Doctrinal Courses

Course I - Spiritual Development
  Teaching 1: Hidrochosa
Teaching 2: The Secret Tabernacle
Teaching 3: The Flame
Teaching 4: Backward Survey
Teaching 5: Reserve of Energies
Teaching 6: Method of Living
Teaching 7: Assistance and Work
Teaching 8: Renunciation
Teaching 9: Courage and Self-control
Teaching 10: Exercise of Memory
Teaching 11: Real love
Teaching 12: Twelve Rays of Love
Teaching 13: Perseverance
Teaching 14: Consciousness and Will
Teaching 15: The Gift of Oblivion
Teaching 16: Transmutation

Course II - Sacrifice
  Teaching 1: Mysteries of the Sacrifice
Teaching 2: Tedium
Teaching 3: Struggle for Life
Teaching 4: Continuous Changes
Teaching 5: The Past
Teaching 6: Uncertainty about Tomorrow
Teaching 7: Blood-relationship
Teaching 8: “What people will think”
Teaching 9: Material Circumstances
Teaching 10: Compassion
Teaching 11: Wisdom
Teaching 12: Physical Defects
Teaching 13: Diseases
Teaching 14: Separateness
Teaching 15: Moral Stigmas
Teaching 16: Death

Course III - Inner Life
  Teaching 1: Inner Life
Teaching 2: Prayer
Teaching 3: Exercise of Meditation in Spiritual Life
Teaching 4: Meditation
Teaching 5: Simple Prayer
Teaching 6: Discursive Meditation
Teaching 7: Passive Meditation
Teaching 8: Ascetic Deviations
Teaching 9: Sensible Spiritual States
Teaching 10: Dryness
Teaching 11: Idealization during Meditation
Teaching 12: To Love in Silence
Teaching 13: Creative Imagination
Teaching 14: Asceticism in Life
Teaching 15: Renunciation in the World
Teaching 16: The Idea of Renunciation

Course IV - Spiritual Life of Cafh
  Teaching 1: The Voice of the Masters
Teaching 2: Predestined Souls
Teaching 3: The Regulation
Teaching 4: Radius of Stability
Teaching 5: The Teaching
Teaching 6: Categories
Teaching 7: The Mother Idea
Teaching 8: Cafh and Religions
Teaching 9: Gifts of Cafh
Teaching 10: Providential Economy
Teaching 11: The Body of Fire
Teaching 12: Heavenly Stars
Teaching 13: The Strong Liberator
Teaching 14: Integrity of the Great Work
Teaching 15: Power of the Great Current
Teaching 16: Substantial Union with the Divine Mother

Course V - The Way to Renunciation
  Teaching 1: Renunciation is the Way of Cafh
Teaching 2: Meditation on Death
Teaching 3: Presence of the Eternal Hour
Teaching 4: Mystical Death of De Rancé
Teaching 5: Possessive Effectiveness of Renunciation
Teaching 6: Overcoming Sleep
Teaching 7: Renunciation as Salvation
Teaching 8: Mystique of Ash in Saint Paul of the Cross
Teaching 9: Liberating Automatism of Renunciation
Teaching 10: Goods of Renunciation
Teaching 11: Unique Value of Renunciation
Teaching 12: Tibetan Disciples
Teaching 13: Renunciation as Holocaust
Teaching 14: Conquest of Souls through Renunciation
Teaching 15: Permanent Renunciation
Teaching 16: Saint Francesca Romana

Course VI - Messages
  Teaching 1: Worship of love – 1947
Teaching 2: Be You Foreigners – 1948
Teaching 3: Toward the Summit – 1949
Teaching 4: The House of Love – 1950
Teaching 5: Inner Intimacy – 1951
Teaching 6: The Light Blue Heart – 1952
Teaching 7: Treasures of the Divine Mother – 1953
Teaching 8: Illumination – 1954
Teaching 9: Cultivate Souls – 1955
Teaching 10: Works of Love – 1956
Teaching 11: Message of Renunciation – 1957
Teaching 12: Spirit of Simplicity – 1958
Teaching 13: The Way of Renunciation – 1959

Teaching 14: The Treasure of the Teaching – 1960
Teaching 15: The Spiritual Truth – 1961
Teaching 16: The Expansion – 1962

Course VII - Renunciation
  Teaching 1: Renunciation and Renunciations
Teaching 2: First Renunciation
Teaching 3: Presence
Teaching 4: Expansion
Teaching 5: Participation
Teaching 6: Redeeming Participation
Teaching 7: Renunciation through Vows
Teaching 8: Silence of Silences
Teaching 9: Fidelity of Fidelities
Teaching 10: Grades of Fidelity
Teaching 11: Intimate Obedience
Teaching 12: Reversibility
Teaching 13: Initiatory Renunciation
Teaching 14: Renunciation as Holocaust
Teaching 15: Real Priesthood
Teaching 16: Divine Reversibility

