his work may truly reveal its high purpose, His blood bears witness to the memory and purpose of his doctrine.
His body quickly disintegrates after death. And all human beings and the ones that stay on astral planes obtain a notable a beneficial influence by means of his death. Within forty days also he disintegrates his subtle bodies, which go back to the bosom of the Divine.
His mission on Earth finishes along with his death; but these Solar Initiates spiritually continue to protect the Humanity during an entire family sub-race, which therefore creates a religion upon their doctrines.
During the present sub-race we can remember several Great Initiates, for instance: Krishna, Hermes, Buddha and Christ. (From Book V: "Great Initiates of the Aryan Race", Chapter 6).

3. The Strong Liberator

Cafh expects the coming descent of the Divine Incarnation on Earth.
The Strong Liberator, the Maitreya, the Glorious Christ, is image of the expected Divine Being.
Many say that the Divine Incarnation in fact does not incarnate in a man, but just animates a soul, or gives impulse to a chosen being. Nature of the God-Man is only divine; his humanity is no more than a reflection, an illusion. Others say that the Divine Incarnation is a symbol, an image of descent of the spirit to the matter and its ascent to its pristine state; a divine analogy which indicates the birth of a new spiritual power in the soul, and is the transcendent manifestation of God in a being, since the soul can be saved alone.
Others say that the Divine Incarnation really and essentially incarnates in Man-God, and that his nature is human and divine.
Certain Orientalists say that the Divine Incarnation, really human and really divine, incarnates in God-Man on Earth to redeem the Humanity, and that that this divine act, being integral and satisfactory, cannot recur: it is unique.
In this connection, Cafh posits its own opinion, here expounded, but that ultimately should be individually clarified by the Son as he increases his own inner purity and mental clarity.
The human being has to achieve his inner liberation by his own efforts. But this human will loses any concrete values when one disconnects it from the common and unique purpose. Inherently, the perfect destiny of a soul is to take part in the cosmic consciousness.
So the human being personally achieves his own liberation because he decides to come into contact with cosmic liberation powers.
The liberation of a human being is pre-established by a pure act of divine consciousness, and achieved by the human being in himself by a voluntary act of participation and efforts. So the participation of the Incarnation is indispensable for the general salvation of beings and also for the individual salvation.
So one achieves this salvation not only individually and partially; also the human kind can achieve it as a whole, and even all living predestined forces on Earth and at the same time every being by himself do.
This divine-human process for the sake of totally redeeming human beings can be observed throughout the development of the Aryan race.
In the beginning of the race, Revelation and Tradition expressed only a contact of man with God through reverence and obeisance. God reigns supreme continuously over the world and man, and at a time man lift continuously his eyes to heaven in search of the protection of this God; but man knows him only by means of great manifestations of Nature. As cycles of life pass, this idea is more and more deep in man, but at the same time it erects an insurmountable hurdle between God and man.
Two things that are entirely different: one immanent God and one created man. Two parallels more and more afar from their starting point, which no philosophical system of speculative mind images is able to unite; it is an insurmountable separation.
The soul loses the unitive potential with God; so it remains inhibited for great flights and faces a great void.
Only God can fill this void. Only God can come close to man and attract man to Himself. This fact is not only human, but also racial and cosmic.
The Divine Incarnation is God Himself taking human form to fill this great void.
Moreover, so that this divine descent on Earth may be real, it cannot be an ideal event, a radiation, an image or a guiding power, but it has to be a real and effective event in flesh. Otherwise it would not be of use.
The idea of the divine descent on Earth makes itself feel simultaneously, at the same time, all over the Earth.
The Messianic Idea takes form and permeates all at the same instant.
Considered from the distance in time, this can be historically proved.
No archaic tradition, especially Vedic or Hindu, mentions the event of a God made man.
The Revelation just establishes relationships of man with the cosmic God.
The Messianic Idea manifested in the world before the advent of Christ goes back to some few centuries before his coming and appears simultaneously in every religion and every people.
The idea of a necessary Messiah-Redeemer takes form in the mind of the world. Osiris, God protecting the dead, in Egypt becomes the Redeemer killed and dismembered, and revived again for the sake of men.
In India, the Divine Redeemer Krishna incarnates on Earth, is like men, and takes part in their lives and evils in order to save them. Historically, no Hindu text mentions Krishna before the Messianic age.
Even names are similar as to their root, and Christ is the God-Man living and dying to redeem the Humanity. The Divine Incarnation of the Fourth-Category Solar Initiate is both a divine and human event, ideal and material, cosmic and individual.
So, if the redeeming act is a real event and full divine act, cannot recur: is unique. The Divine Incarnation incarnates periodically on Earth, but the crucial redemption act can be consummated only once.
The Divine Incarnation incarnates among men and comes into contact with them
In another stage He comes back and illuminates their minds; and returns again and His presence permeates all.
Men are ideally prepared for their redemption by the influence of Divine Incarnations who incarnated in them, but the effective incarnation in flesh is consummated just once.
By his human participation in the pains of the Humanity, Christ fully redeems the latter by His Passion. Even He redeems in flesh.
But the potential redemption of the Christ's Divine Incarnation has to be updated in every being. Every man has to become another Christ so that he may achieve the Divine Redemption in Him.
What is done and has comprised the consciousness of the Humanity as a whole is to be repeated by every soul in himself with will and efforts.
The descent of the Divine Incarnation on Earth during the next appearance has to achieve this purpose to the full.
The Strong Liberator has to break the gate that separates the soul from the Divine so that the latter may achieve divine transcendence.
And Cafh expects this Divine, real and initiatic advent. (From Book XII: "Spiritual Life of Cafh", Chapter 13.)

