A crucial age in History of Humanity came to an end, and another way of living looms on the horizon. This change comes up with spectacular signs in the presence of men, and cannot be eluded or put under control. If one knows the keys to the human becoming, we can understand them by mitigating the sorrow that these changes bring about. Master Santiago Bovisio has these keys that have been revealed by Astral Instructors, tradition of the most ancient wisdom of the world preserved in the Sacred Order of Fire, clairvoyance, and inborn prophetic gifts. These keys are written down on the Teachings. In REFLECTIONS we shall interpret wonderful phenomena that occur in this society continuously transmuted, on the light of revelations of the Master. The page appears periodically by Internet, and indication of the exact place of the Teaching.

N°162 - Heaven and Earth
N°161 - The United States of North America
N°160 - EMMA
N°159 - The Argentine Mission
N°158 - Winter Wheat
N°157 - Bin Laden
N°156 - Simple Life
N°155 - Spiritual Triunph
N°154 - The Elderly
N°153 - Chronicles of the last human cycle
N°152 - Living Better
N°151 - To Be Rich – To Be Poor
N°150 - Decision
N°149 - Child Education
N°148 - Renunciation Of Every Day
N°147 - Circular Ruins
N°146 - A Way of Living
N°145 - Euthanasia
N°144 - Compulsory Reincarnation
N°143 - Right and Wrong
N°142 - Back Home
N°141 - The Lonely Road
N°140 - The First Steps
N°139 - The Argentine Republic
N°138 - Transmutations
N°137 - Fears
N°136 - Symbols
N°135 - The Meaning of life
N°134 - Analogical Contradiction
N°133 - I Reflect
N°132 - Ethics of Right and Wrong
N°131 - False Spiritual People
N°130 - Death of Santiago Bovisio
N°129 - Seven Interpretations of the Teachings
N°128 - Radiant Being
N°127 - Circles
N°126 - Ash
N°125 - The Future Is Present
N°124 - Working for the Sake of Working
N°123 - Living without a Religion
N°122 - A Planet Renewed
N°121 - Why I write
N°120 - Education
N°119 - Lonely
N°118 - Change of Race
N°117 - Reality
N°116 - Personal God
N°115 - About Poverty
N°114 -
N°113 - My study method
N°112 - Keys
N°111 - To Live in Peace
N°110 - I was born as a slave
N°109 - Bunker
N°108 - Difficulties
N°106 - The World
N°105 - Jesus
N°104 - Years Are Passing
N°103 - Reversibility
N°102 - IRED Blessing
N°101 - Plural Worlds
N°100 - The Seed
N°99 - The First Model
N°98 - Historic Continuum
N°97 - C.A.F.H.– February, 2010
N°96 -
N°95 - Santiago Bovisio
N°94 - Origin of the Infant Asthma
N°93 - The World Day of Santiago Bovisio
N°92 - Transcendental Solidarity
N°91 - Life and Freedom
N°90 - Panorama
N°89 - Great Aquarian Subjects
N°88 - Not with Saints!
N°87 - Why?
N°86 - My Prayer
N°85 - Sadness
N°84 - Learning-Teaching-Living
N°83 - To Live Looking at Death
N°82 - Egoencia
N°81 - The Pauling Report
N°80 - Renunciation, Way of the Soul
N°79 - Each Soul is a World
N°78 - Hymn to Maitreya
N°77 - Interview with the Demon
N°76 - Where is Maitreya?
N°75 - The Radiant Barrier
N°74 - Now I wish to return
N°73 - Walt Disney's Mistake 
N°72 - The American Spiritual Revolution
N°71- Gods
N°70- Where am I placed?
N°69- The True Holocaust
N°68- No Fight
N°67- The Expansion
N°65- Be Foreigners
N°66- The Renunciation Message
N°64- Full Moon Messages
N°63- Spiritual Masters
N°62- Ethics of Good and Evil
N°61- Steps of a Pilgrim
N°60- The Voice of Earth
N°59- Orphans of Cafh
N°58- New Instruments
N°57- The Power of the great current
N°56- Transformations
N°55- Shapes of Death
N°54- Tsunami
N°53 - The Message
N°52 - A Black Hole
N°51 - The Ired Blessing
N°50 - Open Letter
N°49 - Thorough Perfection
N°48 - New Ordering
N°47 - Order of Readings
N°46 - C.A.F.H.