Course VIII - The Good Way
  Teaching 1: Beyond the Man
Teaching 2: Inner Life
Teaching 3: Right Discernment
Teaching 4: Mental Task
Teaching 5: The Future Man
Teaching 6: Liberation
Teaching 7: Free Will
Teaching 8: Spiritual Life
Teaching 9: Act of Presence
Teaching 10: To Believe and Beliefs
Teaching 11: Physical Health
Teaching 12: A Way of Praying
Teaching 13: Affirmative Negation
Teaching 14: Psychical Attitude
Teaching 15: Self-centeredness of the Soul
Teaching 16: Vocational Concept

Course IX - Commentaries on Cafh´s Regulation
  Teaching 1: Spirit of the Regulation
Teaching 2: Cafh
Teaching 3. Regulation
Teaching 4: Knight Great Master
Teaching 5: Sons
Teaching 6: Tables
Teaching 7: Admittance of the Sons
Teaching 8: Duties of the Sons
Teaching 9: Benefits of the Sons
Teaching 10: Spiritual Exercises
Teaching 11: The Solitary
Teaching 12: The Ordained
Teaching 13: Knight Masters
Teaching 14: Vows
Teaching 15: Attributes, Habits and Festivities in Cafh
Teaching 16: Superiors

Course X - Renunciation in the World and in the Souls
  Teaching 1: Renunciation as Action
Teaching 2: Exercises to Achieve a Detached Action
Teaching 3: Renunciation as Asceticism
Teaching 4: Cycles of Passive Asceticism in Cafh
Teaching 5: Renunciation as Mystique
Teaching 6: Recorded Commentaries on the Knight Great Master’s Talks
Teaching 7: Exercises to Achieve Action through Renunciation
Teaching 8: Renunciation as Asceticism
Teaching 9: Cycles of Passive Asceticism in Cafh
Teaching 10: Renunciation as Inner Mystique
Teaching 11: Exhortation

Course XI - Ceremonials, Prayers and Hymns
  Teaching 1: Language of Gods
Teaching 2: Parts and Music Vocalization Tones
Teaching 3: Early Morning Prayer
Teaching 4: Night Prayers
Teaching 5: Table Prayers
Teaching 6: STABAT MATER
Teaching 7: Angels’ Invocation and Thanksgiving
Teaching 8: Lower OMs
Teaching 9: Higher OMs
Teaching 10: Hymn to the Divine Mother
Teaching 11: Versicles
Teaching 12: Travels
Teaching 13: Double Cross
Teaching 14: Blessings
Teaching 15: Holy Names
Teaching 16: Grammar Notes

Course XII - Spirit of Cafh
  Teaching 1: Message of Renunciation
Teaching 2: This is the Regulation
Teaching 3: Reunion of Souls
Teaching 4: The Mystical Body
Teaching 5: Love in Vows
Teaching 6: Law of Renunciation
Teaching 7: Universal Religion
Teaching 8: Faith
Teaching 9: The Superior before the Soul
Teaching 10: The Superior as a Guide of the Soul
Teaching 11: The Superior as Spiritual Director
Teaching 12: Labor of the Orator
Teaching 13: Exposition of the Teaching
Teaching 14: Inherent Goods of Cafh
Teaching 15: Dimensional Time and Expansive Time
Teaching 16: Transmission of the Renunciation Message

Ascetic Mystic Courses

Course XIII - Ascetic Prayer
  Teaching 1: Ascetic Prayer
Teaching 2: Discriminative Asceticism
Teaching 3: The Divine Goal
Teaching 4: Continuous Asceticism
Teaching 5: Self-control
Teaching 6: Meditation and its Apprenticeship
Teaching 7: Meditation Exercise
Teaching 8: Exercise of Intellectual Meditation
Teaching 9: Sensibility in Meditation
Teaching 10: Meditation and Technique of the Exercise
Teaching 11: Invocation
Teaching 12: Imaginative Picture
Teaching 13: Sensations
Teaching 14: Purposes
Teaching 15: Difficulties in Persevering Meditation
Teaching 16: Resurrection of Hes

Course XIV - Mystical Asceticism
  Teaching 1: Yoga of India
Teaching 2: Scale of Christian Perfection
Teaching 3: Three Ascetic Rules
Teaching 4: The Spiritual Director
Teaching 5: Retirement
Teaching 6: Psychic Confusions
Teaching 7: Prayer
Teaching 8: Meditation
Teaching 9: Methodized Meditations
Teaching 10: Concentration
Teaching 11: Entry to Silence
Teaching 12: Exercises of Concentration
Teaching 13: Contemplation
Teaching 14: Mystical Death
Teaching 15: The Union
Teaching 16: Mystical Steps Synthesized