4. Written References in the Teachings

Book I: "Spiritual Development" (1.14): No Solar Initiate exist on Earth in the present generation, but some of his direct disciples do exist.

Book I: "Spiritual Development" (1.15): One has appeared or will appear among men about 1972-77, -initial moment of the age of the Aquarian Sign, or Hidrochosa.

Book III: "Archaic Symbology" (3.1): The Earth is under the Zodiac sign of Pisces and the Humanity continuously experiences its influence; men still live an age of pair of opposites, tall and small, and of collectivities or absolute personalities, and if one glimpses the new race of Aquarius, since about 1972-77, this age still is not established on the Earth.

Book III: "Archaic Symbology" (3-2): Since the beginning of the sign of Pisces, on the 28th of February Moon is the one that discharges more magnetism on the planet for its Zodiacal conjunction; therefore this day is very convenient to start any psychical task and metaphysical studies which require of certain magnetism to collaborate with the human will.

Book III: "Archaic Symbology" (3.5): But the new race of Aquarius has already appeared with their new sign and new personality and mentality; doubtless, the barge-man and earthen jar of Aquarius quickly progress.

Book XII: "Spiritual Life of Cafh" (1.18): The planet and men are permeated by the Divine Incarnation's grace and protection of the Great Solar Initiate. The latter, which we name the Christ, directly took part in the redemption and potential progress of the present Humanity.

Book XII: "Spiritual Life of Cafh" (1.19): Since a new race is about to begin, the Divine Incarnation will come back to the Earth to renew and strengthen the work of Christ.

Book XII: "Spiritual Life of Cafh" (1-20): The Eastern disciples name Maitreya to this Great Solar Initiate. In the Gospels, Christ clearly anticipated his triumphal return to this world.

Book XII: "Spiritual Life of Cafh" (7.27): The Great Solar Initiates of Fourth Category, in the deepest darkness of the world, come and live among the Humanity to give it back the sense of their divine and supernatural origin, and to help it and go across the great bridge of reason, so that they may freely circulate from Earth to Heaven. But this aid is not enough. So that the human power may become divine, one needs a substantial union of the two elements, human and divine. So the very divinity must be born and live in him, and be grafted on him, and finally it will constitute the Idea-Mother of the Race: the achievement of the Man-God.

Book XII: "Spiritual Life of Cafh" (7.28): This is the hour -"1945"- for such a divine child-birth.