N°45 - Plural Worlds
N°44 - A Triennial Balance
N°43 - The Grand Game
N°42 - Reflection by the Translator of Reflections.
N°41 - The Master of America
N°40 - Diogenes, the Dog
N°39 - Home Meditation
N°38 - The Mystery of Redemption
N°37 - Why?
N°36 - Spiritual Tools
N°35 - Living in Two Worlds
N°34 - Transition
N°33 - Heritage
N°32 - Germinal
N°31 - Aquarian Gardens
N°30 - The Door Opens
  a. Signs
  b. Redemption
  c. The Collective Law
N°29 - War again?
  a. Monomania
  b. Renunciation Power
  c. Infinite Renunciation
N°28 - Pole Reversion
  a. The machine
  b. An Energetic World
  c. What can I do?
N°27 - Expansion of the Teachings
  a. Many are called
  b. Without Intermediaries
  c. Exhortation
N°26 - The Android Surge
  a. Living Together in Harmony
  b. A premonition of the Redeemer
  c. Human, Not Android
N°25 - Drums of War
  a. The Inner Space
  b. The New Vibration
  c. Jesus Christ and Maitreya
N°24 - Priests
  a. Not to Repeat the Crucifixion!
  b. Where Do They Stay?
  c. Exhortation
N°23 - Reincarnation
  a. The Serpent Fish
  b. 10%
  c. Many Reincarnations
N°22 - Injustice!
  a. The Movable Scales
  b.The Pair of Opposites
  c. Renounce!
N°21 - The Moral Law
  a. Many revelations
  b. Stones Thrown to the Air
  c. The Door Opens
N°20 - How Much Is Jesus Worth?
  a. Thirty Pieces of Silver
  b. Religion and Money
  c. And Your Heart?
N°19 - Quality of Life
  a. Definitions
  b. A Personal Work
  c. The Globalized Athanor
N°18 - Crisis
  a. To understand
  b. Argentina
  c. The Highest Law
N°17 - The Redeeming Mission
  a. Little Wafers
  b. Planetary Teaching
  c. The Spiritual Chart
N°16 - Little Renunciation of Every Day
  a. ¿How to renounce?
  b. Continuous Renunciation
  c. Friendly Recommendations
N°15 - The Transition
  a. The Temple of Initiation
  b. The Second Chamber
  c. Personal decisions
N°14 - Globalization and Renunciation
  a. The Teachings in the Global Village
  b. Immunity
  c. Seeking Faithful Disciples
N°13 - A Revolutionary Master
  a. Why a revolutionary?
  b. Maitreya is Revolution
  c. Redemption
N°12 - Renunciation and Consequent Renunciation
  a. Consequent Renunciation
  b. The Desert Planet
  c. Purification
N°11 - The Empire and Man
  a. A Dangerous World
  b. Nonparticipation
  c. Meditation
N°10 - The Empire and Lord Maitreya
  a. Vision of the Lion and the Bear
  b. Global Imperialism
  c. What to do?
N°9 - Forty Years Later
  a. Holy Order of Fire
  b. Repercussion!
  c. Exhortation
N°8 - Polytheism
  a. War of Two Suns
  b. Monotheism and Polytheism
  c. Toward Unity
N°7 - Is Maitreya here?
  a. We and the Atlanteans
  b. Medical Science Abuses
  c. Maitreya is the Savior
N°6 - Acceleration of History
  a. The Empire Counter-attacks
  b. Argentine decadence
  c. Buenos Aires as image of the world
N°5 - What do we want?
  a. Social Question
  b. Liberation
  c. Spiritualized Materialism
N°4 - Growth
  a. Social Disorder
  b. A Little of Quietness
  c. Instruments of the Spirit
N°3 - Races
  a. Toward Souls
  b. Peace
  b. A Year of Teachings
N°2 - Dissolution of Fifth Sub-Race
  a. Uncertainty
  b. Economy
  c. Resignation
N°1 - A Living Teaching
  a. Teaching Released
  b. Destruction versus Destruction
  c. The World and My Ego


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