Course XV - Affective Meditation
  Teaching 1: Affective Meditation and its Purpose
Teaching 2: Disposition for Meditation
Teaching 3: Invocation
Teaching 4: Imaginative Picture
Teaching 5: Sensitive Picture
Teaching 6: Purposes
Teaching 7: Consequences
Teaching 8: The Black Lady
Teaching 9: The Abyss
Teaching 10: The Two Ways
Teaching 11: The Standard
Teaching 12: The Temple of Gold
Teaching 13: The Veil of Ahehia
Teaching 14: Resurrection of Hes
Teaching 15: The System of Meditation
Teaching 16: Final Comments

Course XVI - Discursive Meditation
  Teaching 1: Prayer is Love
Teaching 2: Clear Idea during Prayer
Teaching 3: Initial Purification
Teaching 4: Heavenly Ladder
Teaching 5: The Perfect Holocaust
Teaching 6: The Immortal Book
Teaching 7: New Life
Teaching 8: Sanctified Work
Teaching 9: Divine Presence
Teaching 10: The Eternal Hour
Teaching 11: Redeeming Passion
Teaching 12: Holy Union
Teaching 13: Inner Solitude
Teaching 14: Mystical Death
Teaching 15: The Master’s Teaching
Teaching 16: Need for Loving

Course XVII - Contemplative Vocation
  Teaching 1: Contemplative Vocation
Teaching 2: Absorption
Teaching 3: State of Absorption
Teaching 4: Contemplative Life
Teaching 5: Contemplation and Exercises of Prayer
Teaching 6: Contemplation
Teaching 7: Eventual Trials during Mystical Death
Teaching 8: Vow of Holocaust
Teaching 9: Prayer and Vows
Teaching 10: Simple Knowledge
Teaching 11: Dificultéis in Prayer
Teaching 12: Simple Witness
Teaching 13: Life of Prayer
Teaching 14: Full Prayer
Teaching 15: Subjective Concentration
Teaching 16: Prayer with Natural Participation

Course XVIII – Cafh´s Gymnastics
  Teaching 1: Introduction
Teaching 2: Respiratory Gymnastics
Teaching 3: Anatomical-Functional Gymnastics
Teaching 4: Preparatory Exercises I and II
Teaching 5: Preparatory Exercises III and IV
Teaching 6: Preparatory Exercises V and VI
Teaching 7: Somewhat Difficult Exercises I and II
Teaching 8: Somewhat Difficult Exercises III and IV
Teaching 9: Difficult Exercises I
Teaching 10: Difficult Exercises II
Teaching 11: Difficult Exercises III
Teaching 12: Difficult Exercises IV
Teaching 13: Very Difficult Exercises I
Teaching 14: Very Difficult Exercises II
Teaching 15: Very Difficult Exercises III
Teaching 16: Final Instructions

Course XIX - Postures
  Teaching 1: Value of the Postures
Teaching 2: Degeneration in Postures
Teaching 3: The Spinal Column
Teaching 4: Exercises for Straightening of the Spinal Column
Teaching 5: Dynamic Mobilization of the Spinal Column
Teaching 6: Main Differences in Postures
Teaching 7: Standing (Vegetative) Posture
Teaching 8: Standing (Mental) Posture
Teaching 9: Seated (Vegetative) Posture
Teaching 10: Seated (Mental) Posture
Teaching 11: Seated (Mystical) Posture
Teaching 12: Ascetic Postures
Teaching 13: Lying Down Postures
Teaching 14: Ancient Postures (Numbers 1 to 10)
Teaching 15: Ancient Postures (Numbers 11 to 20)
Teaching 16: Ancient Postures (Numbers 21 to 32)

Course XX - Exercises and Examples of Meditation
  Teaching 1: Meditation
Teaching 2: Discursive Meditation on a Text
Teaching 3: Texts for Discursive Meditation
Teaching 4: Affective Meditation on the “Black Lady” and the “Abyss”
Teaching 5: Affective Meditation on the “Two Ways” and the “Standard”
Teaching 6: Affective Meditation on the “Temple” and the "Veil”
Teaching 7: Affective Meditation on the “Resurrection”
Teaching 8: Affective Passive Meditations
Teaching 9: Other Affective Passive Meditations
Teaching 10: Stimulating Affective Meditations
Teaching 11: Other Stimulating Affective Meditations
Teaching 12: Other Stimulating Affective Meditations
Teaching 13: Other Stimulating Affective Meditations
Teaching 14: The End of Stimulating Affective Meditations
Teaching 15: Monologue as Preparation for Meditation
Teaching 16: Imaginative Monologues as Preparation for Meditation