Book XVIII: "The Way to Renunciation" (13-16): The Sons are his disciples; they have left all in order to be co-redeemers with the Divine Incarnation, with the coming Maitreya.

Book XVIII: "The Way to Renunciation" (15.18): May they become from then on the true co-redeemers of the Humanity along with the Great Saviour, and may dare to look at a time to come, so unknown to man, but that acquires immense clarity for the one that already has eyes to see this world.

Book XVIII: "The Way to Renunciation" (15.19). Truly, the Sons of Renunciation, called to his Earth just to fulfil their mission of mystical death, have been sent to prepare the ways for the Great Saviour at a terrible and difficult hour for the Humanity. Since 1945, since the 16th June, all those men who remained standing are destined to see the beginning of the new race. That day, they prepared there, on the American desert, the first atomic bomb whose energy emerged before the sight of men like an overwhelming unknown monster, which paralysed all senses. From that moment on we have entered a new age.

Book XVII: "The Way to Renunciation" (15.30): ...and it is supported not only by this, but also by the Divine Love of Maitreya. However much is done, nothing will he useful if He does not come to the Earth.

Book XVIII: "The Way to Renunciation" (15.31): Sons, beg for Him to lend His Hand so that the inevitable destruction may not be so tremendous. Beg for many beings may be saved.

Book XIX: "Messages" (9.14): A great number of beings and Initiates are about to come to the Earth along with the Divine Redeemer.

Book XXXVI: "Lectures at Embalse" (11.8): Get up, Daughter, and come to marry the Divine Incarnation, the Great Maitreya.

Book XXXVI: "Lectures at Embalse" (28.3): I believe this will be taught by Maitreya, the new expression of the Divine Incarnation; the form, the way to convert ourselves into little Christs, into little holocausts, into little Hosts.

Book XXXVI: "Lectures at Embalse" (28.4): We are forerunners of Maitreya.

Chapter 5: The Scenery for the Redeemer

1. The World in the Third Millennium

Our precedent commentaries introduced the two central protagonists of this wonderful spiritual adventure: the Master Santiago Bovisio and the Redeemer Maitreya.
Regardless of the total transcription of Master Bovisio's written Teachings, which constitute the body of this publication by Internet, we have commented their circumstances and interrelationship as a collaboration for their understanding. These Teachings are of the past century, and almost 40 years have passed since the death of their author, -too much time for this very quick age.
We have collected all references to the Redeemer, which appear scattered in the Teachings, partially in a concrete form, partially on several occasions; so you can find directly the subject on Maitreya organically arranged. Moreover, we have commented several subjects directly related to his appearance: places, messages, disciples and matters mentioned in the Teachings and elsewhere in other ages.
The main aim of this group of commentaries is to update the doctrinal material in connection with our times. Santiago Bovisio's writings are of the past century, when still the precedent sub-race was in force, on other ideological and cultural sceneries, which were different from the present ones. On cannot say anything about Maitreya in that age, except the prophecies, because he had not appeared yet. Now our work is to trace the scenery of the living reality, scattered, obscure, contradictory and dangerous, in a clear and understandable way, and to place two heroes acting over destinies of men: the one as a Prophet and Forerunner; the other as Redeemer of the Humanity by promoting a change in the Race.

2: The Age

The historic age that developed the main ideas of our commentaries is immediately before our times: both nineteenth and twentieth century. These two hundred years starting with a total break of medieval traditions, produced by the French Revolution and industrialisation, manifested a notable cultural and political unity, especially by the occupation and exploitation of all regions of the Planet by earth, sea and space, journeys, communication and wars, science-technology breakthroughs, universal education, atomic power, species modification, mass society, religious collapse and other matters of vital significance. Doubtless it was a new world and to great extent continues to be.
If one of the tasks of these two centuries was to develop rationalism until its boldest consequences, regardless of the traditional authority, it has totally succeeded. The research and application of brain mechanisms is already used by computers, even though the users may not know or understand these mechanisms; simply they use them because their application became substantially easy. Technological breakthroughs are sensational, but men continue to live in the Middle Ages within.
Likewise, other science conquests manifest an enormous growth in only one aspect, generally tied to the power of money, in detriment of the general wellbeing, harmony of values, and happiness of persons. The grand growth of wealth by some few nations and persons is the fruit of a powerless majority exploited. A situation never seen like that in the History in such a magnitude: thousands of millions of human beings with no destiny and sentenced to extinction, because some few enjoy splendidly as never before.
The Master Santiago and the Redeemer appear in this unheard but real scenery: a civilisation which full of conquests and progress stands close to an abyss of a more a more menacing destruction. How will play their spiritual forceswhich transcend dimensions to save man and lead him to conciliate the opposites? This is the bold intention of our work: on the one hand, the immortal legacy of a Master of Wisdom and his Teachings of Renunciation, by heralding the Saviour of the World, who is already here, but remains unknown, and on the other hand the bloody scenery of the rational civilisation in its last moments.

3. Conceptual Scenography

To understand the role of our two protagonists of the Teachings and of our commentaries we have to trace a scenography of concepts, information and historic and social events of the time when the author of the Teachings acted in a cultural environment, concrete and definitive: the Second War World. We need a globalising scenery comprising all since the historic forces that produced this phenomenon go back to the nineteenth century and last until our days. We will make an outline, an indispensable sketch of this space in order to locate and let the protagonists move. And they will say by themselves what they have to tell. We have the entire Master Santiago's script because he personally wrote it; but we must understand it by studying it. All is expectation about Maitreya, and we do not know when we will know his word. Meditation and time will make us come near the mystery of the future human race in this equation whose divine factor is unknown.
So our proposal is to prepare the promised scenography by using the following materials:
1. Money power.
2. Atomic destruction.
3. Environmental devastation.
4. Genetic deviations.
5. Drugs, sex and epidemics.
6. Survival.
We will add new working elements as the daily drama modifies our proposals.