Course XXI - Commentaries on Meditation
  Teaching 1: Meditation
Teaching 2: Discursive Meditation on a Text
Teaching 3: Texts for Discursive Meditation
Teaching 4: Affective Meditation on the “Black Lady” and the “Abyss”
Teaching 5: Affective Meditation on the “Two Ways” and the “Standard”
Teaching 6: Affective Meditation on the “Golden Temple” and the “Veil of Ahehia”
Teaching 7: Affective Meditation on “Resurrection of Hes”
Teaching 8: Other Passive Affective Meditations
Teaching 9: Other Passive Affective Meditations
Teaching 10: Stimulating Affective Meditations
Teaching 11: Other Stimulating Affective Meditations
Teaching 12: Other Stimulating Affective Meditations
Teaching 13: Other Stimulating Affective Meditations
Teaching 14: Other Stimulating Affective Meditations
Teaching 15: Monologue as Preparation for Meditation
Teaching 16: Imaginative Monologues as Preparation for Meditation

Course XXII - Methods of Meditation
  Teaching 1: Schemes for Meditation
Teaching 2: Transition
Teaching 3: Texts for Discursive Meditation
Teaching 4: Affective Meditation on the “Black Lady” and the “Abyss”
Teaching 5: Affective Meditation on the “Two Ways” and the “Standard”
Teaching 6: Affective Meditation on the “Golden Temple” and the “ Veil of Ahehia”
Teaching 7: Affective Meditation on “Resurrection of Hes”
Teaching 8: Affective Passive Meditations
Teaching 9:
Other Affective Passive Meditations
Teaching 10: Stimulating Affective Meditations
Teaching 11: Other Stimulating Affective Meditations
Teaching 12: Other Stimulating Affective Meditations II
Teaching 13: Stimulating Affective Meditations III
Teaching 14: End of Stimulating Affective Meditations
Teaching 15: Preparatory Monologue for Meditation
Teaching 16: Preparatory Imaginative Monologues for Meditation


Courses on History

Course XXIII - History of Man
  Teaching 1: Formation of the Aryan Race
Teaching 2: The Aryan-Aryan Sub-race
Teaching 3: The Return of the Sons of Manu
Teaching 4: Narada
Teaching 5: Formation of the Aryan-Semitic Sub-race
Teaching 6: Seven Ramifications of the Early Aryan Race
Teaching 7: Aryan Semitic Sub-race
Teaching 8: The Tower of Babel
Teaching 9: Aryan-Iranian Sub-race
Teaching 10: Greatness and Power of Aryan-Iranians
Teaching 11: Formation of the Aryan-Celtic Sub-race
Teaching 12: Aryan-Celtic Sub-race
Teaching 13: The End of the Aryan-Celtic Sub-race.
Teaching 14: Birth of the Aryan-Teutonic Sub-race
Teaching 15: Development of the Aryan-Teutonic Sub-race
Teaching 16: Early Aryan-Teutons Peoples

Course XXIV - Great Initiates of the Aryan Race
  Teaching 1: Great Initiates
Teaching 2: Solar Initiates
Teaching 3: Solar Initiates of First Category
Teaching 4: Solar Initiates of Second Category
Teaching 5: Solar Initiates of Third Category
Teaching 6: Solar Initiates of Fourth Category
Teaching 7: Lunar Initiates
Teaching 8: Twelve Categories of Lunar Initiates
Teaching 9: Initiates of Fire
Teaching 10: Diverse Types of Initiates of Fire
Teaching 11: Disciples of the Great Initiates
Teaching 12: Mutual Relationship of Different Categories of Initiates
Teaching 13: Mission of the Initiates of Fire as Guides of Souls
Teaching 14: Current of Initiates of Fire in Secret Orders
Teaching 15: Initiates of Fire at Present
Teaching 16: Maitreya

Course XXV - Great Initiates of Fire
  Teaching 1: Death of Cleopatra
Teaching 2: Amonius Saccas and Neoplatonism
Teaching 3: Ecstatic Mysticism of the Ancient World
Teaching 4. Isidore of Seville and his Relatives
Teaching 5: Aristotelian Revival of Avicenna and Averroes
Teaching 6: Aristotelianism of Maimonides
Teaching 7: Innocent III
Teaching 8: Hernan of Salza and the Teutonic Order
Teaching 9: Mystical Poetry of Jacopone di Todi
Teaching 10: Juan Pico della Mirandola
Teaching 11: Tritemius the Humanist
Teaching 12: Paracelsus
Teaching 13: Mystics of Port Royal
Teaching 14: Visions of Emmanuel Swedenborg
Teaching 15: Saint Martin
Teaching 16: The Unknown Philosopher