4. Money Power

In this Collection you can find a preparatory introduction to our commentary about the power of money: "Goods of Renunciation", the tenth one of the course "The Way to Renunciation".. It refers to relationships between Renunciation and eagerness for possessions, and appeals to numerous examples to account for these links: the Gospels, Gandhi, the Jews, the Catholic Church, et cetera. Its position is categorical, like that of Jesus. And even though this Teaching is addressed to disciples of Renunciation Vows, their concepts and life-money relationships are valid for the entire world.
One may find an inherent eagerness for possession in the low human nature as a form of self-preservation instinct, personal security and general distrust. This is obvious in all times, and produces struggle and wars among peoples. Many believe that possession gives security and wellbeing, totally against the opinion of saints: "To earn is to lose", "Do not accumulate that which you have to distribute among the poor".
But during the last two centuries this eagerness for possession reached aberrant and destructive limits by excessive money accumulation. By an increase of lucrative activities developed by the industrial revolution and the accumulation of capital for great production projects (weapons, communication, mining, new cities, drug-traffic, et cetera), detached from its primary functions money became an end by itself, a self-contained power. It became intangible, virtual, omnipotent. This money power at a time created pressure tools for its perpetuation and increase, because it can do only one thing: to grow and dominate. At present these domination tools are named "planetary globalisation".
Master Santiago's Teachings contain universal statements, which are of use as much for great things as for little ones. His sayings about the overwhelming and harmful possession power in religious institutions can be applied to every particular individual. For the Master, there are not two laws, one for the powerful, wealthy and domineering, and the other for the destitute. The spiritual law is only one, and its beneficial or harmful effects can be strictly applied to the great and the little. Likewise, he does not make difference between lays and priests, paterfamilias and monks, bosses and workers. This means neither social monotony nor economic equality for all, as certain ideologies that do not work have tried. The spiritual law foster an equitable use of wealth according to needs of every person, not an excess that always is in detriment of others. The Masters promoted the idea of the Great Inca Store as the best public social tool for the practice of the social justice, and the correction of difficulties that for different causes continuously occur in nations.
Oppression and social inequality, as much in peoples as in individuals, are the result of an unjust and boundless eagerness for possession. Human problems start in persons within, and later are transferred outside. It is silly to strive for solving the economic conflicts by means of economy, because this never produces positive results; perhaps, with a bit of luck, one may reach certain transference to other sectors. So cycles of promises and disappointments recur. Economic problems are nor solved by a politician or a Minister of Economy, but by an educator, by a capable teacher to uproot this eagerness for possession, -like Master Santiago and his Teachings, like Maitreya, who will encourage men toward the new ways to Renunciation.
In the scenery of the world, one should imagine those columns and statistical profiles traced by economists on great scale as if they were buildings of New York with advertisements on the sky about current events: China grows 10 % average; the Stock Market fell everywhere; half of the world is poor; the assail of the century against a bank; the list of the wealthiest men of the Planet; et cetera. And the Redeemer of the World walking by the streets, silent and alone, thinking and constructing his Salvation Message.
But Maitreya did not come to correct defects of the world economy, which are the fruit of greed and selfishness of the old man; he came to change the human race, by offering other aims and other horizons. All these calamities derived from a disproportionate money power are already sentenced to vanish along with societies and merchants that produced them. Can one make something positive in the present psychical state of men brutalised and crazy for money? This attitude flooding any social levels, from the powerful businessman to the street seller cannot be corrected, except by death. Again, they are sentenced by their own actions, and fatally will follow impulses of their karma, as it occurs right now, until the end.
During the 1500-year War between Atlanteans and Aryans, hundreds of Initiates of Fire, incarnated to help the Aryans, could do very little; the immense psychical power of the Atlanteans and their lethal weapons activated by magnetic power, could not be modified by words or good intentions: the Atlanteans were defeated and annihilated only when a substantial change in the terrestrial magnetism took place. And there was a new initial start with men who were pages in blank. (Later we will deal again with the Atlanteans in connection with the subject of the atomic destruction.) Under present conditions of the planetary civilisation and its giant works of any type, all of them depending upon only one factor, money power, and the latter deeply in the mind of every one of the inhabitants of the planet, the possibilities of a pacific reformation are remote. The world of the absolutist money will end burnt by its own irrepressible contradictions.
The Teachings are on this scenery, but they do not deal with money, but with the ones morally sick by eagerness for possession. The karma produced by this eagerness is universal because all take part in its good or bad effects; one can get rid of these outcomes by acting individually through inner detachment from possessions. The Teachings on Renunciation should be applied in the innermost depths of the soul. They reach the root of evil, the original cause of problems, and finally heal when and if the sick person can be truly healed. The remedy is to avoid possessing more than what one naturally needs.
These and the other Teachings do not constitute programs of collective action, but a clarification for the individual consciousness; even they do not ask their practice; they exist for their study and meditation, and later, every one should decide by himself. They do not consider social systems or such or such faction: simply they illuminate things on the light of the Renunciation Law. Actions are freely born of the will of every one.

5. The Atomic Destruction

One of the most impressive Master Bovisio's visions is his prophecy about the destiny of two superpower, the United States of America and Russia. You can find it in "Permanent Renunciation", book "The Way to Renunciation", and he says: "Sons, remember the vision about the lion and the bear. On a plateau, by an abyss, a great lioness was before an enormous bear and tried to attract it by means of female arts (diplomacy). The bear was almost under control and then the lioness tried to wound him on the neck, but failed, and tried again on the belly. Grazed, the bear realised the situation and its powerful claws destroyed the neck of the lioness; but the blow was so violent that the two fell to the deep abyss; both great powers will be destroyed. But a portion of the world will be saved".
The Aryan-Teutonic Sub-race began 25,000 years ago with the 1,500-year war, during which the last Atlanteans are totally destroyed. Now its cycle ends up with an atomic war, which will last 30 minutes according to Master Santiago, -necessary period of time so that the missiles may reach their destiny.
Now we shall consider in this commentary the subject about the destruction, according to concepts expressed by many teachings and to clarify them, and the role of the Redeemer and his salvation of the Mankind.
During half century of Russian-American confrontation and all its vicissitudes, the atomic philosophy was dissuasive; so they displayed in an absurd way the "Over Kill" strategy: the super-death. A twice Nobel Prize, Linus Pauling in his paper for the UNESCO, 1964, felt that the atomic power was 320,000 megatons, and enough to destroy the Humanity several times. Later, by missile reduction treaties, their number is lower, but as a contrary reaction, other nations, like China, now are members of this sinister club. The Soviet Union dissolution made many people think about a Russian military decadence. Nothing more untrue; their power is greater than ever, and prepared and modernised. Even though nobody speaks of dissuasion, when the Americans started new defence programs, Russia even hardened its concept of dissuasion and publicly declared: "If Russia suffers an attack, the answer will be instantaneous and total: only one attack with the whole power". (Putin to American reporters at the Kremlin Library, after his meeting with Bush in Slovenia.)
These horrible premonitions lead our consciousness to ask this first question: Why so much destruction? And the natural answer is: Nothing beneficial can be built upon decayed forms of the old civilisation massively decomposed. See those great social phenomena annihilating peoples in the entire planet, SIDA, ecological devastation, extreme poverty, drugs, sex distortions, et cetera. And you will understand that an holocaust war is the inexorable end of the "existent destruction".. Just as the atomic power, since its beginning appeared as an independent force following only its internal logic, so a devastated civilisation follows its own logic of final collapse like a body that achieved its cycle and ends up. Is this an absolute fatality? No; the Teachings give many signs to work with Maitreya and to collaborate with redeeming tasks so that the destruction may not be so great and many may be saved.
You should keep in mind that the tasks and tools that a Spiritual Master gives to men are always inner tools -of the soul- and not external operations. The threatening atomic destruction will not be overcome by Heavenly Angels armed with trumpets and blazing swords, like in ancient myths. No; if men want to be saved, they have to refuse any material attachments, according to the continuous teaching of the Saviours. Master Santiago says on the first lines of "The Way to Renunciation": "Renunciation is the Way of Cafh, and there is no other for the salvation of the world. Renunciation is the only salvation tool not only for the Sons of Cafh, but also for the entire Humanity".
On our commentaries about Maitreya we have transcribed several Santiago Bovisio's Teachings and references about our future and probable relationship with the Solar Initiate, and forms to take part in his redeeming work by being faithful disciples and companions close to Him, right now, when he is alive and working, even though we may not see him. The most beautiful tools of real action is the "Hymn to Maitreya" (Commentaries, Chapter 3), especially written by Bovisio for the sake of the disciples. Also concepts, information and knowledge are beneficial in relation to great beings who throughout centuries assisted the Humanity to answer to their serious problems, like those of the current times.
The Master Santiago says that the planetary destruction will be very great and inevitable, but that a portion of the Humanity will be saved. These castaways of the catastrophe, like always since the beginning of the new sub-race, will constitute the foundation of the new civilisation. As Maitreya's and Master Santiago's faithful disciples, our mission is to build bridges between two forms of living, which are more and more separate. We should save as many beings as possibly, especially the youngest and children, because they will form the roots of the time to come. We should show them the Way to Renunciation. We should inspire them detachment from perishable and rotten things. We should practise human fraternity with them. We should make them understand that the good of all is over any personal interest. They should feel, see and experience that all perishes, and that the only permanent thing is the spiritual power.
Throughout their pages the Teachings offer varied and deep attitudes of the soul so that men of good will use and practise them. But in connection with the atomic destruction, the key attitude is no-violence. The prophesised destruction is nothing more than the end and the result of everyday violence on all levels: individual and collective, on family and society, on economy and education, on children games, work, variety shows, streets and homes. And one's first attitude should be to remain totally detached from violence. You should re-read the Teaching "Personal courage and control" (Book I, 9), and you will see how simple is not to be violent.
All the virtues on the Way to Renunciation are threaded with a silk thread, like on a rosary, linked and interdependent; Renunciation is the silk thread. Master Santiago teaches and explains totally the spiritual virtues, all of them necessary to be co-redeemers along with Maitreya. But we wished to emphasise the no-violence in relation to the terrible subject on the atomic destruction as starting point of a task that can be daily practised, because violence is everywhere. So the Faithful Disciple should be a visible and smiling standard-bearer of the no-violence that the world claims for in anguish.