Course XXVI - History of Esoteric Orders
  Teaching 1: Legends about the Esoteric Orders
Teaching 2: Esoteric Arabian Wisdom and the Veiled Woman
Teaching 3: The Ancient Egypt
Teaching 4: The Temple of Initiation
Teaching 5: Amon in the Hellenic Schools
Teaching 6: King Arthur, The Holy Grail, The Round Table and its Knights
Teaching 7: Ancient Initiatic Ceremonials of Knights
Teaching 8: The Knight of the Eternity
Teaching 9: Initiatic Trials
Teaching 10: Christian Military Orders
Teaching 11: The Court of Catherine de Médicis
Teaching 12: Astrological Oracles
Teaching 13: Scientistic Magic
Teaching 14: Martinism
Teaching 15: Saint Germain and the Rosicrucians
Teaching 16: The French Revolution and Liberal Lodges

Course XXVII - Comparative Religion
  Teaching 1: The Fountain of Religions
Teaching 2: Vedas
Teaching 3: Hinduism
Teaching 4: Egypt
Teaching 5: Egyptian Gods
Teaching 6: Ten Great Religions
Teaching 7: Chaldean Magicians
Teaching 8: Iranian Religion
Teaching 9: Assyrian Goddess of War
Teaching 10: The Sun of Iran
Teaching 11: Sargonides
Teaching 12: The Hebrews
Teaching 13: Moses’ Religion
Teaching 14: The Greeks
Teaching 15: Greek Gods
Teaching 16: Arts and Philosophies
Teaching 17: The Romans
Teaching 18: The Celestial Empire
Teaching 19: Buddhism
Teaching 20: Yellow Buddhism
Teaching 21: The Germans
Teaching 22: The Gauls
Teaching 23: The Jains
Teaching 24: The Military Sikhs
Teaching 25: Christendom
Teaching 26: Islam
Teaching 27: Religion of the African Jungle
Teaching 28: Incaic Worship of the Sun
Teaching 29: Ancient Mexican Religions

Course XXVIII - Ten Great Religions
  Teaching 1: The Fountain of Religions
Teaching 2: Vedas
Teaching 3: Brahmanism
Teaching 4: Egypt
Teaching 5: Egyptian Gods
Teaching 6: Arrangement of Religions
Teaching 7: The Chaldeans
Teaching 8: The Assyrians
Teaching 9: The Persians
Teaching 10: The Sargonides
Teaching 11: The Greeks
Teaching 12: The Indians
Teaching 13: The Gauls
Teaching 14: The Israelites
Teaching 15: The Romans
Teaching 16: The Mongolians

Course XXIX - Anthropogenesis
  Teaching 1:First Four Root Races Synthesized
Teaching 2: Uranian Race
Teaching 3: Hyperborean Race
Teaching 4: Stages of the Hyperborean Race
Teaching 5: Lemurian Race
Teaching 6: Three First Lemurian Sub-races
Teaching 7: Fourth and Fifth Lemurian Sub-races
Teaching 8: Sixth and Seventh Lemurian Sub-races
Teaching 9: Glacial Miocene Era
Teaching 10: Atlantean Race
Teaching 11: Rmoahalls
Teaching 12: Tlavatlis and Toltecas
Teaching 13: Fourth and Fifth Atlantean Sub-races
Teaching 14: Last Two Atlantean Sub-races
Teaching 15: Fight of 1,500 Years
Teaching 16: Additional Information

Courses on Philosophy

Course XXX - Philosophy
  Teaching 1: Origin and Development of Philosophy
Teaching 2: Concept of Philosophy about “Non-Being”
Teaching 3: Concept of Philosophy about “Being and Non-Being”
Teaching 4: Philosophy of Being
Teaching 5: Pre-Vedic Philosophy
Teaching 6: Vedic Philosophy
Teaching 7: Concepts of Principal Vedic Schools
Teaching 8: Chinese Philosophy
Teaching 9: Buddhist Philosophy
Teaching 10: Theistic or Dualistic Philosophy
Teaching 11: Messianic Philosophy
Teaching 12: Christian Philosophy
Teaching 13: Andrologic Philosophy
Teaching 14: Concepts of Andrologic Philosophy
Teaching 15: Rasika Philosophy
Teaching 16: Philosophy

Course XXXI - Theology
  Teaching 1: Revelation
Teaching 2: Definitions
Teaching 3: Method
Teaching 4: Dogma
Teaching 5: Divine Mysteries
Teaching 6: The Non-Manifested One
Teaching 7: The Divinity Manifested
Teaching 8: Rational Proofs about the Existence of God
Teaching 9: The Creational Divinity
Teaching 10: The Trinity
Teaching 11: The Law of Analogical Contrariety
Teaching 12: The Divine Incarnation
Teaching 13: The Sacred Revelation in the Mother-Idea of the Aryans
Teaching 14: Initiatic Tradition
Teaching 15: Primordial Substance and Seven Rays
Teaching 16: The Ired of Hes

Course XXXII - Cosmogony
  Teaching 1: Hes’ Word
Teaching 2: Definitions of Hes’ Words
Teaching 3: First Nine Words Explained
Teaching 4: Ten Creational Words
Teaching 5: Eight Planetary Words
Teaching 6: Seven Virtual Words
Teaching 7: Graphic Symbols
Teaching 8: Non-Being .
Teaching 9: Being and Non-Being
Teaching 10: Hindu Chronology
Teaching 11: Genesis
Teaching 12: The Awakening
Teaching 13: First Manifestation
Teaching 14: Universal Creation
Teaching 15: Formation of Planetary Systems
Teaching 16: Humanity

Course XXXIII - Oratory
  Teaching1: Eloquence and Oratory
Teaching 2: Anatomy of the Speech. Oratorical Rules and Precepts
Teaching 3: Figures of Words and Thoughts
Teaching 4: Formation of the Speech
Teaching 5: Ideas, Order, Forms and Words in the Speech
Teaching 6: Speech and Orator
Teaching 7: Reflections about the Application of the Above-mentioned

Teaching 8: Several Types of Eloquence
Teaching 9: Improvisation
Teaching 10: Critical Synthesis of Style
Teaching 11: Verbal Hygiene
Teaching 12: Voice
Teaching 13: Reading
Teaching 14: Historic Outline of Oratory
Teaching 15: Preaching in the Christian Church; its Orthodoxy
Teaching 16: Supernatural Oratory in Biblical Prophets

Course XXXIV - Basic Theology
  Teaching 1: Sources of Theology
Teaching 2: Divisions in Theology
Teaching 3: Existence of Theology
Teaching 4: Bases and Method
Teaching 5: Postulates
Teaching 6: Properties of Theology
Teaching 7: Aryan Concept about Creation
Teaching 8: Evolution of Dogma
Teaching 9: Theology of the Existence
Teaching 10: Vedanta
Teaching 11: Theology of the Non-Existence
Teaching 12: The Eightfold Path
Teaching 13: Theology of Creation
Teaching 14: The Concept about Trinity
Teaching 15: Theology of the Divine Incarnation
Teaching 16: The Divine Incarnation

Esoteric Courses

Course XXXV - Archaic Symbology
  Teaching 1: Journey of the Soul
Teaching 2: The Black Lady
Teaching 3: The Beginning of the Way
Teaching 4: The Abyss
Teaching 5: The Lower Worlds
Teaching 6: Vel and Aphel
Teaching 7: The Two Ways
Teaching 8: The Standard
Teaching 9: The Two Keys
Teaching 10: The Temple of Gold
Teaching 11: Divine Vision
Teaching 12: The Veil of AEIA
Teaching 13: The Wisdom of the Mother
Teaching 14: The Resurrection of EHS
Teaching 15: The Mystical Wedding
Teaching 16: History of Symbology

Course XXXVI - The Becoming
  Teaching 1: Death
Teaching 2: Elementals
Teaching 3: Inner Life of Earth
Teaching 4: Astral World
Teaching 5: Astral Divisions
Teaching 6: Mental World
Teaching 7: The Grotto of Ras
Teaching 8: Worlds of Devas
Teaching 9: The Whole Man
Teaching 10: From Man to Cosmos
Teaching 11: Fatalism and Orientation
Teaching 12: Destiny
Teaching 13: The Great Illusion
Teaching 14: Liberation
Teaching 15: The Reincarnation
Teaching 16: Descent to Earth

Course XXXVII - Science of Life
  Teaching 1: Life
Teaching 2: Atomic Physiology
Teaching 3: The Living Cell
Teaching 4: Blood
Teaching 5: Tissues
Teaching 6: Nutrition and Blood
Teaching 7: Pelvic Cavity
Teaching 8: Abdomen
Teaching 9: Heart and Lungs
Teaching:10: Larynx
Teaching 11: Hypothalamic Area
Teaching 12: Superior Extremities
Teaching 13: Eyes
Teaching 14: Kidneys
Teaching 15: Balance of Atoms
Teaching 16: Exercises to Keep Atoms Balanced

Course XXXVIII - Astral Aura
  Teaching 1: Auric Radiation
Teaching 2: Auric Colors
Teaching 3: Aura of Plants and Animals
Teaching 4: Ethereal Wheels and Aura
Teaching 5: Aura of a Savage
Teaching 6: Aura of Savage Man
Teaching 7: Aura of Initiates
Teaching 8: Group Aura
Teaching 9: Auric Kaleisdoscope
Teaching 10: Auric Space of the Planetary System
Teaching 11: Chromotherapy
Teaching 12: How Auric Colors Influence History and Art
Teaching 13: Music and Color
Teaching 14: Vocalization and Colors
Teaching 15: Dream and its Colors
Teaching 16: Exercises to See the Aura