6. Environmental devastation

When Yuri Gararin reached the space in 1962 and saw the daybreak before the sunrise, he said: "The Earth is beautiful and blue".
The Teachings do not deal directly with the ecological subject because in those days the destruction of the environment was not serious and public like today; but the harmonious life with the world around, especially with the living species, comprises every one of the expression of the writings. Many believe that the Way to Renunciation leads to the desert, to an empty wilderness of rigour and sacrifice, to a lack of joy. Nothing is more untrue; this is the thought of predators, pleasure consumers, and destroyers for their own benefit. On the contrary, Renunciation leads to a garden in which thousand flowers bloom and live in harmony all together. Renunciation is detachment from those things imposed by a society devoured by lucre and consumerism. Renunciation is to live in harmony with all, because the Earth, support of life, contains spaces and riches so that the whole Humanity, with no exclusion, may be happy forever.
The environmental preservation is fully developed by the mission of Maitreya, which is conciliation of the opposites. If the behaviour of a man of the precedent civilisation was that of a conqueror, like an oppressor of Nature, the new Aquarian law will be that of harmonisation, especially with Nature.
Now we do not know how the world will be within one century or what will remain of those things which we know. Scientific forecasts establish the planetary ecological collapse within 25 years. Also we cannot imagine what will remain after the nuclear destruction, but we can foresee that the thousand more important cities of the world will be radioactive, phosphorescent and dead Hiroshimas. But there is something that we can imagine: those remaining things that will be safeguarded and protected by the survivors as the best treasures, and the most insignificant wild flower will be seen as a wonder that men must protect.
In these conceptual dioramas of the modern civilisation that we are constructing before you so that you may be conscious of the place in which you are, and where we make Maitreya, and even us, walk in an imaginary way, sky-rafters of New York, "favelas" of Rio de Janeiro, starving peoples of Central Africa, Chernobyl, slaughters in Palestine, money, SIDA, and so many other daily scenes, where the destiny of the Humanity is at stake... we can help the Redeemer. How immense and difficult is His task! We have to assist Him! These Teachings develop a program of activities of any type, from prayer to direct action in society. All of us can and must make something constructive. The willing reader can find in these Teachings the form to participate and find a sense in life.

7. Genetic Deviations

The change of sub-race produces substantial modifications on several aspects of the human life. Every sub-race lasts one sidereal year, approximately 25,000 years, which is the period of time to travel through all the signs of the Zodiac, or twelve family sub-races of 2,000 years each. Pisces began with Jesus and has ended a short time ago. Now Aquarius begins. The Aryan-Teutonic, who also concluded, widely developed the power of reason. Like a proof of this, science and technology breakthroughs.
Now a new great evolutionary cycle begins with war premonitions like the fight against the Atlanteans, and with unforeseeable modifications of the human psyche. A new way to live needs different mental tools. Maitreya is the Being who establishes the aims for the new Humanity. Very few things one can say about the mission of the Great Initiate, since he remains secretly and in silence, and possible he will not state it for life, but its results will be seen in due course. The Master Santiago anticipated certain ideas in regard to his specific Teachings; and certainly things will be different from what we know.
Science and derived technologies are very involved in anticipation proposals and take part in the world in which we live. Technically they are real and effective, but since they do not have higher aims and do not constitute institutions in the service of man but in that of the money power, many times fall and their results are degrading. There are many advanced techniques in medicine, and we do not know actually what they are producing or their long-term effects in those that are affected. Generally these victims fall in the world of the "elementaries", which is almost impossible to escape from after death. A blind genetic manipulation is producing irreparable damages on the human species with unforeseeable effects. This catastrophe has occurred before. And the tradition remembers this. Read in these Teachings how the union of men of-mind and mindless women produced irreversible monsters.
Maitreya is acting on this tremendous scenery of transplanted persons, cloned children, and phantasmagoric animal and vegetal species. He shall give a solution to this for the future. We believe that these transformation techniques are useful because they assist to get a radical change; science can help when and if finds the correct course in the direction of the divine message. This Message is the key to straighten the ways, and to progress by means of Renunciation.

8. Drugs, Sex and Epidemics

The World Health Organisation esteems that there are 250 millions of drug-addicts in the world. Sexual abuse comprises all social levels, from children to mass communication media, and constitutes an international life style. Degrading epidemics like SIDA and mind disturbances overwhelm a big portion of the Humanity. And these matters, among others above-mentioned, form a collection of daily problems which Maitreya has to solve in order to construct the new race. Or will an atomic destruction solve outright these calamities? Men should change for the construction of Aquarius whose time has begun. May customs, wealth and karma of 6,000 millions who inhabit the Planet be different? The answer is obvious; trapped in the net of their irresponsible past, this civilisation finally will be defeated by their own weapons, and will leave this Earth clean so that other men may fulfil their assigned task.
While social troubles cannot be solved in a collective way, with the exception of the final catastrophe, Master Santiago's Teachings speak to the individual, to the human being and his possibilities, and offer a program of action and salvation that he can bring into practice right now: the Way to Renunciation. What States, Science, Religions or money cannot solve, can be individually solved bringing into action Renunciation mechanisms. The civilisation is not in position to save itself because it does not possess tools to do this, but a being certainly can do because these resources lie in his soul. The situation is critical; since 2001, time is divided into two, and never mixes again: the ones that that remain in the values of the past will remain there; the ones that dare and go forward out in the new wilderness will be companions of Lord Maitreya.
The Humanity goes forward and progresses by stages regulated historically and astronomically in time. The individual is regulated and begins when and if adopts the rules of the new age. Fortunately, an exceptional being, the Master Santiago, anticipated and reported by writing the leading ideas of Aquarius, and accurately described the living Divine Incarnation: he traced the most convenient life methods for the age, accounted for the past and future of men, invited them time and again to become Faithful Disciples, and taught them how to be free and owners of their destinies. Gates are open for the ones that want to go across them.

9. Survival

Certain interpreters posit as final date for Nostradamus' prophecies between 2020 and 2025. Likewise, the ones that forecast climate changes fix this period of time for the catastrophic culmination of the terrestrial heating. Still there is a term of twenty years more so that Master Santiago's Teachings may reach the whole Planet. Still there are twenty years of hope so that Maitreya may enounce his laws of the future and men may recognise them. Finally, still there is a very short period of time to make fundamental decisions. The world will continue to turn like always; now just the individual possesses freedom for himself, a freedom that is spiritual and does not affect others.
Which is this freedom that a being possesses as unique, untransferable good, which you do not buy or sell, but that one brings at birth like divine sign of the human condition? Renunciation. By Renunciation a being gets rid of the collective effects of karma and remains self-possessed for future lives. Now the Way to Renunciation can be rightly understood; it is not to leave these or those things which anyway death will take out, but to give them freely, to be detached and far from them, and uninterested in possession, to be oneself, and nothing more. The storm of death will touch only the matter, and the soul will remain free for the new experiences of Aquarius. Again: today Renunciation is the only individual good of men.
How beautiful is the spiritual freedom, a gift that generations of the ancient civilisation bequeath to men of Aquarius as an indestructible testimony of the human condition until reaching the Great Freedom of Being United with God.
Let us look at the splendour of the civilisation that ends up, at his immense cities, science conquests, space treks, numerous outstanding men and their valuable creations and exceptional art works. Also Atlantis was wonderful. And even the civilisation of Moo and their giant buildings. Where are these ancient civilisations? They vanished without trace. Also the works of the modern civilisation will vanish. But there is a good which cannot be destroyed because is divine: the spiritual freedom now openly assumed by the Faithful Disciples to work close to Lord Maitreya.