Course XXXIX - Planetary System
  Teaching 1: Formation of the Systems
Teaching 2: The Sun
Teaching 3: The Planets
Teaching 4: Planetary Wheels
Teaching 5: Determination of the Planets
Teaching 6: Geometric Figures of the Planetary System
Teaching 7: Solar Wheels
Teaching 8: Saturn
Teaching 9: Jupiter
Teaching 10: Mars
Teaching 11: The Moon
Teaching 12: Rounds
Teaching 13: The Earth
Teaching 14: The Earthly Round
Teaching 15: Venus
Teaching 16: Mercury

Course XL - Commentary on Zatachakra Nirupana
Teaching 2: “THE SUSHUMN”
Teaching 3: “ADHARÂ-CHAKRA”
Teaching 6: “MANIPURA”
Teaching 7: “ANÂHATA”
Teaching 8: “VISHUDDA
Teaching 9: “ÂJNÀ”
Teaching 10: “SAHASRÂRA”
Teaching 11 “NIRVANA-SHAKTI”
Teaching 12: “NITYANANDA”
Teaching 13: “SHUDAHA SATTVA”

Course XLI - The Ethereal Wheels
  Teaching 1: Cosmic Ether
Teaching 2: Sacrum Wheel
Teaching 3: Control Wheel
Teaching 4: Sun Wheel
Teaching 5: Heart Wheel
Teaching 6: Sonoriferous Wheel
Teaching 7: Sight Wheel
Teaching 8: Crown Wheel
Teaching 9: Life Renovation
Teaching 10: Overcoming Fear
Teaching 11: Achieving the Power
Teaching 12: The Main Road
Teaching 13: The Voice of the Silence
Teaching 14: The Third Eye
Teaching 15: The Lotus of One-Thousand Petals
Teaching 16: Flowers of Ether

Course XLII - Magical Exercises
  Teaching 1: Black Magic
Teaching 2: Gray Magic
Teaching 3: Red Magic

Teaching 4: Pink Magic

Teaching 5: Light Blue Magic
Teaching 6: White Magic
Teaching 7: Exercises for Monitoring the Sacrum Wheel
Teaching 8: Exercises for Monitoring the Control Wheel
Teaching 9: Exercises for Monitoring the Sun Wheel
Teaching 10: Exercises for Monitoring the Heart Wheel
Teaching 11: Exercises for Monitoring the Larynx Wheel
Teaching 12: Exercises for Monitoring the Sight Wheel
Teaching 13: Tarot Explained According to Rosicrucian Fellowship I*
Teaching 14: Tarot Explained According to Rosicrucian Fellowship II*
Teaching 15: Tarot Explained According to Rosicrucian Fellowship III*
Teaching 16: Tarot Explained According to Rosicrucian Fellowship IV*

Course XLIII - The Tarot
  Teaching 1: The Tarot Source
Teaching 2: Egyptian Tarot Figures
Teaching 3: Both French and Italian Tarot Figures
Teaching 4: First to Fifth Tarot Figures: Their Interpretation
Teaching 5: Sixth to Tenth Tarot Figures: Their Interpretation
Teaching 6: Eleventh to Sixteenth Tarot Figures: Their Interpretation
Teaching 7: Seventeenth to Twentieth-second Tarot Figures: Their Interpretation
Teaching 8: Suits
Teaching 9: Heart-Card Suit Meaning
Teaching 10: Club-Card Suit Meaning
Teaching 11: Spade-Card Suit Meaning
Teaching 12: Diamond-Card Suit Meaning
Teaching 13: Key Words to Tarot Figures
Teaching 14: Tarot-Figure Combined
Teaching 15: Tarot Spreads Squares
Teaching 16: Tarot Key

Courses on Communities

Course XLIV - Superiors of Community
  Teaching 1: Superior Delegate
Teaching 2: Spirit of Superiors
Teaching 3: The Superior of Community
Teaching 4: Dignity of the Superiors
Teaching 5: Superior Assistant
Teaching 6: Practical Qualities of Superiors
Teaching 7: Director of Seminary
Teaching 8: Superiors in Vocational Examinations
Teaching 9: The Superior and Dispensations
Teaching 10: Superior Guardian of the Observance
Teaching 11: Superior Instructor of Doctrine
Teaching 12: The Superior and the Inner Spirit of an Ordained Son
Teaching 13: The Superior in Recreations and Days Off
Teaching 14: Superiors and Sons at the Works
Teaching 15: Directors Teachers of Offices
Teaching 16: Superiors Custodians of the Sons before the World

Course XLV - Intimacy of the Perfect
  Teaching 1: Call to Ordination
Teaching 2: Vocational Discernment
Teaching 3: Contact with Community
Teaching 4: Adaptability
Teaching 5: Blood Sublimation
Teaching 6: Oblivion of the World
Teaching 7: Correspondence
Teaching 8: Expanded Soul
Teaching 9: Impermeability to External Things
Teaching 10: Modesty of the Eyes
Teaching 11: Perfect Observance
Teaching 12: Purifying Void
Teaching 13: Spiritual Life
Teaching 14: Love and Sacrifice
Teaching 15: Women’s Ordination

Course XLVI - Interpretation for the Ordained of Community
  Teaching 1: The Holy Gate
Teaching 2: Entry to Seminary
Teaching 3: Way of Dressing
Teaching 4: Perfect Observance
Teaching 5: Usual Silence and Rigorous Silence
Teaching 6: Prayers and Study in Seminary
Teaching 7: Superiors of the Ordained
Teaching 8: Necessary Manual Work
Teaching 9: Directives about Manual Works
Teaching 10: Behavior with Relatives
Teaching 11: Food and Table
Teaching 12: Lectures and Retreats
Teaching 13: External Behavior
Teaching 14: Observance and Dispensations
Teaching 15: Radius and Cloistral Site
Teaching 16: Spiritual Synthesis of Observance

Course XLVII - Lectures at Embalse
  Teaching 1: Doctrine of Cafh
Teaching 2: Life in Prayer
Teaching 3: Image of the Divine Mother (December 12th, 1953)
Teaching 4: Adoration in the Beginning of a Retirement (January 21st, 1954)
Teaching 5: Devotion to Our Divine Mother (October 5th, 1955)
Teaching 6: The Master Calls You (December 10th, 1955)
Teaching 7: Parable about the Woman of Samaria (December 17th, 1955)
Teaching 8: Cana Wedding (January 2nd, 1956)
Teaching 9: Master’s Parable Instructing His Servant to Invite His Friends to a Feast That Night (January 14th, 1956)
Teaching 10: Parable of the Disciples on Their Way to Emaus (January 21st, 1956)
Teaching 11: Children’s Education (March 14th, 1956)
Teaching 12: About Consolation and Dryness in Prayer (March 11th, 1956)
Teaching 13: To Do Good among Children (March 17th, 1956)
Teaching 14: About Vanity (March 24th, 1956)
Teaching 15: Words by the Knight Great Master at the Solemn Vow Ceremony
of Miss Maria Esther (May 12th, 1956)

Teaching 16: Absorption and Reserve of Energies (May 19th, 1956)
Teaching 17: We are a Soul Gathering (June 9th, 1956)
Teaching 18: Here is the Regulation of Cafh (August 11th, 1956)
Teaching 19 Cafh’s Goods Will Be Intrinsic (August 11th, 1956)
Teaching 20: Social Renunciation Program (September 15, 1956)
Teaching 21: Inner Virtues (September 9th, 1956)
Teaching 22: Spiritual Direction According to the Knight Great Master (October 6th, 1956)
Teaching 23: Treatment of Children at College (December 17th, 1956)
Teaching 24: Community Vocations (December 18th, 1956)
Teaching 25: Observance (December 19th, 1956)
Teaching 26: About Meditation (December 20th, 1956)
Teaching 27: Superiors (December 21st, 1956)
Teaching 28: Cafh’s Concepts about Our Life as Workers (December 12th, 1956)
Teaching 29: Saint Francesca Romana (December 23rd, 1956)
Teaching 30: The Holy Gate (March 3rd, 1957)
Teaching 31: Loving the Divine Mother (April 6th, 1957)
Teaching 32: About the Mystery of the Divine Incarnation (April 13th, 1957)
Teaching 33: How Adoration Should Be Made for Disincarnated Souls (June 29th, 1957)
Teaching 34: The House Stands without a Support (July 6th, 1957)
Teaching 35: Temporary Votes of a Soul (September 1957)
Teaching 36: Miss Malka’s Solemn Vows (October 3rd, 1957)
Teaching 37: Perpetual Vows (February 11th, 1958)
Teaching 38: Knight Delegate of Argentine Tables: His Introduction (May 23rd, 1958)
Teaching 39: Adoration for Vocations (November 28th, 1958)
Teaching 40: Recommendations about Education (November 29th, 1958)
Teaching 41: Backward Review (April 25th, 1959)
Teaching 42: Our Life as an Holocaust (January 10th, 1960)
Teaching 43: Solemn Vow Ceremony (January 30th, 1960)
Teaching 44: The Heart of the Divine Mother (February 6th, 1960)
Teaching 45: Offering of Life (February 13th, 1960)
Teaching 46: Mystical Body of the Community (June 26th, 1960)